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Life Amongst The Waves

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It was late afternoon and Izuku had found a comfortable spot in his favourite cave pool. He lay on a large smooth rock underwater with his stomach face down and tail swishing carelessly above him, playing with the small fish that lived among the coral that surrounded him. The reason he was there today was solely to escape his friends that were trying to drag the truth out of him. Nagging as to why he always left at the same time everyday, without fail, to watch the bare, sandy beach and the few people who swam there.

He had never told them the reason. He didn't want anyone to know the reason.

His thoughts were interupted though as a loud splash was heard from above. Izuku looked up to see a large abundance of bubbles and a silhouette of a body. He quickly ducked behind the large rock he'd been sitting on to hide. 'Who in the world-? How did someone even find this place? It's practically hidden in every aspect of the word.'

He peeked out slightly to see what happened and who had jumped in the water. The bubbles cleared and he got a good look at them.

His eyes widened in disbelief.

Before he could even process what he was doing, Izuku shot out from behind the rock and swam straight up to the body slowly sinking down, his actions caused by the smell of blood. Blood he knew the specific scent of who owned it.

Katsuki Bakugou.