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Reckless Abandon: Balance

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Previously, in Happiness:

        Keith Kogane takes a twelve-hour rideshare from Balmera Valley to the resort-like city of Olkari Beach. He’s staying with mother and police chief Krolia in her beach house until he gets back on his feet. The next morning, Shiro calls him to the police station where they both review the reason for him arriving: to provide protection from death threats after blowing the whistle on illegal practices from his old workplace Galra Fulfillment.

         Meanwhile, Lance McClain has been living a happy engagement with his fiancée/girlfriend of two years, Anna Komatsu, spending their last summer together before the demands of graduate school take up their time and energy. Anna is the only child and heir to Komatsu Whole Foods, owned by father and multi-millionaire Ren Komatsu.

        After Krolia and Shiro get promoted to Chief of Police and Deputy, there is a party for their celebration at the home that Shiro happily shares with husband of five years, Adam. Hunk and Pidge are there with their own food truck to provide gourmet catering. Lance thinks that Krolia is bringing a date to her party but is shocked to find Keith there after three years of silence.      

        The next morning, Keith goes to the beach to clear his mind and sketch. Lance also happens to be there taking an early morning surf. After having a small get-together with the engaged couple, Keith goes with Lance to an old movie theater where he meet Coran, a free-spirit. Despite getting back to their old dynamic of being very good friends. Keith struggles with romantic feelings for his old friend that have been suppressed until late.

        Lance invites Keith to come with his friends to visit Allura, a young doctor who serves those in the main beach community, as well as downtown. Her family legacy includes being a safe house for those Olkarions who experience social and emotional turmoil and upheaval. Keith has friends with his friends until Krolia summons him back to the police station for something urgent.

        Keith discovers that his ex Rolo DeMartin and former roommate Acxa Williams have been murdered.

        Elsewhere, Lance is spending a Sunday afternoon with Anna and his friends. Anna gets drunk after a private conversation with her father and Lance takes her home early, discovering a bruise on her cheek while hungover. She refuses to take action. Lance receives a call from Keith swearing him to secrecy on his whereabouts, but Krolia calls next demanding to know where her son is. Lance has no choice but to squeal with the threat of an obstruction of justice charge hanging over him.

        Keith makes it halfway to Balmera only to get detained in a holding cell overnight.

        Shiro comes the next morning to retrieve a disgruntled Keith and takes him to his old apartment, where not a trace of his old life with Acxa remains. After an emotional nervous breakdown he goes to pay his final rent, surprised that someone already paid for the both of them and moved her belongings out as well. He and  Shiro take a flight home.

        Lance comes over to Krolia’s later that afternoon with a kitchen full of groceries as a gesture of forgiveness towards Keith. A rainstorm erupts shortly, and the men are forced to remain inside. Keith tells Anna that Lance is safe and that everything is okay. Lance wakes up at midnight and begins to drink away his complex feelings until Keith intervenes and invites him out for a motorcycle ride.

        Rain has passed and the two men hang out at the city limits where Keith reveals what has happened the past two years, and Lance confesses his lingering romantic feelings. Keith shuts him down, assuming his friend is suffering from cold feet, but allows him to spend the night in the guest room after the storm continues.

         Lance goes out surfing despite the overcast the next morning and gets a concussion, so Coran takes him to Allura. Anna has no idea, and Lance wants to keep it that way until he recovers completely. Keith reveals his conversation with Lance during a gym workout with Shiro. They encounter Mr. Komatsu, where he offers Keith an opportunity of a lifetime, yet Keith needs a day to give his final answer.

         The next day, Lance and Keith meet at the beach and get into a heated argument over the status of their friendship. Keith give’s Lance a clear demand: Marry Anna if he cannot love him freely.