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     Damian didn’t regret much, and he never verbally admitted regretting to anything. But he wondered, this time around, if maybe gritting his teeth and grinding his feet into the ground wasn’t the right thing to do.

     -- He never said being stubborn was right, either. He just was, and he’d gotten in trouble more than once with his antics. But this was probably - well, this would definitely be one of the few times it had come back to bite him so hastily.

     She had moved before he’d noticed, and he heard the crunch before he even registered what she’d done. His hand flew up to cover his nose, the ache that began to grow, blood dripping onto his palm.

     “Don’t you -” she was heaving now, panic and fear at what she’d done on the surface. But below that he could see her anger, the fury that tightened her shoulders and the fist she’d swung, eyes swimming with tears. “Don’t you ever call me weak. I might be stupid, ignorant - clueless - untrained,” she spat, fist jittering. He took a step back to avoid any second blow she might have been thinking of, eyes locked on hers despite the want to screw them shut. 

     “I’m not weak. I can break you just like that,” she said, her voice raising to a shout. He heard other members of their team start to head over, to cut off the fight before it started, like it had so often happened between them. “I'm not weak. You can find all the issues with me you want, brat, but i’m not the one weighing down the team by being insufferable -”

     “Irey.” It was Mar’i’s voice, and he watched the Tameranian start to pull her back. He wiped at his face, grimacing at the blood on his hand, on his lip, at the feeling of his face being wrong. She’d broken his nose, he knew.

     “- an insufferable, cocky brat. I hope that heals crooked,” she spat, her voice carrying, struggling as Mar’i yanked her from the confrontation. “So everyone can see how weak you are.”

     “I’m gonna call your dad, Irey,” Mar’i said, floating the girl off the floor as she hurled insults, tears streaming down her face. “And then i’m going to call Batman, and you can explain to both of them why you just broke Robin’s nose. Robin - go to the med bay. I'll send Jai in a few.”

     A pit coiled in his stomach, and the feeling alarmed him, like snakes curling into a newfound home. And he wondered if this was what true weakness was, feeling regret and knowing an apology wouldn’t make a difference. She’d broken his nose, he knew. But he’d broken her trust, and he wasn’t sure if it would even heal at all.