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my angel.

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Katsuki was walking to school with Izuku by his side. They were dating for about 2 months now when Katsuki decided to confess his feelings for the nerd. He remembers his face being beet red as he nervously asked the other out. During those four months, they’ve already progressed pretty far into their relationship. They had sex regularly because you know teenage hormones exist. Their first time was pretty awkward because as it turned out Katsuki is a bottom, which surprised Izuku. Now, since they are both more comfortable with each other, they started to try out ‘new things’. Basically, they’ve started using sex toys to spice up their sex life. Last night after they finished having mind-blowing sex, Izuku asked Katsuki if he could put a vibrator in his ass and wear it to school tomorrow. Of course the idea was rejected immediately, but the Nerd somehow managed to sweet talk him into it, which brings them to the present now.


Katsuki walked awkwardly with a slight limp as he feels the toy travel deeper inside him with every step. Izuku internally smirked as he noticed the ash-blondes struggle and discomfort. He leaned over to Katsuki’s ear and lightly blew on it.


“Something wrong Kacchan?~” He teased and licked the shell of Katsuki’s ear, making him shudder.


Katsuki’s face flushed lightly, a light pink dusting his cheeks. He rolled his eyes and kindly told Izuku to fuck off. He grumbled and crossed his arms, still wondering how the other managed to convince him to go through with this. The ash-blonde sighed and continued his walk alongside the other to U.A.




Once they stepped onto the grounds of the U.A. they split up to find their friend groups. Katsuki met up with Kirishima, Denki, Sero, and Mina. Meanwhile, Izuku went ahead and walked up to his friends: Tenya, Uraraka, and Shouto. They all chatted for some time until the bell rang, signaling that they go to their respective classrooms. Since his other friends ran ahead, Katsuki was now stuck with just his best pal, Kirishima. 


“So Baku-bro! Where’d you go off to last night? You sort of ditched Denki and I.” The red-head questioned suspiciously.


Katsuki’s eyes widened slightly and his face turned pink as recalled the last night events. 


He hesitated a bit and started, “I-em was tired of you two losers.” He said trying to sound like his usual self.


 He was really NOT in the mood for Kirishima for grilling him to find out was he really up to. It was obvious Kirishima wasn’t buying a single word he said judging by his ‘are you kidding me?’ face. Thankfully the other let it go and didn’t question any further. This gave Katsuki a huge sigh of relief. They made their way to the classroom in silence. Katsuki shifted slightly when they arrived at the door to the class.  He reaches out to the handle and opens the door. He walks in, heading towards his desk. He panned the room, noticing that there are already a few students in the room which also includes Izuku and his friends.


He shrugs his school bag off his shoulder and places it onto the floor next to his desk. 


“Ngh-” Katsuki suddenly let out a noise as he sat down.


His hands flew up to his mouth, hoping the noise went unnoticed by the others. As it turns out, when he was going to sit down he felt the vibrator brush against his prostate. He looked around the room with a face full of embarrassment, seeing if anyone had heard the sound. He turned back around in his seat, facing the front of the room. Thankfully no one had heard the noise come from him. He sighed and rubbed his face, knowing that this was going to be a long day. 


As the final remaining students arrived, the last bell rang. Aizawa entered the classroom tiredly. The ruby-eyed boy sighed and placed his cheek against his palm and rested his head there. Just as he was starting to tune out Aizawa’s gruff voice, he was suddenly brought back his senses as he felt the vibrator inside him turn on. He dropped his head on his desk and started to squirm. Thankfully it was on the lowest setting, so he could at least handle for now but knowing Izuku it won’t stay this way for too long. 


He turned around in his seat his gaze was met with the other staring back at him. He glared daggers at Izuku and the smug little fucker only smirked and turned the settings up to medium. The sudden sensation made Katsuki gasp lightly. He turned back around and huffed. Katsuki let out a small growl, hoping to warn Izuku off so he would stop fucking with him.


“Nghh...fuck” Katsuki cursed, wanting to give the damn nard a hard punch.


This kept going on for what Katsuki thought felt like forever. He started getting weird looks from his classmates and even attracting some of Aizawa’s attention.


“Bakugou.” He suddenly brought his focus from the buzzing in his ass to his teacher as he heard Aizawa call out his name with a stern voice. 


“Erm...yes?” Katsuki replied shakily, his voice slightly higher than usual. 


This did not slip past Aizawa nor his classmates as he replied, “You seem...sick. Do you need me to send you to the nurse's office?” 


Katsuki nodded quickly, wanting to immediately leave to save himself from more embarrassment and get the fuck out of there. He froze in his seat as he heard his teacher speak up once more.


“Midoriya, could you please walk him to the nurse's office?” 


Fuck, this is just what Katsuki needed, all the student's eyes on him and now shitty Deku. He groaned and hit his head against his desk, not looking forward to the others teasing soon to come.


“Of course Aizawa sensei,” Izuku replied respectfully and got up from his seat.


Katsuki rolled his eyes and stomped towards the door with Izuku following closely behind. As soon as they walked out of the classroom, Katsuki spoke up.


“You’re a real ass you know that, right?”


    Izuku only smirked in response. Izuku reached down to his pocket and pulled something out. Katsuki’s eyes widened as he saw the remote and tried grabbing for it. Izuku, using his height to his advantage, held the small remote above Katsuki’s head and chuckled as the shorter male jumped cutely since he couldn’t reach it. 


“Ah ah ah, Kacchan.” He said and used his thumb to increase the vibrations to the highest setting in front of the others face.


This made Katsuki shudder all over and let out a breathy moan. His knees went weak as he fell forward onto Izuku’s chest. 


“Awh, what’s wrong?” Izuku teased with fake concern.


He wrapped his arms around Katsuki’s waist to prevent him from falling to the floor. Izuku then moved his hands to the other arm. The green-haired male walked both of them down the hallway, well Katsuki was more so stumbling along. 


“Fuck you,” Katsuki stated weakly as he was pulled along by the other.


Izuku only chuckled and replied, “That’s the plan baby.” Making Katsuki whine.


Izuku stopped both of them in front of an empty classroom that no one used. He pulled both of them inside, locking the door afterward.


“Why are we her-” Katsuki’s words were cut off as he was suddenly pinned against the wall.


He let out a noise of surprise as the air left his lungs from the force of which Izuku pushed him. Izuku’s grip was tight on his wrists that were pinned beside his head. For some reason, Katsuki felt aroused because he was defenseless against the other. Izuku leaned down close to the blonde’s face. His breath ghosted over Katsuki’s lips, making the other let out a noise of need. Izuku finally crashed their lips together in a fierce kiss. To Katsuki, Izuku’s kisses are usually gentle and sweet but this time it rough, hard, and filled with lust.


Izuku trailed one of his hands down Katuski’s body, landing on the other’s perky and thick ass. He gave it a rough squeeze, making the ash-blonde gasp into their kiss. Izuku, taking advantage of the others gasp, delved his tongue into Katsuki’s open mouth. He flicked it around inside the other’s wet cavern, tasting every inch he could reach. Katsuki groaned into the kiss, interwinding his velvety tongue with the others. Izuku pressed closer to the other's body, completely flush against each other. 


There was a feverish heat between their bodies as lust slowly took over. Izuku could do this forever, making his Katsuki writhe and squirm beneath him with nothing but his name on the other's lips, completely lost in pleasure. The taller male detached his lips from the others. He peppered little kisses along Katsuki’s jaw, trailing down to his neck. He took his time sucking and biting dark marks onto the ash-blondes milky neck. As he found Katsuki’s sweet spot, the other moaned out loudly. He rolled the sensitive skin between his teeth, breaking the skin as the other couldn’t do anything but shudder against his body.


Izuku used his other hand that wasn’t fondling the other’s backside and brought it up to the back of Katsuki’s neck, pushing it forward against his mouth. He continues leaving dark hickies that guaranteed to stay for at least a full week or two.

“M-m’neck is sensitive.” The submissive boy uttered lustfully.

He felt Izuku smirk against his skin.


 “I know.” The freckled male replied simply with a harsh bite at the other's collarbone.


This caused Katsuki to let out a long moan of pleasure. He stopped his motions, stepping back and removing his hands from the other. He took a moment to appreciate the beautiful boy in front of him. Katsuki’s hair a mess, clearly evident that he was being ravished. His pretty pink lips were now swollen and red from their intense and passionate kisses. Oh, and don’t even get him started on the absolutely ethereal look on his face. A beautiful blush across his face, eyes half-lidded, and lips slightly parted. He could look at this stunning image in front of him for days, which gives him an idea.


Izuku reached for his back pocket, pulling out his phone. He opens the camera app and snaps quite a few pictures. He smiles to himself, wondering how he could have such a perfect human.


“God, you’re so fucking beautiful.” Izuku murmured and gave Katsuki a kiss, but it was sweet and full of love and adoration.


Katsuki wraps his arms around the taller’s neck. They stayed like that for a few seconds, basking in the presence of each other before he broke the kiss.


“Thanks, this is sweet and all, but can we get back to the part where we’re gonna fuck?” The ash-blonde asked breathlessly. 


Izuku chuckled lightly but nonetheless got back to what they started. Izuku lifted Katsuki’s shirt, removing the article of clothing. He chucked it to the side, reattaching his lips to the others neck and his hands to touch and tease Katsuki’s pink buds. Katsuki shivered at the sudden sensations. He let out little gasps and moans. Those noises only encouraged Izuku more.


“H-Holy shit ‘Zuku!” Katsuki exclaimed and pulled at the other’s hair, drawing a low guttural groan from Izuku.


“L-Let me do you. Let me blow you.” The ash-blonde said, wanting to make his lover feel good too.


Izuku backed up from Katsuki and muttered an ‘okay’. Katsuki slid down onto his knees, his back against the wall. He looked up at Izuku and started to unbuckle his belt. As he tugged the other’s pants and boxers down, he never broke eye contact with Izuku. Katsuki nuzzled the head of Izuku’s cock and blew lightly on it. His soft breath that ghosted over Izuku’s cock made the other shudder in delight. Katsuki gave a few experimental licks to the flushed head. He continued giving little kitten licks, occasionally kissing the side of it which in turn left Izuku panting for more. Katsuki pulled back for a second and inhaled deeply, preparing himself for sucking dick. He let his jaw go slack and relaxed his throat, slowly engulfing the other’s cock, not stopping until he reached the base. 


“Mmm...just like that angel.” Izuku praised with a moan.


Katsuki thanked his lack of a gag reflex for being able to take the other so far down his throat. Katsuki took a moment to breathe before hs slowly started to bob his head up and down the length. Izuku’s strong hands found their way into Katsuki’s spiky hair, tugging harshly at the tufts. Katsuki hummed around Izuku’s cock in his mouth which elicited a groan from the male above him. He started to bob his head faster, getting more comfortable with a dick in his mouth. He ran his tongue on the underside of Izuku’s cock, trying his best to please the green-haired male. It’s what Katsuki loved the most, to be used for pleasure. 


Before he got together with Izuku, he never would have thought he liked to be used this roughly. It’s kind of ironic how much he enjoys it now though. Ever since they had sex the first few times, when Izuku would take over, Katsuki was more than happy to oblige and let himself be used and put in his place. Katsuki was brought of his thoughts as Izuku started to thrust roughly into his mouth.


“Ah, shit! You’re so good. Just for me. You’re perfect baby.” Izuku rambled as he was nearing his climax


Katsuki made sputtering noises and choking noises as Izuku thrust deep into his throat as he ran his hands up and down the back of Izuku’s thighs. 


“Agh- fuck angel!” Izuku said while climaxing.


He bucked wildly into Katsuki’s hot mouth, emptying his seed. Katsuki’s eyes glazed over lightly, tears gathering in the corners of his eyes as he felt Izuku’s cock shot thick white ropes of cum down his throat. He sucked him dry, trying to keep every drop of cum in his mouth. As Izuku pulled out, some of his white liquid escaped to the corners of his mouth but Katsuki still tried to swallow what he could. 


Izuku grabbed his chin gently and used his thumb to wipe the cum off the other's lips. He pushed his thumb against the others parted lips, letting Katsuki suck the remains off his thumb. Katsuki gingerly sucked the white substance off Izuku’s thumb. Izuku used his other hand to pat and run his fingers through Katsuki’s hair. Now that Izuku has climaxed, he turned his attention towards his lover. Only then did Katsuki realize that there was still a vibrator in his ass, pressed right up against his prostate. He was so caught up in sucking dick, he didn’t notice it. Katsuki let out a small whimper, his cock standing straight up, flushed and aching with need. 


“ ‘Zuku, p-please!~” Katsuki begged, looking at the other with a lustful gaze.


Izuku pulled Katsuki up onto his feet and pulled him into a tight embrace and whispered in his ear, “Hm? What do you want my precious angel?”


Katsuki whined and flushed in embarrassment.


“P-Please touch me…” He said shyly.


Izuku smirked and moved his hands from Katsuki’s waist down to his ass. He fondled and groped at the two round and plump globes, drawing a quiet and breathy moan from the ash-blonde male. Izuku pecked Katsuki’s lips and parted the soft mounds of flesh and swiped his finger across the tight ring of muscle. Katsuki tensed slightly, but he tried to force himself to relax. Izuku slipped one finger past the rim and slowly sank it inside. Thankfully it slipped in with ease since the night before already had him a little bit loose. 


Izuku wiggled his finger around inside, looking and searching for a certain toy. He pushes his finger a bit father and -bingo- the finger touche the vibrator. He pulls the toy out, leaving only the tip of it inside. After a few seconds, he suddenly shoves it back inside. Katsuki let out a surprised moan, not expecting that so suddenly. 


“Ngh-ahh! I-Izuku!” Katsuki moaned blissfully as the other continued to fuck him with the toy, “I want y-you!”


As much as the other wanted to continue teasing Katsuki, he was starting to get hard again and really wanted to be inside him already. He stopped and finally pulled the entire toy out and set it with their pile of clothes. Izuku slipped two fingers inside Katsuki, making the other let out breathy moans. He busied his mouth by kissing the other deeply, using his free hand to cup Katsuki’s jaw. 


He started making a scissoring motion with his two fingers, wanting Katsuki to get the other stretched already. The submissive male continued to let tiny moans spill from his lips. Of course, it was painful but it just so happens that Katsuki is a masochist. 


“G-Gah! R-Right there, please!” Katsuki broke the kiss and pleaded as he felt the other hit his prostate head on.


Izuku only smirked and continued to hit that exact spot over and over. Then, he added his ring finger with the other two, making this the last stretch. After a few more thrusts of his fingers, he deemed the other ready to be properly fucked by his dick.


“Bend over that desk right there,” Izuku commanded in a dark voice, pointing to where he wanted Katsuki.


Katsuki only nodded and quickly walked over to the desk and bent down over it. He stuck his ass out a little more, hoping to look more appetizing to the green-haired male. Izuku spat into his hand and slicked his cock up as he walked behind Katsuki. He leaned down, his chest to the others back, and whispered in the ash-blondes ear. 


“Are you ready, my little Angel?” He said in a seductive voice followed by a nibble on Katsuki’s ear.


The other only replied with a needy moan, nodding his head. Izuku smirked and got back up from leaning against the other. He gave a quick smack to the others ass, making a gasp come from the other. Finally, he got to the real business and circled the tip of his member against Katsuki’s entrance. He slowly sank the head inside the other, groaning while doing so. He continued pushing his cock in Katsuki inch by inch until he reached the hilt.


Izuku paused for a moment, letting the other get used to the feeling while also catching his own breath. Katsuki had his eyes squeezed shut as he felt the pain of the other inside him. He felt so full, something that the toy could never make him feel.


 After the pain started to subside, Katsuki started, “Y-You can move now…” 


Izuku nodded as he pulled out all the way until only his tip saw inside then slowly sank back into him. He did this for a few more times, gradually picking up the pace. His grip tightened onto the other's hips as he pulled out once more but this time he slammed himself inside. 


“Damn Kacchan, you’re practically sucking me in,” Izuku stated with a smirk, knowing the other was probably blushing heavily at his words.


“S-Shut the hell up D-Deku! Agh~,” Katsuki replied snarkily, ending with a grunt as the other rammed his asshole.


Izuku began to thrust faster, moans coming from both of their mouths. Katsuki’s eyes practically rolled into the back of his head as he enjoyed the very pleasurable thrusts. 


“Shit…” Katsuki muttered as he pushed back against the others cock, meeting halfway with the other. “F-Faster!” He panted out.


The other only picked up the pace more, fingernails leaving crescent marks on Katsuki‘s skin. The male below him only moaned out loudly at the rough treatment. 


“Fuck you’re so pretty like this my beautiful Angel. You’re so pretty like this, bent over for me and only me to fuck. You probably even enjoyed the thrill of having that toy inside your ass during class, huh? I bet you did, you slut. MY slut. The idea of being caught and the embarrassment that follows afterward gets you off doesn’t it?” Izuku blabbered as his thrusts became animalistic.


Katsuki only replied with one obscenely loud moan as the other hit right against his prostate.


“R-Right there ‘Zuku!~” He moaned as he threw his head back, his neck bared for the other.


Izuku gladly took the invitation and leaned down to suck more marks against the other's skin all while going impossibly deeper into the ash-blonde, hitting his prostate head on each time. The two of Katsuki’s weaknesses (his prostate and sensitive neck) were being attacked at the same time, making him a coiling feeling in the pit of his stomach.


“I-I’m gonna c-” Katsuki warned but got cut off by his own climax.


His head was a foggy mess as he rode out his orgasm, shooting his cum against the desk. Izuku not for one second stopped his thrusts though, whispering little praises in the others ear. Soon his thrusts started to get sloppier, Katsuki whimpering lightly from oversensitivity.


“Fuck, I’m close baby,” Izuku said, practically growling as he chased after his sweet release.


He pressed a light kiss against Katsuki’s nape and gave a final few powerful thrusts. Izuku came with the others name on his lips, falling forward onto Katsuki. They both stayed like that, not saying anything as they both panted to catch their breath. Once Izuku caught his breath, he pulled out slowly from Katsuki who only whined at the loss. He flipped the other over and leaned down to lock their lips together. The kiss was sweet and gentle, the kind that Katsuki loved just as much as rough kisses. He purred into the kiss and he felt Izuku’s hands held him up from the desk to stand him up straight. 


“I-I love you, stupid Deku…” Katsuki said as he broke the kiss.


Izuku only smiled and shook his head a the cuteness of the other, “I love you too Angel~”


They soon both detached their naked forms from each other and quickly went to grab their clothes. As they both dressed, Izuku couldn’t help but stare at some of his seed leaking out of Katsuki’s ass. When Izuku finished changed, he walked up to Katsuki and held his hand and gave him a peck on the cheek.


“How about we just skip class for the rest of today? We can just tell Aizawa that the nurse sent you home early.” Izuku asked, knowing very well that they’re both exhausted and need rest.


Katsuki huffed out a sigh of relief, “Now that sounds like music to my ears. Let’s do it.”


Izuku smiled and ruffled the other's soft hair with a gentle smile on his face. He grabbed the others hand, walking the both of them out the classroom and the building.




The two lovebirds both stumbled into the dorms enraptured in the other. Since class was still in session, little to no students were in the dorms at the moment, leaving both of them alone. Because Izuku did go fairly rough on the other, he stopped them in the common room. Katsuki gave the other a questioning look but gave a surprised yelp as the other threw him over his shoulder. 


“Oi! Put me down you bastard!” Katsuki yelled, but that did stop Izuku.


Izuku chuckled and continued their journey to his room. When they reached their destination, he opened the door and tumbled inside, throwing the other on the bed. He removed his own shirt and joined Katsuki on the bed.


“You’re such a fucking nerd,” Katsuki commented as he saw All Might merch all over Izuku’s room.


“Love you too.” He responded and turned the other over, Izuku’s chest to the Katsuki’s back.


Katsuki couldn’t help the soft smile that emerged onto his face. He turned his head and nuzzled the others face and gave Izuku a peck on the lips. He only pulled back a little though, their mouths only brushing against the others as they breathed in each other’s scent. 


Katsuki turned back over as he felt himself start to slowly fall into unconsciousness. Izuku buried his face into the other's soft hair and took a deep breath as he placed a kiss on Katsuki’s head. The soft scene created a comforting atmosphere as they both slept peacefully.