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Built for Abuse

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Hello darlings, this is your author, Kaeden Constellations, and I have come to not only welcome you, but also give some insight about my book series, Beautiful Madness

As cliche as it is, this series was inspired by DC’s Suicide Squad that premiered three years ago in 2016 and by the song Gangsta by Kehlani which was featured on the soundtrack. When I first started writing the book, I was using it as a way to see if the Archive of Our Own readers would be receptive to my writing the way that my audience on Wattpad was as I was switching platforms after officially going on hiatus from Wattpad. Now, this series will be crossposted on both platforms, and possibly if I feel like it, but the series will be completed on Ao3 before being posted onto other platforms.

What I came to tell you is that before writing Black and Blue, I was a fairly lighthearted writer and I tried not to focus heavily on dark themes, however, I will not lie to my readers by pretending that the true face of the Beautiful Madness Series is a very dark one. I am someone who enjoys researching missing persons, kidnapping, murder and cold cases in both mythology and real life, I am also a very big fan of crime shows and movies that have topics that have some dark themes outright (ex: Split ) or subtle themes (think Captain America: The Winter Soldier ). I am not a writer who does straight up fluff or smut, I am a writer who is fascinated by the darker nature of humanity - hence why I am writing this story.

Now, before we get into the warnings about this story, I need all of you to understand that I am well aware that mental illness, abuse of all kinds, rape, murder, behavioral disorders and other dark/taboo topics are very serious. I have been through my fair share of dark moments in my life, things that I will never tell anyone but a psychologist, so yes I understand that the topics that I’m placing into my book are incredibly serious. Please trust me when I say that I have researched the things that I needed further knowledge on as well as consulting with the people that I know who suffer from things such as Bipolar Disorder, ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder), ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder), etc.

That being said, I also want to address the Harley/Joker dynamic that I have seen in the movie and what I myself have read, as I myself do have my guilty pleasure fanfiction. I am fully aware that the dynamic between Harley and Joker is abusive, incredibly unhealthy, and fucked up - and I honestly celebrated when Harlivy became canon - so please do not that I am not using the comic book version of the relationship as my inspiration, but rather the movie adaptation because it fits with the characters that I am creating. The entirety of the relationship that I’m building is unhealthy due to the dependency that they have on each other, but the Joker/Harley aspect I’m using from the movie is how far they are willing to go for each other - they would seriously burn the whole world until they were together again.

Now that I have said what I need to say, let’s get to the warnings, shall we?

First warning,  if you are not comfortable with the things that will be mentioned and/or depicted in these books, and for some reason you didn’t read the tags and just clicked the title in order to read: This book is not a lighthearted story even though it may have light hearted moments. This book contains very dark themes that will make you squeamish or even question as it does contain rape, suicide, child abuse, torture, etc - I am urging you to find a different story to read as none of my books are lighthearted. They are fictional but have serious topics, however I do not want anyone to be triggered by the material within this book.

So please take caution, but enjoy the story. 



Kaeden Constellations