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Pull of the Tide

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The sun was sinking into the ocean, setting fire to the evening sky. It had been a long day of showing tourists around. Kicking back in her favorite deck chair on her boat as it rocked gently on the water, Clarke had a cold beer in one hand and her phone in the other as she watched the sunset. 

It was a view that never got old and one of the many reasons she chose to live here.

Her phone dinged, making her take off her sunglasses to check the screen. It was a text from her best friend Raven back at their beach house on the island, ‘ready for tomorrow?’

Clarke grinned and chugged what was left of her beer and set the can down on a nearby table, ‘can’t wait.’ she texted back. Tomorrow, would be the biggest day of her life as an entrepreneur.  It was the day her next guest was to arrive, a CEO of some major companies -multiple- in the US who had paid double just to have Clarke take her around the tropics for four weeks. Clarke remembered taking the call a month ago like it was yesterday. She had been sitting in the sweltering office just off the dock. Raven was talking to her and trying to fix the air conditioning, 

“I hate to break it to you Clarke, but if something doesn’t happen soon, we’re going to have to close up shop.”

Clarke’s heart was sinking. She knew they couldn’t keep their little bed and breakfast and boat tours open without a good client. Their savings were all but gone, “we can’t…” Clarke whispered anyway. This had been a dream of both of theirs even if they only had the one little boat. Raven handled the technical and mechanical side, and Clarke handled the people, “we have to come up with-” 

-The phone rang, cutting her off. Clarke and Raven both jumped, Raven cussing and dropping the tool she had while Clarke picked up the phone quickly, “hello? Griffin-Reyes boarding and boat tours. How can we help you?” it wasn’t the best name in the book, but they were working on that. Clarke wasn’t expecting the caller on the other end to have such a brisk, but feminine voice when they said back,

“Yes, I am Lexa Woods. I have been looking to take a quick vacation and I found your site online and it seems perfect. Can you tell me more about it?” Lexa Woods asked.

Clarke had grinned ear to ear and looked up at Raven to tell her they had a customer, before launching into detail. Raven hovering by her the entire time, as anxious as she was, Clarke knew.

By the end of the call, Woods had agreed on the longest tour, with private boarding, and was willing to pay double to be the only passenger for the duration of four weeks. Needing the cash Clarke agreed quickly. She hadn’t done a trip that long before, but it was all local waters and she figured it should be okay. There were plenty of docks to refuel at and to replenish supplies if needed. Lexa would be the first person she ever had that stayed that long and she couldn’t help but be slightly nervous especially as it would just be the two of them for the duration of her stay.

“I will see you then, Clarke,” Lexa Woods ended with and the way she had said her name, had a shiver running down Clarke’s spine that settled low in her belly. Lexa had hung up, leaving Clarke wondering if she really could be turned on by the woman’s voice alone. 

Seemed like she could.

She looked up her basic info like she did with all her clients she took out on her boat. As it turned out, Lexa Woods, or Alexandria Woods, was as sexy as her voice was. It had ended with her staring at her picture for several minutes, and Raven laughing at her. 

Clarke wondered what kind of person she would be, aloof and standoffish, excited and adventurous, stubborn and hard headed? In the short time she had been doing this, Clarke had seen it all even though the whole reason she had moved to St. Thomas was to get away from all of that.

She hoped they got along, otherwise it would be a very long month.

Sitting in her chair and staring at Raven’s text about tomorrow, Clarke found herself hoping Lexa Woods was at least a nice person. Especially as they were going to be spending almost a month together and all. Clarke found herself actually excited about that. As much as Lexa Woods needed a break. She did too. And since it was just one person instead of four or five she hoped she might get that. Lexa had sounded very proper, and she doubted the woman would be diving headfirst off the boat after their fishing bobber like the kid last week had done. Her phone dinged again,

‘Earth to Clarke? I know you’re thinking about her.’ Raven’s text said this time. And Clarke flushed bright red on the spot even under her dark tan. Raven had been teasing her since the day Lexa Woods called that Clarke already had a thing for her. How could she though, when she hadn’t even met her yet?

So what if she’d spent her hours off cleaning the boat and upstairs loft bedroom until they both shined.


Clarke laughed at herself and texted back finally, ‘I’m excited too. Can’t wait really.’ she hit send and sat upright in her chair. Her phone dinged just a second with Raven’s text back,

‘Yeah, I bet you can’t.’ the text said. Clarke rolled her eyes and texted back quickly, 

‘See you when I get home.’ it was an hour away from all the way out here. Getting up from her chair, Clarke went to the boat’s small bridge, turned it on, took the wheel and started back the way she had come. 

She couldn’t help but wonder what would come the next day.


St. Thomas was a little island in the carribean that had a total size of only thirty two square miles, but to Lexa, it looked like a little paradise and seemed absolutely perfect for a place to get away from everything for a while.

The flight hadn’t been so bad either. From the air, she saw green trees, pristine beaches, broken by scattered buildings here and there. She had just picked up her bags and was walking down the terminal of Cyril E. King Airport when her phone rang in the pocket of her gray suit. 

It was Anya. She knew from the ringtone. Lexa pulled it out an answered anyway, “hey An.”

“You know, you could have told me when you landed.”

Lexa rolled her eyes and kept walking, “we just touched down. I haven’t had a chance.”

“Is it as beautiful as the pictures?”

Lexa grunted, “I don’t know. I mean,” she stopped at the end of the terminal and looked right and left over the group of people waiting. Looking for her host for the month that was supposed to be here to meet her, “I haven’t even got out of the airport yet. Looked amazing from the air though.” she reflected on her thoughts earlier. She could probably visit the whole island in the time she had here, but she wasn’t here to visit just one island..

“Lex,” Anya sounded concerned suddenly and Lexa knew where this was going, “are you sure this is a good idea? I mean, you don’t even know these people?”

Lexa sighed, “that’s the point,” she smiled weakly, knowing Anya was just worried, “listen, An. I looked her up. I had background checks done. Clarke Griffin is a good person.” Not to mention, she was hot. Lexa remembered Clarke as the one who took her call the day she booked with her. Lexa had spent the past month occasionally glancing at her picture. She had to remind herself that she wasn’t looking for someone. That wasn’t why she was on this trip, and that she could handle a few platonic weeks with Clarke Griffin. She’d already resolved that.

“If she’s not, what? You gonna drop her with MMA or something?”

“Anya, I don’t think that..” Lexa flat out dropped the phone, when her eyes skimmed across the crowd and landed on the beautiful blonde herself, standing there with her hair pulled back and a white sign with her name on it. Clarke waved at her and Lexa’s legs went weak and her heart skipped a beat. Lexa raised one hand and waved back, but she knew she was staring.

So much for resolve. Her eyes had locked onto the blonde and she couldn’t move.

“Lexa! Lex!” Anya’s voice sounded tiny from the airport floor and it jolted her out of it. Lexa shook herself and grabbed up her phone.

“I’m fine.” she said into it automatically, much too quickly. Lexa whipped her gaze up again and found Clarke right in front of her,

“Hi.” she greeted, and offered out a hand, “Ms. Woods?” Somehow, Lexa managed a nod. Clarke went on, “I’m Clarke Griffin.”

Lexa finally got it together, “I gotta go, An. Clarke’s here.” hanging up before Anya could protest. Lexa put her phone in her pocket and adjusted her tie, “Lexa Woods,” she shook Clarke’s hand, “it's nice to meet you, Miss Griffin.” 

“Its nice to meet you too. Welcome to St. Thomas.” Clarke smiled at her, and Lexa knew she was so screwed. 

“Thank you, I…” Lexa realised she was still holding Clarke’s hand and let it go quickly.

Clarke smiled again and reached for her bag that was over her shoulder, "Let me take these, do you have any more bags?"

"I got it," She stepped back slightly, "but thank you," Lexa was used to doing everything herself. She had an assistant, but still preferred doing as much as she could on her own.

"No problem," Clarke dropped her hand, "Ready to see more of the island than just the airport?"

Lexa's lips tugged upwards, "Very much so," She shouldered her bags more securely and noticed Clarke hadn't moved, instead was just looking at her which had her blushing, "I'll follow you."

"Right," Clarke seemed to snap out of her trance. Lexa couldn't help but smile when Clarke blushed. She turned and walked off with Lexa right behind her.

Good to know before she shook her head and reminded herself, she wasn't here to meet anyone. No matter how intriguing and beautiful her host was. She was here to take a much needed and deserved break. 

Lexa couldn't remember the last time she had a vacation.

Outside the airport, Lexa was bombarded by sights, sounds and smells that she didn't get in the city. The heat was the first thing and felt herself start to sweat in her suit. She tried to deal with it. But they weren’t even halfway through the parking lot yet. She tugged at her tie uncomfortably. Clarke must have noticed out of the corner of her eye,

“You okay?”

"Maybe a suit wasn't the best idea, but it's what I'm used to when I fly," Lexa stopped and dropped her bags. She took her jacket off, undid her tie and rolled up her sleeves.

"The heat takes some getting used to, especially in the summer," Clarke laughed under her breath, but Lexa still heard it, "Here, let me help."

Lexa stood frozen as Clarke invaded her personal space. Her breath stopped as Clarke reached up and undid the top three buttons on her dress shirt. She could smell vanilla and lavender and it made her head spin until Clarke stepped back.

"Thank..." She croaked, but cleared her throat, "Thank you."

"You're welcome," Clarke's voice seemed even huskier than usual, "My Jeep is right over here. I promise to crank the air conditioner."

"Okay," Lexa tried to clear the fog that descended over her. She started to pick up her bags, but Clarke had gotten to then first, "You don't have to. I can carry them."

"So can I," Clarke winked at her from over shoulder and Lexa felt a blush spread from her neck to the tips of her ears. She stopped at a blue Jeep Wrangler with the top down. Lexa couldn't help, but compare the blue of the Jeep to the blue of Clarke's eyes. 

She preferred the color of Clarke's eyes. 

"Thank you," Lexa went to help her load the bags in the back, but Clarke waved her away. 

"Give me a minute to get the top up and we'll be on our way to the house," Clarke smiled, but Lexa stopped her with a hand on her shoulder.

"No, that's okay, I want to feel the fresh air," Lexa smiled and lowered her sunglasses over her eyes.  Not to just block out the bright sun, but it was easier to sneak glances at Clarke.

"Are you sure?"

Lexa nodded, "I am."

"Okay," Clarke came around to her side and opened the door for her, "After you."

"Thank you," She climbed in, realizing she'd never ridden in a Jeep before, "I like this."

"Thanks, its my baby, Betty. I got her when I was sixteen. I've had her for ten years," Clarke ran a hand across the hood before she jumped in. The Jeep roared to life and they were on their way. 

Ten years meant Clarke was twenty six, only two years younger than her, "I can tell you take good care of her."

Clarke had shielded her eyes with her aviators, but Lexa could tell she was pleased by the quirk of her lips.

"I do," Clarke laughed and flipped on music that Lexa started bouncing her knee to. She heard Clarke singing along and she sounded really good.

She looked out her side as Clarke's voice washed over her. Lexa felt herself start to relax with the wind blowing over her, the sun hitting her skin, it made her feel alive. Plus the view of the ocean and beaches as they drove were breathtaking. 

"This place is amazing," Lexa murmured softly. 

"It sure is. The first time. I visited, I was hooked," Clarke grinned, "I never left."

"How long have you been here?" Lexa asked, more curious about Clarke than she wanted to admit. 

"Going on five years.  Moved down her with my best friend, Raven and we started our business together."

Lexa felt a surge of jealousy just hearing Clarke's tone when she talked about this Raven, "I take it that's where the Griffin-Reyes comes in?"

"Yeah, not the best name, we've been working on changing it," Clarke sheepishly smiled, "How long have you been CEO?"

"Seven years.  The day I turned twenty one, I took over the company. My parents had started it, but when they passed it fell to me," Lexa spoke firmly to hide the pain she still felt from their loss.

"How old were you?" Clakre asked.

"Sixteen when they died in a car accident," Lexa turned to look at the view and to avoid looking directly at Clarke.

"My dad died when I was eighteen," She reached over and squeezed her hand. That was all Clarke said, but it was enough to know that Clarke understood. Lexa felt a connection to her from the start, but to know they had suffered the same loss helped in some weird way. 

It wasn’t long after that they turned around the corner of a bend and came upon the sight of a house sitting in a small cove on a beach. It was a beautiful white cottage, blue shutters and big windows. It had a wrap around deck that overlooked the ocean that held rocking chairs and a porch swing. Lexa noticed a dock as well that extended out and a good sized yacht was tethered at the end.

"This is amazing," Lexa grinned and hopped out, "This all yours?"

"Yep, sure is," Lexa could hear the pride in voice, "My mom didn't really approve of me spending most of my inheritance on the house and boat, but she eventually came around."

"That's good. This is like your own little slice of heaven," Lexa hurried to the back of the Jeep and grabbed her bags.

"Couldn't agree with you more," Clarke grinned, "Figured if it was alright with you, we'd stay here tonight and head out at first light."

"Sounds perfect," Lexa was sweating profusely and longed to change clothes so she could enjoy the island even more.

"Let me show you your room so you can change and all," Clarke headed up the stone walkway and followed Clarke into the house. 

It was very rustic and completely opposite her modern decor in her penthouse, but Lexa immediately loved it the open layout, the colors and the homey, lived in feeling, something her place lacked because she was never there. The kitchen housed butcher block countertops and stainless steel appliances along with a good sized island and breakfast bar that opened into the living room and dining room.

The cottage was bigger than what it looked like on the outside.

“I love your place,” Lexa commented, taking in the spiral staircase on the side that led up to a loft.

“Thank you,” Clarke grinned, clearly pleased at her assessment, “The room you’ll be staying in tonight is up there, actually. Hope that’s okay,” She nodded, excited at the prospect of sleeping up there. She remembered being a kid and loving sleeping the loft at her family's cabin. She hadn’t been there in years, but this place reminded her of it, “Are you hungry?”

Her stomach rumbled, “Apparently so,” She couldn’t remember eating this morning, just a cup of coffee. Before Clarke could ask, Lexa spoke up, “I’m not picky,” She smiled, something she couldn’t help doing being in Clarke’s presence. 

“Alright, well I have an idea for dinner, so I’ll surprise you,” Clarke pointed to her bags, “Need help carrying them up?”

“No, I’m good,” Lexa nodded her thanks.

“Okay, if you want to take a shower, there’s a full bathroom up there and fresh linens in the cabinet,” Clarke started to walk off, “Holler if you need anything else, I’ll be in the kitchen.”

Lexa was glad Clarke’s back was to her so she missed her blush as her thoughts raced to Clarke helping her in the shower. She turned quickly and climbed the staircase to the loft that held a king sized bed, chester drawer, a couple night stands and built in bookshelves that housed a ton of books. In the corner was leather recliner that looked out the window that faced the ocean. 

She couldn’t help but wonder if this was normally Clarke’s bedroom. Lexa dumped her bags on the bed and dug out khaki shorts, a red tank top and flip flops. She wouldn’t be caught dead in something so casual back in the city, not even the summer, but here, it seemed a must in order to fit into the island life. 

A shower sounded great as she felt sticky and gross. There was a privacy screen across, but Lexa couldn’t help but peek around it when she heard Clarke whistling in the kitchen. She looked completely at home in her bare feet as she danced around the kitchen. Lexa ducked down when Clarke glanced her way and quickly stripped her dirty clothes off and headed into the bathroom.

The woman downstairs never far from her mind as she let the hot water rushed over her.


She did her best not to think about her guest in the shower, but Clarke couldn’t help imagining it when she heard the water running. Humming to herself, she had decided on a seafood dish as they had some of the best lobster she’d ever tasted. 

Wanting to give Lexa the whole experience, she had some steaks on the grill and potatoes peeled for mashed potatoes along with some veggies. It was a lot of food, but she knew when Raven got home, she would eat a ton. It always amazed her how much her best friend ate, but never gained an ounce.

Luckily, they had no other guests at the moment at the house so Clarke could focus solely on Lexa. 

Clarke smiled when Lexa had taken in her house and everything and the look of awe on her face was priceless. She smiled because Lexa hadn’t noticed the guest house yet, the one that Raven lived in even though she spent more time at the main house.

Wondering where Raven was, Clarke grabbed her phone and tapped her name in her recent calls. Clarke had assumed Raven would be here waiting to strike as soon as they walked in, but to her surprise, she had been nowhere to be found. 

Hiya C, ” Raven’s voice came through, “ What’s up?

“Making dinner, where are you?” Clarke flipped the steaks and veggies on the grill Raven had put on the stove and checked the lobster in the pot. They were close to being done.

I’m at the bar, ” Raven laughed, “ Thought I’d give you some time with Lexa by yourself.

At the mention of Lexa’s name, Clarke glanced up to the loft, but the water was still running.

“Well suit yourself, but you’ll miss the dinner I’m making,” Clarke knew if anything would get Raven home, it would be food. 

Be there in ten, ” Raven said quickly, “ I gotta check out this Lexa anyways.

Clarke groaned, “Don’t make it awkward, Rae.”

Me...never, ” Raven cackled and hung up.

She tossed her phone on the counter, knowing Raven, she was in for a long night. To get her mind off of it, Clarke started mashing the potatoes until they were silky smooth. Her own stomach grumbled and she couldn’t wait to eat. 

“It smells delicious.”

Clarke whipped around and froze. Lexa stood there in a tank top and shorts, her hair piled in a bun on top of her head and her feet bare. It was a stark contrast to the fitted suit and tie, she arrived in. Finally finding her tongue, she spoke up, “Thanks, should be ready in ten.”

“Anything I can do to help?” Lexa asked, standing somewhat shyly at the breakfast bar.

“Nope, I got it,” Clarke smiled, “Have a seat, can I get you something to drink? I got wine, beer, water and juice.”

“Beer sounds great,” Lexa sat down and folded her hands on top of the counter.

She nodded, grabbed a couple beers, popped the tops off and handed Lexa one, “Cheers.”

Lexa clinked her bottle with hers, “Cheers,” There was a look in Lexa’s eyes that Clarke couldn’t decipher, but before she could probe deeper, the screen door slapped open and Raven strode in.

“I want to apologize now for whatever she may do or say,” Clarke whispered quickly before Raven approached. Lexa didn’t say anything, just raised an eyebrow. 

“Honey, I’m home,” Raven came right up to her and kissed her cheek. She flushed, wondering what the hell she was up to.

“Hi,” Clarke glanced over Raven’s shoulder and could see Lexa looking back and forth between them with a slight frown. She wondered if Lexa thought they were together, which they weren’t, but it wouldn’t be the first time, they’d gotten mistaken for a couple. 

Nothing had ever happened between them minus a drunken kiss in high school, but they both knew they were better off as friends.

Raven winked at her before turning to Lexa, “Sorry about that, I’m Raven Reyes, it’s nice to meet you.”

Lexa smiled, but it seemed more forced than her earlier smiles, “Hi, Lexa Woods, nice to meet you too.” 

Clarke really wished she knew what Lexa was thinking because she couldn’t tell.

“Welcome to our humble abode,” Raven laughed, “Clarke is an amazing cook so your in for a treat.”

Lexa looked up at her and smiled, “I could believe that from the smell alone.”

“Just wait until you taste it,” Raven smirked and Clarke wondered what Raven was up to but knew she couldn’t ask in front of Lexa.

Clarke turned around and checked the steaks were cooked through before pulling them off with the veggies. The lobster was done as well and so were the mashed potatoes. She hoped that Raven would shut up once she had food in her mouth, but Clarke knew it wasn’t likely.

“Dinner is ready,” Clarke looked back at Lexa, “Have a preference on your steak?” 

“Medium or Medium well is good,” Lexa locked eyes with her, but Clarke thought she saw her eyes dart to her lips and back up. 

“A woman after my own heart,” Raven spoke up, interrupting their moment, “Clarke’s too.”

She almost rolled her eyes, but Lexa smiled, “Good to know.”

Clarke flushed and glanced at Raven, “Go set the table, Rae.”

“Yes, dear,” Raven grabbed the plates and silverware, she’d laid out.

When Raven was across the room, Lexa laughed under her breath, “I see why you warned me.”

“Oh, that’s nothing, she’s just getting started if I know her and I do.’

“How well-” Lexa was cut off when Raven strode back in.

“I’m starving, let’s eat,” Raven carried the steaks and veggies to the table while she grabbed the lobsters and Lexa grabbed the potatoes before she could protest.

“You’re stubborn, I see,” Clarke commented.

“Very much so,” Lexa admitted, shrugging her shoulders, “But I have a feeling you are too.”

“Maybe...maybe not,” Clarke set down the lobsters and took the bowl of potatoes from Lexa, “Sit wherever you’d like,” She pulled out her own chair and was pleased to see that Lexa chose the seat right next to her while Raven sat across from them.

“Honey, can you pass the taters?” Raven smiled mischievously. Clarke wanted to smack her.

“Sure,” She scooped some on her plate and Lexa’s, “Here.”

“Thank you, darling,” Raven handed her the plate of steaks.

Clarke narrowed her eyes at her best friend who had a twinkle in her eye, “Here you go,” she slid one on Lexa’s plate.

“Thank you Miss Griffin,” Lexa nodded and scooped some veggies on her plate.

“Oh no, please call me Clarke,” Soon all of their plates were loaded with food.

“Only if you call me Lexa,” She laughed softly, “Miss Woods makes me feel like I’m still at work.”

“Well we can’t have that,” Clarke locked eyes with her and had the urge to nudge her shoulder, but seeing as they’d just met, she decided against it.

“So, Lexa,” Raven talked with cheeks bulging and Clarke kicked her under the table. Sometimes her manners were awful. Luckily, Raven didn’t push and swallowed her food before speaking again, “Exactly, how many companies do you own?”

“Raven!” Clarke scolded.

“What, I’m curious,” Raven plastered an innocent smile on her face, but Clarke knew better.

“It’s quite alright, Clarke,” Lexa put a hand on hers for a moment and Clarke felt the touch spread throughout her whole body, “I currently own twelve companies.”

“And you’re in charge of them all,” Raven asked, clearly impressed, Clarke could see.

“That’s correct,” Lexa smiled, “Hence the much needed vacation even though my sister thinks I’m crazy.”

Raven perked up, “Sister you say? Is she as hot as you?”

“Oh my god, Raven! Seriously,” Clarke almost choked on her food.

“Don’t tell me you haven’t noticed, C. She’s fucking gorgeous,” Raven shoveled more food into her mouth.

“Yes, Anya is my older sister and thank you, I think,” Lexa’s face was flushed bright red and she was staring down at her plate. She wondered if anybody ever saw her as Lexa instead of just a CEO.

It made her heart hurt just thinking about it. 

“Is she coming down for a visit?” Raven asked, a smirk on her face.

“Doubtful, unless there’s an emergency. She’s in charge while I’m here,” Lexa glanced over at Clarke, “This is absolutely phenomenal by the way.”

“I’m glad,” Clarke spoke at the same time as Raven, “Told you!”

“Me too,” Lexa’s eyes dipped to her lips again and back to her eyes. Never taking her eyes off her, Lexa spoke up again, “You did, Raven, that’s true.”

“Damn straight,” Raven grinned and Clarke knew what was coming, “Well not really because I’m not. Well not as straight as people think.”

Clarke groaned, “Believe me, if Lexa didn’t know before, she knows now. You’re not subtle Rae.”

“Never claimed to be anything other than myself,” Raven’s plate was clean, but she was already reaching for more. It was one of the reasons why Clarke always cooked so much, but she was happy to see Lexa having seconds as well.

“Nothing wrong with that,” Lexa smiled and it seemed almost wistful and Clarke wondered why.

“Raven is unique, I’ll give her that,” Clarke laughed, “And she gets to do the dishes.”

“Clarke…” She whined, but Clarke wasn’t having it, especially after how she’d been acting. She narrowed her eyes and Raven stopped, “Fine.”

“Thank you,” Clarke was stuffed, “Lexa, would you like to go out on the back deck and see the view?” Lexa nodded eagerly, “Go ahead and head on out, another beer?”

“Yes, please,” Lexa smiled, “But I can help with the dishes.”

“Not necessary,” Raven spoke up before she could, “I can do it.”

“You sure?”

“Yes,” Raven smiled, “But thank you for offering.”

“No problem,” Lexa smiled and glanced at Clarke before she pushed away her empty plate and stood, “Meet you out there?”

“Yeah, I’ll be just a sec,” Clarke kept her gaze on Lexa until she disappeared out the back door before she rounded on Raven, “What the fuck is wrong with you?”


“Don’t play dumb, you know exactly what you were doing!” Clarke scolded before turning away towards the kitchen, but she felt Raven following right behind her.

“She’s into you,” Raven tapped her on the shoulder. Clarke spun around.

“Excuse me,” Clarke’s voice was higher than normal.

“If looks could kill, I’d be dead,” Raven laughed, “By the way, totally approve.”

“Nothing can happen,” Clarke sighed, “It wouldn’t be good for business.”

“Maybe it would work out, you’ll never know,” Raven squeezed her shoulder, “Now go out there and talk to her. She seems very lonely, honestly and seems like she could use a friend,”

“I hate you,” Clarke said with absolutely no venom behind it.

“You’ll thank me later,” Raven reached around her, opened the fridge and pulled two beers out.

“We’ll see,” Clarke took the beers Raven handed her and popped the tops before she headed outside to Lexa.


Lexa sat in the rocker outside, looking out at the view that was breathtaking. It was a warm, balmy night in the middle of June and the sun danced across the water, but still, Lexa couldn’t relax as her mind replayed the dinner. Raven had been right and the food was delicious, but that wasn’t the issue. 

Clarke had called Raven her best friend, but the way they’d interacted said differently. It had bothered her even though it shouldn’t and that was what was bugging her. She rocked the chair back and forth, but still was unable to stop her mind from playing over everything at dinner.

For crying out loud, she’d just met Clarke. Just because she was the most beautiful woman she’d seen in a long time, didn’t necessarily mean she had a crush on her. It didn’t mean anything that her heart skipped a beat when Clarke smiled at her or her hands would get clammy when she was near. 

“Hey,” Clarke spoke up behind her, startling her from her thoughts and making her turn towards her, “Sorry it took a little longer than I thought.”

Lexa’s mind instantly imagined the two of them kissing in the kitchen as she tore her gaze away quickly before Clarke could see that she was bothered. 

“Hey,” Lexa nodded, not daring to look back again, “It’s okay,” She said, but didn’t mean it and that irritated her. What was it to her if her hostess had a girlfriend. It would be pretty hypocritical of her to say otherwise as she was gay herself.

“I feel like I should apologize for Raven again,” Clarke came to a stop in front of her and Lexa had no choice, but to meet her eyes, “I brought you another beer,” Clarke handed it over and she took it with a grateful nod.

She needed a drink right now and had a feeling this wouldn’t be the last on this trip. 

“Thanks,” Lexa took a deep swallow as soon as it was in her grasp, “No need to apologize. You did warn me beforehand.”

“True,” Clarke still stood in front of her, shifting from foot to foot, “Mind if I join you?”

“Sure,” Lexa answered a little too quickly, but liked the idea of having Clarke all to herself her first night. Not like they weren’t going to spend the next month mostly only having each other for company.

She watched as Clarke made herself comfortable in the rocker next to her and Lexa found herself relaxing just being in Clarke’s presence. She lost track of time on how long they said their side by side, nursing their beers and watching the view. It was rare for her to feel comfortable with someone so quickly, but with Clarke she already was.

Lexa enjoyed the quiet, something she didn’t get often back home.

“I thought we’d head out at first light,” Clarke spoke up, breaking the silence between them.

“Works for me, I’m usually up at five every day,” Lexa nodded, taking another sip of her beer.

“Do you at least get off at a decent time?” Clarke asked.

“If decent time, you mean like seven or eight, sometimes later,” Lexa shrugged. She was used to working twelve hour days. It had become routine.

“That’s night, don't you ever relax?”

“I’m here on vacation so that’s the plan,” Lexa half smiled sensing Clarke’s ire that she never took time off.

“And when was the last time you had a vacation?” Clarke queried.

“Umm, before I took over as CEO.”

“Eight years!” Clarke turned to face her, “That’s nuts.”

“It’s my life,” Lexa couldn’t help but laugh, “You’re not the first person to tell me that though.”

“I should think not,” Clarke drained the rest of her beer and picked at the label, “Raven and I aren’t together.”

“What?” Lexa wasn’t sure she heard right because it was completely off topic.

“Raven is just my friend, even though she acts like we’re more. She does because she thinks she’s funny, but she’s my best friend, more like my sister honestly, but yeah.”

Lexa’s heart jumped as hope flooded through her, “I see.”

“Yeah, so I’m sorry about her,” Clarke stood up suddenly, “Another beer? Unless you’re too tired,”

“Another beer would be great,”  Lexa watched as Clarke hurried back inside and couldn’t help but glance at her ass before she tore her eyes away.

Right now, Lexa only felt relief to know Clarke was single, but once again, she couldn’t quite pinpoint why it mattered so much to her. Before she could overthink it, Clarke came back out with two more beers.

“Here you go,” Clarke made herself comfortable next to her again, “Any questions about the tour?”

“Honestly,” Lexa took a long drink, “Will it be safe to swim?”

“Yes,” Clakre laughed, “In certain places.”

“How long will we be at sea until we have to refuel and restock?”

“Depends on where exactly you want to go,” Clarke smiled at her. 

“Fair enough, do we get to visit some beaches?” Lexa asked, excited at the prospect.

“Of course, I know some of the best spots that will be private too,” Clarke’s face flushed and she looked away.

“Will we get to see dolphins or god forbid, sharks?” Lexa shuddered at the thought of coming face to face with a shark. She enjoyed shark week, but that was on TV, she didn’t care to see one in real life.

“Dolphins and possibly whales yes, sharks, honestly it depends,” Clarke shrugged, but a smile tugged at her lips.

Depends on what?” Lexa raised an eyebrow.

“I’m just playing,” Clarke grinned, “It’s not very likely honestly.”

“Okay good,” Lexa let out a sigh of relief before a huge yawn caught her by surprise. 

“I know where it’s safe to get in the water,” She looked very serious, “I promise you’re safe with me,” Clarke looked down before she drained the rest of her bottle.

Lexa’s mouth was suddenly dry with the look in her eye and she quickly finished off her own beer, “I believe you.”

And she did.

She yawned again, the day of travel was quickly catching up to her now that she had a full stomach and good company, “You’re exhausted.”

Lexa nodded, “It’s finally hitting me.”

Clarke stood up and held out her hand, “Let’s get you to bed.”

“Okay,” She slid her hand in Clarke’s and immediately felt a jolt where their skin touched, “Thank you for dinner and for keeping me company.”

“It was my pleasure,” Clarke smiled, “Need anything?”

“I’m good,” Lexa smiled, “You coming in?”

“Yeah, I will in a minute, need to check the boat and make sure everything is good.”

“Alright, well,” Lexa lingered, “Good night, Clarke.”

“Good night, Lexa.”

Lexa turned and headed inside, knowing she would have Clarke on her mind for the rest of the night.

It was going to be a very long month.