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How Do You Spell "Love" In Binary Code?

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"Hatori-kun?" the said young man heard through the door of his apartment.

"Come in!" he shouted, really wishing for a moment he had telekinesis so that he can open it without getting up.

Minegishi came in.

"So... did your computer break again, or...?" Hatori started.

"No, no. Nothing like that. I guess I just wanted to... spend some time together." they said and added after a moment "I was pretty bored. Had no missions for the last week."

"Well, I have the exact opposite, only this morning I was finally allowed to break the streak of using my powers for 48 hours straight." the brown-haired man said.

"What did Boss want from you that took so long?" the chlorokinetic asked, a hint of annoyance at Touichirou apparent in his tone.

"You see, a military base was writing in a messaging system that deleted all the previous text an hour after receiving it, so I had to spy on a computer constanly until the owner if it texts about that one thing Touichirou needed." the technokinetic explained.

Minegishi liked listening to the man's voice. It was so... full of energy. Similiarly his aura - it was just so energizing, sparkling wildly whenever the man was feeling emotion. They also liked his confident smile, whenever it appeared. And his soft, brown hair...

Honestly, Minegishi just liked everything about Hatori.

More than liked, they realised recently.

They liked all of the Ultimate 5. They were each likeable in their own way - Serizawa was always considering, Shimazaki was the one to always lighten the mood and Shibata was a calm presance.

Hatori though... Minegishi just felt at home when the man was nearby. It took a while for them to realise it's a crush and even longer debating if they should confess, because being in love while trying to be a merciless terrorist didn't exactly play well together.

At first they decided to stay shut about it, but it started getting distracting. All the times when Hatori was near and they just wanted to hug the crap out of him or maybe even kiss the man.

So now, they came to confess. They already had their doubts about this. The guy is tired after working for 48 hours straight... maybe they shouldn't right now?

No. No more putting this off for later. Now or never. And never did not sound appealing at all.

"Nozomu." they spoke up, their voice barely a whisper.

Confusion on the man's face was apparent. Understandable, they didn't usually call him by the first name. It should signify how important this is though.

"Yes?" the brown-haired esper responded almost carefully.

"I... wanted to tell you something." Minegishi Toshiki stated.

"Well, go on then." he said simply.

"We've... been friends for a long, long time, but..." the chlorokinetic tried to explain. "I... think I want more with you." they said and gingerly put their hand on their crush's hand.

"I'm not a poet, s-say exactly what you mean. In a way I'll understand." the technokinetic said, clearly nervous and... excited?

"Well..." Toshiki began before thinking of a perfect way to say this. "I don't know how to spell 'I love you, Nozomu.' in binary code." he said with a small smile.

And as he finished the sentance, the younger esper's aura pretty much exploded with emotion, short-circuiting every device in 1/3rd of the city.

And there they sat, in the dark, barely able to make out eachother's faces.

"You mean it?" Hatori asked, his voice overflowing with excitement. This means he wanted this, right? That the man wanted them to confess their love, right?

"Yes, Nozomu." they said, happiness hearable in his voice now too. "Do you... love me too?" they asked uncertainly.

Hatori did not give any verbal response, instead he silently put aside his glassess, got their faces close and gave his a quick, innocent kiss in the lips. The moment he pulled away, the chlorokinetic could see how nervous the man was about their response. And so, they pulled their faces back close and this time they initiated the kiss, dragging it on longer than his lover had.

After they pulled away once again, the lavender-haired psychic asked rethorically "So that's a 'yes'?"

"Yes." the man responded.

The Boss would probably communicate Hatori soon, or send Shimazaki to do it, in order to ask why a pretty big part of the city's electricity is dead, but the two didn't care right now. All they cared about in the moment was eachother and even Shimazaki appearing in the room didn't matter to them for a few solid minutes.

They were happy. Together.