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"I've got a lot locked away in here,” you lazily point at your forehead, “that I'd never want anyone to know, not even you." 

Rohan twirls his inking pen, tapping it on his knee a couple times as he takes a moment to think on your words. He lets out a pensive noise, a single brow arching up as he replies: "I could just do it, and you'll never even remember it."

"Would you really betray my trust like that?" You scoff and laugh, feeling a bit annoyed that he would even admit to considering that. 

Rohan hums and tucks his pen into his breast pocket, then walks over to the couch you're on and sits down next to you. A hand gently cups your face, turning you to look at him. He smiles and you don’t feel quite as upset anymore. 

"Never," he says, as he summons Heaven's Door. 

You don’t see the Stand appear behind its owner, but you feel its effects almost instantly. A gasping breath escapes you, your body falling back onto the cushions with a dull thud. "L-Liar!" you let out, straining as your limbs become numb under Rohan's power. He seems almost remorseful as he lowers himself onto your body, settling on your stomach as he leans closer to peel back the pages of your face.

"I'm sorry, I truly am , but I simply must know." He leafs through your record, scanning for a particular page.

"Know WHAT? "

"If you have feelings for Josuke." 

Your heart stops as his eyes narrow, homing in on a section of your life. "Here we are. Your first kiss was with a man you don't much cared for, but it was a spur of the moment thing --interesting .” He rattles off your love-life with disinterest, skipping over most parts like they were mere filler-text. “And --ah, here we go -- you like Josuke, but you can't tell if these feelings are romantic or not, because you have trouble recognising the difference." Rohan lets out a sigh of relief. "Then there's hope for me yet."

"What are you talking about?!" 

"So oblivious," he says with a fond smile, "I like that innocence about you." With a gentle brush of his fingers, he closes the pages he'd been reading --digits lingering on the corners of your lips as he brushes past. Rohan dawdles a second too long before he finds himself descending on your lips. You let out a muffled squeak as his mouth lands on yours in a one-sided kiss. He tries to make it genuine, but you refuse to give in. You wiggle, finding it hard to move at all with his weight crushing down on you. Rohan didn’t understand why you were acting so difficult. Was he doing something wrong? Surely you liked being in his presence, otherwise you wouldn’t visit him as often as you did. He reluctantly pulls back, somewhat disappointed that the kiss wasn't all he imagined it to be. You just weren’t acting as natural as he’d hoped you would. 

"That was no good. Perhaps, you need more convincing?" 

Rohan lifts his hips, rising to give you more breathing space, and you think that maybe he's given up. Your joy is short-lived. His hands travel down your body until they find the hem of your shorts. He pops the top button and drags the fabric down to your knees. "Huh, pink panties," he notes, "how cute."


"I can't do that. Not when I'm this close." His eyes darken as he lowers his head between your legs. "Besides, you won't remember a thing when this is all over." Rohan sniffs up your scent, but he's not satisfied: it just isn’t intense enough. No matter, he knows how to get what he wants. Your legs tremble as he shoves his face into your clothed heat and inhales deeply. His lips brush against your panties as he ruts against your inner thigh, grinding his face as deep into you as he can manage. You see his eyes roll back in ecstasy as he buries his nose into your cunt, committing the smell of you to memory. You squeal, feeling heat rise to your cheeks and nether regions alike.

Rohan comes up, looking dazed but fulfilled in a sense. "Exquisite --but not enough." He glances down at your form with lust-glazed eyes. "I need to feel everything."

With uncharacteristic force and haste, he rips the flimsy fabric of your panties to shreds before fumbling to undo his belt with shaky hands. "You may like Josuke, but I'll be taking you first. He can never have that." He lines himself up at your entrance, eager to experience you completely. "It'll be our little secret."

In one fluid motion, Rohan inserts his cock into you to the hilt. You cry out, feeling your arms spasm against his Stand’s numbing power. You try to grab ahold of something --anything-- within your reach, but your body remains immobile beneath him. Rohan throws his head back, a sigh of relief and contentment pushing past his lips. 

Finally, ” he sighs out. “You feel fantastic.” He grinds his hips into yours with slow, shallow thrusts. “No amount of imagination could live up to the real thing.”

Rohan leans forward, burying his nose in your neck and inhales. He sighs against your skin before pressing his lips to your throat in a tender kiss. You shiver, feeling him travel down and nibble on your shoulder. His tongue darts out, sliding up the side of your neck to your cheek as he continues to grind his pelvis into your sex. Wanting to be deep inside of you at all times, Rohan never pulls out far --choosing to slowly drive himself into you until he’s satisfied. 

Somewhere along the way, you lose yourself. 

You smile as Rohan says "Never," knowing that you can trust him completely. 

He'd never use Heaven's Door on you without your consent, and for that you're grateful. You go home that day, feeling like you forgot something important. You shake it off, but remember that you need to cancel your plans with Josuke! You're not feeling too well all of a sudden. You’ve been forgetful all day, even neglecting to put on panties this morning! It wouldn’t be a good idea for you to go out tonight.