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Meteor Shower

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Tell me the tale of how life was so in love with death, she sacrificed her own children for him to have company.


"Have you been waiting for long? I apologize, I had some duties to-"

"Fool! What makes you think I'm waiting for you?" A sharp voice cut into the warm air. Air that smelled like burnt flesh. 

With hurried steps had the angel come forward, but now he stood frozen on the spot a few inches from hell's gates. Blonde locks framed his beautiful face. The angel halted before he spoke. His hair was spun of gold and his bright eyes contained melted chocolate. Pink, full lips parted as his expression changed to contemplative. "You are angry." A statement that sounded like a question.

The demon tore his eyes off the other. "I'm a demon, idiot, I'm made of hate and anger."

"My apologies." With a hint of amusement hiding in the corners of his lips the angel sat down on the iron bars built into the ground - dividing the two.

There was a time where there had not been iron between the heavens and the hells, however, that was long before mortals came to be. Since the first human's feet had touched earth there was iron needed to keep them apart. Divine iron that stopped the sinners and the creatures of Jahannam from crawling out of their pits. 

It was too tempting to attempt escape when burnt flesh clouded your senses. Now, between the illuminated white and the scarlet darkness was a division that could not be bent nor broken.

No creature remembered how they got down there but neither did anyone remember how they awoke in between cloudy blankets. 

As had become routine, the demon raised one hand, barely far enough for his fingers to ask for the skin of the other. The space between the bars allowed nothing but a hand to be pushed through, just enough for fingers to intertwine on accident - that the angel and the demon had found out a long time ago.

The demonic being was sitting on high, rough rocks, which gave fools hope of escape from the underground cave. He had the appearance of a young man of great height and wore almost nothing to cover his dark skin.

The angel shifted closer on the iron bars. The cloth around his thighs was damp from the humidity beneath and peachy skin shimmered through the white. He fixed the belt made of gold around his waist, loosened the white fabric around his sweaty chest too. Then he nodded towards the woman standing in flames. "What's her sin?" Her piercing shouts were audible although she was far away.

"Infidelity. Betrayed the one she'd vowed eternal faithfulness a dozen times." The demon shook his head in disgust. "She still feels no remorse, no shame. Humans are filth." His voice was deep, demanding of attention and radiating power. The voice of a king. 

Once - a long time ago - he might have worn a crown, or he might have been a God - before he turned into a caged bird. 

A caged bird with silver horns growing from his temples and countless heavy chains hanging around his neck. He wore only simple black fabric tied around his hips, yet he had a certain air of wealth and opulence surrounding him. He was a prisoner of God in disguise of an emperor. 

His soft-spoken companion protested, "She is the exception. Most of them are pure."

"Are you mocking me? Look around." The sinner lowered his arm, robbed the angel of his touch. He gestured around the caves. "They are rotten to the core. You don't know them, Angelo. I do. They are not capable of anything but selfishness, every single one of them rotten to the core. Out of all the creatures inhabiting the universe, humans are the lowest. Absolute filth." He spat on the ground. The ruby dust turned deep red where his spit fell. 

Unwillingly, the angel's face softened as the demon reached for his hand again. The pad of a thumb brushed against his palms. Hesitant at first, then it found a home between the creases of his palm. He blinked a strand of gold hair away before speaking. "Your sight is clouded by the fires that surround you."

"And you're blinded by the light you fools up there are forced to look into."

"Humans are made of lo-"

"Don't! Don't you dare say it!" The demon spat again, this time flames hit the ground. "Love? Really? Look at him. He killed his own wife in a rage. Him there? His wrongdoings filled two rolls of parchment. These creatures shouldn't exist. Humans are a mistake." His unclothed chest rising and falling, the demon glared at the hopeless ones around him. "A fucking mistake. Selfish and rotten." Gradually, the anger fell from his face as his grip on the angel's fingers tightened.

When the clear sound of the last angel's singing reached hell, the one with hair of gold stood up, tightened his belt. "I have to leave. I will be back when the first angels sing again." 

Looking down on the king of the underworld felt wrong, yet meeting his eyes felt awfully right.

"Stay away. I don't want to see you again." A command, one that left no room for disobedience.

The angel left wordlessly. 



What use was eternity for those who knew nothing but loneliness?


As always, he hurried back when he heard the singing echo through the illuminated halls. 

"I told you to stay away."

The blond-haired one sat on the marble statue of someone he didn't know with his tunic loose and his eyes fixed upon the man underneath the ground. His feet rested against the iron bars. Heat rose up in waves. 

"Your words left me restless. They cannot be all bad, can they? I have met countless humans who were made of light and goodness. There are two sides to every coin."

The demon's muscles moved visibly under his caramel skin as he played with the sword in his hands. He refused to look up. "Is that what you came here for? To argue and fight? What a shame. I thought you might be here to tell me the story of Echo and Narcissus again."

"No, I came here for a bet."

A frown turned into a smirk as the demon's curiosity awoke. "Elaborate." He threw the sword up, made it float close to the iron bars. The blade met the angel's foot, poked the heel's skin without causing harm. It was a threat nonetheless: I could hurt you if I wanted to.

"Let us tie a thread around two souls. They will meet once in every lifetime, but that is all that is in our control. We will only observe them. No interferences. I bet-" He made a pause. "- they will fall in love. You will see that love always triumphs. I will prove to you that mankind's goodness is stronger than all the evil harnessed inside them. But-" He smiled, pushed the sword down with the heel of his foot. Blood dripped down the blade, but he didn't feel pain. He was not able to. "But, if they are as rotten as you say, I will grant you your heart's desire. It does not matter what you wish for. Except for freedom that is. That I cannot offer, you are aware of that. However, everything within my power I will do for you."

"Even killing yourself in these flames?" The demon gestured with both hands around the spacious cave. The sword was floating lazily in the air as he did so. "Even if I told you my one and only desire is seeing your sweet, innocent soul burn at the stakes these sinners occupy?"

There was no hesitation in the angel's gentle voice when he asked, "Is that really your wish?" He did not seem afraid. He would truly accept the outcome.

"Yes," confirmed the demon immediately. The evil smile drawn on his face was worthy of Lucifer himself. "You'll look pretty screaming."

"Then so it be. Remember: We are not allowed to interfere. We simply watch."

They parted in silence but knew they'd meet again when the first angels sang.