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Bold Dreams

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Chapter 1: Beginning

Gon's POV

Crystal Lake High School! A school where age doesn't matter.. You just have to be at least 12 years old. Killua, my best friend is going to this high school with me!

"I am so excited!" I exclaimed.

"Me too! We both can finally become true actors!" Killua said in excitement. I nodded and we went to see which class we were in.

"You kids realize that jumping won't help you see right?" The old man asked us.

"Who are you old man?" Killua asked.

"I am not old. I am only 19! I am Leorio. Who are you little kids?" The old man asked us.

"We are 12!" Killua yelled.

"I am Gon! He is Killua!" I said. A blond girl then came behind us. She is very pretty. She has a slim figure, her hair is long and her bangs go one way which covers her right eye.

"Excuse me, please let us go through." The blond girl said kindly to the man who was blocking all of us.

"O-of course!" The man said while he moved away.

"Thank you." The blond girl said smiling.

"I've seen you last year." Leorio said to the blond girl. She turned around and stared right into his eyes.

"You're Kurapika right?" Leorio asked. The blond girl nodded.

"Leorio, correct?" The girl name Kurapika said.

"Y-yeah." Leorio stuttered.

"It's nice to see you again." Kurapika said.

"This is Gon and Killua!" Leorio introduced us.

"It's nice to see you guys!" Kurapika said kindly.

"We are in the same class!" Killua exclaimed holding my arms.

"Yay!" I shouted and we both jumped.

"We are finally in the same class. We've never been in the same class since middle school to last year." Leorio said.

"It was very rare. We thought we would never be in the same class." Kurapika said. They both then started giggling. Killua and I were always in the same class and wanted it to stay like that.

"Why did you guys attend this school?" Killua asked with curiosity.

"I came here to become a doctor." Leorio said.

"I want to be a singer." Kurapika said. They have goals as well. A limo then came and everyone went back. Kurapika and Leorio dragged us with the others and a red carpet went across to the board of classes.

"Neon is so rich and pretty." A girl said at the back. A pink hair girl and two men with tuxedos came out of the limo and went to the board.

"She is really pretty." Leorio said blushing.

"Class 2-A." The pink hair girl which I heard was name Neon said. She then turned to her bodyguards.

"You two can go back now! I can take care of myself." Neon said. The two bodyguards nodded and went back. The red carpet went away and the limo drove off. The school bell rang.

"We will see you at lunch." Leorio said. Kurapika nodded and they both waved as they walked to their class.

"Bye!" We both yelled. We both then walked to our classes.

Kurapika's POV

"Neon is in the same class as us." Leorio said while blushing. I nodded.

We went to class and went to a seat where we think is good for us.

"Hello class! I am Mr.Dayton and I am your teacher for this year. I am very excited to teach you." The teacher said. Every girl in here besides me seemed to like the teacher. I also heard some whispers how they thought the teacher was good looking. I thought it was weird since the teacher probably had a wife.

"We are going to write name tags for our desks and make it creative." Mr.Dayton said. He gave us papers to write our name and turn it to a name tag for our desk. It is quite strange for a high school student but oh well.

Everyone wrote their name and drew something creative. I drew my name in calligraphy style and added some doodles. Leorio wrote his name in cursive and drew a syringe stabbing his letter L. I thought it was very creative.

"That's very creative Leorio." I said.

"Thanks. Your name tag is very pretty!" Leorio said.

"Thanks." I said smiling.

Lunch has arrived and now we can meet up with Gon and Killua.

"Over here!" Gon yelled. We walked towards them. Gon had rice with meat for lunch. Killua had pasta with chocolate on the side. Leorio had curry and rice with vegetables. While I had vegetables.

"You eat too less for lunch." Leorio told me.

"This is all I have at home." I said.

"Doesn't your parents buy your family food?" Leorio asked. I then glared at him.

"Oh yeah.. forget I said anything." Leorio said continuing to eat his lunch. I felt full already so I closed my lunch box and just listened to their conversation.

"What did you do in class?" Leorio asked.

"Boring stuff." Killua said.

"Yeah.." Gon said. A figure then came who was the upperclassmen Kuroro Lucilfer.

"Hey Kurapika, do you want this?" Kuroro asked giving me some rice.

"No it's fine. Thank you for the offer though." I said nervously.

"You sure?" Kuroro asked.

"I'm sure." I said. Feitan then came who is Leorio's enemy.

"I forgot you still go to this school." Feitan said.

"I forgot you didn't have a brain." Leorio said.

"You idiot!" Feitan yelled.

"You're the idiot here!" Leorio yelled.

"Both of you stop!" I yelled at both of them. They both stopped. I then thought about my goals.

The beginning of our journey...

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Chapter 2: The Beauty and The Doctor

Gon's POV

I want to learn more about Kurapika and Leorio... However, they are one year above us so we barley see them... Fortunately, they are pretty popular.

"We should invite Leorio as well since he is training to be a doctor." A boy said with all his other friends.

"Kurapika is so pretty! I wish I looked like her!" A girl said to all her friends.

Kurapika and Leorio then walked down the hall to their locker.

"Kurapika, can you help us study later?" A couple of girls said.

"Of course!" Kurapika said cheerfully.

"Thank you so much!" One of the girls thanked her. A student that we met during lunch walked towards Kurapika.

"Kurapika, here is your book I borrowed back." Kuroro said as he handed Kurapika her book.

"Thank you Kuroro. I hoped you enjoyed it." Kurapika said calmly.

"I very much did." Kuroro said calmly as well.

Leorio then walked towards Kuroro and Kurapika.

"Hey Kurapika! Can I join your studying group as well?" Leorio asked.

"Of course!" Kurapika said. She then placed her book in her locker and walked away.

"So you're that idiot's friend huh?" Leorio asked in anger.

"Sure.. You're the person who annoys her everyday right?" Kuroro asked in anger.

"I don't annoy her." Leorio said.

"She is too good for your own kind." Kuroro said walking away.

"I will kill you with words.." Leorio whispered in anger.

"Hey Leorio!" I yelled running towards him with Killua.

"Gon! Killua!" Leorio yelled back.

"Hey old man!" Killua teased.

"I told you I am 19.." Leorio said in anger.

"Exactly!" Killua said.

"Guys... calm down.." I said nervously.

"What is your next class?" Leorio asked.

"Gym!" Killua and I yelled in excitement.

"Me too! I heard the first and second years are doing gym together." Leorio said. We all then talked happily. Kurapika is known as the beauty and Leorio is known as the doctor.

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Chapter 3: Roles

Killua's POV

"Here is the gym!" Gon said cheerfully.

"Hi guys." Kurapika came behind us.

"Hi!" Leorio said.

"You have gym as well?" Kurapika asked.

"Yep!" Gon and I said. Kurapika smiled. We all walked in with many students already in.

"You all are a bit late but that's okay. It's surprising for you Kurapika." The P.E teacher said chuckling. The P.E teacher is nice.

"We will be on time next time. We apologize." Kurapika said smiling. We all walked in where everyone was which was standing against the wall.

"Before we start with gym. I am your P.E teacher! Mr.Yakata. Now for the real topic! Roles! The first years need their roles! The second years have already gotten them! The top three are Leorio who is the 'Doctor', Kurapika who is the 'Idol Knight', and Neon who is the 'Beauty Princess'." The P.E teacher explained.

Gon raised his hand up. "Yes?" Mr.Yakata asked.

"Why do we need roles?" Gon asked.

"Great question! We use roles to describe ourselves better! I already know your role! You can be known as the 'Cheerful Kid'!" Mr.Yakata said.

"Yay!" Gon said in excitement.

"Now for the rest of you! We will find our by doing an obstacle course! First years stay here and second years go to the other side." Mr.Yakata said. All the second years ran to the other side.

"Now! The first three first and second years go to the start of your obstacle course!" Mr.Yakata said. There were two obstacle courses. One for the first years and one for the second. Gon, Leorio, Kurapika and me were the last ones for our course because we were a bit late...

When it is Gon, Leorio, Kurapika and Killua's turn

Leorio's POV

"First years! Machi, Gon and Killua! Second years! Neon, Leorio and Kurapika! START!" Mr.Yakata yelled. We all started doing the obstacle course. Neon and Kurapika were in front of me and started talking.

"Hey Kurapika... I see your under your skirt...." Neon whispered while smiling. I blushed from hearing their conversation.

"Neon, don't lie." Kurapika said.

"Then how about I lift up your skirt right now.." Neon whispered.

"N-neon... There aren't only girls here you know." Kurapika whispered back with anger.

"You guys realize I am still here.." I whispered.

"That's why I am telling her this." Neon whispered while grinning. Kurapika then ran off.

Gon's POV

Machi was in front of Killua and I. I tried running faster but got tired.

"You got this Gon!" Killua yelled grabbing my arm. He ran very fast that we beat Machi.

"W-wait how!?" Machi exclaimed.

"Killua wins with the least time out of the whole first years of 1:46!" Mr.Yakata said.

"Kurapika and Neon are head to head!" Mr.Yakata yelled.

"I can see under your skirt, Kurapika!" Neon teased Kurapika out loud.

Every boy blushed even me.

"Neon and Kurapika are tied with 2:23! Feitan was the fastest for second years with 0:50!" Mr.Yakata yelled.

"You know Kurapika... I know your part-time job..." Neon whispered but loud enough for Killua, Leorio and me to hear. Kurapika blushed.

"I don't have a part-time job..." Kurapika whispered.

"You do... You have a job at the maid cafe called the Divine Marble Cafe." Neon said.

"Like I said, I don't have a part-time job." Kurapika said.

"Well, I am going to invite some people to go to that place to see if you work there." Neon said.

"Go ahead.. You won't see me." Kurapika said. Neon then grinned.

"Hey boys! Gon, Killua and Leorio right? Meet me after school at the basketball court!" Neon said.

"O-okay..." All three of us said. Neon walked away.

"Do you work there?" Leorio asked.

"N-no..." Kurapika stuttered.

After School

Third Person POV

"Hey boys!" Neon yelled waving at them.

"Hi!" Leorio yelled back.

"Now follow me to the car and we will go to the Divine Marble Cafe!" Neon exclaimed. They all followed her to her large limo. The driver drove them to the large building with large letters saying 'Divine Marble Cafe'.

"Thank you!" Neon yelled. They all got out of the house and went in the cafe.

"Hello please take a seat!" A women said. They all went to the table.

"Kurapika! Take care of table number 12 please!" The women said.

"Hah! I knew she worked here!" Neon exclaimed.

'She worked at a maid cafe!?' Leorio thought. Kurapika came with a maid outfit and her hair tied in a high ponytail.

"And I wanted to hide.." Kurapika said with anger. She then coughed.

"Hello! Welcome to Divine Marble Cafe! Have you got something to order?" Kurapika asked cheerfully.

'She is a perfect maid..' The three boys thought.

"I would like a watermelon slush." Neon said.

"Killua and I will take one chocolate milkshake! We are sharing." Gon said.

"I will take a water." Leorio said. Kurapika nodded and took notes. She walked away.

'She looks pretty in a maid outfit..' Leorio thought blushing.

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Chapter 4: The Perfect Maid

Another maid comes to serve them drinks.

"Thank you!" Leorio, Killua and Gon said.

"Who are you?" Neon asked.

"I am Helen!" The maid said nervously.

"What a weird name." Neon said.

"I am sorry.." Helen said nervously.

"Oh so you're those people who say sorry to those stupid things!" Neon yelled.

"I'm sorry!" Helen yelled sounding she is about to cry. Kurapika then came.

"I will take care of the rest." Kurapika said.

"T-thank you!" Helen said as she ran away.

"Is there any problem?" Kurapika ask.

"What does it look like?" Neon asked.

"Answer my question." Kurapika demanded.

"Oh~ There is no problem!" Neon said with innocent eyes.

"Okay. Now if you have ordered you food or want to pay, please tell!" Kurapika said cheerfully as she walked away.

'She is terrifying as well...' Gon, Killua and Leorio thought.

The door then opened to reveal Kuroro and his gang.

"It's weird to see them here..." Leorio said.

"Kuroro Senpai!" Neon said as she got up her seat to go to Kuroro.

"Hi Neon." Kuroro said.

"Want to hang out someday?" Neon asked.

"Sure." Kuroro said.

"Maybe we can hang out after this!" Neon said.

"Sur-" Kuroro was about to say but got tapped on the shoulder by Pakunoda.

"Didn't you want to ask someone to hang out?" Pakunoda whispered.

"Oh.." Kuroro said.

"Let's go!" Neon said as she tugged Kuroro's arm.

"I will ask her tomorrow." Kuroro said.

"We will wait at the house..." Pakunoda said.

"Hello! Would you like a seat?" A maid asked them.

"No thank you. We were just checking! Bye!" Pakunoda said. The gang then left.

"Wait.. Neon left and didn't even pay her drink..." Leorio said.

"I'll pay." Killua said.

"You sure?" Gon asked. Killua nodded.

"Maid!" Killua called. Kurapika then came.

"Yes?" Kurapika asked.

"I would like to pay." Killua said.

"Here you go." Kurapika said as she handed out the check.

Killua then put the amount of money the drinks cost.

"Thanks!" Leorio, Gon and Killua said.

"You're welcome!" Kurapika said.

"Kurapika! Your shift is over." Maid Helen said.

"Oh okay.." Kurapika said.

"Hey, wanna hang out?" Leorio asked. Kurapika nodded then ran to the washroom. She came out with black leggings, a light blue t-shirt and a white jacket.

"Thank you Helen." Kurapika said as she gave her maid uniform to Helen.

"Bye!" Helen yelled.

"Bye." Kurapika said.

"Let's go!" Gon yelled. When they went out Kurapika got her phone.

"Who are you calling?" Killua asked.

"Neon." Kurapika said.


"Neon.. This is Kurapika... You tell anyone about my job and I tell people about your secret." Kurapika said.

"Ughh fine..."

"Thank you." Kurapika said as she hung up.

"You're honestly scary...." Leorio said.

"I am not that scary..." Kurapika said. Her phone then rang.

"Who is this?" Kurapika asked.

"This is Kuroro. I got your number from Neon."

"Why do you need my number?" Kurapika asked.

"Uh! Let's move that aside! Heh... I never knew you were a maid."

Kurapika hung up and looked shocked.

"Who was that?" Leorio asked.

"It was Kuroro.... and NEON TOLD HIM ABOUT MY JOB!" Kurapika yelled in anger.

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Chapter 5: Invitation

"Hey Kurapika... Um. You're invited to my pool party.." Kuroro said giving the invitation to Kurapika.

"Thank you." Kurapika said smiling.

"You can invite your friends if you want." Kuroro said nervously.

"Okay. Thank you very much!" Kurapika said. Kuroro then walked away. Kurapika then walked towards the tree where her and her friends meet.

"I heard Kuroro is having a pool party but I wasn't invited." Gon said sadly.

"Me neither." Killua said.

"Kuroro hates me. What about you Kurapika?" Leorio asked.

"He invited me and allowed me to invite you guys." Kurapika said.

"Really!?" Gon exclaimed. Kurapika nodded. Neon then came.

"Kurapika. I challenge you to see who has the cuter swimsuit!" Neon yelled.

"I refuse." Kurapika said.

"Why?" Neon asked.

"All I have is my school swimsuit." Kurapika said. All their eyes widened.

"What?" Kurapika asked being very oblivious.

"We need to buy you a swimsuit!" Gon yelled.

"N-no! It's okay! I can fit in my school swimsuit!" Kurapika yelled back.

"You need to look good!" Gon yelled. After minutes of arguing, Kurapika finally gave up.

"Fine.." Kurapika said.

"Yay! Now we will see who has the cuter swimsuit!" Neon yelled.

"No ask someone else." Kurapika said.

"I will tell people where you work at~" Neon said.

"I will tell your teacher you cheated on the math test." Kurapika threatened.

"No don't!" Neon yelled.

"Then don't tell people where I work out." Kurapika said.

"Fine." Neon pouted.

Pakunoda then suddenly appears.

"Aww! Does Kurapika Chan need a swimsuit?~" Pakunoda said grabbing Kurapika's shoulders from behind. Kurapika blushed from that question.

"Yeah. She only has her school swimsuit." Gon said.

"Kurapika is so innocent... I am going to help you look for one!" Pakunoda yells in determination.

"Y-you really don't have too!" Kurapika nervously yells.

"Aww.. Do you really want to be the only girl wearing a nerdy type swimsuit?" Pakunoda asked in a threatening way.

"Fine... You can help..." Kurapika said sighing.

"Yay! After school, meet me at the front gate! You too guys!" Pakunoda yells pointing at Gon, Killua and Leorio.

"W-why us!?" Killua asked.

"We need some feedback!" Pakunoda sad crossing her arms.

"Wouldn't it be awkward for us guys to be at a swimsuit shop?" Killua asked.

"There are male swimsuits as well." Pakunoda said.

"Jeez.." Killua says feeling awkward.

Name: Pakunoda

Year: 3rd year

Known as 'Seductive Hottie'

"See you guys later~" Pakunoda says winking her right eye.

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Chapter 6: Shopping

At the mall at the swimsuit shop...

"Let's pick out an adorable swimsuit for Kurapika Chan~" Pakunoda said patting Kurapika's head.

Name: Pakunoda

Year: 3rd Year

Known as the 'Seductive Hottie'

"I still don't see why we have to come.." Killua complained.

Name: Killua

Year: 1st Year

Known as the 'Stealthy Assassin'

"Pakunoda San.. You really don't have to do this..." Kurapika said with embarrassment.

Name: Kurapika

Year: 2nd Year

Known as the 'Idol Knight'

"In all honesty... You have no taste.." Pakunoda stated.

"What do you mean?" Kurapika asked.

"Jeez.. I've seen your closet before... You wear men's clothes." Pakunoda said.

"It's more comfy.." Kurapika said.

"If you get asked out, call me immediately." Pakunoda said. Kurapika nodded.

"I am confused... Why are we here?" Leorio asked.

Name: Leorio

Year: 2nd Year

Known as the 'Doctor'

"We need some guys' advice." Pakunoda said winking.

"Killua! Maybe we can get a swimsuit as well! If you want to." Gon said cheerfully.

Name: Gon

Year: 1st Year

Known as 'Cheerful Kid'

"U-uh.. sure." Killua said being embarrassed of the question he was asked. Killua, Gon, Pakunoda and Kurapika then went inside to find swimsuits.

"I'll just wait!" Leorio yelled.

"Kurapika Chan~ You're not a kid anymore! You shouldn't look for some one piece swimsuit! Follow me~" Pakunoda said patting Kurapika's head. Pakunoda went to the two piece section with Kurapika following her. Kurapika started blushing at all the swimsuits.

"P-Pakunoda San.. Aren't these too revealing?" Kurapika asked.

"You're so innocent! These swimsuits are what girls like us wear!" Pakunoda said looking determined. Pakunoda then picked out a fringe bikini which made Kurapika cover her face with her hands.

"Pakunoda san! That's too embarrassing!" Kurapika said.

"At least try it on to see how it looks on you!" Pakunoda begged. Kurapika uncovered her face, slowly grabbed the swimsuit and walked to the change rooms.

"Gon what are you getting?" Killua asked.

"These!" Gon said pulling out red swim trunks with some tree patterns on it.

"I'm getting these!" Killua said pulling out blue swim trunks with green designs on it.

"Let's go to the change room to see how we look!" Gon said. Killua nodded and walked with Gon to the change rooms. Pakunoda was outside of the change rooms to see how everyone looks.

Gon and Killua went out and started smiling.

"You look amazing Killua!" Gon said. Killua blushed.

"U-uh.. Thanks.. You look great as well.." Killua said.

"Kurapika Chan! Get out of the change rooms! I know you're done!" Pakunoda yelled.

"I-It's embarrassing!" Kurapika yelled.

"Aw come on! I'm sure you look adorable!" Pakunoda yelled trying to convince Kurapika. Kurapika sighed and went outside of the change rooms with her arms in front of her.

"Kurapika Chan! You look adorable!" Pakunoda yelled hugging Kurapika.

"C-Can I change back to my clothes now?" Kurapika asked blushing.

"Fine.. However, you're wearing that swimsuit to the pool party!" Pakunoda said. Kurapika sighed and went to change back. Killua and Gon did the same.

When they all were done changing back to their clothes, they bought their swimsuits.

"You guys are done?" Leorio asked waking up on the bench.

"Yep!" Pakunoda said.

"Now we just have to wait for tomorrow for the pool party!" Gon said with excitement.

"Y-yeah.." Killua and Kurapika said.

"Well, Kurapika and I are going back home. Bye guys!" Pakunoda yelled waving.

"Bye!" Leorio, Killua and Gon yelled.

"So Kurapika Chan... Do you have a boyfriend?" Pakunoda asked.

"U-uh what kind of question is that?" Kurapika asked with embarrassment.

"I just wanted to know. You seem to be the person who has a boyfriend already.. So do you have a boyfriend?" Pakunoda asked with curiosity.

"Well... It's a one sided relationship... I don't like him back but I'm forced to because of my grandfather... My grandfather thinks that he gets to choose my choices because now that my parents died, I live under his rules.. I've been trying to convince him that I should at least control my love life but he wouldn't listen to me." Kurapika explained trying to sound positive.

Pakunoda felt sorry and hugged Kurapika.

"P-Pakunoda San..." Kurapika said.

"Who is your boyfriend?" Pakunoda asked sounding worried.

"Um.. Kevin.." Kurapika whispered. Pakunoda then hugged Kurapika harder.

"Pa-Pakunoda... You're... choking me.." Kurapika said. Pakunoda gentled her hug and breathed.

"I'm so sorry Kurapika.. One more question... Has he done anything horrible to you?" Pakunoda asked sounding more worried.

Kurapika stayed silent.

"Please tell me.." Pakunoda said.

"Um.. H-He.. just calls me mean names... He hasn't done anything meaner than that..." Kurapika said.

"If anything bad happens, tell me right away." Pakunoda said letting Kurapika free. Kurapika looked at Pakunoda and nodded.

"I have to go now. Bye Pakunoda!" Kurapika yelled while walking away and waving.

"Bye Kurapika Chan!" Pakunoda yelled while waving back and walking the other way.

Kurapika opened the front door of her home with her keys and went inside.

"I'm home!" Kurapika yelled. Kurapika's grandfather then went to Kurapika.

"Where were you? It's already 6 PM!" Kurapika's grandfather yelled.

"I was with my friends." Kurapika said.

"Doing what?" Kurapika's grandfather said.

"Buying swimsuits." Kurapika said walking to her room.

'Maybe I can just secretly break up with Kevin..' Kurapika thought. She then got a notification from her phone.

Chapter Text

Chapter 7: Pool Party

"A text from.." Kurapika's eyes widened.

Kurapika and Kevin's text

Kevin: Your grandfather told me you bought a swimsuit. So I assume you're going to Kuroro's pool party. Want to walk there with me?

Kurapika: I am very sorry... I am going with my friends.

Kevin: I can walk with you and your friends.

Kurapika: Okay... If that's alright with you.

Kevin: By the way.. Why did you buy a new swimsuit?

Kurapika: I have to go now! Good night!

Kevin: You better explain when I see you at school tomorrow!

Kurapika's grandfather knocked Kurapika's room door.

"Come in." Kurapika said.

"Make sure you go to bed by 8 PM. Also... Can you show me what you look like in your swimsuit?" Kurapika's grandfather asked. Kurapika was shocked of what her grandfather just asked.

"Sorry.. That would be too improper of me..." Kurapika said.

"Alright. You should at least get ready now." Kurapika's grandfather said. Kurapika nodded.

The Next Day At School...

"Hey Kurapika! Woah your hair looks different!" Leorio yelled running to Kurapika's side while walking with her.

"My grandfather told me I should put my hair in a high ponytail." Kurapika said smiling gently.

"You look pretty.." Leorio said blushing.

"Thank you Leorio." Kurapika said. Kurapika then felt something grabbing her right arm.

"K-Kevin!? I didn't think you would come to school this early.." Kurapika said.

"Who is Kevin?" Leorio asked.

"I'm her boyfriend." Kevin said glaring at Leorio.

Name: Kevin

Year: 3rd Year

Known as 'Handsome Boy'

"You have a boyfriend!?" Leorio exclaimed.

"I'll explain to you later." Kurapika said.

"Now answer my question... Why did you buy a new swimsuit?" Kevin asked.

"Pakunoda San wanted me to get a new swimsuit." Kurapika said.

"Oh.. Also give me your phone." Kevin demanded.

"Why?" Kurapika asked.

"I need to see who has been texting you." Kevin said.

"You and my friends. Happy?" Kurapika said with annoyance.

"What have they been texting you?" Kevin asked.

"What friends normally text." Kurapika said walking away with Leorio.

Gon and Killua then appeared.

"Good morning Gon and Killua." Kurapika said.

"Good morning!" Gon yelled.

"Hi!" Killua yelled.

"What have you kids been doing?" Leorio asked.

"We aren't kids!" Killua yelled.

"We had a sleepover at my house!" Gon said.

"That seems fun." Kurapika said.

"You look pretty with your hair in a ponytail!" Gon said.

"T-thank you." Kurapika said.

"What made you tie your hair up?" Killua asked.

"My grandfather told me to tie my hair up." Kurapika said.

"By the way... How did you and Kevin meet?" Leorio asked.

"Kevin?" Gon and Killua asked.

"He is my boyfriend.. We met because my grandfather is friends with his parents and my grandfather thinks he can control my life now that my parents have passed away.. Which includes my love life.. I've been trying to convince him that I should be able to control my love life but he thinks that I would be careless." Kurapika explained.

"Wow.. I knew your grandfather was strict but I didn't think he was that strict." Leorio said.

"He isn't that strict.. He is also very kind in a weird way." Kurapika said.

"What do you mean?" Gon asked.

"How do I explain... He calls me beautiful when Pakunoda makes me wear a dress... I'm sure that's not too weird though.." Kurapika said feeling confused.

"As long as he doesn't hurt you then that's okay." Leorio said. Kurapika nodded.

"Hey Kurapika.. Why did you walk away from me?" Kevin came back.

"I just wanted to tell Leorio something." Kurapika said nervously.

"What was the thing you told Leorio?" Kevin asked.

"Something." Kurapika said. Kevin then harshly grabbed Kurapika's arm.

"Tell me what you told him." Kevin demanded.

"I told you.. I told him something." Kurapika said. They all stopped and Kevin's arm went up and went across Kurapika's face.

Everyone around them including them has their eyes widened except Kevin.

"Jeez.. You're an idiot to not answer me." Kevin said.

"You're an idiot to slap your own girlfriend! You're lucky that she respects you and agrees with the relationship she is forced into!" Leorio yells.

Kurapika pulls her hand to her left cheek to stop the pain.

Kevin lifts up Kurapika's side band that covered her right eye up to see both of her eyes.

"Call me after school ends." Kevin said as he dropped Kurapika's bang and walked inside the school.

"Are you okay Kurapika?" Gon asked.

"I'm fine." Kurapika said.

"Does he do that to you all the time?" Killua asked.

"No... That was his first time he ever slapped me.." Kurapika said putting her arm down. Kuroro then suddenly appeared behind Kurapika.

"Go to the student council room." Kuroro said as he walked in the school.

Name: Kuroro

Year: 3rd Year

Known as 'Mysterious Pretty Boy'

"That was weird..." Killua said.

"I guess I should go now.. Bye guys!" Kurapika yelled.

"Bye!" Leorio, Killua and Gon yelled.

Kurapika knocked on the Student Council room door.

"Come in." Kurapika heard a voice and went inside.

"I'm here for Kuror- Oh hello Kuroro." Kurapika said.

"Kurapika... Break up with him." Kuroro said.

"I will." Kurapika said looking down..

"Kurapika... I um.. I like.... you..." Kuroro said.

"I-I like you t-" Kurapika was about to say but was interrupted by Kuroro's lips on hers. Kurapika's eyes widened. Kuroro let go of her and stared at Kurapika being embarrassed.

"I like you too.." Kurapika said smiling. Kuroro smiled back. Little did they know... Kevin was behind the door watching them.

"See you at the pool party." Kuroro said.

"See you there as well." Kurapika said walking away. Kevin hid behind a plant to not get caught.

After School...

Kurapika went behind the school and called Kevin.

"What do you want?" Kurapika asked.

"I told your grandfather that you were being disobedient and that you were kissing with Kuroro."

"I want to tell you that I'm breaking up with you.." Kurapika said.

"What.. Why?"

"I didn't want to be with you in the first place... Bye." Kurapika said.


Before he could finish, Kurapika hung up and went to find Leorio and the others.

"Pakunoda san!" Kurapika yelled hugging Pakunoda.

"What happened Kurapika Chan?" Pakunoda asked.

"I broke up with Kevin." Kurapika said.

"Finally." Pakunoda said. Kurapika lets go of Pakunoda and notices Pakunoda's face.

"What's wrong?" Kurapika asked.

"You're so adorable! Kurapika Chan.. Please call me Pakunoda Chan.." Pakunoda said.

"W-what?!" Kurapika exclaimed.

"Say Pakunoda Chan~" Pakunoda said.

"Um.. P-Pakunoda C-Chan.." Kurapika said blushing.

"You're so cute!!! Let's all meet at my house since my house is the closest to Kuroro's house!" Pakunoda said.

"Okay." Leorio, Killua, Gon and Kurapika said.

Kurapika walked to her house and got ready to be yelled at for breaking up with her boyfriend..

"I'm home..." Kurapika said opening the front door.

"Kurapika.. I heard from Kevin that you have broken up with him.. He also told me you were disobedient and you were caught kissing with another guy.." Kurapika's grandfather said.

"You got that all correct." Kurapika said.

"You realized that you disobeyed me as well.. right?" Kurapika's grandfather said.

"I have realized. I just want to control this part of my life." Kurapika said.

"Who is the guy you were kissing with?" Kurapika's grandfather asked. Kurapika ignored him and walked to her room.

'I have an hour left... I should see if I have any messages..' Kurapika thought. Kurapika looked at her phone and saw a message from Kuroro. Kurapika smiled and looked at the message.

Kuroro: Do you know how to swim?

Kurapika: No I don't...

Kuroro: Oh okay. Maybe some time I can teach you?

Kurapika: That would be very nice. Thank you.

Kuroro: See you at the pool party! C:

Kurapika: See you!

Kurapika then noticed she had been texting with Kuroro for 40 minutes and started getting ready to go to Pakunoda's house. Kurapika wore a white shirt with a light brown sweater and a light pink skirt. She then went downstairs with her swimsuit, phone and some cash in her small bag.

"I'm going to study with my friends!" Kurapika yelled from the front door.

"You sure you're going to study?" Kurapika's grandfather asked.

"Yeah!" Kurapika yelled. The weird thing about her grandfather is that his wife got her mother when he was 15 so he is now 46 since her mother got her when she was 16.

To simplify, Kurapika's grandfather got his wife pregnant with Kurapika's mother at the age of 15. Kurapika's mother got pregnant with Kurapika at the age of 16 so Kurapika's grandfather is 46. Kurapika's mom divorced with Kurapika's dad and Kurapika's mom died at the age of 23. (Very confusing xD)

Kurapika then walked out of her house and walked to Pakunoda's home and knocked on the door.

"Kurapika! It's been awhile!" Pakunoda's mom yelled hugging me.

"It has. Where is Pakunoda san?" Kurapika asked. Pakunoda's mom let go of her and smiled.

"In her room." Pakunoda's mom said.

"Thank you." Kurapika said, taking off her shoes and walking to Pakunoda's room.

"Hi Pakunoda san!" Kurapika said.

"Kurapika chan! Leorio is already here. We just have to wait for Gon and Killua.

"Hey guys!" Gon yelled.

"Hi!" Killua yelled.

"Let's go now!" Pakunoda said.

At Kuroro's Mansion...

"Woah... His house is huge..." Leorio said.

"I heard he lives alone as well..." Killua said.

"Let's go in!" Gon said with excitement. They went inside and found Kuroro.

"Welcome. Go to a bathroom to change into your swimsuits." Kuroro said.

"Thank you for inviting us!" Gon and the others said bowing.

"There is no need to thank me. Please enjoy." Kuroro said. They all walked to the bathrooms while Kurapika stayed to talk with Kuroro for awhile.

"I have to be honest... I am quite embarrassed to wear my swimsuit.." Kurapika said.

"I'm sure you look great." Kuroro said making Kurapika blush.

"Thank you.." Kurapika said.

"Let's change in our swimsuits." Kuroro said. Kurapika nodded and they both walked to the bathrooms.

They all went to the backyard with their swimsuits on and Kurapika had her sweater on her still.

"Kurapika Chan~ Take off your sweater." Pakunoda begged.

"Fine.." Kurapika said taking of her sweater.

"Kurapika!" Oh no.. She knows that voice.

"Oh hi Neon." Kurapika said.

"Don't h- I don't want to admit.. but you look adorable..." Neon said.

"You look pretty yourself Neon." Kurapika said. Neon was wearing a normal pink bikini while Pakunoda wore a normal black bikini.

Name: Neon

Year: 2nd Year

Known as 'Beauty Princess'

"Kuroro told me that there would be a swimsuit contest for the girls! I am going to win!" Neon said.

"I'm not participating.." Kurapika said.

"Aww come on! You should Kurapika Chan~" Pakunoda said.

"Fine..." Kurapika said looking down. Pakunoda and Neon then walked away while Kurapika stood there. Kurapika then felt something grab her right shoulder.

"I thought your grandfather told me you were studying." A voice she knew very well said.

"K-Kevin!?" Kurapika exclaimed.

Kevin then grabbed Kurapika's arm and dragged her somewhere where nobody is around.

"What's wrong?" Kurapika asked.

With Gon and Killua...

"Wanna see who can swim faster?" Killua asked.

"Yeah!" Gon said. They went to the edge of the pool and dived in at the same time to swim to the other side.

They both got to the other side at the same time and went up to breathe.

"I totally won!" Killua yelled.

"No! I won!" Gon yelled.

"Leorio! Who won!?" Killua exclaimed.

"Both!" Leorio yelled.

Chapter Text

Chapter 8: Slide

"Kurapika... I'm sorry for everything.. I've been horrible.. I accept our breakup.." Kevin apologized. Kurapika was shocked by his actions but then smiled gently.

"Don't be sorry... I should be sorry for my grandfather forcing us in a relationship.. I'm sure your next relationship would be a much better one for you." Kurapika said.

"Do you forgive me for everything I have done to you?" Kevin asked.

"Of course. You realized what you've done was wrong. I know you wouldn't make the same mistake again. I must go now. C'ya!" Kurapika said walking away.

"Bye..." Kevin said feeling grateful he met a girl like Kurapika.

"Leorio... What are Gon and Killua doing?" Kurapika asked sitting next to Leorio on the floor.

"They want to see who is faster at swimming but it keeps ending as a tie." Leorio said.

"Oh.. Gon! Killua! You should stop! You guys would be too tired!" Kurapika yelled. Gon and Killua stopped and went to Leorio and Kurapika.

"You are awesome at swimming Killua!" Gon yelled.

"Y-you too." Killua said blushing. Neon and Pakunoda then came.

"So are you participating in the swimsuit contest Kurapika?" Neon asked. Kurapika looked up at them.

"No." Kurapika said.

"Why not?" Neon asked. Kurapika looked away.

"Ohh it's because you're a late bloomer huh?" Neon asked. Kurapika's face was red and so is Leorio's, Killua's and Gon's faces.

"Oh come on~ You're not that flat chested!" Pakunoda said.

"I don't feel comfortable participating.." Kurapika said.

"Finee.." Neon said.

"Well we would be going! Boys~ Make sure you vote for us~" Pakunoda said. Neon and Pakunoda then went to the waiting area for the swimsuit contest.

"I will grab my sweater. I'll be back." Kurapika said getting up.

"Is that how girls talk to each other...?" Leorio asked.

"I believe so.." Killua said.

"Hmm what do guys talk about then?" Gon asked having his face returning to normal.

"Kurapika. You aren't going to participate in the contest?" Kuroro asked.

"No.. I don't feel comfortable..." Kurapika said grabbing her sweater.

"Oh that's a shame.." Kuroro said.

"Why?" Kurapika asked.

"Uh... n-never mind..." Kuroro said. Kurapika blushed.

"I-I will go to my friends now! Come to me if you need me!" Kurapika said nervously as she walked to her friends.

"I heard that there is going to be a slide meant for two people after the swimsuit contest!" Leorio yelled in excitement.

"That sounds fun! Wanna go together Killua?" Gon asked.

"Eh!? Isn't the slide for people who like each other!?" Killua exclaimed.

"We like each other!" Gon said. Killua's face turned very red.

'Gon is very innocent..' They all thought.

"Maybe you should go with Gon." Kurapika said.

"Eh!?" Killua exclaimed.

"Yay!" Gon yelled. Killua sighed.

"It's time for the swimsuit contest!" Leorio yelled looking forward to the contest.

After the Contest...

"I won!" Pakunoda yelled.

"Wahhh...." Neon whined quietly.

"Time for the slide!" Pakunoda yelled. Neon went rushing towards Kuroro.

"Want to go to the slide with me?!" Neon asked with happiness.

"I'm sorry but I don't plan on going for now..." Kuroro said as he put on his jacket over his bare chest.

"Kuroro~ You should take someone to go on the slide with you~" Pakunoda said.

With Gon and the others...

"Let's go!" Gon yelled grabbing Killua.

"Be careful!" Kurapika yelled. Kuroro then came to Kurapika and sat beside her.

"Want to go to the slide with me?" Kuroro asked calmly.

"E-Eh!? A-Are you sure?" Kurapika asked while blushing. Kuroro took her hands and held them close the him.

"I'm sure." Kuroro said.

"W-wait! Then what about me?!" Leorio exclaimed.

"You can go with Neon." Kurapika said. Kuroro and Kurapika then stood up and walked to the slide which was very big.

"Hmph.. Now I have no one to go with.." Neon pouted.

"Neon.. Since Kurapika is going with Kuroro... Want to go with me?" Leorio asked nervously.

"Sure I guess.." Neon said. They both went to the line and didn't say a word to each other.

"I'm so excited!" Gon yelled.

"I guess I am too..." Killua said. Pakunoda was helping for the slide so she let Gon and Killua go.

"Okay you two, time to go!" Pakunoda yelled excitedly as she pushed them to the slide.

"PAKUNODA!" Killua yelled.

"WHEEE!" Gon yelled.

"Okay now time for you two~" Pakunoda said as she winked at Kuroro and Kurapika. Kurapika and Kuroro then went to the slide and got pushed by Pakunoda.

"P-Pakunoda San!" Kurapika yelled. Kuroro held Kurapika close to him.

"Woah, didn't expect you two to be together. Oh well! Have fun!" Pakunoda yelled as she pushed Leorio and Neon.

"AHHH!" Leorio yelled.

"AHHH!" Neon screamed. Neon and Leorio were also trying their hardest to not touch each other.

"Killua! We need to hold each other tight!" Gon said.

"W-what!?" Killua exclaimed.

"Pleasee." Gon begged.

"F-fine..." Killua said blushing and hugging Gon.

When Kurapika and Kuroro were riding, something caught Kurapika's bikini top and ripped the string which made the top break and fall. Kurapika didn't know but Kuroro did so he hugged her to cover her.

"Kuroro?" Kurapika asked.

"Don't move." Kuroro said. Kurapika then felt a breeze on her chest so she looked down. Kurapika hugged Kuroro as well to hide herself.

"I have a jacket." Kuroro said. Kuroro let go of Kurapika and she covered herself as she waited for Kuroro to take of his jacket. Kuroro then placed his jacket over Kurapika and she put it on as well as covering herself.

Neon and Leorio were regretting their choices on going together.

"After this, we never speak of this again!" Neon yelled.

"I second that!" Leorio yelled.

Finally they were all done and all sat together.

"Why are Killua and Kurapika blushing?" Neon asked.

"It's too embarrassing..." Kurapika and Killua said in unison.