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Bold Dreams

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Chapter 1: Beginning

Gon's POV

Crystal Lake High School! A school where age doesn't matter.. You just have to be at least 12 years old. Killua, my best friend is going to this high school with me!

"I am so excited!" I exclaimed.

"Me too! We both can finally become true actors!" Killua said in excitement. I nodded and we went to see which class we were in.

"You kids realize that jumping won't help you see right?" The old man asked us.

"Who are you old man?" Killua asked.

"I am not old. I am only 19! I am Leorio. Who are you little kids?" The old man asked us.

"We are 12!" Killua yelled.

"I am Gon! He is Killua!" I said. A blond girl then came behind us. She is very pretty. She has a slim figure, her hair is long and her bangs go one way which covers her right eye.

"Excuse me, please let us go through." The blond girl said kindly to the man who was blocking all of us.

"O-of course!" The man said while he moved away.

"Thank you." The blond girl said smiling.

"I've seen you last year." Leorio said to the blond girl. She turned around and stared right into his eyes.

"You're Kurapika right?" Leorio asked. The blond girl nodded.

"Leorio, correct?" The girl name Kurapika said.

"Y-yeah." Leorio stuttered.

"It's nice to see you again." Kurapika said.

"This is Gon and Killua!" Leorio introduced us.

"It's nice to see you guys!" Kurapika said kindly.

"We are in the same class!" Killua exclaimed holding my arms.

"Yay!" I shouted and we both jumped.

"We are finally in the same class. We've never been in the same class since middle school to last year." Leorio said.

"It was very rare. We thought we would never be in the same class." Kurapika said. They both then started giggling. Killua and I were always in the same class and wanted it to stay like that.

"Why did you guys attend this school?" Killua asked with curiosity.

"I came here to become a doctor." Leorio said.

"I want to be a singer." Kurapika said. They have goals as well. A limo then came and everyone went back. Kurapika and Leorio dragged us with the others and a red carpet went across to the board of classes.

"Neon is so rich and pretty." A girl said at the back. A pink hair girl and two men with tuxedos came out of the limo and went to the board.

"She is really pretty." Leorio said blushing.

"Class 2-A." The pink hair girl which I heard was name Neon said. She then turned to her bodyguards.

"You two can go back now! I can take care of myself." Neon said. The two bodyguards nodded and went back. The red carpet went away and the limo drove off. The school bell rang.

"We will see you at lunch." Leorio said. Kurapika nodded and they both waved as they walked to their class.

"Bye!" We both yelled. We both then walked to our classes.

Kurapika's POV

"Neon is in the same class as us." Leorio said while blushing. I nodded.

We went to class and went to a seat where we think is good for us.

"Hello class! I am Mr.Dayton and I am your teacher for this year. I am very excited to teach you." The teacher said. Every girl in here besides me seemed to like the teacher. I also heard some whispers how they thought the teacher was good looking. I thought it was weird since the teacher probably had a wife.

"We are going to write name tags for our desks and make it creative." Mr.Dayton said. He gave us papers to write our name and turn it to a name tag for our desk. It is quite strange for a high school student but oh well.

Everyone wrote their name and drew something creative. I drew my name in calligraphy style and added some doodles. Leorio wrote his name in cursive and drew a syringe stabbing his letter L. I thought it was very creative.

"That's very creative Leorio." I said.

"Thanks. Your name tag is very pretty!" Leorio said.

"Thanks." I said smiling.

Lunch has arrived and now we can meet up with Gon and Killua.

"Over here!" Gon yelled. We walked towards them. Gon had rice with meat for lunch. Killua had pasta with chocolate on the side. Leorio had curry and rice with vegetables. While I had vegetables.

"You eat too less for lunch." Leorio told me.

"This is all I have at home." I said.

"Doesn't your parents buy your family food?" Leorio asked. I then glared at him.

"Oh yeah.. forget I said anything." Leorio said continuing to eat his lunch. I felt full already so I closed my lunch box and just listened to their conversation.

"What did you do in class?" Leorio asked.

"Boring stuff." Killua said.

"Yeah.." Gon said. A figure then came who was the upperclassmen Kuroro Lucilfer.

"Hey Kurapika, do you want this?" Kuroro asked giving me some rice.

"No it's fine. Thank you for the offer though." I said nervously.

"You sure?" Kuroro asked.

"I'm sure." I said. Feitan then came who is Leorio's enemy.

"I forgot you still go to this school." Feitan said.

"I forgot you didn't have a brain." Leorio said.

"You idiot!" Feitan yelled.

"You're the idiot here!" Leorio yelled.

"Both of you stop!" I yelled at both of them. They both stopped. I then thought about my goals.

The beginning of our journey...