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Pet Pats

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Bakugou doesn’t know how to explain his feelings for Shinsou Hitoshi.

One moment, he’s calling the shithead out for something stupid, calling them plenty of degrading names, and then just one look at the boy’s smile or hearing his laughter can shut him up and engulf his face in flames. It was ridiculous.

Bakugou thought getting the stupid idiot a gift would help him sort it out, but now he’s just feeling even more confused. Mostly about why his dorm is so separated from every other dorm in the vicinity.

Shinsou’s dorm was on the top floor of the building, which isn’t really that unusual. The strange thing was that there were no other dorms on this floor. As if it was created just for…

Bakugou stops thinking about the boy’s situation. He came here to give him a gift, get ahold of his feelings, maybe get ahold of Shinsou’s as well. No thinking required,,, ok maybe a bit of thinking. Just stay focused, Bakugou tells himself.

He knocks (maybe banged was a better phrase) on the room door, hearing the other scramble behind the door. Most likely trying to tidy the room up a bit before he answers. “Coming.” the voice on the opposite side of the door answered, the dull tone dripping out from under the door. The door creaks open, the tired Mindfreak’s head popping out from the crack in the door. “Oh, Bakugou. Why are you here?”


Shinsou was wearing a dark purple hoodie, the word edgy stitched nearly in the left corner in white thread. Under his eyes, Bakugou could see extremely dark eyebags, evidence of many stressful and sleepless nights. Shinsou was wearing black, baggy sweatpants, his hands stuffed in the pockets. They seemed old and stained, causing Katsuki to wonder how long Shinsou has had the pants for. He looked more at peace then he did in school...  He looked cute, adorable even, he supposed. Although he smelled of isolation and laziness.


Bakugou hummed before pushing past the boy. “Here to give you somethin’,” he replies, showing Shinsou the bag he had brought.

“Oh.” is the only response Bakugou acquires before the purple head closes the door softly. “So, what is it?” Bakugou dumps the bag in Shinsou’s arms as he takes a look at the room. It’s an utter mess, something Bakugou cannot tolerate. He starts to go into his “Bakumom” moods, as Kaminari calls them, picking up after Shinsou and dumping the unwanted clothes that have collected on the floor into a hamper. Shinsou sits on his bed and rummages through the bag, throwing away the paper inside, making Bakugou grumble as the ash-blond walks over to pick the paper up.

The purple-headed boy looks at the contents strangely before pulling it out. Bakugou turns to Shinsou, seeing how the other is practically vibrating, his excitement visible even to a blind man.

“You got me-“ Oh boy. “a cat hoodie?”





Bakugou is pulled forward, falling forwards into Shinsou’s embrace, the ravenette hugging the blond tightly. “Thanks..” Shinsou mumbled under his breath, his arms wrapped Bakugou tightly and his face buried in the crook of Bakugou’s neck. The ash-blond looks down at the other and realizes how small and fragile Shinsou can seem when his sarcastic facade is gone. Bakugou used to be shorter than the boy by about 5 centimeters, but now after a year of growth, he’s taller by maybe a few extra. It makes the boy before him seem small and precious, if only a little bit. Bakugou would obviously never admit this to anyone, not even the purple idiot, but it brings a warm feeling in him when he thinks about it. Shinsou pushes Bakugou away after a moment before pulling off the purple hoodie he already worn. Bakugou couldn’t hide the small tint of blush on his cheeks from seeing Shinsou’s muscles. He didn’t care if they weren’t as good as his own, they were there and they made him turn away with a huff of embarrassment. He turns back to Shinsou to see the boy wearing the hoodie.

Oh god, this boy is gonna be the death of him.

Shinsou had on the hoodie, no surprise there, but seeing Shinsou in it made Katsuki’s day. The hoodie was dark gray, since that was the only one he could find. It had cute little finger holes in the sleeve, with a cat paw pattern on the palm area. The hood has small cat ears on it, one ear flopping forward, covering Shinsou’s face slightly. It reminded Katsuki of those really ugly anime girl pictures, except the fact that Shinsou wasn’t ugly to Katsuki. Shinsou was laying on his back, looking up at Katsuki, his cheeks a shade of pink he can’t hide.

Shinsou, laughing at Katsuki’s slightly shocked face, did jazz hands in front of his face to shake him out of his trance. “Look! Cat paws~!” Shinsou wiggled his fingers in front of Katsuki’s face, sitting up, the other showing signs of a small smile. Katsuki grabbed Shinsou’s hands softly and tried to keep in a laugh he had been holding in. He failed.

Katsuki’s laugh is now officially the cutest thing Shinsou has ever heard.


“Um, thanks again, by the way. No one ever really gets me presents, well except my parents and Aizawa. Eri also gets me presents but their just her dolls and drawings. Aizawa doesn’t actually get me presents, now that I think about it, he just lets me pet his cats-” Oh, Shinsou is talking. Bakugou supposes the ravenette might have the impulse to fill the silent room with chatter, like Deku, but in a slightly not-annoying way. Still annoying, but what can Bakugou do? “-He has, like, so many cats. Snowball, Luna, Chrisy, and Zashi, who is nicknamed after Yamada-Sensei. Did you know they’re engaged? Yeah, they are and- oh I wasn’t supposed to say that. Just forget I said that. Wow, I’m talking a lot, sorry, I’m just really happy, I guess, and I haven’t had a decent sleep in days and-“ Bakugou cupped both of Shinsou’s cheeks and glares at the boy slightly.

“Shut up. You’re almost as bad as fucking Deku and you know how much I hate that stain.” “Stain? That’s new.” “Not in the mood, purple muppet, I’m tired.”

Bakugou lets go of Shinsou and lays down, sighing. Shinsou tilts his head slightly and starts to play with the strings of the hoodie, putting them in his mouth. “What wrong, bitch baby?” Bakugou gives the ravenette a small glare before staring up at the ceiling. “Tired, hungry, had to stop my fucking exercise for this, and now I don’t wanna fucking leave.” Shinsou shook his head slightly with a chuckle. “Is my room that comfortable or is it you just wanna stay here with me?” the boy asks sarcastically, grinning. “Neither, I’m just too tired to give a fuck today. And yet, I still have most of the day to go.” The ash-blond looked over to the ravenette, seeing the boy lay down next to him. “Welp, that is how days work.” Shinsou replies.

Bakugou huffs and smirks before looking down at the mattress. He wants to ask the boy, he really does, but it seems too soon. He’s still figuring himself out. Why must his mind be so jumbled?


“What is it, Gremlin?”

“Can I… can I call you Katsuki?”

Bakugou’s head whips back towards Shinsou so fast, the ravenette flinches, his eyes wide. “I-I, oh god that sounded wrong, I was just- I like you? I guess? I don’t know?? And I just wanted to know…” Shinsou curls in on himself, hiding his face in the cat hoodie’s hood. “Sorry, just forget it…”



“You can call me Katsuki. Just… not in front of others, ‘kay?”

The purple boy nodded, a small smile on his face. “Mhm.”


“Thank you again.”

“Your welcome, again, shithead.”