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Long Bee-Lated: Chloe Appreciation Week!

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Phalène wasn’t sure if it was a good day or not for it to be raining. The water always weighed on Paonne’s wings, so she expected this to be a tough battle. That said, it weighed down on Mauvaise Abeille’s too, so the battle was mostly on the ground for the Bee and Peacock wielders.
Despite the new factor, Abeille was especially powerful this time, and Phalène had barely been able to save the depowered Marinette from becoming the victim of a particularly nasty bee’s sting. Paonne wasn’t faring much better.
Phalène had to do something. She’d always wanted to stay out of the visual fight since the fateful day she and Nooroo met. This time, nothing could be done - Paonne was going to fall very soon, if she wasn’t already done; heaven knows what Abeille would do to her.
Transforming back into Chloé, she fed Nooroo quickly. Once they were ready to go, Nooroo gave her a heart-melting smile, (Nooroo was such a ray of sunshine - the only one she knew who was more sunshiney was Adrien), and for what could be the last time, she became Phalène.
She jumped out, wings immediately unfolding so that she could fly to where she needed to go. Alas, just when she had finally arrived at the battlefield to deal with Abeille, she saw the newly monikered Bee-tch (Phalène had always been able to think up multiple insulting names for anyone based on their name alone, which impressed Paonne and other temporary wielders) take a defeated Paonne’s brooch.
In a burst of light, Paonne was gone, and Sabrina freaking Raincomprix, her best friend (and apparently, her girlfriend too when as a superheroine) was left there, unconscious and in severe danger. With a traditional evil grin, Abeille’s spiked gauntlets raised up, preparing to strike the Peacock (Peahen? Chloé wasn’t entirely sure, and from previous conversations, neither was Pao-Sabrina. Right, vengeance).
Phalène saw red. Raising her staff, she shot a small energy beam at Abeille. Enough to distract her and do damage (hopefully), but not enough to wear Phalène out early.
This definitely got Abeille’s attention. An interested face turned to Phalène, and the ginger supervillainess lit up like a criminal being practically given what she wanted on a golden platter.
Actually, that was almost exactly what it was, wasn’t it? Only problem was for Abeille, she was not going to succeed. Not if Phalène could help the matter.
“So you must be the famous Phalène.”
The tension broke and reformed at once.
“I thought children were supposed to be seen, not heard. Sweetheart, how about you yield? Hand over that Miraculous and you won’t end up like your formerly flashy friend here.”
Of course the last bit was a threat - her theory on Abeille’s identity had always been Sabrina’s stepmom Sarah, a harsh woman who left M. Raincomprix a few years back in order to rejoin the theatre crowd, her longtime passion. Regathering her thoughts, Phalène spat her words like they would burn her tongue should she keep them in her mouth.
“I should ask you to hand over yours, Sarah Raincomprix.”
Before Sarah could even register the fact she’d been called the heck out, Phalène used her second power.
All wielders had more than one accessible power - some just were part of the package, some were there and not there depending on the user. All Moths could make Champions, varying from 2-3 per day (it also depended on the user) Phalène wasn’t able to use Hall of Fame, which was a Moth’s strongest ability, but she could use Swarm. With a snap of her fingers, what seemed to be thousands of chunks of Sociae-shaped pure energy teleported in, forming a humongous ball of energy around the tip of her staff. Phalène had to make a command, or they would just sit there. Kill was not a viable option, but Phalène still had her plan.
“Distract, dear Sociae.”
With that, hell descended upon Abeille in the form of a storm of moths. They seemed to explode like energy balloons around the striped evildoer. They were not enough to be lethal, but enough to distract her. Speaking of which…
Phalène swooped in, and in movement smoother than silk, the hair comb that 100% belonged to the Big Bad Bee Boss was swiped right off her head. Phalène was ready to celebrate now. Early as it seemed, she was done fighting a bee-themed supervillain who was more decisive on her decision to do evil than her own hai-
Dear mothman, that’s Mom.
Audrey Bourgeois, who had divorced her Papa around the time Sarah Raincomprix divorced Sabrina’s, stood there in the distance. An evil smirk was on her face, and the way it looked fitting for her scared Phalène.
A now-depowered Sarah managed to snatch the Bee Miraculous in Phalène’s moment of shock, and just before the police (Roger wasn’t with them, Phalène barely noticed, but she wasn’t surprised) could grab her, she chucked the hair comb with surprising strength.
It landed right in the hands of blonde-haired Audrey. OH. OH, NO.
“Pollen, do the sting!”
With that, Mauvaise Abeille became a threat once more; the only thing changing was the holder. Things did look bad; a still unconscious Sabrina, who Chloé would later learn was taken somewhere safe, was clearly unable to fight. It was all on the generally weakest Miraculous wielder (who would depower in… about 7-ish minutes now) to protect her city. The odds were bad, weren’t they?
Well, years later, Chloé would tell anyone who knew she was Phalène that miracles happen, don’t they?
As if she’d known how to do it all along, her Miraculous’ power was concentrated in her hands. Abeille - no, Mom - was charging at her, without a care in the world for her daughter’s safety (whether she knew or not) and while she knew, she just knew that she should dodge, any major movement would break her focus.
3 she’s getting closer
2 that spiked gauntlet is NOT looking friendly
1 aaaaand…
A humongous shockwave of energy blew Audrey away. The light ball of energy in Phalène’s hands was thrown to the sky like a volleyball (except it didn’t come down). When it died down, an entire army seemed to be on their way, Phalène could feel it. This… THIS was the HALL OF FAME.
Clearly, though, her mother could not. A second try from Chloé’s pitiful excuse for a mother was stopped in their tracks by the sabre & giant dual needles of the Adrinette duo (Chloé had moved on after she and Paonne started dating); a third was wrapped up due to Alya’s electrical whip and electrokinesis; a fourth attempt was stopped because Nino’s water cannon blew her into a wall.
More and more Champions joined, but while Phalène was touched, she also silently wanted Sabrina to help too. Phalène and Paonne had been together since the beginning, and considering she was Sabrina, it was even longer chronologically (Chloé had not counted Brat-Chloé’s time with Sabrina as real time spent together). So she took out her phone and went to the recording function, watching André’s psychokinetic powers twirl his ex-wife around like a drumstick in a musician’s hand. Chloé was unsure how much of Paris had joined, but she knew that there were outsiders alongside what was probably the majority of Paris - Marinette’s grandma and uncle, Jagged Stone, and others had joined in too. It was a miracle (heh) that the comb wasn’t broken to pieces by the time Chloé ordered the transformed civilians to stop. It wasn’t even the slightest bit cracked.

That’s magic for you, I suppose…

Her powers ran out just in time for her to hide after sending her Mom in a holding cell. It was simple and complicated from there, really. The resolutions for Sarah and Audrey were simple - they weren’t escaping their punishment if anyone could help it, and if they could get out of jail, they would be doing service or something like that for life. All their possessions went to Chloé and Sabrina - most of that, however, went to people that needed it - kids in bad situations, the poor, and whatnot. That was more complicated.
Sabrina recovered very quickly - the Miraculous helped a lot, Chloé imagined. That too was simple.
What wasn’t simple was the dealing of leaving their Miraculi with Alya Dupain-Cheng-Agreste-Lahiffe-Cesaire, who had been chosen as the new Guardian after some old man had passed the Turtle Miraculous to her. Her want for information about the Miraculi made her a good choice for the position, and her skill with patience and phrasing information was good as well.
Chloé had not cried for too long with Nooroo before saying goodbye, but Duusu (apparently that was Sabrina’s peaHEN-themed kwami) and the aforementioned ginger had needed to dry the others’ tears for a while. Chloé knew she would have to do what Duusu could no longer do.
Chloé and Sabrina had known each other since about the end of école, worked with each other as superheroines since the middle of lycée, and so help them if they wouldn’t stay together for as long as they could help it.
After Chloé and Sabrina passed on, both stories would become practically immortalized; the legacies of Chloé and Sabrina Bourgeois-Raincomprix were more popular for adults in that time period, but the more popular story (and longest lasting) were the ones of Paonne and Phalène.