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Textbook Spaghetti

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It was around 10 am on a Wednesday in the middle of September, specifically the 9th during 10th grade. Nie Huaisang was currently in English, his large reading book open in front of him. He sat in the back of the class, his boyfriend Jiang Cheng sitting to his right and a window on his left.

Jiang Cheng was paying no mind to Nie Huaisang, his attention fully on the text in front of him. This was perfect for the young man, after all no one was paying him any mind. Not a single person.

A smirk pulled at the corners of his lips, taking a fork from his back pack that sat besides his desk. It was one of those white plastic ones so that he could easily throw it away. There was a paper towel under his textbook so he wouldn’t have to clean his desk afterwards.

Licking his lips, he brought his fork up to his textbook where spaghetti was spilling from its table of contents. He was absolutely starving and just couldn’t wait till lunch. So what else was he supposed to do besides hide his spaghetti in his massive textbook? Well technically it wasn’t his. It was his older brothers from back when he used to go to the Cloud Recesses High School.

No one paid any mind to the faint smell of spaghetti, well almost no one.

Jiang Cheng who was also starving was quick to pick up on the scent that was right beside him. He turned to the side, taking in the sight of his boyfriends genius idea.

“A-Sang, I have no idea how you did that and I could care less if you share your spaghetti with me,” he whispered quietly so that only Nie Huaisang could hear him.

His boyfriend turned to Jiang Cheng, giving a nod. Twirling some spaghetti around his fork, he held the fork up to the purple boy’s lips.

“Say ‘ahh’.”

Jiang Cheng opened his mouth, taking a bite of the delicious pasta.

Lan Qiren had noticed the two leaning rather close, too close for comfort. Standing up from his desk, he made his way over to the spaghetti couple, catching the attention of basically the whole class.

“Nie Huaisang. Jiang Cheng. What are you two do- Is that spaghetti?!” The old man blinked in shock.

Spaghetti in a textbook? Unheard of!

“Yes.” The two said in unison.

Wei Ying stood up to take a closer look, his own boyfriend Lan Zhan taking this chance to secretly admire the others ass.

Wen Ning looked behind him but said nothing.

“Did you bring enough to share with the class?” Lan Qiren asked, being secretly a fan of the pasta food.

Nie Huaisang shook his head and gave a nervous smile. “I only brought enough for myself and A-Cheng. But I can bring more tomorrow!”

“Very good. Now everyone continue to study.” Lan Qiren turned away and went to his own desk.

And that’s how Nie Huaisang became famous for putting spaghetti in his textbook.