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Golden Eye

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Chapter 1: Childhood


It was well past dark when a knock on the door of the Morning Glow Orphanage was heard by the small old woman with grey hair and kind eyes behind her glasses. The old woman who ran this orphanage got up from her chair with cane in hand and made her way to the door. “I wonder who it could be this late and in a storm no less!” the woman said to herself. When she opened the oak wood door she looked around and saw no one in the dark and rainy night “Must be pranksters” she thought. As she went to close the door she looked down to see a small infant wrapped tightly in a pink blanket. In the wicker basket that held the child was only one other thing, a note that read, “ Her name is Izuka, please take care of her and protect her.” The old woman let out a sigh looking at the baby with beautiful emerald green eyes “Let's get you inside and settled little Izuka, You can call me granny when your old enough to talk I guess.” the woman softly said with a warm smile and kind eyes. She leaned down and took the basket in her hand. “ Welcome home little one.” the woman said as she closed the door and took the baby inside.


Izuka was now four years old, she had a pretty good life she had friends at school and at the orphanage she had her family. Granny still runs the orphanage and she treats all the kids like grandchildren as she does her best to give everyone a good amount of attention. Izuka loved watching everything she could about heroes. Even at four she was brilliant when it came to quirks and the heroes that used them, her mind was like a steel trap holding on to every scrap of information. She had two best friends Katsuki Bakugo and Hitoshi Shinso. Kacchan, as she called him, had dreams to be a hero like All Might just like she did but Bakugo always had a mean streak and would make everything a competition so he could win. Izuka didn’t mind though she always had her big bright smile on her face. She admired him because he was good at everything and would make a great hero some day. Hitoshi was like a big brother to Izuka even though they were the same age. He was always by her side at home and even though he tried to act indifferent when Izuka made him watch hero shows with her, she knew he loved them because he would get a glint in his eyes and a small smile on his face. He wanted to be a hero too of course like most kids do and he promised to shoot for the top alongside Izuka.


Everything changed when the kids turned five. Everyone around Izuka was developing their quirks, Bakugo had an amazing quirk. He could make small explosions with his hands and everyone praised him telling him he was going to be a great hero. This inflated his already large ego and started making him look down on everyone else, that's when the bullying really started, he would use his quirk to blast anyone that was weaker than him or hadn't developed a quirk yet. The only exception was Izuka, even though she tried to talk to him about being nicer to others and to stop bullying them. He always said “When you get your quirk we are gonna be the best and all these extras won't matter! You'll see when you get strong like me you'll see these weeklings like I do!” After a while Izuka started drifting away from her Kacchan. At home Izuka would see Hitoshi black and blue from bullying at school. They would always called him a villian and attack him saying it’s a heroes job to beat up villains like him. Izuka would tell him “Hito they are stupid just because your quirk is brainwashing dosen’t make you a villain, you want to be a hero and your quirk could stop fights from the start. You are going to be a great hero some day!” Hitoshi would look up at his friend she her bright smile and her long curly green hair, and he would do his best to put on a smile even with tears in his eyes and say “Thank you Izu you are right I just have to believe in myself.”

When Izuka turned five almost everyone in her class had developed their quirks, Granny was starting to get worried. “Izuka we are going to the doctor today to get you checked up don’t worry I'll be with you the whole time.” Granny told the little cinnamon roll. “Ok Granny!” Izuka exclaimed “ Maybe they can figure out what my quirk is!” Granny takes Izukas hand and they start walking to the car. 15 minutes later they arrived at the doctors office. Izuka jumps out of her seat and starts running to the door. “Izuka slow down this old woman can’t keep up!” Granny yelled after the young girl. “Sorry Granny!” Izuka yelled back as she was jumping up and down “I'm just so excited to find out what my quirk is!” When Granny caught up the went inside and head to the front desk. The young woman upfront that was manning the check in smiled as the little girl run up with her green curly hair bouncing as she runs. 


“What's your name little miss?” The young woman with the red hair and antenas asked. “Izuka Morninglow mam!” Izuka said with her signature grin. “Do you mind if I ask what your quirk is? Is it insect based if so what insect do the antena help you see do you have other powers based on it?” Izuka falls into her mutering habit when she starts thinking in depth on the quirk could be and its applications. “ Whoa slow down little lady!” the young woman said with a chuckle “To answer your question my quirk is called ant. It basically lets me do anything an ant can do like using my antennae to sense my surroundings, climbing walls, and lifting 100 times my weight.” “Wow that’s so cool!” Izuka exclaimed with her smile somehow getting brighter along with the glint in her eyes! “Alright little cinnabon that's enough let's go sit and wait for the call to come back.” Granny said while taking Izukas hand and dragging her to a seat. 


A few minutes later a nurse came from the back “Isuka Morninglow?” she called “Thats me!” Izuka said as she jumped from her chair and raced to the nurse with Granny following behind. After some tests that involve taking blood and an xray on her foot Izuka waited with Granny. “Well this is a weird one.” the doctor said as he looked over Izukas chart. “ It seems that Izuka has the genetic marker for the potential to develop a quirk but she also has the toe joint that people with quirks don't have. This should be impossible, this hasn't been seen since the second generation of quirk users. Unless she is somehow a second generation, that being impossible seeing as that was hundreds of years ago. Therefore we have to conclude the Izuka here has a 50% chance of developing a quirk someday or a 50% chance of being quirkless.” Granny looked down at Izuka who had tears starting to well up in her eyes and the smile she had disappeared. “I’m so sorry Izuka, but there is still hope we just have to be patient till we know for sure.” Granny said as she hugged Izuka trying to comfort her. Then the tears in Izukas eyes burst into an endless river. 

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(Izukas perspective)

I'm walking to school my heart thumping in fear for what is to come. The memory of Hito and Granny trying to comfort me after the doctor visit still played in my head. "Granny I can't be a hero like All Might if I dont have a quirk. Everyone at school is going to make fun of me too!" I said between sobs. "That's not true Izu you can be a hero! We don't know if you are going to be quirkless or not but we will still love you all the same. You can still do so much good in the world without a quirk, you could be a doctor or policewoman and still be saving lives!" Granny said as she pulled me into a tighter hug. Before I know it I'm back home. I thought about going to watch the hero show with Hito but I just couldn't look at it knowing I may never be able to be a hero. Instead I go to my bed that's next to Hito's and curl up and start crying all over again. I don't know how long it had been when Hito came to check on me. I sat up and looked at him silent tears still steaming down my face. Hito turned on big brother mode and sat on the bed with me pulling my head in the crook of his neck while he rubbed circles on my back "Izu tell me what happened" he whispered softly as he tried to calm me down. After recounting the last few hours I pulled him down to lay next to me while I cried my self to sleep. The last thing I heard was Hito's voice "Screw what anyone else says Izu I believe in you and I will support you being a hero just like you have done for me." 

I arrived at school taking a deep breath before entering. 'Everything is fine I told my self Hito believes in my so maybe Kacchan will too.' "What are you mumbling about Izu?" I look up to see Kacchan staring at me with a raised eye brow. "O-oh hii-i Kac-ch-an" I stuttered cursing my self for that old habit. Bakugo's eyes narrow "You only stutter when you are scared. WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!!!" Bakugo proceeds to grab my wrist and drag me outside. He pushes me against a tree and growls "Talk." "Ok Kacchan" I said as I start telling him all that had happened the day before. 

Kacchan just stared at me for a while before saying "So you are just a quirkles extra now I should have known better than to waste my time on you." He turns and starts walking away. "Wait Kacchan!" I yell as I run up and grab him. Bakugo turns and slams me in the ground. "GET OUT OF MY WAY!!! Useless Deku!" "Kacchan why!?!" I yelled with tears in my eyes. Bakugo looking even more pissed off an explosion bursts from his hand. He grabs me by the collar and puts his crackling quirk by my face. "YOU ARE WORTHLESS YOU ARE QUIRKLESS YOU WILL NEVER BE A HERO! STAY OUT OF MY WAY OR I'LL BLOW THOSE FRECKLES OFF YOUR FACE!" to make his point he let's loose and explosion next to my head into the ground leaving a small crater before he walks back inside. I lay there thinking this can't be happening I've lost one of my bestfriends. 

The next few years were hell that's the only was I could describe it every day the kids would pick on me, make fun of me, and bully me. Bakugo was the ring leader of it all. Saying things like "USELESS DEKU NO WONDER YOUR PARENTS DIDN'T WANT YOU!" as he would punch and kick me and use his explosions for good measure if I tried to fight back. The teachers just ignored it instead they would scold me saying not to pick fights I can't win while they praised Bakugo telling him he is going to be an amazing hero! At home was the only time i could feel like my old self. I could smile and laugh and watch hero shows with Hito who single handedly kept my dream of being a hero alive. Granny had gotten me note books to write down my hero quirk analysis so far I had written 8 of them keeping track of everything I knew and my theories about applications of quirks. Thanks to them I still believed I could be a hero even if no one else thought so.

It was the last year of primary school and I decided enough was enough I was going to stand up for myself even if it seems impossible. After school one day I noticed yelling coming from the play ground and without a thought I started running. What I saw pissed me off. Bakugo and his thugs were ganging up on one of the younger students. "STOP IT KACCHAN!!" I screamed as loud as I could. Bakugo turns around furry in his eyes and he makes his way to me his hands crackling and popping with his power. "DEKU!!!" Bakugo screams with rage as his signature right hook comes for my face. 'This is it' I thought as I dodge under his fist as it exploded. During this the younger kid managed to run away while Bakugo's thugs watched him attack me like a wild beast. I somehow dodge a few more hits till something unexpected happens. I look down and see Bakugo's knee in my stomach. As I fall to me knees with the wind knocked out of me. Bakugo starts holding me up by my hair "STUPID FUCKING DEKU YOU ARE QUIRKLESS USELESS YOU AREN'T A HERO YOUR OWN PARENTS DIDN'T WANT YOU!" Bakugo seemingly finally lost is started hitting me and blasting me I could feel the burn and bruises maybe even a broken rib. After what seems like eternity bakugo let's go of my hair as I fall backwards. Then remembering my promise I start to struggle I try and get back up doing my best to ignore the pain. Bakugo looks at me struggle as let's loose a growl "Stay fucking down Deku!" "No Kacchan." I say ask I manage to get up to my elbows. *Crack* Bakugo let's out a huge explosion throwing me back and hitting my head on the ground right before I black out my vision seems to be clear almost too clear and I hear a yell "What the hell are you doing!" it's a voice I don't recognize and my my mind finally gives in.

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A tall man with a skeletal figure looking more than half dead is walking through the street 'I lost more time today' he thought 'I really need to be more careful.' His long blond hair hung low as he dragged himself along. BOOM! "Damn it another villain!?!" the man running towards the sound. 'I'm out of time but I can try to do something to help I have to it's the reason why i'm the symbol of peace!' As he rounded the corner he is surprised by the sight, no it wasn't a villain attack it was a school yard he could see 3 boys and 1 girl. 2 of the boys stood further back probably afraid that the spiky blonds explosions would catch them. The blond maniac was stood over a young girl no older than 11 or 12 years. In his hands are small crackling explosions. 'He must be the one the explosion came from' the skeletal man thought. Then his eyes grow wide as he sees the girl, her long curly hair was matted with mud, her clothes covered in scorch marks to match the burns on her skin, and her beautiful emerald eyes held the look of fear but also a glint of determination. Then time slowed to a crawl for the stranger as he saw the angry spiky hair blond blast the girl with a huge explosion knocking her head back into the ground with a crack. The skeletal blond takes off running to the girl "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING!" This makes the boys startle and take off into the nearby forest. The man looks at the girl as he approaches coughing up blood from the sight. This girl looked like she has been through a war zone, she was covered in scars on her arms and legs blood and dirt on her clothes. He looks at her face and sees to his horror blood seeping from her head running down her face covering her freckled cheeks. 'I have to save her!' he pops into his hero form scoops her up and with a leap that leaves a crater in his wake heads to the only hospital he trusts with his secret and to save this girl.

"All Might what happened!?" the doctor exclaimed as he saw the number one hero bust through the entrance carrying a small girl her face covered in blood. "She was attacked by some kids and took a beating her head is bleeding and she has burns, please doc you have to save her like you did me!" All Might begged as he popped back into his true form. Toshinori Yagi setting the girl on a stretcher as gentle as he can follows as the hospital staff rush her into the O.R. "Mr. Yagi we got this take a seat we will inform of updates as soon as we can." A nurse assures him. As he sits he pulls out his phone and calls his best friend Naomasa Tsukauchi. "Detective Tsukauchi speaking" his friend answers "Naomasa it's me." All Might replies with a somber tone. "What happened Toshi?" Yagi proceeds to tell the detective everything that happened. "Alright Toshi im going to open an investigation, call me as soon as she wakes up and ill come talk to her." "Thanks Naomasa i'll let you know."All Might hangs up "And now we wait." he mutters to him self.

*A few hours later* 

"Mr. Yagi, I have good news! The girl you brought in is going to make a full recovery. We stitched up her head wounds and it doesn't appear to be any brain damage we also started treating her burns and with luck there will only be some light scaring. If you would like to see her she is in room A1 on the 3rd floor. She is still asleep right now but she should be able to leave in a day or two." Toshinori looks at the doctor and gives him a small smile "Thank you doctor i'll go see her right away." Yagi makes his way to the elevator 'Oh i should call Inko and let her know i'll be home late'. He takes his phone out and hits speed dial 1. "Hey honey! You doing ok?" Inko Midoriya answered the call from her Husband. " Yes dear a bit worn out but i'll be ok after some rest, i wanted to let you know i'm gonna be home late tonight. I brought a girl to the hospital and she just got out of surgery so i'm gonna go check on her and wait for her to wake up." "Alright Toshi don't worry about me tonight just do what you can for that girl i'll see you at home. Love you!" "I love you too Inko, i'll see you soon." Yagi put his phone away as he walked up to room A1. He took a deep breath and pushed open the door. He saw the young girl laying in her hospital bed she had bandages wrapped around her arms and legs, more under her gown all across her body, covering the burns she had suffered. Yagi sat in a chair by the bed to wait. 

 After a few hours Izuka stirred. Izuka opened her eyes slowly she scanned the room to make sure she was safe. She saw a man looking like a skeleton with blond hair. Izuka focused on him and her sight went wild. She could see the bright light inside him and knew instinctively it was his quirk. She could see his bones through his skin, she could see the blood flow through his veins. Her vision switched and she could see everything in every direction she could see the heat of human bodies through the walls. She could see a hue of colors that the human eyes could never see. In each person she could see their emotions in colors. She focused on a point and her vision focused to the atomic level. When she saw structures they were analyzed and she knew all the weak points and what it was made of. She looked out a window and her sight zoomed in to see an office building 2500 meters away. A movement caught her eye and she fired a laser, luckily she hit the wall and not the person waking up. Yagi jolted up as a laser missed him by a hair. "I see your awake now." Izuka looks at him her eyes glowing gold. "What is happening why can i see so much and where did that laser come from?" "I think your quirk must have activated." Izuka frowns "I don't have a quirk. I'm quirkless." Suddenly she has a vision of the future a doctor would come in with a quirk that would explain what hers was. Yagi stood up and pulled out his phone "I need to make a call real quick i will be right back." With that he went in the hall way and called the detective to come. Then he went to the nurses station and told them the girl was awake. They told Yagi that a doctor would be in right away. Yagi returned to the girls hospital room. "A doctor will be here in a bit and my friend with the police is going to come ask you some questions." Izuka nods "What is your name?" "Izuka no last name so i usually say it's Morninglow after the orphanage I live at. Yagi nods "Hi Izuka i'm Toshinori  Yagi, you can call me Toshi if you want." Izuka nods "Hi Toshi did you bring me here?" "Yes I did you were pretty hurt by that blond punk." Izuka groaned "Bakugo my worst nightmare of course he hurt me badly enough I needed a hospital, not like it's a first." Yagi frowned "You need to tell my detective friend everything about what that boy did to you." Izuka nods then a red head doctor comes in with a clip board. "You are the doctor that can tell me what is happening why i suddenly have a quirk. Your quirk let's you see and understand others." Izuka said to the young doctor. He was surprised "How did you know that?" Izuka shrugs "I saw it like a vision." Yagi spoke up "She also shot a laser from her eyes." The doctor writes something down. "Ok let me have a look." The doctors eyes glowed silver as he check Izuka's quirk. "Well very interesting, it seems your quirk force manifested from the trauma of your injuries. Also you have the most powerful quirk I have ever seen. You can use just about any vision power we know off plus you are capable of copying quirks permanently. It is quite astonishing I would call it Eyes of God. That describes it very well since you can see practically anything and you get an arsenal of quirks!" Izuka and Yagi are both stunned both for very different reasons. Izuka was over joyed now having such an amazing quirk she could be a hero. Yagi feared that she may be the offspring of All for One and would turn to evil. "I can be a hero now!" Izuka beamed a bright smile washing away all of All Might's fears. No one so happy about being able to be a hero would turn to evil even if she was his daughter. The doctor was busy scribling notes at an insane rate when Detective Tsukauchi came in. 

"Oh true or false quirk that is so cool!" Izuka excitedly exclaimed. The detective raised an eyebrow at Yagi. Yagi explained the girls quirk to his friend and they share a knowing look. "Izuka i'm going to ask a few questions about what happened and about your situation. Please answer to the best of your ability" Izuka nods. "Do you know who attacked you?" "Katsuki Bakugo my childhood friend turned bully." *True* "Is this the first incident?" "No there have been many many more." *True* "Tell me as much as you can about the incidents." Isuka begins a very detailed story about everything Bakugo has done to her and what she has witnessed. She haves the incidents down to the date for years and years. *True* "How did you remember all of that in such detail?" "Photographic memory, it is really helpful." *True* "Thank you Izuka we have enough information to press charges and send him to a juvenile facility for at least a year and get him into court ordered therapy. If he wasn't still a minor he would be spending a few years in prison." Izuka starts to cry "Thank you so much." Yagi can't help but hug the girl as she cried, Izuka was thankful and hugged him back. After awhile she calms down and falls asleep. Yagi decides to stay and calls his wife Inko. "Hey honey the girl woke up her name is Izuka. She has really been through a lot so i'm going to stay here for the night since she is an orphan." "Ok Toshi i'll come by the hospital tomorrow to see you and her." Yagi takes a deep breath "Hey remember that conversation we had about adoption... I think we should consider adopting her." 

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The next morning Izuka awoke to some of her favorite people chatting and drink coffee as well as a new face. "Good morning everyone." Izuka said gaining attention from everyone. Hitoshi ran up and hugged her. "I'm so happy you are ok Izu. I was so scared when you didn't come home." Izuka hugged back as tight as she could. "I'm sorry Hito i didn't mean to worry you." Soon Granny came up and hugged her too. "I'm glad you are safe little cinnamon roll." Izuka giggled at the nickname "Thank you Granny." After that Toshi introduced the new face as Inko his wife. "It's nice to meet you Izuka, Toshi told me all about you." Inko smiled at the girl with her emerald green eyes. Izuka smiled in turn melting everyone's hearts "It's nice to meet you to! I love your hair. I never met anyone with green hair like mine." Inko laughed and thanked her. "Izuka i know we haven't know each other very long but me and Inko would like to ask you something." Yagi told her with a big genuine smile. "What is it Toshi?" Izuka asked. Yagi and Inko laced their fingers together and took a deep breath. "Would you be interested in Inko and I adopting you? We can't have children of are own and we had been considering adoption already. You, well stole our hearts." Yagi finished "Toshi here has an injury from a villain attack a couple years ago and is missing some of his organs now. I just don't want you to say yes and not know that someday it might just be the two of us." Inko said tears forming in the corners of her eyes. Izuka looked at them with disbelief on her face. No one had ever wanted to adopt her before. Izuka smiled at them "I have one condition." Yagi raised a brow "What is it Izuka?" Izuka took Hitoshi by the hand "Hito gets adopted too. I can't leave my big brother behind he has always been there for me." Yagi and Inko smile "You always said you wanted a boy Toshi." Yagi laughed "That is true, Izuka we would be happy to adopt both of you as long as Hitoshi wants us to." Hitoshi smiled "I would love that." Inko, Toshi, Izuka, and Hitoshi held each other in their first family hug. After the hug Izuka took a good look at Toshi and her golden eyes began to glow. Izuka scanned him and found all of his injuries and his missing organs. She felt a tug at the back of her mind telling her she could heal him. "Toshi I think i can heal you." Izuka tells him Toshi gives her a questioning look "What do you mean Izuka?" "I feel a tug in my mind telling me i have the power to heal you. Can i please try?" Inko rests a hand on his shoulder "It's worth a try honey." Yagi nods "Ok when you are ready Izuka."Izuka's  eyes filled with a green energy and fired at Toshi. His body was enveloped by it and he slowly felt his strength coming back. After a minute Izuka stops and re examines him. A big bright smile comes to her face "You have all your organs back and your injury is fully healed now all you have to do is work on restoring your body." Sure enough when Yagi lifted his shirt his injury was gone and replaced with flawless skin. Inko began to cry and hugged Izuka "Thank you, Thank you so much you saved my husband." Izuka hugged her back "You guys are going to be my parents it's the least I could do for you guys." Toshi smiled at the sight, he was so proud of his new daughter. Granny told them she would go get the paperwork together and bring it back to the room. 

 A few hours later Granny comes back with the papers. After they are all filled out Izuka and Hitoshi were free to go home with their new parents as soon as Izuka is released. While she was gone Izuka used her healing vision on herself so she could leave that day. After a final check up the family left for their home. "Holy... You never said you were rich!" Izuka exclaimed as they pulled up to the large almost mansion sized home with a modern and sleek design. The front and back yards were large, filled with beautiful oak trees and wildflowers of every color. Behind the house was a large pool with a barbecue and a half court basketball court. Inside the home was gorgeous with comfortable furniture a large living room with a fireplace and TV. The kitchen had stainless steel appliances. Both the kids had their own rooms and bathrooms for the first time. The game room had a pool table and arcade machines as well as all the modern gaming hardware. On the roof was a beautiful garden full of different flowers that were well cared for. It was a home fit for royalty. "Izuka, Hitoshi, I have something to tell you about my job." The two kids look up to Yagi expectantly. Yagi shifted into his All Might form "I am the pro hero All Might." "ALL MIGHT!" The kids shouted together. Izuka looked at Hitoshi "We are All Might's kids this is so cool!" Hitoshi and Izuka smiled with glee and ran up to hug their pro hero dad. Inko came up and ruffled the two children's hair while giving All Might a kiss "Let's fix some dinner, do you have any requests?" Izuka looked up at her new mom "Katsudon! It's my favorite." Hitoshi nodded in agreement "Katsudon coming right up!" Izuka followed her into the kitchen "Let me help I love to cook." Inko's smile met with Izuka's lighting up the room "Let's get to work then little Izuka." While the girls were cooking Hitoshi and Yagi got some father son bonding time in playing video games together. Over dinner the new family talked and laughed together before heading to bed. 

Izuka suddenly woke up in the middle of the night her eyes glowing brightly. She used her powers to check every were on the property but found nothing. Izuka had a nightmare of All Might fighting a faceless man the battle was long and bloody many around the battle were torn apart. Blocks of buildings vaporized in a single move. All Might fought with everything he had his body bloody and torn he was barely standing. The faceless man refused to die, every hit he took every wound he received healed nearly instantly. All Might used the last of his strength to hit the faceless man but did nothing. Then the faceless man walked up to All Might who was on his knees and put a hand over his face. Then a scream that would make the heavens weep came from All Might, his body jerked and spasmed from the pain. Slowly his body withered and eventually turned to dust. Izuka got up from her bed and went to Hitoshi's room, stepping inside she went up to him and whispered "Hito are you awake?" The boy didn't stir so Izuka went to the other side and climbed into the bed. "Izu? Izuka what's wrong?" Hito asked as he woke up from her getting in. "I had a really bad nightmare... can i stay in here?" Izuka pleads. "Of course Izu come here i will protect you." Izuka scooted closer to her brother and hugged him before the two fell into a restful sleep.

 The next morning Yagi and Inko got up "I'll go wake up the kids honey." Toshi told her. "Ok love i'll start breakfast." Yagi first went to Izuka's room, when he opened the door and poked his head in "Huh? Wonder where she went." Yagi then crossed the hall to Hitoshi's room, he poked his head in and saw the most adorable sight of the two kids sharing the bed. Quietly he snuck away to Inko "Inko honey the kids are sharing a bed and they are so cute! You have to come see." Yagi beamed, Inko grabbed her phone and followed her husband. Inko saw the two children "Aww this is so cute." She took a picture but the flash woke up the kids. Izuka sat up and rubbed her eyes "Mom? Dad? What's going on?" Hitoshi stretched as he woke up "Whats up?" Inko and Toshi laughed "Sorry kids you two were so adorable we had to get a picture." Inko told them. "Now come on breakfast will be done in a bit." Soon the family gathered at the dining table and ate eggs and bacon. "Hey Izuka why were you in Hitoshi's room? Would you feel better sharing one?" Toshi asked "No I love having my own room! I just had a nightmare and Hito has always protected me from them." Izuka looked sheepish. "Do you want to talk about it? I find that talking about my fears and nightmares help me feel better." Inko offered. Izuka sighed "Dad was fighting some guy without a face. It was really bad lot's of people died, parts of the city vaporized, in the end... Dad died screaming and turned to dust." Hito gave Izuka a reassuring squeeze. "You don't have to worry Izu our dad is the number one hero. He won't be going anywhere." Toshi took his All Might form and pulled them into a hug "Izuka, Hitoshi, I promise i will never leave you behind. I promise i will always find a way to come back home." Izuka and Hito nod. "We believe in you dad." Izuka said "But we are going to be heroes someday and then we can all protect each other." Izuka gave a big smile. Yagi smiled back "You two are going to make fine heroes." 

After breakfast the family moved to the living room. "Ok kids we need to have a talk about your futures." Yagi told his children. "What about them?" Hito asked. "Your mother and I think it would be best for you two to finish this school year in home school with tutoring of course. Then when it's time for you to go to junior high we will enroll you in Somei Private Academy." "Who is going to tutor us?" Izuka asked, Toshi smiled "The teachers from UA." Izuka and Hito were speechless "Pro Hero teachers from the best hero school in the world!? This is so awesome! Thank you dad!" Izuka said excited. Inko giggled "You may not be thanking us once Shota starts teaching you." Toshi sighed "Yes Mr.Aizawa is a bit rough but he is the best." Izuka smiled "Don't worry we can handle anything! Right Hito?" Hitoshi nods "We got this! This is just another step to becoming heroes!" Izuka looked up at Toshi "Can they help us train our quirks?" Yagi nods "Yep and with you just now getting your quirk Izuka we are going to be doing extra sessions just us family." Izuka jumped up and hugged her dad. "You are the best!" Yagi smiled "Thank you Izuka I just hope i can raise you two right." Inko laughed and hugged him "You are doing great honey they love you already. Plus you have me and all our friends to help." After a bit Izuka and Hitoshi went outside to play. "Hey Hito look at me." He did and Izuka turned on her hypnotic eye ability "Jump 5 times." Hitoshi looked like he was in a trance as he jumped after that Izuka turned it off. "Huh what happened?" Izuka giggled oh I just brainwashed the brainwasher." Hito grinned "I'm so gonna get you!" Izuka squealed as she took off running Hitoshi began chasing her. Today was a good day and the start of their hero journey.