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Fire and Water

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Erik pov

“I don’t want to fight you.” The captain said, not too carefully; looking directly into the metal bender’s steely grey-green eyes. He was really getting on Erik’s nerves . Hell no, he doesn’t want to pick a fight with us. Erik thought, but truthfully, he didn’t want a fight either. Not here, not now.

For Erik had given up on his idealistic dream of mutant kind ruling over all; given up the murderous crusade. It started with Apocalypse, then going back to Auschwitz, and then he found himself abducting his old, closest, best, only, friend. He had gone too far, and had decided to stop.

In truth, it was Charles that saved him from that dangerous path; the memories of their time together and the family Charles Xavier had given him;

Are you really going to take part in all this killing and destruction?”

“It’s all I’ve ever known.”

“No. It isn’t. You’ve just forgotten.”

The words rang through his head as clearly as if Charles was still saying then to him.

Indeed, Erik had forgotten. Forgotten about his family, his real family; Raven and Charles, and their X-men. That day he’d decided to protect them, to stop hurting people, and hadn’t turned back since.

And so no, Erik didn’t want to fight. Didn’t want a war. And especially didn’t want these troops on the safe place he’d built for his kind. His place. Genosha. And they didn’t belong here.

“No, you don’t.” Erik affirmed with a threateningly venomous air to his voice. He hardened his eyes, and stared right back at the captains’s cool brown ones. He silently wondered why there were so many soldiers- and here so suddenly?

“But I will fight you if that’s what it takes.” The soldier said loudly, pulling Erik out of his own thoughts. The metal manipulator did a double take- So they want a fight? Erik’s hands noticeably twitched at that threat, and his face grew cold, but the captain held his ground.

 He kept talking as if nothing was wrong, but as the conversation went on, Erik noted the gathering of both soldiers, and his own people around them. The soldiers all had guns, and there were many of them; streaming in from the tree line, slowly surrounding the island.

 “We have a legal right to be here, as much as you and your family. What are you doing?” Erik said, forcing one of the many helicopter blades to slow and stop. The captain just watched, unsurprised.

“Well- you see, Mr. Lehnsherr, the ‘Jean Grey’ incident has brought to attention some... issues... concerning your kind.” The soldier said slowly. He gave an almost imperceptible nod to his men, and they crowded in tighter around the group of mutants that had fallen in behind Erik. The metal bender tensed at the movement, but didn’t back off.

“What incident, and what issues?” Erik asked, truly not knowing what the man was talking about. Jean Grey? That redhead telekinetic from Charles’s school?

“Miss Grey attacked her own dad, a squadron of police officers, and obliterated her father’s house. Professor Xavier- I believe you are familiar with him?” The general asked, adding the last part quickly with a nod. Damn him. The bastard already knows I’m familiar with Charles.

 “Yes, we know each other.” Erik affirmed dryly, giving him a curt nod accompanying a glare.

“Well, Xavier got inside of her mind, and convinced her to go back with the X-men. She fortunately did, but the damage had already been done.” The captain shot him a dark smile, and Erik had a strong sense of foreboding.

“You mutants are dangerous, and everybody knows it. Unfortunately for you folks, there is no Charles Xavier here to control you. So the government has decided that they are taking that into their own hands.” The commander said back, a hard glint in his eyes as he relayed the story.

So Charles can control even Jean huh? Not much of a surprise- the man is one of the most powerful mutants Erik had ever known. But, no Charles Xavier to control them? Erik be damned if he ever let the telepath control him again .

“Alright, you’ve said your piece. We have legal right to be here from the US government.” He said, stepping forward. More helicopter wings started spinning, and Erik made one of them crash to the ground with his power. The metal bender was unwilling to look around at all the soldiers swarming onto his island, not wanting to show any sign of fear or weakness.

After his display, some from the group of mutants gathered around started forward- to help Erik, but he held out a hand to stop them.  

“I suggest you leave now, and don’t give me a reason to start something you can’t finish.” He said with finality. He was eyeing the gun-wielding soldiers that were closing around them. Erik raised his hand slightly, eyes on the guns. Dammit. Plastic.

"You’ve already started it...” The man said coldly, raising his gun. Before Erik could react, he’d been shot with two darts. Oh god no... Erik thought as his knees grew weak. His vision blurred on the edges, and he stumbled to the ground.

“... and believe me. We can finish it.” Erik hardly registered the soldier saying. It was chaos around him, but he couldn’t move. The screams and yells pelted his brain, as mutants were gunned down, but they were barely computing in his pounding head.

He could tell they were fighting back, but none of them were even level 5 mutants, like Erik; most only a level 2 or 3. They were being gunned down by the sheer numbers of men.

Must have... been... a drug. Erik thought weakly, raising his head to meet the cold brown eyes that were still on him. His tongue felt heavy, and his words were slurred when he said, “Whattdo youu... r-really want?” The sound of guns, and muffled yells making his eyes water. 

“To take you back to our mutant detaining center, and be done with you. You, and your city of dangerous freaks.” The soldier said, locking a collar around Erik’s still form.

My city? Oh god no. The families? Must. Protect. Them. Erik’s head was spinning, and he tried to fight back as they dragged him away, but his body wouldn’t cooperate. Shit. He thought, finally succumbing to the blackness that was invading his head.


A few hours earlier, Jean grey pov-

Jean? Jean, wake up.” The redhead heard a gentle voice in her head as she slowly regained consciousness. The haze around her cleared slightly when she opened her eyes to let them adjust. 

Charles?” She asked back, her vision clearing enough to see the man that had become such a father figure, sitting in a chair next to her bed. Her bed? The hospital? Why am I- Jean’s thoughts were cut off as she heard Charles’s voice in her head again.

“Afternoon, Jean. Are you feeling ok?” He said back, a small, but warm smile on his face as they met eyes; blue into blue.

“What- what happened to me?” Jean asked aloud. The last thing she remembered was the surge of power she’d felt, before hearing Charles’s voice, ordering her to calm down. She’d been so angry, but he’d been mercilessly pounding on the door to her head, until she couldn’t take it anymore. She relented, let him in, and that was the last thing she remembered.

“You were so-“ Charles paused, and thought for a second, obviously unsure of what to say. His blue eyes were clearly full of regret, and Jean could see he’d been crying without even using her telepathy. “so full of power, and.... rage.” Charles said after a second. Jean noticed the tears pooling in his eyes, but the man continued anyway.  

“It’s my fault. All my fault, Jean. I kept things from you, out of love of course. But I did it without your permission, and have never told you about- about it. And I’m so, so sorry.” He said, real tears dripping down his face.

“I almost lost you today, Jean. I almost lost Raven too, and knew I had to stop you. You know I don’t normally control the minds of people I care for, but it took all my strength to even get a hold of you, but when I did we brought you back to the school-we are here now.” Charles said, gesturing to the hospital bed she was laying in near the window.

Jean remained quiet, taking it all in. She was beyond angry with him, but his tears, and quiet, resigned way made her listen just another minute more. She’d never seen him this... defeated. And, he’d apologized to her, and admitted he was wrong. Jean knew the telepath well enough to know that this was extremely rare for him, and was slightly intrigued, but her anger won out.

“Save it, Charles. I let you into my fucking head, but I won’t let you control me anymore. You lied to me, all my life. My father? You told me he was dead, Charles. You did it all so you could control me.” She ranted, lifting herself from the bed with her arms, so she could be eye level with the telepath.

 Even through her anger, she felt a swell of pity for the man. Charles just sat there, taking her anger, eyes wide and sorry. His voice was broken with emotion when he finally spoke,  “Jean, I want you to look inside my head. I want to show you some things. Clear memories of the past- your past. Maybe if you do, you will see the real reasons behind my choices. I don’t want to control you, and I never have.” He said quietly, closing his eyes. Jean only hesitated for a second, before diving in as well.

Emotions hit her like a tsunami as she watched the moments flash through the telepath’s mind. Charles loved her; considered her a daughter... taken her, a lost cause; a broken little girl, when no one else wanted her. He’d cared for her, made her feel more than just broken. He'd given her a home; a family. He’d done it out of love, out of the goodness of his heart. All of it. He’d always valued her as a person, not as a weapon to control...

 Jean was crying by the end, along with Charles, and the two stared at each other for just a second, before the telepath took the girl into his arms while she cried. Cried over the death of her mother, over the loss of her father’s love, over being truly accepted and cared for by Charles, Raven, Scott, and the rest of the family he’d given her.

“I forgive you.” She whispered, burying her head into his neck. “I forgive you, and I’m sorry. You’re my family. I can learn to control it, if you will help me.” She said quietly, closing her eyes, and breathing in the familiar scent of light men’s cologne and mint.

“Of course. I will always be there for you, Jean. I’m sorry for this. I love you.” He said softly, and Jean could telepathically sense the fatherly love that was flooding them both.

“I know you will. I love you too, and I’ll stay with you.” Jean said. She added the last part after sensing his unsure thoughts.

“You will be ok. We are ok. Oh- comes Scott.” Charles said, lifting himself from the hospital bed as the door flung open.

“Jean! Oh thank god you’re awake! And ok!!” Scott said loudly, rushing over, Storm and Raven in tow.

“Yea. I am.” Jean said back, smiling at her family.


That night. Charles pov-

“You know he’s probably fine, Charles.” Raven said with a knowing smile while bringing him a glass of water.

He thanked her, and gratefully accepted the glass of clear liquid as Scott barged through the door. It seemed as though half the school was in his room now. Charles thought silently, sending a pang of assurance to Scott after sensing the young man’s worry.

He had been sleeping fine, when his brain had suddenly been tormented with violent emotions. Sorrow, pain, fear, hurt; they had all coursed through him so suddenly, as though he could take all their pain at once. Taking, and feeling their pain was part of being a telepath, but this was... different.

He’d woken up dripping sweat, and screaming; practically vibrating from the pain. Raven had come running into his room, soon followed by Storm, Kurt, and Hank. Raven had wrapped her arms around him, whispering soft nothings in his ear until he stopped screaming.

It turns out, he’d been projecting horribly, and the whole school had heard his screaming in their own head. Just what happens when you live with world’s strongest telepath. He thought, ignoring the pounding inside his head; he needed to go down to Cerebro, now.

Charles had already told the others what he’d felt, and his suspicions of who it had belonged to; mutants. Charles was certain. He knew it; could sense it somewhere deep inside him. There is only one place that held as many mutants as he’d felt.

“Genosha.” Storm said, with a nod at Raven.  

“Oh, sorry, was I projecting again?” Charles asked her, for he hadn’t yet mentioned the city aloud.

“Like I said, he’s probably ok, Charles.” Raven said quietly, sitting beside him on the bed. There was the barest beginning of a smile on her face.

“Genosha? Who’s probably fine? What’s Raven talking about?” Peter asked quickly, running into the room with a slightly sleepy look on his face.

“Erik Lehnsherr. He lives on Genosha; an island for mutants everywhere. It’s like Charles’s school, but just a home instead.” Hank paused, and looked at Peter’s still confused face. He sighed deeply.

"Magneto? He’s the one we broke out of the pentagon- and the one that kidnapped the Professor with Apocalypse.” Hank said, pinching the bridge of his nose, and looking at Peter, the latter suddenly dawned a look of realization. Hank just shook his head tiredly when Raven’s smile widened at that last statement.

“Raven, Hank, I know what you’re thinking- but I sensed real pain, and a lot of it. How else could it have reached me from an ocean away? I think they are in real danger.. We need to go down to Cerebro-now.” Charles said, setting the water on the night stand; settling himself into his wheelchair.

“Alright, but you do know he wouldn’t do this for you, right?” Hank said, falling in line behind the Professor and Peter, as the two led the way out of the room.

“Yea, he would.” Charles and Raven said at the same time. Raven smirked knowingly at Storm, and the two women followed the boys down to Cerebro.


Erik pov-

Wha-where is this? Erik thought as he blearily opened his eyes. Dammit. No metal. Came his pounding head’s next thought as he looked around him. Erik could sense different metals, feel their vibrations, begging to be touched. But this place was an empty void. At least they’d learned.

The metal bender felt a sharp pain in both wrists, and his neck. Upon further inspection he noted the plastic chains that were locking his hands to the cement wall above his head. Now really? I already have on this fucking collar- do my hands really need to be locked like this? We have got to get out of here. He thought with a deep frown, and slight shake of the head when he saw no doors to the room.

Looking around, Erik noticed that nobody else’s arms were bound like his. Red Lotus had his braids locked against the concrete, and the porcupine man, (Quill maybe?) had his whole body chained to the wall opposite Erik.

The metal bender looked as far to his left as the collar would allow, and found himself sitting next to Selene, a telepath. Although, she’s got nothing on Charles. Charles could have stopped the whole army without moving. Charles could’ve just knocked out thir idiot captain. Charles could’ve- Erik stopped himself. Charles couldn’t do anything, because Charles wasn’t there.

No matter how many times Erik had offered a place for him, his friend always declined. Well, to be fair, he thought silently, Charles had offered the same; many times.

“How long have we been out?” He asked Selene. It came out rather hoarse and raspy, but still drew the attention of a few others in the room.

“A few hours at least.” She replied, craning her head to turn toward him.

“Are we the only room? Where are the rest?” He asked, for their room had four concrete walls, no visible door, and only about 20 of Genosha’s more powerful mutants.

“I saw more of the children, and newer, or less powerful mutants, being taken down the hallway.” The porcupine man supplied from across the room. Erik nodded curtly. Wonder if they are still alive? He hoped so. They were his people, and he was supposed to protect them.

“How are we getting out of this, Magneto? This- this facility was built for mutants, and built to keep us in.” Selene said quietly. That drew the others’s attention, and the eyes of the room all looked to Erik at once. 

“I- we will find a way to get these collars off, and break ourselves out. Then, we’ll kill them all and return home.” He said with a confidence and arrogance that he didn’t feel in the least.  

It was hopeless. No one knew they were here. None of them had friends outside of Genosha. Except maybe Erik...  but he only had one friend in general, and the two hadn’t even seen each other in a couple weeks.  

Erik almost smiled as the memory of their night crept into his head unbidden. It was the latest of their monthly chess meetings, (or dates, as the people of Genosha secretly referred to them as) Charles had, yet again, practically drunk him under the table at the bar where they met. Erik felt his heart warm was he thought of the way it all started so long ago- it had been about 3 months after Apocalypse. ...

He’d received a package, delivered by boat to the island. Emma Frost had come with it, saying it was from an old friend. Erik eagerly opened the package like a kid on Christmas morning. It disgusted him how elated he’d been, knowing he only had one ‘old friend’ that would send him a package with Emma.

Inside it was one black chess piece; a king. Erik took it out, and ran his thumb across the smooth porcelain. There was also a note, written in Charles’s perfectly slanted writing:


I’ll be in Madagascar on Thursday. It’s close to the island, is it not? Chess at midnight? South ridge city, meet you at the giant fountain in the center of town. I’ll bring wine.


Erik had been surprised, shocked, and undeniably happy as he stroked the porcelain king; rereading the short letter again and again. He was slightly ashamed to admit he’d been grinning all the while.

About a week later he’d gone, and met Charles. He’d worn the helmet, of course, and had also brought a couple of beers. Charles had brought a bottle of Pinot Noir, Erik’s favorite. That alone secretly warmed his heart, that after all those years, Charles had both remembered, and brought a bolttle . The two shared, and passed the bottle back and forth, just like they used to.

That night, they played innumerable games of chess, until the sun rose. They talked, and by an unspoken rule, kept the subjects light. The two had immediately fallen into their old patterns of quick witted banter, and Erik found himself laughing more in that one night with Charles than he had in three months without him.

Oh god, it had been so good to just be near Charles. He had looked great; very great in a blue striped button down that accentuated his blue eyes, along with a pair of black jeans. And secretly, Erik rather enjoyed the bald look; entirely unbeknownst to Charles.

After that night, the two met about once a month for chess and drinks, and occasionally dinner and conversation. The meeting places always changed, but both men always showed. The two would talk, joke, and drink like old times. The mutants on Genosha often wondered where Erik went on the last Thursday of every month, but they eventually let it go after deeming it a ‘secret lover.’ Maybe they’d been right...

Erik sometimes wondered if Charles needed him; needed and looked forward to those nights, the way Erik did. The metal bender supposed so.

The late night meetings continued over the course of the next two years. Gradually, Charles began filling the void of loneliness and heartache, that Erik felt he’d been constantly carrying with him. The telepath always had been able to fit himself right in the broken parts inside Erik, and slowly fill them.

After their 6th or 7th meeting, the helmet came off. Charles had agreed not to mess with Erik’s head, and the metal manipulator trusted him enough to leave it behind. He hadn’t worn it around the telepath since.

“Magneto? I agree with Quill. We aren’t going to be able to break out of here.” Someone said loudly from the corner, effectively breaking Erik out of his thoughts.

Dammit. There was definitely a hint of a small smile on his face. He quickly wiped it off; exchanging it for an appraising frown.

“Yes. We will. I-“ He was abruptly cut off as the previously nonexistent door swung open, and in walked a new man that Erik had never seen before. Must be the man in charge. Erik thought as he took him in.

 He was tall, fair, with a predatory smirk that didn’t reach his cold blue eyes. He had on a nice suit, well styled hair, and there was a pride, and abruptness as he walked directly toward Erik. There was an ID card hanging out of his pocket; M. D. Keane. 

“Ahh, Mr. Lehnsherr, we finally meet. I’m sorry it is in these rather, er... deplorable conditions.” Keane said, not sounding sorry at all. A few guards entered the cell and guarded the entrance.

“Who are you, and why did you have to abduct my whole island?” Erik said quietly. He sent a well practiced glare at the man, but Keane remained unaffected.

“I thought Captain Jenkins explained it to you, did he not? You mutants are dangerous, and cannot be controlled. We cannot have you roaming free. Remember DC? Cuba?” Keane said with a hard stare at the metal bender. He crouched beside Erik’s chained form, and looked into his grey-green eyes.

"He did, and you have us. Now what do you want?” Erik spat icily. He didn’t even bother to hide his disgust for the man, leaving it clear as day on his face.

“All in due time.” Keane said softly, turning to face Selene.

“And what is your mutation, my dear?” He asked her with an ugly smile, one that didn’t reach his eyes in the least.

“I’m a telepath. Take off these collars, and I’ll show you.” She said venomously, eyeing the guards in the corner.

“Ahh. How powerful?” He said, a malicious glint suddenly noticeable in his eye. Erik noted the beginning of a predatory smirk on his face.

“She’s not Charles Xavier if that’s what you’re thinking.” Erik said coldly. When will these people get it? There is no telepath on par with Charles. Erik didn’t even think Selene could do anything more than look at memories, let alone control a brain, or use Cerebro.

"Ahh, I see. Unfortunate.” The man said, actual disappointment in his voice as he stood back up. “All the same, quite a group here.” He continued, eyeing Red Lotus’s long braids.

“What have you done with the rest of us?” Erik asked loudly, forcing the man to look back at him.

“Ahhh. The children you mean? Or the weaker ones you consider mutants? They are erm... occupied at the moment.” He said darkly.  

“Damn you, if you laid a hand on them-“ Erik started, but was cut off by Keane coming to stand right in front of him. There was an oddly appraising look of his face.

“You care hmm? Since when, Mr. Lehsnherr? Those monthly chess meetings with Xavier influencing you, huh?   You going to start proclaiming his message of peace? Ahh yes, I know about those.” Keane added upon noticing Erik’s look of surprise that the metal bender failed to hide quick enough. The man smirked darkly.

How would he know... Charles said he always hides us if he senses suspicion. Erik thought, forcing his face into a blank mask. The metal bender had never questioned it, he’d always felt safe with Charles, and trusted him more than anyone. Hell, Charles was the only person he knew he actually trusted- the only one he knew would be there if he needed him.

“No one else would know, Mr. Xavier makes sure of that.” The man said, as if reading Erik’s thoughts.

“Although, we have cameras for a reason I suppose.” Keane said with a dark smile that looked dangerous, and out of place on his otherwise handsome face.

“Why do you care about what I do, or don’t do with Xavier?” Erik said, searching for any clues in those empty blue eyes. 

“You will find out soon enough. Take him- I just want Lehnsherr. Best take this somewhere else” Keane said, nodding to a guard.

“What the hell-?” Erik asked as he was roughly unchained, and punched hard in the jaw by one of the guards. He temporarily saw stars, but forced his eyes to focus enough to see himself being dragged out of the room behind Keane.

“What- get your hands... off me.” He said disjointedly as they took him into another, smaller room. He tried to call any metal to him, but they must be using sand or concrete or something, because he couldn’t feel anything.

"Now we are alone, Mr. Lensherr- may I call you Erik?” Keane said, pointing to a chair that the guard roughly set him in. Erik just nodded curtly, and Keane sat down on another wooden chair, across from him in the small room.

“Erik, what I really want is control. Control over your kind. You are dangerous, and I will not have this world overrun by something it helplessly cannot control. Now, you may wonder why I went after Genosha first, hmm?” He said, and Erik just raised his eyebrows ever so slightly, forcing his face into a practiced, unreadable mask.

“Well, I didn’t. I sent a secret opps team to Xavier’s mansion to try and take the place down, but you want to know what happened?” He paused for effect, and Erik silently wondered what he’d say next.

“The jet didn’t even land, before it was turned around, the commander and crew flew straight back here, their memories entirely wiped, gone, obliterated. Mere vegetables, with the commander left only remembering some voice telling him to turn the plane around.” Keane said, and Erik just nodded. He already knew Charles was extremely powerful, possibly world’s only ‘omega level’ mutant, and like he’d said before, no one was on par with him.

“Don’t you see? They didn’t even land! If not for Xavier’s more merciful nature, he could’ve sent the lightning woman, or laser-eyes boy to destroy it. He already knew they were coming? Don’t you see how much power he holds? How much power all of you hold? There is a boy who is too fast to see, a man who can teleport, not to mention Miss Jean Grey could likely obliterate a building if Xavier told her to.” Keane stopped his rant, and took a small second to just look at Erik.

“And you. Erik, you can move the very core of the earth. A level 5 mutation, huh? You ever wonder why we’ve left you and Xavier alone on your chess dates?” Keane asked, meeting the metal manipulator’s eyes.

“Not dates.” Erik mumbled, but it went unnoticed as Keane continued, as if not hearing him.

“You do realize that you two together are likely one of the most powerful duos on earth. Only a few omega level mutants even exist, and you and Xavier are two of them.” Keane paused and pinched the bridge of his nose, as if he were afraid of dreaming of what Charles and Erik were capable of when they were together. Well.. he should be. Erik thought, keeping silent. 

“When his power is amplified, Xavier can access and destroy every mind on earth, and when yours is amplified, you can destroy the earth itself.” He paused, thinking.

“Like fire and water; equally destructuve, yet can't always work together." Keane mumbled, and stopped yet again to rub his temples. He was still looking at Erik, apparently waiting for an answer.

“Charles and I are two of the most powerful mutants alive, yes I know. But you must know by now, he’d rather die then use his power to kill everyone on earth.” Erik said slowly and truthfully, wondering where Keane was going with this.

“True, which is why we came after Genosha first. Along with the fact that I need some information... starting with what you know about building Cerebro?” Keane asked, a greedy hunger in his eyes. It was obvious the man had been waiting to get to this part of the conversation.

So this is why we had to have this in private. Erik thought with a frown. What does he want with Charles?

“What do you want with him?” Erik asked, much too quickly. A small grin grew on Keane‘s face, and his eyes darkened ever slightly. Shit.

“Ahh, Erik. I asked about the machine, not the man. They always did say you were a protective one, hmm?” Keane said, leaning forward in his chair.

“Well, even you must know that you can’t operate the machine without Charles. Any lesser telepath wouldn’t be able to handle it. Why do you want to know?” Erik asked coldly, hardening his eyes, but awaiting a response.

“All I know, Mr. Lehnsherr, is that one day, the entire world heard a voice in their heads. I know who that voice belonged to, and I want to know how he used the machine to accomplish it.” Keane said, raising his hand to a guard behind Erik.

Quicker then the metal manipulator could react, the brute of a man came over, and slapped him hard across the face. Dammit. That’s going to leave a handprint. Erik thought with gritted teeth, lightly raising his fingertips to his cheek; the surface of it already a raised mark. That won’t make me spill anything that could harm Charles, I’m no stranger to physical pain. Erik thought with an inner smirk.

“It' s just a machine that amplifies his power, but the power itself is all Charles.” He said dismissively, and spat off to the side of the chair.

“I supposed so. How do you build one?” Keane said greedily.

“Well, I helped build it. But, you’d need Charles Fucking Xavier, and I don’t know how you will get your hands on him.” Erik said back with a glare.

“I have my ways. But you can build one, can you not?” Keane asked quickly.

“Yes, I am the one who arranges the metal panels.” Erik said dryly. He was getting tired of this conversation. They were never going to get their hands on Charles, so why bother?

“A hh. I see. But the machine, in theory, can access every mind in the world?” Keane asked, never taking his eyes off Erik. Erik briefly wondered if this would be giving anything away, but decided to tell him.

“Yes, but only when operated by Charles.” Erik said tiredly, putting on a mask of disinterest.

“Yes. But he can use it to control minds, hmm?” Keane asked, the hungry glint in his eye extremely noticeable now.

“Yes. It’s his power, just amplified and it can reach any mind.” Erik said, raising an eyebrow as Keane suddenly stood up.

 “Wonderful. Alright, I’ll take you back to your room. Men!” He said, signaling the soldiers to take Erik away.

The metal bender allowed himself to be led out without a word, but not before a sharp glare at Keane.

“What did they want?” Red Lotus asked him after the guards had shut the door, with Erik chained up yet again.

He really didn’t want to have to tell them about his relationship, or lack thereof, with Charles.

“They wanted to know about an old friend of mine.” Erik said evasively.

 “Xavier? They wanted to know about your meetings with him, or about what the man can do?” Selene asked quickly.

 “Wha- wait... how do you know about those?” He asked, looking at her in surprise he didn’t bother to hide.

“Telepath remember? It’s hard not to read your happiness after those nights. What do they want with him?” She asked with a smirk.

“I think they want to use him to control mutants, force them to come here and be locked up. But that’s my best guess. I’m not sure...and for Charles to control that many people, he’d need a machine called Cerebro, which they want me to help build- which I will not be doing.” Erik said firmly. He’d never do that.

“They won’t get him though. Charles and his X-men are too strong. They can’t be captured.” Erik finished quietly.

He would not let himself wish. Wish for Charles to come. Wish for Charles to fight again by his side. Wish for Charles to make these men rue the day they were born.

“He’ll come though, won’t he?” Selene asked, a strange look (pity?) on her face.

“What do you mean?” Erik asked dumbly, he was caught off guard by the question. Charles? Come here? Why would he?

“Xavier would come for us, to get us out of here. He’d come for you, Magneto, wouldn’t he?” Selene asked, obviously thinking it to be true. As she spoke, Erik’s brain caught up, and he almost stopped breathing.

Hell no. Charles wouldn’t rescue him from this place- it’s too dangerous. He didn’t even fucking know that they were here.

But he’ll find out. If he knows I’m here, he’ll come. Hell, he came for me at the pentagon when we hadn’t seen each other in 10 years. And as the thoughts raced through Erik’s head, he knew Selene’s words to be true.

The metal bender mentally facepalmed at the fact that he hadn’t thought of it earlier. Of course, if Charles found out, he’d come for him. Charles would come for him, because that’s what Charles did. He wouldn’t leave them to rot in prison. Wouldn’t leave Erik...

“Yes. I do think he will come. And I think that he will make them regret every minute of this once he does.” Erik voiced aloud, suddenly sure of that. Around him, heads nodded and smiles darkened, believing Magneto’s words.

Erik himself believed them, because that’s what they were, like fire and water, as Keane had said.

Charles was the ocean that could calm Erik’s flame, but Erik knew, that ocean could just as quick turn to a storm . Erik was the heat that had pushed Charles, changed him, but warmed him at the same time. 

They can represent loss and destruction, or life and peace. Water and fire are mutually destructive—water will extinguish a flame, just as fire can boil water away to nothing. Two unstoppable forces that came to a halt upon meeting each other.

Their relationship went deeper then any Erik’s ever had, and he knew suddenly in that moment, that Charles would come for them. And he smiled.


Keane’s pov-

“You really think he’ll come for them, boss?” One soldier said quietly, as the four of them walked down the hallway, away from the prisoners cell. 

“Yes, I’m sure.” He said quietly, a small smile playing on his mouth.

“Ummm, sir, um, not to be rude... but uh... isn’t Xavier too smart to come here? We have the collars, the drugs, and the manpower.” Another said hurriedly.

Yes, Sherman, but we also have Erik Lehnsherr.” He replied, as if explaining the obvious to a five year old. 

“But, uh... what does that do for us?” Sherman asked again. Idiots, they are.

“That, boys, is the key to getting us Xavier. He will come running to save his love, and do whatever it takes to get him back. I was there, at the pentagon kitchen when Xavier broke Lehnsherr out. I was there, in DC. He just let him go, when he could’ve stopped him. You see, lads. They may not even know it, but they love each other. And love makes you do crazy things.” He said calmly, and allowed the dark, cunning smile to bloom on his face.


Raven pov-

Find him, Charles. Raven hoped quietly. She knew better then anyone that Charles Xavier wasn’t always right, but he was world’s strongest telepath, and if he thought Erik was in trouble then he probably was.

“Where are you Erik?” She heard Charles murmur as he dawned the helmet.

Cerebro blinked red, and the telepath shut his eyes, trying to locate the pain, and fear he’d felt earlier.

“Deja Vu huh?” She whispered to Hank, for a few years ago they had been in this same situation, searching for an Erik they thought was in trouble. Although, that had immidiately been followed by Erik kidnapping Charles, so maybe this wasn't like that time.

“Extremely perceptive, Mystique.” Hank said back with a slight nudge to her shoulder as Charles murmured things, with his eyes squeezed shut. Suddenly, the two heard the sharp intake of breath.

“They are in the government’s new mutant containment facility.” Charles whispered quietly. Oh shit. Raven thought silently, not wanting to project and distract Charles. What would they want with them there?

“I’m- ahh” Charles stopped and brought his hand to his head, wincing in pain.

“Charles!” She said, she couldn’t help the outburst. It was, and had always been an involuntary reaction to Charles’s pain.

He’d really changed in the last couple days. She’d thought to herself as she watched her brother wave away medical advice with a determined, pained look. Maybe he took that office discussion to heart? She wondered silently. She’d been so sure Charles was incapable of change, so sure that she needed to leave, that he could never abandon his own damn ego. But then he went to Jean. Put himself in danger trying to reach her mind. Hell, he even got in front of me, sensing that Jean was about to blow, and deciding to put himself at risk instead. Raven’s heart warmed at the thought.

Her brother was still in there. He’d apologized, both to her and Jean, for his actions. Raven knew better than anyone that Charles Xavier never apologized, never admitted he was wrong. But he had. And now, he was down here looking for Erik and his people. Raven was proud of him. Maybe she had changed him... but it was only fair; he’d changed her first.

“They have measures in place to keep telepath’s out, but I have to get to Erik.” She heard Charles murmur quietly, moving his hands to his temples in concentration.

“Get to him, Charles.” She whispered quietly, placing a hand on the shoulder of her brother.

“I’ve found him.” He whispered suddenly, turning to meet her eyes, his wide with fear.  


Erik pov.

“Erik?” The metal bender heard a voice in his head; the one he knew better than any. There was a sudden presence of warmth and comfort inside his head, and he knew.

“Charles.” He breathed aloud, relieved that the telepath had gotten to him. A few mutants raised their eyebrows at him, but Erik didn’t care.

“Erik, I need you to listen. They have walls in place to keep me out, so I’m in a lot of pain and don’t think I have long. May I?” Charles’s presence gave a strong sense of calm to Erik. He found his thoughts clear and his brain working for the first time in a while.

Go ahead.” He thought, knowing Charles was asking for permission to read his mind. “They came, a commander and a few hundred men; they swarmed the island. Shot us with drugs, and brought us here. What happened with Jean?” Erik said back inside his head while he felt the memories rush past, Charles must be going through them.

”She found out some things about her past and was in an uncontrollable rage. Oh god, Erik. Collars? Cells? Drugs?” Charles said, clearly seeing the images in Erik’s head. His voice got more angry and pained the longer it spoke.

“They didn’t hurt you though, did they?” Charles asked, and even in his head, Erik could hear the worry and danger in his voice. Unfortunately, those words triggered the memory of the painful punch and slap from the guards. Shit.

Erik winced as his head was filled with someone else’s rage. “Charles, calm down- it wasn’t that bad. I’m fine.” Erik said quickly. He did not want to think about how mad it made the telepath that he was hurt, seeing as said telepath was currently in his head. And he certainly didn’t want to ponder how he suddenly glimpsed an image of the man who slapped him, writhing on the ground in pain. What a protective bastard. Erik tried to stop himself from thinking.

“Charles, stop. I’m fine, alright?” He said, because his brain was practically vibrating with anger that definitely wasn’t his.

“I’m coming, and I will destroy them. God, if they thought they could take what’s mine- god help them. I’ll bring the team, but I’m coming myself. We are going to come get you. Hold on, ok? Ahh-“

“Charles?!” Erik said worriedly when the telepath’s voice cut out, but the presence in his head remained. Charles!”

“It’s- I’m fine. I’m coming, Erik. Wouldn’t- leave... y-you there-“ Charles voice, and his comforting presence in Erik’s head were both gone the next instant. The metal manipulator was hit with a raw wave of longing at the loss.

“...I know you wouldn’t.” Erik said back quietly, knowing Charles could no longer hear him. Perhaps that’s why he said it. Charles was coming, Charles; who had said “take what’s mine” in reference to Erik. Erik grinned, Charles was coming, and hell hath no fury.


 Charles pov- 

Upon coming out of Erik’s head, the telepath was practically buzzing with anger. How dare they? First they come to his school, then they go after Erik?  

“Professor! You’re projecting.” Hank said, and the kids around him were holding their heads in varying degrees of outer pain.

“Sorry. Alright, listen up. Erik and the people of Genosha are in the mutant containment facility in upstate New York. We are going to go there, get them out, and blow the place to hell. It’s not far, so we’ll take the jet. Hank, can you go get it ready? Raven- go get Jean, please. Kurt, Scott, will you grab the gear? Peter, Storm, you’re with me. We are going full attack and evac. I don’t want anyone left if they aren’t a mutant.” Charles ordered, removing the helmet and looking at each one in turn.

Hank nodded with a tired roll of his eyes. Charles could sense his thoughts along the vague line of Fuck, Charles. Just marry him already, and be done with it so we don’t have to keep saving his sorry ass.

The telepath almost blushed, but was saved by Scott and Kurt vanishing in a thin sheet of smoke around him. Raven also turned and left.

“And incase you didn’t get the message- hurry!” Charles sent to them all telepathically.

“Professor, do you think we can get them out?” Storm asked as her, Peter, and Charles went down the hallway to the basement.

“Yes, Storm. I know we will. I’m willing to go as far as I have too. I’ve seen the place, and they are waiting for us.” Charles said calmly.

“Waiting for us? How would they know we’re coming?” She asked.

“They have Erik.” He said simply, as though it was a perfectly acceptable reason as to why the Professor would willing to walk right into a high security prison. 

“Peter, I need you to go grab a knife as well. I have a feeling we’ll need it.” Charles said inside the boy’s head. Peter took off after sending him a quick pang of agreement, and Charles smiled.  


Erik pov- 

The door banged open about half an hour later, and jolted Erik out of his quiet thoughts.  

“Extraordinary, not even twelve hours.” Keane said, walking pompously through the door. 

“What are you talking about?” Erik said with a steely glare on his impassive face.

“Ahh. You know exactly what I’m talking about. Although, I wasn’t expecting him to get through to you. You see, your cell specifically, is made of quite the combination of materials, designed to keep Mr. Xavier out. Obviously- that was a failure. What did he say?” Keane asked quickly, walking toward Erik with a dark smile on his face. 

“Like hell if I’ll tell you.” Erik said, keeping his face cold and stony.

“Oh, I think you will.” Keane said, clearly undeterred by Erik’s lack of compliance. The suited man gestured to his lackey with a raised arm.

The beefy soldier stepped toward him with a sword the suddenly cackled with electricity. White, hot flames licked at the sides as the soldier brought it to his neck.

“Stop this. You’ll kill me.” He said calmly, not wanting to submit right away, or show his fear.

“Yes, I will. And I will do it now if you don’t tell me what Xavier said. Is he coming? Is he on his way?” Keane demanded.

“Go to hell.” Erik gritted out as the flames danced around his throat.

“Yes. He’s coming, and he’s coming now.” Selene suddenly said from his left. Keane nodded, and the soldier pulled the blade back ever so slightly.

“What did I tell you lads, the famous Charles Xavier, brought to his knees by one man, hmm?” Keane said triumphantly. “Well,” He continued with a growing smirk, “now that he’s on his way, there is no longer a use for you, Mr. Lehnsherr. It’s nothing personal, I assure you, you’re just too powerful to be left alive.” Keane said, a dark smile on his face as the lackey brought the blade up.


Charles pov.

He closed his eyes, and could feel the presence of the mutants in the facility. Damn, they had a lot of men as well. Charles thought, but was unafraid.

“We are getting close. Here is the plan.” He started, turning towards the jet’s occupants.

”I’m going to freeze them all, and give them a message. Kurt, I want you to take Jean and get you both inside there. When you find Erik, let me know, and I’ll show you where I am so you can bring me to him. Jean- use your power to unlock their chains. Peter, Raven, I want you to follow behind and lead the mutants to the jet, alright?” Charles paused as they nodded.

“Scott, Ororo, I want you both to blow the place to hell. But I’ll stop you if you get too close to the mutants. Kurt, I’ll show you where they are, ok? Is everyone ready?” He asked, looking around the jet.

He took a quick stock of their general feelings, and fatherly warmth rose in him. He felt pangs of assurance, readiness, and pride. Pride in Charles, and in their team. He could feel their respect and understanding, and couldn’t keep the smile off his face. 

“I’m so proud of you all. I’m sorry for not being here more often. You have all done wonderful. Tell me if you need anything, alright?” He said, gesturing to his temple as he finished speaking.

“Yes, Sir.” Scott said, wrapping an arm around Jean, who smiled at Charles with a nod.

“Got it, Professor.” Storm said confidently, bolts of electricity running along her fingertips.

“Understood, Charles. Let’s go get this magnet.” Hank smirked from the front seat.  

Charles suddenly felt Raven’s thoughts pulling him in.

Are you ok, Charles?” She projected silently, and Charles could sense her love and concern.

Yes. Raven I- thank you. For staying, for being by my side. For helping me- convincing me to change. I love you, and am so proud of the woman you are.” He said to her in a rush. He felt a warmth and deep affection well up in her at his words.

You’re welcome, and I don’t plan on leaving you.” She said, smiling at him genuinely.

“I know.” He said back quietly. A few days ago, he’d sensed her restlessness, and had secretly delved into Hank’s mind, unbeknownst to the man. Something in him broke when he saw the conversation Hank had had with Raven, and there he decided to change. Not just to keep her by his side, but for his students. For his family.

“What does Hank mean, a magnet?” Kurt said aloud, interrupting his thoughts.

“Nothing, Kurt.” Charles said with a fond shake of the head, but then his brain was hit with a familiar person’s deep fear.  

“We’re here. Let’s go.” Charles said quickly, and the team sprang into action. Scott went below to his firing station, and Storm flew out of the plane. Charles prepared himself to take on the biggest group he’d ever immobilized, but for Erik, he’d do anything.


Erik pov- 

“No.” Red Lotus said, trying to break free of his restraints as the blade neared Erik’s throat. 

“Stop!” Selene said quickly, pulling on her own handcuffs.

I’m sorry, Charles. Erik thought as the blade began to sear his throat. I think I love you. Erik thought last, and closed his eyes to die. He had never really realized it until recently, but if there was anyone he loved most in the world, it was undoubtedly Charles, and it pained Erik that he was going to die without telling him.

“Then stay alive, and tell me in person.” Erik almost laughed with relief as he head the familiar voice inside his head. Oh shit. Charles just heard me tell him I love him. Shit shit shit!

Just then, the entire building rocked with the force of a bomb. An ear splitting explosion was heard in the distance. The man with the blade fell back, away from Erik, with a crash to the ground. Keane reached to a chair to steady himself. Erik smiled when the other man’s face drained of color.

Suddenly, another explosion was heard, and Keane pulled out his radio.

“This is the director. What’s happening?” He said quickly, not even trying to hide the slight shake of fear in his voice. 

“It’s Xavier and his X-men sir!!” Someone said over the coms.

“Well, we knew they were coming! Capture them!” Keane yelled into the radio as the building continued to shake.

“Sir, it’s Charles Xavier! Even you thought it would take him more than 9 fucking hours to figure out we had Lehnsherr! We weren’t ready for him to attack yet, let alone bring the fucking X-men” The same man said back, obviously panicking.

Keane’s face went impossibly whiter and he just turned and stared at Erik. A final blast was heard, this one closer. It rattled the foundations and Keane lost his grip on the chair. He started to fall, but was suspended mid-air.

Charles. Erik thought as he even he felt himself go suddenly still at the power that was possessed by Charles Xavier. Keane looked back at him, frozen in shock. Erik, along with everyone else, then heard a voice inside his head.

Hello, this is Charles Xavier, I’m a friend of Magneto’s. The X-Men and I have come to help get you out of here. I can’t hold you all for long, so please work with me. We have a jet waiting at the south end of the building. It's a huge area engulfed in fire, thanks to Cyclops and Storm. You can’t miss it. If you are a mutant, we will come unlock your collars, and get you out of here.” Charles paused in his talking, but the hold on them all remained strong. The telepath then spoke again, his voice a livid, deadly blanket of velvet that definitely did not turn Erik on.

“Now, if you are one of the spineless bastards that operate this place, my greatest apologies, but my forces and I will show no mercy. You shouldn’t have taken what’s mine, and I’ve come to get him back. You better surrender Erik Lehnsherr, and the rest of the mutants peacefully. If not, well... I can do a lot more than immobilize you.” And the voice inside his head ended with that deadly, quiet threat.

Erik felt himself unfreeze along with everyone else. Did Charles just basically claim me as his property? Possessive bastard, fucking possessive bastard. Erik thought with a smug smirk as Keane ran to lock the door, speaking desperately into his radio. 

“The high profile prisoners and I are in room 7a! Send men! I do not want them to get in here! Repeat: I want soldier’s! Keep the X-Men out!” Keane yelled frantically as the mutants and soldiers in the room just watched.

“Sir, half our troops have been taken out. They have a girl who controls lighting, and a boy with lasers, and a fast one who looks like a blur-“ the man on the radio rambled, as smaller explosions were heard in the distance.

“I don’t care what they have! I want them dead, and I want Xavier now! And I want him in chains!” Keane yelled, abandoning all sense of calm. Erik just smiled darkly, knowing that Charles wasn’t planning on stopping unless Erik was with him. 

“Sir, you’re about to get Xavier, but he won’t be in chains. He’s here and he’s...” the man trailed off slightly.

“He’s what?” Keane said in quiet fear.

“Sir, he’s killing. Him and his men, but especially Xavier. You know he never kills, right? He just stopped all brain activity in over a hundred men, just by raising his arms. You should not have taken Lehnsherr...” The guy said quietly. Erik felt the soldier’s words go directly to his groin.

So Charles was killing- for him? Damn possessive bastard, and even the idiot over the radio knows it. Erik thought, but he’d be lying if he said it wasn’t one of the most wonderful feelings in the world, knowing Charles and his unstoppable team were coming for him. 

“Over a HUNDRED? At once?” Keane looked at Erik with dread, disbelief evident in his voice. The metal manipulator smiled back with a smirk that said, ‘yep, that’s my Charles Xavier.’

 Red Lotus met Erik’s eyes across the room, and shot him a feral grin at the fear this Keane man had of Charles. Rightly so, he could kill you with a flick of the pinky. Erik thought, grinning back.  

This was all kind of thrilling, like getting jail broken from the pentagon all over again. Only this time, Charles was at full strength, and they were afraid of him. 

“Yes sir, and he’s not stopping. He’s on his way to you now. The rest of the men are retreating, but the lightning girl is destroying most of our building.” The radio spoke.

“You have to call him off. You have got to stop this, Lensherr.” Keane practically begged him on his knees. 

Erik just smiled and was about to reply, when smoke flashed blue, and Jean Grey appeared with Nightcrawler.

“Oh god finally. Charles was about to explode if he didn’t get eyes on you soon. Kurt, go get him.” The redhead said quickly, relieved eyes on Erik. Nightcrawler vanished just as suddenly as he’d appeared.

“Hey, Lehnsherr. Good to see you alive.” Jean said with a slight smile, raising her hands to telekineticly-unlock the room’s collars. Erik’s beeped, and unlatched, along with his cuffs. The metal bender stood, rubbing his wrists, and smiled slightly back at her in gratitude. 

“Good to see you as well, Jean. How’s Charles?” He asked the girl as he, and the other mutants shrugged off the collars and restraints.

She looked at him with eyes that bordered on afraid. “Knowing he almost lost you made him lose his mind. He’s been going crazy trying to find you; killing everyone that stands in his way.” She said solemnly. Erik nodded, he wouldn’t have expected any less, because Charles was many things, and merciful was one of them. But when it came to Erik... 

“I’ve never seen him this afraid. Or this powerful.” She added quietly, and met Erik’s eyes, understanding registering in the steely grey-green.

“Damn magneto, your boyfriend’s a badass motherfucker.” Selene said, and Erik’s mouth quirked up ever so slightly. “A nd obviously a protective bastard.” She added, and Erik couldn’t hold back a smile.

“Did Kurt go to get him?” Erik asked Jean quietly. The redhead nodded back.  

Red Lotus wrapped his braids around a soldier’s neck, and Quill shot another full of arrows.

Suddenly there was another burst of blue smoke and the sight almost made Erik go weak in the knees. There was Charles Xavier- right in front of him, bloody cuts on his face and a swollen lip, but still there.


Charles pov -

“Professor! Jean found him, I’ll take you there.” Kurt appeared suddenly next to him and offered his arm.  

“Thank you, Kurt.” Charles said quickly, taking the arm. They vanished and reappeared in the usual blue haze. Then Charles could feel him, the presence of the man he’d been going crazy over.

Charles.” He heard Erik say his name aloud, almost reverently, and he couldn’t control it anymore. He flooded Erik with his emotions, and saw the change in his eyes as the realization hit him. All Charles’s worry, fear, anger, rage, care , love. It filled the metal manipulator, and Charles let it. He felt the warmth emanating from the other man as his feelings washed over Erik.

“Freeze.” He said aloud, stretching out both arms. All the mutants in the room froze, even Jean and Selene were immobilized at his word.

Erik looked around with raised eyebrows, and a soft smile playing on his lips that Charles loved so much. The telepath just smiled back, relief evident in every part of his face. 

“I love you.” Erik said slowly, taking a few steps toward Charles.

“I love you too.” Charles whispered, blue eyes going wide as Erik didn’t stop coming toward him.

“I know.” Erik said with a small smile, and Charles, the telepath, was too whipped to even see this coming. Erik bent down and met his lips. Charles’s were soft and full, Erik’s slightly chapped as he hungrily pressed into the kiss.

“Oh my god.” The metal manipulator said inside his head, and he couldn’t agree more.

Mmm... wanted... you... so long.” Charles sent back. He could feel Erik’s euphoria and desire that mirrored his own. Erik smiled as Charles hand dropped from his temple to run through Erik’s hair, and everyone in the room unfroze, but Charles couldn’t care less.


Erik pov-

Oh god, they were finally kissing. Charles was kissing back, hard, and it felt amazing. Erik shut his eyes, and ran his tongue along Charles’s soft lips, and his mouth opened obediently.

God, Erik... so mm- so so sexy.” He felt Charles buzz and warmth inside his head, and couldn’t help but smile into the kiss after Charles moaned inside his head, running a hand along the metal manipulator’s waist.  

Raven, who had been waiting silently by the door, then chose this moment to say, “Damn Erik, that must have been a fucking good kiss. The guy couldn’t even hold a room of 20 people for more than a couple seconds.” She then grinned at him, and he grinned back harder when Charles blushed a deep red.

“Did you get the others out?” Charles asked Raven quickly.

“Yes, they’re in the jet with Peter.” She said, and Charles gave her an affirming nod, which quickly turned into a deep frown as the telepath’s eyes darkened. He turned to face Keane with an almost predatory smile playing on his lips.

Erik secretly thought it was one of the hottest things he’d ever seen. 

“You. You’re the one who wanted me, I can feel it. Well, you took what’s mine, and now you’ve got me. And- fuck. You really thought I’d force all the mutants to come here? Ahh- you were going to use Erik against me, hmm?” Charles said quietly as he closed his eyes, obviously reading Keane’s mind.

“Well let me tell you something, Erik and I have known each other longer thank you’ve been a murduring piece of shit, and if his murderous thoughts weren’t begging me to indulge them, I’d kill you right now. Slowly, and extremely painfully.” Charles said, his voice cold and quiet, but the rage and deadlines obvious. Keane was stark white and shaking, eyes wide as he took in Charles’s words. 

“What did I tell you? Didn’t think you had it in you, Professor.” Jean said, looking from Erik to Charles. A few people laughed, and Charles’s blush just added to the humor. The metal manipulator just smiled smugly. 

“Jean, the roof?” Charles asked, turning back to nod at Erik, leaving Keane shaking in fear, the suited man not saying a word.

“Sure, Professor.” Erik absently heard Jean say, obliterating the roof as he felt a metal knife in Charles’s pocket.

Thank you, Charles. You brought this for me, didn’t you.” He said, raising the knife from the pocket.

“Yes. I did.” Charles said aloud, not looking at him, leaving Erik to his revenge.

“I told you not to start a fight you can’t finish.” Erik said quietly, looking into the man’s fearful eyes as the knife drove straight through Keane’s heart.

“Hank, bring the jet. I’ll show you where we are.” Charles said aloud, hand on his temple, obviously talking to beast.

“Good to see you, Erik.” Raven said, entering the room with a light smile. She carefully and sweetly wrapped her arms around him.  

“Nice to see you too, Raven.” He said back genuinely, pulling her in for a hug.

“So these are the ‘old friends’ that you always told us exist, but we never really believed you about?” Selene asked snidely, looking appraisingly at Jean.

“Ah yes. Raven, this is Selene. You would probably like each other, you’re both unbearably sarcastic.” He said with a nod toward the woman.  

“Red Lotus, Quill, Burns, Selene, Sabre, Toad, and others, this is Jean, Nightcrawler, Mystique, and-“ Erik was cut off by Selene’s annoying voice yet again.  

“Charles Xavier.” She breathed, and it was the closest thing to a respectful tone Erik had ever heard from her. He raised his eyebrows in sudden surprise.

“Yes. Professor X.” Erik nodded, a smug smile on his face as Selene just stared at Charles reverently.

“Yes, hi, I’m Charles Xavier.” The telepath said to her, after giving Hank the instructions.

“Damn Magneto, I can feel the control radiating off of him.” She said quietly to Erik. “I’ve heard you were powerful, but I didn’t realize you would be this strong.” She said as Charles looked at her with an almost amused look.

“Thank you.” Charles said with a smile. The group then heard the jet overhead.

“Jean, Erik?” Charles asked aloud, and they nodded back.  

Feels good to have these back. He thought as he and Jean used their powers to levitate the mutants into the jet, including Charles and his chair.

“What is this? The second time we’ve saved you from a supposedly inescapable prison, Erik?” Hank asked smugly from the front seat once they were all back in the jet. 

“Hello, Hank. And, last time I checked, you in particular haven’t saved me from anything.” Erik said back with a smirk. His smirk turned to a smile as he watched the families that the X-men had saved reunite on the jet.  

“Where to, Professor?” He heard Hank ask Charles.

“Your people don’t look like they need medical. Would you prefer us take you home?” Charles said inside his head. Erik turned so he could look into his deep blue eyes as they telepathically spoke.

“Yes, but do you think you could stay the night, and leave in the morning? It’s only 7:00.” Erik begged, knowing Charles could read his pleading thoughts. He also knew Charles was not likely wanting to leave him at the moment, so Erik had the advantage.

Fine. But we have to leave early to get back to the school.” Charles relented.

“To Genosha, Hank. Storm, Jean, blow this place to hell.” Charles ordered quietly, and the two women launched themselves out of the jet. 

“I like that one.” Red Lotus said, pointing to Charles. One of his braids wrapping around Erik’s shoulders. The metal bender shrugged him off. 

“Yea, well he’s mine.” Erik said, and had a sudden flashback to earlier.  

“You took what’s mine.” Charles had said to Keane. Possessive bastard, indeed. Erik thought with a smug smile. Charles’s eyes flashed, and he blushed lightly, reading Erik’s thoughts.  

Oh shut up, Erik. You’d be the same way, and we both know it.” Charles said inside his head, and Erik laughed aloud.

 Raven and Selene just looked at each other, and rolled their eyes at their helpless men.

“Hey Charles... would you like to kiss again?” Erik couldn’t help but ask when the memory popped into his head of their passionate kiss from when the telepath had first rescued him.

Here?!” Charles’s surprised reply came back, but Erik’s body was already moving of its own accord. He was hungry, desperate to have Charles near him. He wanted to take him, love him, mark him in a way he’s never been able too.

 He crossed the jet in a matter of steps, straight to the seat behind the pilot where he knew Charles was.

Now.” Erik said aloud, roughly grabbing the chair and spinning it toward him. He crashed his lips to Charles’s, unsurprised when they fit together perfectly. That was him and Charles.

“You’re such a sap Erik. A madly sexy sap.” Charles moaned into his head, and deepened the kiss, wrapping an arm around Erik’s waist.

God kissing a telepath is hot. Erik thought, magnetically raising Charles into the air so they were both standing, although he was using his power to support the telepath. Erik wrapped his arms around Charles, and they kissed deeply, as though neither could stop.

Oh god I love you. Damn I’ve wanted this for so long.” Erik said, closing his eyes as he explored Charles’s willing mouth with his tongue.

Oh fuck Erik, I’ve wanted this so bad. Wanted you. Missed you.” Charles said info his head, and if a voice in your head can be sexy, damn Charles’s was. Heated, breathless, and oh so sexy. Erik was high on the kiss and the emotions Charles was projecting, and didn’t ever want to stop. So they were both left gasping for breath by the time they broke apart.

He felt warm, safe, and loved. It felt as though Charles was wrapping him, caressing him in a mental embrace. Sending emotions, memories, and desire through their linked minds; and Erik never wanted him to stop.

"Wow. And I thought I’d seen unresolved sexual tension.” Selene said, eyes wide and eyebrows raised as she stared at the two heavily breathing men.

“Yea, that’s been going on for 20 years.” Raven said, a knowing smirk on her face.

“If you’re going to do that again, please do it somewhere other than right behind my head please.” Hank said, and the jet's occupants laughed as both men blushed.

“Just fly the plane, Hank.” Charles said, reaching out a hand. Hank’s face was suddenly snapped back ahead. More people laughed at that.

“Come home with me tonight, Charles. Let me love you, because I do. I love you Charles. Please. I want- no, I need you more than anything.” Erik whispered, already knowing the answer, because Charles never was one to deny Erik.  

Alright, me too. I love you.” Charles said quietly, resting his forehead against Erik’s own. Listening to their hearts beating, and having Charles’s emotions flooding through his head was enough for Erik.


Charles’s pov- 

Charles opened his eyes to a sight he never thought he’d get to see; being wrapped in the arms of Erik Lehnsherr. His face calm and peaceful, with the barest trace of a smile. His muscles arms wrapped tightly around Charles, as though he’d be ripped away any minute.

“I have to go. Back to the school, Erik.” Charles said to him quietly. Erik barely stirred, just enough to pull him even closer. The telepath just sighed and ran a hand through his thick hair.  

“Erik, let me go, I have to go. I can see that Hank is already prepping the jet, and I laid here all night. I wouldn’t leave if I didn’t have to, baby.” Charles tried again, this time in Erik’s head, while trying-but-failing to push Erik’s bicep off him.

Mmm baby. I like that.” Erik said back aloud, nuzzling his face into Charles’s neck.

So you have been awake, bastard.” Charles said half-heartedly. He was rather enjoying the feel of the light kisses that Erik was peppering over his neck, over the deep red marks from the night before. 

“Do you really have to go?” Erik said somewhat seriously, and Charles felt his heart might break.

Yes, I do. Can you get my chair?” Charles asked back, closing his eyes and savoring the last feel of Erik’s warm body wrapped around his own.

“Yes.” Erik said back, and Charles could feel Erik’s sadness and longing pang through him.

The telepath felt himself being lifted bridal-style out of the bed, and Erik brought his chair floating through the air towards them. The metal manipulator set him down in it gently.

“I love you, Erik. And I will come back.” Charles said aloud, not looking at him.

“Will you? I don’t know- I don’t want...” Erik stuttered quietly, opening the door to his cabin for Charles to exit through.

“I- you’ll be fine.” The telepath said, slightly dismissively, still not willing to look at him.

“No...I won’t. LOOK AT ME!” Erik yelled, lifting the chair magnetically, and spinning it so Charles had to face him. The telepath raised his eyes to meet Erik’s, and could feel that the metal bender almost wished he hadn’t. 

Tear filled grey-green eyes met the tear filled blue ones, and his emotions flooded through Erik. Charles saw his own sadness, care, loss, gratefulness, longing, sorrow, adoration and love shoot through the metal manipulator as the two stared at each other for what felt like an eternity. Their combined memories, longing, and deep love were almost too much for them to bare.

“I will come back. Back for you.” Charles whispered, sending Erik’s brain comforting pangs of calm love.

“I’ll wait for you.” Erik said back, Charles could sense his thoughts, and knew it was the hardest thing he’d ever said.

“I know you will.” Charles replied, and left.


Erik poV- 

“He’s here.” Selene whispered suddenly, turning away from the knife she’d just thrown, looking toward him. Erik’s eyes unashamedly lit up as he felt a familiar presence in his head.

“Erik?” Came the voice of Charles Xavier inside his mind; one he hadn’t heard in four days.

“You’re here.” Erik breathed aloud. He rushed into the center courtyard to see the X-jet land in a mass of wind.

“Charles!! It’s Professor Xavier!!” Erik heard the shouts of kids as they ran to see the jet. Charles and the X-men had become sort of a hero to them after the big rescue. The children had been awed when they heard Xavier’s voice in their heads when he immobilized them all, and had loved the Professor since.

Erik ran over to the landing jet, and crowed gathered around it; a small smile on his face.

“Raven.” He said, nodding to the woman as she quickly walked out of the jet. She shot him a sweet smile that Erik returned. The kids flocked to her right away. The smile remained on his face, but vanished when Erik heard his own voice talking to the kids. He turned quickly, and found himself looking at his own mirror image.

 “Stop that.” He said with a small smile as the kids laughed.

“Lehnsherr.” Storm nodded to him as she too, walked out of the jet. Had Charles brought them all? Erik wondered, raising his eyebrows slightly as he watched Jean follow out behind. 

“Good to see you still alive.” Jean said to him with a small smile as she, too, was quickly surrounded by the laughing kids.

“Hello, Erik.” Came a warm voice, and he turned to face Charles. God he was beautiful. The telepath had on his work suit and a dark red tie. He must’ve come straight from the school. Erik thought as he smiled at the handsome man. Charles was definitely projecting, and he could feel the happiness radiating from the telepath.

Now, Erik had planned to wait and see why Charles was here, before just pouncing on him like a horny teenager, but his self control went out the window upon seeing Charles looking so good- right in front of him. Erik raised the telepath from his chair, calling Charles to him with a flick of his wrist. The metal manipulator took a few steps toward him so the two could meet halfway.

Charles just grinned and wrapped his arms around him. Erik took that as permission enough. Without waiting a beat, he hungrily pressed his lips against Charles’s; the two kissed passionately.  

I.... missed.... you.” Erik thought between kisses.

I missed you, too.” Charles said back, smiling into the kiss and running a hand through Erik’s lengthening hair.

“Are you boys going to greet each other like this every time? If so, I’m going to start bringing a barf bag.” Selene said with a smirk at the two.  

Her words brought Erik back to himself. It was so damn easy to just lose himself in Charles. He called the chair and lowered Charles down gently. The telepath was lightly blushing, and Erik loved it.  

“You blush much too easily, Charles.” Erik said with a wicked grin as the two walked toward his house.  

“Don’t tell me you don’t like it, Erik.” Charles said, grinning back.

“Why are you here?” Erik asked aloud, cutting to the chase. He could playfully banter with Charles all day, but he was ready to know the reason behind his visit.  

“I.. well. I missed you, for starters. And well-“ Charles paused hesitantly, as if afraid to broach a subject. Erik just waited patiently, knowing Charles would tell him.

“Erik, would you and your people like to relocate in Westchester? You don’t have to live at the school by any means, but uh... there are around a hundred of you, hmm? We could build houses and dwellings, it would go rather fast with both you, Jean, and the rest. And umm... if you were interested the kids could go to the school.” Charles still wasn’t looking at him, and continued hurriedly.  

“If not, I understand. If you don’t want to I’ll understand that too, but uhh- it’s just...” Charles trailed off unsure.

“Sweetheart, I’m sorry, but for a telepath you are incredibly oblivious.” Erik thought with a smile, and Charles froze.

“Look at me, Charles.” Erik said aloud, and the telepath did. Charles had always displayed his feelings on his face, always easy for Erik to read. He could see the trepidation behind those blue eyes, but also a desire and deep love.

“I will talk to my people about it, but I’d want that.” Erik said, trying his hardest to project an assurance and the same desire that Charles could telepathically pick up on. The metal bender felt the briefest touch on his mind, and knew Charles understood.

“You- you want to? You will? Oh god I love you, Erik.” Charles said, relief flooding into his eyes. They had yet to break eye contact, and Erik suddenly was desperate not to.

“I love you too. More than anyone.” He said, knowing Charles would know that it’s the truth.


2 months later. Charles pov- 

“Mmm. What time is it?” He asked, waking from the sudden loss of the warmth that was no longer beside him.

“6. I’m going for a run. Might stop by a couple of the newer developments. Be back soon.” He heard Erik say softly. The telepath opened his tired eyes, and smiled genuinely at the sight. Before him was Erik, shirtless, with his long legs dressed in track pants.

“Fine. Let me know if anyone needs anything.” Charles murmured, closing his eyes again. He was definitely not ready to start the day this early. Storm was out of town for the week, so he had to cover her classes, and that wasn’t for another hour.

“Alright, baby. See you soon. Love you.” Erik said, shutting the door quietly.

“Love you too.” Charles sent him telepathically. He felt Erik’s warmth at the words and smiled to himself.

“Like fire and water.” Erik thought back, and Charles could almost feel his smile. The telepath’s own smile grew as he rolled over, and fell back into a peaceful sleep, knowing Erik would come back. He always did; like fire at water- two powerful forces that came to a halt when they met.