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Miroctane Moments

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“Why are we here again?”, Octavio sighed, dragging his feet causing his sneakers to squeak on the linoleum. He turned to face his partner who was pushing a grocery cart in front of him, looking all too pleased with himself.
“Because, my love, in case you hadn’t noticed our home is lacking sus-susten...We have no food”.
“We haven’t starved yet, amor”, he protested, softly, following the trickster down one of the many lengthy aisles.
“I can’t live off take out again this week”, Elliott chuckled, running a hand over his stomach. “We can’t all burn it off as quickly as you”.
Octavio watched with great interest as the black fabric was smoothed over his boyfriend’s abs.
“I don’t mind a little dad bod, cariño”.
Elliott hummed in amusement.
“If only my sponsors felt the same”.

They continued around the supermarket in comfortable silence, save for the occasional comment from Elliott, as he tossed various products into their cart. Octavio loved his significant other but, this had to be the most boring activity he’d ever taken him on. Elliott had put him in charge of pushing the cart, at some point, allowing him to have some entertainment as he rode it at some speed down the aisles, only to receive a raised eyebrow and a quick scolding from his other half when he crashed into a fruit display.
“But I’m so booooored”, he pouted, as he leaned on the cart. “Mira, this is a waste of time. Think of all the other fun stuff we could be doing instead of this”.
“Like what?”, Elliott decided to humour him, in the hopes it might stop his complaining for five seconds.
“Like...going to that new ice cream place, or doing backflips off the top of the Apex building...or each other”, Octavio ran his tongue, over his lips ensuring to display his lip piercing in the process.
“Tempting”, the trickster responded, smirking back at him. “I could really go for some ice cream”.
“You’re an asshole”, the younger legend, quipped, shoving the other playfully.

“Mierda, I just don’t see why we can’t order the groceries”, Octavio spoke, complaining again.
“Because”, Elliott sighed. “When we do it ourselves, we get to see how far we’ve come”. He couldn’t help but smile bashfully, at the low whistle emitted from his boyfriend, as he bent over to grab something from the shelf, to prove his point.
“Ya see, back in the day, before I bought the bar, I used to live off these babies. Ten cents instant ramen”. He winked at Octavio, before tossing some cups into the cart. “But now we can have, wait for it...fifty cents instant ramen”. The speedster audibly snorted at the display.
“I’ll admit, I didn’t even know they made ten cent ramen”.
“Sorry, we didn’t all grow up with CEO parents”, Elliott teased. Octavio simply flipped him off in response.
“I just like to know what our options are”, the trickster continued. “Mark my words, when we have kids, they sure as hell won’t be living off turkey leviathans”.

Octavio nodded absentmindedly to himself, as he continued to follow his partner around the aisles. It took a couple of moments for the cogs in his brain to start turning, realising what Elliott had just said, causing him to stop in his tracks.
When we”.
Elliott stopped now, turning to face his partner, cheeks flushed slightly.
“I just m-meant that y’know, if w-we did. Not like...not n-now! I just thought m-maybe down the line...We don’t h-have to! I d-don’t even c-care either way! Could you imagine me being a dad? I’d be a t-terrible dad. I’d probably be just like my dad and he was barely even a dad. I r-remember this one t-time…”.
Octane reached out, wrapping his pinky finger around Elliott’s.
“Ell, you’re rambling. Mira, it’s not a big deal, alright?”.
“Y-yeah, I know”, the trickster seemed to take a deep breath, before letting it go, composing himself. “I think we might have forgot something. I’m gonna just go grab it”.
“I’ll be r-right back”.

Octavio watched him walk away, at a swift pace before he could press the matter further. He felt bad. He didn’t mean for the exchange to happen the way it did, but Elliott had taken him by surprise. They’d never discussed the notion of starting a family before. He didn’t think Elliott was the type to want to settle down that way, since it would only add to the mountain of responsibilities he already had. Octavio didn’t really think about the future too much, normally living life in the moment and taking every day as it came. However, it was now becoming apparent that Elliott felt differently. He wasn’t completely opposed to the idea but, the thought of having that much responsibility was scary. He wondered if he should bring it up, when he got back. So he waited. And waited. And waited.

Octavio drummed his fingers in the cart impatiently. When there was no sign of his significant other returning, he decided the best course of action was to take the cart and wander through the aisles until he found him. Just when he thought all hope was lost, he recognised the sound of warm laughter echoing from the back of the store. Following it, he eventually stumbled across Elliott who was having a fairly animated conversation with a woman he hadn't seen before, and what he assumed was her teenage daughter who was not so subtly taking photos of the exchange. The trickster's attention was held on the tiny toddler peering up and pointing at him, while the woman scolded her daughter.
"Crissie, if you want a picture with Mr Mirage, you could be polite and ask. I'm so sorry about all this".
"Mom!", the girl protested, blushing profusely.
"It's no trouble really. We'd be nothing without the viewers, after all", Elliott smiled gently at the girl, as she nodded dumbly and fumbled around with her phone. She pulled her mother into the frame, and the three began to pose for the picture, only to be interrupted by a high pitched shriek. The woman began to laugh, looking down at the pouting toddler.
"I think someone's upset he's not in the picture".

Even from a distance, Octavio could see the shimmer in Elliott's eyes as he looked down at the small child who was still pointing up at him.
"M-may I?", he asked, turning to the woman, his Mirage persona faltering for a moment. She nodded and smiled warmly, as Elliott scooped the tiny human into his arms. The teenage girl snapped a selfie of the group, before they engaged in a few more minutes of conversation. However, when the woman decided it was time they go their separate ways, they were met by some resistance from the child, who decided he would prefer to stay clinging to Elliott’s shirt. Octavio couldn’t help but grin like an idiot, as he watched his boyfriend gently coax the toddler back into his mother’s arms, ruffling his hair.
“You’re gonna wanna stay with your mom, kiddo. I’m sure she’s a lot cooler than me, anyway”.

It wasn’t until he had said his goodbyes to the family, did Elliott notice Octavio grinning at him from across the way, and he smiled back sheepishly.
“Why are you looking at me like that?”, he asked, as he approached the speedster, who still couldn’t wipe the smile off his face.
“Oh, nothing, amor. There’s just something about the cheese aisle that made me realise how much I love you”.
“Oh yeah?”, Elliott hummed, wrapping his arms around the smaller legend, pulling him closer. “As it turns out, I’m pretty fondue you too”. Octavio groaned into his chest.
“You don’t even have kids yet and you’re already making dad jokes”.
“Yet?”, Elliott perked up, as his partner pulled away and began pushing the shopping cart towards the pay stations. Octavio shrugged casually but threw a cheeky wink over his shoulder.
“You never know what the future might hold, cariño”.