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Because he sat on a pile of ash

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Midoriya Izuku was a genius of a boy, born with an unfortunate set back. He was born a normal boy in a time of heroes, villains and superpowers and was seen as lesser because of it.
Izuku had lived the first four years of his life happily, with his mother father and had Bakugo Katsuki as his best friend, however, everything began to change a few months after Izuku's fourth birthday. Everyone else began developing quirks but Izuku just... didn't.
His friends at school distanced them selves from him and a few of them (Bakugo included) began to bully him, due to this one small factor. Izuku's mother still loved him but now her love seemed to be of the smothering type now and his father was still there but seemed... different.
Everything stayed like this until one day at the start of ninth grade, when everything went to shit - well, more than it was already.
The words "You wanna be a hero so bad? I've got a time saving idea for 'ya. If you think you'll have a quirk in your next life... go take a swan dive off the roof!" swam around his head. Maybe he should take a "swan dive off the roof" but... It'd break his parents hearts so maybe not.
All Izuku could think about was Bakugo's words. Why did he hate him so much? Why couldn't he and his "friends" just leave Izuku alone? And then something hit him. Not like a thought or anything. Something literally hit him. It was cold and liquid, yet warm and solid at the same time. Everything about this thing was a juxtaposition. And then whatever had hit him started entrapping him within itself and forcing its strange body down his oesophagus. It was gross!
The slime said something - but Izuku couldn't hear it over the sound of his heart beating in his ears - and then the sewage cover burst open.
"It's o...y! Why?!" (All Might?)
Izuku blacked out to the wonderful feeling of being able to breathe and the comforting sound of All Might's voice.
"...Man? Young man? Oh thank goodness you're awake!"
"All Might...?" Questioned Izuku as he slowly pried his eyes open.
"I have captured the villain yet I am afraid I must leave! Make sure to get home safely!"
"Wait! Please!" Called Izuku, "I just want to ask one question."
"As you wish young man! But please hurry, I have to get this villain to the police and you need to get home!
"C-can I be a hero, even without a quirk?" (this was a bad idea!)
All Might's expression turned solemn and his ever-lasting smile dropped.
" No, my boy, I am afraid you cannot." All Might then perked up again, "You seem to have a knack for analysis though. Perhaps you could become a detective! I have a very close friend who is a detective, as luck would have it. Perhaps I could introduce you if we meet again!" Boomed All Might as he rushed off.
(Yeah, if.)
Izuku followed All Might's instructions and went home. Or tried to, at least.
He passed a villain fight on his way home but was far too exhausted to watch, only, the smell of singed clothes and smoke didn't leave once he had passed the fight. In fact, it began to get stronger the closer he got to his house. Izuku sped up as the sent got more intense, until he was sprinting home.
There was nothing left.
In the spot where Izuku's house had once been was a pile of smouldering ashes.
(Auntie Mitzuki and Uncle Masaru are outside.)
"Auntie! Uncle!" Called Izuku, voice still horse from being suffocated by slime less than an hour before.
The two slowly turned to face him, looks of guilt, distress and horror evident on their faces.
"Izu-kun, I'm so sorry..." Whispered his auntie.
His uncle, who was more well versed in the ways of normal children, knelt down before him and held his hands.
"We're sorry, Izu-kun. We were coming to drop off some of Katsuki's old clothes for you and... It was already mostly gone when we got here. We... no one knows what happened. I am so, so sorry Izu!"
"W-where are the heroes? Where are the firemen? Why is no one here? Why did no one come to help mum and dad!?"
Izuku couldn't understand any of this. Nothing made sense. Whenever there was a fire on TV there were always firemen or heroes on the scene within seconds to help, but... no one was here to help when it happened to Izuku's family. It felt like fate had it out for him. First his only "friend" tells him to kill himself, then he's attacked by a villain, then the number one hero tells him to give up on his dream and then, to top it all off, no one shows up to save his parents when their house is set on fire.
Fate definitely had it out for him.
The next few weeks went by in a haze. He payed no attention in class, ignored every hero fight he passe and didn't respond to anything, at all.
The first time he responded was when he was told by auntie Mitsuki that he'd be moving in with them or going to an orphanage as he had no family. He'd been sleeping on their rock hard couch, to avoid Bakugo, and was being bullied even worse while he'd been staying with them and going to and orphanage was out of the question. But he said nothing. He just smiled at Mitsuki and nodded. He'd wait until later to get away.
Once everyone was asleep, he grabbed a pair of clothes and some food and sneaked out of the living room window. He'd get as far away as possible. The trash beach sounded like a good place to hide from all of your problems.
It only took a few days for Izuku to decide that he wanted to be a vigilante. He'd run away from "home" and was quirkless so stood no chance of actually becoming a hero, so he'd settle for the next best thing. He wanted to save people and, at this point, he'd resort to just about anything to do as such. No law can hold back a boy determined to prove the world wrong.
So, he immediately began working on both a home on the trash beach and a vigilante costume. (Oh,) He thought (I can't go out in public as Izuku. There's no way auntie Mitsuki hasn't reported me missing.)
And so, he built a trash house and made a scrap fabric hero, sorry, Vigilante suit - which looked pretty good if he did say so himself. Oh, he also made a couple scrap metal staffs as a temporary measure.
Aizawa was just about to catch up with Eclipse when something came out of nowhere and hit him on the head with a metal staff and tied him up with a long scrap of fabric.
"Thanks kid! That jerk was really getting on my nerves!"
"No problem, miss?"
"Just call me Eclipse, and you are?"
"Iz- Oh. ummmm, I don't actually have a "name" yet. first night and all that."
(Great, a small vigilante.)
"Yeah, your outfit made that apparent. Oh! I'm sorry! I'm just used to talkin' that bastard over there."
The small vigilante nods their head.
"Hey! This "bastard" has eyes and ears!"
"Yup, I am fully aware of that, Eraser. Didn't help you against a kid with a knife or a kid with a staff and rope though, did it."
Aizawa grumbles under his breath before turning his attention to the small vigilante.
"I suggest you untie me, kid."
"Why would I do that?"
(Great, another vigilante kid with attitude. I know how to get under their skin though.)
"Do your parents know that you're out here, doing this, kid?"
(That'll get 'em)
"Yeah, y'know, your mum and dad?"
The kid has the audacity to actually laugh at this.
"'Course I know what parents are! I may be a kid but I'm no idiot. I gotta go thought. Have fun you two!"
The brat bounds off and Eclipse turns her gaze to him.
"I like 'em."
"Imma do it!"
"Bye, Eraser! Me and the kid'll see you tomorrow!"
And then Eclipse is tailing the brat.
Izuku's almost home when someone calls out to him.
"Hey! Kid!"
Izuku stops and turns to face the source of the voice.
"Oh. Eclipse, right?"
"Yup. Where're you goin'? Nothin' this way but the trash beach."
Izuku squirms slightly.
"Oh, kid. C'mon, let's grab your things and head to my place."
"Wha- But I hardly know you!"
Eclipse's eyes sadden as she looks down.
"Us orphaned Vigilantes gotta stick together, right?"
"I'm not gonna hurt you or anythin'. I just wanna look out for you, kid."
And so Izuku and his new friend collect his things and head to Eclipse's house.
"Wow, kid, I knew that your costume was bad , but I didn't expect it to be made of literal trash."
They both laugh slightly.
Eclipse's house is warm and cosy, everything is either painted a soft pastel blue or a warm yellow and all of the furniture is dark wood with plush grey and brown accents.
Izuku is shown to his room and told to get a shower and change out of his trash clothes, (He has his own en suite!)
He does as told and meets Eclipse out in the living room.
She's sat cross-legged on a plush grey couch with her hair down, a laptop on her lap and a cup of coffee on the table in front of her, wearing and oversized green t-shirt, a pair of soft looking grey jogging bottoms and a pair of fluffy pink socks. Whatever she's doing must be important because she hasn't noticed the small, green boy now stood in front of her.
"What're you doing?"
Eclipse doesn't even look up from the screen, she just continues typing away.
"Makin' a fake ID."
"Yup. I don't exist on anything other than a few wanted vigilante lists and you need a legal guardian, so I'm making my self a false ID. You get to decide which family member Imma be seeing as, well, it is your family."
"Aaaaand... Done! Now all I need is to know how I'm related to you and what yours and your parents names are and I can finish up the ID and fake a couple birth certificates. So first, how am I related to you?"
"How old are you?"
"21 in November."
"Okay, so adoption papers rather than birth certificates. That makes things easier. Next, parents names."
"Midoriya Hizashi and Inko."
"Mhm, and the name of my precious little brother?"
"Midoriya Izuku."
"Yup. Done. Now for the adoption papers from... ten years ago, and then we can work on your suit."
Eclipse types for another few minutes and then stops, takes a sip from her coffee and beams at Izuku.
"Well, Izuku, as of tomorrow, you will be under the legal care of your older sister, Akari Midoriya. Now lets start to find some inspiration for your costume. We only have until tomorrow evening to design and create a prototype!"
And that's how Midoriya Izuku found himself sat on a famous vigilante's couch, drinking hot chocolate and reading comics.
"Please tell me you've found Izuku."
Mitsuki had been visiting the police station everyday since Izuku went missing, about a month ago now, to see if anyone had found him.
"No one told you?" Questioned the police officer, looking both sceptical and surprised at the same time.
"Told me what?" She and the police officer now had almost identical expressions on their faces.
"His sister came in with him a week or so ago, saying that she'd just came home from university to find their house nought but a pile of ashes and Izuku sat on the edge of the property. She's an adult so was able to take full custody of him. From what I understand, the girl's been working hard and even has her own house."
This completely baffled Mitsuki because...
"...Izuku doesn't have any siblings...."
"Not according to the official records. Apparently, Mrs Inko and Mr Hisashi Midoriya adopted a daughter about ten years ago. Her names Akari, if that helps at all."
Something wasn't right but if the official records said that Inko and Hisashi had a daughter then they had to, right? Maybe the kid was just always at school or work after all, she could only be in her early twenties and apparently already had her own house, so maybe she was just a very busy girl.
"O-oh yeah, Akari, of course, how stupid of me to forget sweet little Akari! I guess she's just been away for so long that I kinda forgot... Would you mind giving me heir address so I can go and visit them?"
"Of course not, ma'am."
knock, knock, knock
"I'll get it. You keep working on the suit, okay 'Zuku?"
Akari opens the door to see a tall, blonde woman with angry red eyes and spiky hair.
"Oh! Auntie Mitsuki! I've not seen you in ages!"
"Akari-chan, so good to see you again! It really has been too long. How was university? What were you studying again?"
"I was finishin' off my support education, I'm surprised you forgot that. When I first got into UA's support course you were so proud that you threw a mini surprise party."
"Oh, yeah! How could I forget such an important thing!?"
(Good, it's working.)
"You're not here to talk about my education though, are you? I bet you're here to check on how 'Zuku's doin'. I've heard he ran away from your house. Poor kid, all he ever wanted was to be a hero. He's no different to any other kid his age!" Akari looks like she's going to explode with how angry she is. Izuku's told her about everything, from the day he found out he was quirkless to the day his parents died, and she's gonna use all of that to her advantage.
"Apparently his day was already goin' terribly before he found the house like that. First his teacher told the whole class that he wanted to be a hero and was applyin' to UA, then one of the brats tells him to jump off the roof and as if that wasn't bad enough, he was attacked by a villain on the way home, saved by All Might and then told by the number one hero that he should give up on his dream because he's quirkless! All that before findin' out that our parents burned to death! You'd almost think that fate has it out for him or somethin'."
Mitsuki grimaces at this, before realisation dawns on her face.
"Which one of the brats told Izu-kun to jump?"
"'Dunno. 'Zuku refused to tell me. He said it's 'cause if I knew their name I'd track 'em down and kill 'em in their sleep. Can't argue with logic like that."
Mitsuki laughs before returning to her serious demeanour.
"Can I see him?"
"I'll go ask."
Izuku was finishing off the sticky parts on his suits finger tips and shoes - both of which were made out of Akari's super strong blood-iron-stuff, her quirk basically let her turn her blood into any iron object, and her blood-iron-stuff was about ten times as strong as regular iron which was a plus - when someone knocked on the door.
""I'll get it. You keep working on the suit, okay 'Zuku?"
He'd pretty much finished the suit now. All he had to do was attach a device he'd made to the soles of the shoes and finger tips of the main suit. He and Akari had spent a good few hours looking through pre-quirk comics to find inspiration for his vigilante persona when the stumbled upon Spider-Man or, more accurately, Spider-Gwen. He didn't want to be an exact replica of the comic book hero, so he substituted the, awesome, web shooters for a grappling hook and focused on the actual suit, a voice modifier and a way of climbing up walls while making it seem like that was his quirk. He found out how to do that, after much trial and error, and immediately started implementing it into his suit.
Today would be his first official patrol and first appearance as Kumo, so it's safe to say he was elated.
He was just finishing putting the final grip-pad onto his shoe when favourite person no.1 walked in.
"Hey, 'Zuku. Auntie Mitsuki's here, she wants to see you."
Izuku nodded, put the shoe down and followed Akari out into the living room, where Bakugo Mitsuki was sat, holing a mug of coffee.
"Izu-kun! My God, why did you run away? We were all so worried!"
(Well, maybe you and Uncle Masaru were but Kacchan sure as hell wasn't.)
"Sorry. When you said I'd have to stay with you or go to an orphanage I panicked and ran. I think I was alone for a good three weeks before Nee-chan came home and found me. "
"Izu-kun, both of those would only have been until Aki-chan came home anyway! Wait... were you sat outside the pile of ash for three weeks?!"
Izuku just shook his head.
"Wha- where were you then?"
"Ummmm.... I made a hut on the trash beach..."
Mitsuki sighed and ruffled his hair.
"This is all Katsuki's fault."
"Wha? No, it's really not!"
"Well, maybe not all of it, but if that brat'd just remembered that you were his best friend instead of ditching you the second that dumb doctor called you quirkless then you wouldn't have been scared to stay with us."
"Well, I- I can't argue with that."
Akari could tell that Izuku was starting to feel awkward, and so chose to butt in.
"Hey, 'Zuku, lemme ask you somethin' real quick."
"We should invite them 'round for dinner."
"I wanna see the brat that hurt my 'Zuku squirm 'cause he feels bad for forgetting someone so important. Or at the the very least, see his mum scold him for being rude to us."
"Hey, Auntie Mitsuki!"
"Yeah, Aki-chan?"
"Would you three like to come over for dinner?"
"Y-you don't have to if you don't want to!" added Izuku.
"...We'd love to."
And with that Mitsuki left to collect a husband and son, while Akari and Izuku went to finish his suit.
Mitsuki had just arrived home with a dorky smile on her face and Katsuki did not like it, one bit!
"Katsuki, Masaru! Get dressed up in something nice, we're going 'round to the Midoriya's for dinner!"
"Hey, old hag? You goin' senile or some shit? Auntie Inko and Uncle Hisashi died in the fire and their useless brat ran away!"
"Aki-chan found 'im."
"Aki-chan? Are you alright, dear?"
"I'm fuckin' fine! If anything it's you two who're going crazy. Aki-chan, Izu-kun's older sister."
"He doesn't have an older sister, old hag."
"Katsuki's right, dear, Izu-kun is an only child."
"Nope, he does. Just got back form university. Used to go to UA, she was in the support course."
"Whatever, let's just get this over with, I wanna shout at the useless brat for runnin' away like that."
Before Katsuki knew it, they were at a modestly sized house knocking at the door.
"Comin'!" Called the cheerful voice of a young woman from inside.
A woman with short brown hair and bright blue eyes answered the door. She was a lot shorter than Katsuki but taller than Deku and wore a red, open-back shirt with white jeans and had the most cheerful smile Katsuki had ever seen on her face. It wasn't fake like Deku's smiles.
"Ooh! Katu-chan, you've grown so much! And Masaru, it's been too long!"
"Do I know you, shorty?"
"Katsuki!" Screamed his mother, pulling on his ear, the woman just laughed.
"Don't worry, auntie Mitsuki, I wouldn't expect him to remember me. After all, I was almost exclusively at school or working on support items in my room."
"Is that them, Nee-chan?" That was Deku.
"Yup" Called the woman - Aki-chan, his mother had called her.
"I just finished putting dinner out, you can let them in."
"Okey dokey 'Zuku! Well, you heard him, let's go, yeah?"
Dinner was actually fucking awesome! Katsuki definitely did not remember Akari but she was an amazing cook. Like, he thought auntie Inko's food was good, but Akari's was better.
But of course, the good evening had to be ruined by the old hags questions.
"So, Izu-kun, are you gonna be coming back to school after the weekend?"
"He sure as well will! Well, sorta. He'll be going to a different school, partially due to distance but mainly because of the boys' current school's bullying problem."
Akari's face turned dark when she said the word "bullying".
"What 'bullying problem'?" (Should not have said that")
Before anyone could reply, he was dragged out of the apartment by his mother who was shouting apologies and goodbyes.
Despite what Eclipse had said, Shouta hadn't seen her, or even heard about any of her vigilantism, since she'd tailed the nameless vigilante kid. A small part of him hoped she was okay, while an ever so slightly smaller part hoped the kid wasn't a vigilante and had handed her in to the police.
He was abruptly stopped from worrying about the girl by a metal staff to the head and a binding of material that resembled his capture weapon.
"Nice, isn't it?"
"The fuck is this?"
The small vigilante's weapons were much higher quality, their voice was distorted and their costume was completely different, but Shouta could recognise that method from a mile a way.
"Awwww, kinda hopped that you'd be honoured that I based one of my weapons on your capture weapon. Shame"
"The fuck happened to your trash heap gear?"
"A friend helped me make a upgrade!"
Great, and now he had a sword to his throat.
"Hello, Eclipse. I think stabbing a person once is enough, no?"
"C'mon, Eraser, you know that I'd never stab you again!"
"Does he though?"
"What the kid said."
"Hey! Kumo's supposed to be on my side!"
"So the kid has a name now?"
"Yup! Like it? The name and costume are based on a really old comic called Spider-Man! Well, technically Spider-Gwen but that's not the point!"
"Aren't you vigilantes' supposed to be saving people illegally, not assaulting pro-heroes?"
"'S all part of the job, Eraser."
The kid, Kumo, just nods. (God, this'll be a nightmare.)
"Anyway, just wanted to say hi. We'll be going now. C'mon Kumo."
"Yup! Bye, favourite person number 2!"
(Favourite person number 2?)
"Okay Kumo, we're gonna split up for a while. Don't go too far and meet me at Eraser greeting point when you get a notification in your eye thingy-s."
"Yup! See you in a bit, Eclipse!"
And so, the two of the go off in opposite directions.
It doesn't take long for Izuku to find a fight. He rooftop jumps - which Akari had taught him - across about 4-5 buildings before he hears someone shouting from the alley below. He climbs down the wall a little ways away from the fight so he can suss out the situation.
There're three men near the back of the alley, crowded around a tall, skinny boy who looks to be around his age.
The boy looks absolutely petrified, (not using his quirk so either too scared to use it or it's not something that can help in this situation.) Izuku can handle this.
He fiddles with the controls on his voice modifier before sneaking up behind the three men and saying in a voice that only belongs in horror films and/or games,
"Mind telling me what exactly is going on here?"
The men jump and the boy looks about ready to piss himself and pass out at the same time.
"Who the fuck're you?" Asks the leader of the men
"Oooh, publicity! I'm the vigilante Kumo and you should most definitely tell your friends about me! Once you get out of prison for assault, that is."
The boy looks up and Izuku, who's mask can replicate eye movements, winks at him and then continues to beat the shit out of the thugs and tie them to a lamp-post with cable ties.
"What... the... fuck..." Wheezes the boy, who then proceeds to pass out.
Izuku calls the police to give them a tip about the villains and boy.
"Hello, this is the police, what is the emergency?"
"Hey, umm..." He was cut off by a high-pitched screaming from the other end of the call, (Oh,) he realised, (I forgot to reset the voice modifier settings.... Whoops).
He quickly resets the controls, before going back to the call.
"Sorry about that." He says once the screaming has stopped, "I forgot about my voice modifier. Umm there was an assault at (Insert location) I took down the villains. Three large men, oh also, the victim is passed out on the ground. No, I don't think he's hurt, just a bit scared. You might wanna hurry, I don't know when they're gonna wake up. Okay, bye!"
(Well, that was awkward...)