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Revolutionary war Omegaverse

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Alex arrives at camp and meets John. They meet Lafayette, who just returned from France. They fuck Alex and go to Lafayette’s debriefing on his mission to France.


Alexander was trailing behind some large Alpha who was showing him around the military encampments. Usually Betas were forced to be pen-pushers and work as secretaries or nurses, but due to the shortage on soldiers they would occasionally see some action. Alexander was doing his best to hide his own scent in fear that he would be caught for lying about his identity and assumed a spy.

John hated being a secretary for some or another low-placed Alpha who didn't even need a secretary if he bothered to life on finger, but he had to. That's what Betas were to the common eye. No matter the equality everyone was fighting for here. They were fighting for an ideal, but reality was worse. So, so much worse.

Alexander grinded his teeth together as the Alpha shoved him into the small house which had currently been taken up as military headquarters. “It ain't my job to fill ya in on everythin'." He said gruffly. “Ask another one of ya' Beta buddies."

Alexander hissed as he straightened out his coat and stomped into the house- he seemed small, even for a Beta. If Betas were glorified secretaries, Omegas were even worse. They were seen as nothing more than knot-hungry whores, good for childbearing.

John looked up at the newbie and the Alpha. He politely nodded at the Alpha before focusing on the Omega. "Come on, I'm finished with my daily tasks anyways. I'll show you around," John said and got up from his tiny desk. He wanted to know why the Omega was brave enough to come here.

Alexander was hugging himself meekly as he followed John. “Are all of them fucking like that?" He said, his Caribbean accent slightly more present when he was upset. “I thought they'd be a bit better behaved in America!"

"Welcome to the new world. Every Alpha is an asshole. Aside from general Washington and his wife. They're nice." John walked up to the Omega and held out his hand. "I'm lieutenant John Laurens. Pleasure to meet you."

Alexander shook his hand and nodded. “I'm the new Aide de Camp. A Beta," he lied. It was a good thing that Alphas weren't very observant, otherwise they would have noticed how obvious it was that the small man was not a Beta

John smiled. "And I'm an Alpha. You can lie to the Alphas, but I wouldn't suggest trying it with the Betas. They don't care and help the Omegas, in fact. Also don't lie to Washington. He actually supports the Omegas fighting, so he won't report you."

Alexander blushed and nodded his head slowly. “Are there any other Omegas here or...?" he asked slowly, glancing around at some of the Betas who were milling about the house.

"Enough. You'll get to know them in time." John smiled and waved outside. "I hope Washington's not busy. You can meet the General if he isn’t."

Alexander frowned. “Can I ask..." He squirmed slightly in his tight uniform, which hugged the curves of his body. “I haven't really thought this part through... uh- what do us Omegas do if we go into... heat?"

"It depends on where you are. You're usually smuggled out of camp for a few days to a nearby cabin," John replied and walked to Washington's tent.

Alexander nodded slowly, tensing up as he smelled the strong scent of Alpha coming from the tent. His cheeks flushed pink and he was forced to take short little breaths to avoid inhaling too much of the overpowering smell.

John looked at Alex. "You'll be alright. I'm sure of it," he said before peeking his head inside the tent. "Sir, I come with the new Aid de Camp. I'm just showing him around," John said and Washington waved them inside.

Alexander's knees were shaking. He grabbed onto John's hand for support as beads of sweat dripped down his forehead. He hated how many layers there was to their intricate uniforms. Nevertheless, he bowed in front of Washington. "Your Excellency."

Washington looked down at the Omega with a smile. "Welcome to the war. What's your name?" he asked.

John let Alex, squeezing his hand to show him he was there.

"Alexander Hamilton, sir," Alex said, looking down at his feet. "It's an honor to be fighting for this country." Alexander was very obviously an Omega: he was small and curvy with plump lips and long lashes. He was also sweating bullets in the presence of an Alpha.

"Calm down, son. I know being around me is hard, but just try, okay?" Washington asked and looked at John.

Alex blushed, his knees shaking. “Y-you have a very strong scent," he said bashfully. “And these uniforms are dreadfully hot.”

"It's not the uniforms… and I am sorry. I want to tone it down, but then I'll have people questioning me as to why- it's a question of dominance, you see?" Washington asked and sighed. "Now run along. You can cool off in the creek."

Alex seemed to sigh with relief, hesitantly bowing again. “Thank you, your Excellency," he said before turning around and hurrying out of the tent, taking a deep gasp of fresh air.

"Just call me sir next time," Washington called after Alexander as the Omega and John walked outside again.

Alexander panted. “Wh-Where's the creek?" He asked softly, pulling at his cravat to try and cool himself down. "I don't know how anyone can march in these outfits."

John chuckled. "They'll teach you. Don't worry," he said and headed down a windy path to the lake.

Alexander sighed with delight as he saw the beautiful blue of the lake, quickly stripping down until he got to his underwear, taking a moment to glance back at John.

John was doing the exact same and didn't care about privacy the slightest. "Keep your underwear on."

Alexander nodded his head as he climbed into the lake, sighing with relief as he felt the cool water against his fiery hot skin. "Thank goodness..."

John joined him soon after, without any underwear on in his case, and just enjoyed the cool water against his skin.

Alexander blushed as he glanced over at John and quickly looked away, noticing the scars running over his back. He make nervous noises in the back of his throat, since the lashes weren’t what pulled his eyes to John.

John chuckled. "Never seen anyone of your own age naked before?" he asked and looked over at Alex to make sure he wouldn't drown of embarrassment.

Alexander's cheeks burned before he looked down. "I have. Just none as pretty as you," he said, trying to recover.

"Sure thing, cutie pie," John said and watched the Alphas on the edge of the pool. He might not be an Alpha, but he could fight like one.

Alexander frowned and tried not to look at the scars on John's back, afraid that it would be true. He cringed as he heard one of the Alphas coming over- Charles Lee. “Jacky boy, who's this new runt?"

"Someone you will regret touching," John sad and didn't look at Lee, but made sure he knew where the other was.

Charles smirked and put his hands on Alex’s hips. "Got killer curves, ain't he~?" he crooned with a wide smirk.

Alexander stiffened. "Don't t-touch me...!"

"Lee, touch him one more time and you'll have to explain to Washington why I was running around naked over the camping site."

Charles scoffed. "Ain't my fault that my instincts get the better of me~" His teeth got teasingly close to Alexander's neck.

Alex yelped and elbowed him before kicking him right in the crotch

John launched at Lee, going to tear out his throat, his eyes screaming murder.

The other Alphas soon appeared by Lee's side, lifting up John and Alexander. “You two rats need to learn to stay in your place. Why don't you go off to the mudbanks instead? Lake is for Alphas only~"

John bit whomever was holding him and didn't let go at all. Not until the skin came off with it.

The Alpha screamed and tossed John with such strength that he landed outside of the lake, Alexander soon following.

Alexander whimpered and didn't even try to grab his clothes as he ran away from the Alphas.

John got up and got ready to fight. He was not going to run away from some bitchy Alphas who thought they could take whatever they pleased.

Alex tried to tug John with him. "Please, let's just go away. They- they don't like me, and I don't wanna give any reason to be kicked out!"

"You won't get kicked out over a brawl," John said and looked at Lee. "You and me… duel. Tomorrow, dawn. The other side of this lake! Bring your guns."

Charles sneered. “I'll shoot you right in the fucking face, Laurens."

Alexander frowned and scooped up his clothes. “Come ON. We don't need to... on my first day..."

"Fuck you!" John muttered and took his clothes, putting them on before going to walk away from Lee.

Alex frowned. "I'm sorry," he whispered, feeling as though he had started all of that.

The sun hung low in the sky and it would soon be time for the those who worked in the house with Washington to eat dinner.

"That was Charles Lee. The dick I am supposed to call boss," John sighed and made sure his uniform was presentable.

Alex shook his head. “He seemed awful," He said as he pulled his clothes back on, his underwear still wet.

"He… is," John assured and sighed. "He's my direct boss. I always riddle his notes with spelling mistakes."

Alex couldn't help but laugh at this confession. He froze as a figure came running up to them.

A lanky page boy delivering messages ran up to John. "M-Mister Laurens... General Lafayette...he’s returned from France!”

John smiled brightly. "Really…? Thank you!" he said and ran down the street to where the horses were, not waiting on Alex. Alex would follow. John was going to greet Lafayette when he had not yet arrived at the camp. John wanted to talk to Lafayette in private first.

Alex panted as he struggled to catch up with John. "What’s going on?" he asked curiously as they approached a man riding atop a pristine white horse.

"Laf!" John yelled and stopped next to his horse. "I missed you! How did the mission go? Any nice details I should know about you can't tell in a meeting? Why didn't you send me any letters?"

Lafayette chuckled and jumped off the horse with grace and let the horse go. It knew its way back to the stables. "My, my, so many questions, Johnny~!" He crooned, ruffling his hair. "Why don't you tell me about this little boy following you?"

"This is Alexander." John smiled and let Lafayette mess up his hair. "He's an Omega.” He turned to Alex. "This is Lafayette. One of my friends and an Alpha!"

Lafayette rushed over as he heard that Alex was a male Omega- they were very rare in France. “Is he really?" He cooed, studying Alexander in awe.

John facepalmed at Lafayette’s reaction. "Yes, he is really a male Omega. You're scaring the poor guy. Back off."

Alex huffed. "I'm here to fight...!" He announced.

Lafayette nodded his head, blushing as he took a step back. "That iz wonderful!"

John chuckled. "Come on Laffy. Answer my questions!"

"I didn't write because I was busy. You will learn the rest in the meeting.”

John pouted. "Boring old Alpha," he cursed out and punched Lafayette's arm.

Lafayette chuckled. "Fine, fine! I could not write because I was ordered not to, in case I was caught. I have managed to secure a valuable armada of ships from King Louis XVI. And I missed you very much~" He kissed John on both cheeks.

John smiled brightly. "That's amazing!" he said before turning away from Lafayette. "You sappy Frenchman." he laughed and leaned against Lafayette's side.

Lafayette wrapped his arms around him. “But I 'ave missed you so much, mon amour...~! Are you two dating?"

Alex blushed madly at Lafayette’s question.

"Laf I've known him for exactly one day." John blushed furiously. "No, we aren't dating."

Lafayette wiggled his brows. “Maybe you should be~" He teased before laughing and slapping John the back

John just glared at his friend. "Why must you be like that?" he asked.

Lafayette pouted and wrapped his arms around John’s waist. “Hey- do not get all grouchy with me~!” Alex blushed darkly as Lafayette gently grabbed his hand and began to inspect him all over.

"Laf- in private… please. I don't want awkward questions." John playfully pushed Lafayette away from Alex.

Lafayette snorted. “We’re just good friends, is that a crime~?”

"You barely know Alex. And you're touching him like you own him… or plan on owning him."

Lafayette shook his head. “Of course not- I just want to study him. He’s a rarity in France!”

"In private," John hissed. "I'd rather have everyone keep his head."

Alex blushed darkly. “I’m not a science specimen!” He exclaimed and crossed his arms over his chest.

Lafayette chuckled. “Feisty!”

John rolled his eyes and dragged both down the street to Lafayette's little cottage at the edge of the camp. An entire house, all for himself. It made John jealous.

Lafayette smiled softly. “‘Ave you been staying in here at night?” He asked. He had offered John before he left, knowing that most Betas were forced to live in the main house, sleeping two per bed.

"If you mean by 'staying here' that it might as well be my house, then yes."

Lafayette chuckled as he lit some candles around the room. “Well then I am sorry to have to take it back from you.”

Alex frowned. “Why can’t he stay while you’re here?” He asked.

Lafayette snickered at how naïve the boy was. “People start to get the wrong idea.”

"And if I do go in to heat and Laf is here… things could get ugly. And I can get kicked out." John sighed. "We also don't want that."

Alexander squirmed. “Can we open a window or something in here? How often do Betas get heats?” Omegas got heats every month, but he knew Betas were inconsistent.

Lafayette opened a couple of windows and weakened his scent.

"It depends. Sometimes when Omegas around them go into heat. But we might also get an urge to ya know... Usually every two months." John shrugged. "I really can't say. Just how we're feeling I guess."

Alexander blushed as he heard that Omegas may cause it. He blushed darkly. “How about- do you...” The question he wanted to ask was obvious: did John have a knot? He didn’t want to ask in fear of seeming rude.

Lafayette chuckled at the Omegas shy behavior.

John urged him on. "Come on. You're busy asking awkward questions anyways. I want to answer them, but I can't if you don't ask them." He smiled brightly, his face was a deep red, but he wouldn't let it.

Alex looked down and gulped. “Do you have a knot?” He asked.

Lafayette chuckled with laughter as he sat down on the lounge. “The little Omega is already planning his next heat~!”

"I do. But it's not as impressive as Alpha's, as I've been told." John smiled. "And if you are planning something, you will have to try a lot harder to get in my pants~"

Alex blushed darkly. “I’m not! I’m just...curious.”

"What are you more curious about? You can ask anything you want."

Alex shook his head. “I don’t have any other questions! It was just the one!” He shouted angrily.

"Calm down, Lexi. No need to explode."

Alex puffed his cheeks out angrily, which made Lafayette chuckle.

John patted his lap. "Come here, Lexi. You're adorable when angry. Now I want to braid your hair."

Alex froze, his heart hammering. He blushed before sitting in his lap. “Okay...” he whispered softly.

Lafayette chuckled. “You two are so gonna hook up,” he said as he grabbed a package of rations to eat before the meeting.

John stuck out his tongue. "You're happy to join when we do," he said and started braiding Alex's hair, just to have something to do. He had to braid his little sister's hair, after all.

Lafayette chuckled as he ripped into some dry salted meat. “Oh, you know I will~” he crooned.

John huffed and went back to braiding Alex's hair.

Alex’s body was burning up in John’s lap, a little bit of slick wetting the back of his breeches. He was surrounded by two attractive men and the scent of Alpha was enveloping him.

"You're starting to smell like Omega, Lexi," John warned and stopped braiding. He was nearly done anyways.

Alex squeaked. “I’m so sorry...” he apologized, trying to stop himself.

Laf couldn’t help but lick his lips.

"It's okay, Lexi," John purred in his ear. "It's quite sexy~"

Alex blushed and whimpered audibly as he leaked more slick, unable to hide his arousal.

"You like it, don't you?" John purred and let go of the half-finished braids, running a hand over Alex's shirt instead, fumbling a little with the buttons.

Alex whimpered and nodded his head.

Lafayette crossed his arms. “Knock it off, the both of you. Neither of us have time to ride out a knot, John.”

"Oh, but I don't have to knot him. Not all sex ends in knots, Laffy. Maybe for Alphas it does, but not for Betas."

Laf crossed his arms. “I know it’s not something you can control!”

Alex whined. “I-I’m all...wet...”

"I know when my knot starts to form and I just don't push it inside anymore," John pointed out and opened a few of Alex's buttons of his shirt to run his hands under the other's shirt.

Alex whimpered and snuggled back into John’s hands, panting slightly.

Lafayette shook his head. “The smell- is gonna make me knot...”

"Undress, Lexi," John ordered. "Nobody will see you here~" He looked at Alex and gently pushed him off so he could undress.

Alex blushed as he got up, fumbling with the laces on his breeches, his hands shaking badly as he stripped down to just his stockings.

"Everything, pretty boy~" John purred and looked the Omega over. Alex was pretty, and John would love to have a taste of him.

Alex blushed as he peeled of his stockings, now completely naked.

Lafayette blushed darkly and looked away out of respect. “W-What if he gets pregnant?”

"He's not in heat. Very low chances of that happening." John got up and cherished Alex's curves. "So pretty~ Pretty little Omega~" he purred in the other's ear.

Alex shivered and leaned into John’s touch, swaying his hips from side to side.

Lafayette gasped as his knot swelled in his pants.

John ran a hand over Alex's back and down to his asscheeks. "It's so worth doing this," he whispered in a low voice to Alex. "Just for the look on Lafayette's face. Look at him. He wants to take you right here and now."

Alex blushed darkly as he looked through his long lashes at the Frenchman.

Lafayette was frantically trying to get his knot to stop swelling. "No, no, no! John, you little..."

John grinned and ran a hand between Alex's cheeks, quickly finding his hole and toying with it, nearly not pushing his finger inside each time. "But you're beautiful like this, Laffy. Flustered and trying not to be, wanting but not daring. It's hot~"

Alex was shaking, slick leaking onto John's fingers. He gasped and squeezed his eyes shut. "I'm so sorry!" Young Omegas were taught to be ashamed of their slick and bodily functions.

Laf panted as he saw the slick, licking his lips and sniffing the air

"Ssssh. It's beautiful. Don't be ashamed of being who you are. It only makes you easier to fuck," John whispered in Alex's ear, pushing two fingers inside of the other at one, trying to see if he could touch his prostate in one hit.

Alex yelped and mewled loudly; his eyes wide at the strange intrusion.

Lafayette was struggling with his laces so that he could try and rub himself off so that he wasn't walking into a meeting with a knot in his pants.

John had a painful knot as well, but his would go down easily enough once they were done. If he didn't come, that is. He would go to a meeting needy as hell, but he'd be fine. He'd take care of that tonight. He continued teasing Alex by running his fingers over the other's prostate over and over, wanting to drive him to a pleading and needy mess.

Alex began to weep softly. “Please, please, PLEASE~! Please you're so- you're so close John! You can... hng.. just a little further~!" He tried to rock his hips back into John, whining and panting heavily.

John wouldn't give Alex what he wanted, keeping him on that sweet edge as he sucked a little bit on the other's scent gland. Just to taste that sweet smell of Omega, but without leaving a mark. "So pretty~"

Alex mewled and sniffled. “John, you're so close, please...!" He whimpered, releasing a desperate amount of pheromones in an attempt to push John over the edge.

Lafayette growled and stumbled over, licking and lapping his scent gland, not caring that the scent would linger on him.

"No," John replied and mercilessly continued teasing Alex, his pants uncomfortably tight as he just wanted to shove himself inside of Alex and fuck his brains out until he couldn't think.

Alex gave a broken sob, more slick leaking from his hole and covering John's fingers- he himself was quite hard and was looking for a release. “Please..." He said, his voice cracking.

Laf growled. “John, don't be cruel to the poor thing...!"

"But it's fun!" John said. "You want me to fuck you?" John purred in Alex's ear and bit in it lightly. "Want me to make you cry out as I screw your brains out?"

Alex whimpered. “Can you f-fuck me with your fingers... just touch my prostate...? I don't want... if we fuck... the Omega scent..." He whimpered and buried his face in Lafayette's neck, who had been crouching next to the two, weakly humping his leg.

John smiled. "I'll give you more fingers, sweetheart," John said and put in two extra fingers, thrusting them up against Alex's prostate as asked, not teasing anymore and just getting it on with right around now.

Alex moaned happily, eyes fluttering shut as he released yet another waft of pheromones- he smelt heavenly, like the beach, pineapples, and peaches.

Lafayette panted. "We're going to be late to the meeting..."

"You need to be there, Laffy. Go. Get rid of that scent and knot and go," John ordered and curled his finger inside of Alex a few times as he thrust in and out. "I'll take care of our pretty Omega and we'll sneak in later~"

Lafayette sighed and headed to the tub which had been drawn with cold water, jumping in to get rid of his knot and the stench. He changed back into his clothes and ran out of the cottage to the sound of Alex's moans

John continued fucking Alex with his fingers. "We could skip the meeting, love. Laffy will catch us up later. How about I just fuck you for real this time~ Give you a good knot to keep you busy~?" John asked.

Alex was practically drooling but he gave a very determined shake of his head.

"Want me to finish you?" John asked and aside from the rapid thrust against his prostate started stroking Alex as well.

Alex groaned and nodded his head as he began to leak pre-cum from his hardened cock, a final bout of slick dripping from his entrance as he came.

John smiled and kissed Alex's shoulder. "Such a good Omega~" John pulled away once he was sure Alex rode out his high and walked to the tub, cleaning his arms before returning and picking Alex up, gently letting him down in the water to clean him up.

Alex panted softly as he was lifted into the water. He blushed darkly as John helped to scrub him down. "Th-thank you..." he stammered. It was just his first day- he hadn't expected something this good to happen.

John kissed his head. "Of course. You're an amazing person and a lovely Omega." He helped Alex back out of the tub once he looked presentable and looked down at himself. He was still wearing his suit, and everything looked normal aside from the bulge, but that would go away eventually.

Alex blushed and gently hugged John, standing on his tippy toes to kiss his cheek as he pulled his clothes back on. "Uhm- maybe we can...share a bed tonight," he offered.

John smiled. "I'd love that. I'd rather share it with you then anyone else," he said and made sure his uniform was spotless and looked like he just put it on.

Alex gently offered John his hand. "But uh- don't always expect me to wanna fuck you...or anything. I'm not...not a fucktoy," he said softly.

"If I wanted a fuck toy, I would have gotten one. Not a lovely Omega such as yourself," John assured and took Alex's hand, smiling and walking outside with him, down the road to the meeting.

Alex blushed slightly. "You flatter me, lieutenant Laurens," he said softly, turning his face away to help hide his blush.

John chuckled. "It sounds cute, coming from you. Now come on. Hopefully we can sneak inside."

They walked to the tent and John snuck them inside, standing against the outer wall.

Lafayette had his legs crossed and was listening to General Washington speak. He had gathered quite a crowd, since it had been a month since they heard form Lafayette.

John looked at Lafayette and tried to spot anything out of the ordinary but couldn't see anything but a travel-wary Alpha. He shifted from one leg to the other, still feeling the pent op hormones racing around his body. He needed to control it before anyone else would notice and start to ask awkward questions. If it was someone like Lee, it could end badly.

Alex gently held John's hand to keep him from squirming quite so much.

Lafayette smiled. “I am proud to zay, mon general, that I have secured an armada of ships, roughly ten thousand firearms, and numerous troops from Louis XVI, who wholeheartedly supports our cause to rid ourselves from the British!"

John smiled brightly and looked at Lafayette. How a man going there for money got back with ships, he didn't know, and frankly he didn't care. He was just happy they got the support.

Washington smiled and nodded his head. "We will fill you in on the rest tomorrow morning, as you must be tired. John and Alexander? Please see me in my office."

The meeting was adjourned, and the group disbanded to attend to their evening duties or relax.

John groaned and wanted to sink through the ground right then and there, but he took Alex's hand and walked outside and to Washington's office.

Alex frowned as the smell hit him like a brick. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. "What do you need, sir?"

John bit his lip. This could be nothing good, at all. He nearly not moved from one foot to the other to calm himself down, but he stayed still, for the most part.

Washington rose a brow. "Care to explain why the two of you were late to the meeting with Lafayette?"

"We were busy and forgot the time," John answered easily. It was technically the truth, but not fully.

Washington arched a brow before sighing. "Be careful, okay? We don't need any pregnant soldiers."

John chuckled. "No, we don't. And it's not going to happen, sir," he assured his boss. "Was that all?" he asked.

Washington nodded his head. “You are both dismissed to your quarters.”

John nodded and walked out of the room, going back to the Beta house, hoping they wouldn't be stopped by anyone on the way there.

Alex followed by his side, taking deep breaths to try and calm himself. He had instantly assumed the worst when called into Washington’s office.

"We're fine. Washington's not going to send us out for nothing," John assured. “There are more people with relationships around here."

Alex held his hand. “I’m not scared or anything, I came here to fight. You think something little like that is gonna scare me?”

"The why are you so shaky?" John asked and looked at Alex.

“I’m not!” He snapped like an angry little toddler, stomping his foot to help punctuate his point.

"Alex, you're acting weird," John said and looked at him. "What is it?"

Alex held his head in his hands. “Omegas aren’t supposed to- we need...aftercare. Usually in our nest- and we...didn’t.”

John nodded. "How about I give you your aftercare now?" John asked and kissed the top of Alex's head. "Or is that too late?"

“No, I can do it now. I just...need a nest. Are there any closets in here?”

"Yeah," John lead him inside the building, to the back of the building where a set of doors were. He opened one and it revealed a decently sized closet.

Alex nodded. “Okay- we just need a couple blankets and pillows.”

John nodded. He leaned down and pulled open the floor of the closet. "This isn't the first time we do this." He pulled out the pillows and blankets.

Alex blushed darkly as he set up his nest, snuggling into the middle of it and taking a deep breaths sigh of relief.

"Can I join?" John asked, knowing how territorial some Omegas got over their nests.

Alex stiffened slightly before nodding his head. “Yes. Just...approach it slowly.”

John crouched down and slowly got into the nest, making sure not to disturb anything as he got comfortable.

Alex blushed softly. “Do you think you can release some scent?” he asked, nuzzling into the blankets while hugging a pillow to his chest.

John chuckled and just relaxed fully, a pleasant scent spreading through the nest.

Alex blushed and closed his eyes, taking deep breaths, snuggling his nose into John’s neck, right up against his scent gland.

John carefully wrapped his arms around Alex and let out as much of his scent as he wanted to, careful as not to let it get smelled too far outside of the nest.

Alex licked his lips and soon tried to snuggle where another scent gland was located- between the legs.

John let out a soft moan. "Lexi no~" he whimpered and remembered what just happened at Lafayette's cabin- he didn't get his release, and it made him sensitive to the touch.

Alex frowned and ignored this, burying his face in between his legs.

John bit his lip as he felt his knot grow at Alex's wiggling. "Lexi~" he breathed and put a hand on Alex's hair, running a hand through it.

Alex took a deep breath and pulled away, nuzzling his nose into a pillow, snuggling with all of the blankies. “Am I a good boy?”

John nodded. "Yes, you are. My and Laffy's perfect little boy."

Alex smiled. “Laffy should- should join us in the nest.” He rolled over and stretched, showing off his tummy.

John nodded. "Yeah. That would be nice. But I'm afraid he's busy," John said and leaned over to run a hand over Alex's tummy.

Alex purred deeply; his eyes fluttering shut as he did this. “Tummy rubs!”

John smiled and joined the purrs, indeed giving Alex tummy rubs.

Alex mewled and chittered softly to show his appreciation for the action.

John purred louder to muffle the chitter and continued rubbing his tummy, enjoying how happy he was.

Alex closed his eyes with a blissful smile. “Sleepy now.”

"Then sleep, little one," John said and laid down with Alex, hugging him.

Alex yawned as he fell asleep, snuggled into his side.

John smiled and ran a hand through Alex's hair until he fell asleep as well.