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Yield (Turnabout is Fair Play)

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Naofumi gritted his teeth and braced for the next impact of L’Arc’s scythe, mentally shifting through his repertoire for something that would unbalance the larger man. He could feel Raphtalia’s unyielding gaze like a spotlight, blatant and bathing him in her support. It was the best she could do from the seating area of the mostly empty arena, after all, since he had agreed to spar with L’Arc one-on-one. Naofumi was absolutely determined to turn the tables on him and beat him at his own game; he was tired of being constantly thrown off in and outside of combat.

“L’Arc, be careful!” Therese admonished from her place next to Raphtalia as the redhead enthusiastically whipped his weapon past Naofumi’s head, possibly splitting some hairs. Naofumi had to admit that there was something compelling about the fire in his eyes, and he wanted to trap that look, to study it closely and keep it centered on himself. That wild gaze held a spark of respect at its core, one that Naofumi wasn’t used to seeing from people that he hadn’t bent over backwards for. That was the other reason that he had agreed to this match.

There was something else, too, Naofumi realized as he allowed himself to fully analyze his opponent, something that shocked him, although it shouldn’t have. Perhaps the fact that he only had these revelations during combat was telling of his emotional intelligence…. but he would think about that later…possibly during his next fight.

At the moment, he was busy processing the mixture of passion, respect, and lust that burned from L’Arc’s eyes, telegraphed in his very stance and every move he made. Naofumi was at the precipice of reflecting all of it back when a new strategy occurred to him.

‘Let him see the enthusiasm and the respect…’ Naofumi thought as he closed in with the Dog-Bite Shield, which L’Arc shifted to repel, ‘and surprise him with the lust.’ he finished with satisfaction as he swept L’Arc off of his feet by placing a well-aimed kick to his unguarded left side, following him down and landing on top of him.

Before L’Arc could react, Naofumi simultaneously brought the shield and his lips down in one fluid motion, planting the shield in the dirt and his lips on L’Arc’s. Naofumi hummed as he felt L’Arc jolt, triumphant in his goal to unsettle the other man. Then L’Arc began to kiss him back as passionately as the two had been fighting before, and Naofumi had to admit that he hadn’t planned this far ahead. He mentally shrugged and decided that he might as well enjoy this as L’Arc began to trace the seam of his lips with his tongue.

‘I could allow this to end in a draw, or…’ Naofumi wondered if he could press his advantage. He pinned L’Arc’s hips with his legs, allowing their arousal to grind together, only vaguely aware of Raphtalia and Therese shielding Filo’s all-too-curious eyes. He sharply nipped at L’Arc’s lips before pulling back, prompting a low keen from him.

“Yield,” Naofumi demanded roughly, refusing to be unseated as L’Arc bucked his hips. Naofumi shifted down harder, and L’Arc responded with a feral grin.

“Oh, I think I already have,” he retorted as he suddenly rolled them over, shield and scythe forgotten, and rose, bringing Naofumi with him, “and now you’re about to.”

Naofumi allowed himself to be carried out of the arena, but he smirked at the challenge.