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The Rule

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"And here we have Viktor Nikiforov in all his glory!"

Viktor could still hear the words ringing in his ears.

"The all mighty god of the figure skating world..." He took a big gulp of his whiskey at that. He could only imagine what they would say if they saw their precious god knocking back so many glasses of whiskey, but they were the reason why he was in this bar anyway. Viktor Nikiforov, the unbeatable, was beaten by a 15-year-old boy.


How terrible. How embarrassing it must be to have a young Yuri Plisetsky not only beat his world record but win a gold medal? To knock their unbreakable god off of the top of the podium... 'he's getting old, maybe he should have retired last year?' He's only 28 years old and he's been skating for over 20 years now. The ice has always been a second home to him, but it seems as if it came with an expiration date. He gulped down more whiskey.


The papers were filled with articles discussing his downfall, wondering what the cause was. 'I think I might have an idea...' he thought to himself as he stumbled across the bar to hand the barkeeper some money. His fall from the top of the podium, could it be because... he's human? He could almost hear the sound of journalists typing on their computers about such a scandal now. 'Viktor Nikiforov is human? No, that can't be it...'


It was much easier to believe he was too old, and nobody wants a worn-out skater past his prime. His moping was interrupted by the sound of a man's voice. "A shot of Vodka, please." The voice said in accented English. Viktor looked over at the man who was a blur of raven hair and light skin. Although Viktor couldn't see him that well, he could tell this man was drunk... and hot. Viktor downed the rest of his whiskey. It must be getting to his head, he never usually felt attracted to people, his one and only love was the ice, with Makkachin as his mistress, but there was something about this man that made him feel different.


"Hey... you're that guy, the papers are all talking about...!" The man slurred out as he turned to face Viktor. "Name's Yuuri... Yuuri Katsuki." He held out two hands... or maybe that was the whiskey talking. Either way, Viktor held out his hand in return, feeling around for Yuuri's hand and shaking it. It felt so warm yet calloused. This must be a man who doesn't mind getting his hands dirty. Or maybe everyone's hands felt that way... it's been a long time since he touched another human... 'I like it...' Viktor licked his lips.


"That's me. Viktor Nikiforov..." he said in return.




1 hour and 3 more glasses of whiskey later, Viktor felt like he had become well acquainted with Yuuri Katsuki. He used to be a figure skater but gave up after an injury. He did freelance work now and traveled often. The reason why he was in Barcelona was that he was given tickets to see the Grand Prix final by a client of his, but he got bored and looked at the nearby pubs. Drunk Viktor really liked this man. He didn't seem to care about popular culture, or who Viktor was. Although, that might have been the alcohol talking.


The two of them seemed to be causing such a scene that the barkeeper kicked them out of their pub. They were both giggling as they stumbled through the streets of Barcelona. "Look!" Viktor pulled on Yuuri's hand.


"It's a Cathedral!" Viktor pointed out as he stared at it in wonder. Yuuri held his hand and ran with him into the Cathedral.


"Oh, another couple?" A man inside asked, he took a sip from his flask. "You here to get married too?" Viktor ran inside, bringing Yuuri along as the man followed. Viktor giggled as he saw a wedding veil, putting it on his head.


"Oh Yuuri, I want to be your bride!" he snorted. Yuuri grabbed a top hat and put on a fancy accent.


"Only if I may be your groom." They both laughed, the man looked between the two of them and led them inside.


"Right this way, love birds..."




"I finally won gold.' Viktor giggled as he looked at his ring. Yuuri carried his new husband into their hotel room, stumbling onto the bed.


"And I won the prettiest husband in the world." he slurred out as he landed on top of Viktor. 'How smooth...' Viktor thought.


"I won the sweetest husband in the world." Viktor shifted on the bed opening his arms and legs. Yuuri got in between Viktor's legs.


Viktor wrapped his legs around Yuuris waist, giggling excitedly. Yuuri smirked, "You're stunning, Viktor Nikiforov~" His own name slipped off the Japanese man's tongue as if he was born with it, a slick voice that sent wonders through his body.


"Mm... Yuuuuurrrriiiiiii.." Viktor looked into Yuuris hazel eyes, Yuuri looked back. Viktors eyes widened as Yuuri started slowly leaning closer, their soft lips colliding as they kissed. before long, the room started to be filled with short, light moans. As they kissed, Yuuri was over Viktor, he was on top. Viktor threw his arms around Yuuris neck. Yuuris tongue glided across Viktors bottom lip. Viktor couldn't help but open his mouth. He moaned, trying to follow Yuuris movement, as he was skilled with using his tongue. He was probably skilled with a lot of other things too. "Yuuuuurrriiiiiiii...." Viktor groaned Yuuri moved up, looking down at Viktor.


"Viktor?" Viktor pouted, feeling a tinge of sass coming from Yuuri. "Undress me.." Viktor watched as Yuuri smirked, he pouted. Yuuri started undoing his own belt, Viktor was pissed, he scowled. "My belt!" Viktor tried to make himself cry so Yuuri would try to feel bad, as he watched Yuuri pull his own belt off. Then he moved onto Viktor, and be stopped trying. Yuuri huffed a laugh as he took Viktors off. The laugh went straight to Viktors groin, The noise was godlike. Viktor purred lowly as Yuuri started pulling Viktors pants down for him.


He felt Yuuri hesitate once his pants made their way to his ankles before they soon continued. His pants completely off. He looked up at Yuuri who was looking at Viktors thong, making Viktor think of rocking his hips. Yuuri spoke before he could.


"A thong? Did I miscalculate and go for a woman?" Viktor pouted. "Yuuuuuuurrrrriiiiiii......" He saw Yuuri smile, which made Viktor happy, then Yuuri flipped him, and pulled him into a doggy style position, Viktors butt in the air.


"Yuuri... My Shirt..-" Viktor said Yuuri whipped Viktor with the belt, he gasped loudly. Viktor gasped as he was whipped over and over, Viktor finally yelled, "Yuuri! Hurry up! Please... I need you" Viktor jumped as he heard the belt drop to the floor. Viktor looked over his shoulder, watching Yuuri pull his boxers off. Oh. My. God. Yuuris cock was huge. Viktor licked his lips, "Mm... Yuuri you're so big.." Viktor shivered as he felt Yuuri pull his thong down. 'What's going on... I've never done anything like this..' Viktor moves his hands, spreading his cheeks as his face pressed into the sheets. There was hesitation, then Yuuri asked,


"Viktor, do you have any lube?" Viktor shook his head. "Please... Just go in Yuuri!" Viktor begged Viktor didn't know if he had ever been this needy in his life. Yuuri sighed, Viktor gasped as he felt something, he felt sensitive, he shivered.


"O...Oh, Yuuri.." Yuuri pushed inside Viktor, making Viktor gasp, and moan. "" It hurt, it hurt like hell. he felt like he was being spread into pieces Viktor moaned as Yuuri grabbed some of his hair, he moaned aswell.


"Does it hurt Viktor?" Yuuri asked Viktor nodded, pushing his face into the sheets. Yuuri stopped moving, it started to hurt less, when Yuuri quickly pulled out. Viktor pouted, "Viktor! Did I hurt you that bad?" he asked, Viktor shook his head.


"My.. First time.." there was silence until Yuuri finally spoke again. "I'm sorry, Viktor, let's stop," Yuuri said. Viktor frowned but nodded, They got into bed, and waited for morning to come.




Viktor woke up with a throbbing head. He blinked, the sunlight from behind the curtains was laid on the bed. Viktor looked around the room, sitting up.


His own clothes were littered around the room, along with another persons. Viktor looked, then noticed. a bright gold ring on his hand. 'Did I get married?!' he thought, then he saw the man beside him, jet black hair, another gold ring on his hand.


‘What did I do?’ Viktor lifted the blankets, then realized they both were naked. Viktor closed his eyes. 'Did I lose my virginity?!' He carefully moved the blankets back, deciding to talk to the man. He shook the man who made a noise before his hazel eyes opened. "Who are you?" Viktor asked.