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For Queen and Country

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The Queen was furious.

She did not care how “unwilling” the human was to leave. He still left.

She buzzed with indignation when her drones reported on how the traitor was eventually persuaded to commit desertion. She did not understand--“for king and country?” She was his Queen. The Hive was his country.

The human had visited her kingdom one last time. She refused to grant him a final audience, and if it would not have meant the death of her best soldiers, she would have ordered them to drive out the apostate with force.

He was gone the next day.

All eyes now turned to their Queen, and she had no answer to the question on everyone's mind, herself included:

Who will guard us now?



Watson stared at the empty Sussex cottage after parking his automobile. He forcibly put aside his worry for Holmes being alone on this dangerous mission; he had been given a mission of his own.

Donning the veil, he walked towards the garden with Holmes' draft notes of The Practical Handbook of Bee Culture tucked under his arm.

It was time for him to serve queen and country yet again.