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Your Man

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She had blush pink skin. Her eyes looked like a star stationed in space. Her hair perfectly poofy to showcase her small yellow horns. Some would ask what’s not to love about the confident Mina Ashido. If you asked Kirishima Eijirou he’d say nothing. He’d say she’s the perfect spunky girl he’s ever laid eyes on. In fact, he couldn’t even take his eyes off of her. She could take her eyes off him. She kept her eyes on the desk. Not cause she took notes like Izuke did, but she preferred to doodle in class then anything. She was carefree. One of the many reasons Kirishima had fallen for his old friend, his new crush.

From the moment he had caught feelings his focus wasn’t on being a man, but now on being her man. However that wasn’t easy for him. For starters he would always seem to lose his cool around her. He’d fluster and panic like if he was a child meeting their idol. That's not to mention the obvious. This was he childhood friend, his best friend. If she didn’t share his feelings, it could make things awkward between the two. She could stop talking to him if things went the way they did in her head.The reality of the situation would not end up like they would in a normal situation, but he couldn’t help but go to the worse. In his head she had no reason to like him. She had saved him in that battle in middle school. If anything he should worship her just for that, and expect nothing in return. But she was his friend. That should be enough, Kiri thought, but he wanted more.

His self deprecating thoughts were cut short by the bell, signifying that the day had ended. The students got up and quickly packed their bags. As Kirishima put his stuff away, a similar voice caught him off guard. "Hey kirishima!" The small blush pink girl had said to him. His face went red. Kirishima could barely muster out a Hey before she spoke again. “Me, Denki and Sero are gonna head out for dinner at this old place later today. You wouldn’t want to join us would you? We already invited Bakugo but he said no cause he was tired or something. Anyways back to point wanna come?” It took Kirishima a couple seconds to reply, but he managed. “Yeah sounds great! I-I’ll see you then.” Mina smiled and waved as she started to walk out. “Maybe you can clear up that stutter you got there by then too!” She said as she took her final step out the door, leaving Kirishima a blushing mess in the classroom 1-A before running to his own dorm.

Once he arrived he wasn’t hesitant to jump straight to his bed and scream. His bag was thrown to the floor and his whole body stiffened. What the fuck Kiri, He thought to himself, his face still red. You need to control this shit before she finds out. After a couple more minutes of wallowing he rose himself with the little self control he had left. Going to his clothes he changed out of the school uniform and went for a more casual look. A black pair of Jeans and a white tee was all he needed. Then his phone buzzed. Rushing to his bag and digging through the papers and books he eventually found it. It was a text from non other then Mina. “Hey we’ll be leaving in about an hour. See you then :)” Kirishima didn’t want to leave her on read, so he replied with and “okay see you then,” and left it at that.

Next stop the men's restroom to fix himself off. Looking in the Mirror he had seen that his spikes, or as Mina called them ‘Horns’, had toned down quite a bit. Grabbing the hair gel he had brought with him he touched up on his hair to make sure it was just the way he liked it. Suddenly a cough echoed behind him. He quickly shot to look behind him to see the short Izuku Midoriya. “Oh hey Midoriya,” Kirishima Mumbled, resuming to his hair.

“Uhhh Kirishima,” Izuku started “If you don’t mind me asking, where are you heading?” Kirishima, still focused on hair, replied. “I’m heading out with a couple friends.” Izuku’s spirit suddenly lifted. “Oh, is that what the Conversation that you and Mina were having was about?” Kirishima nodded in a response, finishing on the last spike. Izuku continued. “You know it seems like you really like her Kirishima. I could tell from today. Plus every time I glance over to you you’re staring straight at her.” Kirishima's red shade came back to his face. “You know?? How-When-What??? You haven’t told anyone had you?” Panic had set in for him. Izuke looked shocked. “W-what? No. I didn’t know it was official. But no I won't. Promise.” Kirishima gave a sigh of relief. “Thank you.”

“I have to get back to my dorm, I promised my mom I’d facetime her tonight, it’s been awhile so. I’ll talk to you later Kirishima.” With that Deku left Kirishima alone in the restroom. Now alone, Kirishima checked his phone. Apparently he had gotten a text from Mina during that whole situation. “Hey Kiri! Just wanted to say we’re leaving in like 10 minutes. Can’t wait!” He gasped. 10 minutes?? Had time gone by that fast, He thought, then got an idea. After checking himself one last time, he bolted out of the bathroom.

He ended up at Mina’s dorm room door. After taking a few deep breaths and calming himself to the best abilities, he knocked. Mina opened the door quickly and gasped slightly. “Oh! Kiri! You’re here early! What’s with it?” Kirishima couldn’t help but admire her. A Black crop top and blue shorts. She was stunning. “Oh umm I was thinking I could walk you to the place, or at least to the friend group.” Kirishima rubbed the back of his neck. “It is the manly thing to do after all.” He waited for her response anxiously. She giggled and smiled. “I love that. Thank you for that. Lets get going. I’m STARVING” Kirishima gave a warm smile and a slight giggle. “Yes, lets get going”