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The Red Moon

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          A silver haired young man stood in the clearing in the middle of the wood. He pullled his bow string as he eyed his prey carefully. Gracefully, he released his arrow that hit the deer right  in the heart . He approached the now dead animal, watching blood flowed from the wound in the animal’s body. He lifted the animal and put his mouth on its neck. He opened his mouth and released his fangs, bit it on the jugular. He made no sound as he sucked the blood, letting the liquid to wash the mild hunger that he felt.

          He dropped it once he sucked all its blood dry and wiped the remnants from his lips with the back of his hand. He tilted his head as he heard a rustling voice in the distance. And the smell of werewolves invaded his sense. He straightened and run toward the source of disgusting smell.

          It was his vampire coven’s territory, there’s shouldn’t any wolf entered this wood. His eyes gleamed dangerously  as he was getting closer to the source. He put a shield to cover his vampiric scent to hide his presence as he observed the surrounding area. Then he caught a glimpse of a werewolf woman with a bundle in her hand. She was running for her life. From the distance he could smell few more wolves that emanated rage followed her track.

          Taeyong followed the woman stealthily. They arrived in edge of the wood, where there’s cliff that ended on the deep black river below it. The woman looked around frantically. She was crying as she hugged the bundle in her arm tightly. Taeyong lowered his shield and the woman straightened abruptly as she sensed Taeyong, watching Taeyong approached her with fear in her eyes.

          The woman suddenly kneeled down once Taeyong arrived before her, and it made the vampire raised his brow in question.

          “Please help me,” she begged with tearful eyes.

          Taeyong snarled, “Why should I, mutt? You invade my territoy, I should kill you this instant.”

          “You can kill me,” the woman answered and Taeyong was surprised by that, “but please save my son.”

          Taeyong has just realized that the bundle in the woman’s arm was a baby.

          “Please, I beg you, you can leave him in village or somewhere, but please don’t kill him. He is just a baby,” she sobbed.

          Suddenly, the rustling sound was getting closer and both Taeyong and the woman turned their head toward the source. The woman stood up and thrusted the baby in Taeyong’s arm that accepted it in reflect.

          She run instantly with the cloth that previously was wrapped around her baby, leaving Taeyong frozen in the spot. The baby in his arm was sleeping soundly as the smell of newborn wolf invaded his nose strongly. It didn’t even stir when Taeyong run to follow its mother.

          The scent of the wolves were getting stronger when he managed to catch her. He put the shield up when he saw there were other wolves cornered the woman. Nobody realized his presence yet.

          “You better go back with us, Joohyun,” one of the wolf with bulky body said.

          “Over my dead body,” the woman snarled. The woman clutched the bundle of cloth in her arm tightly. She must put something there to replace the baby, because from the distance it looked like the baby was still there. She turned around and jumped of  the cliff. The wolves growled in rage as they reached out to catch her. But it was too late, the woman fell from the cliff into the dark river below it.

          Wolf or not, Taeyong knew nobody would survive after that jump. Because the river was filled with big sharp rocks. The baby in his arm suddenly squirmed like it realized something bad had happened to its mother. Taeyong released his soft aura to calm the baby down, and it worked. The wolves, once they realized they lost the woman, instantly turned around. They didn’t even spare a glance to the place where Taeyong stood quietly.

          The smell was getting weaker the further the wolves left the place. Taeyong still couldn’t believe what had just happened in his territory. He looked down at the baby and surprised when he found two brown eyes looked back at him. The baby observed him quietly, it didn’t even cry with the foreign smell that Taeyong must’ve emanated.

          That second, Taeyong was reminded of his nephew, the one that hundred years ago he held in his arm for the first time. He had brown eyes too like this baby. He hugged the baby tightly as he run toward his mansion.