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In the Shadow of the Empty Throne

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Virgil had quickly become accustomed to the battlefield when he was sent to fight with the other demons. Decebal having told him that, just because he raised him, didn’t mean he could get out of fighting. So Virgil did as he was told, watching demons he grew up with killed and strewn across the battlefield. At first, he had tried to hide, between the screams and cries, the putrid smell, and the horrific sight of it all, he had determined he despised war and didn’t want to fight. However, after some convincing, he agreed. And now he was running across a battlefield with a deadly spear in his hand and. His black eyes seemed to glow with fierceness. That is until a certain angel landed before him, stunning in the golden light that brought him here.


Roman had been overjoyed when his turn to join the war came. He had told Logan that he could be the brave knight he always wanted to be. Logan simply rolled his eyes, while Patton cheered him on, as was typical of his nature. Of course, when Roman saw the battlefield, he realized this may not be the path to the glory he had thought it was. He landed in front of a demon and everything changed.

Of course, he didn't realize right away it was a demon. How could a creature of such beauty be evil after all? Being the flirt he was born to be as a child of a cherub, he immediately conjured a lovely rose.

“Well hello, fair creature, what is a lovely being such as yourself doing in such a dark and dismal place?”

Virgil looked at the angel that was standing before him, obviously wondering how such an “intelligent” being could be so oblivious as to not realize he was flirting with a demon.

“You must not realize what I am…Princey. In case your eyes haven’t adjusted to the dim lighting down here, I’m a demon genius”

Roman stared blankly for several moments then cocked his head to the side with a puzzled look on his face.

“You don't look much like a demon, aside from your angsty clothing of course, but I just attributed that to poor taste,” Roman replied slowly. “Regardless, I'm here to slay some black-eyed buggers so if you could point me to the nearest one..”

Virgil looked him for a bit before groaning and rolling his eyes. He was starting to wonder if he should’ve asked Remy for coffee that morning, as he couldn’t deal with this un-caffeinated.

“Look I’m just gonna ignore the fact that you insulted my style because obviously, you have the style of a ten-year-old. But if you want to continue to be oblivious to the fact that you're talking to a “black-eyed bugger”, then carry on just watch out, the others are better at hiding what they are”

With a scoff, Roman started to walk away before stopping dead in his tracks, as though something had just made him question his entire life.

“Look… whether you're a demon or not, you're still rather pretty,” he said, his back still turned. “I recommend leaving Debacle and his little army behind you. I could offer you protection in heaven. The higher powers may be mad about it but… I can handle the backlash.”

Virgil was a bit taken aback by that, sure he couldn’t stand Debacle, and hell was what Virgil liked to call a verified shit hole, but that was still something he never expected to hear.

“You could? I mean I don’t know why you would want to I’m practically on a metaphorical leash…and helping me would probably get your pretty little ass killed…,” Virgil started to walk toward him, “But, if you're so keen on this, then let’s talk”

Roman turned around slowly, shocked that his offer was being considered and held out his hand.

“Alright...let's talk...somewhere away from this chaos.”

Vigil nodded carefully taking Roman’s hand and looked around to make sure they were not being watched by any demons or angels.

“There’s a barn nearby that I tend to hide in when I need to get away from Decable’s bitching and nagging, we can go there to talk.”

Roman chuckled slightly, finding the others snark to be funnier than anything he’d heard before. Then again the snarkiest person in his family was probably himself so for him, the bar on that was quite low.

“Alright…lead the way then”

“Hold on then,” Virgil said, seconds before lifting them into the air and flying to the barn faster than most angels or demons could fly, his black wings spreading just far enough that the noise from wind shear would not be noticed. “So how was that?” Virgil asked upon landing in the barn.

Roman looked at him, his hair and clothes were messed up from the wind, thus causing him to pout slightly and grinned.

“Well, aside from the fact that I spent hours on my hair and this outfit, and now it’s ruined, that was great, I’ve never seen anyone fly that fast, Emo Nightmare.”

Virgil tilted his head slightly, questioning the nickname before deciding that it did indeed work with his aesthetic

“Emo Nightmare? Eh, I guess that fits me, but anyway we came here to talk so let’s talk.”

Roman nodded and looked at Virgil, still wondering how he could be a demon, but deciding to push that thought aside for now.

“Right, so, like I was saying earlier, I can get you out of Hell if you wanted. I can tell you don’t belong there, and sure I’d get shit from the higher-ups…but I can’t sit back and watch someone so beautiful be stuck in a place they don’t belong.”


Virgil shook his head almost sadly, as though he wished he could go, but he knew how dangerous that would be.

“I’m sorry….as much as I would like that…one I don’t even know you…and if I were to go with you… Debacle would send the lesser demons after you in a heartbeat”

Roman did not seem to be phased by the last part of what had been said and was more concerned with the fact that he hadn’t introduced himself.

“Well, we must mend that then. Many greetings to you, I am the son of Barachile and Emile, Roman the Angel, the future leader of heaven current leading soldier in the battle against Debacle for his crimes against heaven.” With a flourish, the man bowed to Virgil and grinned cockily. “And yourself, beautiful darling?”

Virgil chuckled slightly at the angel in front of him and shook his head shrugging some.

“There’s not much to say about me really, my name is Virgil, I suppose I’m somewhere between a higher demon and a prince? I was raised by Debacle, or as I call him, dramatic pain in my ass who thinks he knows what’s best for everyone. There’s also Remy, he’s Debacle’s second in command, but he’s like an older brother to me. And no, I don’t know who my parents are, Debacle said he found me on “his doorstep”, so I guess my parents didn’t want me or something. That’s about it I guess.”

Roman looked at Virgil, almost puzzled at what had been said.

“You mean…you don’t know who your family is? Well, I guess I’ll just have to be your family then my dear Virgil.”

Virgil rolled his eyes, letting a small smile appear on his face ignoring the small flutter in his stomach.

“You barely know me, and yet you want to be my friend, let alone family? This could be a trap that I’ve lured you into, I mean it’s not, but it could’ve been.”

Roman only chuckled some, before looking at the sky and looking back at Virgil.

“It was simply a gut feeling beautiful. And you must always trust gut feelings. Now sadly, I must bid you goodbye for now,” Roman bowed again before turning toward the door and glancing back, “shall we meet again soon?”


Virgil nodded, realizing that he needed to get back to Hell as well.

“Sure, how about tomorrow?”

“That sounds wonderful Virgil.” Roman smiles and blew the demon a kiss before flying back to Heaven.

Virgil simply shook his head smiling, before flying back to hell surely to get an earful from Remy about not letting him know that he was safe.