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Schools, especially wizarding schools, loved to show off. While attending Ilvermorny you’d faced off against the other American schools; Sǫʼ Doo Nidisidí, in Arizona, Angakkuq, in Alaska, and Castelobruxo, in South America. Now your brilliant, and you meant that in the least flattering way possible, Headmaster had decided to ship off some of Ilvermorny’s best to its sister school. Hogwarts.


You were flattered to be included with the star quidditch players and potion wizzes, but the sudden move was irritating. You had classes, friends, a garden to take care of, back home. But here you were sitting outside a bustling mess hall, thousands of miles away from home. 


“Attention, attention,” A booming voice rang out. “As some of you know, today is a very special day for today we welcome not only our newest class but young witches and wizards from afar as well. Now, please welcome our new friends from Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry!”


That was your cue. Your designated chaperone, Professor McDougal, gathered you all up with a wave of her hand. In an almost perfect line you stepped into the hall and felt a hundred eyes on you. The hall was amazing, thousands of candles floated above you and a delicious smelling feast was laid out. Oh man. . . This place was gonna make you fat.


  “These students have travelled far to be here with us today so I expect you to treat them as you would treat any other pupil here at Hogwarts. As such they’re going to be sorted into our houses. I think you’ll find they’re very similar to your own. As an added treat, this year, in the spirit of cooperation and making lasting bonds, all students will be allowed to sit wherever they please in the Great Hall. I hope you will all remember that despite our different houses, skin colours, class, or whether you enjoy strawberry or rhubarb jam on your toast, we are all the same.” A great cheer erupted through the hall at his words. “. . . Now, Professor McGonagall, if you’d please.” Dumbledore’s voice was clear and even, he looked, to you, sort of like Gandalf from LOTR. You wondered if any of the Hogwarts students thought the same. McGonagall, on the other hand, looked like the textbook definition of a headmistress. Her wrinkled mouth was set in a line as she ushered your group onto the stage one by one.


Hayley Franklin, a sixth year and your team’s seeker, was sorted into Gryffindor. Christian Anderson, the champion of Ilvermorny’s fifth year potion brewing contest was sorted into Ravenclaw. And so on and so on… When it your turn the nervousness had barely worn off. You walked onto the stage, in front of all those eyes, and sat down.


As soon as McGonagall grabbed the hat and held it over you it shouted out- “Slytherin!” You glanced up, was it supposed to go so fast? It hadn’t even touched you yet. McGonagall looked equally surprised but she shook it off, gesturing towards the table to the far right. You couldn’t help noticing that table looked a bit. . . less friendly than the rest. The one in the middle however looked rambunctious. It wouldn’t be too bad to just sit over there. . . right?


Sheepishly you settled next to Hayley. “Hey.”


“Hey,” She greeted. “Guys this is (y/n) Wolfsbane, she’s in my grade. She's in Horned Serpent, I'm in Wampus, it’s a kind of-”


“It’s a large black cat with six legs, some people say it looks like a giant panther.” A girl piped up. She had large brown eyes and even bigger hair. “Ah. . . Sorry. I did a bit of research when I heard you all were coming.”


“That’s Hermione for you,” A redheaded boy chuckled. He held his hand out to you introducing himself as Ron Weasley. The others around you followed suit. There was Hermione, Neville, Ginny, Seamus, and Harry Potter. You glanced at Hayley but stayed quiet. You all knew who Harry was already.


“It’s nice to meet you all. Are you guys sixth years like us?”


“Nah,” Said Ron. “We’re fifth years, Ginny is a fourth. My brothers are in seventh but they’re not-”


“Not what?” Two voices said in unison. “Certainly not absent. We may be tardy- Very tardy- But we’re here!” The two boys were tall and lanky with the same freckles as the other two gingers at the table. They plopped down next to you without even glancing over.


“So what did we miss?” The one closest to you asked.


“Well if you looked around before stuffing your face you’d might notice something?” Said Ginny, gesturing towards you and Hayley. The brother next to you turned and gave you an overdramatically surprised expression, wide brown eyes and a hand over his heart.


“Where did you guys come from? You look a little old for first years!”


“George they’re the transfer students. Really, its been all over the Daily Prophet.”


“Look,” Started Fred. “Time spent reading-”


“Is time wasted.” George finished. You couldn’t help snorting at that.


“How did you guys make it past year one again?”


“Wow,” Gasped George. “Are all Americans this ruthless?”


“Nah,” Hayley hummed around a mouthful of food. “Some are worse. Have you seen our president?” The entire table burst out laughing. So hard, in fact, that you almost missed Dumbledore’s next words.


“Now, one final announcement! We have a new defence against the dark arts teacher. Please welcome Professor Dolores Umbridge.” 


“Uh. . . Hey do your DADA teachers always look like. . . That?” You whispered, completely ignoring the woman’s speech.


“Eh, Don’t worry, luv, they usually only last a year anyways.” George told you conspiratorially. “I mean, we did have The Dark Lord as a teacher-”


“Then Lockhart, that prick,”


“Then a werewolf,”


“And last year we did have that death eater, Crouch’s son, who kidnapped and disguised himself as our teacher.”


“So- Could be worse!”


You looked between everyone at the table, hoping this was a joke. To no avail. “Okay,” You chuckled. “Ya’ll are kinda fucked up, huh?”