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A Demon's Regret

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The male with blue hair sat at the edge of the bed. Sebastian lay, cold and lifeless, as he had one time many many years before. Only, this time it wasn't an act. This time he truly was dead. There was no murder to be solved or disguises to be had. Sebastian Michaelis, the demon butler, had long since died. Ciel watched as the body withered away. This was his fault. If he hadn't turned into a demon due to Claude Faustus all of those nights ago...Sebastian would've been able to eat his soul. He wouldn't have died from starvation or exhaustion. A demon's life is a hard one. 

Ciel adjusted the hair on Sebastian's face. He sighed. Watching time move forward without Sebastian would be a difficult journey. He sighed again. Ciel stood up and left. He abandoned their manor that had sunk to Hell. He journeyed to the world of the humans, determined to live among them. This wasn't the typical behavior of a demon, as most are too afraid of being noticed by the humans, but he was determined nonetheless. 

With the remains of his Earl Phantomhive attire, Ciel toured the world of humans. The era of technology had just begun to flourish spectacularly. There were a number of things to do. The lingering thoughts of Sebastian plagued Ciel's mind. They haunted him as the years passed. Even if he was enjoying his life on Earth. There were still some things he would never forget. He had to make this known. He had to share their story in some way. But how

Ciel stared at the window of a store. Two-dimensional characters stared back. He'd read manga before, to simply pass the time...this place, so far from England and the things Ciel knew best, perhaps he could try and make it here? Ciel bought drawing supplies, ink and the like, he quickly returned to his small apartment. The building was nothing like what he'd lived in previously, but he didn't mind. The demon spent the next few years practicing his drawing skills. What kind of earl would he be if he couldn't at least do this much? 

"I've done it," Ciel said as he held up a piece of paper in the air. "I think I've finally captured Sebastian's likeness in a two-dimensional form quite nicely. Now, how does one go about becoming a manga writer?" Ciel snickered as he did what all humans do...he googled it.