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Who I really am

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   "Please don't hurt me Jeon! I swear I'll do whatever you want, but please don't hurt me!" A boy says, as Jungkook has him against the lockers. He looked at the boy with such a serious face the other tried not to pee himself from how scared he was. "I'll let you go, but you try talking back next time and you won't be saved, get that clear! Don't mess with me!" he says, throwing away his collar with force before he leaves.

   Jeon Jungkook the most popular but also bad boy of the school. Everyone really doesn't like getting near him and he has friends, but they don't hang with him that much because of how Jungkook acts. He's your typical mean boy; stealing money, hurting people, but not deeply like any other bully throwing insults and what not. However, when it came to school the boy was smart and he made deals with his teachers on how he didn't want attention by his grades. Some even considered him a fuck boy when he hasn't touched a woman or man sexually at all. He has had girlfriends but he always left them after he saw that they played with him.

 In all he seemed like a negative person that in fact six boys hate so much and are constantly at times having problems with Jungkook. Everyone thinks that he has no feelings, that he is just someone cruel, but what they don't know is that it's all a mask. Unnder all that bad,cold mean stuff there's a lonely boy who is hiding how he truly feels.... it's a mask..... a mask to hide who he is and his pain......a boy who just wants love and comfort.
Yet, nobody has tried enough to know him and see Why he is the way he is. Not to mention how he also pushes people away. No one has been eager enough to stay and see his true personality.

When he’s at home, Jungkook parents or should he say his only parent; dad isn’t too proud of him. Part of that reason is because unlike his father who is into business and has one of his own, he likes arts such as music, dancing and more. They always fight about Jungkooks future job. He also has a sister that never backs him up and doesn’t really try to defend him. But even if he doesn’t get along with his sister and dad and even though they argue a lot, Jungkook still loves them very much.

Now on to his mother. Jungkooks mother left him, his dad and sister when he was very small. He doesn’t even know what he did so wrong that caused his mother to leave him at such a young age.

The only person who understood him and comforted him was his grandma. But that changed once she had passed away. Jungkook hasn’t felt actual family love and comfort ever since.

One thing he loved the most and was the only way out of the pain is dancing, singing and photography which is not what his father wants him to have a career in but it's what he gets inspired by and would do no matter what.

  Bangtan. The other popular six kids that were loved by everybody be in the school unlike Jeon Jungkook. They were close friends since the beginning of high school for some of them. They all were appreciated and were the opposite of Jungkook; nice, sweet, and caring. Not to mention how well their families loved them for pursuing what they want, except for Jin, who's parents also didn't like that he wasn't taking business as his pathway. They hated one thing the most and that was Jeon Jungkook. They hate his ways ,they hate how he acts cold, they hate everything. At the start Jungkook was always mean to them and were at fights, sometimes with Yoongi and Namjoon. Most people always get saved because they would come and put Jungkook in his place.

   "Jeon when will you ever learn to be nice! You made the poor boy scared! This is why you’re never appreciated that much! You’re basically a monster!" Taehyung says, as he passes by making Jungkook blood boil. "Look here asshole, what I do shouldn't be your fucking business, ok? I'll do whatever the fuck I want! You don't own me to tell me what to do and what not to do. So, why don't your kissing asshole of friends and yourself leave me alone Alright? I'm not afraid to fight!" he says, when the bell of dismissal rings. He grabs his stuff bumping his shoulder against the older.

   "Ugh, fucking asshole surprised he even has parents who can tolerate him!" Tae mutters before he leaves. Jungkook walks away to get home though he hated being at home. "Oh, you came early for once huh Jeon Jungkook..." his sister Eunjae says, he rolls his eyes heading upstairs. "Hey don't ignore me Jungkook! No wonder dad doesn't like you here!"she says and Jungkook is about to loose it. "You know Eunjae, you made it clear to me that I'm the fault in everything about this. I don't need your whiny ass to tell me ok?" he says calmly, heading upstairs to his room  he sighs laying on the  bed  with a frown.

    Jungkook not only has he had problems by family and school, but people used to bully him about something. Making him change both physically and mentally.....sometimes he cries and it was one of those days where tears were on his eyes. "Why can't no one be proud of me? Why can't I get love. I know I act mean but I'm scared to act parents and sister call me a fucked up. My mom thought I was so worthless she left me and then, I don't have true friends, I was bullied. Why can't I just not live? What's keeping me from continuing? I hate this! Why can't no one try enough to see my pain and wounds and try to heal them?" he breathes before crying hard in his pillow.

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"Then he just left like a coward that he always is!! It's like he never can face his fucking problems! What's up with this shit either way?! What's the matter? Ugh, I hate him because of how cold he is!"Tae says, ranting out for an hour some laugh, but also get his frustration and anger because they feel the same way.

"He deserves it though. Like, I know that we put him into his place, but I really wish someone stronger would come and make him see what pain feels like!" Namjoon eats his food before all agree.

"No one is bad just like that though hyung, someone always has a reason why they act the way they do!" Jimin points out, but the others only shake their head.

"I don't know Jiminie.”

“Some people are just like that! I don't see the point in it all! We will see what happens!"Jin replies, but Jimin only rolls his eyes before he also begins eating. After eating Jimin actually wanted to take some fresh air so he decided to have a walk and told his hyungs and tae that he would be back.

Meanwhile, Jungkook woke up from a nap that he took and decided to do his homework. As he was finishing he heard a knock on his door only to stand up open and see his plate of food in the floor. He laughed at how they always do that, but he ate it either way before sneaking out and getting on his motorcycle to clear his head.

As he got off near the lake he saw someone from his childhood before he went in and hid behind a tree. That man has caused him so much pain and the girl next to him even more.... he wasn't going to let that happen ever again.

After they left, he sighed in relief. He looked at the lake. He then, saw reflection, but looking at the night sky shortly after. After, some time he left his bike where it was and started walking to the cemetery that is near the lake. He needed to see his grandmas grave, even if she’s not there with him physically, he still needed to vent out like she was. He sat down looking at her stone, and feeling the tears come down his cheeks.

"Hey grandma, it's been long huh? I haven't visited in you such a long time and I'm sorry... I decided to come here today because I find peace with you and even though your gone, I still feel like your with me. Some days are hard, they are really hard and they are even more harder when you don't have a mother figure next to you. Why did mom leave? Was I a disappointment? I know you may not be proud of my actions, but what else can I do grams? It's my mask. I feel like I can get bullied again. I don't want people to see me like someone week again. I agree with dad. I agree with him on how I am a fucked up. How I am someone who doesn’t make anyone feel proud. I feel so alone..... so sad......I want love and you were the only one who gave it to me. I ask you to send me love.... for me to be happy one day.... for dad and Eunjae to be proud of me" he touches her stone before he sniffles wiping his tears and heading back.

Jimin was there as well and he saw the younger crying wondering what has happened and why, he has never seen the "tough" guy cry and he did hear a small part of his conversation. In that meant Jimin felt he was right. Jungkook is this way for some reason, he would like to know that reason, but he remembered they are not even acquittances. He sighed, continuing to just say nothing for now.

"Jungkook, where were you? Who gave you the permission to be out?!" his father asked, Jungkook eyes him before walking away. "Answer me young man! Don't be quiet, I never gave you permission to leave!" his father yells. He sighs, "I can do what I want. Why should you care? You've said it yourself so I don't see why you’re here yelling and all father!"he yells back.

"I'm your father either way Jungkook! Stop being childish and listen to me for once!!! First, you don't want to take business and second you misbehave and all! A fucked up kid for sure! "STOP CALLING ME THAT! You worry but for what? All I always hear is oh fuck up, oh you can't do this or your sister is better ,oh Jungkook you don't try hard, oh Jungkook what's going on in that crazy brain of yours, oh Jungkook maybe that's why your mom left?! That's all I ever hear from you and my sister!! You guys sometimes even put my food in the door outside, instead of putting it on the dining table so I can eat with you guys! I'm sick and tired of this bullshit dad! I changed my body for you and myself and everyone else yet, what ever I do isn't enough for you guys is it?! You guys even are afraid at times to show me to some media from your company!" he yells letting his frustration out.

"Maybe because you are! If I didn't care about you then you wouldn't have what you have Jungkook! But you have to change. Stop being a kid, please those dreams of dancing and photography are just hobbies they will get you nowhere in life. Why not follow your sisters steps?! Yes, I do feel embarrassed because you aren't good enough for this family!" He father yells back and Jungkook widen his eyes, that was a new one.

"You know what dad, I can accomplish things on my own alright? Want me to show your they are not hobbies? I will! I'll get through life of my own without your support. Maybe then you will finally be proud of me though I doubt it! I'll be in my room.... father!" he says raising his eyebrow leaving to his room once more and feeling the tears in his eyes.

He's had enough of the neglecting and judgements. He will show his dad who he is. He’s only in his first year of college, but he will show he can accomplish anything without his help. He packed his stuff grabbed his motorcycle and drove off leaving a note behind.

I'm tired of living in your bullshit along with Eunjae’s! I'm leaving the house. I'm in college now, not High school... you can still see me when you want, but I’m going to chase my own dreams father and sister! If you guys can't support me then I'll support myself! I'll pay myself a dorm I have the money for it either way. I'm tied of this.... until I see you guys again - Jungkook

He felt free in someway, but he would still keep his cold act. He talked to the office once he had arrived at the college. They gave him an empty dorm that was available. He packed his few stuff and laid in his bed..... maybe he can start something better now that he has no negativity near him.

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      It was two days later and Jungkook was eating lunch alone, not thinking much on stuff. He could hear like always how some people were talking about him. The talks are mainly about how he has such a bad personality that it causes him to be alone. However, he never really cares about what they say.... at least sometimes he doesn’t.  

     Not even other bullies wanted to be next to him which was weird because Jungkook thinks they’ve done worse stuff to students compared to him.

      He only acts like he’s doesn't care, but still the loneliness makes him feel. He currently was a bit more sadder due to the fact that neither his sister or father decided to call him to see how he was or how the dorm was. He knew that his father and him hadn’t a bad argument but he still had a hope that his father would ask how he was. Yet, he didn’t. He thought about how he actually was even more alone now.

      He finishes his food, deciding that he wants to go somewhere private instead of the cafeteria where everyone talks. 

     Right when he was leaving someone got tripped and accidentally  dropped hot soup on Jungkook. It was accidentally but it still caused Jungkook to remember old memories that where people poured stuff on him. The thing is that those other times weren’t so accidental 

    "What the fuck man?! Look at where you’re going!!" Jungkook yells, at the boy and he shakes his head "I'm sorry Jungkook I wasn't looking. I tripped and all, please don't hurt me!" the boy says,  a bit less scared then the other boy from that one time. 

     "I don't beat you up right now, because it’s not worth it with you, buy like I say to others, next time I will hurt. So, watch where your going ok! God damn, now go away! Both of you shits!"he says walking to the bathroom to wash the hotness and stains.

       He tried shaking away awful memories of the past and just put cold water when tae got out and hit his shoulder.

     "Oh oops my bad Jungkook it was an accident. At least I can say sorry!"Tae prevents, but Jungkook wasn't in the mood. 

     Jungkook slammed him against the wall, "Oh shut it you fucking asshole!! Look, I told you million times taehyung, don't mess with me! Leave me the fuck alone!!!" he says, and tae laughs bitterly 

   "So what? Hit me Jungkook! Do it you fucking coward!" and so he did; Jungkook punched him. Taehyung soon threw a punch near the others jaw. They kept fighting until others broke them apart. "Tell your shit of a friend to keep his shit together and don't mess with me! Any of you guys!" The younger breathes walking out angry. 

   "Taehyung why did you do that?! You know you would get hurt!"Jimin whines as he checks the others face. 

    "How can I not Jimin!? He does it million times to me and plus I got his jaw so for sure that will be bruised!" he touches his cheek and feels the burn. "I really hate that kid what is his type of life that he acts this way!? He will just end up alone!" Yoongi says, and looks out the bathroom door. Little did he know the younger actually was already lonely 

     "Trust me, with his ways no one will want to be near him. Its really a shame!" Hobi shakes his head. Meanwhile, Jungkook walks back to his dorm telling  his teachers he needs a break he goes and rests and heals his own pain. He decided to get out and walk that it would possibly help him  he smiles breathing the air until he hears someone's voice.....the voice he never wanted to hear again...."Jeon Jungkook ...... is that you?" It was him Sangchul, his high school bully.

      He was panicking, he didn’t know what to do but pretend like he didn’t hear him and walk away. That was impossible though because the others friends got in front of him. That’s when Sangchul got closer and stood in front of Jungkooks face.

       "Well, would you look at that? Jungkook, I found you again! how amazing, you do remember me right? Sangchul, the guy you kicked out of the school! I want to tell you how I didn’t like that your fat ass was able to do that. I see you have changed, but somehow for some reason to me you are still the same. In short words I see I still have the same opinion on who you are. Because of you I left school and was in trouble!"He says smirking.

    "That was two years ago. I’ve changed Sangchul! Look, I’m really not in the mood so, Why don't you and your petty bitter ass just leave me alone?!" he says walking away again, when he feels the other pin him up against the tree harshly holding his neck but not tight enough to feel like he’s full choking.

      "What did you say Jeon?! You talk back now huh?! How amazing! I heard you are now the bad boy? Funny, because you really aren’t one at all. I’ll teach you what a true bad boy does once more." Before he knows it he gets punched in the jaw. Exactly where Taehyung had hit him. He feels an excruciating pain immediately.

     He’s still scared but decides he should defend himself. That’s when Jungkook punches him back, they keep going back and forth but Jungkook is winning. He is winning  until the other pushes him against the tree. Sangchul then kicks his stomach hard enough that it makes the other hard to breathe.

     Sangchul friends decided to join in hitting the other by throwing things surrounding them as well as issuing their body for it. They didn’t even care if the other was bleeding from his lip and nose. Jungkook tried but he didn’t feel strong enough to keep defending himself. Not to mention how he let them hit not only because he felt weak but he thought he needed to feel that pain he physically caused to some people. He wanted the pain 10x worse.

     The others stop hurting him until they see that he’s close to loosing conscious. However, Jungkook tries his best to stay awake. "No matter what, I’ll always be stronger than you Jungkook...all this change doesn’t really matter. You will always be a weakling and fat ass bitch..... that no one will love!" After saying that Sangchul he leaves with his friends. 

      What Jungkook and the group didn’t know was that someone was watching them. Jimin was hiding behind a tree seeing almost everything that happened. The boy didn’t know he would see. In fact he wasn’t out because he had just broke up with his cheating girlfriend of two years. He was only walking sadly when he heard noises. Curiosity got to him. He didn’t know who the boys who were fighting were. All he saw was how they left who they were fighting beaten down, laying near the tree.

      He decided to get near because the whole fight, it seemed that the boy was the victim from the start. As he approaches he found the body structure of the boy familiar that is until he sees that us Jeon Jungkook.

     He sees how the other has his eyes close but is also groaning a bit. He also seems to be breathing heavily. He has a lot of bruises everywhere, a busted bloody lip, and a red bleeding nose. He was competing shocked by the situation. He didn’t know why but something in him told him that the he needed to help the younger.

     "Jungkook! Jungkook! Hey, it's Jimin. Are you ok?" he asks, the younger shakes his head. He recognizes Jimins voice and is hating that he was the one to find him like this.  "It hurts, everything hurts....... I'm a failure..." speakers the younger. 

     Again, Jimin didn’t know why but it kind of broke his heart a bit to hear that from the younger. 

      "Jungkook can you stand up?"he asks, but the younger shrugs, taking his hand to his head and continuing to groan from the pain. Jimin decided to help him up, putting one of Jungkook arms around his shoulder hounded Incase the other couldn’t walk.

     "Let's take you to your house. I don't like you, but I also am not a bad person, where is your house?"

  "I don't have a home. I have a dorm! Please stop it hurts so much!"he says with tears sniffling, "Alright here I got you! I'll take you to your dorm alright?" Jimin says beginning to walk with the hurt boy. Finally, after some good 20 mins they were in Jungkooks dorm.

Jimin puts him in the bed. "oweww...." he says 

   "Sorry, sorry where do you have the first aid kit?"

    Jungkook looks at him, sitting up a bit even if he feels pain.  "Stop Jimin, you hate me you don't have to do this. Let me live in my well deserved pain! Just go ok? Either way thank you for bringing me back to the dorm." He says, standing up, but he can't. The blows were too strong for him 

      “No, I’m not going to stop. We don’t get along that is true. But I hate seeing people get hurt, I wouldn’t wish any harm done, not even to my worst enemy. Just let me heal at least your face! I’ll go check the bathroom to see if you any kit there.” Jimin says, heading to the bathroom to find it and fortunately he did. 

    He brings it to Jungkooks bed and sits next to the other. He moves the others head and starts out by disinfecting the cuts and more.  Jungkook tried not to let his eyes go towards Jimin but instead somewhere else of his room. He groaned at burn and pain he felt when Jimin was passing the alcohol. After a couple of mins he starts applying some ointment.  

     He goes back to the food area of Jungkooks and find some pain killer. He grabs  one of the plastic cups Jungkook had and filled it with water. Jungkook can only watch him silently. He really doesn’t know why Jimin is doing all of this despite everything that happens between him and his friends. 

      He goes over handing Jungkook the pills and water. The younger only looks at him and takes them. Jimin then takes the cup and leave it at a table.

      "Alright I cured you! I don't know what happened or why but hope you feel better! I’ll leave because I see you want some alone time” Jimin is about to go to open the door when the younger stops him.

      "Wait! Don't mention this to your friends..... please...... no one can know what truly happened. I know you know what happened don't act dumb, just don't say anything! Also thanks and goodnight" his voice is a bit cold at the start. “I promise you.” Jimin says heading out the door and closing it gently. 

   Jungkook begins crying a few mins after Jimin had left. He feels emotional, he feels physical pain. He feels even more lonely and vulnerable than before going out to walk. He hates how he can never defend himself the right way.

     "Why is that I don't have love? God please help me. I feel so lost and confused and hurt. How long will I keep being punished? How long till I can breathe again or feel free? That's all I want...... will I ever be freed? Freed from this cruelty and pain and mask that I have with me everyday...... I want my mother. My grandma. Take me please.... if it doesn't get better do it and I'm sorry for being a a coward and saying that but it all hurts!" He sobs into his pillow, and like that he cries himself to sleep. 

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      Jimin kept his promise and didn’t say anything to the guys about Jungkook. One reason why he actually kept it was because it’s not a secret that involves them or anyone he has known for a long time. Second reason is that fact that he kept his promises no matter what. 


     He didn’t know why but he actually felt sad to see how much the younger was in pain. It kinda hurt him to see the other so beaten up with no one defending him. It made him feel even more bad when he thought back at what Jungkook had said when he was helping him up.      


“I have no home.”

I am a failure.”


     Jimin doesn’t know what happens in the younger life, that he starts to act cold and mean. Because when he was helping him the younger actually seemed to be not much of a jerk and perhaps a good person who feels vulnerable. 





   Jungkook woke up the next day groaning form the pain he felt in his stomach and sides. With carefulness, he hit up and headed straight to the bathroom to look at himself. He sighed at what he was seeing. He had a Semi cut bruised corner lip, bruises and a bit of swelling on his chin. Then a tiny cut on one of his cheeks.


     He then, decided to change his shirt and see how the rest of his body looked like. Slowly he took his shirt off. Then he looked up at the mirror once more, to see, that he had a lot of bruised as well as a bit of redness. He decided to apply some ointment on his bruises so that it would hopefully go away soon.


     What he hated to look at the most was his eye. He had his whole eyelid bruised and a bit swelled up. He felt disappointed in himself. So disappointed that he started crying. He was disappointed because he let them hurt him again. Show him how weak he still is. He also felt he should have felt used to the pain by now but it hasn’t been a while since Jungkook has gotten beaten up. He headed back to his bed and started crying into his pillow. He felt so alone and just wanted someone by his side. 


     After a while he decided to get ready for school because even if he was not in a good physical state, he still thought it was important to attend his classes. He put on a whit shirt. Then, he put on a manly blue sweatshirt. He didn’t want anyone being nosy so he put his good up as well as put on a mask with sunglasses. That way people wouldn’t be really able to see his face.  


      As he entered Jungkook could feel the burning stares. He tries his best to look down and not pay attention. He was limping only a bit, but people could tell. Someone was walking by and accidentally bumped into his shoulder. He groaned in pain immediately, putting his hand on his shoulder and looking at the guy who was about to say sorry, but Jungkook just shakes his head and continued walking. 


       He really wasn’t in the nods to yell at anyone do anything. Everyone did wonder why he was limping and wearing glasses, and a mask. 


   "What's up with him? He usually does something to people that he dislikes. It’s either that or to people who accidentally do something to him. Was he also limping? I know Taehyung didn't hit him that bad for him to be limping because he seemed fine after. Something is going!"Jin says, and the others nod their heads looking at the boy who enters the classroom.


   Jimin didn't say anything, he knew what Jungkook was hiding over the mask and like he promised the boy he wouldn't say a single thing mainly because it was his privacy...


    "Jungkook, are you ok? Can you please take at least the sunglasses off? That way I can see your eyes? You know no sunglasses! I know you are a  bad boy, but you also behave with teachers and students." The teacher warns him.


     He nods putting them down and the teacher is shocked to see Jungkook almost black/purple eye 


      "Jungkook what happened? Who did this to you? Is your rest of your face like this!" The teacher reacts and makes her way to Jungkook who has his head down to the side in the desk.


     She decides to sit in the desk that’s in  front of Jungkook. "Hey, Jungkook, look at me! What's wrong? Who did this to you? Was it your parents?" she asks, he laughs sarcastically. 


     "I don't have parents in a way Ms. Jang. My mom....I don’t know what happened to that women. Then my dad and sister.... pretty much ignore me. I don’t make my father proud apparently.  If you were to meet my dad, which you haven’t, you would see how he actually is with me. He doesn’t hurt me physically, but sometimes can physically. To answer your question on who I got hurt. My old high school bully found me you can says and hurt me. It’s  ok though, I mean I am used to it by now.” He closes his eyes then, gives a sigh at the same time.


     Jungkook actually has gained trust in Ms. Jang more than anyone who attends or teaches at the school, because since day one he has felt a good connection towards her. Plus, she has always helped him in many ways. He knows that if he tells her something, that she will be there for him and advice him. 


     "But, why did you let them do that to you Kook! Look, I may be a 37 or 38 year old women, but I can understand you! When something is wrong please ask someone don't be mean Jungkook. You are a good boy, I know it and you’re  smart. I see you’re in pain. Did you take some pain killers?"she asks an he nods pouting.


     She smiles at his cute bit sad pout. She out of no where ruffles his hair.


      Jungkook really doesn’t know why he hasn’t a strong connection with her, but he just does. He feels very comfortable in her giving tiny affection. It was almost like a motherly one, the motherly affection Jungkook has always wanted. 


       "I will Ms...."


      The bell suddenly rings and she goes to the front of the class. Jungkook quickly puts his mask on and just messes his hair so that it’s down on his forehead. Since his baby blue hoodie is kinda dark, no one really is able to see his eyes well.  the bell rings she nods getting up from her seat before everyone enters seeing Jungkook has his sunglasses off and his mask is still on but they can see his eye look a bit puffy and red. 


   "Alright class, for today I will be giving the instructions and or directions to the project you will be working on with a group of five, six, seven people. As you know, this class is all type of arts combined. Therefore, your project will be for you and your team to create an original song, once you aren’t done we will be mixing another art. That art is creating and editing a music video. The school isn’t letting us Your their many recrossing studios. You may work with one of the teachers that teach producing and all. But you can also create your own production if you are good at it.“ she says, as the students get excited. 


      "I thought you guys would find this project fun in some way because it's combing video editing, directing, and music into one thing! I hope you guys do it well! Now, I'll tell be announcing the groups. You are not allowed to switch anyone from your team, nor kick them out unless one doesn’t do much work! If you complain just for not liking them or something like that, I will give you all an F.” She sternly warns, but all students are excited that some nod in agreement.  


      She starts calling out the teams and Jungkook won’t lie but he gets nervous each time. He knows almost no one likes him, so he doesn’t know how this project will work out for him. They are getting to the last groups and Jungkook is hoping he’s not in a team with who he thinks.


      "And the last group is made up of, Kim Seokjin, Min Yoongi, Jung Hoseok, Kim Namjoon, Park Jimin, Kim Taehyung and Jeon Jungkook!" She says before the other widen their eyes not liking what they heard. The whole class gapes as well. 


     "Ms, why are we paired up with him?! We won't get along, and he won't do shit!"Yoongi protests.  Jungkook wasn’t  in the mood so he stayed quiet.


      "I already talked about this Yoongi and  I won't mention it again! You are doing it as a seven unless you guys want a bad grade. If so, I can give it to all of you right now!” They all shake their head by the comment made.


      “Yoongi, don't judge your classmate so much he has to did his part!" they sigh in defeat and let go of the day just like that. 



     For the rest of the day, Jungkook was alone like always but even more lonely now because he went somewhere, where no one would bother him, judge him, and stare at him. He also wasn’t in the more to hear form a distance how his “enemies” weren’t pleased to have him in the same group. 


       No one of the group had wanted to talk to Jungkook. That’s why they were playing Rock, Paper, Scissors. To see who would go and talk to Jungkook about the project meet ups. 


  They thought Jungkook wouldn't do anything. That he is that type of student when really he's works really hard.  Jungkook on the other hands, sees this as something maybe he can be proud to make. Even,  if it involves the people he doesn't like.

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      After school, Jungkook decided to go and talk to Ms. Jang about the project. He came in knocking, seeing a smile on her face and gesturing to sit in front of her desk.  


      “What’s up Jungkook? Do you have any questions?”


      ”Actually I do. You know I’m not one to complain about you or the work you give us, but I can’t help to complain on this. Ms. Jang, Why did you group me with the people who hate me. I mean I dislike them, but that’s it. I know they hate me. I don’t think we will be able to get along in working together. It will just turn out to be a bad project.” 


      She nods, sighing and sitting in her desk to take a better look at Jungkook who was without his mask and glasses. 


      “I know that you guys don’t get along, that’s actually why I chose to group you guys. You may think I’m crazy, I know. However, I fee you guys can create something really good if you guys act professional with each other. I know they can’t stand you, but sometimes it’s rivals who work better together. It will be difficult but I again, I have the trust that you guys will be able to find a way in making this work. They are very talented, just like you. Each of them have so much passion for rapping, singing etc. I guess all I can say is to try. I also want you to change your behavior Jungkook, you don’t think I know you have no friends?” She asks, seeing how the other gives a tiny frown as he starts to look down at his feet. 


      “You are a very nice good person Jungkook. Despite what people say or what has happened in your life, you are very kind soul. I’m very honored to be your teacher and to have you as a student. Maybe as a younger friend too since you talk with me more than anyone.” She laughs a bit and he laughs back nodding.


      She suddenly hears a grumble, Jungkook widen his eyes. She laughs knowing exactly what the sound was. “I see you are hungry?” She keeps laughing a bit, while Jungkook gets shy. 


      “I was going to go eat something since the school day ended. Would you like to come with me Jungkook? I mean, I know that you are hungry based by the noise. I’d like for both of us to get to know each other a bit more. I may 19 years older than you. But it’s ok! Age is just a number! Let’s say your are almost like a son to me? That’s why I’m inviting you.” 


      He thinks about it for a bit, but nods. Obviously he trusts her and everything. Plus, it’s been a while since has eaten something good. 


      She ends up taking him to a nice place. She also tells a Jungkook to order whatever he wants because she will pay for both of them. Jungkook tried to tell her how he can past his part, but she rejected the idea. 


      “So, Jungkook. I’d like to get to know you and your status better. You don’t have to share anything you are comfortable telling me. I promise to then tell you a little bit about me?” He nods once she finished. He sighed and started. 


      “Well, as you know I am young. My dad and sister have never been that supportive of me actually. My dad is CEO of a medium size company? He gets paid very well obviously. He has always liked business and always hoped that at some point either my sister or I or both would be running the company. However, I’ve never liked business stuff. I prefers anything that involves art.” He looks down, disliking what he’s about to say next.


       “My sister actually likes business and my dad has great faith in her taking over the company. He’s very proud of her you know? Never have I’ve seen or heard him say to her that he isn’t proud. While to me he always has. How I am a fucked up, disappointment, so much more. He loves me deep down inside I guess? My sister just simply doesn’t care much about me. Nothing more to say to that. When I was little it would get to me a lot even more with the hatred comments I would get in school. When I was very much younger my body didn’t look, like how it does now. I would get bullied. At some point I got tired of it and decided that the only way people won’t hurt me physically or emotionally is by becoming this cold bad guy.... I know it’s wrong. I know. But it’s what’s keeps me well.” He looks up at her to see she has a pout. 


    “Hey, you aren’t a disappointment! Your dad doesn’t know what he’s talking about. He can’t force you to do or like something that’s not passionate for you. He hasn’t done well with the father role when it comes to that. What about your mom?” She puts a hand on top of his for comfort. 


   “My mom? There’s nothing really to say about her then the fact, that she left my dad, sister and I when I was very little. I think I was like....2? I don’t know why she dad has never wanted to tell me why she left. I wish I would have grown up with a mother figure, maybe my relationship with dad would be better. But I ddI have a motherly figure in some way. That was my grandma. She loved and cared so much for me. She was always proud of her little Kook. She’s the only person who really taught me family love. Sadly, she passed away and ever since. It has been rough for me. I don’t want to act cold but it’s my only way out of not getting more pain. A way to hide my weakness” He frowns. 


      He couldn’t believe how much he told her, but somehow, he felt ok with it. 




      “Either way, is actually like to meet her one day. Even if she did leave me... a part do me says she isn’t someone bad....I don’t know how it would go if I did meet her. I hope good. Despite it all. I forgive her.” She smiles at the comment. 


     “Enough about me. What about you Ms. Jang? How has your life been?” 


     “My life has been a heck of a ride. I’m not married, I do have kids. I just don’t know where they are. I had two wonderful kids but sadly because of a mistake I made I haven’t seen them again. I haven’t seen what was and probably is the love of my life in such a long time. I regret what I did. I regret leaving them when they needed me the most. When my partner needed me the most. Yes, like your mother huh? Next think you know your mother and I are friends or something who do the same thing!” She widen her eyes by the comment. Jungkook just laughs a bit. 


   “Forget what I said. I wouldn’t know your mom but I wish I did. That way you would clear everything up with her. I left my kids because I was a teen when I had them. I was a coward.... I was scared of my future. I thought that they didn’t need me, that I wouldn’t be a good mother. I couldn’t stand to know that they’d hate me in the future. So I left. I was young and wasn’t so smart. I think that my worst fear became real. Leaving them was so wrong. How I wish to have them in my arms. My two little ones, and my Prince Charming.” She laughs, Jungkook can see the love he has for her ex man in her eyes.


     ”I can’t say what you did was right because it’s not. But you were a teen and I can see how you might have thought it was the best solution. I think you can find them, maybe they will hate you maybe they won’t. With time things get better. At least see them. See how big they are. Just try.” He says. 


       They continue talking the rest of the evening. They actually had a good time and shared many things. Jungkook never thought he would have so much things in common with a teacher. He shakes his head at the thought. Once he was back in the dorms he entered to quickly lay in bed. 

     Suddenly he heard a knock on his door, wondering who it wasn’t he got up graining because his body still hurt. He opened the door to see Jimin. 


      “Park Jimin? What are you doing here?” Jungkook asks, Jimin just gives a quick hello. “I see your wounds looks bad, but not as bad as it would have looked without getting some ointment. Keep taking some pain killers because you still look in pain.”


      ”Thanks, but you don’t have to worry about me. It’s not like we are friends right? Anyways why did you come see me?” Jungkook asks crossing his arms. 


      “I came because my friends are a bunch of cowards. They didn’t want to talk to you about the project details. I thought that since I have talked with you, I could come and figure things out.” Jimin says with determination, Jungkook smiles a bit to hear the strong leader type of tone.


      “I see. Well I won’t let you guys do the project on your own. I’ll take part in working on the project as well. I’ll rey to get along with you all professionally. I don’t like seeing low grades in my report. When can you and your coward friends meet?”


      ”Meet is at the garden of the school tomorrow, 20 minutes after school. I hope you keep your word on the professionalism. They don’t know needs your shit as well as you don’t need our. That’s all, have a good day Jungkook.” Jimin bows a bit once he finished, turning around and walking away. 


      Jungkook closes the door. He goes back to his bed. He really is in pain so relaxing actually seemed like a good idea. He then starts hoping that he can try to act professional. He may be “bad” but not when it comes to studies. 


Chapter Text

      The next day, Jungkook walked into school, still wearing the mask, because obviously his face still looked bad. 


      The day passed, and as always Jungkook was alone. He started getting ready to head to the garden that Jimin told him about. As he was walking he saw many beautiful flowers, trees, etc. He decided to take out his camera  in order to capture the beautiful objects.


      Jungkook loves taking pictures of whatever he though was beautiful, cool or meant a lot to him. It was more so of a hobby, but a hobby that he believed, he has a passion for. He stopped taking pictures once he captured what he needed, but didn’t store his camera in his backpack yet. 


      As he walked, he took more. He looked back at all the taken pictures with a smile. He did feel a tiny bit of pain when he smiled, but nothing he couldn’t handle. When he finished looking through them, he shut down his camera and stored it into his backpack carefully. He felt the mask become uncomfortable so he took it off. 


      He knew that taking it off would mean that the group would pay attention to his face and create comments, but he needed a breather from wearing the mask the whole day.  


      "Woah Jeon. Did you get into a fight before you came Or was that the reason you had a mask on?" Yoongi asks, smiling sarcastically.


      “That’s none of your business to know shortie. I’m not here to explain stuff, I’m here to talk about the project we were all forced into.” He says defensively. Jimin looks at him, he looks back at the others. 


      "Alright, fair enough. One thing for sure is we aren't happy to be working with a ignorant, fucked up asshole like you that treats people badly. But we have to either way because that's life now isn't? We won't be doing all the work, you will equally have part in all of this! And sadly we also have to work with you fuck-"namjoon gets cut off by Jungkook.


       “Ok, I GET IT! You guys hate me! Can you please stop mentioning how fucked I am?! You don’t have to constantly have to prove to me that working with me is a nightmare! None of you really know me! I may be bad to whatever you guys think I am, but when it comes to my education I don’t slack off believe it or not. I’m not dumb either so you don’t have to treat me like an idiot. Don’t always think so lowly of me.” He tries hard to fight back tears from the words that he was called.


      Fortunately, he was able to keep it within him, he didn’t want to appear weak in front of them just because of their insults.  


      "As you wish Jeon! Anyways you will take part in writing! In fact, you will start with the first part of the song, we will try to write the rest. Then, we will take it from there! So we have it all clear? We will meet here and until things go we will slowly go other places!" Namjoon says, going back to speaking but the younger seemed to be out of it. The guys could  tell. 


      "I think that's fine, he seems to agree. Let's go now, we don't want to be with this ass do we guys? Maybe if you were nicer we would be nice to you as well.... such a shame!" Tae pats his shoulder but the other winces in pain shaking the other hands off. Taehyung is confused because he didn't hit him that hard 


      "Oh come on! I didn't even hurt you that bad don't be a chicken Jeon! Is that act of yours just foul?" he laughs the other smirk except for Jimin.


       "Just don't touch me alright, Taehyung? You guys have done enough!"he yells. The others ignore him, just leaving him there. 


      Jungkook breathes in and out to calm down and to stop himself from crying. Once he feels better he heads to his dorm to straight up find the keyboard he had brought from his house. 


      To Jungkook the quicker he finishes his part, the better. He took out his notebook, it took him a few minutes to try and see what the song could be about. 


      “Ugh, it’s been almost an hour. I figured out the theme or main idea of the song but how can I get inspired?” He asks himself, until he remembers his grandma and all that she did for him. He starts playing the piano and just letting lyrics out. 



Snowflakes are falling 

And you are getting farther away 

I miss you, I miss you 

I miss you, I miss you 

How much more do I have to wait 

How much more days do I have to stay up all nights 

Until I can see you 

Until I can meet you?

Until this cold winter ends 

And the spring  comes again 

And until the flowers bloom again 

Please stay there a little longer 

Please stay there


      When he finishes, he feels proud but he also notices the tears coming down his eyes. He quickly wipes them away and writes the lyrics he sang down. Right when he finished, he saw his phone vibrate. It was his sister, she was finally calling him. 


       "Hey Jungkook are you there? It's me Eunjae...I'm here to talk to you" she says over  the phone.


      He takes a deep breath before speaking. "Yes, I'm here. What's up Eunjae? Why are you calling me just now?" He couldn’t help but to sound a bit bitter. 


     "I wanted to see how my brother sound broken... Jungkook, are you ok?"she sounds worried because she truly is. She's seen these days how much she kinda misses her younger brother.


     "I'm fine ok? Don't worry about me I have to go!"he hangs up before taking some water calming himself. 




      "Honestly he seems in pain I know I'm an ass to him but I feel kinda bad.... he usually doesn't get into big fights so why does he look like that?" Says tae laying his head down.


      "Who knows but he seems down. He really  usually doesn't look like that.... hopefully he has his part done!"Jin is now speaking and they go in talking about the younger as if they care. They don't know why the image of Jungkook beaten stuck to their brain. 


      “Hey tae, I’m going to go get some fresh air alright? I’ll be back” Jin says getting up, then taking his keys with him. 


      Jungkook’s last step of calming down was taking a walk. The only difference is that this time he covered himself well, so that no one can recognize him. He goes by the lake he had walked to. Takes down his mask a little to feel the fresh air in his face. 


      Jin was walking by the lake as well because he loves sitting and just feeling the nice cool air. Usually he finds the bench alone, but this time he saw someone else sitting down. Someone that actually looked familiar. Jin wasn’t able to tell who the stranger was until he saw the bruises on the others face. 


      He walked closer and sat down. 


       "Hmm... covering yourself up now, Jeon?  Didn't know you would be here?" he scoffs, but Jungkook ignores him, just sitting in silence. "What, cat got your tongue?" Jungkook shakes his head. 


    "Why are you even talking to me if you  hate me? I really don't see what you are doing by  sitting next to me. You literally detest me. We also just argued a few hours ago!" he shakes his head. However, even with his words Jin still  keeps sitting there, but he doesn’t know why he still is.   


     "Look, I don't like you and you don't like me that is so obvious but I mean come on? I can't just sit? Enjoy the view? Can't you be nice  for once in your life, Jeon? What is it that you have so up your ass that you have to be acting like a jerk? Also, why do you have many bruises?"Jin asks, looking at the boy with bruises who stayed, not showing any emotion. 


     "I can say why Im an asshole and why i have bruises but I prefer not to..... look I finished the song. If you approached because by it that reason and just doesn’t want to say then it’s fine.” Jungkook stands up, taking the folded piece of paper from his back pocket.


      ”Here.” Jungkook hands to the older. 


      “I was able to finish it today. You can look over it with your friends. Just tell me what you think tomorrow. I have to go.” He says, leaving once the older one room the paper. 


      Jin furrowed his eyebrows, he then opened the paper to read the lyrics written along with some notes. As he reads he feels very impressed and sad. The lyrics were very beautiful. He never thought someone like Jungkook would write such lyrics like these.


       He now thinks that maybe Jimin was right. Maybe there’s a deep meaning as to why the younger acts the way he does. 



Chapter Text

      Jin got to his shared dorm with Yoongi, still being shocked by the lyrics that the younger wrote. He knows he shouldn’t judge but Jungkook has done a lot of things that make him be the guy everyone says.


      He looked everywhere for Yoongi but he seemed to be nowhere. That’s until he saw the otter come out of the bathroom door. “Hey, you are back! What’s that in your hand?” Yoongi points out. Jin looks back at the paper in his hands to finally look back at Yoongi.


      ”uhh I will answer your question once I have played the piano and sangre why’s in the paper.” Jin says, as he sits in the keyboard they have in their dorm. He puts the paper in the mini stand that the instrument has. 


      It takes him a country le of minutes to get the feeling of the rhythm and notes but he gets there. He then starts singing the lyrics based by the beat. 


      Yoongi was attracted to the lyrics as well as the beat. The words were very beautiful, Yoongi wondered if Jin wrote them. 


      “That’s amazing lyrics, very sentimental and relatable. Did you write this Jin?” 


    “No.....those are Jungkook’s lyrics.....when I was walking, I saw a figure that looked like his sitting on a bench. I say as well to see if it was Jungkook and it was. He got offended by something and straight up gave me the sheet saying that he had already done his part.... these lyrics are his 100 percent.” The other says as he slowly looks at the smaller one. 


       “Are you sure this isn’t any homeboy of yours Seokjin? Because if so it isn’t funny!” The other says. 


     “I promise you it isn’t Yoongi! I’m telling you the damn truth! Those lyrics are Jeon Jungkooks. He wrote them. He made the rhythm and all.” 


      Yoongi widen his eyes, taking the paper then reading the lyrics all over again. 


   "But how can a guy like him write these type of feelings! He doesn't looks like he even has emotions whatsoever.  By the way he acts is how you are able to tell, yet these are very good let me try playing it and adding something to it he plays the piano again with the added parts as well. 


      Jin starts singing since Yoongi prefers rapping and they already have part of the song and a feeling to it. Just by the lurid she Jungkook wrote, they were able to make most of the song.



       Jungkook was watching TV finally being able to get some distraction to what he considers a bad day. He honestly thinks about it and he finds the whole week bad.... nothing can't just ever be  right for him. 


      He starting to think if he should change, but he really doesn't want to.  His mind is telling him to dance, but the pain he feels in some areas let him know it's not the best. He has to rest even if he hates it. 


     He was scared to think what the others would say about his song. He knows that the other would that, someone like him wouldn't write that yet he did. He wrote it and he feels proud of it.


      Jungkook has so many thoughts in his head, all came out of the blue and or randomly. Because now he was thinking of how he saw his old high school bully. He hates to admit, but ever since, he has felt a tiny bit of fear.


      But, he hates having fear... he doesn't want to be afraid anymore, he doesn't want to be made fun of again. He changed his body compared to how it used to be so what's the matter? Not only did he have a bully but his past lover as well..... she never liked him and only used him in the most dirty way possible.


      All these things have made who he is and he knows it. With his thoughts he ended up falling asleep hugging his pillow.




   "Jungkookie baby wake up! You got to wake up darling! It's mom!" The women says to a sleepy  two year old year old almost three years old Jungkook, who wakes up smiling seeing his mom. But he can’t seem to see her clearly.


  "Mommy I'm tired! I wants to sleepy sleep!"He says hugging his pillow hearing laughs from his mom who kissed his cheek 


   "I know baby I know but Appa  is waiting for you. We w will have fun with your sister! We will do many things! Your almost three  but your smart! Do you love me more or do you love appa?


   "I love Mommy more! I also love appa but he can be scary and you are fun! Mommy or should I said eomma! Promise to never leave me? And see Kookie grow up to be a strong man like iron man?!"he asks excitedly.  


   "Of course baby! You can be whatever you want to be! You can't see me clearly, but many things will be answered kookie! You won’t always be lonely my bun!"she says and Jungkook wakes up immediately with sweat. He sat up so he can hugs his knees. He puts his head down after.

   That was a new memory of when he was little. Yet, it was mixed with a message form his mom.... he couldn't see her clearly and he hated that. Actually, no.  

      He found it weird that he barely remembered something just now. He put on  music to make him fall asleep again.... hoping that this time he dreams of nothing. 



      In the morning all the members were talking about the song. More so on the lyrics that Jungkook wrote.

      Jimin, in all honesty wasn't surprised  because he knows that he is right.

      "So, he wrote these huh? And you just added to it? Seems ok honestly, this is shocking and all!" Namjoon says impressed. That’s when  Jungkook walks in.


      This time there's no mask and everyone is talking about how he looks and he feels uncomfortable. He decided that he will put it on as he walked in to the classroom.


    "Alright class, so today you will be working on your projects.  Today we also have a new student with us! Please say your name and where your from!" Ms.Jang says, the pretty girl smiles and bows.


      "Hello I am Haewa! I'm a 96 liner I'm from Japan and I'll be majoring in acting and singing!" She says and when Jungkook hears that name he looks up and widen his eyes. His mood has totally changed. 


   "Thank you Haewa! Please take a seat next to Jungkook in the left! Jungkook sweetheart raise your hand! Also, we have already started a project and will be added to a group ok?" She informs her.


      She nods, then sees  Jungkook raise his hand. She feels in a way kinda scared, but sits next to him bowing. He bows a bit with his head, paying attention. She obviously doesn't recognize the new Jungkook even if it was the guy that she caused pain. 


   "Ok, everyone get in your groups! I hope you guys have a big picture of everything!" She goes to her desk and everyone gets into their groups. Jungkook notices that the others weren’t going to call him over or approach him so he moved himself to where they were. 


   "Ok, Jungkook we are impressed with your work, but can you write another part? I can’t believe I’m saying’s just the lyrics were amazing.” Namjoon looks at the older who gives a slight nod.


      ”Anyways, we will do exactly what Ms wants! I think creating a video for the song is a good idea! Also, there’s a studio in the school where we can record. We can go in everyday after school.” Namjoon gives out ideas that everyone, even Jungkook agreed on.   


      After, sometime class ended, which meant the bell had rung. Everyone starts gathering their stuff to leave for lunch. Jimin however, stays to see how Jungkook is.    


     "Hey, are you ok? Does your body still hurt from 2 days ago?" He asks the younger who shakes his head. 


      “Don’t worry about me,  Jimin.... I’m fine ok? You also don’t have to stay here. I mean I am Jeon Jungkook, I am used to being alone. Go with your friends.” Jungkook actually wanted someone to stay with him, but he also just wants to be alone. So, he hoped that the other got the message based by what he said.  


      “To others... you may seem as someone who has no emotions. A simply cold guy, but to me.. you k so want I see you as? A boy who feels trapped within himself. Who is afraid to show who he actually is. Those song lyrics prove it! Yes, you are lonely, but you don’t have to be. I don’t know what happened in your last school that you this way but I won’t get fooled by you Jeon Jungkook” Jimin looks at the other who looked at Jimin in between his talk. 


      “Anyways, I hope you get better. I also suggest wearing the mask a couple of more days so that people won’t talk about you a lot. See you after school Kook!” Jimin says, the younger is surprised by what Jimin called him.


      The teacher was in the room with them during it all, she heard every word obviously. She agreed in everything that Jimin said. She too wanted to give advice to Jungkook. And that she will. 

Chapter Text

     Ms Jang approached Jungkook who was still sitting, but gathering his stuff.


      "I heard your conversation with Jimin...looks like someone found your true identity!" She crosses her arms while he runs his hands through his hair.


      "I know, and I'm scared. I don't want to be the guy people thought of me before coming here. I wanted a new start and still want a new start. Most importantly, I'm tired of being lonely and sad Ms.Jang!" he puts his head down.  


      The older woman gently grabs Jungkook chin so he can look up. Once she does, she sees those amazing Bambi type of eyes. 


      "If you are tired of being lonely then, do something about it Jungkook! You donte have to be nice to everyone, but don’t try to take it far anymore.” She sighs before continuing.


      ”I can see that Jimin in some way is trying to get to know who you really are. I know the others will soon be doing the same thing. If they are, then let them. Those kids are nice, I promise you. Just try Kook! Try! With that being said, I’d like to know the such beautiful lyrics the boys talked about. May I hear the song?” She asks but he shakes his head.


      “Sorry Ms, I really appreciate your advice first of all. You are the only adult who I trust on telling stuff. I also think you are the only adult that I’m actually close to. I’d say I’m more close to you than my own family. Second, I want you to listen to it, when it’s all finished! I will feel more proud of the work that way" He ends with a smile on his face.


      ”I’m really the only person you are close with? Wow, I feel honored Jungkook! Also I understand that you want me to listen to it when it’s all done professionally. However, I would like to hear you sing? You can sing right? If so mind playing a little something? It can be a cover or whatever comes to your head.” She looks at the other who nods. 


       Jungkook walks over to the piano. She follows after him, standing next to him. The younger puts his mask down before taking a deep breath and starting to play something. 


      When he started singing, Ms. Jang got starstruck by his amazing soulful voice. She was really enjoying. She also loved the amount of feelings the younger was using to show the actual emotion of the song 


Don’t say those words, please
You know those words hurt me even more
You said you would love me, so what is this
You don’t know what kind of heart you gave me


Please be honest with me
You know I'll believe anything you say
Just like you said
Do you think that I will ever
Be loved by someone like me?


      When he’s done he closes his eyes and hears an applause by Ms. Jang. He looks up at her feeling very shy. “That was amazing Jungkook! I really loved your voice. You bring so many emotions to the table. It’s very beautiful to the point that it sounds like if you were the one who wrote are very good!” She says as he sits up bowing. 


      “Thank you.... I’m glad that you think my voice is good. Singing has always been a way for me express how I feel. It’s my get away really..... well I hav work go eat now! Thanks Ms. Jang! I promise to tell you how it went after school with the guys” Jungkook goes and collects his own stuff.


      ”Of course! Also, remember what I said ok? Do something that will make you feel less lonely.” She looks at him as he nods putting on his backpack and leaving the classroom 



      When it was after school, Jungkook headed towards the arduous that the others told him to meet at. When he went in, he was shocked to see how big it was. He has never seen how a studio looks like so this was something new. 

      Since he walked in he saw that no one was in the room. He decided to look around a bit before sitting down on the leather couch. He took out his phone and earbuds. This would be his entertainment while the others arrive. 


      After 15 mins, he saw the others come in and only greeted them with a small hello accompanied by a tiny bow. “You came early huh Jungkook? Sorry we took a bit, some of our classes are a bit far. Let us settles down and we will start making the production and recordings.” Namjoon says as he puts his stuff down.

      Jungkook can only stay silent as he lets each and every one of them settle and getting prepared. 


      Soon enough they all started working, there was tension like always but nothing that they couldn’t handle. Each member was taking their part in giving opinions about what they can do for the instrumental. 



      "How about adding the train sound to the beginning of the song? It would be like telling the listeners that their a journey throughout the song." Jungkook suggest. Yoongi adds it starting from the top and they all nod to the whole beat of the song. "Ok, that's seems to work! Not too bad Jeon....I'll admit!" Yoongi says impressed. This made the younger have a huge smile. The others get kinda shocked to see Jungkook smiling since he really doesn’t do it often at school. 


They find it quite cute, and would agree that is a bunny smile.


      "Hey guys! I'm here with food, and even though Jungkook didn't want any I brought you noodles as well! We may dislike you, but we aren't bad people unlike you!" Jimin says putting it all on the table while tae puts in the drinks. "Oh, umm thanks I guess?" Jungkook says confused, he waits for all of them to begin eating until he grabs his own. He grabs the chopsticks and began eating, it's been a while so he enjoyed the meal.


      ”I’m about to say something, don’t take it serious ok? You haven’t acted kinda mean today... is anything wrong? I mean where’s the bad boy?” Hoseok asks in a jokingly way. 


      The other shrugs, “I don’t know? Am not feeling it as of now. Don’t worry! I also just want to do this project in a mature way.” He says. After some time they were finally finished and headed to their dorms. 


      When Jungkook gets do his dorm, he takes out his laptop and checks his mail to see if his dad would even message him in the professional way. However the only mail he has it from the councilor who says that soon he would have a roommate. He smiles a bit by the mail because, he was kinda feeling lonely in the dorm. He hoped he would be able to get along with whoever was stuck with him.


Chapter Text

      During the whole weekend, Jungkook was in his dorm cleaning so that his roommate wouldn’t find the place dirty or too stuffy. He hoped they would get along, but he doesn’t want to get his hopes up because he already know others will tell him to stay away.


      He hates how that will end up with him having a roommate who hates him. But yet, he still has some tiny hope that the other will be ok with him.


      He still has a few bruises but they were mainly going away with time. Jungkook was happy about that because then, the other wouldn’t take so much interest. He was sitting in his bed listening to music when he heard the knock on his door.


      Nervously, he got off the bed and took a deep breath before sighing and opening the door. He quickly bowed to the boy in front of him as well as the councilor. “Here we are Mr. Kim! Hello Jungkook! I’m here to introduce you to your new roommate! Yugyeom meet Jeon Jungkook. Jungkook, meet Kim Yugyeom! Also, what happened to you sweetie? You have some faded bruises.” The lady points out to Jungkook who ducks his head a bit. “It’s nothing! It’s just something that happened a while ago with someone people. I’m fine now though!” He looks up a bit, faking a smile.


       “I see, well any problems you are having with anyone just go to the office and tell us ok? You college students are adults but sometimes people need help. Anyways, Mr. Kim, I hope you get along with Jungkook! If you have any concerns or any questions, you can ask a Jungkook or me or any one... ok?” She says, the other nods before bowing and coming in.


      “I cleaned this weekend so I hope you don’t find anything messy Yugyeom.” Jungkook says as he sits down in his own bed. The other looks around before heading to his side of the room. “You did a very well job cleaning Jungkook! Don’t worry about the messing thing because I can be messy at times. That’s a warning for you!” He laughs a bit, the other forces a smile.



      “You know, so far.... I don’t see you act the way people describe you. Then again you may be acting nice to actually is being nice.” Yugyeom starts unpacking his suitcases. Jungkook freezes a bit when then other said that.


      He couldn’t believe that people already warned Yugyeom about him so quickly. Then again, he asks himself if he should even be surprised at the point. He now feels that the other boys believed the rumors he has been told about him.


      “I guess people already told you everything about me huh? Can’t say I’m surprised because I expected this. If you wish to know them yes, you can call me a bad guy. I’ve made fun of people.... I’ve scared some people away but I’ve never once have hurt someone so deeply physically or mentally. However, lately I don’t see any fun on anything I did or used to do within that topic of being ‘bad’. Don’t worry if you think I’ll hurt you or judge you. I won’t do it...just incase you had anything thoughts. I wish for us to get along even professionally ok?” Jungkook says calmly


      Yugyeom is just taking everything in. He wants to respond to Jungkook but doesn’t know how. He too just wants the both of them to get along, at least professionally.


      The silence lets Jungkook think that the other truly won’t do anything to be his friend and that it will be professional. Or so he hopes they keep it that way. He’s also starting to think that Ms. Jang is right about telling him to get to know Jimin. Out of all people, to the younger it seems that the older one is the only person to want to be his friend.


      Jungkook grabs some of his stuff and tells Yugyeom he will be going out to do something.  That something is called dance. It’s been a while and he just needs to let go of all the emotions he feels. Plus his body has almost completely gone back to normal. That meant that he had no more pain.


      As he was entering the dance studio, Jungkook heard music as well as some footsteps. Turns out someone was using the studio already and that someone was no other than Jimin. Jimin took some notice when Jungkook came in out of no where.


      It did shock him but since he was dancing, it didn’t real show. He hid his shock. He never thought he would ever see Jungkook busting in to a dance room.


      Jungkook stood there and went to the other side of the studio where he wounding disturb the older as he was still dancing. Jungkook realized that Jimin was dancing to an original song. He couldn’t recognize the olders voice based by the last time they worked on the project. Either way he was mesmerized by the older and how beautiful as well as sharp his moves were.


      Even if he tried, he couldn’t stop looking at the other dance. He suddenly hoped and wished he was able to show that much beauty and sharpness in his dance one day.   


      When Jimin stopped he quickly grabbed his water bottles and turned around to look forward at the younger boy. “What’s brings you here Jungkook ssi? I never really thought I ever would see you busting into a dance room. Do you dance?” The older asked as Jungkook nodded.


      “Wow, guess that’s something else we have in common. Ahh, you keep surprising me everyday Jeon Jungkook! Anyways, don’t worry about interrupting me because obviously you didn’t. You also don’t have to worry about me watching you dance because I already have to head back to the dorm.” He gives a tiny pout. He grabs his stuff when he’s headed out the door.


      “I won’t tell anyone about this either! See ya tomorrow Jungkook!” Jimin made a peace sign to the other as he was about to close the door. Once the younger is alone he waits for a couple of minutes to make sure no one else would come.


      After 15 mins he starts warming up since it seemed like no one would actually be near or want to have the interest of dancing at the moment. Once he had warmed up he decided to start creating some moves for the instrumental that he made with the boys a few days ago.


      He put his camera to record the dance moves in order to remember them. Once everything was set up he started. He danced with so much emotion this time compared to others. Mainly because he hadn’t dance in a good while. He just tried letting every thing bothering him go away by dancing.


      After two good hours of dancing random stuff and coming up with some moves he grabs his stuff. He doesn’t want to go back to the dorm just yet.... he still wants to be alone. So he decided to head to the tree he would at times be at. The place where he knows he will get peace. He will stay there just until he’s comfortable.




      It was the next day and Jungkook was already eating lunch alone like always. He was thinking on yesterday’s small events and how awkward it was between yugyeom and him once he got back to the dorms. He sighed shaking his head and continued to eat.


      He was already hating today because he couldn’t go somewhere else to eat. The school had closed some places for some reason, so he had to eat in the cafeteria where people always judged him. The others were looking at the lonely boy who seems to be a bit down.


      “You know..... I won’t lie that it kinda makes me feel bad  that he’s always alone. Yes people like being lonely but not all the time.” Hoseok says looking at the younger direction.


      “People end up lonely for a reason though, hyung. His is for being so rude and awful to some people. He deserves it. Plus why are we even paying attention to him? He’s only part of our project and nothing else. He’s no friend of ours!” Tae says and continue to eat his food when he feels a small slap on the arm by Jimin.


      “Why are you do against him Taehyung? He’s lonely and had done some bad things but he doesn’t really deserve to be lonely in a way. Again, people have their reason for acting the way they do. I think that we should all start being more nice to him. I mean he stopped being an asshole to us. Let’s try to get to know him?” Suggests Jimin.


      “I agree with Jiminie! After school is when we should start the deal of being nice and friendly to him! I have a feeling that he actually may be not as bad we think or say....I mean someone with a cold evil heart wouldn’t write the type of lyrics he did.” Jin says and then feels someone turn his head to see someone that they never saw sit in front of Jungkook.


2 mins before  during the groups convo.


      Jungkook was minding his own business when he sees a shadow in front of him. He looks up to meet eyes with his roommate; Yugyeom.


      “Hey there, so called ‘bad guy’ May I sit with you? I know you don’t have a good reputation according to people, but I can’t judge someone until knowing the  actual truth right ?” Jungkook widen his eyes a bit but nodded and gestures Yugyeom to sit with him.


      The whole  college cafeteria was looking at Yugyeom who already heard some whispers and shocks from him sitting with Jungkook, but none bothered him. “I thought you weren’t going to sit with someone like me? I mean yesterday it seemed to be that you believed the rumors of people? Also don’t you have better friends? I don’t think I’m a good person to be friends with.” The younger says and looks down at the end of his comment.


      “I know that yesterday wasn’t the best. I’m sorry that I made it seem like I believed what people said. I was tired and I shouting have taken it on you.....however, I’m not one to believe people so easily. You truly don’t seem to be the person people say even if we just met yesterday. I want to try to be your friend because we are roommates plus I’m shy at first on making friends... ok?” Yugyeom looks to see what the other would say in return.


      He sees Jungkook give a small smile that means he understand where the other is coming from. Yugyeom smiles back and he starts eating. It was no talking but Jungkook wouldn’t lie if he said he didn’t enjoy the company. Even it was silent.




      All seven boys were united after school in the studio once more but this time to start the vocals of the song. “Ok, guys we are ready to start! Remember each of you will sing your part and then some will be together! This is our first run through!” Namjoon says in the speaker.


      Getting a thumbs up from the three boys that were inside the boy that. Jungkook was really nervous for this since no one has ever heard him really sing. He was scared to be judged badly in his voice.


      Jimin starts off the song nicely with his sweet vocals, which then went to Taehyung deep soulful voice. Lastly, it was getting very near Jungkook part. In order to sing well Jungkook remembered his grandma. When his part started the rest got shocked.


      His nice sweet unique voice made the others speechless. They didn’t know why but there was something calming to his voice. The other two inside the booth thought he was putting so much emotions that they saw a tiny tear slip down the youngers cheek.


      When they finished they got a thumbs up from Namjoon. They all went out of the booth and got claps from the olders. Jungkook thought the claps were mainly for the other two who he won’t lie have just as an amazing voice as his.


      “Good job guys! You all did very well! I can’t believe I’m saying this Jeon, but your voice is amazing when it’s alone, as well as combined with Jimins and Taes! Something magical happens. You have really impressed us these Jeon.” Yoongi says smiling at the younger.


      Jungkook gets shocked but doesn’t show it, he just gives a small smile and sits back down at the couch. “Thanks I guess.” He responds only.


      “Well we have done a lot of progress! I say we treat ourselves to ice cream?!” Jin says and gets positive responses from the others. Jungkook stayed quiet because he was sure that he meant only to the others. The rest got their stuff and headed out.


      Jungkook decided to stay a while if he could. The studio was big and he would have some alone time. Jin looked back to see the other on his phone staying in the couch. He approaches the other.  “Come ok and join us Jungkook. You won’t bother us what so ever ok? We won’t let you stay here because then we will beat you up! You have worked well too. For once let someone be nice to you?” Jin says looking at the younger who looks back, doubting if he should or shouldn’t go.


      He remembers Ms. Jangs advice and ends up nodding. He gets up and follow the rest to the ice cream place.


      They were all sitting down enjoying their ice creams and talking except for Jungkook. He was the only one who has remained silent the whole time. He feels left out in a way. He sees how the sic have a strong bond as brothers and friends. Something he has wished to experience but hasn’t. This made him feel more down.


       “Hey Jungkook? Come on and go with us! Don’t be like this! You need to talk and we will listen. Don’t stay there shy, I know we don’t get along well but we should!” Hoseok nudged at Jungkook.


      He tried to talk and it did work but it all felt really weird to him. He has never went out with a group or any friends. But he sees that he actually likes it.


Chapter Text

      Jungkook woke up seeing that it was already 8:00. Today he wouldn’t have any classes until 10. He stretched before going to the bathroom and getting ready for the day. Once he was all done he went to the kitchen where he saw two plates of food on the table.


      “Good morning Jungkook! I made some breakfast for us! I usually wake up early and can’t help but do some stuff. I also meant what I said yesterday... I want to get to know you because we are roommates and I think you need a friend.” Yugyeom says, as he sits down so he can begin to eat.


      “Now, I let you not speak the whole lunch. That’s not how it will go today. Friends learn from each other so I really want to learn about you.. even just a tiny bit. I’ll then, talk about myself. Just try? I really want to be your friend.” The other pleads and Jungkook sighs before taking a sip of his juice and remembering once more the advice he was given.


      “You don’t have to be my friend out of pity though. If that’s why you are doing it then, no need. I’m fine without friends as well.... it’s what I’m used to.” He murmurs at the end but the other was able to hear it.


      “Well too bad I’m going to be your friend and it’s not out of pity. I would have said if it was. I genuinely want to be your friend. I mean your the only person I’ve mainly talked the most and I won’t let other people stop me from being your friend. Not even you.” Yugyeom breathes before closing his eyes and finding another way to justify himself.


      “Not everyone says mean things about you. There were these six boys who actually told me you aren’t bad at all. I’m going to believe them and the way I see you. Please, I’m telling the truth. We can get to know each other little by little.” The other mainly has a begging face because he really did want to be a friend to the other.


      Jungkook looks at his plate, feeling a bit taken back by one part of the others statement. He knew who those six boys are. He couldn’t believe they actually said something good about him....


      “Fine, I’ll take your word. But only because you do seem to want to be my friend.” He sighs out of nowhere. “Let’s hope I don’t regret this...I’ll start on a little bit about myself.”


       Jungkook drinks a bit of orange juice before starting. “I’m from busan.... I moved to Seoul shoot four years ago with my dad and older sister. My mom left me when I was just a baby pretty family doesn’t really care about me which is why I’m in the dorms and not at home like others. I like to dance and sing. My childhood wasn’t pleasant which is why I act the way I do. That’s enough information from me for now. Your turn.” Jungkook looks back at Yugyeom  who nods.


      “Well....I guess in some way you and I can have a similar background story. My birthday is November, I like to dance more than anything the world. I also can sing at times too. When it comes to family I have a brother and I guess normal caring parents. When I was in high school I had what I consider my best close friends stab me in the back real hard..” He says, not liking the memory and Jungkook can tell based by his face expression.


      “I’m better now but I as well am careful with the type of friends I have.  I love bowling, it’s something very fun for me. I have a boyfriend who actually attends the school but he’s on the other side of campus. I hope me having a boyfriend isn’t a problem?” He asks and Jungkook shakes his head.


      “I’m not homophobic. I’m actually bisexual myself though I’ve mainly had girlfriends, I think I only had two past somewhat boyfriend or just dating? I don’t know... I haven’t dated in a while. What surprised me was that you like bowling.”


      “I love it! I plan on going to go play sometime soon and I’ll be taking you rather you like it not. Also I’m liking the small progress eve made in just a few mins... little by little we will be better at communicating with one another.” Yugyeom stands up as he had just finished his breakfast.


      “Prove to me you want to be my friend, please. I don’t want to be wrong about how I think you are.” Jungkook responds seeing a  tiny smile on Yugyeoms face.


      “Oh trust me! I will.” That’s makes Jungkook feels happy because no one has really tried or said they will prove it. Maybe this will be good after all.




      After finishing his food he headed to his classes and was currently in the one he dreaded the most. Why did he dread it the must? Well it’s the fact that he has to be seated next to his ex. If it wasn’t for that he would love the class, since it a music one.


      He hates being with the person he used to live so much, but broke him and his trust so damn much. Today Jungkook wasn’t wearing any type of mask, so when his partner saw him or should he say ex saw him she was shocked.


      It really was him. Jungkook just ignored her like he has done all along. He can’t forget what she did even if he wants too. The class continued on until Ms. Jang gave a last task. 


      “Ok, before you leave I’ll want you to do a pair share type of thing with your partner! I want you to explain what music is to you! I think this would for sure help each other know the different perspectives there could be to music.” She smiles and finished speaking as everyone started to chatter about what they had been asked.


      Haewa swallows a bit and looks at Jungkook. He has changed so so much. “Do you want me to go first?” She asks the younger and he only shrugs.


      “It’s you isn’t? Jungkook, my ex, right? I can see it in those big doe eyes of yours. You have changed and now that I found you I want to talk. To apologize of the horrible things I’ve done to you.” She murmurs a bit at the end and Jungkook laughs a bit bitterly.


      “Yes, It’s me. Shocking huh? I don’t need your excuses Haewa! I’m not the the stupid shy boy I was in high school! Ive changed both physically and mentally! What you did to me made things very clear!” Jungkook looks at her very coldly.


      “But I want to apologize! I know I hurt you and you don’t know how much I’ve regr-“ She gets stopped


      “Stop with the bullshit! I doubt that you regret it and even if you do, it’s way too late! I don’t need your pathetic apologies! What you did to me was something so horrible, something I’ll never forget! You used me! You made me fall in with you! I loved you Haewa! I really did! I lost my virginity with you! It was just a game that I stupidly fell for! You along with him humiliated me in front of the whole school! Just because of how I looked? Just because it was a dare? Yea, I regret and apologize my ass! Let me make one thing clear for you! I don’t love you anymore and I won’t ever again. I don’t even want to be your friend. So, stop bothering me!” He says and she gets speechless


      He definitely has changed and she is mad at herself for causing him so much pain. What both didn’t know was that Taehyung was able to hear the last sentences.


      Jungkook picked his stuff and was about to head out when the older stopped him. “Why were you acting so cold with Haewa? Why would you say all that stuff to her? She was trying to be your friend, I’m guessing.”


       “Listen Taehyung, her and I have a horrible past! Meaning that you had no business hearing our conversation! You don’t know a damn thing. Don’t accuse people if you haven’t heard the story. Let’s just leave ok?” Jungkook says without looking at him and leaving.


Taehyung sighed and followed him out.