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Who I really am

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   "Please don't hurt me Jeon! I swear I'll do whatever you want, but please don't hurt me!" A boy says, as Jungkook has him against the lockers. He looked at the boy with such a serious face the other tried not to pee himself from how scared he was. "I'll let you go, but you try talking back next time and you won't be saved, get that clear! Don't mess with me!" he says, throwing away his collar with force before he leaves.

   Jeon Jungkook the most popular but also bad boy of the school. Everyone really doesn't like getting near him and he has friends, but they don't hang with him that much because of how Jungkook acts. He's your typical mean boy; stealing money, hurting people, but not deeply like any other bully throwing insults and what not. However, when it came to school the boy was smart and he made deals with his teachers on how he didn't want attention by his grades. Some even considered him a fuck boy when he hasn't touched a woman or man sexually at all. He has had girlfriends but he always left them after he saw that they played with him.

 In all he seemed like a negative person that in fact six boys hate so much and are constantly at times having problems with Jungkook. Everyone thinks that he has no feelings, that he is just someone cruel, but what they don't know is that it's all a mask. Unnder all that bad,cold mean stuff there's a lonely boy who is hiding how he truly feels.... it's a mask..... a mask to hide who he is and his pain......a boy who just wants love and comfort.
Yet, nobody has tried enough to know him and see Why he is the way he is. Not to mention how he also pushes people away. No one has been eager enough to stay and see his true personality.

When he’s at home, Jungkook parents or should he say his only parent; dad isn’t too proud of him. Part of that reason is because unlike his father who is into business and has one of his own, he likes arts such as music, dancing and more. They always fight about Jungkooks future job. He also has a sister that never backs him up and doesn’t really try to defend him. But even if he doesn’t get along with his sister and dad and even though they argue a lot, Jungkook still loves them very much.

Now on to his mother. Jungkooks mother left him, his dad and sister when he was very small. He doesn’t even know what he did so wrong that caused his mother to leave him at such a young age.

The only person who understood him and comforted him was his grandma. But that changed once she had passed away. Jungkook hasn’t felt actual family love and comfort ever since.

One thing he loved the most and was the only way out of the pain is dancing, singing and photography which is not what his father wants him to have a career in but it's what he gets inspired by and would do no matter what.

  Bangtan. The other popular six kids that were loved by everybody be in the school unlike Jeon Jungkook. They were close friends since the beginning of high school for some of them. They all were appreciated and were the opposite of Jungkook; nice, sweet, and caring. Not to mention how well their families loved them for pursuing what they want, except for Jin, who's parents also didn't like that he wasn't taking business as his pathway. They hated one thing the most and that was Jeon Jungkook. They hate his ways ,they hate how he acts cold, they hate everything. At the start Jungkook was always mean to them and were at fights, sometimes with Yoongi and Namjoon. Most people always get saved because they would come and put Jungkook in his place.

   "Jeon when will you ever learn to be nice! You made the poor boy scared! This is why you’re never appreciated that much! You’re basically a monster!" Taehyung says, as he passes by making Jungkook blood boil. "Look here asshole, what I do shouldn't be your fucking business, ok? I'll do whatever the fuck I want! You don't own me to tell me what to do and what not to do. So, why don't your kissing asshole of friends and yourself leave me alone Alright? I'm not afraid to fight!" he says, when the bell of dismissal rings. He grabs his stuff bumping his shoulder against the older.

   "Ugh, fucking asshole surprised he even has parents who can tolerate him!" Tae mutters before he leaves. Jungkook walks away to get home though he hated being at home. "Oh, you came early for once huh Jeon Jungkook..." his sister Eunjae says, he rolls his eyes heading upstairs. "Hey don't ignore me Jungkook! No wonder dad doesn't like you here!"she says and Jungkook is about to loose it. "You know Eunjae, you made it clear to me that I'm the fault in everything about this. I don't need your whiny ass to tell me ok?" he says calmly, heading upstairs to his room  he sighs laying on the  bed  with a frown.

    Jungkook not only has he had problems by family and school, but people used to bully him about something. Making him change both physically and mentally.....sometimes he cries and it was one of those days where tears were on his eyes. "Why can't no one be proud of me? Why can't I get love. I know I act mean but I'm scared to act parents and sister call me a fucked up. My mom thought I was so worthless she left me and then, I don't have true friends, I was bullied. Why can't I just not live? What's keeping me from continuing? I hate this! Why can't no one try enough to see my pain and wounds and try to heal them?" he breathes before crying hard in his pillow.