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The Pact

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Soul Ink


Hadrian Regulus/Nicholas Alexander

He has probably traced the chocolate brown and neon green ink hundreds of times. There are only so many things to do when you are trapped, alone, under the stairs. There's never anything of any importance under the stairs. Just him, unwanted clothes, and a few stray cleaning bottles. They’re all forgotten scattered among the spiders and their webs.

Hadrian Regulus/Nicholas Alexander

“Hadrian and Nicholas.” he murmurs reverently, careful to keep his voice down. He has always liked the names. One of them he logically knows must be his own. Sometimes he says the names over and over to himself. Filling the vacancies of sound in his dusty, spider filled cupboard. “Hadrian and Nicholas.” he repeats with a sigh “Nicholas and Hadrian,” he says with a giggle. They both sound so lovely in the darkness of his cupboard. So unique. The sound of them together makes his heart, soul, and his strange powers sing. The feeling is like a crescendo of heat much like he imagines a hug would feel. It sends warmth through him while he sits on his frigid cupboard floor.

Nicholas. Nico. Nick. Nicholas .

Hadrian. Adrian. Harry. Hadrian .

He has read countless books to find their meanings and decide on suitable nicknames. He can't help but be grateful to his strange power for allowing him the ability to summon the books from... wherever they come from. He has educated himself in countless subjects that way. Can read and speak three languages fluently and two more well enough to get by. He can understand most languages instinctively. Still, he studies them alongside the other languages all the same just in case.

What will we say to each other. ’ he ponders allowing his glowing neon green eyes to roll up to the ceiling. ‘ Our first words spoken to one another should hold importance. ’ he decides. ‘ What will we do once we find each other? Will Nicholas or Hadrian sweep me into his arms and kiss me like those icky romance shows on the telly. Will I mind? Probably not. ’ He muses allowing his mind to drift within the safety of his cupboard.

Hadrian Regulus/Nicholas Alexander  

He knows he’ll love them. Whoever they are. No, he'll be honored to just be allowed in their lives. He knows this. Whatever his name is it isn't even worthy to be spoken by the Dursleys. He used to think that he was a Dursley. Used to think they were his family. He allows himself to frown at the memory. The Dursleys quickly corrected his line of thought. Telling him how they just woke up to find him abandoned on their doorstep. It was the only nice thing they've ever done for him. Letting him know he’s not like them.

Hadrian Regulus/Nicholas Alexander

Maybe Nicholas or Hadrian will even take him away and trace his scars, healing them like the red-headed woman in his dreams often did to him when he was smaller. Here, no one ever touches him. Unless it is to smack him, cuff him or beat him. Maybe he won't even have to live in a cupboard when they marry. When he first heard about soul mates from Miss Petunia, he felt something die inside of him. She was talking to Dudley while he carefully ironed and folded the Dursleys clothes.

As usual, Dudley wasn't quite gripping anything, she said giving Freak, as he had thought his name was at the time, quite enough time to memorize the information and store it away for later. Miss Petunia had said; ‘“The name belongs to your soulmate and soulmates are people destined to love you forever. The other name is obviously you're own.”’ Her words brought a distant memory of a nice woman with red hair and Man with hair like his telling him much the same thing. The man and woman from his earliest memories never lied to him so he knew what she said was true.

However, Miss Petunia was not finished because she then said; “But because the Freak is so unlovable his soulmate won't want him. He wasn't even worth enough to be given a real name.”’ He had cried for the first time in years. He hadn't even been able to look to where the names covered his pounding chest for a whole day. Then he had remembered all the other times the Dursleys lied to him and he swore from there on out to never believe a word they said.

Hadrian Regulus/Nicholas Alexander

He is turning five today. He can't help but wonder about his Nico’s last name. Hadrian found out his first name two years ago. He was cleaning the attic at the time. He stumbled upon a trunk with his initials on it. Inside were letters from his parents written to someone named Hadrian. There were also photo albums of him as a baby and a toddler. Logically he knows this must mean the trunk belongs to him. The only odd things were the fact that all the pictures inside the trunk moved and the books talked about magic and other worlds.

So far, the books about magic haven't seemed to have lied about anything. In fact, so far everything in the strange trunk with his name on it seems to be real. If his parents really were magical it would explain why the Dursleys don't allow the word to be spoken in their home. He doesn't understand how he came to be here though. He suspects the Dursleys kidnapped him. At least they now allow him to attend a muggle primary school. Even if they won't allow him to show what he knows he can still show what he doesn't.

Everyone at the school seems to think his name is Harry James Potter. He’s never bothered correcting anyone. It’s not like anyone but your soulmate can see your mark. Besides they're not likely to believe him if he tells them his real name anyway. Being called Harry or Potter is still better than Freak or Boy. Besides Harry is still a real name and it could be used as a shortened version of his own name. Its odd coincidence given that the Dursleys didn't seem to know his name before. It makes him wonder if they just don't use his name on purpose. He’s highly doubtful that’s the case, however.

He has heard the girls in his class whispering about changing their last names for their soul mates. He'll likely do the same. He’s not even sure what his surname is. It was such a shock to find out his first and middle names. He's still not entirely sure how to feel about them. They're much nicer than Freak or even Harry. The best part is he and his soulmate are the only ones to know it. Still, someone as wonderful as his Nicholas won't want a last name like his. He smiles and looks down at his chest as it heats up. Finally, he will know his soulmates last name. He’s giddy at the thought.

Hadrian Regulus Peverell/Nicholas Alexander di Angelo

Di Angelo and Peverell. Hmm… he's not a Potter, he’s a Peverell, one day he’ll be a di, Angelo. Hadrian laughs careful to keep the sound down. The last thing he wants or needs is to wake up the Dursleys. “Nicholas Alexander di Angelo.” He mouths to himself allowing himself to *Flop* back onto his bed of tattered clothes with a small deliriously happy smile.

Hadrian Regulus Peverell/Nicholas Alexander di Angelo

When he started primary school their soulmate teacher had told them all about soulmates. How in the first meeting the name would grow warm and static and electricity would begin to erupt between the two before you began glowing. He remembers frowning a bit when they learned how when they were in danger or in trouble you would hurt in your heart. He doesn’t want his soulmate to ever be in pain like he constantly is. So far however it seems there’s nothing for it.

This year their soulmate teacher is Miss Anderson. Every day in Miss Anderson’s class she will stress how it is a destined match and nothing can come between it. They learned last week that there were once prejudices against soulmates. Like same-sex soulmates, soulmates of different skin colors and soulmates from different religions and countries. Miss Anderson has thoroughly assured them that time has passed. After all, it is now scientifically proven that soulmates are a perfect match and will love you forever. It doesn't matter who they are, they will love you.

Now Hadrian likes to believe that Mrs. Petunia and Mr. Vernon are lying when they say nobody will ever love him. It is basically the law that someone out there will. He promised himself that whoever Nicholas Alexander di Angelo turns out to be he will love him unconditionally as well. The day he turned six he was rather surprised to have woken up with ten new names in black. Black names mean they will be the best of friends.

He was happily tracing the names and memorizing them while finishing his bath when he moved to his right arm and nearly screamed in terror. It was only the knowledge that he wouldn't survive another beating from Mr. Vernon that stopped him from doing so. His right arm is now nearly covered in red. They had begun learning about red names this year and he didn't know why he had been chosen or what for. Red names only appear for soldiers, the police and servicemen who take out bad guys. He’s never heard of someone's entire arm being red.