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Tigs Birthday

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His screen lit up but the message was from Nate, not Jack “Hey princess, the menace is pestering me because he’s worried you’re going to waste away. I’m hoping Jack is going to wrap up this call soon and then I will drag him away to come and find you guys.” Channon glanced up to see Ewan fiddling with his phone and chewing. A moment later his phone flashed again, from Jack this time, “Sorry sweetheart, soon, eat the cheese”.

“Come on, I know a great place we can wait for your Daddy and you don’t have to have a drink” wheedled Tig, “we can’t sit around out here forever”, “How many times do I have to tell you he’s not my Daddy”, Channon took a breath and reminded himself that he did like Tig, no matter how annoying he was sometimes, “But it’s my birthday”, Tig was ignoring the whole Daddy issue, “Stop fluttering your eyelashes you look like a bloody butterfly and how many times do I have to tell you it’s not your birthday today” Ewan pointed out, but he grabbed Channon’s arm and followed Tig and before long they were entering a brightly lit bar and Channon found himself sat at a little round table and Ewan slapped a bottle of water down in front of him “So you don’t get in trouble with Mr Bossy Boots” and gave Tig some kind of pink drink whilst he had a bottle of beer himself. The girls at the next table kept looking over, despite Ewan glowering at them and Channon found himself nervously picking at the label on his water wishing Jack would hurry up. “Stop blowing them kisses” Ewan hissed at Tig, “They don’t need any more encouragement to make googly eyes” and he shifted his chair slightly closer to Channon, who racked his brains for something to say to distract a clearly bored Tig.

“Were you at the club last night?” he asked Tig, “Yup, I didn’t see you there”, Tig replied and Channon flushed, thinking of how Jack had opened a delivery of new rope and then tied him up and edged him for what felt like hours, not letting him come as he didn’t want to make the hemp all dirty the first time he used it and afterwards he’d fucked Channon’s face and then held him in bed while Channon lay there all wanting and horny until he finally managed to fall asleep. Stupid brunch meetings that were only supposed to last a couple of hours. Channon could feel himself getting desperate all over again. “No, we stayed in” he mumbled “Netflix and Chill?” Ewan suggested, raising his eyebrow and Channon felt his face grow hotter. “Shame”, continued Tig, “There was a new rope top there that looked pretty good, you’d’ve liked to watch, course he had some pretty twinky rope bottom with him “, Tig sighed dramatically and Ewan rolled his eyes “like you would have the patience to be still long enough to be tied up like that”, “A boy can dream”, said Tig wistfully,”but yeah, it was a pretty good night, except for the whole going home alone again thing” and Channon felt instantly guilty for getting annoyed with Tig earlier.

Channons phone rang a few minutes later and when he saw it was Jack he couldn’t pick it up fast enough, “Hey sweetheart, how’re you doing?”, Channon glanced around, “Good Sir”, because it was fun being here with Ewan and Tig, even if it would be better with Jack, and he didn’t want Jack to leave work before everything was wrapped up, not just for him. “Well, I am all finished for today, so as soon as we get there I’ll be all yours, Nate has just hustled me into his car, he says to tell you to tell the menace that he’s on his wa/”, Channon smiled, then realised that he had to say something too, “Oh, that’s good Sir, see you soon”, “Bye then”. Channon was still grinning as he looked up and saw Ewan scowling at him. “Apparently Nate says to tell you he’s on his way”. “Oh goodie” Ewan replied, but his face soften slightly belying his grumpy tone. “Where’s Tig?” Channon asked. “Bothering the lasses at the next table”, Channon followed his gaze and sure enough Tig was deep in discussion with the girls at the who’d been flirting with them earlier, as was a man in a very shiny shirt with a bow tie who looked a little odd. “I think he felt left out when you got your lovey dovey face on”, Channon wondered how long it would take Ewan to get over the fact that he liked being in a relationship with Jack, one day maybe. But then Tig returned with a new full pink drink with a cocktail umbrella this time and a big grin and Ewan started grumbling about him whoring himself out for free drinks, to which Tig just agreed wholeheartedly and soon they were chatting away.

Channon didn’t notice at first when the background music got turned off and the man in the shiny shirt started singing on a little stage in the corner, not until Ewan started glowered over in his direction and said “Tiiiig, what have you done?”. “What?” said Tig a little too brightly, “Don’t you like the entertainment?” “He’s singing a Marvin Gaye song, why am I suspicious?”, “I think he’s quite good” Tig replied innocently, “anyway, aren’t your men getting here soon?”. At that point the final strains of Get it On faded away and the girls at the next table clapped enthusiastically. The man started talking into the mic but Channon didn’t hear what he said because at that moment Jack was suddenly behind him,and Channon breathed in his scent whilst Jacks hands were firm on his shoulders, his breath tickling Channon’s ear as he whispered “Did you miss me?”. But as Channon was about to reply he was interrupted by a fuming “Hell no” from Ewan across the table, “You didn’t say anything about Karaoke you bawbag, you know I don’t want to set foot in a Karaoke bar”. “Temper temper”, smirked Nate, “don’t worry baby boy, you don’t have to miss out, I can serenade you if you want”.

There was an ear splitting screech from the next table and two of the girls got up, grabbed Tig by the hand and pulled him with them onto the stage screaming “we’re first, come on birthday boy” and before Channon knew what was happening Tig was up on the stage singing “I wanna dance with somebody” with his two new friends, which wouldn’t be so bad, except he could swear that Tig was making eyes at Jack as he sang, but at least Jack was pressed up against Channon, his hand on Channon’s thigh, muttering “well this was unexpected”. Meanwhile Ewan still had a face like thunder, but Nate had a firm grasp on his bicep and was whispering things in his ear with a smirk on his face.

Chanon leaned his head back against Jacks chest and closed his eyes, letting the feeling of happiness wash over him. He felt the vibrations as Jack chuckled, “Can I sit down too?”, so Channon leant forward again and Jack was sat down, scooting his chair closer to Channon, their thighs pressed together under the table. “Why are we at a karaoke bar by the way?” asked Jack frowning, “Tig I guess Sir, he didn’t say that’s what it was, but he was very insistent that we came here. He’s been a bit hyper today”, Channon realised something as he spoke “I think he’s feeling lonely because it’s nearly his birthday and he doesn’t have someone to look after him”, “Hmm”, Jack looked thoughtful, “maybe I should have a word with Diana next time we’re at the club, she likes interfering, I don’t want you to spend all your weekends cheering up a lonely Tig and not have any time for me”.”At least I’d get cake” Channon played along, “Cake eh, have you been sneaking treats, Tig is a bad influence”, “No Sir, they’re all back at the apartment”.

There was a burst of applause and Shiny Shirt read out the next names on his list. Ewan glowered at Tig as he weaved his way back between the tables with his new friends. “Easy”, Nate grinned, “Don’t activate your laser beams in here, too many civilians will get caught in the crossfire”. Channon chuckled and Tig hugged the girls goodbye and came back over to their table with his best butter wouldn’t melt expression, “Hello Sirs” he smiled at Nate and Jack. Jack squeezed Channons thigh under the table, “Happy Birthday Tig”, Nate smiled back at Tig, “Not you as well” Ewan huffed, “I dunno why everyone’s making such a fuss, his birthday isn’t until Tuesday.” Nate continued unphased “Well happy Birthday for Tuesday then, have you got big plans for your actual birthday?” “No Sir, I’m all free if you want to give me a birthday spanking”, “Nice try, but I think your roommate might have something to say about that”, Nate ruffled Tig’s hair. “Hey, pass me a menu, I’m starved, somebody had me working on a Sunday when I could’ve been watching Korean horror films with you guys” he looked over at Jack as he spoke “Slavedriver”. But Jack was unphased “As I recall, you were already in the office when I got there”. “Whatever, shall I order for all of us?” “Yes please” said Tig just as Jack said “No, we better get going soon, Channon and I have plans”, Channon felt a shiver run down his spine and a blush rise at his cheeks. “Oh, but you’ll stay a little bit longer won’t you, please”, Tig was back to battering his eyelids again.

“Thankyou Teagan and Joshua” Shiny boomed over the mic, and next up, we have “Ashley and Channon” Channon started, not believing what he’d heard as Jack looked at him quizzically, but before he’d had chance to think a girl with curly blond hair leapt up from the next table and beamed at him, “Ready?” she asked holding out her hand, “don’t worry, Tig said you might be a bit nervous because this is your first time, I’ll help you through it”, Nate spluttered his drink everywhere as Channon froze in shock. “Go on sweetheart”, prompted Jack, “you don’t want to keep the lady waiting”. Channon heart beat fast as he was led across the room, He was starting to understand why Ewan didn’t want to be in a karaoke bar with Tig.