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Tigs Birthday

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Ten more lengths, Channon decided, then he would get out of the pool and shower and then maybe he could see if Ben was online and then they could duo play Fortnite, that could pass the time until Jack got back from his brunch meeting, but maybe then he should make sure he’d eaten first because Jack would be eating and if Channon was hungry when he came back then they might have to wait for him to eat before they could play. If Jack wanted to play, Channon hoped he did, which was a bit distracting, so he started going through the options that were in the fridge. He’d narrowed it down to the Bang Bang Cauliflower Noodle Salad maybe, or the Black Bean Avacado and Quinoa one as he hauled himself out of the pool and grabbed his towel to dry off. His phone was on the chair with the towel, the screen lit up with a notification, his stomach lurched, had he missed Jack calling whilst he swam, but no, it was just a message from Ewan. A bunch of messages.
“FFS are you ignoring me?”
He called Ewan straight away and was answered with a surly “Oh thank fuck, what kept you so long”, typical Ewan, no explanation, leaving it to Channon to ask “What’s wrong?” but the reply he got “This fucking Tigger is driving me crazy” made no sense, Channons mind went blank, Tigger, “Are you watching Winnie-the-Pooh?” he asked incredulous, “Reading, you read Winnie-the-Pooh, you don’t watch it yer eejit, it’s a literary classic” Ewan snapped back “and no, I’m not. But Tig is being all Tigger-ey and bouncing off the walls and driving me fucking crazy and it’s far too early on a Sunday morning for this and you have to come over now and save me!”, “It’s not that early, it’s nearly 11” “Eleven is far to early for a Sunday morning and it’s definitely too early to be icing cup cakes so get your arse over here now”, “Well, I suppose I could come over for a bit” “Good, be quick”.
Channon texted Jack on his way to the way to the shower “I thought I might go and see Ewan at the apartment”, not asking, because he didn’t have to ask, but he kind of wanted to, and he wanted Jack to know where he was and then maybe Jack would ask him to pick him up after his meeting. When he got out Jack had replied “Sounds more fun than this meeting, I’d tell you to be good but I know you will” and Channon smiled because he always was good for Sir and then he got dressed and made his way over to the apartment to see what exactly Tig was doing to drive Ewan crazy.

Channon had never seen so much frosting, it was everywhere, on the worktop, the cupboard doors, and was that, yup, trodden into the bottom of his sock. And then there were the cupcakes.
“Err, Tig, why do the cakes have cocks sticking out of them?” he asked and Ewan sniggered as an outraged Tig squealed “They’re unicorn horns, obviously, well, they’re meant to be, the you tube video made it look so easy, do you want to try one, the yellow ones are lemon, the blue ones are chocolate and the pink ones are strawberry” Tig waved his arm around the kitchen at the various groups of cupcakes, little spatters of frosting flying off him, as Channon realised that he’d forgotten all about having some brunch before he left. “Err, maybe in a bit, doesn’t the frosting need to set or something?” he answered. “Wouldn’t want to eat something not on the approved list” muttered Ewan, “heaven forfend that Channon should be naughty”. Which was true, Jack would not approve of all this brightly coloured sugary stuff, especially not for lunch, but Ewan didn’t have to be mean about it. “What are they all for?” asked Channon to distract them. “It’s my birthday and I’ll bake if I want too” trilled Tig, “No its not” Ewan cut him off, “your birthdays not till Tuesday”, “but Tuesday’s are bor-ring” moaned Tig “everyone is at work and then you two will be going to your nerdy gaming meet-up and I’ll be stuck here all alone”, he fluttered his eyelashes “unless you two would like to stay in and keep me company”, “Umm”, hedged Channon, he never knew what to do when Tig flirted, “Or your lovely Daddy could take me home and spank me whilst you’re out with Ewan, I’ll give him back to you as good as new I promise, you’ll never know I had him” continued Tig, winking. “No!” Channon exclaimed, “I don’t know what you’re smirking at Ewan, would you rather he went home with Nate?”, “I think he might break me”, said Tig, “I’m not as much of a pain slut as Ewan”. God, this conversation was getting out of hand. “How about we all go out for a birthday lunch, my treat?” said Channon brightly, “seeing as we’ll be at work on Tuesday”, that would be fine with Jack and seemed much safer than staying in the apartment. “But then I’d have to get dressed properly” moaned Ewan, Tig raised an eyebrow and looked pointedly at the bottom of Ewans shorts that were poking out from beneath raggedy band t shirt. “Come on Ewan, shower”, said Channon, pushing on his shoulders to steer him out of of the room, “if we get him away from all this sugar and get some proper food in him it might calm him down a bit” he whispered in Ewans ear as they went, and then called over his shoulder “maybe you should change whilst he’s in the shower, so you don’t stick to everything whilst we’re out”, “one day I’ll find a man who likes me all sticky” sighed Tig dramatically but he went off to find some clothes that weren’t covered in frosting.