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lots of love

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"So the letter was just a dare."


Eunsang nods, eyes trained on the floor.


Even though he's not looking at his face, he knows that the corners of Hyunbin's mouth is lifted into a sad smile, and just the thought of it makes his heart squeeze painfully.


"Thank you, anyway."


That made him lift his head. Bad choice, because Hyunbin's eyes are watery, and it's like a punch to Eunsang's gut.


"For pretending to love me this past month. You made me happy. That's all you have to know."


He wants to run towards him. Tell him that the feelings were real.


But alas, Lee Eunsang is a coward.

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Hyunbin is warm.


And very strong.


Dongpyo flushes as he realizes that he doesn't want to leave Hyunbin's arms anytime soon, but he can see that the school clinic is near, which means that he has to.


(Hyunbin sets him on one of the empty beds. Dongpyo almost pouts at the loss of warmth.)


Hyunbin is also kind.


He lets Dongpyo hold his hand when the nurse had to put disinfectant on the big, bloody scrape wound on his knee and he stays with Dongpyo until she finished wrapping it up with gauze.


If Hyunbin noticed that they're still holding hands even after the nurse left them, he didn't mention it.

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Hyunbin's voice is like milk chocolate.


It's sweet, addictive, and very chocolate-y, for lack of better words. He fits well with their different voices, and Junho kind of wants to give him all the parts in Me After You.


(He just wants to listen to Hyunbin's singing voice more, okay?)


At first, Junho only has Hyunbin's four lines stuck in his head. But as the days progressed, his mind replays more than just Me After You—it replays Hyunbin's laugh, Hyunbin's excited yay!s and yeah!s, Hyunbin's giggles, Hyunbin's voice singing a different song.


It's driving him crazy.


Yet, as he gets lulled to sleep by Hyunbin's soft humming, he knows that he doesn't want this to end.

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From the moment the team members were finalized, Move team has been the most interesting team around.


Hyunbin immediately stands out, him being the babiest baby in the group and the only one who hasn't debuted before. Honestly? Sihun's lowkey glad he managed to avoid being in that situation.


But those facts seem to be working in Hyunbin's favor, somehow.


If they were to describe the dynamics of Move team's relationship, it's like Kim Hyunbin is the sun and the rest are the sunflowers that always face the direction of the sun.


There's literally no instances where Hyunbin is left wandering alone in the training center. There's almost always one (1) Move hyung clinging to his side, usually either Jinhyuk or Byungchan. They're always taking care of him, complimenting him, and teasing him, even Hangyul who's actually a part of the maknae-line.


Well, Hyunbin actually does look like the sun. He literally shines with happiness, especially when his hyungs are with him. It's adorable.


No wonder they're all fools for him.

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Jungmo knew that this boy has no idea what a host club is—the kid probably doesn't know that literally the whole host club members could replace that vase he broke with one swipe of their black card either—but it's fun to see him panic.


Kim Hyunbin. Class 1-6. Such a naive little baby.


Yes, it's kind of mean of him to recruit Hyunbin until he repays his debt (which doesn't actually exist, but the kid insists anyway), yet his choice proves to be a good one as Hyunbin becomes a hit in the host club.


(He's wrong.


Well. Half-wrong.


It's great that Hyunbin brought more people into the host club, and at first it was fun to see him squirm and blush at the littlest compliments or praise, but now Jungmo just has this intense burning sensation inside of him when he sees the tips of Hyunbin's ears turn red because of someone else.


Jungmo doesn't like that feeling.


At all.)

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Once his tutor left the room, Mingyu leaps towards the window, poking his head out to look at the large expanse of grass outside that the knights use to train.


This is how he spends his free time—by observing the knights-in-training that always train by the time he finishes his Law class. But honestly, it's more like he's observing one person.


There's this trainee who has a bright, box-shaped smile that particularly caught his eye.


He's no General Cho Seungyoun or Trainer Lee Jinhyuk, but he's one of the best in terms of skills among the trainees, as per Mingyu's observation—yet mother never mentioned his name.


Mingyu's dying to know.


Ever since that boy offered to walk him home and lent his umbrella when Mingyu got lost and stuck in the rain, he's got his eyes set on him.


(Mingyu doesn't look away when Umbrella Boy looked up, their gazes somehow meeting despite the distance between them.


He only looks away when other trainees started looking up as well.)