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Nedzu Raising A Baby?... What?

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It was a simple day in fall and as always Nedzu’s day started with a cup of tea while he watched over UA. After all, he was the principal of UA and he needed to make sure the safety of the school was in tip-top shape before the school day started.

He was enjoying the pleasant taste of lemon and honey chamomile tea while looking at the security cameras surrounding the UA building. Nothing out of the ordinary so far. The training areas were clear, the cafeteria was empty, the basket outside UA gates, the faculty-

Wait a minute.

Nedzu looked over yet again at the camera showing the view outside if the UA gates. Yes, that is indeed a basket. A woven straw basket with a light green blanket covering the top. But there seemed to be slight movement underneath the blanket.

Nedzu jumped from his chair with a certain amount of difficulty since his height provided a bit of time to be taken getting up from it. Honestly, he thought he ordered it with the smaller height! Once his feet touched the ground of his office he headed straight to the front of the UA gates. When he got there, he lifted the blanket expecting exactly what he saw.

A baby.

A young human baby with curly green and black hair. The baby opened his eyes at the light that was blocked by the soft blanket. His emerald green eyes peered up at the principal before cooing slightly and reaching for him with his chubby little hands. Nedzu crouches down and picks up the baby gently from the basket, and now the the baby is closer he can indeed see the freckles that speckled his round little face. The baby’s body was dressed in a very old looking gray onesie that didn’t look to provide much warmth. Taking his eyes away from the baby, he looks back down at the blanket to find any clue of why he was abandoned. Sure enough there was a tiny letter that was under the blanket.

Nedzu, while holding the baby safely, opened the letter to read the contents of what reason a human would just abandon a perfectly innocent baby.

‘Hello to whoever is reading this,’

‘I couldn’t handle raising a baby without his mother. She died in childbirth. When the baby was given to me, I couldn’t handle the responsibility combined with the grief of the loss of my love. I tried my best the past two months to love him, but I can’t give him a life that he deserves. Please take care of him and love him. When he is old enough, tell him I am sorry for not being strong enough for him. His name is Izuku, his mother gave it to him.’

There was no signature at the bottom.

Well, Nedzu thought as he looked down at the baby. The baby having noticed the principal was looking at him let go of the tie he was chewing on to smile at him. At least they’re cute.




“Hello, I found this baby outside of my school and I am adopting him as mine,” Nedzu tells Detective Tsukachi as he sits down in the chair with help from a step stool at the police station was a baby cradled in his arms. “The father abandoned it because he couldn’t handle being a father.”

Tsukachi read the note over before sighing, “I am assuming you came here with the note for me to track down the father?”

Nedzu said with a smile, “Of course, only to charge him with child abandonment, because I won’t allow him a single chance to be near this child.”

Tsukachi smiled softly, “I am also assuming you would like some adoption papers to make the adoption official?”

Nedzu said happily, “Yes, I am taking Izuku as my own.” The baby, hearing his name, stirred from his nap to peer up at Nezu. Nedzu looked down and smiled when the baby smiled happily at him.

Tsukachi shook his head with fondness. “That kid will be loved by your staff more than you could know.”

“I wouldn’t blame them for growing an attachment to him, my son will be shown the love and care that he deserves. And if anyone doesn’t agree, then I wouldn’t mind teaching them a lesson,” Nedzu ended with a sadistic smile.

God, help whoever gets on Nedzu’s bad side by harming Izuku in anyway. Tsukachi thought while getting the adoption papers and documents put together for the intelligent animal. He glanced over as Nedzu smiled when Izuku grabbed onto his paw with a gurgled laugh. But there is no doubt that kid will be the death of us all if he is even half as smart as Nezu. Especially with those adorable looks to make even the most heinous villain turn themself in.




Nedzu watched as Izuku looked around his office making soft noises each time he would be interested in something he saw. He was especially interested in the bookshelf with the many colors he saw on the spines.

After his trip to the police station, he went to gather materials needed for human infants. The detective gave him a list of needed items that babies really needed to get. He got the most important items like diapers, milk, pacifiers, bottles, and a crib instead before he ventured on to toys, clothes, and other things he knew Izuku would like. After gathering a multitude of items, he went back to his office right as the teachers were heading to their home room class.

He changed Izuku into a onesie to finally get him something else other than the ragged old gray onesie he had under his green blanket wrap. He held Izuku in front of him to look at his new child. Oh what else could Izuku need since babies do need a lot of items when they grow up. He knows he has to buy a lot of diapers, but what else does he need?

His thoughts of what he needed to acquire was interrupted by a smell. He twitched his nose before requesting help from two of his students to help deal with the problem a hand. A certain problem he can’t deal with alone

A diaper change.




“Why do you think Nedzu called us to his office? OH GOD! Do you think he found out about that one time me, you and Tensei got banned from the supermarket?! He can’t possibly expel us on that can he?!” Hizashi asked loudly to his friend who looked quite done with the conversation already.

“I don't think he will expell us just because we got banned from one place,” At least I hope not, Aizawa thought as he continue talking to his classmate. “At most, he would just be calling us over to his office to discuss something to do with school or something”

They both walked on to the principal’s office. Aizawa did more of the walking while he dragged the scared Hizashi behind him. Aizawa went to knock on the door before he heard, “Ah! Aizawa and Hizashi! Come on in!” Nedzu said through the door.

Aizawa opened the door while Hizashi was standing behind him shivering slightly from the uneasiness of Nedzu’s quirk. Although they both straightened up when they saw the confusing sight before them.

Nedzu was holding a baby?!

Nedzu’s paws indeed contained a green blanket wrapped baby in what appeared to be a mint green bear onesie that reminded Hizashi of one of the cartoons he watches with his nieces. The baby looked away from Nedzu to the two strangers and did his best to move his hand toward them with a stuffed mouse held tightly between his fingers.

Aizawa and Hizashi thought at the same time, What in the hell..?

“Hello students. As you can see, I have come to be a parent on short notice, but I need your help with something I have never had to deal with before in the line of my work,” Nedzu started while he lifted up the child slightly. “You see I have no clue how to change a baby’s diaper. So I gathered you two since I know you two have experience with acting with small children such as Izuku, and I know you two are the most capable of doing so.”

Aizawa stared quietly at the baby as the child, Izuku, stared right back. Hizashi, however, was relieved that he and his friends weren’t in trouble and that he can do something he knew he was good with. Hizashi gulped back his disgust as he remembered how bad the smell can be before heading toward the baby. Izuku startled out of Aizawa’s gaze to look at the young man with bright yellow hair. Izuku immediately was interested in the bright color and started to reach toward his head.

Hizashi smiled at the cuteness overload that was the small child before carefully bending down and gathering the young child into his arms, taking him to the corner of the room to get changed.

Nedzu and Aizawa stayed back as Hizashi broke down the steps of dealing with a dirty diaper all the while changing Izuku efficiently. Aizawa was plugging his nose from the smell as Nedzu still kept a smile in his face as he nodded along to Hizashi’s instructions. Aizawa also added his own advice since he babysits for his next door neighbor. Adding stuff in like “Make sure they are entertained or else they will go anywhere else to find it, and I mean anywhere.” He then continued with a short story of how he prevented a small 1 year old from crawling under a fence in a garden.

Before long, Izuku had a fresh, clean diaper with the old one going straight in the trash. When it was all done, Hizashi scratched Izuku’s stomach which in return made Izuku giggle before carefully handing the baby back to his principal.

“Thank you so much for both of your help and insight toward taking care of Izuku.” Nedzu said as he set Izuku down in his floor crib because the baby seemed to automatically fall asleep after getting his diaper change.

Aizawa nodded softly still looking at the baby as Hizashi winged his hands together. Hizashi asked carefully , “Would it be okay if we checked in on Izuku... Just in case, you need help.”

Nedzu smiled more genuinely and said, “Of course. As long as it doesn’t harm your grades, by all means you can come in and drop by.”

Aizawa looked slightly relieved as Hizashi smiled brightly, “Thank you!” They both continued to the door and was about to shut it behind them as Nedzu spoke up from his seat.

“And let this be forgiveness on that stunt you pulled with Iida Tensei’s quirk in the supermarket last week.”

Aizawa and Hizashi both freezed and nodded blankly before closing the door. The friends seemed to walk slowly back to the their class as Hizashi said what both of them were thinking.

“How does he always know?!”

From behind the door of the office, Nedzu laughs behind his cup of tea.