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"You're allergic to chocolate?!"

Kirishima nodded, rubbing the back of his neck anxiously as he frowned at the small pile of candy placed on his desk. Kaminari looked like he was on the brink of tears, though not many of their classmates could judge him, there might not have been a lot of it but it was obvious the candy was the best kind money could buy. Shifting awkwardly Kirishima gave the candy one last look before pushing it towards his friend with a bright smile. "Here, just because I can't eat it doesn't mean it should go to waste. As long as you share some with the others you can have it". Kaminari nodded excitedly and scooped the candy up, his arms full of the sugary treats as he wandered over to his own table.

No one noticed the way Bakugo clenched his hands underneath his desk, barely managing to hold back the explosions building at the edge of his fingertips.


"Yeah I can't really wear jewelry, the second I use my quirk it gets ruined and I feel bad. One time my mom got me this really nice watch for my birthday and it practically exploded when I accidentally hardened my arm. Luckily my mom wasn't upset, and I think my dad thought it was funny, i'm pretty sure they have a video of it saved away somewhere". Kirishima fiddled with the ring while he talked, silently wondering how it had gotten into his locker. "I heard Sero was looking for some cool rings a little while ago, maybe he'll like this one?" He said, dropping the ring into his pocket before making his way to lunch.

The loud bang of Bakugo's locker echoed through the halls, scaring more than a few people as the angry blonde stomped away.


"Oh I love flowers! They're so romantic, even if they're not roses, and did you know that Peruvian Lillies stand for-" Mina was cut off by a loud sneeze, followed immediately by the harsh cracking of furniture breaking into pieces as the force of the sneeze caused Kirishima's head to jerk forward and slam against his desk. Luckily his quirk had activated so he didn't have to worry about a concussion, but the vase holding the flowers had fallen with the table and made a mess of glass, water, and flowers. Kirishima's face went red with embarrassment as he let out three more sneezes one after the other.

"I hate allergy season" Aizawa muttered from somewhere near the front of the class.

It took all of Bakugos' self control to stay seated as Kirishima continued to sneeze.


Bakugo was tired. Not physically, he refused to ruin his perfectly good sleeping schedule, but he was exhausted mentally and emotionally. Sure Kirishima hadn't rejected him out loud, but he hadn't accepted a single one of Bakugo's gifts. Was this his way of gently telling him he wasn't interested? Was he scared Bakugo would get angry if he actually said no? Sure he knew he had more than a few issues but he considered Kirishima his friend, even if he was romantically interested in him, and yeah he'd be more than a little heartbroken if Kirishima didn't feel the same; but he wouldn't be mad.

Stuffing his hands into his pockets he made his way downstairs into the dorms living room, pausing in annoyance when he saw practically the whole class sitting around watching some random movie. He moved to leave but stopped at the quiet sound of Kirishimas laugh. Turning back around it didn't take long to find him, and Bakugo felt his heart practically stop when he noticed that his hair wasn't styled up in the usual spikes and instead had been left naturally hanging down and around his face. It looked messy and maybe a little damp, as if Kirishima had taken a shower not too long ago, and Bakugo felt the sudden urge to run his fingers through it. Luckily someones loud laughter broke him out of that thought before he could get too caught up in his day dream.

"No bro you don't understand, you and that dog are like twins!"

Kaminari yelped, barely managing to dodge the pillow Kirishima threw, and a few others laughed as he pointed towards the tv. Feeling mildly curious Bakugo glanced over at the tv and paused. On the screen was a dog, clearly older than a puppy but almost as big as Bakugo, and it bounced around as if standing still was impossible. The longer he watched the more he realized Kaminari was right. In the beginning of the movie the dog was hyper and bouncy, and it never really went away, but as the movie progressed the dog became tougher and more protective over the people he cared about. It fit kirishima perfectly.

"Huh, I guess you're right" Kirishima said, pulling Bakugos attention away from the TV as he spoke with Kaminari. Eventually their conversation caught the attention of the rest of the group and unsurprisingly many of them agreed with Kaminari. Kirishima really was the puppy of Class 1A.