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Yes, this is another Newsies Group Chat AU

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New Chat

September 4th 3:52 pm


Disaster_Gay added Disaster_Bi, Disaster_Pan, One, Functional_Bi, Functional_Gay, Each, Sunshine, MomFriend, ThatGayOverThere, DontBlink, Of, Disaster_Lesbian, StraightWhiteBoi, Distinguished_Bi, and Functional_Lesbian to a new chat


Disaster_Gay renamed the chat Hot Guy Send Help


Disaster_Gay sent an image


Disaster_Gay: GUYS HELP!!! 




Disaster_Gay: HELP ME!!!!


Distinguished_Bi: Talk to him


Disaster_Gay: I DID


Disaster_Gay: HES SUPER NICE


Disaster_Gay: AND HOT


Disaster_Gay: I CANT


One: Sometimes I just can’t remember why Race’s username is “disaster gay”


Disaster_Bi: Its a real mystery


MomFriend: Jack, you have no room to talk


Disaster_Pan: He is hot


Disaster_Pan: Just ask him out


Functional_Gay: You have no room to talk either, Ro


Disaster_Gay sent five images


Disaster_Gay: Hes so hot I could die


Functional_Lesbian renamed the chat Race Is THIRSTY


One: True that


Disaster_Gay: Doesnt anyone care about MY problems?


Distinguished_Bi: Race, darling, if you don’t ask this boy out then there’s nothing that we can do


Disaster_Gay: I cant just ask him out!!!!


Sunshine: Then be thirsty forever bitch


Disaster_Bi: Sassy Crutchie gives me life <3 <3


Sunshine: Love you too babe!!!❤️


MomFriend: What about me?


Disaster_Bi: I love Davey Jacobs!


Sunshine: Love you Davey ❤️❤️


MomFriend: I love you guys!!


Disaster_Gay: Ew go away


Disaster_Gay: Were talking about me rn


Functional_Lesbian: If you’re gonna be a bitch, Race, then you should at least ask the boy out


Distinguished_Bi: I love Sarah Jacobs!!


Functional_Lesbian: 💜💜💜


Disaster_Pan: Hi I love Specs thanks!


Functional_Gay: I love Romeo!


One: @Of, Each we’re not being left out of this so I love you bitches


Each: I ain’t gonna never stop loving you bitches


Of: Uh same I guess


Each: You GUESS!?


One: Dammit Henry this is why we can’t have nice things


Of: Sorry sorry but that vine has only two lines


Of: Of course I love you both


Functional_Bi: Ew love


Disaster_Lesbian: ^^


StraightWhiteBoi: ^^


Disaster_Gay: ^^