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In the brief time since they've become lovers, Zapata
and Reade almost intuitively respond to one another, much as a couple
with years of experience together might. There is no hurry, no urgency;
muscle memory is a wonderful thing, and they utilize it to its fullest extent.
Tongues entwine, fingers, and even TOES, caress and stroke...their
breath quickens, the blood pounds in their veins... they've learned what makes
the other 'tick', by now, and so the act of coupling is neither clumsy nor out of sync.

It doesn't hurt that the background music, playing at the perfect volume for love-making,
is one of the TRUE CLASSICS:

{Driftin' on a memory
Ain't no place I'd rather be
Than with you, yeah
Lovin' you, well, well, well...Day will make a way for night
All we'll need is candlelight
And a song, yeah
Soft and long, well, ooh}...

They've timed it so that they cum within seconds of each other, and for the
moment they lie together quietly, enjoying each other's closeness. Snuggling even closer
to her Man, Tasha smiles a secret smile: she knows now that she would be happy coming
back to this apartment, this bed, this MAN, for the rest of her life. She will no longer deny
herself the happiness she's rejected for so long; at long last, she believes herself deserving
of love, of HIS love...

The feeling of complete joy and happiness is so overwhelming, Tasha can't help herself:
she rolls over on top of Reade, kissing him soundly, forcing her tongue into his mouth...wordlessly
communicating her LOVE, her DEVOTION, and asking his FORGIVENESS-forgiveness for not
accepting his love when first offered, for denying her feelings for far too long. When the kiss breaks,
at last, Reade smiles up at her, and the feelings of warmth, of contentment, expand within her until
she's sure that she'll burst.

[The music plays on:

'Every, every day I'm livin'
For love of you
I'm livin' for the love
Each and every dayI'm, oh, whoa, I'm, oh, yes, I am
I wanna say it one more time
Said I'm livin'
For the love of you
Each and every day I'm, oh, whoa, I'm
Lord knows I am...[syncing into SI TU TE VAS, by Camilo Sesto-}

{Si tú te vas, ¿qué será de mí?
If you leave, what will become of me?)
Si tú te vas, ¿qué será de mí?
Si tú te vas, enséñame a vivir sin tí...}
*If you leave, what will become of me?}

They are content to listen for awhile, even sing along (Zapata's Spanish lessons
have paid major dividends, and Reade is now at intermediate fluency level , which both are
rightfully proud of)...

Tasaha's eyes, as she stares at her lover, shine with a deep caring, a LOVE, she's never felt

"No te merezco," she murmurs, her voice husky with emotion. "Correcto: no me mereces", he
teases back.

"I can't get enough of you," she whispers urgently, and reaching between them, she grasps
his semi-turgid member, expertly stroking him back to life. "Fill me Eddie: METEMELA!"

Reade doesn't have to be asked twice: taking ahold of her sleek, yet prodigious hips, using his
legs and trunk, he levers himself, and her, over and around, then slides behind her, guiding her into
a kneeling position. He takes a few moments to drink in the MAGNIFICENCE of her: his eyes rove
over the smooth curve of her back, the wide, flaring hips, and proud, truly glorious behind...drawing her
to him, he reaches around to capture her hanging breasts-a bit smaller than he likes, but nice enough

Tasha's breath comes in quick, low pants-she reaches behind to guide Reade's thick, up-right
member between her fulsome cheeks, and down a bit, whimpering when the blunt crown glances off
of her erected clitoris..." METEMELA", she repeats, in a breathless whisper, raising her hips to provide
him clearer access. "Te deseo tanto, NECESITO adentro de mi!"

Reade will never deny her ANYTHING, ever again: his deep groan is mirrored by her yip of delight as
he slides into her easily, cleaving through her wetness until he is fully, completely, embedded in the
hot grip of her female core. Together, as by some unheard, unseen signal, they begin to move together,
the song on the stereo segues from 'Si Tu Te Vas', to 'El Amor De Mi Vida', by the same artist...
Zapata smiles to herself; what perfect songs to make love by...

{Si tú te vas, ¿qué será de mí?
Si tú te vas, si tú te vaaaas...THEN:}

(Me duele mas dejarte a ti,
(It hurts me more to leave you)
Que dejar de vivir
(Than to stop living)
Me duele mas tu adios,
(your goodbye hurts me more)
Que el peor castigo
(Than the worst punishment)
Que me imponga Dios.
(God could ever impose on me)

Ed can't get enough of her, nor she HIM-she likens him to an ophoid,
a narcotic...their craving, one for the other, seems endless, bottomless...

Reade's pounding thrusts, as the front of his thighs connect with her
bodacious bottom, causes that monument to perfection to wobble and jiggle
gelatinously, ratcheting Reade's excitement so high that he's certain that cum
will start shooting not only from the tip of his cock, but out of his ASS, as well
...Tasha meets him pumping thrust for pumping thrust; her dark, perspiration
soaked mane of hair flying about wildly...'Wobble UP!', Reade bellows, a
second or two before hot jets of semen burst through the tip of his aching member
and into his lascivious lover's stretched to capacity panocha.

El amor de mi vida has sido tu-(You have been the love of my life)
Mi mundo era ciego hasta encontrar tu luz
(My world was blind until I found your light)
Hice muchos tus gestos, tu risa y tu voz
(I've made much of your gestures, you laugh, your smile)

Tus palabras, tu vida, y tu corazon.
Your words, your life, and your heart)

In slow motion, his hips still gently, languidly pumping, Reade eases
her onto her front. Both are sheened with perspiration, and the sheets
of their bed soaked with it, as well as seminal and vaginal secretions.
Aware that his muscled, 200 pound frame is a lot to support, he eases
out of the trembling, lightly gasping Latina, and pulls her close, so that
they are front to front.

Reade fumbles about until his hand locates a couple of towels, and he
and Zapata dry each other's faces, shoulders, backs, and fronts, thoroughly relaxed and satiated.

After a while she slides from the bed, leaving Reade, his eyes nearly closed, lying
comfortably atop the tousled mess of bed sheets-She'll address that once she uses the
facilities...seated on the commode, the strikingly-beautiful Latina Woman muses that
even though she and Eddie have been going at it for hours, she's still 'down' for MORE:
MORE of his TONGUE, MORE of his 9", endlessly hard COCK, MORE of his FINGERS

(Go-DAMN, Tasha! You're DICK DRUNK, Mi'ja!, she reflects privately, then covers her
mouth with both hands, to suppress the wild, burbling giggle that erupts, to avoid disturbing
Reade, snoring medium -loudly, in the master bedroom...

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Saying goodbye
Is never an easy thing
But you never said that you'd stay forever
So if you must go
Well, darlin', I'll set you free
But I know in time that we'll be together

I won't try to stop you now from leaving
'Cause in my heart I know

Love will lead you back
Someday I just know that
Love will lead you back to my arms
Where you belong

Tasha retracts her 'snuggle' enough to look into his eyes. "It's true, Reade
...Love Brought You Back-to me."

"And you STILL almost fucked it up," Reade comments. "Be NICE!", his lover scolds.

{The song segues into "Call Out My Name", made famous by The Weeknd; cutting her eyes at Reade,
Tasha laughs hysterically (in that quirky, weird way he adores so much), and says, "Oh no you didn't!!
I know what you're doing; playing that song from our first night-I'm gettin' OUTTA HERE; my kitty
is still HELLA SORE!" She feigns getting out of the bed, giggling and "faux" struggling -the two share
a raucous laugh:

[So call out my name (call out my name, baby)
So call out my name when I kiss you
So gently, I want you to stay (I want you to stay)
I want you to stay even though you don't want me
Girl, why can't you wait? (Girl, why can't you wait 'til I?)
Girl, why can't you wait 'til I fall out of loving?

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“We did it. We made a baby, Kurt.”

“We did.”

“I’ll need to visit my OB, tomorrow I guess, and get verification. If I AM pregnant I don’t wanna tell Reade…until we know he timeframe of when the ‘regs’ say that he has to give me desk duty.”

“Right…It might be different with the Marshals-Allie was ‘desked’ as soon as she started showing.”

“I’ll tell you right now-I don’t intend to do anything that would jeopardize our baby’s health. I promise.”

“I know that. Speaking of that-no coffee, soft drinks, beer, liquor, like that-starting now.”

Jane groans. “Rub it in MORE, please!”

“Bethany…how do you think she’ll react? Right now she’s the center of attention, but even before the Baby comes, that will CHANGE…how long do we wait until let Allie know?”

“Let’s VERIFY first, and decide on the rest as we go, yeah?”

“OK…thank you, Babe. They kiss lightly, then with more feeling.

“Thank YOU-and you’re welcome.”

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"It-it isn' reads worse than it actually is, and I promise that I can explain. Just-hear me out...
Reade...will you do that? It's nothing, I swear."

"Sure. I'll hear you out," Reade says, taking a seat on the sofa. Zapata is relieved to note
that he appears calm, not overly hostile or angry. "OK...the guy-he plays for the Yankees, one...
of the 'big shits'-he and I exchanged numbers during that break-when you went to Quantico, Paterson
to Wizardville, yada yada...nothing ever happened between he and I: I mean he's a PROFESSIONAL
ATHLETE with a ridiculous contract...he has the pick of any Woman he wants, and I don't know his hygiene
habits...for all I know he doesn't wash his dick!...that risky behavior part of my M.O. is far in the past, and so I
kinda sorta settled for 'sexting'. Just harmless, flirty little back and forth, not cheating-call it a secret little thrill,
if it has to have a name."

"I give it the name...let's see...EXPLICIT...this part here: "If I can just get in that ass just once more-PUTA
MADRE!'...WE talk like this to each other, Natasha-You and I!"

Zapata murmurs, apologetically, "Yes. With us, it's real. No make-believe, no faking or fantasy. That...was
a stupid.stupid mistake. Did you notice that I said WAS."

"We should slow this down. It appears that you need additional time-on your
own-to consider what it is that you really want, and who."

"But we DON'T!...That was...nothing. It IS nothing. fantasy...that's all...make-believe."

"On-going slips are not something I want to have to keep confronting,
Tash. I'm going to my Parent's for a day ot two. Clear my own thoughts."

"I wish you wouldn't do that", Zapata responds, a pleading quality in her voice. I wish
that you would believe that I already know what I want-YOU. ONLY YOU."

"You are aware that when I say that I'm in love with you, that I'm saying I will do
anything to keep you safe, withstand almost any insult to my dignity, overlook your
your past...I mean that I love you with no strings or conditions.attached...yet I have to
be able to respect myself; and I'll have no self-respect if I allow this kind of shit to
go on. See...sometimes things go down without us meaning them to."

"Wait!...what if I...I can call him now, on speaker, and say that I don't want further contact,
NONE, from today forward. That I'm putting my relationship above anything else in my
life, that there's no room in my world to focus on anyone or anything else else except YOU.
Would that convince you to stay? STAY, Reade...we can work through this...we HAVE to work
through this...please."

Zapata makes the call, and her sexting friend agrees to cease contact. Once it's completed, both parties
are a point. Sensing Reade's reticence, Tasha says," I'm a work in progress, Amorcito...
I was fucked up when we met, and I'm still a little fucked up. I'm trying though...I want to be better for you,
and I will be. If I slip, don't throw me away, okay? Please...I couldn't bear it. I'll be better, I promise."

Reade goes to her and takes her into his arms. "Mas te vale," he says, simply.

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"There's no option except to put this in the past and go forward. I can't deny my
feelings, and wouldn't if I could...probably....we've been through so much to get
here. I can't lose you now, no matter what."

Tasha Zapata's eyes shine wetly, she's overcome with the vehemence, the deep sincerity
of Reade's words, and she pauses to find a respond worthy of what he'd just said. Those words
don't come easily to a man like Edgar Reade-that much she knows.

" tengo palabras para explicar que eres TU, y siempre ha sido TU el hombre que
es el dueño de mi corazon. Y eso no va a cambiar-NUNCA..." She locates and clicks the remote
for their stereo, and the silky vocals of Luther Vandross fill the room. "Luther explains it better."

"So Amazing"

Love has truly been good to me
Not even one sad day
Or minute have I had
Since you've come my way I hope you know, I'd gladly go
Anywhere you'd take me It's so amazing to be loved
I'd follow you to the moon in the sky above
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, I'd go Got to tell you how you thrill me
I'm happy as I can be
You have come
And it's changed my whole world

[The two Lovers come together, wordlessly, as their complex feelings melt into something
much more basic, an expression that needs no words...clothes are discarded, and feverish
caresses exchanged...]


It's so amazing to be loved
I'd follow you to the moon in the sky above
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, I'd go And it's so amazing, amazing
(So amazing)
I could stay forever, forever
(Stay for ever)
Here in love and no, leave you never
(No, leave you never)
'Cause we've got amazing love

The squirming, panting Latina 'twerks' lazily when Reade pushes her shapely thighs further apart
and licks her honeyed snatch. His tongue would flit against her anus now and again, which sends shivers
of delight down her spine. Reade's dutiful efforts his lover's inflated clit results in plenty of warm female
spend to rivulet down her upper thighs. He's not the best at this, but he's PLENTY GOOD...

Reade stands and grasps Zapata by the shoulders, turning her slightly so that they can kiss. Tasting her own juices
on his lips and tongue, the trembling beauty nearly cums again-on the spot..."aaaaaaahhh!", is the sound she makes
when a pair of blunt fingers push into her from behind. Swiveling to present her glorious, plump behind to the AD,
she automatically widens her thighs when he shuffles close. That pleasurable groan she'd uttered earlier is repeated,
loudly, when her King's fat cockhead breaches her juicy vaginal lips. "SIII, Mi Rey, metemela assssi..."

It's so amazing to be loved
I'd follow you to the moon in the sky above
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, I'd go And it's so amazing, amazing
(So amazing)
I could stay forever, forever
(Stay for ever)
Here in love and no, leave you never
(No, leave you never)
'Cause we've got amazing love