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Hot like summer on a winter night | Taekook

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"I don't know why you're even rushing me. It's my plane which I used with my money!" Taehyung whines, the pout on his lips forming.


Jungkook stays unfazed by the idol's actions, typing away in his personalised  matte mac book and taking glances from his black planner.


When Taehyung notices Jungkook wasn't looking up at him anytime soon, he takes this as an opportunity to stare.


He carefully studies the younger's features; how his eye lashes brushed across his cheeks when he blinked, how his doe eyes looked so adorable when he looked determined to do something.


His lips were pulled into a pout, an old habit of his that Taehyung almost immediately noticed after only a week of working with him.


Jungkook was, by far, the most handsome man, most handsome alpha Taehyung's ever laid eyes on.


"Maybe if you stopped whining and actually took the time reflecting on the mistake you made today, you would be apologising to the officials at the airport." Jungkook says, finally looking up from his laptop's screen.


"They adjusted their schedule for you, Taehyung. Could you be at least be thankful for that?" Jungkook asks.


Taehyung feels small under his manager's deep gaze, his pout intensifies after being scolded.


"But I didn't know they adjusted stuff for me... I'm sorry.." Taehyung mumbles as he squishes his hands between the sides of his knees.


Jungkook sighs, closing his eyes to try and relieve the throbbing headache he was currently battling.


"I'm sorry for my tone, Tae. I didn't mean to upset you. It's just... today, and the following weeks, are such important days for me. For you. I can't help but feel  nauseas at the thought of messing up everything for you." Jungkook says, the bags under his eyes showing the effects of stress.


Taehyung quickly transfers from one seat to another, sitting beside Jungkook.


The idol rests his head on his manager's shoulder and starts softly patting his built chest.


"Stay calm, relax. I promise to behave myself during the tour." Taehyung promises.


"Pinky promise it." Jungkook demands.


Taehyung chuckles at his manager and hooks their pinkies together, pressing both their thumbs after.


Taehyung flashes Jungkook his iconic boxy smile before transferring back to his seat, already missing the warm and comfort Jungkook's body had to offer.


As Taehyung continued his staring session on Jungkook, his mind wanders off to the conversation he had with Jimin hours prior; when he was packing his luggage for his tour.


"I mean, I can't blame you. His face screams baby while his body screams daddy. He can cook, he can sing, he can dance, he can perform. He's responsible enough to become your parent and he's ready to basically risk his life for you!" Jimin exclaims, throwing himself on Taehyung's bed.


"You're exaggerating." Taehyung rolls his eyes.


"Am I?" Jimin challenges.


"Remember that one time when you slipped on stage while practicing your choreography? You were about to fall off the 6-foot platform, Taehyung. But what did Jungkook do? He dropped everything he had in his hands, the mics, his phone and the script when he rushed over to you and took your blow. He had to suffer a sprained ankle and muscle pains after having to catch your heavy ass." Jimin says.


Taehyung stays silent as he folded his shirts.


"You can't deny it Tae, nor can you lie about it. I was there, I saw it happen with my own two eyes." Jimin warns.


"Okay, fine! I do have feelings for my manager, okay? And maybe during my heats it's him I ask for! But that doesn't matter cause we both work under the same company and it's not allowed." Taehyung says.


"Has the fact that I also work in Big Hit slipped your mind? Cause I've been working under this company for over 10 years now and I have never once encountered rule that tells us we're not allowed to date." Jimin raises an eyebrow at him.


Taehyung sighs tiredly as he drops himself on the bed, softly hitting Jimin's arm as he laid down.


"I'm just scared..." Taehyung says.


"Why, babe? He's your manager for 5 years now. What are you even afraid of?" Jimin asks.


"Just...Nothing, nothing. This is stupid. I should be thinking about the tour and not these stupid feelings. Ugh."


Taehyung snaps out of his thoughts when he notices Jungkook's body freeze.


"Something wrong?" Taehyung asks.


Jungkook looks up to meet his eyes momentarily before shaking his head.


"Nothing... It's just, I have this feeling in my gut. It's telling me I should prepare for something, though I can't point it out, for dome reason." Jungkook says with furrowed brows.


"Maybe you're anxious about the tour. Don't worry, Gukkie. I've practiced long, tiring days for this! I'll be fine." Taehyung gleams at him.


"I know that, which is why it's not what I'm afraid of." Jungkook says, nibbling on his lower lip.


"It's not? Then what?"


Jungkook simply shakes his head, pushing the negative thoughts away.


Before Jungkook could say another word, the car comes into a halt.


They have already reached the airport and Taehyung's already stepping out before Jungkook could even stop him.

Paparazzi were everywhere, their camera flash going off every second as they battled like hungry lions to take a good picture of Taehyung.


Jungkook runs over to push the people away from Taehyung, leading him to the security check.


They both rush over to the gate, Taehyung on his phone as he walked through the empty hall which connected the plane from the building.


Taehyung's private jet was huge, it had a normal sized bedroom solely for him to rest in when he wanted to have some alone time.


As they step in the jet, both the idol and the manager are greeted by three flight attendants in the entrance, bowing respectfully with wide smiles on their faces as they did so.


"Good afternoon, Mr Kim Taehyung." They greet in unison.


Taehyung stands there, looking at the three girls with expecting eyes.


The three of them look at each other with  confused expressions written on their faces, before the one in the middle decided to speak up.


"Is there anything you need, sir?" she asks.


"Yeah, I going to have to need you to greet my manager as well." Taehyung says, pointing at Jungkook who was standing behind him.


The girls looked embarrassed as they turn to Jungkook, bowing their upper half body low as they greeted Jungkook the way they greeted Taehyung.


"Better." Taehyung says, walking into the plane.


The idol sits on one of the empty seats, crossing his legs as he holds up a champagne bottle, letting a flight attendant pour the sparkling drink in it.


"You didn't have to do that, you know." Jungkook says, sitting on the seat right in front of Taehyung.


"I know, but I wanted to. I had to let the world know that behind this man, behind V," Taehyung points at himself.


"is someone who sculpted me. The reason why I'm even about to perform in rosebowl this week. I have to let the world know that they have to give you even a little bit of credit." Taehyung says, bringing the glass up to his lips.


Jungkook smiles at the idol's sweet words and Taehyung could swear he saw a faint blush across the alpha's cheeks before he dropped his head to continue working on whatever it was he was working on.


The pilot informs them to buckle up as they were about to take off.


A few minutes later, when they were finally flying smoothly through the air, Taehyung has the need to suddenly go to the bathroom.


He sets his glass on the table standing up, catching Jungkook's attention.


"Where are you going?" Jungkook asks.


"I gotta pee. I'll be right back." Taehyung says, excusing himself.


He enters the bedroom and closes the door, walking over to the bathroom door.


As his hand circles the cold metal doorknob, his whole body suddenly grows hot.


The sudden feeling caused Taehyung to drop on his knees, his eyebrows knitting together as he feels some kind of pressure over his dick.


No, this can't be.


His heat wasn't supposed to strike until 2 or 3 weeks later, why did it have to strike now?


He feels his slick drip down his pants as he throws his head back in pleasure, already palming himself.


"Need... alpha! Need... to be filled! Alpha! Jungkook! Jungkook!" Taehyung moans out loud, wishing Jungkook could hear him despite the soundproof walls surrounding him.


He crawls his way to the bed, unbuttoning his blouse as he does so.


He throws the Saint Laurent item on the floor, unbuckling his Gucci belt as he pushed his pants along with his underwear down, moaning loudly when he feels his dick hit the lower part if his stomach.


He sticks his ass up in the air, inserting a finger in himself.


He was desperate to be filled up right now, he needed someone to touch him, to make him feel good.


"Oh, fuck." Taehyung moans in the pillow where he buried his face in.


His scent was all over the place, it was strong and he wouldn't be surprised if even the pilot could smell it.


Luckily for him, Jungkook took precaution and hired only omega staff.


Taehyung inserts another digit, feeling too loose with just one.


He thrusts his fingers in and out of himself repeatedly, grinding on his pillow as he throws his head back in pleasure, his eyes rolling to the back of his head.


He feels himself on the edge, before he could come, the door swings open, revealing a heaving Jungkook- his eyes a bright yellow.


"A-alpha!" Taehyung moans out, immediately taking his fingers out of himself as he stumbles his way to Jungkook who had closed and locked the door.


"Alpha, I need you! I need you to fill me up, I need you to make me feel good!" Taehyung begs, his shaking hands struggling to unbuckle Jungkook's belt.


"T-Taehyung, no. You'll regret this when your heat passes, please." Jungkook says, grabbing Taehyung's wrists tightly.


"Please, alpha! I wouldn't regret this at all, please!" Taehyung begs as he drops to his knees.


Jungkook's eyes turned from bright yellow to his usual dark brown ones, a sign that he was trying to control himself.


"Taehyung, if you don't stop, both you and I will regret what will happen next. I won't be able to control myself." Jungkook tells him, looking away.


Taehyung stands up, turning Jungkook's head to face him.


"Then don't." Taehyung says.


"No, you wouldn't want this, Tae." 


"I would! I will! I like you, Jungkook! Why can't you see that?" Taehyung whines, pressing his naked and wet body onto Jungkook.


"No, stop. That's your wolf talking." Jungkook tries.


"Look at me. Look at me and tell me I'm lying. Look into my eyes and see if I'm letting my wolf take over me, take over what I'm saying." Taehyung says, forcing Jungkook to look into his deep dark brown orbs.


Jungkook sees that they were his natural eye colour instead of the usual light grey ones whenever omegas went on heat.


"I want this, Jungkook. I want you. I've wanted you for so long now and-"


"I like you too. I want you too. You better not be fucking around with me or I swear I'll-"


Jungkook was cut off by Taehyung letting out a loud moan, his knees buckling.


Jungkook catches Taehyung by his small waist, avoiding him from the fall.


The alpha sees Taehyung's eyes slowly changing into the light grey colour.


Taehyung pulls Jungkook closer, softly licking the alpha's ear.


"Make me feel good, alpha." He whispers.


Jungkook's eyes turn a bright yellow before pulling Taehyung up into his arms, carrying  him to the bed.


Jungkook had no control over himself from this point on, especially when Taehyung looked like... that.


"Don't fret, pet. Alpha's here to make you feel good." Jungkook says, burying his face on Taehyung's neck, scenting him as Taehyung slowly grinds on his clothed crotch.


"mmmmm, make me feel good, please alpha.." Taehyung moans.


Jungkook pushes Taehyung down on the bed, taking off his shirt to reveal the perfectly sculpted six pack he had to offer.


Taehyung whined at the sight, running his fingers over the muscles, nibbling on his lip as his fingers hook themselves inside Jungkook's pants.


"Please?" Taehyung pouts.


"nu-uh. I give the orders, pup. Turn around." Jungkook orders and Taehyung immediately compiles.


Jungkook flaunts over Taehyung's ass before giving it a soft slap, his mouth watering as he watches the omega's ass jiggle.


Without warning, he dips his face in between the two cheeks, licking a long strip with his tongue, making Taehyung moan out loud.


Jungkook starts to push his tongue inside  Taehyung's hole, the muscles around his wet tongue squeezing together.


Taehyung was shaking with just Jungkook's tongue working inside him.


The alpha curls his wet muscle inside Taehyung, making the elder one throw his head back in pleasure.


"Oh God, Gukkie!" He moans out.


Jungkook pulls away, sucking on two of his fingers before pushing them both inside Taehyung's pink hole at the same time.


Taehyung's moans were loud and sweet and dirty- just like how Jungkook imagined them to be.


Taehyung pumps himself with perfect timing at how Jungkook would thrust his fingers inside Taehyung.


"m close!" Taehyung moans.


"keep it in, pet. Don't come until alpha tells you to." Jungkook whispers, his deep voice sounding like a whisper in Taehyung's ear.


The omega has slick pooling below him, the bed completely wet, as if someone had poured a glass of water on it.


Jungkook reaches over to the night stand, fumbling for something, hoping he could feel a small square foil-like wrapper.


To his dismay, he could only feel papers.


"My bag.." Taehyung moans out.


Jungkook furrowed his brows in confusion as Taehyung turns his head to the side, looking at Jungkook.


He looked like a complete mess, face sweaty and red and his eyes were glassy- all from the pleasure Jungkook was currently giving him.


"My bag, I have a few condoms in the pocket." Taehyung says, sounding out of breath.


Jungkook quickly pulls his fingers out of Taehyung, rushing over to the omega's luggage to find the small rubber protection.


He takes a handful, throwing them to the nightstand as he tears one open with his teeth.


He rolls the rubber on his dick, Taehyung impatiently pressing his ass on Jungkook.


"Tsk. Such a bad boy, couldn't wait for your alpha?" Jungkook asks as he slaps Taehyung's ass, a red hand print appearing on the soft, baby-like skin.


"Please, I've waited for this for years!" Taehyung moans out.


Jungkook smirks at the sudden ego boost, flipping Taehyung so he could see him.


"I wanna see how pretty you are as you moan out my name." Jungkook says, dipping his lips on Taehyung's neck, leaving small purple and red bruises all over the skin.


Jungkook aligns his dick on Taehyung's hole and when he felt like the omega was ready, he slowly pushes in, letting the omega adjust to his size.


"Y-you're bi-ig! Alpha!" He moans out, nails digging onto Jungkook's back.


Jungkook slowly thrusts in and out deeply, making sure Taehyung feels every single inch and bit of him.


"K-kiss me." The Omega says.


Jungkook halts his actions, looking into Taehyung's dark brown eyes.


So he's serious about this..


Jungkook thinks.


He dips in, slowly kissing Taehyung.


Their lips felt so good together, a perfect fit, as if they were made for each other.


Jungkook cups Taehyung's cheek as he used his other arm to support himself up.


He slowly thrusts inside Taehyung as his tongue wanders around Taehyung's mouth, tasting him up, making sure he hits every corner.


Saliva drips from the edges of their mouths as the kiss progresses.


"m-may I come now?" Taehyung says, parting them both from the kiss.


Jungkook's fast pace comes back as he adjusts their angle.


"th-there! right there!" Taehyung moans, telling Jungkook he had hit the particular bundle of nerves that made the omega go crazy.


Taehyung didn't know what to do with himself, the pleasure was overwhelming, he could feel himself slipping away.


"come for me, Taehyung." Jungkook whispers in his ear.


The second those words leave Jungkook's mouth, Taehyung is releasing his load all over his and jungkook stomach.


He could feel Jungkook also releasing his own inside Taehyung, the omega halting his movements as he waited for his alpha's knot to finish.


his alpha...


that sounds good..


Jungkook starts littering kisses all over Taehyung's face and neck, pulling himself out.


Jungkook ties the condom and walks into the small bathroom, throwing the used condom in the trash bin and taking a towel, dampening it.


When he finishes cleaning himself up, he takes a different towel and damps it as well, walking over to Taehyung to clean him up.


"Did you mean it?" Taehyung asks as Jungkook wipes his thighs.


"Mean what? That I liked you?" Jungkook asks.


Taehyung nods silently, looking at Jungkook with wondering eyes.


Jungkook stops whatever he was doing, thinking about his answer before looking back into Taehyung's eyes, slowly shaking his head.


"No, I lied. I don't like you, Taehyung. I'm sorry." Jungkook says.


The corners of Taehyung's eyes water as the omega looks away, not wanting to face the alpha right now.


"I'm in love with you." Jungkook says, making Taehyung whips his head almost immediately at Jungkook.


"you're... you're what?" Taehyung asks.


"May I court you, Taehyung?" Jungkook asks.


The corners of Taehyung's eyes water once again, but this time with joy.


He smiles widely, nodding his head 'yes'.


Jungkook bites on his lower lip, his lips breaking into a wide, goofy smile as well as he leans down to kiss Taehyung's lips.


"Hey, we were pretty loud.." Taehyung says.


"Don't worry, the walls are soundproof." Jungkook says as he continues to kiss Taehyung.


"Jungkook, we're using the black jet. Wasn't it the white one that had sound proof walls? Your jet?" Taehyung asks.


Jungkook freezes, the realisation just dawning upon him.


His head whips to the side as he hears giggles coming from outside the door, probably coming from the flight attendants.


Jungkook sighs in annoyance, making Taehyung giggle.


"At least now they know who took care of me, huh?" Taehyung teases.


"True. But do you want them to know who you belong to?" Jungkook asks with a smirk.


"Jungkook, no." Taehyung says sternly.


"we have 18 hours to waste, stop being such a kill joy and have fun... with me." Jungkook says, burying his face on Taehyung's neck.


"Jungkook!" Taehyung whines.


It's safe to say that fans were confused as hell when they notice Jungkook supporting a limping and tired looking Taehyung at the airport.