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Oh. Her? She's my Angel

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Katya's POV

Today was the worse already, like the worse of the worse. It all started when my alarm clock didn't go off so I woke up twenty minutes late. After finally waking up, I went to take a shower. I turned on the hot water only to find out that the hot water wasn't working at all. I sent a text to my landlord to tell him to come fix it because I wasn't the one to take cold showers. After forcing myself to bare the cold shower, I saw that I was fresh out of coffee and not only that but my cat, Mr. Paws, had gotten out again. That damn cat loved going to find pussy to chase. We had that in common I guess and also the fact that we walk away from the people who care about us. I set his food bowl on the baloney and finished getting ready for work, I didn't have time to wait for him to come home. I loaded my stuff in my car and drove off to work. I could already tell today was going to be shit.

I stopped by Starbucks to get a coffee. There was no freaking way I could go to work without a cup of black coffee. I stood in line at Starbucks and looked through my phone. I opened Snapchat and saw that I had snaps from a chick I hooked up with a few nights ago, she was already attached and man oh man I wasn't. I rolled my eyes and blocked her, I didn't wanna open them and make her think I was ignoring her. I mean I was, but she didn't need to know that. I scrolled through my messages and opened a group chat titled, 'Sick and twisted whores club'. It was made up of myself and a few of my nearest and dearest friends, well as near and dear I'd let someone get to me. My friends were Sharon, Alaska, Violet, Ginger, Detox, and Adore. Most of us were the Gothic after party kids who met in high school and never fell out and the rest were the normal party kids.

Sharon, Alaska and I met in high school, Sharon and Alaska were fuck buddies at the time. Sharon bumped into me, I called her a blind whore and she called me a twilight saga blood sucking reject and well we have all been tight ever since. The three of us would party and get drunk to no end. Our junior year introduced substance abuse but after a pact, we decided the only thing we would ever do is maybe smoke a blunt or two. We became our own support system. After high school, I left and went to college for the arts, and this is were I met Ginger, Detox, Violet and Adore. Detox, Violet and I were freshmen sharing a dorm while Ginger was a grade above us. Ginger would constantly nag us for being too loud and I would nag her back for being a stuck up wannabe mom. After so many fights we decided that we needed to start a friendship to prevent a war. During my second year, Adore came into the picture. She was the green haired party chick with a contagious laugh and a bright smile. We hit it off right away, at a frat party on her birthday. She handed me a blunt that was amazing and immediately I decided she was a cool chick. When the gang(Detox and Violet) and I graduated college, I started my own graphic design company. Detox and Violet went into modeling. Ginger, who was a year ahead of us, went into musical theatre. Adore graduated the next year and started making music. Sharon and Alaska decided to make the move to LA and we were all back together. Sharon and Alaska both became designers and used Detox and Violet as models. We all connected and it was great, even though we rarely had time for each other. The group chat was the only way we all could talk, it was quick and easy.

Sharon:It is official, I am ready to meet death.

Alaska: Oh heavens, here we go again.

Adore: What's wrong Sharon?

Violet: Why'd you have to ask?

Detox: Yeah^^ why?

Adore: Because I care duh

Ginger: Hey pipsqueak we will kick you out but Sharon stop being dramatic and just spill it.

Alaska: Nope no no. I got it. She has to go back home for her sister's wedding. She tried to rope me in but I have a runway to make clothes for. So she is stuck going by herself.

Sharon: Oh shut up. This is awful! I don't want to go back to Boston. It is taking away time from work, important work at that.

Adore: But family is more important?

Sharon: Yeah yeah blah blah, I'm sure Katya would agree with me.

Me: Yeah I am on Sharon's side with this one. I didn't go back to Boston when my brother got married a few years ago. I sent a card, a few gifts, and well wishes. I say just send gifts and give her a phone call, no point in wasting money on a ticket when you can spend that money on something for her.

Adore: But money isn't more important than her seeing Sharon there.

Me: Oh yeah feelings blah blah. That is 100% debatable Adore. Money makes the world go round. If Sharon leaves she won't make money so therefore her world doesn't go round. Facts mama facts. Sharon, I vote don't go and that's my final word on the matter. I have work to do. Bye whores.