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You, Only You.

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You watched Aymeric, his arms folded, staring intently at the Doman Prince from across the table.

Your heart pounded, ears prickling at the exchange of comments between the Lord Commander and Lord Hien, they were laced with spiteful words, heated and intentional.

They were trying, very poorly to disguise the fact that it was a dispute of boyish nature over you, fuelled by Aymeric’s jealousy and Hien’s disregard that your heart clearly belonged to the Lord Commander.

You sighed, pressing your finger against your temple.

It all started a few suns ago, when Aymeric received a missive with the Doman sigil imprinted upon its envelope.

Both of you were tangled together upon the comfortable chaise longue within Aymeric’s study in the De Borel manor. The fire crackled low as Aymeric stroked your hair gently, softly ghosting his lips across your ear. He had been working many late nights and you had decided the best way to get him to rest is if you yourself rested with him. He could not resist the allure of being wrapped up in your arms even if it were merely a plot to have him gain much needed respite.

After the battle with Zenos, you had both found comfort within each others arms. It was a love that you, the Warrior of Light, had harboured for Aymeric for many moons and he, The Lord Commander, had yearned for ever since the end of the Dragonsong war.

“My dearest warrior,” Aymeric began, his hands moving slowly down your arms, lightly tracing his fingers over your stomach and upwards to where the cotton ribbon that kept your shirt neatly tied together “I do very much appreciate you resting with me, you are always the most delightful distraction.”

You looked up at him, gazing into his eyes and placed a tender kiss on his cheek. At that moment he turned his head, taking your lips fully and with fervour. He caught you off guard, a heat blossoming from within you. He gently tugged at the ribbon, slowly unravelling it, his eyes lilted, his expression of pure desire. He leaned down towards your ear again, his nose brushing against your neck.

“But pray, indulge me further…” he said, his voice low and husky, your whole body prickled with goosebumps.

“My Lord, someone might appear-” You gasped as he lightly nipped your neck.

You felt like you had melted within his arms as he played you.

“That has never stopped you before…” he responded, tracing the outline of your breast through the thin fabric. Your eyes lulled, looking over at the places within his study that you had in previous encounters both… well. The desk suddenly looked inviting once again.

You could feel him against your leg, his want for you strong. You sighed happily as Aymeric brought a hand up and with the crook of his finger tilted your chin towards him once more as you drank in another longing kiss.

In that moment there was a brisk knock at the door and one of the Lord Commander’s servants burst in. Being greeted with the dishevelled, lust fueled tangle of the warrior and the knight he briskly turned his face away, flustered as his ears turned red.

“I - I am truly sorry My Lord for the interruption.” the young servant bowed so deeply it looked like his nose might touch the ground. You laughed heartily as you pulled away from Aymeric, gently running your hands through his raven hair as you climbed past him. His hand lingered on your waist for a moment.

“Do not worry, I am not shamed by being caught in an intimate moment.” You said, smiling. Aymeric chuckled as you both looked at each other lovingly. You felt like two school kids who had been caught courting in secret.

“Though it would bid you to learn to wait once knocking for my permission to let you enter, boy.” Aymeric said sternly, like a father scolding his child.

The servant, still flustered paced over to Aymeric, holding the letter, it scrunched a little in his hands. “I’m sorry My Lord.” He bowed deeply again and Aymeric chuckled lightly again. “Not to fear, I am aware you are only a few days in to your position here. “Now pray tell, what brings you to my study?”

The servant stood up straight. “Yes, My Lord a missive has arrived from Doma.” He thrust his hand out, the crumpled letter Aymeric took from him before he bowed again and scampered out the room at a brisk pace.

“It appears I have a request for my audience.” Aymeric said, smiling, “Lord Hien wishes to visit Ishgard and seek my advice in matters regarding Doma.”

“Lord Hien!” you said excitedly. The samurai and crown prince of Doma had been the most admirable fighting companion, as you helped him liberate his country from the clutches of Imperial rule. His boyish charm immediately warmed you to him and yet though he was young and of near age to you, he proved to be a grand leader. In return he had warmed to you, both of you sharing tales of folly as you travelled together.

It was at the negotiations meeting with Solus Varis zos Galvus that Lord Hien and Ser Aymeric grew fond of each other. Their ideals and discussions on how to approach matters formed great admiration in each other and Hien promised after the battlefield he would reach out to the knight, for want of advice.

“This is most pleasing,” Aymeric said, placing the letter down on his lap as you wrapped your arms around his neck, burying your face in his hair. He leaned into your touch, resting his head against your bosom and continuing to speak. “I will have the housekeepers ready the grand dining room and have the chefs cook our finest dishes. There will be much to discuss, I hope you will join us, my love?”

You placed a kiss on his forehead, smiling happily “But of course my love, I would not wish to miss the opportunity to speak with a dear friend once again.”



“You look absolutely beautiful.” Aymeric said in a low sultry tone, placing his hands on your hips to pull you in for loving kiss. “I have never felt more blessed than this moment.”

You had decided to don a pair of Doman culottes that had been gifted to you by the Domans. It was a rich black with gold embroidery that laced up the sides and along the waist. To mix things up you had paired it with a blue (the shade of blue Aymeric most loved) silk shirt that had gold embroidery detailed delicately along it’s shoulders, lace that revealed areas of skin as it opened out at the top. You felt it was a modern touch to combine clothing of different regions, something Aymeric admired in you, to always try and be different.

You blushed, placing hands on his chest to adjust his jacket. “And you too, my love. Hien will be most pleased to see you once again.”

The servants stood around you both as you waited in the grand entrance hall of the manor. The sound of the front door creaked open, voices muffled before the second door opened, flecks of snow swirled as a figure bundled in cloaks stepped into the room.

“My, Aymeric, it has been a while has it not my dear friend?” came the clear, gentle voice of Lord Hien.

He stood head to toe in a garment that was of similar colour scheme to his usual attire, but something more accustomed for bearing the icy cold winds of Coerthas. He brushed a few stray flecks of snow from his hair, still tied up in a large ponytail as several servants rushed to his side to gather the many heavy cloaks from him he had worn.

“It truly has, Lord Hien, and a pleasure to see you once again. Welcome to Ishgard my friend, I hope the journey from Doma was not of trouble.” Aymeric threw his hands out, stepping forward to shake Hien’s hand who in turn, pulled him in for an embrace. They slapped each other’s backs like brothers would.

“Not at all, the journey was quite pleasant, though I daresay the climate of Coerthas is certainly a stark contrast to that of Doma-” He stopped briskly at the end of his sentence as he caught sight of you. His soft brown eyes widened, a childish grin formed across his face.

“By the Kami, the Warrior of Light. It has been many moons since I set eyes upon you last. What a delight this is to be in your presence once more.” He stepped towards you, bowing deeply. You smiled and let out an amused chuckle.

“Lord Hien, a joy as always, but no more formalities, is this how you would greet all those that have fought by your side and liberated countries for you?” You sounded cocky, he gave you a boyish smile.

“Always one to tease aren’t you My Lady?” Hien laughed heartily, taking your hand in courtesy. “I have missed your humour very much.”

Aymeric’s usual polite and gracious demeanor slipped a little when he saw Hien take your hand. You noticed his smile faltered slightly.

The Doman Prince’s eyes swept over your attire for a moment, before falling upon your right hand which he had taken. Upon it was a gold ring, a tangle of delicate gold leaves with a blue stone ensconced. It had been a gift from Ser Aymeric, an expression for his love for you and you wore it with great pride that you were his. His gaze roved over you once again before turning to Aymeric. He had pieced it together.

“My Lady, My Lord, you seek companionship within each other? This is marvellous, my two favourite people together at last! I have been blessed by the Kami. This will be a most wonderful night.”

In a rather untraditional way his powerful arms swept both you and Aymeric into a tight hug. Several of the housestaff smiled and feigned laughing, a warm welcome indeed.



Formalities of seating had been ignored, and instead the three of you were huddled at one end of the great dining table, platters of food littered around you. The night had rolled on in great fashion, wine flowed endlessly between courses of delicious Ishgardian food for which Hien enjoyed greatly.

As more wine poured, the politeness of boundaries slowly crumbled the more inebriated the three of you became.

One thing you had not noticed, however, was the seed of jealousy that had been planted when Aymeric witnessed how bold and comfortable Hien was to break boundaries with you upon his arrival.

This seed, began to grow and flourish throughout the meal. Though you were lost in tales of misadventures Hien eagerly recounted to you through mouthfuls of food, you couldn’t help but catch Aymeric giving him a look whenever the Doman would tenderly touch your arm or nudge you in teasing as you both laughed raucously at jokes and stories.

“Then that was when me and Aymeric realised we had to fight our way out of the catacombs, filled with Spriggans. For them to be infested with such tiny creatures that tried to attack us posed no threat, but the funniest part-” You said, tilting your glass of wine towards Aymeric, your cheeks flushed “-Was when we were to check ourselves for bites and lo, Aymeric had one right on the middle of his-”

“I daresay,” Aymeric pleaded, a little inebriated “We shall not indulge our guest in matters of where I was bitten-” Aymeric said, half amused half embarrassed. Hien gave you a look, stifling a laugh.

There was a moments silence as you all sipped from your glasses. You kept staring at Aymeric lovingly, a joyful smirk on your face.

“Right on the middle of his left buttcheek!” You blurted, the words tumbled out of your mouth with such a jolly tone. Hien corpsed on the table, clutching his sides as his laugh boomed around the room.

“My oh my Ser Aymeric, to have survived the Dragonsong War and yet your fiercest scar may be the one that has graced your-”

“Please, Hien, stop” you laughed, placing a hand on his shoulder to calm him as you both chuckled. Aymeric’s eyes flicked between you and Hien, as if a teacher were witnessing two kids misbehave in her classroom.

“Yes, someone bearing the title of Prince would not endeavour to receive such injuries, that is what would set you above the rest.” Aymeric spoke, his voice tinged with embarrassment and bemusement. You looked up at him again, his ears and cheeks were red.

You felt a small flicker of concern at Aymeric’s behaviour. He seemed happy to some extent, but it was those idle moments where you could tell he had a growing jealousy that was beginning to fester.

In an attempt to diffuse what seemed to be a growing issue, you leaned over, placing a lingering kiss on the corner of his lips and taking his hand you squeezed it in comfort.

“I do apologise, My Lord,” you said with great sentiment “I was merely caught up in the moment and pray, share with Lord Hien any embarrassing stories you wish of me.”

Aymeric’s expression seemed to soften at your touch, and the smile returned to his lips.

Hien had been watching the exchange between you two, and maybe because the food was long since finished and it was only wine that was of sustenance now, Hien heartily poured himself another glass, taking a deep swig and placed it on the table.

His next course of action, you felt, was deemed too bold even for his outgoing nature.