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Library of Cybertron: Transformers Reader Requests

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Before you make a request, you'll need to read the rules. If you can't be bothered to do that then I cant' be bothered to reply to your request.

How to send requests:

On Quotev - Follow this link: Fill out your request in the message box and click "send message". This will keep your message private. DON'T send requests in the comments section!

On got to my profile page and click the "PM" button under my name. Again, don't put requests in the comments. 

On Archive of our Own,  for some dumb reason Archive doesn't have a private message feature. So for my Archive requesters I guess you'll have to send your requests to either my Quotev or inboxes. 

I no longer use Wattpad. If you come across my profile there, ignore it. Please do not send me messages of any kind on Wattpad. 


Universes I will write for:

G1 - My favorite! There aren't enough requests for this universe and that makes me sad.

Transformers Animated - Blitzwing is the best!

Transformers Prime - Though I haven't watched every episode yet I can still write for it. I'll do the research for stuff I haven't watched yet.

More than Meets the Eye/IDW Comics - Like with TFP there's a lot that I haven't come across yet. IDW has a lot of characters and some I may not be familiar with. Please keep that in mind.


Universes I WILL NOT write for:

Bayverse/Live Action Movies - Overrated and not my cup of tea. If you like them, good for you. I just don't want to write anything for it. 

Rescue Bots, Cyberverse, Robots in Disguise - Haven't watched any of these shows yet so I don't know anything about them. This may change if I decide to start watching them.

Anything Else - I just haven't seen it, don't like it, or don't know enough about it.


What I will write about:

Romance - Though please keep in mind that I'm very new to writing romance. I normally write cute or comedic stuff. Just go easy on me if I'm not very good at it.

Yandere - Some people refuse to write this as it usually contains violence or dark themes. If you follow my Undertale stuff you should know that I don't shy away from horror type stuff. That being said, I love me some twisted love stories so don't hesitate to ask for Yandere stuff!

Reader Inserts - If you followed my Bitty Bones stuff you may be under the impression that I don't like reader inserts. This is not true. I just did not want to write reader inserts for my Undertale series. (On a side note, I no longer write for Undertale.) Transformers is a different matter.


Head Cannons


Human to Cybertronain Reader Romance - Any romance requests involving humans being turned (permanently) into Cybertronians is fine.

Techno-Organic Reader Romance - According to Transfromers Animated, Techno - Organics are Cybertronian protoforms that have been infused with human DNA, basically a half human/ half Cybertronian. Note that the request doesn't have to be just for the TFA universe.


What I don't write don't:

NSFW/Sexual Situations: Not comfortable writing this kind of stuff.

Yaoi/Yuri - I know a lot of people like this kind of stuff but it's just not really my thing. The only exception I make is for characters like MTMTE Rewind, Chromedome, Tailgate, and Cyclonus. That's it.

Trans - If that "trans" is not immediately followed by "former" I'm not writing it. I consider this too sensitive of a subject for me to write. See below.

Sensitive/Controversial Subjects - Rape, abuse, eating disorders, self-harm, depression, suicide, harassment, Pregnancy/abortion, or anything that is part of a political or social debate. Anything that's just a bit too "real" is a no go. 

Emergency asks - Basically any requests that go something like this: "I've been having major issues with my family lately. Can I please get a scenario of *insert favorite characters here* helping an s/o deal with their toxic relatives?" I don't want to sound harsh but, this isn't Tumblr and I'm not your therapist. If you're having problems in your life then there is nothing that I, as a faceless stranger on the internet, can do to help you. I feel for you, really, and I hope things work out. But I'm not going to do like everyone else does and pretend to be emotionally invested in the hardships of someone that I have never met, and most likely will never meet. Please, don't tell me about your personal problems! If that sounds cruel, sorry, but that's just the way it is. Honestly, I think it's far better to seek help from someone that can actually help you in person as opposed to trying to seek fake sympathy from people you don't even know (or aren't even real, in the case of the requests). 

Human/Transformer romance - I don't see anything wrong with it if you like that kind of thing. It just doesn't make sense to me. I have no idea why a giant alien robot would find a tiny beast of flesh, bones, and hair to be attractive. I WILL write scenarios involving human readers and Cybertronians as long as there is no romance involved. And when it comes to reader inserts, why would you want to be a boring human if you can be a freakin' giant robot that can turn into a vehicle!? Furthermore, I feel like there is an overflow of Cybertronian X Human Reader stories compared to Cybertronian X Cybertronian Reader stories. I would rather write for the one that isn't done to death.

Character X Character romance - I don't want to write about your OTP, thank you very much.

Your OCs - Reader inserts are one thing, but original fan characters are a bit iffy. I have nothing against OCs (I have some of my own for various fandoms so it would be wrong for me to judge) but I don't trust that I can write your OC the way that you would want me to. And let's be honest, some people aren't that great at coming up with original characters. I don't want to make someone feel like I'm dumping on them because I don't want to write for their character due to how poorly written they are. So in other words, no, I won't be writing a story featuring your Neko-Sailor Scout-triple changer-half demon-dragon-wolf hybrid who inexplicably has long luxurious hair even though she's a God damned robot. 

Crossovers - This is to avoid situations where I'm not familiar with or don't want to write about the other fandom. For example: An request for the Autobots meeting Harry Potter. I'm not into Harry Potter. Never read it. Never watched it. So I can't write reactions to something I know nothing about. Transformers in the Twilight universe? I would rather eat my keyboard than write that shit. Some things just don't go together! So please, Transformers universes only.

Holoforms - Holoforms are merely a means of disguise for Cybertronians. They are not meant to be used as a means for humans to have romantic relationships with Cybertronians. For more information on the proper use of Holoforms please consult your manual : "Organic Avatars and You". 

Universes where the Transformers are anything but Cybertronians - Human-former, mer-former, fae-former, wolf-former, cat-former, or any other version of Transformers where they aren't awesome giant alien robots. That being said, there are some AUs that I actually like (Merformers and Bugformers for instance.) I may write stuff for them eventually maybe, but not for this collection of stories. 

That should do it for now. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. If anything in these rules have offended you, please keep this in mind: You don't have to read my stories. Likewise, I don't have to write what you think I should.

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*This first request came from my sister. She is fairly new to the Transformers fandom and took a liking to these guys. Thanks Sis! I love these guys, too! They're my favorite combiner team and I loved writing this! It turned out a bit longer than I had intended.*

It had been a long day. All you wanted to do was go home, take a quick shower, eat, and then sleep until 2 pm the next afternoon. Fate, however, had decided to give you the middle finger in the form of giant alien robots. You were almost at the car when you heard the screaming and explosions. It was pretty obvious that yet another fight between the Autobots and Decepticons had broken out. You had to get out of there before you got caught in the crossfire! Before you could even reach out to grab the car door handle you were suddenly snatched up in a giant metal hand.

"Back off, Autobot! Or I squish the squishy!" Your captor shouted while holding you up to face your would-be rescuer (whom you recognized as Optimus Prime himself).

The Autobot leader lowers his weapon and backs away, not willing to put an innocent human life on the line. He tries to convince your captor to let you go. The fight has nothing to do with you, after all. Your captor is having none of that. The next thing you know, you're being stuffed into the interior of a gray/black Ferrari 308 GTB with red tinted windows. There's good news, bad news, and more bad news. The good news: You're getting to ride in a Ferrari. The bad news: That Ferrari is the alt-mode of a Decepticon who has decided to take you hostage. The more bad news: That Decepticon is Wildrider of the Stunticons.

Wildrider cackled like the lunatic he is and tore out of the parking lot, onto the streets, and into the oncoming traffic lane. The other drivers swerve and slam into each other as they try to get out of the way. You scrambled to put on the seat belt making the psycho laugh again.

"What's wrong, flesh bag? Can't handle life in the fast lane!?" he sneers.

You suck in a breath and lean as far back into the red passenger seat as you can. There's not much you can do as he takes off down the road at speeds no normal car could possibly handle. You don't scream or cry or do anything you think would provoke the crazy Decepticon further. Your lack of reaction only spurs him into trying something different.

Wildrider veers off the road suddenly and goes airborne as he jumps a ditch. You're tossed around wildly but don't complain. Whiplash is the least of your problems right now. Wildrider tears through a wooden fence startling a herd of grazing cattle into stampeding. He drives straight into the herd.

"Yeeeeeehaaaaaw! Get along little doggies!!!" he hollers honking his horn at the panicky bovines.

Fortunately, all of the animals manage to get out of his way in time to avoid becoming mangled hood ornaments. Wildrider smashes through the other side of the fence and back onto the road. Throughout it all you don't move or make a sound. You've heard the term "scared stiff"? That was you. Wildrider was not happy with this though. He tries out various other crazy stunts to get you to scream, shout, or panic. Nothing works. It isn't until he decides to play chicken with a train that you finally react... and pass out in a dead faint.

When you come to, you're in a cage on the Nemesis with Wildrider grinning down at you.

"Ready for another joyride, meat sack?" he says with a mockingly friendly smile.

"No!" You say, almost breathless with the memory. "It was fun, really but... let's not do that again."

Your response makes him laugh. You're funny little human. He decides to keep you around for a little while longer. After a while, you become acquainted with the other members of the Stunticons.

What they think of you:

Wildrider - It didn't take him long to realize that you weren't like the other humans he'd kidnapped. For one thing, you were still alive. Most of the humans he kidnaps and takes on joyrides don't last long. They either die from sheer fright or end up splattered all over his interior. There's a reason for his interior being red and it has less to do with aesthetics and more to do with it making it harder to see the bloodstains left from previous passengers. Another thing is that you don't react the way other humans do. You didn't scream or cry. You didn't yell at or threaten him. You didn't kick and punch in a panic. You just sat there, squeezing your eyes closed and holding your breath every time he did something crazy. That's really weird, but he kinda likes that. Maybe you're made of tougher stuff than most Earthlings. But the longer you stay on the Nemesis, the more opportunities he has to find out what scares you. He finds out you don't like bugs and now he's always threatening to hand you over to the Insecticons. Since then he's constantly messing with you in one way or another. You've become a source of endless entertainment for him. On days when it's just too quiet at the base, he'll strike up conversations with you. It doesn't matter what you two talk about, just as long as you help to keep the unnerving silence at bay.

Breakdown - He's extremely wary of you at first. Wildrider insists that you're just some Earthling he snagged as a hostage to get away from Optimus Prime, but what if that's exactly what the Autobots want them to think! What if you're actually a spy in the guise of a normal human! This could all be part of some plot by the Autobots to discover their weaknesses! You could be covered with all kinds of cameras and listening devices! After numerous scans reveal that none of that is true, he relaxes a little. Just a little. He still flinches whenever you look his way. You're still very calm and that just isn't normal for a human in your situation. More than once, he's thought about just smashing you just to be safe but he can't bring himself to do it. Mostly because Wildrider would be furious at him for squishing his hostage. Several times you try to make him understand that there really isn't much that you as a tiny, weak little Earthling could do to hurt a big killer robot like himself. That sounds logical enough that he starts to open up, but only slightly. He begins telling you about all the conspiracy theories he normally would keep to himself. Everybody else insists that he's just imagining things but you just nod and smile sadly at him. Eventually he begins to tolerate you. Just as long as you stay in the cage and please, PLEASE stop staring at him!

Drag Strip - He not impressed with you at all and completely ignores you at first. You sit in your cage and listen day in and day out as he regales his fellow Decepticons with stories of his amazing feats and victories in battle. You notice that none of them seem interested in listening to him and that kinda makes you feel bad for him. Right away, you see past his bravado. All that bragging and competitive behavior is just a front for his extremely low self esteem. So each time he comes to an exciting part in one of his exploits, you blurt out a "Wow! Awesome!" At this, Drag Strip smiles wryly at the others and says,

"See, even an Earthling knows that I'm the best!"

Eventually, Drag Strip starts telling you his stories instead of the other Decepticons (something that they are very thankful for).

"Hey Fleshy! Guess what happened today!" He'll say. He gets a little thrill of real joy each time you look up at him and smile during his tales. Sometimes he exaggerates just to see your face light up in awe. You've become his personal cheering squad it seems. Every time he does something amazing he'll look back at you to see your reaction. You never disappoint. You're not so bad for an inferior lifeform.

Dead End - Unlike the others, he sees no reason to get to know you at all. What's the point? When Megatron finds out about you he will certainly order your destruction. You're just a human anyway. If you don't die now you'll die very soon after. Humans barely live to be a century old. If he cared it would be sad. You humans come into the world with practically one foot in the grave already. Instead of durable metal, you're all made of weak tissue and brittle bones. You are destroyed so easily. Humans are so pathetically vulnerable that it's almost as if the Universe has doomed you all to be constantly on verge of destruction. The thought makes him feel a little bit sorry for you... to the point that he actually offers to put you out of your misery. He'll make it as painless as possible. He promises. When you tell him that you would rather hang around a little longer he gets confused. Why live your life knowing how insignificant and pathetic you are? He's seen humans that live long enough to grow old. It isn't pretty. They get weaker. They get sick. Sometimes their mind goes. Why would you want to get to that point? Better to let him end it now. You explain to him that you're well aware that you aren't going to live forever and sometimes the end isn't graceful, but you refuse to spend your life dreading your death. If the end is inevitable the why worry about it? Just let it happen when it happens. In the meantime you'd rather enjoy what little time you have than waste the time bemoaning the end. Dead End gives you a strange look. At least you think he does. It's hard to tell with the visor and face plate. He doesn't say anything else, but he doesn't offer to put you out of your misery again, much to your relief. Nothing much seems to change about him. He's still a morbid sad sack, but your words never really leave him. Each time he thinks about how pointless everything is he can't help but think back to what you said. You have a strange way of looking at things, Human.

Motormaster - He is furious! How dare Wildrider bring this vermin into the Decepticon base! What's worse is that his fellow Stunticons are wasting their time babysitting a human instead of crushing Autobot scum! Wildrider should have taken Prime down instead of hiding behind an Earthling. Motormaster gave him a merciless beating for his cowardice. Then the Stunticon leader went to find you and do what should have been done at the beginning... pulverizing you! But when he finds your cage, it's empty. Drag Strip has already taken you back to human civilization. He claims that he wasn't trying rescue you. He just wanted to give you a thrill by taking you for a ride with the best Decepticon there is. Now you get to brag to all your human friends that you hung out with Drag Strip! They'll be so jealous! When he gets back to the base, Motormaster has a beating waiting for him. He and Wildrider are in the infirmary for a while but they feel that it was worth it. Motormaster is disgusted at the very thought of them catering to Earthling trash. It's almost as bad as fraternizing with an Autobot. Almost.

Overall, most of them view you as the closest thing a Decepticon could possibly have as a friend. The others see you as at the very least an interesting diversion. Motormaster is the only one that can't stand you, but he's an asshole so who cares what he thinks...

*Well, this was my first time writing something like this so I hope it turned out okay. It may not have been exactly how you imagined it, Sis, but I hope you like it!*

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*This one is for predaqueenisarcee256 on Quotev. I was given a choice between G1 Starscream or IDW Starscream. They're pretty much the same personality-wise, but I chose G1 simply because I have a lot of catching up to do with the comics and know G1 a bit better. This is another one that turned out longer than I had intended. So much so that I've decided to break it up in to parts. (I hope that's okay!) So here's part one. Screamer's a bit more tsundere than yandere in this part, but believe me, the yandere stuff is on it's way.*


Starscream writhed in agony, clutching the wound in his side. It was a lot deeper than it looked and there were sparks as well as energon spurting from it. One of his wings was a battered mess. He wouldn't be flying away today. His left optic was struggling to stay online and occasionally his vision would partially fill with static, then go dark, only to blip back on a moment later. The wound in his side was the worst though. He would need repairs immediately or else he would bleed out. He cast his gaze upwards just in time to see Megatron and the other Decepticons flying away from the battle. 


"So we lost... again." he thought with disdain. 


"And I was left behind... again..." 


The last thought had him scowling bitterly. It wasn't the first time he'd been left behind. That was the way it was with the Decepticons. You did what you had to in order to survive or you went offline. Either way, you were on your own. If you didn't make it then you were too weak to be a Decepticon. And sympathy was an Autobot thing. There was no room for soft-sparked ideals like mercy and compassion under Megatron's rule. It didn't matter anyway. Starscream didn't need anyone. He'd learned ages ago that he could only rely on himself. 


He staggered to his feet and prepared to drag himself back to the Decepticon base. No doubt he would take the blame for this failure, too. He knew who was really to blame. Megatron, that outdated old pile of spare parts! He'd dragged this war on for six millennia, but once the old fool was out of the way and Starscream was the leader, things would be different. He knew they all mocked him behind his back. They all thought he was an idiot or a lunatic for trying to take down Megatron. Let them mock him. He would show them. Once he became the Decepticon leader he would slaughter the Autobots, destroy this worthless planet called Earth, and lead them all back to Cybertron in victory. How they would change their tune then. He would make them all crawl and beg for his forgiveness. He smiled wickedly as he thought of all the others who'd disrespected him over the years. He'd committed the face of every transgressor to memory: every Decepticon, every Autobot, every lowly human. Every fool who'd ever crossed him would do penance for it! And he would forgive none of them until they were practically dying of their guilt and shame... or simply dying. The sound of footsteps startled him out of his thoughts of vengence. He whirled around; null ray aimed and ready. And there you were. 


Optimus had sent you and Brawn to look for any humans that may have needed help after Megatron's latest attack. Somewhere along the way you got separated from your minibot partner. You knew better than to wander off alone but you were certain that you heard something on the other side of the cliff. What if someone was over there and needed help? You had only meant to take a quick peek and then return but the moment you rounded the corner you found yourself staring down the barrel of a null ray. You raised your hands in surrender. You knew this Decepticon. You'd never met him up close but you'd been in enough battles by now to recognize the Decepticon second in command. Starscream. Some of the others joked about him being a wimp and a coward and made fun of his screechy voice, but you knew to be wary. Optimus had always warned you to never under-estimate the enemy. You knew that a coward could prove to be dangerous when backed into a corner. And Starscream looked pretty cornered right now. Actually he looked pretty banged up too. It was clear to you what happened. He'd been injured during the battle and when the Decepticons finally lost like they always do, they'd left the Air Commander behind. That was something you always hated about Decepticons. They wouldn't hesitate to abandon an injured ally. Starscream always seemed to get the worst of it. You pitied the Seeker elite. You knew that you probably shouldn't, but you couldn't help it. 


Starscream examined the Autobot that had been trying to sneak up on him. Upon closer inspection his jaw dropped open for a moment (only a moment) in surprise. It had nothing to do with how stunning you were. Not at all. It's just that he didn't recognize you. 


"Hmph." He snorted in contempt. "I thought I knew every filthy Autobot on this planet. Who are you?" 


You gave him your designation, ignoring his haughty tone and the way he looked at you like you were something repulsive. You'd noticed the look he gave you when he first looked at you had been something completely different. You didn't know how to describe it. Surprise? Maybe it was because he didn't recognize you. He was probably expecting Ironhide or the Lambo Twins or any other enemy he knew. Not a stranger. 


"Did you think you could sneak up on me? Offline me while I was injured?" He said in a mocking tone. "I thought you Autobots were above such things." 


"We are." You said defensively. "For the record, I was looking for injured humans. I heard something over here and came to investigate. I wasn't expecting to find a Decepticon." 


At that, Starscream chuckled. 


"Oh, you poor thing." he said with a smirk. "And now you're my prisoner." 


He nudged the null ray against your cheek causing your head to turn slightly. He expected you to be afraid or angry but instead you only scoffed. 


"Are you serious right now?" You deadpanned. 


"What!?" he thundered, not liking your tone.


"You really aren't in any condition to take anyone prisoner." You clarified. 


Starscream worked his jaw as he tried to come up with a retort. Realizing you were right, he only growled and pressed the barrel of the null ray into your cheek harder. 


"Fool! Do you think this is a toy I have pressed to your empty head!?" he screeched at you. "My injuries do not prevent me from destroying you, you worthless glitch!" 


"Do you want help, or not?" You asked, giving him a sideways glance. 


The look of befuddlement he gave you was so genuine it was almost adorable. You stifled a laugh. 


"I'm serious." You said.


He stared at you with his one good optic. After a moment he spoke,


"What are you up to, Autobot?" he asked, his voice filled with suspicion.

"Nothing." you stated honestly. "Look, I understand if you don't get it. It's an Autobot thing, I guess. I like helping people. It's the reason I became an Autobot. I don't like seeing others in pain. Friend or foe. Your kind see it as a weakness. It can be, I suppose, but in the end I know I did the right thing." 


Starscream backed away from you, pulling the null ray away from your face but still keeping it trained on you just in case. He was looking at you as if you'd just said something creepy. Something was very wrong here. Where was the mockery? The threats? The insults? He was no fool, no matter what others thought of him. He knew the Autobots were all a bunch of hypocrites hiding behind their morals and ridiculous code. Maybe some of the other Autobots would have helped him, but only after he begged them. And even then they would do so under protest. 


"What do you want in return, then?" he asked. 


"Uh... I guess... don't shoot me?" You answered awkwardly.


Ah, now he got it. You were naive. Horribly, dangerously naive. You must be some new recruit sent from Cybertron. You had no idea how things worked in a real battle. He couldn't hide the smirk that formed on his face. 


"Heh. Alright. Repair me then, if only to satisfy your foolish bleeding spark." he derided you. 


Oh he was absolutely going to shoot you. And you knew that, too. 


He settled down on ground in front of you, keeping the null ray aimed and ready just in case you made any moves he didn't like. He was going to kill you and laugh as you fell on your stupid, trusting face. Well, that's what he planned to do at first. But the moment your hands brushed delicately against his frame, his ability to scheme or fume came to a halt. All he could think about now was how no one had ever been this gentle with him. No one. He sat there in a daze and tried to will his cooling fans not to turn on. 


The moment was broken when you accidentally nudged a frayed wire and Starscream hissed in pain. He swatted at you out of reflex. You dodged the blow and shielded your face in case he wanted another shot at you. 


"Watch what you're doing, you dolt!" He shouted, clutching at his wound. 


"I'm sorry." You said calmly. "I'm not Ratchet, okay? I'm not even a medic." 


"Then how do you plan on repairing me, then? Kissing it better?" Starscream sneered. The words left his mouth before he had time to think about them. He was mocking you, of course, but his own choice of words had him feeling embarrassed for some reason. That time his cooling fans really did turn on. If you noticed, you said nothing. He was glad of that.


"No." You said, frustration clear in your voice. "Look, I can repair your wing so you'll be able to fly back to your base and I can patch you up enough so that you don't bleed out on the way there. But you'll have to get more intricate medical attention when you get back. I'm sorry. I didn't see the wire. I didn't mean to hurt you." 


You said the last bit with such sincerity that Starscream felt a tug at his spark. 


"J-just get on with it!" He stammered, ashamed of how his voice squeaked slightly. 


What was happening? Why was he acting like a sparkling with a first time crush? You were doing this to him. It must be some kind of outlier ability. I had to be! Something about the way you spoke or the way you touched him had a calming effect. Maybe you weren't as naive as you let on. Maybe you were trying to lull him into a false sense of security so that you could capture him. Well if you thought you were going to lead him like a love-struck fool to present him to your superiors.... love-struck? Why had that word come to mind? His processor turned to mush again when you patted his shoulder. 


"All done." You announced and stood up. 


You tensed up, preparing for the moment when he sprung from the ground and blasted you to oblivion. That moment never came. He just sat on the ground looking up at you with a confused, almost childish look of wonder. It was almost endearing. Almost. Some time passed and he was still sitting there staring at you. You were starting to get uncomfortable. Suddenly, he rose and glowered at you. As you expected he fired his null ray... but not at you. He blasted a cluster of rocks to your right causing you to cry out in surprise. 


"That's a warning, Autobot." He said in a strange, trembling voice. 


"Today, I will spare your miserable life. But the next time we meet I will show you no mercy." 


There was barely contained rage in his optics as he looked at you now. Rage and something else that you couldn't place, but it chilled you far worse than the rage. 


You watched in silent shock as he transformed. He fired his jets sending rocks and debris into your face before shooting off into the clouds. You stared after him, not liking the feeling creeping up your spinal strut. Did you do the right thing in helping him? You glanced down at the grim red face of your Autobot emblem. Yes. Yes you did. You were sure of it. Starscream may not be grateful for your aid, but you knew that it always paid to do the right thing. 


You had no idea how wrong you were. It was a hard, bitter lesson that you were going to learn far, far too late. 


*So that's part one. I hope you liked it so far. I'm gonna be working on part two in a bit, so I should have that up soon. I have no idea how many parts this is going to have, but I'll try not to make it too long.*

Chapter Text

Brawn had been giving you dirty looks since the beginning of your energon break. He was sitting across from you with his arms crossed and one foot furiously tapping against the floor. You were doing your level best to ignore him. Ever since you gave your report to Optimus concerning the incident with Starscream, Brawn had been in a foul mood. You knew why. Optimus had already given you an hour long lecture about how you should always stick with your partner and never, EVER wander off during missions. You got the same lecture from Ironhide. And Ratchet. You just knew that Brawn was chomping at the bits to give you the same lecture, too, just with much rougher language.  It was annoying. You weren't a kid. You made a mistake. You made a mistake that could have been fatal. You knew you were wrong and you wouldn't do that again. They didn't need to keep harping on you about it! 


You took a sip from your energon and made optic contact with Brawn. His scowl deepened. You scowled back. The incident had really rubbed Brawn the wrong way. He'd avoided you for a while after he found out. Whenever you spoke to him he would either grumble or give you a curt, one-word response. Normally, when something was bothering Brawn, he dealt with the issue right away, usually with a fist.  This pouty, sullen behavior did not suit him at all. 


"Okay. What crawled up your exhaust?" You asked, finally. 


Brawn gave you a startled look as if he hadn't been expecting you to speak. Then his expression scrunched back into a glare. 


"Oh nothing. Just my partner seems to have a death wish. That's all." he grumbled. 


"Brawn..." You paused to reign in the annoyance in your voice. "Brawn, I've been lectured three times now. I don't need another."


"Hey, you asked me what was wrong!" He defended. Then he added, "I'm not gonna lecture you. I just...." 


You waited. Brawn struggled to put his words together. Finally he mumbled something that you didn't quite make out. 


"I didn't catch that." You said. 


Brawn looked annoyed, then ashamed, then annoyed again. You had no idea what was going on with him. 




"I said, I was worried." He looked positively embarrassed to say that out loud and even glanced around the mess hall in hopes that no one over heard. 


You had to strain to keep from laughing at him. Tough guy Brawn had a soft spot after all. 


"Well, you didn't need to be." You said. "Nothing happened..."


"Something could have!" he cried. 


Here we go, You thought. 


"I thought you weren't going to lecture me." You said, giving him a pointed look. 


"I'm not!" he corrected. "It's just that.... Look, I've seen you fight. You're no pushover. I know you can hold your own. That's not the problem. Starscream's a coward but he's tricky. Who knows how he could have turned that situation in his favor?" 


"Brawn, this is sounding dangerously close to a lecture." You said with a wry smile. 


Brawn looked like he was going to put his fist through the table for a second before he sighed in frustration. 


"Fine. Okay. Just don't expect that Decepti-creep to show you any gratitude!" he warned. 


You rolled your optics. Why did everyone treat you like you were some green-horn, new recruit with no knowledge of how war works? Sure, you may be a new recruit here on Earth but you've been an Autobot soldier for a long time now. What exactly did they all think you did back on Cybertron? Desk work? You decided not so say anything. 


"Let's not talk about it anymore." You said. "There's no point in fretting over the past. Everything's fine now." 


Brawn looked like he wanted to argue but he just nodded instead. 


"Yeah. We got patrol duty later. I'll see ya then." he said, giving your shoulder a playful, yet slightly too rough, shove. 


"Ow. Okay, dude. See ya." You said with a grunt. 


There was an uncomfortable atmosphere on the Decepticon base. The base wasn't exactly a cozy place anyway, but for the past few weeks things had seemed more than a little tense. Even Megatron himself felt it. His SIC had holed himself up in his quarters, no doubt brooding over some ridiculous thing or another. But this felt different. Starscream did not brood over things this long. More than that, he was never quiet, especially not this long. He was up to something. Megatron could always sense it when his less-than-loyal lackey was plotting something. Megatron didn't like not knowing what Starscream was planning, but he wouldn't let it worry him. The fool would reveal his plans sooner or later and he would deal with the treachery the way he always did. 


Starscream had indeed been planning something, but found he could not concentrate. He hadn't been able to do anything lately. All he could do was sit at his desk and think. He'd been there for days, not recharging, not even leaving his room to refuel. All he could do was think about you and fume. No matter what he did he couldn't get your gentle touch and soft-spoken words out of his head. You had done something to him and now he could only think of you. He hated it. It made him feel weak and even used somehow. How dare you do this to him! How dare you fill his processor with your voice, your touch, and your face! How dare you make it so he could think of nothing else! 
Starscream pushed away from his desk and began pacing the room. This was madness! How was he, the great Air Commander for the Decepticons, so deeply effected by the kindness of a lowly Autobot grunt!? He had to figure out how you were doing this and put a stop to it. If he did nothing... if he just let these feelings overtake him, he was certain that he would go mad. There was simply no logical reason for him to be this greatly effected by you after only encountering you once. Starscream stopped pacing and put a hand to his forehead. Now he was starting to think like Shockwave. Ugh. 


It was at that moment that his trinemate Skywarp decided to teleport directly in front of him. Starscream let out a cry of surprise and then one of rage. 


"Skywarp! How many times have I told you not to do that!?" he screeched. 


"I dunno. I wasn't keeping count." The purple seeker snickered in response. "Megatron says we're going on another energy raid. That means you've gotta quit moping and help out." 

Skywarp added that last part in that mocking "tattle-tale child" voice that Starscream hated. The trine leader glared at Skywarp a moment before a barely visible smile formed on his lips. 


"Tell Megatron I'll be there in a moment." he said. 


Skywarp gave him a weird look. It was highly unusual for Starscream to comply with Megatron's orders so readily. 


"You feeling okay, Screamer?" Skywarp asked. 


"My name is Starscream, fool! Not Screamer! Now do as you're told!" Starscream shrieked. 


"Yeah, you're okay." Skywarp muttered and warped away, leaving the Air Commander to his thoughts.

An energy raid! This was perfect! No doubt the Autobots would come to stop them like the pathetic do-gooders they were. You would almost certainly be with them. Starscream was almost giddy thinking about it. But no, no he couldn't let these horrid feelings control him any longer. He had to remain calm and handle the situation rationally. In spite of the threat he'd given you the last time he'd spoken to you, he never planned on meeting you again. But now he was determined to seek you out so that he could carry out his threat. He knew that there was only one way to end these uncontrollable thoughts. You would have to die.