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Lost stars

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[September 14, Year 2005]


It’s another calm and normal day in primary, Jimin used to being out in the school’s park after lunch time was over.


He was currently sitting down on the concrete near the playground, drawing whatever came to mind as the other kids meanwhile played and chased after each other, either laughing or bickering.


Jimin never joined or talked to any of the kids in or out of school, always coming off as timid or shy when they did engage in conversation.

He silently continued to fumble with his drawing, listening to the laughter around him, when something cold and liquidy came in touch with his hand.


He took a glimpse at the mysterious liquid that now started to run down and into his palm, ‘a rain drop?’ He silently questioned to himself.


He then raised his gaze, a sudden audible whistle coming from his teacher, Ms. Hyuna. She signaled for all the students to get inside the school building, the rain only seeming to become heavier and unrelenting.


Jimin hastily collected his journal and pencils, now running past all the students who were pushing and pulling on one another, desperate to get under the warmth safety of the school’s roof.


Once he was inside, he looked down at his journal that was till clutched tightly to his chest, tears prickling into the corner of his eyes as he took in the sight of his now damp journal and drawing. It having been ruined by the rain still pouring outside of the building.


Jimin sniffled, making his hand into a tiny fist and silently engulfing it into the sleeve of his sweater, bringing the tiny fist up to his face and hastily wiping away the tears that managed to stream down his face, fearing that he’ll be made fun for crying, or worse... the last time he tripped, he of course cried, and unfortunately got caught by the other boys who had sent him home with bruises here and there.


Just in case his parents did become suspicious, Jimin always made up different types of excuses before leaving school. Of course he did feel guilty... but anything was better than having to worry his family with his problems.


The small boy made sure his face was dry of any tears before he glimpsed around the hallway, letting out a small breath of relief because, no one had noticed him cry.




Jimin was enthusiastic as the school day was finally over. Now only having to wait for his parents to pick him up. He was currently sitting outside against the school’s wall. Waiting for the familiar sight of his car.


It was normal for his parents to pick him up late seeing as they also had to pick up his younger brother, Jihyun, who was enlisted in a whole different school. The boy never dared to complain seeing as his parents were probably trying their best to pick him as early as possible.


He stood up when he caught eye of his parents’s car pulling up to the school.


He then stared at the car, waiting for someone to come out.


To his growing excitement, he saw his mother step out, the woman smiling at him before making her way towards him, however he was fast enough to meet her halfway.


“Hi darling” she cooed, “Sorry I arrived late my little baby”, she ruffled his hair.


He scrunched his nose, pretending to hate the way his mother treated him, even though he, himself secretly loved it.


“Its okay mommy, I really don’t mind.” He smiled brightly as he then went in for a tight hug.

His mother returned the hug happily with a smile. 


After a while she slowly detached herself from Jimin, gazing at him with a fond expression as she lowered herself until she was at eye level with her son.


“Come here Jimin-ah, you know the procedure, you thought I was gonna forget didn’t you?” she said with a smirk as she ran her hand through his fluffy hair.


Admitting defeat, he whined grumpily, despite him complying and baring his neck, not very fond of the way his mother always had to scent him.


He then felt as his mother brought her face closer to his neck. The woman swiftly nuzzling her nose against it and scenting him thoroughly, enveloping her son in her own scent.


“You know baby its only for your own good... to protect you.” she said against his neck, her voice holding motivation.


After a minute or two she finally seemed satisfied, detaching herself from Jimin’s neck and looking right into his eyes, clearly wanting an answer to her previous statement.


“Yes mommy I know.” he said softly, looking back at her hazel orbs before hanging his head low in submission. The two then making their way to the car, where Jihyun was probably waiting impatiently.




Jimin smiled as he caught sight of a sleeping Jihyun, head against the car’s door, probably having been lulled to sleep with the help of the peaceful tunes that were now merely playing as background music.


Jimin then took a seat beside Jihyun, almost waking the sleeping boy as the car engine came to life, the car slowly pulling out of the driveway and into the busy streets of Busan.


The drive to their home was silent, and for that sole reason, Jimin’s mind traveled to many unnecessary places.


“Mom?” He suddenly called, disrupting the silence after a certain thought came to mind.


Shouldn’t I have my own scent if Mom and Dad have their own?’


“Hm?” She eventually hummed, giving him half her attention as she was still very much driving.

Jimin suddenly looked at his sleeping younger brother.


‘I wonder if Jihyunie has a scent...


“What does my scent smell like?” he asked hesitantly.


His mother chuckled, “Oh baby you don’t have a scent...well, at least not yet” she smiled bitterly.


“Not yet?” He asked intrigued but hesitant all the same, “When will I get a scent?” He then continued questioning.


“That’s when you present darling, either its an Alpha....or an Omega,” she said, voice laced with sadness. “you’ll have your own type of scent...the same as me and your father.”


“Talking about scents,” her tone slightly changed. “as you know Jiminie, im an omega and because of that I have a more sweeter scent, meanwhile well, your father has a more kind of earthy scent seeing as he’s an alpha.” She said, tension nowhere to be found as she recalled the scent of her mate.


Jimin’s mouth formed an ‘o’ as he took in the newfound information.


As he rummaged through his thoughts, another question came to mind, not sure if he has the right to even ask such a question as it can come off as... offensive.


He then hesitantly opened his mouth, mustering  enough courage to ask the unanswered question.


“I- Is it bad to be an o- omega mommy?...” he finally breathed out, remembering all those bad times he was teased and pushed around. Being told by the other boys in school that omegas were weaker than alphas and that he was just like one of them.


Jimin then winced, wide eyed as the car suddenly came to a screeching halt, not just anywhere though, fortunately, they hadn’t stopped in the middle of the busy roads and caused a mishap, instead stopping right in front of their house.


Jimin’s mother got out of the car, walking towards his side and swinging open the backseat door, revealing a rather petrified looking Jimin.


She then kneeled down, face coming into view, utterly surprising Jimin who thought there’d be a frown set on her face, instead...there was a sad expression.


“Are you afraid of presenting as an omega?” She asked as she placed both of her palms on either side of Jimin’s cheeks, soothing the skin.


Jimin nodded slowly and hesitantly, attempting to hang his head low but failing as his mother’s palms were very much still pressed on both sides of his face.

“To be honest, I wont like it either,”


Jimin visibly tensed, thinking the worst. Would she be disappointed? 


“But not for the reasons you think, no no no, in fact... I wont like it because I would be scared for you, for what might happen to my baby if he were to be left alone... without even his mother by his side,” tears started to glisten in her eyes. “but for the sake our family,” she wiped at the tears that did manage to run down her cheeks, a new sense of determination in her voice. “we have to think positively, because there is so much more to being an omega than what you think, omegas can be strong too.” She smiled as she caressed his right cheek, the same right cheek which was now damp with Jimin’s own tears as well. He hadn’t even noticed.


“If you present as an alpha or even an omega, me and your father will always love you for the kind, sweet and caring son you are.” She said softly.

“I love you Jimin...” she said as she pressed her forehead against his.


With that Jimin’s mother ruffled his hair and stood up as she made her way to carry the sleeping Jihyun back inside their home.


Before going inside, Jimin looked off into the distance, utterly relaxed, feeling as though a heavy weight was lifted off his shoulders. The moment of relaxation was broken when his gaze set on a moving truck, not having noticed said truck right across the street.


He averted his gaze, picking up his backpack on his way, not wanting to be any more nosy.






He swung the door open, about to run off into the kitchen when he was suddenly met with a bone crushing hug.


“Boo!” a voice said. He knew right away who the voice belonged to, seeing as he was used to the hugs he normally got when coming from school. “Appa!” He smiled, eyes turning into little crescents as he giggled, fighting to break free.


His father feigned to fight back, not actually wanting to hurt the small child.


After a while he eventually let go of the giggling boy, leaving Jimin to let his giggles die down.


He loved this... being with his family made him so happy, he wanted for it to stay this way. For as long as possible ...


☽ ☾


[September 15, Year 2005]


He was now back in school, working on the assignment the teacher had given the class before she left, having gotten a call from the school’s main office.


The work was unfortunately mostly dealing with multiplication and division, so most of the students had lost motivation at first glance, some either exchanging conversations or just doodling on the piece of paper deeming it to be too complicated.


He then looked down at his paper and read the math problem. “Eleven multiplied by twelve? Oh! this is easy” he smiled as he cheered to himself quietly, happy to be able to solve the math problem.


Jimin never had too many problems with math seeing he didn’t have trouble paying attention to the teacher explaining the specific subject, never having to deal with other students distracting him from his work, as most of them refrained from speaking to him, or they just didn’t like him at all. So because of that he always sat down alone in the little round table that could probably even fit two or more students.


The class had always felt safe when the teacher was in class, there was never a person who dared to shove him or criticize him in front of Ms. Hyuna, obviously afraid of getting scolded, but now.. she wasn’t in class...


He raised his gaze when a voice suddenly spoke up from across the class. “Why are you smiling omega boy?” Jimin averted his gaze, smile faltering as it completely disappeared from his face, cursing himself for unconsciously smiling.


The speaking boy walked over to his table, Jimin visibly flinching at the latter’s presence.


“What? did I scare you?” Jimin now noticed how everyones eyes were now on both two boys, watching the scene unfold.


He decided to brush him off, not wanting to come back home with a bruise or two and worry his parents.


“Answer me omega boy” The boy raised his voice, irritated as he shoved angrily at Jimin’s shoulder.


“Im not an omega...” Jimin muttered quietly. 


“What? I didn’t hear you. Speak louder omega.” The boy mocked, the other kids in the class snorted and giggled, somehow amused by the current situation.


Just as the boy was about to shove at him again, as if on cue, Ms.Hyuna walked into the class. Another small figure looming behind her.


“Taemin-ssi” she addressed the boy with a glare.


“Yes m- ma’m?” the boy named Taemin stuttered.


“What are you doing by Mr.Park’s table?” She asked sternly, still glaring.


“Nothing Ms.Hyuna, I was just about to ask him for some help on the assignment.” Taemin squeaked.


At this, she faced Jimin. Taemin then stepping behind her. “Is that true Jimin-ah?” Her voice and gaze softened as she questioned him.


His gaze traveled to Taemin who was still behind Ms.Hyuna, sending Jimin a death glare, clearly trying to pry him into not snitching.


Jimin, unfortunately knows he’ll get hurt if he does decide to snitch on Taemin. So with all his might he tries to act as nonchalant as possible as he finally musters enough courage to speak up.


“Y-Yes Ms.Hyuna its true” He said with the brightest smile he could muster.


She sighed, clearly not convinced, “Okay, please do tell if he picks on you Jimin-ssi” she smiled gently.

“Yes, Ms.Hyuna” he averted his gaze, feeling as if just one look into her gentle eyes will make him spill everything.


She turned around now addressing the class, “Listen up everyone, we have a new student accompanying us today,” she was now slowly making her way towards the front of the class “,and I want for all of you to make him feel welcomed” she announced enthusiastically as she now reached the front of the class.


“Would you like to introduce yourself?” She was addressing the boy who was still planted on the same spot by the entrance, silently watching the whole situation unfold. Jimin absolutely forgot of said boy’s presence. He was so quiet... he thought to himself.

Jimin felt more than embarrassed because, ‘He watched all of that happen?... Wait... what if he also thinks of me as weak...’
Jimin thought sadly, as he looked at the new student only to find him already staring back. Jimin immediately noticed how big and doe his eyes were but before he could even analyze him further, the boy was already making his way to the front of the class, averting his gaze from Jimin. 


The boy who was now right in front of the class executed a deep bow before saying —with a slightly young yet somehow intimidating voice— “Hello, I am Jeon Jeongguk, its nice to meet you all.”


“Class, say hi back” she now addressed the whole class. After a moment of just pure silence everyone finally greeted back.


“Okay Jeongguk-ssi you can take a seat at any available table while I go and get you your assignment and your locker ready.”


He nodded silently as he looked around the class, clearly searching for a seat.


Jimin shut his eyes, ‘he looks scary’, he thought to himself as he held his breath.


When he slightly opened his eyes he saw Jeongguk making his way towards him. ‘No please no, hm... he might just be heading for the table behind me, right?, there is literally six other tables he can go to. Wait... why am I even freaking out? It’s not like he’d want to sit with me anyways...’, he thought bitterly with a pout but despite him trying to tell himself otherwise Jeongguk was now standing right in front of his table.


“Does anyone sit here?” He pointed to the seat next to Jimin. Jimin shook his head slowly, utterly surprised.


Trying to remain calm and refrain himself from panicking Jimin decided to continue on his assignment, but before he could even bring his pencil anywhere near his paper, Jeongguk turned to him and addressed him.


“Why did you do that?” He asked, brows furrowed.


“D- Do what?” Jimin asked utterly confused. ‘What does he mean?’


“Why did you defend him?...” Jeongguk tried to elaborate. Staring at Jimin intently.


Defend him? Wait Taemin?..


“I did not, I was just speaking the truth” Jimin lied.


“I saw him abou-“ And as cliche as it was, Jeongguk was interrupted by the bell that dismissed them from class.


Jimin let out a breath of relief, their teacher coming into class to assure them that it was okay to leave.


At that Jimin hastily stood up and made his way to his locker, nearly tripping in the process as he was now trying to get himself as far away from Jeongguk, not wanting to finish their conversation.

At all.







When he got home, he quickly sat at the dining table, waiting for lunch to be served along with his father and brother, his mother was currently cooking Kimchi Jjigae stew, Jimin’s favorite dish, he smiled, taking in the smell of different mixes of food as he took in the sight of his surroundings.


The boy let his gaze travel to his father who was engrossed in his laptop, currently finishing work from the entertainment company he worked in, then to Jihyun who was happily playing with his toy cars. His smile grew as he hung his head back against the chair, loving the current calm atmosphere his home held.


His relaxing thoughts were cut off by the sound of the doorbell, announcing another’s presence at the door. 


“Ill get it!”, Jihyun yelled from his spot as he stood up and ran towards the main entrance.



4 minutes later...



“Appa! People are asking for you!” Jihyun yelled from the door.


“Tell them ill be right there!” His father shouted back as he stood up from his spot at the dining table, looking irritated for getting interrupted from work.


Jimin deliberated either to follow after his father or just stay seated, but unfortunately, curiosity got the best of him. The boy now making his way to his father’s and brother’s side.


Jimin, couldn’t see who had wanted to speak to his father seeing as they were currently being blocked from sight by most of his father’s figure and were still outside of the door frame.

He could only catch a glimpse of a woman from where he was standing as his father slightly moved to support his body on the door frame, the woman’s doe eyes reminding him of someone familiar, but who?


“Jeon!” His father seemed to address another man, confusion yet happiness evident in his father’s voice as he pulled the other man in for a hug. At the sudden pull, the stranger chuckled, returning the hug and smiling happily at Jimin’s father.


Jimin’s eyes widened slightly, ‘Jeon?’ Jimin thought to himself as he suddenly remembered Jeongguk introducing himself in school...


Hello, I am Jeon Jeongguk, its nice to meet you all’ Jeongguk’s voice rang in his ears.


“Wait so you already moved in?” Jimin’s father asked a surprised look on his face.


Moved in?’ Jimin suddenly remembered the move in truck across the street.


‘It has to be a coincidence right?.., its gotta be right? Maybe he’s not even Jeongguk’s father, Yes that has to be it...maybe he’s his uncle or a...relative?’ Jimin screamed internally confused by the on going situation.


“My mate and I” he squeezed the woman’s waist gently. “We both compromised and agreed on the sole fact that our old home wasnt a safe environment for our son to grow up in anymore, so we decided that we had to relocate to a more serene area.., so when I found out about the house that is now our current home was for sale I was ecstatic, even more when I had found out you lived right across, old partner”, He winked playfully at Jimin’s father.


“So after getting some paper work done and things settled with the company, we decided to move in right away as this seemed to be the perfect area for our son to spend his childhood in”.


There seemed to be another kid as the man had gazed down to smile at another figure who Jimin assumed to be the man’s son and ‘definitely not Jeongguk’, but unfortunately Jimin’s father was still protecting the identity of the other family, so the man’s son remained unseen to Jimin’s eyes.


“ said you were moving around our area, but why wasn’t it safe anymore around your perimeter?” Jimin’s father asked, now curious.


“Well”, the other man spoke up, seriousness taking over both his voice and features, “We got robbed of most our valuable items that were stashed in our old home, and,”


“That day just couldn’t be repeated so that’s the reason why we relocated right away.” He said as he kept glancing down at his son.


Jimin felt bad, imagining how scarred this family must feel, imagining how it must’ve felt not being able feel safe in your own home, feeling as if the events could repeat themselves all over again.


Jimin then started to feel agitated, not being able to see who the other boy standing behind the door frame was took a toll on his brain.


So when he basically stumbled into the the little bubble the group of people had made around themselves. He finally caught sight of who was standing with the Jeons all along, jaw dropping as he was met with the familiar set of big brown doe eyes that also seemed to grow wider by the second.


Jeon Jeongguk..


I shouldn’t have jinxed it...