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Yellow Flicker Beat

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"You killed them without mercy, they were your family"- what once were beautiful blue eyes were now an intense red, exorbitant and confusing.

"YOU KNOW IT´S NOT LIKE THAT" -His voice was like a roar in the night, strong and cold - "They did not let me another choose Chloe, you must also understand me" - He tried to approach but the queen bee fled his contact.

"They were your family, they accepted you as a one"- she speak softly, refusing to look away from them.

"You are my only family."-he try to approach gently- "We are all what we need, only you and me, don´t you see? This is the best scenario" - He extended his hand to her and gently touched her hair- "You 're all I need."

"Don´t you dare to speak as if their corpses were not five meters away from you ..." -She withdrew forcefully the hand that caressed her- "Ladybug trusted in you".

"That was her mistake, not mine" - his voice was serious and his eyes showed his urgency.

"I trusted you, Luka" - She was studying the ground, it was hostile and unknown.

"Keep doing it, it's only you and me, nobody else is necessary" - She watched him and decided to move towards Adrien's inert body.

"He doesn´t deserve your compassion" - Luka blocked the way, squeezing his weapon.

"This man, whom you destroyed, loved you like a brother and you know it, you know exactly how much he loved you and how he cared for you." -Viperon frowned and his gaze grew heavier, his eyes lingering on the queen's exposed neck.

"Do not overdo Queen bee or I will not save you" -she recoiled, fear was visible in her whole being, but also her determination.

"Let me ask you something, I need to know" - Chloe took a cautious step towards him and while Luka felt more in control of the situation.

"What you need" - he replied, watching her carefully.

"I need to know, you were Viperon for five years, you fought with me, along with the whole team, we went to the wedding of Alya and Nino", she spoke in a disorderly way with every sudden movement of his hands. her hair was a mess. It had not been an easy battle. "Why"- She paused- why did you have to do this?"

"You ask difficult questions, we do not have time"

"What did you win with all this Luka?