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part and parcel

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The day started later than when Ignis normally did, the faint sound of birds chirping outside, the sun must've risen, meaning it’s late , but he had strict orders from the King to come in later, they had a full day ahead of all of them ending with a function that would run well into the night, and he should get his rest before it when he can. Ignis would have argued, but Noctis was not having it and he had an ally in his Shield, who received his own orders to ensure that Ignis slept in.  

And the Shield saw his order through. 

Ignis rose gently from his deep, undisturbed sleep, refreshed, under the comforting weight of a large muscled arm thrown across his middle from behind him. A smile crept up Ignis’s face as he laid his arm over Gladio’s, running his thumb against the band of metal around Gladio's ring finger, pulling himself tighter against his back, warm and content under their sheets, his smile growing wider at the sensation of something hard pressing against his rear.

Ignis rolled over on his side, bringing himself to face his husband. He trailed his fingers over his face, running them over the deep groove of the scar on his forehead, down to the brow relaxed in sleep, to his stubbled jaw, before travelling to the scar across his chest, to his abs and eventually landing at his husband's cock, trailing his fingers along its impressive length and gently squeezing it in hand purely to admire its girth. 

Gladio remained asleep, his breathing steady, even after Ignis pressed a kiss to the corner of his mouth, maintaining the ruse through to Ignis's light palming against his erection. 

It's a game they've played before, back when they were younger and naive to the future ahead of them, when they still had mornings to wile away. 

Back then Ignis would have easily spotted the smirk that Gladio would have inadvertently revealed. An unfair upper hand now, but Ignis was trained in turning the tides of battle. Ignis leaned over him, laving kisses down Gladio's abs and pausing just over his cock. He lightly ran his hand over his husband's half-hard erection. He gripped the cock in hand, licking his lips at its heat and heft, and he slowly pumped it, lightly twisting at the wrist at the top. 

Still no sound. A wet kiss on the base garnered no reaction, and several more pressed against its underside fished out a small exhale. Ignis smirked, the cock brought to full hardness, and he finally wrapped his lips around its girth, swirling his tongue around the salty head, before sliding the cock out of his mouth and lightly running the tip of his tongue up the slit.

He brought it back to his mouth again, and finally Gladio groaned, no longer able to keep up his deceit.

"G'mornin' to you too,” muttered Gladio as he pushed himself up on his elbows, his sleep-laden voice tinged with arousal, “Sleep well?”

“Thanks to you,” said Ignis, before he ran his tongue up the underside of the cock in his hand. 

“This my reward then?” asked Gladio, a hitch in his voice sending pleasure right into Ignis's dick,

“Part of it,” 

“Come up here,” said Gladio, “I gotta give you your reward.”

After planting one soft kiss on the head of Gladio's cock, Ignis crawled up the bed, pressing himself chest to chest on top of Gladio, who held him tight by the waist and nosed down his neck. 

“What do I need a reward for?” asked Ignis,

“For actually sleepin’ when you were meant to,”

“It would've been difficult not to after last night, again, thanks to you ,”

“I had an order didn’t I?” said Gladio, a grin on his lips pressed against Ignis neck. 

He took Ignis’s lips again, their kisses tender and gentle, and growing more heated when Ignis’s tongue sought entrance in Gladio’s mouth and Gladio gladly welcomed it, his hands setting fire to Ignis's bare skin where he ran over it, down his muscled back and firm rear, and Ignis could barely contain a moan when the pad of one of Gladio's large calloused fingers paused to run against his hole, still tender and used from the night before. 

He broke apart from Gladio. 

“We have time,” said Ignis to a question Gladio needn’t even ask, 

Gladio pressed his lips on Ignis’s forehead in response, and there was a smile there too, before Ignis heard a clattering to their side and a slide of the bedside drawer closing. For a moment he wondered who between them even had the mind to put their lube away after last night, but Gladio's fingers in his chin had pulled him back to his mouth to resume their kiss, and Ignis spread his legs wider and raised his rear for Gladio's taking. 

The sensation of cool lubed fingers pressing against his entrance sent shivers up Ignis’s spine, making him grip the pillow tight on either side of Gladio's head, and he groaned as Gladio's hooked his fingers around the rim, slowly, letting Ignis relish in how stretched his ass still was, and how it opened to take Gladio's thick fingers in with little resistance. 

Maintaining the seal of his lips against Gladio soon became a struggle as Gladio curled his fingers inside him, the ease with which he found Ignis's prostate sending a surge of affection within him, that Gladio has had every bit of him memorised from the last freckle he would nip in the inside of his thighs down to every pleasure point within him. The pads of his fingers gently patted against his prostate, the pressure teasing and tantalising until Gladio drew his fingers back and pushed three in, Ignis moaning against Gladio's collarbone as they spread against his walls.

Gladio stroked the stop of Ignis's head as he continued working Ignis's ass, more of a luxury they could afford this morning than a necessity, as there wasn't much need to stretch out Ignis too well considering Gladio was so thorough in ensuring that Ignis's hole was perfectly prepped to fit his cock the night before. 

With a high whine, Ignis pushed his chest against Gladio's, arching his back as Gladio curled his fingers inside him again and brushing more deliberately against his prostate. Trapped between their bodies, their cocks ground against each other and it spurred Ignis even more to feel the length and girth pressing against his belly to be inside him instead. 

"How do you want me?" asked Gladio, 

Ignis pushed himself up in his arms as he rocked back against Gladio's fingers, "I want to ride you."

Gladio swiped a tongue against the bottom of his lip. 

"Hey, it's your reward."

Taking his fingers out of Ignis's ass, he cupped both cheeks of his rear in his hands and joined his lips with Ignis's again in another tender kiss. They broke apart, and Ignis took this time to sit up, whilst Gladio settled back in their plush pillows. 

Ignis moved forward to straddle his husband, smiling as he seated himself just in front of his cock, taking his own cock in hand. 

But then Gladio's rough hands gripped his chest, Ignis moaning at the pressure of his thumbs rubbing against his nipples, before the warm wetness of a tongue replaced them, swirling circles of spit around each nub, and calloused palms found their way down his sides, leaving a trail of heat in their wake before settling at Ignis’s hips. 

"Gods Gladio," gasped Ignis, his fingers now tangled in the back of Gladio's hair, whimpering as each nipple was pinched between hard teeth, and then met with the rough texture of the other man's stubbled cheek, "Gladio let me ride your cock in peace you beast lie back down—" 

"Alright, alright, just havin' my fun," laughed Gladio, the deep rumble against Ignis's chest almost as arousing as the assault on his nipples, "You know how much I love how sensitive your nipples are." 

"Let me get on with it love," whined Ignis, rocking against the cock behind him, moaning between closed lips and his cock tightening at the feeling of the length and girth rubbing between his cheeks. 

Another chuckle broke out from Gladio, followed by the sound of a bottle being uncapped and capped, and there was a trickle of something cold down Gladio's cock against his rear, the back of Gladio's fingers in a closed fist brushing against Ignis’s rear as he coated his cock with lube. 

The room was silent save for their shallow breaths and the slide of Gladio's lubed hand against his cock. 

"I can feel you stare darling," said Ignis after a moment.

"You're real beautiful Iggy," said Gladio simply, his hands back on Ignis's hips, one of them dry, and Ignis should tell him off for wiping lube on the sheets later, "You know that, yeah?" 

"As if you'd let me forget," said Ignis, prompting more soft laughter from Gladio, the warm puff of breath against the scar the bloomed around his eye making his chest flutter as Gladio pressed a kiss against his eyelid, and Ignis took this as his cue to press a hand down his chest to get him to lie back in bed. 

Taking Gladio's cock between slender fingers, Ignis raised himself on his knees, and lined up its head with his hole, lightly pressing down on the head, smiling to himself at the groan it elicited from the man between his legs. 

"Really makin' the most of that extra hour aren't you, baby?" asked Gladio, the smirk apparent in his voice. 

"Well yes, considering Noct was so gracious to grant us this time."

Finally deciding to take mercy on the man below him, Ignis pressed his hands on Gladio's abs, and then began to press down his cock, biting on his bottom lip as the tip penetrated his hole, and releasing a shallow gasp when the head. finally caught on his rim. It took some effort to take in the first inch of Gladio's girth, Gladio's assurances, That's it beautiful you feel so good— and the circles he rubbed into his hip bones urging him on, until he sank down the rest of Gladio's length with practiced ease, a strangled moan caught in his throat, Gods Gladio I feel so full— the stretch against his rim and the way his ass perfectly accommodated to his husband's thick cock washing him over with a surge of want and affection. 

The grip squeezing his hips and Gladio's balls against his cheeks sent a jolt of electricity inside him, and Ignis paused, swallowing as he let his hole tighten and relax around Gladio's cock, listening out for Gladio's soft groans as he did so. Slowly, he rolled hips in small movements, Gladio groaning with each one, until he raised himself off Gladio's hips, relishing the exquisite drag against his rim with a rich moan, before bringing himself back down again with a pleasured sigh, his back arching as Gladio's cock brushed against his prostate. 

He continued his motions, teasing at first, pulling Gladio out until only his cock head was in his rim, before sinking down in one motion, both his and Gladio's moans in unison loud and filled with pleasure, before gradually setting a relaxed and languorous rhythm, rocking back and forth and luxuriating in his husband's large cock, with soft mutters of yes, yes, yes. 

"Your ass feels so good Iggy," groaned Gladio, bucking his hips up in time with Ignis, "How's my cock feel?" 

"So big—" Ignis gasped as he rode his cock, "Feels amazing— Ngh!" 

A yelp was wrenched from Ignis as Gladio bucked upward hard, colliding head on with that delicious bundle of nerves within Ignis that never failed to cloud his mind in a haze of pleasure. 

"Keep doing that—" Ignis leaned forward, his hands on Gladio's chest as he thrust himself backwards, "Right there—" 

"Hang on for sec," their sheets rustled and Ignis whimpered as the hard cock inside him shifted, Gladio's chest shifting under his hands and heat emanating from his large body into Ignis's skin as he brought himself to sit upright, rough hands on Ignis’s hips smoothing themselves downward to his rear, before pulling Ignis's legs out from their kneeling position to wrap around Gladio's waist, his weight in Gladio's lap. 

Plump lips kissed down his neck, and then teeth grazed across the juncture of his shoulder, before Gladio started an even rhythm of thrusts to match Ignis's pace. 

"You looked so gorgeous from down there I really wanted to kiss ya."

His hands travelled back to cup at his ass cheeks, pulling Ignis’s rear up and letting it drop back down to Gladio's cock, adding to the depth and force of each of Gladio's thrusts. 

"Yes— Gladio yes—" Ignis keened, as Gladio thrust against his prostate with a strong jerk, biting and sucking at his neck, the sting a promise of the visible marks it'll leave on his pale skin, "Yes love—" 

They continued on like this, thrusting and rocking into each other, grunting and moaning against each other's skin, Gladio kneading and groping at the soft globes of Ignis's ass, Ignis thrusting his leaking dick against Gladio's abs, before pulling the other man into a wet kiss, his arms around Gladio's neck like a vice, savouring the slide of his tongue against Gladio's, until Gladio thrust up hard against his prostate again, enough to jolt Ignis out of his mouth with a broken moan. 

"I'm close Gladio," moaned Ignis, weakly grabbing onto his own dick and jerking it to the time of Gladio's thrusts. 

As an answer to his beloved's request, Gladio's thrusts grew harder, his pace quickening and Ignis felt the shift of the cock inside him as Gladio angled his hips backwards, and Ignis knew to anticipate the direct drive against his prostate that followed, his mouth hanging open in wordless sobs with each thrust.

Heat pooled in his groin as Gladio hit his prostate with every thrust, and his gravelly voice groaned hot in his ear, That's it baby I've got you— every thrust a spark inside him that lit his skin all over, Come on baby come for me— until finally, the heat shot through his cock, spilling onto a wetness in his hand.

"Gladio—" gasped Ignis,

"You're so good Iggy," Gladio thrusts in him continued but slowed, as he lavished his face with soft kisses, "You did good babe I love you so much—" 

A large hand took Ignis by the wrist, and Gladio pressed his palm against the back of Ignis's hand to wipe his come down over Gladio's bare midsection, and with a chuckle as Ignis rubbed it down into his abs, Gladio grabbed Ignis by the ass and recommenced his thrusts again, this time harder and faster, Ignis gasping and sobbing as he brought his hands to grip against Gladio's broad back, digging and dragging his nails in the firm muscle. 

Eventually Gladio's thrusts grew uneven, jerky and rough, and Ignis squeezed his legs around Gladio's waist tight. Gladio knew what that meant, knew what his husband wanted from him, and even in his heavy arousal, between his erratic thrusts, he could still ask, his voice still filled with his trademark assured smugness, 

"What do you want from me Iggy?" 

"You— I want you—" whined Ignis, his nerves ablaze wherever Gladio touched him, where his hole was wrapped around his cock, where Gladio pounded against inside him, "I want you to fill me Gladio—" 

He dragged one hand to Gladio's throat, feeling out the apple in Gladio's throat that bobbed in a gulp under his fingertips, and with a loud groan bitten into Ignis's neck, Gladio's hips stuttered and his cock throbbed inside him, the only barely perceptible warmth that rapidly flooded within him nonetheless making him shiver and moan ragged and open-mouthed on Gladio's shoulder.

The gentle rocking of Gladio's hips below him stilled for a moment, and Gladio's lips were upon his again in a wet breathy kiss, his tongue caressing Gladio's as he clenched and unclenched his hole on the softening cock inside him, milking every last drop, his mind blank, tranquil and settled. 

Sex had always been a marvel with Gladio, in whatever form it took. 

But from the very first time Gladio plunged into Ignis raw, as teenagers on a hot summer afternoon, Ignis always chased that feeling of being thoroughly filled.

The obscenity of it at first was what gave Ignis the rush, of what it would be like to walk out of Gladio's bedroom, Gladio's spend running down his thighs, what if he ran into his father like that , his imagination rampant as he lay on his back in Gladio's sticky sheets, his legs thrown over his then- boyfriend's broad shoulders, at the time only barely inked. 

The words surfaced in the haze of his lust, did you want to come inside me, and there was that incredulous but wild look on Gladio's handsome and youthful face, one that he would pull every time Ignis asked thereafter, that too Ignis loved and treasured at least in his memories. 

But what he loved most was the feeling of submitting himself completely to the other man, letting him carve a spot inside him, a spot only for Gladio.

He treasured this even more so now, after years of spending makeshift nights with others in the dark, finding anyone who could fill that space, chasing that obscene rush, revelling in the feeling of being used like a slut, when it seemed like he had no other use, with his King and his vision gone and a lover he had driven away, but always ending in an emptiness that could never be fixed, only to meet Gladio again by chance at a hunters' camp, falling together with their bodies entwined on a ragged sheet, the campfire hot against their skin, where once again Gladio filled Ignis to the brim in a way no one else ever could.

It was as if finally there was a part of himself Ignis could willingly give to someone else. 

Today too, he would have to give himself to the rebuilding of the city, and then over to the trials of supporting a King with a newborn government, but this part was set aside for Gladio alone, and nothing else could make Ignis feel more whole than his lover and now husband, marking him inside and out, his come overflowing in Ignis’s ass like there's no room for anything, anyone else. 

There was no more perfect way to start his day. 

They kissed again, languid and unhurried, muttering soft professions of love into each other's skin, Ignis tangling his fingers in Gladio's thick hair as powerful hips below started grinding in him again, his thrusts slow, and Ignis moaned into his lips at the sensation of the soft cock inside him pushing and pulling the fluid out of his hole. 

Their mouths separated with a wet smack of their lips and Gladio gyrated his hips once, his dick still plugging Ignis's hole, like he's keeping it all in. 

"Ready to take the day on now babe?" asked Gladio, a hint of self-satisfaction to his voice that implied that he knew exactly what Ignis was thinking,

How could he not?

"Just about."