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Bakugou Katsuki was pissed off.

No, that was an understatement. He had been fuming in rage and hatred. For the stupid nickelodeon slime knock off that tried to kill him. For stupid fucking Deku who dared to save him. At himself for being so fucking weak that he could not even save himself.

Fuck the world in general.

He was supposed to be the future highest paid person, the most top taxpayer, most famous number one hero all over Japan that even All Might will pale in comparison.

So why the fuck was he saved by quirkless Deku?

AND why the fuck was he too weak to fight back?


Katsuki angrily sat down on a swing in the park near their home as he drowned more and more on self-loathing thoughts and irritation towards Deku and the hatred for the whole goddamn world.

It was a fucking shitty day.

"I wonder why this mister is so angry..."

Katsuki jumped on his seat when he heard an unfamiliar voice of a girl that came directly in front of him. He decided that he would give her a death glare only to find out that it was a brat around 5 or 6 years old, Katsuki did not give a shit.

The death glare he wanted to give turned into shock when he stared at the brat's huge round red eyes which stared back at him with curiosity, sitting on top of her freckles spread across her cheeks like an array of glowing stardust. Her soft ash-blonde curls flow beautifully from her head to her shoulders like it was made of golden silk. She was wearing a green sundress with a black ribbon tied on her waist.

"Hah?!" the angrier ash blond exclaimed.

The startled little girl jumped back and covered her mouth with her cute chubby hands.

Impressed, "Y—you can see me?!"  She answered back, muffled under her hands.

"Of course, I fucking can! I am not damn blind!"

She darted her eyes around then fixed it on Katsuki's very own ruby ones, "No! I mean— usually, no one can!" then she smiled, and Katsuki affirmed that that was the time he got blinded for 3 seconds because of the damn flare from her bright teeth, "So, I asked you earlier, why are you so angry, Mister?"

"I heard you the first time numbskull! What I wanted to know is why the fuck do you care?!"

The little shit's eyes started to tear up, "I just wanted to help... Papa said when someone's angry—-" she bowed down, "I'm so sorry!"

Katsuki panicked for a second then rolled his eyes, "Tsk. Are you damn lost brat?"

She looked up at him and then her eyes were fixed on her feet, "Uhm..." she shook her head and repeatedly kicked the ground, "No. I... misused my quirk again."

"What?!" Katsuki was just about ten seconds away from being done. He could not handle another quirk related bullshit. Yes, they live in a world of quirks, but there's got to be a damn break from these things, especially when he almost died from the damn Sludge Villain.

"My soul... travels in a different place whenever I... wanted to run away? I am not sure how it really works. I just discovered it one week ago." the brat tried to explain the best she could, but none of those shit made any fucking sense to Katsuki's brain even if he's the top of his class academically.

So the confused blond was only able to muster a less angry version of his signature, "Hah?"

"I got into a bad fight with my Mama. She called me so many names I can't even remember most of them. But I remembered her calling me a demon spawn. Then I ran to my room and covered myself in bedsheets. Then I misused my quirk. I... I don't know how to go back."

"Are you shitting me?"

"No! As I said, usually, no one sees me!" her head tilted to the side, curious ruby eyes studying the confused ones, "But—but somehow... you...”

"Look brat. I'm this close to being done for this day. If you’re—"

The little girl moved forward and pushed her hands to Katsuki's chest, which made the teenage blond freeze on his seat as the kid's whole damn arm passed right through him.

"See? I'm not lying. Papa told me not to lie."

"Holy fucking shit." his eloquent-self uttered in disbelief, "Are you a goddamn ghost?"

The girl shook her head, "I already told you... my soul travels."

Dumbfounded and just about 120% done, Katsuki stared at her for a few more seconds before breathing out, "Huh.", then he groaned in exasperation, "Well shit. Not much I can do about it. I had a shitty day too." he stood up, left the chains of the swing rattling, and walked away, "You're on your own."

The little shit panicked and called him, "Wait! You have to help me!"

"I don't care about a stupid ghost! Fuck! Go away!" he shouted back.

"I already told you, I am not a ghost!" she whined.

Katsuki chose to tune out the rest of the "Mister" and "Please wait!" the girl chanted over and over, but she was so fucking persistent like some shitty quirkless broccoli head he knows (‘that just saved your life earlier' a tiny voice whispered). Katsuki started to wonder why people won't leave him the fuck alone when he clearly and loudly screamed that he wanted everyone to kindly, fuck off.

Already at the end of his remaining wits, Katsuki snapped back, "Listen here blondie. There's no fucking way a soul can travel and be alive okay?! You must be fucking dead and in denial or some stupid shit like that. I don't even know how I can see you! I must be going crazy after that sludge bastard tried to possess me." He stopped and realized, "Wait. Is this some horror bullshit? Am I dead too? Fuck!"

"Mister… I am not dead. I'm not a ghost! It's my quirk!"

Katsuki scrunched his eyes in irritation and then sighed, "Whatever. Don't follow me around or I'll call a damn monk or a priest to send you to the other side." He stared at her for a moment, "Rest in peace, I guess?"

The girl giggled. Fucking giggled. A very familiar giggle he used to hear when they were kids. Katsuki grumbled, wanted to bang his head on a thick concrete for thinking of Deku, again. Why does this little shit remind him of the other bigger shit? Bloody hell.

"Mister. My name is Katsumi, what's yours?"

"Mister! I'm Katsumi! What's—-"

Katsuki stopped and jerked at her direction that almost broke his neck, "Fuck! You're still here?!" he roared.

Unfazed, the girl smiled, "I'm Katsumi! What's your name?"

"None of your business!" then he resumed his angry walk. Stomping his feet like it was the only way he can release his anger. He's an asshole, but not much of an asshole to hit a goddamn brat.

Katsuki halted his angry walk when the girl ran through him and stood in front of him, all smiles and bouncing her feet like she had not just done some paranormal shit that most people would lose their goddamn minds over. Katsuki was not one of those people. He may be a little bit startled, but he just blankly gazed at her like it was the most normal thing that occurred to him this day.

He was so done. So, so done.

"I'll call you... Uhm..." she stopped to think for a while, then smiled, "Lord Explosion! Cause you look like him!"

"HAH?! Who the fuck is that?!"

She beamed, "A very angry pro hero that looks like you! He's so scary everyone hates him!"

"How can everyone hate a pro-hero?" Katsuki asked, with genuine curiosity.

Katsumi shrugged her shoulders, "I dunno. Cause he's always angry?" then she chuckled and pointed her index finger at Katsuki, "Like you!"

A pro-hero that's hated by everyone. Heroes are supposed to be loved by everyone, right? They're supposed to be placed on a damn pedestal and be famous.

"Tsk. Leave me alone." Katsuki said, then walked, relatively calmly.

"So, Lord Explosion—-"

"Bakugou." then he sighed, "At least call me Bakugou. Don't call me a hero that's hated by everyone. That fucking sucks."

Katsumi seemed satisfied and nodded, "Okay! Baku... Bakuga... Baka..." after struggling for a while, she settled to, "Bakuchan!"

"What?! I said Bakuguo! Are you trying to piss me off?!"


Katsuki glared at her, trying to send his message through his eyes, but the brat got immune to his explosive reactions and colorful expletives in less than an hour that they have met, so she was only smiling at him like he's the most amazing person on earth.


He knows another idiot who can't pronounce his name properly around at that age and used to look at him like that.

He suddenly missed that look on a certain green-eyed brat.

But he digressed.

Quickly, immediately, angrily digressed.

The teen blond eventually gave up and groaned, "Fucking whatever."

"Bakuchan, how old are you? I just turned 5! I love Katsudon, and I love planting flowers! I also like drawing, singing, and poetry! I have written one for Papa because he's such a great hero!"

Katsuki continued not to give a fuck.

"It goes like this: Papa's so big and strong he can fly even without wings! Papa's hands are gentle; he hugs me while he sings! Papa's colors remind me of spring—"

Katsuki ran his hand on his face like there's a leech he needed to wipe off and scowled at the little blonde who skips and hops beside him, "Okay, Blondie Stop. Can we please, please call this a day already?" Katsuki does not beg, but if that was what he needed to do to make the annoying little shit stop, oh god he would.

"But... Bakuchan... the poem's not finished." the smile on her face faded and replaced by sad and teary eyes, "You're my first friend so I am just really happy and I can't stop talking."

"We are not friends! Goddamit! You're a freaking ghost!"

"I told you over, and over that, I'm not a ghost!" she pouted, "But you can see me! It means something, right? I wished for a friend ... then I got here!" she wiped her tears and smiled, "My wish came true!"

That's it.

Katsuki's 200% done with this shit. He did not need a damn ghost getting attached to him. He had watched enough horror films to know what's gonna happen next, and he was not willing to die because of some ghost.

He pulled out his phone and typed into Google Search bar: Exorcists Nearby.

He continued to walk while browsing on different fishy websites that may as well be fake. Then when he refreshed the internet browser, he saw the news about what happened earlier, about his mishap. About his failure. His mood turned sourer and shoved his phone back in his pocket. Maybe he can search tomorrow if the damn kid's still following him around.

"So! Papa's colors remind me of spring, so wild, so green! Papa's always smiling, and the world is a better place with him!"

Katsuki rolled his eyes.

"What do you think?"


"What.... oh. Uhm...” Katsumi's voice sounded so broken, "Okay...okay…" then she cried loudly.

Katsuki took a long, exasperated, deep breath before letting panic take over, "Fuck! Don't—- shit." he put his hands on the air and looked at her, "That's not a damn poem just because it fucking rhymes! That's a fucking prose! Your words have no metric structure at all. You have a garbage teacher! I have decent books at home you can read because it seems like you’re gonna stick with me anyway!" then all of a sudden he thought to himself when the fuck did he learn how to criticize a poem and if he really have any books about it, aside from the one he had from school. Maybe he can borrow some from the damn nerd. No fuck that shit, he’s not going to borrow some poetry books from that stupid Deku.

That seemed to calm little Katsumi down, and she brightened up again, "Okay Bakuchan! But did you like my... pro...prooos?"

Katsuki grunted, "It was okay."

The little shit bounced of joy, "Yey! Mama hates my poems all of the time, so it's good that you liked it!"

"And how about your Papa?" Katsuki asked like he gave a shit.

Okay, maybe he did.

A little.

Katsumi looked down and placed her hands on her back, "He's always so busy we rarely meet." then she perked up, "But that's okay! He's the number two hero! I understand!"

Since this little shit was a ghost anyways probably from a distant past or wherever the fuck she came from, and he was done resisting whatever bullshit she was throwing at him, he just went along for the ride.

"And the number one hero?"

"Lord Explosion!"

"You told me everyone hated him. That's goddamn weird."

"Yeah! I can't understand it too." She sticks tongue out, "Papa's better than him."

"Must be a cheater."

"I don't know. I don't like him at all."

"Anyway, why didn't you ask your shitty parents to teach you how to use your quirk?"

"Oh! Uhm... Mama's quirkless and Papa's quirk is like super strength or something."

"What? How is that even possible? You should at least—-" Katsuki his squinted eyes and leaned to her face carefully, "You're a fucking ghost."

The little blond shook her head vigorously and screeched, "Nooooo!"

Katsuki stood up straight and put his arms across his chest, "Then you're adopted!"

Katsumi instantly cried again, "I am?"

Katsuki was not good with kids and was not fucking good at stopping himself from panicking in front of crying brats, "Fuck! I don't know?! Stop fucking crying all the goddamn time!"

However, it's too late. The little girl kept on crying, "But they said I have Papa's freckles and Mama's blonde hair! Is that why Mama hates me and Papa never sees me every day?"

"No! Fuck— ughhhh!"

Katsuki realized that he should probably not tell a kid they are adopted while it was evident that both of her parents abused her. One's neglecting her; one's verbally abusing her.

But then again, he just told someone to kill himself by jumping off the roof in the hopes of having a new quirk just a few hours ago before this shit storm happened, so who was he to tell if he had a better moral compass than her pathetic parents?

Fuck, he was an asshole.

Maybe he deserved to be attacked by that stupid villain, and that was stupid karma or some shit.

"You stupid brat! Are you hurt?! How did you get yourself involved in that villain attack?!" Katsuki heard his old hag screech at him. He failed to realize that he was already home.

He just tuned out everything while his mom shouted hot garbage from her sewer mouth and the little shit beside him who cried like there’s no tomorrow.

Stop. He's not having any more of this shit.

He sprinted towards his room and locked the door behind him. Katsumi just passed through it and continued to cry. Katsuki flopped on his bed and stared at the ceiling.

"Shit! Shut up already!" Katsuki hissed at the girl who stood beside his bed.

Katsumi stopped and sniffled.

Finally. A relief. Katsuki sighed, "I don't know why your parents are shit just...don't cry okay?"

"My Papa—-"

"He is also shit! He should have paid attention to your quirk! He's the number two hero! Fucking hell. Next time you see him, demand some time from him goddamnit."

His parents are not perfect, but he knows the distinction between shitty parents and not. He grew up with both of his parents with him all the time, even though his old hag was pretty annoying, he was spoilt rotten by the old witch and his father. He can't imagine the life of a kid whose parents are abusive.

Probably he does not need to imagine.

There was a crying ghost right beside him who came from that kind of house.


Katsuki rolled to his side, facing the wall, "I'm going to sleep. If you're gonna stick around, shut up and sit wherever.”


He did try to sleep, shut his eyes for around 2 minutes, but for some reason, he was unsettled. Katsuki groaned, he rolled to face her again, only to see her sitting on the floor beside his bed, "How long does your quirk usually last?"

"I dunno. This is the longest. I've been here for..."

"It's gonna be over soon. Probably."

The blond girl murmured, "I am going to miss you Bakuchan. I never came back to the same place whenever I travel."

"Tough shit."

"Mama got angry at me because I saw her kissing an uncle on a couch." she almost whispered, then she panicked, "I didn't mean to see it! I swear! I was getting water from the fridge because I got thirsty! I told her I was sorry for going out of the room without her permission, but it seems like she's really in a bad mood."

Katsuki shot up from his bed, "What?!" then looked at her, she hugged her knees, and her head rested on it, "I think I passed out when I felt something hard in my head because I woke up in bed with a bandage."

Katsuki had no words for what he just heard or continue to hear.

"Then I slept again, but before that, I wished I could have a friend then I woke up in that park and you saw me!" she looked up to him, both ruby eyes were staring at each other, the one with innocent round pair smiled ever so brightly, "I'm so happy that my wish came true! You're my first friend, Bakuchan! I really hope we meet again! Maybe for real!"

"Katsumi... does your Papa know all about this?"

Katsumi shook her head, "No. Mama said if I tell him, she'll tell Papa I'm a bad girl. And she's just really hot-headed when Papa is not around. She's really nice whenever he's at home. So it's okay!"

"But you said he's rarely there."

"Uhm... because he's the number two hero. He has to save the world."

"Whatever." Katsuki stood up and walked to his bookstand, "Want to read real poetry, Blondie?"

Katsumi stood up and excitedly ran to his side, "Really? Yes, I wanna read! I love reading!"


"Yes, Bakuchan?"

"Don't think about your parents while you're here, okay?"

Katsumi nodded.

"I hate to break it to you, but they are really fucked in the head."

Katsumi opened her mouth, ready to protest, but Katsuki already knew what she's going to say and cut right through it, "Yes. Even your Papa."

"Really? But he's a hero..."

"It doesn't matter. He let this happen to you. When was the last time you saw him?"

"Uhm... 3 weeks ago."

Katsuki clenched his fist and gritted his teeth, trying to control the anger that wanted to erupt from him but knows better than to lash out to a 5-year-old kid who caught her mother cheating and got hit on the damn head that made her pass out.

"He's doing a bad job being your father, so, don't talk about them okay?"

Katsumi looked at him, tears threatening to come out but she's stopping it with sheer determination, "Okay. Okay, Bakuchan."

Katsuki smiled— genuinely smiled, "Good girl."

Katsumi smiled brighter than she could and nodded. Katsuki's anger from his previous unsolicited encounters suddenly vanished, and he had the urge to pet the little girl on her fluffy blonde curls.

But he remembered that she's a ghost and decided against it. Getting attached to a ghost was probably not a good idea.

Katsuki sat on the floor and read her poetry about flowers and sunshine. Katsuki almost made himself puke, but he needs to calm Katsumi down.

And he found himself calming down too.

Maybe he should start reading poetry from now on.

Katsuki's eyelids became heavy, and his voice grew quieter. He yawned the moment he had to pause for a stanza.

"Sleepy, Bakuchan?" Katsumi asked.


Katsumi giggled, "Okay! I'll just... sit here and—-"

"I can read you some more."

The little girl smiled at him, "But you're tired. I can read on my own."

"Will you be able to flip the pages, you idiot?"


"Thought so. So I'm gonna read you some fucking poetry about..." he flipped the page to see the 12th poem for the night, "Some goddamn Pomeranian and you're gonna listen."

Katsumi let out a bubbly giggle that could end wars. Katsuki wondered how his shitty parents can miss out on the loveliest sound Katsuki ever heard in his life.

He almost wanted for the little girl to stay a bit longer, but if she was a ghost, she'd probably wander around, or maybe this was some "the ghost will ascend once the final wish came true" trope. Or if it was really quirk related and she would disappear soon and never meet her again, then, he just needed to enjoy their final moments.

After a few more words, Katsuki could not remember, he started to drift off to unconsciousness.

The next thing Katsuki knew, the bubbly blonde girl with bright ruby eyes and stardust freckles was gone. For a moment, Katsuki tried to reason out that probably that was a dream.

That he imagined everything. 

But how could he imagine such an elaborate story of misused quirk, pro-heroes he does not know or probably never existed in his time, shitty parents and an abused child?

And, if it was not real, why did he wake up with his body sore from lying on the hard floor with an opened poetry book on his side?

Speaking of pro-heroes, was that what being a top hero like?

Everyone hated the number one hero.

The number two hero was a shitty father.

What kind of shitshow was that?

Then he started to ponder on what being a top hero was or if being the highest-paid person was even worth it if that turns them into a failure of a human being.

And if it will only end up with one girl badly abused that her soul literally went out of her body just to run away.

Damn poetries and crying little girl that tries to mask the pain with her bubbly giggles and blinding smile.

Damn that girl for reminding him of the same person he used to hurt for years.

Damn it all for making Katsuki think deeper than he should have.

Katsuki sighed.

Katsuki sighed and hoped that somewhere out there, be it on his timeline or his dimension, heck, even on the netherworld, that a little girl named Katsumi was safe.

Katsuki sighed and hoped that anytime now, he would stop thinking about shining green eyes and freckles.

He was just so done with the whole drama.

He crawled to his bed and had not paid attention to whatever time of the day it was.

He just wanted to go back to sleep.

Maybe tomorrow, he'll forget about everything.


-To be continued-



Google Search History:

Exorcists near me

Are ghosts real?

How to summon real ghosts

Nearby temple to summon ghosts

Soul travel quirk

A quirk that separates body and soul

How to be a proper dad

Chapter Text

There were three constant elements in Katsuki’s life that he had to deal with every single day.

One, Deku.

Quirkless Deku who was with him since they even learn how to walk and talk. Useless Deku who followed him around. Pathetic Deku whom he pushed away because he was looking down on Katsuki with disdain. So Katsuki’s irritation turned into resentment. Weak-ass Deku who was his classmate from pre-school to middle school.

Two, his hatred for any sign of stupidity.

It was a regular, everyday occurrence in Katsuki’s life that he was angry at something at some point. Almost everything in this world was stupid and he hated it. Weakness leads to poor decisions… which was stupid. Lying leads to betrayal — ultimate stupidity.

Three, he always wins.

Katsuki could not remember a time when he lost at something. Video games, playground games, heck even the school academic rankings in their school, he would always come first. His name means victory and he was going to live up to it and it was only rational that he won whatever battle was thrown at him. He was expected to win, that was how he was raised, so he would deliver magnificently, without fail.

Now, simultaneously rattle all that together in one event: their first day of class in UA.

No one warned him that he was in for another shit show, no thanks to his unlucky stars — who seem to be conniving with the universe to rain his day with a fuck-ton of hot garbage.

Deku was not quirkless anymore. He had a quirk that enabled him to get into UA. An actual quirk that would obliterate his enemies should he stop breaking his bones first.

Katsuki had been lied to — by Deku.

Katsuki lost — to Deku.

Can he really be blamed for being furious, for being frustrated by the betrayal and for losing to the person who was always behind him? To the person who was just a pebble on the road?

After pathetically crying in front of not-quirkless Deku, he willed himself to go home, but he can’t.

He did not want to.

So he went to the one place where he could find some semblance of peace and quiet — at the playground — before going home where his banshee of a mother waited for him. He could not handle her screeching voice, not now when the world just crumbled under his feet.

He sat on the same swing he sat on every time he wanted to think or sort his head out.

The playground was empty at 4 pm, because these days, children prefer to drown themselves in technologies instead of playing with others, not that Katsuki gave a fuck anyway.

He was thankful that amidst the shit storm of their first day, the playground served as his little patch of sanctuary.

Katsuki had let the soft sway of swing distract him from his buzzing thoughts, let the spring wind soothe his body as it caressed him. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath, tense muscles and aching chest slowly relaxing.

Peace and tranqui—


Katsuki snapped his eyes wide open as he looked at the now familiar little girl excitedly jumping in front of him.

Mouth agape, mind running haywire again, he exclaimed, “Holy shit— Katsumi?!”

The blonde girl beamed and pumped her fist up in the air, “Yes! I finally found you again!”

“Fuck… you’re real?”

Katsumi crosses her arms across her chest and pouted, “We’ve been over this conversation Bakuchan. I’m not a ghost!”

Katsuki rolled his eyes, “You fucking are! You always appear on the playground!”

“No! I just tried my best to go back here! I’ve been going to different places for the past…” pointer finger on lips and eyes looked up, she contemplated in deep thought, “Hmm… since spring… it’s nearly summer now so… many many days?” she smiled as wide as she can, “I wanna see you Bakuchan!”

Katsuki wanted to answer her back -- an insult, a snide remark, simply just to curse or tell her to leave him alone but he found no words forming on his mind.

He was tired.

And he found comfort at the uninvited presence.

Which was strange.

Maybe he was just really tired.

He settled for a sigh, he looked down at his feet and continued to gently rock himself on the swing.

“How are you Bakuchan? Everything okay?” she attempted to reach out to his cheeks, but decided against it, knowing she won’t be able to, “You look sad.”

“None of your business Blondie.”

“But…Papa said that when my friend is sad, I should talk to them.”

Katsuki scoffed, “But your Papa forgot to tell you that fathers should not neglect their children?”, he was only half of an ass when it comes to this little girl, so he kept that one to himself.

“Sooo…” Katsumi tilted her head to the side, “Why are you sad Bakuchan?”

Katsuki decided to humor her since he got nothing better to do anyway, “I’m not sad. I’m—", he’s what?

Angry? Yes.

Frustrated? Yes.

Betrayed? Yes.


“Fuck no.” he blurted out.

Sad? Over stupid Deku?

Fuck him to hell.

Katsumi kept her silence and just looked at him as if she knew that he was not telling her everything and she wanted to know everything.

Katsuki rolled his eyes and took a deep breath. If he was going to humor this girl might as well give her what she wanted.

“I don’t know. What would you feel when—“ Katsuki stopped and gave his next words a thought. How do you explain feelings of betrayal to a 5-year-old brat? How do you explain to a 5-year-old brat that you’re disappointed with yourself? That all of your life you thought you were at the top of the world and all of a sudden, that one insignificant pebble toppled you down like a vengeful avalanche of raging boulders?

That it actually fucking hurts to be immobilized underneath the wreckage.

That you were now one of the things you hate: a pathetic loser.

Why was he even talking to this girl?

What’s up with her?

Why did he felt comfortable just by being with her?

“What would you—“ Katsuki’s ruby eyes fixed on Katsumi’s red ones, he groaned, “—feel if your Papa promised you to give you the one toy you’ve been wanting to have for the past couple of years but he… never did?” He clenched his fist and bowed down. “All this time he never intended to buy it. He lied. He just… said sorry and forced you to accept it.”

Katsumi looked down and softly kicked the sand, “I’d… feel sad. I’d cry all night.” Watery eyes locked at Katsuki’s lost ones, “Did someone lie to you Bakuchan?”

“Pretty much.”

“Did you ask them why?”

“What’s the use? He‘s a traitor.”

A small, chubby and ghastly hand reached up Katsuki’s cheeks, caressed it even though it just went through. It was cold as ice, but the warmth of the gesture had spread like wildfire throughout Katsuki’s being.

“You should ask him Bakuchan. I’d ask Papa why.”

“Why?” he asked before Katsuki could really give himself a valid reason why he was having this conversation with a 5-year-old ghost.

“Because… my Papa is a hero. Heroes don’t lie.”

A hero.

Deku did try to save some random kid from him when they were children. He could not even remember what happened or why they were ganging up on the stupid kid. All he remembered were the crying forest green eyes, scrawny body of quirkless Deku who tried to defend him like he can actually win and do it.

Deku, who tried to defend the random kid because he thought Katsuki won’t be able to fight. Won’t be able to win.

Deku, who rushed towards the sludge villain that tried to kill Katsuki out of spite. He ran, with just his backpack as a weapon and claws that failed to grasp the disgusting slimy sludge villain.

He ran because he thought Katsuki needed help, from him of all people.

Deku who bested him today.

Deku who promised to defeat him.

Deku who betrayed him.

Deku who already had the makings of a hero.

“Bakuchan…” Katsumi called out, voice broken, already in tears, “Please don’t cry. Please don’t cry.”

Katsuki immediately wiped his eyes with his hand, just to see if he was really crying.

He was.

Fucking shit he was crying.


“Bakuchan, don’t worry. I’ll be here. I’m your friend. I won’t lie to you. Don’t be sad.” Then she sniffled, held back her own tears with sheer determination, but can’t.

Katsuki wanted to release his rage by exploding something— anything. But there was a little girl in front of him that was stopping herself from crying but failed miserably and he was just really— really tired.

From everything.

So he stood up and walked. Home or wherever he did not know. He needed to move, to feel his muscles stretching and pulling. He held his hand out on his side, letting little sparks of fire come out while he inserted his other hand on his pocket.

Katsumi followed him. Because, of course, she did.

“Wow, Bakuchan! Is that your quirk? You can make fireworks?” Katsumi excitedly said, she ran through him like a cold breeze and stood in front of him, thrilled and bouncy.

Katsuki rolled his eyes and walked right through her in return, not even going around her like a normal person would when someone’s in front of them.

He was done normalizing the little shit.

Katsumi skipped and hopped beside Katsuki, “Bakuchan! They are so pretty! Wow. Can you shoot fireworks up to the sky?”

“No. I explode shit with my hands Blondie. Not create fireworks.” Katsuki sighed, “Like grenades, get it?”

“Oh! That’s so cool! You have an amazing quirk! Can I see? Can I see?”

Katsuki looked at the giggling girl beside him, now bouncing with her clenched fists in the air across her chest, smile on her face full of excitement and anticipation, eyes shining like the brightest star in the night.

The little shit was too cute for her own goddamn good.

Katsuki grinned at her, “Let’s walk to the beach then. Can’t really use an explosive quirk where some extra can see. It’s illegal to use quirks if you’re not a Pro-Hero.”

“Really?” she tilted her head, “Then will I go to jail?”

“Ghosts can’t go to jail, Blondie.”

Katsumi pouted, “Not a ghost!” then stuck her tongue out. “It’s my quirk!”

“Whatever helps you sleep at night, Ghostie.”

“Oh!” she beamed, “Papa sings me a lullaby when he’s around so it will make me sleep faster! When he’s not around…” she looked down, “Uhm… I just hug the plush toy that looks like Papa so I could sleep.”

Katsuki snorted when the kid did not even understand what he said and he did not want to go into the shitty rabbit hole that would lead him to know Katsumi’s shitty parents more.

But at least her old man was 2% more decent than her asshole of a wife.

“How’s your day Ghostie?” Katsuki asked because he actually gave a shit this time. The little girl was not half bad of a company and he was actually amazed at himself for letting the ghost worm her way to his life that easily, given that they had only met twice.

Maybe he was not an asshole after all.

Or at least not to Katsumi.

Katsumi started to talk about her day, her day the other day, other week and several months ago. It was like an endless stream of thoughts and feelings and stories that had been finally released out of her overloaded little mind. Katsuki was never a good listener to things he did not find particularly interesting, but he did answer with grunts and occasional nods just to let the girl know he was there. Katsumi mentioned that she did not have any friend to confide with so probably the chatterbox kept everything in against her own cheerful and chatty nature.

Deku was like that too. Once he starts talking, he would not stop. Katsuki remembered listening to him become a full-on nerd over All Might when they were kids.


Deku used to be his friend.

His friend lied to him.

Can he still call Deku his friend when the useless little shit kept on looking down on him ever since they were kids?

His once-upon-a-time friend betrayed him. Probably that was the most appropriate explanation. Or something Katsuki could settle himself with to at least have some sort of reason why he cried in front of Deku and in front of Katsumi and felt like his heart was going to explode.

They have reached the beach, now clean and can actually be called a beach because some extra decided to put the trashed appliances neatly somewhere on the side. He could never understand how those appliances got into the beach in the first place or if their stupid neighborhood collectively decided that “yeah, this beach is a great junkyard” and brought their broken things there. Some of the stray scrap of metals may be washed there by the waves, but not a whole damn refrigerator or a broken car.

Katsuki had lead her to the mountain of the neatly organized metal debris and looked at the peak.

“Can you float, Ghostie?”

Katsumi shook her head, “Nope. I tried several times because that’s what the other spirits said… but I can’t.”

Katsuki looked at her in disbelief, “Other spirits?”

“Uhm!” she nodded “Sometimes I meet them along the way!” She whispered, “The others are so scary I had to run away from them before they even see me!”

Katsuki convinced himself to stop overthinking this shit, starting now. There was no point in trying to ask Katsumi how was everything she talked about was possible or if what she was saying about her not being a ghost and just a soul traveler was even true. He refused to think about how could Katsumi talk to him and how Katsuki could see her. Not even the little shit could understand, so he should start taking everything for what it was.

Besides, she did help him calm down from the array of emotions that strangles every fiber of his being that also ripped him apart simultaneously from every direction.

Katsuki sneered – cocky and full of arrogance like he was about to take down a vicious villain, “Then watch me from the ground, Ghostie.” Not waiting for a reply, he blasted himself at the top of the mountain of broken appliances, scrap metals, and a bunch of heavy machinery.

He blew up the mountain of metals. The moment he heard the crashing sound, the resounding explosion and felt the heat on his hand that ran across his arm, he laughed.

He cackled of sheer joy as his explosion cry for him, shout for him, be angry for him.

Explosion after explosion, he dismantled the fury of magma inside him, heating it up, turning it into molten lava to release it out of his system, like a volcano roaring with upsurge.

When he ran out of unwelcome sentiments to detonate, he elegantly landed on the ground like an avenging angel who had ended the villain he promised to annihilate earlier, the debris of heated metal raining on him, glowing bright orange against the dusk.

“Wow… you’re so amazing Bakuchan!” Katsumi exclaimed eyes sparkled like stars then she rushed in front of him, “You are shining! You are the firework!”

The adoration in Katsumi’s eyes, the amusing smile on her lips and the excitement on her voice was enough for Katsuki to fully let go of his tumultuous rage over something Deku did.

Katsumi was right. He was a firework.

So, he would just have to outshine Deku right?

“Of course I am. I’m always amazing. I was always reminded—“ he stopped and looked at Katsumi. Something squeezed his chest that released all the air it kept like balloon squashed by an unforgiving hand.

Deku used to look at him like that.

Deku always reminded him of how amazing he was.

Katsuki used to be so proud of himself when Deku does.

“Bakuchan! You really--“ Katsumi’s words got lost in the spring breeze, along with her soul.

Katsuki was frozen on the spot, “Katsumi?” his eyes searched for the girl who just stood in front of him seconds ago before the wind took her away, “Don’t play tricks on me you stupid ghost. Where the hell are you?”

Katsumi did not respond, nor appeared before him again.

His chest had tightened, heart raced and mind cluttered once more for a different reason.

For a different person.

There were three constant elements in Katsuki’s life that he had to deal with every single day.

Now, four.

One, Deku.

Deku who had a quirk that allowed him to defeat Katsuki. Deku who wanted to surpass him, not just follow him. Deku who punched back when Katsuki pushed him away. Deku who was his classmate from pre-school to high school. Deku who was training to be a hero like Katsuki.

Two, his hatred for any sign of stupidity.

Almost everything in this world was stupid and he hated it. He hated the fact that Katsumi could not control her quirk enough so she can at least warn Katsuki when she would go. It was a stupid quirk that she needed to master so she can find Katsuki faster, be with him longer.

Three, he always wins.

Katsuki refused to allow Deku’s win to be the sign of Katsuki’s incapability to win. He would just have to fight back harder, make his explosions louder so that Deku will never have a chance to defeat him again. He always wins and he’s going to prove it to Deku.

Four, Katsumi.

Katsumi who appeared every time he had an insufferable day. A day when no one could understand him or dare to, not even himself. Katsumi who told him that she was his friend. Katsuki does not consider anyone his friend, except Deku -- maybe, but that was a long time ago. Katsumi was there for him when no one else was, she was there even if he would never ask help from anyone. Her persistence and innocence allowed Katsuki to breathe from all the suffocating thoughts that drowned him without remorse.

“Fuck.” He muttered under his breath as he forced himself to walk home. “You better come back you stupid ghost or I’ll kill you.”

-To be continued-

Chapter Text

It was a nice Tuesday mid-summer morning in Katsuki’s spectacularly miserable life.

There was the USJ incident almost three months ago, which allowed him to see Deku’s quirk on another light – feel the pressure on the air when the nerd uses it was similar to that of All Might’s. He wondered if the nerd had a strengthening quirk like him, but decided not to dwell on it too much.

Again, he’d just outshine Deku, whatever late-blooming quirk he had, just like he promised on the beach when he was with Katsumi.

Soon after, an opportunity arose for him to show off how he was the indisputable number one student of UA came in the form of sports festival.

However, it had only left Katsuki stranded in the middle of the sea of agonizing thoughts, slapping his battered body with devastating relentless waves of self-doubt, anguish, self-hatred and utter disappointment. 

Might as well call it a failed freak-show and he was hailed the number one freak among them all.

It was a devastating loss.

He gave everything he could, but some fucking how, when he fought that gravity chick, people started to think he was a villain. What was he supposed to do anyway? Uraraka was damn powerful, one touch from her and it was game over for him, and they expected him to back down? No fucking way. He needed to win and that was not gonna stop him from using his quirk on full blast. 

Then his mind drifted to the match between half and half and Deku.


Deku who broke fingers after fingers during the match and still end up losing to IcyHot. Deku who was clearly not in control of his quirk but goddamnit that was a powerful quirk that he still could not believe to have manifested from the damn nerd.

What happened to Deku’s declaration that he would surpass Katsuki? Was that a joke? Did that pathetic little wimp actually believe that he can run Katsuki over with the lack of his quirk control? That it was all Deku needed to defeat Katsuki?

Not only that, half and half used his full power against that stupid nerd but not against Katsuki.

Katsuki who gave his all but only won first place just because someone was too much a damn wimp to use his fire side – because of daddy issues.

By default, that was a damn loss.

Fucking hell.

Everyone was really looking down on him.

He almost wished Katsumi would appear during the time he was exploding the mountain of metals on the beach again. It really amused him that the debris was re-arranged again neatly after he had blown it apart. Huh, some extra got a lot of unused time in their hands.

“Good morning Kacchan.” Deku whispered as he passed by him to get to his seat. The useless nerd never failed to greet him every day since they started in UA.

And Katsuki never failed to ignore him every single time.

Not that Deku really have expected him to respond, the damn nerd never asked him to. 

Katsuki heard the soft rustle of Deku’s chair moving, the sound of his pencil case and notebook being arranged to get himself ready for the day. He heard Deku hum a tune of some garbage pop song Katsuki forgot the title of, but regrettably was familiar with it too. Deku giggled at something, probably something from the internet because the nerd also browsed his phone every morning if his nerd friends were not there to crowd on him yet. 

Katsuki never failed to notice Deku’s morning routine either, not that he was intentionally paying attention, it was just – Deku was sitting behind him and he was literally classmates with Katsuki since forever so it was not hard to take note of these things — even if he does not want to.

Deku continued to have bouts of chuckle and occasional gibberish muttering. Katsuki laid his head on his folded arm and allowed himself to get lost at the sound of Deku’s soft voice that seemed to tune out everything else in Katsuki’s head.

He closed his eyes and focused on Deku’s laughter, soon enough his yammering chest had finally decided to calm the fuck down, tense muscles started to relax, breathing evened out and his mind were clear as a sky on a pleasant mid-summer Tuesday.

As the classroom started to get filled in by a bunch of extras Katsuki did not care about, it got harder and harder to search for Deku’s voice. The idle annoying chatter of his classmates drowned out Deku’s laughter and it was replaced by his useless replies to Pink Cheeks who was now talking to him about shit he was not interested in.

God these extras were intolerable.

“Good morning Bakugou! Already sleepy before the classes even started?” Kirishima greeted him.

The redhead also never failed to bug the hell out of him every morning and Katsuki always responded with, “Leave me the fuck alone, Shitty Hair.” He then moved himself to face the window.

He searched for Deku’s voice again like it was the lighthouse that will guide him to the shore, away from the raging waves of tumultuous emotions that have been drowning him since the whole shitshow named sports festival.

Deku let out a bubbly laugh, unhinged and bolstering. It was probably something Pink Cheeks said, Katsuki did not give a shit.

Katsuki took a deep breath and let himself get lost to that laughter again – to relax, to shut down his buzzing mind.

“So Bakugou, wanna go with us to the arcade later?” Dunce Face asked loudly, replacing Deku’s voice inside his head.

Katsuki slammed his hand on the table, the small explosion left a burnt mark on the precious wood. He sent a death glare to the blonde smiling at him with Dunce Face’s arm slinging on Shitty Hair’s shoulder.

“Stop bothering me! Can’t you fucking see that I don’t want to talk to any of you?!” he shouted, at the top of his lungs, if he could only blow them away with the sheer loudness of his voice, if he could only strangle the two idiots with their guts and skin them alive he fucking would.

“Come on Bakugou! We just wanted to have fun after school!” Shitty Hair beamed at him.

When Katsuki was about to give both of them a piece of his mind, Aizawa-sensei entered the classroom and everyone started to scramble back to their seats.

Katsuki shot a glare to Shitty Hair, which was met with a wide smile. These idiots should be thankful for having their ass saved, Aizawa-sensei’s entrance had stopped an inevitable one-sided fight between them.

The lesson dragged on and on until Katsuki’s brain was turned into mush from all the information he had to retain. Katsuki was not stupid, he had a brain to compete with the obvious geniuses of the class — Four Eyes and Ponytail. He was a diligent student, he took notes with mastery and precision but taking into account all that had happened to him these past couple of weeks ever since he started this stupid hero course – he was just really trying to stay afloat.

Aizawa-sensei’s voice was not particularly pleasant to listen to, in fact, it was so boring it either can lull you to sleep or make you want to fight it with anything but listening to it – like Dunce Face over there who was already drooling and fast asleep, Racoon Eyes who was just doing whatever she wanted on her damn phone and Soy Sauce Face, doodling something on his notebook — probably something equally stupid like his face.

Katsuki yawned, eyes shut closed as he felt the stretch of his mouth and jaw.

When he opened his eyes, the first thing he saw was Katsumi, she laid curled on her side and appeared to be peacefully asleep on his desk.

“What the actual fuck?!” he exclaimed, eyes shot wide open, he stood up briskly, knocking off his chair to Deku’s desk, pen on his hand dropped on the floor along with his notebook.

“Yes Bakugou, what the actual hell?” Aizawa-sensei groaned from the front of their classroom.

“Kacchan…?” he heard Deku at his back, who probably reflexively stood up from the sudden impact.

Katsuki knew that there were 20 pairs of eyes on him now, but he did not take his eyes off Katsumi. He was torn between yelling at her or letting her be. He could not understand what was going on and what was he supposed to do.

Aizawa-sensei approached Katsuki, book in hand and worried look on his eyes, “What’s going on?”

Katsuki gulped. How do you explain, this— this stupid ghost who was sleeping on his desk that nobody else could see except him!

He looked back at Deku, who was just staring at him as if he was waiting too for some sort of a decent explanation, his eyebrows knitted and his head tilted on the side. He moved aside to let him see the sleeping ghost on his desk, maybe Deku could. Maybe he could drag Deku into this mess so he would not be alone in the embarrassment he had gotten himself into.

“Can’t you see?” he whispered to Deku and he did not know why his voice was shaking.

“See what Kacchan?” he whispered back.

“Fuck.” He muttered under his breath and sat down. “I’m… okay, sensei. Leave me alone.”

“What can you see that we can’t Bakugou?” Aizawa-sensei pressed on. “Are you hit by a quirk?”

“No, I’m—“he looked down, his heart pounding and his palms sweatier than it usually was. “I’m okay. I’m just imagining things.” He looked outside the window, “Leave me alone.” he insisted once more.

He dared not to look at anyone and just waited for the classes to resume. After some time, he looked at his desk only to find that Katsumi was still there.

He violently ran his hand across his face and pinched the bridge of his nose. What kind of bullshit was he on now? Can’t he at least have a damn break? It only kept on coming since the sports festival. No, since the Deku manifested a quirk. Wait, even way back, since the fucking sludge villain incident.

And yes, he did want to see Katsumi again, but not like this.

Can’t he have at least a pint-size amount of normalcy in his life, just – just this fucking once?

Yeah, because talking to a fucking ghost was normal to him now.

What the fuck was his life?

He picked up his pen and notebook from the ground and tried to get his attention back to the boring lecture but he can’t.

How can he when there was a sleeping kid on top of his desk?

He groaned and frustratingly ran his hand across his face yet again.

“Ghostie.” he murmured to himself, hoping no one could hear him. “Oi, Blondie.”

The little blonde girl had not responded. He mindlessly poked her cheek with his pen, but it just went through, “Katsumi.” He murmured again. Annoyed, “Wake up, you stupid ghost.” he hissed, although he kept it soft.

“Who’s Katsumi?” his seat-mate whispered. He looked at Jirou, whom he had forgotten that had a hearing ability of a fucking dolphin. His eyes wandered to his other nosy classmates, Shitty Hair had one of his eyebrows up, Soy Sauce Face was burning holes on his sides and Deku who was biting his lip, his hands fidgeting across his table.

“None of your damn business.” He shushed and rolled his eyes.

Not a second had passed, Katsumi vigorously sat up, eyes eclectic and screeched identical to a witch being burnt at the stake then she faded away.

Katsuki, this time not only knocked his chair on Deku’s desk but he stumbled on the floor, his entire body shaking, goose-bumps covered his hide. His breath was hitched and hurried as if he was running out of oxygen. He heard another chair stumble and the next thing he knew, Deku was on his side.


Shocked red irises met worried green ones, “Deku... Deku... I’m—“

“Midoriya. Take him to the infirmary.” Aizawa-sensei firmly ordered, as if any protest from Katsuki would only lead him to be dragged by the teacher himself with his own wrap scarf.

Deku held out his hand to him, but immediately withdrawn and kept it close to his chest, “Kacchan…l-let’s… uhm, go.”

Katsuki grunted and stood up, not even looking back to Deku whom he knew would follow him without being told to - a natural muscle memory among them that they acquired since they were kids.

He was met with Recovery Girl, who was kind and accommodating. She kept on asking him what was going on, but he kept on insisting that everyone just overreacted — even though his shaking hands told another story. After a solid thirty minutes of avoiding her questions resembling a criminal caught in the act, he was able to convince her to just let him sleep on one of the beds to rest.

“Why are you still here, nerd?” Katsuki questioned the damn nerd as he settled himself under the bedsheet. Deku was the silent nuisance he was with during Recovery Girl’s interrogative conquest until now that all he wanted was to actually sleep.

“I-I’m…” he took a deep breath and looked anywhere but Katsuki’s eyes, “… worried. A—are you sure you’re not hit by a quirk?”

“The only thing that’s gonna be hit right now is your face if you don’t leave at the count of ten.” He threatened then buried himself under the white sheet. “Ten…”

“Kacchan… I-I’m serious! I—“


“Who’s K-Katsumi?”




“Kacchan. Just…" Deku sighed, "Is it a quirk or not?”

Katsuki rolled to his side and sent daggers to Deku through his eyes that were only met with concern.

“Which part of ‘none of your fucking business’ do you not understand?!” he barked.

“You were shaking Kacchan! I never saw you like that before that’s why I’m worried!” Deku, to Katsuki’s surprise, shouted back.

A hot curl of lava formed on Katsuki’s chest, he sat up and grabbed Deku’s shirt, “Deku. I swear to god—“

Deku did not flinch, nor did he hid his face as he used to when they were in middle school, instead Deku glowered back to him, “Kacchan….” Then his eyes softened, now watery for some reason. “Please.”

Katsuki stared at him for a few moments, trying to read Deku’s emotion aside from the genuine worry he had in him. Katsuki pushed him back and plopped back to his bed, “It’s not a quirk. Now, can you get off my fucking case already?”

“Who’s Katsumi then?”

“Oh my fucking god—“ Katsuki pulled his hair and rolled himself inside the sheets like it was a shell that would shield him away from Deku’s prying eyes, “No one okay?! Sound Girl must be hearing bullshit! Leave me the fuck alone!”

But Deku never did.

Instead, Katsuki heard a chair getting dragged to his bedside and a presence that sat in it.

The stubborn little shit.

Pretty much like the other little shit that screamed like she was in so much pain and hurt and Katsuki could not even do anything about it.

The scream that had Katsuki scared for Katsumi’s soul — for her life. From what Katsuki could understand she would “misuse her quirk” whenever she wanted to get the fuck out of her miserable abusive parent’s hold -- should she really not be a damn ghost.

Katsuki had tried to wait for Deku to leave when he treated him with silence, but the damn nerd was unfazed.

“Katsumi’s my friend.” He told the truth, “She had a quirk that makes her invisible.” Then half-truth because he did not even know if Katsumi was a ghost or truly just a kid that can travel to places with her soul, “Let’s leave it at that, shall we? If you tell anyone I’ll kill you, got it?” he said in finality.

“She?” he questioned, “U-uhm… right. F-Friend.” Deku stuttered. “Uhm… okay.”

“Now, will you fuck off?”

Deku sighed, defeated, “Okay… I…uhm.” Katsuki heard him finally stood up. “Ha-have a good rest, Kacchan.” Deku uttered, broken yet softly and thoughtful before retreating to the curtains that divide the spaces between the infirmary beds.

Katsuki promptly drifted off to slumber, finally thanking the heavens that he could have some peace and quiet.

In between the haze and heavy-lidded eyes, he felt something cold on the fortress of bedsheet he covered himself with, now crumpled randomly on his body. He yawned and looked at the blonde curls that rested between his chest and arms. Katsumi’s arms passed through his abdomen. The older blond looked at the time on the wall clock, it was already after lunch.

He yawned again and folded his arms to reach Katsumi’s hair, even if he could not touch her.

“Hey, Ghostie… you awake?” he murmured. He tried to move the stray hair away from her face as if he could.

She had not responded.

“What’s going on now, you little shit? What’s this?”

Still no response.

“Katsumi. Hey.” He sighed, “Are you okay? Did someone hurt you?” genuine worry on his uncharacteristically soft voice can be heard. He tried to keep himself composed, not to burst out of anger and not to think of the worst from the horror he saw earlier in the classroom.

Katsumi slowly opened her eyes, still heavy from the deep sleep.


Katsuki gently smiled, “Hey.”

“What are you… doing here?” she murmured, curiosity on her voice.

“What do you mean what am I doing here?”

Katsumi blinked then knitted her eyebrows, “You’re in my bed?” 

“Huh? No? You’re the one on my bed.”

She closed her eyes, “Really?” then she snuggled closer, half of her face almost lost to Katsuki’s chest, “I’m so tired Bakuchan…” she yawned, “So sleepy…”

“What time is it? Why are you sleepy in the damn afternoon?"

“I dunno… there’s no clock in my room. But I’ve been in my room since… Papa left. Three days ago? Four? I can’t remember. Mama said not to go out, so I didn’t.”

Katsuki was wide awake now but refused to lash out at the blatant abuse, no, torture that Katsumi had gone through. Three days in her room? One is long enough, but three? Even four? Fuck her parents were absolute shit, "Have you eaten anything?”

“I can’t… remember. I’m just…” she yawned again, “Sleeping in my bed. I got nothing else to do…” and again, “It’s so cold Bakuchan… I think Mama forgot to turn the heater on when she had left…”

Katsuki clenched his fist and curled to the ghastly form beside him, frustrated that he could not get her closer to him. Or even turn on the damn heater. Or give her something to fucking eat or drink. Or to get her out of her fucking room.

But why does she need a heater in summer? Wasn’t it summer in her time the last time they met? Katsuki groaned and refused to analyze the timeline on where the ghost lives. She may be trapped in a trance or a time, he could not discern. Or it could be her quirk getting out of control, like what she said.

“Bakuchan… I’m glad you’re here.” She sighed and looked up to him, eyes half-lidded, she pulled a small smile as she reached for his cheek, “Will you tell the monsters to go away?”

“Of course.”

“And the bad spirits too?"

“Yeah.” A pause, then he brushed her hair, or tried to, he got a pang on his chest every time it only brushes through the cold air, “If you promise me to eat something later. Will you do that for me?”

“Hmm…” she put her arms against Katsuki’s chest, only for it to go all the way down the bed, “Okay. Bakuchan. I’ll sneak out when Mama’s asleep.”

Katsuki smiled, “Good girl.”

The sleepyhead yawned, “Mmkay… Goodnight Bakuchan. I’ll try to find you again… I haven’t been able to go to you lately.”

“Yeah…” he sighed and tried to give the top of her head a kiss, “You do that.” He was only left frustrated when he can’t, “Goodnight Katsumi.”

She hummed and fell asleep again.

And Katsuki did too.

For a good while.

Until Katsuki’s whole core was shaken when he heard a girl screeching of pain. He scrambled on his bed as his shocked ruby orbs darted around the infirmary room to look for the source of the chilling shrill all too familiar to him. Panic had consumed him and his mind had gone haywire, he screamed for her name over and over until he heard the girl wailed once more.

On the floor, he saw Katsumi, shaking while she laid, knees on her chest, hands on her head. Katsuki immediately crawled out of the bed to kneel in front of her, out of instinct, he tried to shake her but his hands only passed through her shoulders.

He did not even notice that Recovery girl rushed beside him and asked him what happened.

“Stop! Mama stop, please! I won’t do it again! I won’t come out of my room again!” she pleaded while she cried.

“Hey! Katsumi! Can you hear me?!” Katsuki shouted.

“I’m sorry Mama! I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to remind you of a demon! I’m sorry!”

“Katsumi!” he screamed louder hoping it would reach her.

Katsumi kept on crying and jerking as if she was getting hit mercilessly.

“Bakuchan! Bakuchan! Help!”

Katsuki cursed under his breath and held out both of his hands to the ghastly figure shaking in front of him, but his chest only twisted of pain every time he sees his fucking hands uselessly do nothing.

“I’m here Katsumi! Fuck!” he shouted again, at the top of his lungs as if she could hear him. He had not seen her for months and this is how they would meet again? Fuck!

“He’s not an imaginary friend! He’s real! He’s real!”

Katsuki pulled his hair in frustration, attempted to grab her again only to fail, “Katsumi! Get the fuck out of there and go here!”


Then she disappeared.

“Bakugou!” he heard Recovery Girl exclaimed and suddenly he was in front of him and gripped on his shoulders, “Are you okay?!"

It was one of the rare times that he did not answer back with venom to anyone and he had no words to explain what just happened.

He had let his tears creep out of his eyes. A whirlwind of disappointment, regret and hatred tormented his mind. He could not save Katsumi from her asshole of a mother, he could not even touch her. All he could do was watch her scream and wail and be hit as if she was a sack of rock without the ability to feel pain.

Can he still call himself a hero in training after failing to save one girl?

To save his friend?


As soon as he heard that voice, he crawled in front of the crying little girl that appeared near the curtains of his cubicle. He knelt down, made an effort to touch her again, only to fail — for the millionth time.

“Are you okay?! What was that just now?!” he asked frantically.

“What do you mean?” then she sniffled.

“Bakugou, who are you talking to?!” he heard Recovery Girl shrieked in horror as she pulled his forearm.

Katsumi looked at Recovery Girl who was standing behind him.

“Who is she Bakuchan?”

“Our school nurse.”

“She can’t see me Bakuchan. She would think you’re crazy too.”

Katsuki nodded, then stood up. He wiped his tears and brashly moved the curtains out of his way. He ignored Recovery Girl’s protest to leave until he was hit by her stick.

“Bakugou Katsuki! Stay here or I will call on Aizawa to strangle you in the bed!” the gentle old lady threatened.

“I am not sick goddamnit! Leave me alone!” he shouted back.

“You are clearly hallucinating!”

“It was just a fucking nightmare!” then he walked out and slammed the door close. He ran as fast as he could because he would not let Recovery Girl catch up to him. He dashed his way through empty corridors, taking turns in rapid successions until he reached the janitors’ closet and locked it. He opened the light and saw the cleaning cart out of the room, making it more spacious. It was already after school so the janitor must be out to do his job.

Katsumi passed through the door and smiled at him.

“Bakuchan! I’m so glad—“

“What the fuck was that Ghostie?!” he exclaimed.

Katsumi jumped of surprise, “What was what Bakuchan?”

“You were—“ Katsuki stopped when he felt his cheeks being damp again.

“Oh no!” Katsumi panicked and tiptoed to reach his face, only for her cold hand to go through his cheek, “Bakuchan, please don’t cry! Was it a really bad nightmare? You can tell me about it so it will go away!”

Surprised, Katsuki asked breathlessly, “I didn’t have a —“he paused and tried to understand the girl’s behavior, “You did not even know what happened, did you?”

Katsumi, without a hint of a clue in her eyes, just shook her head.

“You… were you hit by your Mama just now?”

Katsumi’s crimson eyes turned saucers and shook her head again, “Not now, but a week ago… she told me I reminded her of the demon Papa loves, so she hit me with a stick – until my Papa arrived. I… had nightmares about it tonight, so I started calling out for your name and— the next thing I knew I was here.”

Katsuki struggled to process what it all means, how her quirk works or how anything could make sense or if she was a ghost lingering on a memory. As much as he tried, he could not form coherent thoughts. He was so angry with himself for not being able to do anything about it. His hands, his useless hands could not grab her away from the hands that hit her.

“So your shitty father had already seen you being hit, maybe he had done something about it?”

Katsumi looked down, “Uhm… no... We’re in my bedroom.”


Katsumi reminded her garbage mom of the “demon” his trash Papa loves.

Was Katsumi the number two hero’s lovechild with someone else? But the little shit knows that she was not adopted, probably she just didn't know or she really wasn't. 

Katsuki took a deep breath and suppressed his boiling anger.  This is not the time to be overthinking this shit. His explosive outburst waiting to detonate was the last thing Katsumi needed and she needs a damn break from everything, it was the least he can do for her. He aggressively wiped his tears that had not stopped flowing until it finally decided to.

In between the vigorous rubbing of his face and his disgusting sniffles, Katsumi asked, “Bakuchan, you’re real right? You’re not my imaginary friend, right?”

He took a deep breath before removing his hands away from his face, “Of course I am, Blondie.” he smirked at her, “Want to watch some cartoon and fairy tale shit? We can watch it on my phone.”

Katsumi chuckled and nodded, bubbly aura emanating throughout the dirty janitor’s room like she was a cherub of sunshine, a 180-degree shift from what had woken Katsuki up not long ago.

Katsuki wondered if he could calm Katsumi as she could to him.

But his phone. Shit, his phone was in the classroom. He can’t go back there now, not now when Recovery Girl was probably looking for him.

“Sorry Ghostie, I forgot my phone somewhere.” he explained.

“Thay’s okay Bakuchan! I am just so happy that we get to meet again! Christmas is near and I wished for us to meet for real!” she clasped her mouth with her hands, “Oh no! Won’t it come true anymore now that I’ve said it out loud?”

Christmas? It hasn’t been nearly four months since Katsumi said that it was summer on her world.

But he digressed.

For now.

Katsuki chuckled, “You damn idiot. I don’t even know where you live.”

“Uhm… Mus…Musufatu?” she struggled to say.

Holy shit

“Musutafu?” Katsuki asked, ruby eyes searching for confirmation on Katsumi’s curious one.

“Yes!” she beamed, “I swear I could write it! It’s just hard to pronounce!” she pouted.

“Where are you living exactly?”

“Uhm, I don’t know. It’s a tall building with lots of floors and lots of pro-hero in it.” she tilted her head and pondered, “We always press P on the elevator.”

Wow, this kid lived on a damn penthouse. She was the daughter of the number two hero, Katsuki guessed that it was only to be expected for the damn hero to be loaded.

Katsuki wanted to ask about her parents, especially her stupid father’s hero name so he could at least know where to start looking or what to look for, but probably now was not the best time to remind her of her shitty family.

But how can he look for something that was not even in his timeline? Or dimension? Or where ever Katsumi came from? Or if she was even alive?

However, she was from Musutafu, the city Katsuki was currently in.

Maybe he should start searching for a fancy condominium with a damn penthouse.

Out of hundreds of establishment in their gargantuan city.

“What was the color of your building?” he asked. Maybe he could start from there.

“Uhm, whatever the sky’s color is! It’s full of glasses!” her eyes now was filled with wonder, “Our house is full of glasses too! We were so close to the clouds that sometimes I just look at them all day! I love it when—“

Katsumi vanished.

He gaped.

Katsuki screamed.

Of pain.

Of loss.

They were finally having fun, they were chatting about normal shit, but she had to disappear like she always did whenever they became comfortable and at peace.

Katsuki howled out his grievance like a mad beast and kicked the door open, breaking the lock in the process. He needed to get to the classroom and get his bag. He needed to write down everything he knew about Katsumi.

Katsuki started to thoroughly recall all their encounters ever since they had met back at the beginning of Spring after the last remnants of winter had completely melted. All of the things that Katsumi had said that may give him a semblance of a clue on whether she was from his timeline or a different one or if she was a wandering ghost or heck, from around the block or around the city.

No, Katsumi was not a ghost.

Katsumi is real.

“Wait for me, Katsumi.” he whispered to himself.

“I’m gonna fucking find you and take you away from the wreck of trash humans you call your parents.”

He promised to her.

-To be continued-

Chapter Text

The number two pro-hero slapped her for the first time on Christmas Eve.

Katsumi appeared in UA for the second time, several days after he promised to look for her, on wherever in the observable universe she was in. She appeared in the library when Katsuki decided to bury himself with various books about quirks and paranormal activities alone after school.

Katsuki punched the tiled wall of the bathroom he isolated themselves with for the third time after hearing the reason why she was hit by the damn hero –-- villain. That fucking asshole was no hero.

Apparently, the useless pro-hero was frustrated about something that Katsumi could not understand and she just happened to be there, asking why her father was sad. She was there for someone who was sad because that was what her father taught her but the dipshit decided to fucking hit her instead.

A father that hits a 5-year-old girl.

A pro-hero that hits a goddamn 5-year-old girl.

Who fucking does that?!

Katsumi’s Dad.

Half and Half’s Dad.

Katsuki sighed, despite his burning anger, some realizations dawned to him momentarily -- maybe he should not really be too hard on people with “Daddy Issues”. Katsuki could not wrap his mind around the thought of his Dad hitting him at a young age.

Will he be worse than what he is now if that happened?

He did not want to think too much about it.

It was Deku’s job to dwell on the “what ifs” and not him.

Katsuki attempted to touch her cheeks but it only passed through it. Katsuki was never the one for touching people because he grew up with a quirk that literally explodes from his hands and that tend to send red flags to people around him, but never in his life that he felt so frustrated that he could not touch the little girl in front of her.

Katsumi giggled, “Still can’t touch me Bakuchan.”

“Wish I could explode your parents’ faces for not loving you right. Add that to your Christmas wish for me.”

Katsumi’s tears silently trickled her cheeks, but she still mustered a genuine smile and nodded, “No need to explode them, Bakuchan. Just...” she chuckled, “Yell at them. You’re very good at yelling.”

Katsuki smirked and absentmindedly ruffled her hair but was annoyingly unsuccessful, as his hand only passed through the freezing air where the soul stood. Katsumi smiled and intertwined her fingers on Katsuki’s as if they could.

After a few moments of comforting silence, Katsuki offered her to go home with him so they could really watch some damn cartoons this time. Katsumi turned to the ray of sunshine that she was, which only made Katsuki hate her parents more. How terrible of a monster were they to turn this little angel into a crying mess every time they cross paths?

If only Katsuki had a second quirk, then maybe he could travel with Katsumi to where her parents were and would blast them off to Pluto so they won’t be able to go near the precious little girl. That was something Katsuki would explore later, someone with a teleportation quirk or something. Shit, anything that could get him to Katsumi and drag her away from her stupid house.

Katsumi could live with their family. His old hag and old man could handle taking care of another child. They may be more excited because they only had Katsuki and having a little girl on the household would bring a different light on their family. His mom could play with Katsumi with dress up since she is a fashion designer, his Dad would be a thousand times better father than Katsumi’s useless Papa and he would be able to watch over her all the time. Katsuki could listen to her poetry every time he comes home from school and maybe play stupid children’s games with her for real.

But for now, he would put his research on hold. He would not discuss any bullshit like that to Katsumi. His friend needed an escape, needed a distraction from her fucked up parents so he decided to figure it out on his own.

So when they reached Katsuki’s home, the blond opened his laptop and browsed through the Children’s Section of Netflix. The little shit was not familiar with the shows because she was not allowed to watch television on their house when her Papa was not there (which was almost every fucking day), so she got too excited to the idea of watching something for hours. They settled for a show called My Little Pony because apparently, Katsumi got giddy when she saw the thumbnail of a pony with the rainbow mane. Katsuki sat through the entire show while the girl became an instant fan of it and watched it with so much joy.

Katsuki had forgotten about all the shit that he heard at the library and allowed him to be sucked in together with his little companion. After finishing 3 episodes, Katsuki begrudgingly admitted to himself that the show about fucking ponies was not that bad.

It was not bad, as long as he watches it with a certain blonde girl who filled the room with giggles and adorable squeals.

“This is the best Christmas ever Bakuchan!” she said enthusiastically, her eyes continued to shine.

“Not yet Christmas here, Ghostie. It’s summer.” Katsuki answered back, smirk on his lips.

“Really? You live in another country?”

Katsuki sighed, “No. I also live in Musutafu.”

“Really?!” stars glittered her eyes, her freckles has spread across her cheeks as she smiled widely, “Where?! Do we live in the same city? Can we finally meet?” then she tilted her head, “But… it’s snowing outside before I left and in here it’s so sunny? How is that possible?"

Katsuki had no explanation, for now at least. He just heaved a sigh and attempted to pinch her nose, “Don’t think too hard Ghostie, you’re gonna fry your tiny brain.”

Katsumi pouted, “I just really wanna meet you Bakuchan! I need to think!” then she scrunched her eyebrows together, index finger and thumb curled on her chin. Katsuki watched fondly as the adorable little shit looked like she was pondering about life’s biggest questions.

“My soul travels whenever I think of running away. Soo…” dragging the “o” for longer than necessary, “I think of Bakuchan because he’s my friend… so I always think hard to see him when I travel…” then she pursed her lips, “And it’s Christmas on my home, and summer in Bakuchan’s home, but we live in the same city.”

Katsuki did not want to interrupt the endearing little girl who was trying too hard to analyze her own quirk, or whatever was going on with them.

After a few minutes of repeating herself over and over, she started to tear up. She looked up to Katsuki’s ruby eyes and sniffled, “Bakuchan. I give up. I don’t know how we will meet for real.”

The teen blond snickered, “Don’t worry about it, dummy. I will figure that shit out.” he vowed on his life and it made the younger blonde jumpy and all too happy.

And again, like every other time they were too comfortable with each other, she vanished.

However, this time, aside from being frustrated, Katsuki observed. He grabbed the black leather notebook that he specifically bought for this, which he had written on the cover page – All About Katsumi. It was divided into a few sections, separated by different colored tabs.

In the notebook, he had written everything he was able to gather in the days he stayed behind until the library closes.

The first section in the blue tab was named Fast Facts.

  • Katsumi is 5 years old at the moment they met – April 2XXX
  • She loves poetry, katsudon, flowers, drawing, and singing.
  • Her parents are inhuman. Waste of space. Worse than scum. Intolerable demons. Bunch of useless assholes.
  • His father is the number two hero -- the number one asshole.
  • Lord Explosion is the number one hero. Hated by everyone?
  • Those two heroes (especially the number one asshole) do not exist today, therefore she was not from his time.
  • Her soul does not travel every day, or at least not to his knowledge, but he does not see her every day. Intervals vary, weeks or months.
  • Katsumi lives in Musutafu: on a penthouse of a glass building – search later.
  • Katsumi’s mother ugly bitch was quirkless.
  • His asshole dad troll has a strengthening quirk. (I’ll explode your face)
  • Katsumi reminds her mom ugly bitch of a demon her asshole dad loves? Kastumi is a lovechild?

And the latest one, “She only stays for approximately 2 – 2.5 hours.” He whispered as he had written down the new information.                                                                                          

After turning several blank pages, on the next tab in red, titled, Encounters:



Katsuki’s Date

Katsumi’s Date

Fucking Sludge Day

April 2XXX


Shitty First Day of Class

May 2XXX


After Sports ShitFest

July 2XXX





On the precisely drawn table, he had written down, “28th July 2XXX – Christmas Eve.”Flipping through the pages of several blank tables, he had another section of the notebook in the black tab named: The Ghost Theory

  1. Ghosts may not even know that they are dead. They may believe that they are alive and are reliving the memories of their lives, prominently the most traumatic to them. They may experience the same thing as it was happening over and over again. Source: Memoirs of a Spirit pg. 26, par. 3
    • Evidence: Katsumi only appears whenever her fucktard parents abuse her.
  2. Ghosts are not aware of the passage of time. They may be living in the past even though we see them in the present. So if you see a seemingly floating ghost that walks up to the stairs, it’s because they are walking up the stairs that existed there 50 years ago. Source: Paranormal Juice pg. 298 par. 5
    • Evidence: They were not on the same timeline.
    • Query: Which time does she exist?
    • Search For: Pro-Heroes of the past
    • Method: Ask Deku?
  3. Ghosts may be demons that try to trick humans or angels that try to protect us. Source: Christianity and the Paranormal pg. 78 par. 4
    • Evidence: She’s the most adorable girl that ever lived.
  4. Ghosts are messengers from the other side. They usually appear to comfort shortly after their deaths to comfort their loved ones. They usually appear only once. Source: Paranormal Juice pg. 391 par. 2
    • No evidence to support this. I don’t know any Katsumi prior to meeting her.
  5. Stone Tape Theory - is the speculation that ghosts and hauntings are analogous to tape recordings, and that mental impressions during emotional or traumatic events can be projected in the form of energy, "recorded" onto rocks and other items and "replayed" under certain conditions. Certain buildings or materials being capable of storing records of past events, which can be later played back by gifted individuals. Source: Wikipedia
    • Evidence: Katsumi lives in Musutafu where I live. She may be a memory of something traumatic that happened in the playground.
    • Query 1: Why does she appear in UA or where I am?
    • Query 2: Do I have a third eye? Do I have a quirk to see ghosts? What a load of bullshit.
  6. Ghosts can be just a hallucination. A hallucination is where someone can see or hear things that don’t exist outside someone’s mind. The common cause is a developing or already a developed schizophrenia. It may be a projection of the subconscious mind from trauma and stress. Source: The Power of Human Brain, pg. 567 sec. 3 par. 5
    • Evidence: No one else can see her except me. It’s all in my head. Fuck.
    • Query: Am I going crazy?

He took a deep breath and closed the notebook.

He closed his eyes and thought of curly blonde hair, red round eyes and bubbly giggles.

“She’s real. She’s real. She’s real.”

He whispered to himself over and over as if he was defending himself to an invisible prosecutor that says otherwise.

The next day, he had bought several books about poetry so he could read through them and read Katsumi what the best was. He bought a simple dictionary that she could understand so her vocabulary would grow. He had subscribed to other streaming sites so they could watch other shows that Netflix could not offer.

Katsumi is real and he would be ready for her when she comes back.

He did not miss her.

He did not miss her because he knew she would be back, all he had to do was wait.

After several days Katsumi appeared before him again.

This time, Katsuki was prepared.

They have read poetry that made Katsumi promise to write a new one and she would read to him later.

Katsumi told him that she kept on wishing every night that she would wake up to Katsuki’s room.

Katsuki just grunted in response.

He would never admit that he was anticipating her presence every day.

Their wishes came true at one point, but it had only happened because her Papa “accidentally” shoved her to the wall a little too hard while he was fighting with her Mama.

Her parents fought about his Papa loving someone else. About how Katsumi looked like that “someone else”. About how his Mama was delusional. About how his Papa kept on insisting that her accusations were baseless. Those monsters were cheating on each other and they take out their frustrations on the poor kid.

The moment Katsuki heard the story, he was the one fuming in anger and wanted to destroy a whole goddamn building just to release the tension bottled up inside him, but the irony of it was, instead of Katsuki soothing Katsumi’s baffled mind down, it was Katsumi who was damn calm and trying to cheer him up.

It’s okay Bakuchan! Papa’s just so strong and when he was angry, sometimes he can’t control his strength. He was just emotional. So, please don’t be sad. I am here now. Everything’s okay!” he remembered Katsumi saying, with a smile on her face. “I’m so happy I finally get to see you every day!”

She would always be there in his room as if she already knew her way to his house and would patiently wait for him to come home. She just hanged out, watched cartoons with him. Fuck, Katsuki even became hooked to Barbie’s Life in the Dreamhouse and My Little Pony, can name the thirteen Disney Princesses and sing their songs by heart because of the damn brat but he would die first before admitting it to anyone.

When they were not watching, Katsuki read her poetry. Sometimes he would help her write one. Rarely, he would write one with her because she wanted someone to exchange poetries with. He had written all of the poetries they wrote on his notebook, on a section named: Katsumi and Katsuki’s Works kept on an orange tab.

For a 5-year-old to write decent poetries, she was smart and perceptive for her age, maybe that’s what happens when you are forced to grow up and mature while living on a stormy household.

Her poetries ranged from her favorite food, favorite moments with her Papa, her favorite flower (which was Yellow Tulips, because that was her Papa’s favorite flower too) and how she missed her Mama before she became so angry with her

Apparently, her Mama started to become “angry” with her when she was 4. She could not understand why one day her Mama just started to ignore her and started to call her a demon. Before that, they were close, like how she was close with her Papa. Katsuki wanted to explore it, wanted to ask her about it. Wanted to know why her Mama calls her demon, “that her Papa loves”, but that would be too much of baggage to unload when all Katsumi needed when she comes to Katsuki’s world is to escape. Katsuki decided to tread carefully while exploring Katsumi’s world so he won’t be the one to cause the little girl some distress.

She was with Katsuki every day for a week.

He only concluded that she was unconscious for a fucking week.

It was the time of Katsuki’s life when he was not angry at anything for 7 days straight.

He had temporarily stopped his research during that week, to just enjoy the company of the girl that waited for him to come home after school. He had written their conversations and activities for the day whenever they meet, so he won’t miss any details and for later reference. It was almost like a diary and Katsuki did not mind.

Then all of a sudden it stopped again.

Katsuki could not figure out if he should be happy for the brat or not because that means two things: One, she was finally awake and on her way to full recovery. Two, it means that she won’t be coming to Katsuki’s room for who knows many months.

Katsuki decided that he should be happy for her.

At least she was alive somewhere. 


“A dream is a wish your heart makes, when you're fast asleep, in dreams, you will lose your heartaches, whatever you wish for, you keep…” Katsuki hummed while completing his homework, one earpiece on his ear. “Have faith in your dreams and someday. Your rainbow will come smiling through. No matter how your heart is grieving. If you keep on believing. The dream that you wish will come true.” he continued then he smiled, flashes of blonde curls and smiling crimson eyes replaced the equations he was solving.

Racoon Eyes heard it all and she lost her goddamn mind. “Holy shit Blasty?! Did you just sing Cinderella's song?!” then she gasped, “While smiling?!”

Mortified, he jerked his head up and surveyed the shocked faces of the extras around him. Then he realized he was with four other idiots, studying in the library. After the sports festival, these extras somehow got stuck with him like leeches and had always been with him through lunch and studying for quizzes or exams.

Beside him was Raccoon Eyes (Ashido Mina) who was staring at him like he was a damn anomaly, Shitty Hair (Kirishima Eijirou) in front of him who had the same scandalised look, beside the redhead was a giggling Dunce Face (Kaminari Denki) who was holding his phone and seemed like waiting for some shit to happen. Lastly, Soy-Sauce Face (Sero Hanta) who happen to stop himself from standing up from his seat next to Katsuki just to gape at him.

Katsuki had no excuse, but he had to come up with one, and fast. Coming up with none, he slammed his hand on the table and angrily grabbed his stuff, “Fuck no! I’m leaving!”

“Wait!” Soy-Face exclaimed as he stopped himself from laughing, “Don’t leave yet Cinderella! It’s not even 12 midnight!”

Shitty Hair hysterically laughed with Dunce Face while Raccoon Eyes was still gaping like a damn sentient goldfish in disbelief.

He ignored everyone and blasted enough explosions to their faces until they stopped calling him Cinderella.

He angry-walked through the empty hallway of the school to get to the main gate and just be home.

He came into a halt and his perpetual scowl turned into a smirk when he saw a blonde little girl in a pink frilly dress running towards him.

The waves of her blonde hair softly glowed under the afternoon sun, a galaxy of freckles beautifully arranged across her cheeks, wide ruby eyes were like a subtle fire flickering in brilliance.

It was refreshing to Katsuki to see her shining as she had always was meant to be.

“There’s my little Cinderella.”he fondly whispered to himself.

“Bakuchan!” she called him in delight. “Bakuchan I’m so happy to see you! It’s been so long!” she ran past him as soon as she failed to give him a bear hug.

Katsuki bit his lip, he was frustrated but it was overshadowed by his happiness by seeing the blonde that seemed to be excited about something. He looked at his phone to check the time, he had set a timer to 180 minutes before turning to her. She was sheepishly laughing and scratching her back, “Oops! I forgot that I can’t do that! I’m just too happy!”

Katsuki snorted and walked on a more calm pace so Katsumi could follow, “You idiot ghost. So what’s making you happy huh?”

The little girl skipped and hopped as they go out of the school, “It’s my birthday today and Papa said he’s going to take me to the Carnival later!” giddy, and she jumped on her feet with both fists clenched across her chest. “You’ll never guess who will be with us!”

“Your stupid Mama?”

“Uhm… no. She… flew to America yesterday. Mama and Papa had another big fight.” pained look washed over her eyes for a moment, “I wish she could come too. I wanted to celebrate my birthday with her like my previous ones before…. she got really angry at me. Mama would plan the best parties and we played a lot.”

Did she just fly away on her daughter’s birthday? A+ parenting right there.

She shook her head and beamed, “So anyway! Take a guess!”

“I don’t know anyone that knew you, Ghostie.” He smirked, arms across his chest, “You’re going with Rainbow Dash.”

Katsumi pouted, “She’s a cartoon, dummy Bakuchan!” she smiled, “We’re going with Papa’s hero friends and their baby!” she scrunched her eyes, “He even invited the number one hero! Lord Explosion! Can you believe it? I told him he’s scary, but Papa said that once I meet him I will like him and he’s not that scary. I have never seen him without his hero gear before, this will be the first time we will meet so it will be weird...”

Other heroes. Right. Katsuki could use this to his advantage to explore her world more, “Who are the other heroes coming with you?”

“Oh! Synergy and…” she thought long and hard, “I really can’t pronounce her name. Crea— Crete—“she groaned then giggled, “But she’s really tall and pretty! She’s the hero partner of Synergy! They recently got married! I like her a lot! She bakes the best cupcakes ever!”

Synergy. Who the fuck was that now?

“Do you know about their quirks?”

“Uhm… Synergy uses ice? Mist? Fog? I don’t remember because I’m not allowed to watch TV most of the time. And his wife… uhm… I don’t understand but I saw her use a canon once. I’d ask Papa later. He had a lot of books about quirks in his room!” she assured.

Katsuki wanted to punch himself for not asking about the other hero that kept on popping out from Katsumi’s story, his father and Lord Explosion.

“What about Lord Explosion’s quirk?” he asked.

“Oh! He makes explosions! Just like you!” she said while smiling, “Don’t be sad Bakuchan… but uhm…” she looked guilty as if she was at fault for something, “He could make bigger explosions than you, and the villains are really scared of him, even other heroes. That’s why he’s number one, most villains immediately surrender when they meet him because they are afraid to be blasted away.” She beamed at him, “But you’re cooler than him Bakuchan! I like you best!”


Shit, it was in his name, Katsuki should have guessed. So there was another extra that could make shit explode aside from him? Wait, not just any other extra, but the number one hero. Now color him extremely curious. He checked his phone, 15 minutes had passed. He wanted to ask more about the hero but that would be unfair to Katsumi, who was clearly excited by her upcoming birthday bash. He just took a mental note for himself to explore this further when another opportunity presents itself.

For now, he would just let Katsumi lead the conversation.

But first.

“What’s your Papa’s hero name?”

“Dauntless!” she excitedly said as if it was the best thing in the world. “I asked him what it means, he said it meant fearless. It really suits him!”

Fearless huh.

Fearless to hit and neglect a child?

Fuck him very much.

Katsuki’s blood boiled, he hid his hands on his pockets to stop himself from exploding that random tree over there. Yeah, he could explode that tree because apparently Dauntless, as Katsumi said in her stupid poem, “Papa’s colors remind me of spring, so wild, so green.” He could only clench his fist and make his palm suffer through the pain until Katsumi would tell something interesting that would calm his nerves down.

“I made you a poem Bakuchan!” she hopped in front of him, looked at him with so much adoration.


That was enough to calm his nerves down.

“That better not suck, Ghostie.” he grinned.

Katsumi playfully stuck out her tongue and rolled her eyes before grinning widely, “It’s good! It’s from me!”This little shit is learning to be a brat.

Good, she’s becoming a normal child.

Ah, whatever that poem was, he better write it, “Hold up.” He pulled out his notebook and pen, “Hit it Ghostie.”

She giggled, “You’re gonna write it too Bakuchan?”

“Of fucking course. So I can laugh at it later.” he teased her.

She pouted, “Meanie! I swear it’s good!”

“I’ll be the judge of that!” he sneered.

She rolled her eyes and groaned. The little shit was getting some attitude! Katsuki wondered where she had got that from, probably it was part of growing up. She was still as adorable as hell though.

The ghost with a damn attitude smiled, “So! I call this ‘For my Best Friend’!” 

-~x~ -

My best friend yells a lot

But he also laughs a lot

He’s my first friend

And I like him a lot 


I love my best friend

And he loves me too

We will be in each other’s heart

Nothing can tear us apart 


My best friend is far away

But I will find him someday

I can’t wait for us to meet

I’ll be so happy if we did 


So wait for me

I will train my quirk

I will work harder

Soon will be together

Forever and ever! 


Every word that Katsumi had said was etched on Katsuki’s soul. How can someone so cold bring so much warmth? How can someone whom he can’t touch create waves of impact that moved his life?

“Not bad, Katsumi. I like it.” he said, a soft smile on his lips.

Katsumi blushed and beamed, “I’m really happy that you did!” she crossed her arms across her chest, “Told you it’s gonna be good!”

Katsuki chuckled at her new found attitude, “How old are you now Ghostie? 6?”

“Yeah! Last year was the best year of my life!” she smiled widely, her eyes became teary.

“And why is that?”

“I met you! It was my birthday too when we met!” she explained like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

Oh. A year had passed on her world when it was merely four months in Katsuki’s? He had to take note of that. He checked his timer, 30 minutes had gone by and they were already at the playground where they first met. Where Katsumi had barged into his life and made it more tolerable.

“When’s your birthday so I won’t forget.” He asked, his notebook on hand ready to write the information.

“Oh! Uhm, today, April 20!”

Katsuki was simply amazed at the development, “Holy shit Ghostie, my birthday is also April 20.”

Katsumi jumped around and giggled, “Really? Then it’s your birthday today too! Happy Birthday, Bakuchan!” she greeted him. “I wish we can celebrate together.” Then she beamed, “Like a double birthday party! More cupcakes and cakes for us!”

Katsuki hoped for that too, maybe they could go to the damn carnival together and she can win her some unicorn plush toys because he was the damn king at carnival games (sue him).

But, it’s August now in Katsuki’s time and that would be impossible.

The older blond wanted to explain that to Katsumi but she seemed to be in high spirits and he did not want to spoil it for the kid. He did not want to break that bubble of pure bliss she was on that made her forget that they were not sharing the same timeline.

So he went along for the ride.

“Oh that’s right!” she clapped her hands, “Papa invited Lord Explosion because it’s his birthday too!” she snickered, “There’s three of us now! But since you’re not gonna be there later… I’d just blow the candles for you!”

Wow. What a fucking coincidence. What are the chances that three people share the same birthdays? Pretty high given that there 7 billion extras living in this world, but those three people to actually know each other (technically he does not know the pro-hero) was a weird joke of the universe.

“What’s your wish Bakuchan? So I can tell it to the cake fairy before I blow the candle!”

Katsuki snorted, “Cake fairy? You stupid ghost, that’s not who makes your wishes come true.”

“Papa said so!” she squinted her eyes and pouted her lips as if being adorable would make her case solid.

Okay, it did.

Katsuki just rolled his eyes at her, now they have reached Dagoba Beach also known as the organized junkyard. He checked the time and smiled as they have plenty of time left.

“I’ll think of a wish, give me some time.” He promised her.

Katsumi just nodded.

When she saw the vast blue sea, the easily excitable girl tried to pull him to the seashore but failed. It did not faze her, only sheepishly laughing again and told him to go near the sea with her.

Katsuki ran ahead of her, teasing her to catch up with him.

Katsumi let out a bubbly giggle and ran after him, calling him a cheater and she would defeat him.

A few moments later turned it into a game of tag, with Katsuki intentionally slowing down for her so she would win numerous times. He loved seeing that smug look on her face whenever her hands passed through him and her crimson eyes that burned with so much determination whenever she was it. Apparently, she was as competitive as Katsuki and loved to win, and since it was her birthday, he would let her.

He laughed his heart out and laid his back on the sand, “Alright! Alright! You win this time Ghostie!” then he laughed some more when Katsumi stumbled on her feet as she ran back to him. How can a soul trip over the air was something Katsuki would never understand but that was funny as hell.

Or maybe it wasn’t that funny, he was just really having a good time.

Katsumi sat beside him and giggled, “Not only this time Bakuchan! I will always win!”

Katsuki sat up and smirked at her, he flicked her forehead, only in the cold air, “Hah! Is that a challenge, you stupid ghost?”

“Not a challenge!” she leered at him, equally smug and full of herself, grinning like the indisputable champion of their little game, “Just saying the truth!”

Damn that attitude and confidence will take her to many places, should her parents stop being such shit and actually treat her right. Maybe hone her quirk more and explore its other potentials.

Katsuki looked at his timer, 90 minutes had already passed. He could not risk Katsumi disappearing on him before he could say the things he wanted to say.


Firstly, “Happy Birthday, Katsumi.” He said, not caring if his hand would just pass through her as he caressed her cheeks. “Enjoy your day with your Papa and his friends.

She giggled and nodded, “Thanks Bakuchan!”

Secondly, “I wish you can train your quirk more so you have better control. That’s my wish for you.”

Her red irises started to tear up, but she kept her bright smile on her.

Lastly, Katsuki leaned in, “My wish?” he smiled, “I wish I can finally meet you so I can make you laugh every day.” he planted an innocent kiss on her forehead, it was ice cold and intangible – a total contrast to what he felt, soothingly warm and real.

He heard Katsumi cry and giggle at the same time before she vanished along with the waves.

Katsuki closed his eyes and had let the cold summer breeze embrace him. He would analyze all the information he gathered today later.

For now, he would let the sudden emptiness take over him. The longing he felt when Katsumi faded away. The pent up frustration every time his hands only felt her cold ghastly form.

He inhaled and exhaled, deeply and in even repetitions. He focused on the sound of the seagull, the warm sand that he sat on and the modulated resonance of the subtle waves.

The timer of his phone alarming had cut off the serenity he allowed himself to be in. He took a deep breath and turned it off.

It was time to go home and do his homework – finding Katsumi.

He stood up, bag on his shoulder, hands on his pocket. As he approached the other side of the beach, his eyebrows creased and eyes narrowed to focus on the running silhouette on the wasteland of metal scraps. It seemed like the extra was re-arranging the already organized junkyard. The silhouette was lifting the heavy metals like it was a damn piece of paper as it ran with ease from point to point.

He moved closer to see who was responsible for keeping the junkyard at least a little appealing to look at. He stopped on his tracks when he saw a familiar mop of green hair and the not-so-familiar well-built body – exposed and glistening in sweat.

“Deku?” he said, breath stolen away by the sheer disbelief.

He watched Deku re-arrange the scraps – broken appliances, truck wheels, car doors, detached parts of heavy types of machinery – piling it up until it became a tall mountain. When he finally did, he stood on top of it, the rays of sunset made his solid form glow. He let out a mighty roar, like a king of the jungle announcing his dominance.

Katsuki just stood there and watched useless Deku become an image of power.

Katsuki just stood there, unable to move his feet, unable to take his eyes away from Deku’s glorious form, unable to understand what’s going on with his tightening chest, unable to discern the pressure on his stomach and electricity that zap his skin.

Deku jumped from the height with ease and grace.

One part of Katsuki screamed that he should walk away now before Deku sees him.

Most part of Katsuki could not obey that simple command.

Deku properly stood up – chiseled chest heaving, solid abs contracting to catch up with his short breaths. Impressive thighs under his shorts kept him grounded. His freckled cheeks flushed with soft red. Deku picked up the bottle of water on the ground and drank it.

Katsuki stared at him as his Adam’s apple bob with each swallow, trickle of water traced the side of his lips and jaw, his toned biceps flexed as Deku placed his hands on his hips.

Deku poured the remaining water on his head and let out a soft moan.

Katsuki was surprised when he felt the blood rush to his cheeks, to his hands, to his head and down south where it should not logically be at the unbelievable sight.

Deku took a deep breath, shook his head, a drizzle of water formed a fleeting rainbow halo on his head then he looked at Katsuki’s direction.

Green eyes turned owlish, mouth agape and his face was covered in beet red. His hand flashed green lightning as his water container was crushed on his hand as he exclaimed, “Ka—Kacchan?!” he gulped, “Wha—what a—are you—doing here?” H—How long have you been there?!” he stammered.

Long enough. He wanted to retort but he couldn’t.

Not when his chest kept on pounding.

Not when he was breathless.

Not when…Not when Deku looked like… that!

Deku picked up his backpack and wiped his sweat with his shirt. He approached Katsuki and nervously smiled at him, “A-Are you he-here for a run?” stuttering like the damn nerd he was, completely different from the outrageously strong guy he watched earlier.

A waft of perspired scent mixed with mint shampoo, body spray of wood and fresh musk hit Katsuki’s senses that made his already bustling brain go into full haywire.

“Kacchan…? Is… there something wrong?” Deku coyly asked, his head tilted to the side.

Kastuki’s cheeks were covered with red then he turned away, “Your—your face is wrong!” he shouted then walked away with so much fervor.

“Huh?” he heard Deku flatly voiced out.

Katsuki had a wonderful day today, he saw Katsumi, played tag with her, acquired new information about their world and knew that they celebrate the same birthday! It was a beautiful and cool day!

And Deku had to ruin it!

Ruin it with – with whatever he did to Katsuki’s unresponsive nerves that made every inch of his body react simultaneously all at once, sending mixed signals with each other that he might as well conclude that they all have brains of their own because they won’t listen to Katsuki!

He screamed and shoved his hands in his pocket and tried his best to wash away the image of Deku at the top of the mountain.

The image of Deku and his body that screamed power.

“Think of happy thoughts, think of happy thoughts, think of happy thoughts.” He chanted over and over like a prayer.

But it was futile.

His fucked up brain only fed him with more images of Deku and his stupidly – stupid body as if he had the right to be— to be like that!


So it was Deku who had made a mountain out of the scrapyard.

Katsuki grunted and swore to himself to explode those shit tomorrow as a revenge to Deku for ruining his day.

He pulled out his phone to type in everything he gathered from Katsumi to divert his attention from that stupid nerd.

It worked.

For a while at least.

“Fucking Deku and his – argh!” he internally screamed.

-To be continued- 

All About Katsumi (update notebook later)

Fast Facts:

  • 4/20 – Katsumi’s Birthday
  • 4/20 – Lord Explosion’s Birthday
  • Katsumi is a competitive little shit
  • Lord Explosion and Dauntless are buddies

List of Pro-Heroes in Katsumi’s World:

(To write in a new section, one page per hero, to explore each later, search hero names later)

  • Lord Explosion – quirk: explosion
  • Dauntless – quirk: strengthening
  • Synergy – quirk: ice or mist.
  • Canon Girl – quirk: canon?

Times We Met:

  • August, 2XXX – April 20


Chapter Text

Everything was late.

First of all, All Might was assigned to give them the final exam before the term ends, but unfortunately, he had to fly back to the US to do something the faculties refused to tell. Not even Deku, who seemed to be closer to him than everyone else, knew what made the number one pro-hero leave.

With that said, their final exam was delayed.

UA was known to have a freestyle of teaching, maybe closing one term like the rest of the schools in Japan also depends on the teachers managing the class.

Well, he said he will be back by next week, so maybe they can finally move on from the first term like the rest of the students in their country.

Next, homeroom was pushed down to the afternoon class.

Aizawa-sensei had to settle things with the police for the mission he did with other underground heroes last night. Of course, the class was not allowed to know the details, needless to say, he’d come to the class after lunch.

So, in the morning, they were immediately subjected to the most boring class of all, mathematics and modern literature.

Katsuki did not mind the maths class, in fact, it was one of his favorites.

Ectoplasm was a good teacher and he knew his subject well, unlike other extras who teach math like a damn disaster. Math was composed of numbers and equations to solve without needing to think too much on the meaning behind it because they are just simple numbers and figures. It was the structure that Katsuki needed in his life – simple, systematic and well, mathematical (pun intended).

But he had dreaded his modern literature class since yesterday when they were given the assignment to write a damn haiku for their friend. This is why he prefers maths and sciences over stupid literature and history all the damn time. He never wanted to discuss shit like this with other people, he did not care what happened in the damn past or what kind of fuck they did as if they could do something about it.

However, if he would become the number one student in UA, he still has to do what he was told.

Katsuki never half-ass anything in his life, so he was forced to read one of the poems he had written for Katsumi in front of the class.

-~x~ -



Blonde hair, crown of gold

Named beauty and victory

Eyes of crimson, hypnotic


Laughter’s contagious

Hiding battle scars and pain

Keen and courageous


One more wishful day

Patiently wait, my angel

Together, someday

-~x~ -

After reading the piece, Katsuki sat down and kept his eyes on his notebook. A few more seconds, confused why there was dead silence in the room, he looked around his class, 20 different sets of eyes staring back at him, in a mixture of appalling curiosity, awe and somewhere in between.

Cementoss, their modern literature teacher, was the first one to break the silence, “That was beautiful, Bakugou.” Then he coughed, “It was good that you clearly conveyed how much you missed this person.”

“Who knew Bakugou is capable of feelings!” Dunce Face chimed in and only some of their classmates laughed because some of them were busy being shocked.

“Fuck off, Pikachu!” he growled.

Shitty Hair crunched his face, pseudo-tears on the corner of his eyes, “That is so manly.”

“I wonder who Kacchan has missed. I don’t know anyone else who was blonde with red eyes. That poem is so amazing.” Deku murmured in awe and confusion from his back. Probably it was not meant to be heard but Katsuki glared at him and was ready to release the Kraken of insults, but stopped when his eyes landed on smiling green round eyes and freckles like stardusts. His messy green curls atop of his head were like a bundle of leaves. 

His heart stopped and restarted faster than he could think.

“Shut up, Deku.”

Deku gave him a forlorn smile and bowed his head, “S-Sorry Kacchan. It’s just…” then he sighed. Then he shot his head up, “Oh… I get it now. Is it Katsumi?”

Apprehensive, Katsuki had grunted, “None of your fucking business.”

Damn it. Those damn freckles. Those damn round eyes. Change the color palette and it will be the familiar little girl with the very same adorably stupid face.

“I have Papa's freckles...”

Katsuki widened his eyes upon remembering what Katsumi had told him way, way back. He looked back at Deku again, scrutinizing him. Emerald eyes above the dust of freckles stared back at him, tilted his head, a habit Deku does whenever he was curious about something.

A habit was similar to Katsumi’s.

“Midoriya, you’re up.” Cementoss announced. Deku gulped his fear away, stood up and held his notebook firmly.

Katuski refused to associate Deku near Katsumi’s life, so he sat properly and forced himself to listen to Deku’s poem.

Deku filled up his lungs with air and courage before he had spoken softly, “The title of this Haiku is Fifteen Orbits.”

-~x~ -

On the Third Orbit

The thread of fate strung our lives

On the Fourth Orbit

String tested with painful knives


Winter at the Seventh

Love had set me in blazes

Summer at the Tenth

My hope burned into ashes


Until Fourteenth spring

I firmly clutched on our thread

Summer on Fifteenth

Red string was cut by a she

-~x~ -

Katsuki heard Raccoon Eyes cried out, “Midoriya that was… tragic and beautiful!” then she sobbed. Round Cheeks just cried ugly on her seat, some others were crying with them. The other extras kept on praising him, including their teacher while Deku was stuttering and mumbling, clueless as to how to handle the waves of flattery he showered with.

Katsuki just scoffed under his breath.


He never knew Deku had a childhood crush at someone. Katsuki’s mind wandered back to their pre-school days as if he could actually remember any of those extras because clearly, the little shit met the girl there. And he loved the girl until they were high-school?


Katsuki could not remember anyone who was with them until middle school, well, again, it’s not like he remembered anyone that clearly. Must be some random extra that did not get into UA with Deku so he eventually gave up or their communication was cut.


If the girl was not able to get to UA then she was not worth remembering at all. Deku’s gonna be a hero whether Katsuki like it or not, the stupid nerd better not be with a random extra that was anything less than exceptional.


Why does Katsuki care anyway?

He does not give a shit about Deku’s love life, or his life in general.

This is the reason why he hated classes that do not involve numbers or scientific theories. He was forced to think about feelings like he actually had to give a shit.

It would be so much helpful if his heart would calm the fuck down for a second so his blood could circulate properly so his hands won’t be cold and his cheeks won’t be hot, thank you very much.

Katsuki groaned in so much exasperation.

“Stupid Deku.” he muttered under his breath.

Aizawa-sensei nonchalantly came in.

And with him, he brought a rain of chaos.

At least to Katsuki.

Because it was in their Hero Informatics Period that he had thrown away the "Ghost Theory" altogether.

It was the moment they had to think of their hero names for their upcoming internship program.

Things had gotten out of control after he had presented the last hero name he wanted to have after the King Explosion Murder was rejected by Midnight.

Lord Explosion Murder.

After their class with Aizawa-sensei, he could not concentrate. He could not even bring himself to talk back or argue with anyone who tried to drag him to do something stupid (mainly Shitty Hair and Dunce Face) while waiting for their next class.

He pulled out his notebook dedicated to Katsumi and shouted loud enough to drive everyone away. Everything around him became white noise, he did not even notice that the next period had started.

He did not care if he was in Loud Mic’s English class.

Everything not related to Katsumi was irrelevant.

He was reading “fast facts” as he had never seen it before, trying to rack his brain up as if another information would pop-out somewhere.

  • Lord Explosion is the number one hero. Hated by everyone?
  • 4/20 – Katsumi’s Birthday

Then on a tab colored green and titled, Heroes, he read the small pieces of information he gathered for Lord Explosion.


Quirk: Explosion

Birthday: April 20

Hero Rank: 1

Character Profile:

  1. Hated by everyone
  2. Always Angry
  3. Looked like me? the hell?
  4. Buddies with Dauntless

“Kacchan…” he heard Deku whisper from the back of his seat. “Kacchan y-you’re melting your pen.”

Katsuki looked back at stupid Deku, he could not even muster up a glare or a poisonous remark. He had let the pen be completely melted off his hand while he just looked at him.

Really looked at him.

Wide emerald eyes shied away from his scrutinizing crimsons.

Time had stopped for him and Deku as he just stared at him. From his muddled forest green curls, his freckles that had spread on his cheeks like a beautifully arranged constellations, his sea of jade orbs that will draw you in if you look long enough.

He was so… green.

“…like spring.” Katsuki whispered.

Deku met his eyes for a moment before looking away, jerked his head gently to the side, “What?”

“You’re… like spring.”

Katsuki continued to gaze at him with wonder, not minding Deku’s face that turned redder than Katsuki’s eyes.

“Wha—wha—what a—are y—you—“, before Deku could even finish his clutter of an incoherent sentence, Loud Mic called out Katsuki and questioned him what they were discussing. Katsuki refused to answer as he looked at the stupid teacher and Deku shrieked like a damn banshee, “N—nothing!”

Green like spring.

Katsuki had wondered where the hell he had heard it first.

After replaying back his memories from a couple of months ago, the recognition washed over him like a bucket full of ice on a winter night.

In dreadful haste, he glared at Katsumi’s notebook with trepidation, shaking hand gripped the tab for the poems they had written, afraid of what the first poem Katsumi ever shared would reveal.

-~x~ -

Papa's so big and strong he can fly even without wings!

Papa's hands are gentle he hugs me while he sings!

Papa's colors remind me of spring, so wild, so green!

Papa's always smiling and the world is a better place with him.

-~x~ -

He shot a look at Deku, in disbelief, and in confusion.

He felt the sudden rush of his blood going to his head, making his temple numb and prickly, the rest of his body had gone cold, “No… that can’t be. You’re not…”

Deku was still blushing when their eyes met, “Kacchan?”

Katsuki dreadfully recalled another hero recorded on his notes.


Quirk: Strengthening

Birthday: _____

Hero Rank: 2

Character Profile:

  • Useless Father
  • Color Green
  • has freckles like Katsumi
  • Buddies with Lord Explosion

His train of thoughts was derailed, “Kacchan? Are you okay?” now the sparkle on his green eyes dimmed, marked by fret and bafflement.

Could it be…? Deku…?


No. No. No. No.


Katsumi’s father is an abusive asshole.

He neglects her and hits her when he’s angry. Deku wouldn’t hurt a damn fly and he would cry over an ant if he accidentally stepped onto it.

Deku is a useless cry baby but… but he is a kind person.

And it’s impossible that Deku would marry a garbage wife.

If anything, he would end up with the Gravity Bitch because that girl was clearly crushing on him or even goddamn Half and Half, who seem to not take his eyes off the damn nerd ever since the sports festival.

No, he was not observing the people around him and the people surrounding Deku, they just happen to be fucking obvious.



Deku’s not the only one in this world whose color is so green and had freckles.

Katsumi may not even from their own dimension or time.

And Deku?





Katsuki detonated the forming turmoil through his hand and the table was the one to receive it, so hard that it broke into two, residual sparks and black smoke lingered his space. It stunned the whole class, making them look at him like he magically turned into a fucking dragon.

“Bakugou!” he heard Kirishima’s annoying voice called out. “What’s happening to you—“

He walked out of the classroom in a record’s time, shoved Shitty Hair away when he blocked his path, ignored Deku’s stupid nickname for him and refused to listen to Loud Mic’s maddening thunderous voice and the threats of him getting into trouble with the faculty.

He stormed out of the shithole with only one notebook securely gripped on his hand – the one for Katsumi as if it was a book that would serve both as his salvation and downfall.



He looked like Lord Explosion.

Katsuki may be him.

Deku looked like Katsumi’s father.

Deku may be him.

But that’s fucking impossible!

No. He needed to stop.

He was overthinking this.

What if Lord Explosion just looked like him? He was not the only hero who had blond hair or was always angry.

He was not always angry!

He was only angry when extras disturb him. He was calm when no one pokes fun at him or when no one bothers him. He was going to be the number one hero, but he was not going to be hated by everyone.

And Deku.


Deku was not going to be an abusive father.

He bit his lip with so much force it bled, he kept on running in rapid fervor through the empty hallways. He did not know where his feet were taking him, hallways after hallways, he took mindless turns. All he wanted was to be anywhere else other than their classroom.


Deku may be a major asshole for looking down on Katsuki, but he will certainly not going to be a father that neglects his child or even hit her.

Deku will never be married to—

Nonetheless, Deku will be married.

Deku will find someone else and be married.

Something in Katsuki’s chest coiled, he felt his blood drain away from his veins and his sweat became cold in the middle of the summer heat.

Someone else.

Why? Is there another person that should be in that place before Deku marries someone else?

When he found himself at the top of the rooftop, he screamed because proper words failed to form at the end of his tongue. The notebook for Katsumi rested safely on the floor. He gripped the terrace bars with so much grudge that it melted under his burning palms.


Lord Explosion could be anyone.

Deku’s not going to marry a bitch.

Deku had no right to be married.

Deku’s going to be married.

Deku’s going to be married to someone else like he was allowed to.

Katsuki did not know why which of the ideas that kept rushing on his brain terrified him and why was he fixated on the idea of Deku being married, or shit, having a relationship with someone else. Not even with Round Cheeks or Icy Hot. He howled in rage, then full explosion released from his palms. He wanted his heart to stop fucking beating at 500 thousand beats per minute and just to function like how it was supposed to – pump blood to organs to make him alive, but it seemed like there was no more blood to pump either.

Deku just made a damn haiku about a random girl Katsuki did not know.

He wanted his brain to stop feeding him with images of Deku waiting on the aisle with a faceless bitch he would not even recognize, nor wanted to know who.

He needed to stop telling himself that he was Lord Explosion.

He needed to stop thinking that Katsumi was from the future and that was their future.

As his breath became shallower and he became desperate for air, he knelt down and had let go of the dented terrace bar and felt parts of his palm peel off from the break of contact. His hands were burnt, bleeding, and painful but he did not care. He shouted with the hope that it could release at least half of the fucked up mess of emotions fighting for supremacy inside his head.

“Kacchan…” he heard a gentle voice mumble behind him. “Kacchan, what’s going on?”

He willed himself to blow the nerd away, to release his anger on him but he couldn’t. He tried to, but he was frozen on spot. He felt a warm hand on his shoulder, a calming presence knelt beside him and a pair of tender eyes tried to search for his.

“Oh, my go—Kacchan!” Deku shouted warily.

Deku dared to take Katsuki’s freezing and clammy limp hand, bloody palms were firmly pressed against Deku's chest, “Breathe with me… breathe… Kacchan.”

Katsuki’s instinct to explode Deku and push him away was buried underneath the hurricane of pain, panic, fear, and confusion.

His brain automatically followed the command and — breathed.

Breathed with Deku, felt the gentle rise and fall of Deku’s strong chest on Katsuki’s burnt hand, fixated on the warmth of Deku’s calloused hand holding his wrist.

Katsuki closed his eyes, he let himself be drawn out of the hurricane by Deku’s soothing voice.

“Kacchan…it’s okay.”

“I’m here.”

“I got you.”

“Kacchan… you’re safe.”

Katsuki gained control of his lungs, the hurricane turned to a comforting breeze, heartbeat thrummed in normal rhythm. Warily, Katsuki turned his attention to Deku, who had now let go of his hand. Deku hurriedly removed his tie to serve as the bandage for Katsuki’s right palm, and a handkerchief on the other. Katsuki silently watched the green-head do his work, focused on the way Deku gently moved his hand.

“Kacchan… i-is it… Katsumi?” Deku’s quivering voice asked, “Has she done something—“

He glared daggers at the stupid nerd and shoved him away with a vicious explosion, burning the red tie that was masterfully wrapped around his right palm earlier, he flinched of pain but it did not matter. “Don’t you fucking dare talk to her as if she was an enemy!” he shouted in rage.

“B-But I don’t even know who she is!” he defended himself, “You always act weird when—“

“Always?! As if you know anything!” Katsuki shouted to drown out Deku’s stupid assumptions.

“Because you never tell me what’s going on!” Deku answered back, louder than Katsuki’s voice.

Katsuki was blinded with so much fury he let out another explosion to his already bleeding right hand, but it did not hit because the nerd evaded as if he already saw it coming, “And why the fuck should I?! Do you fucking think that I need your damn help?! Who the fuck do you think I am?! Do you really think I’m that incapable of anything right or figuring things shit on my own that you needed to fucking step in?!”

“I don’t! I just wanted to understand why you are scared!” his dewy jade eyes had bellowed how much in pain he was more than his words ever did as it wept with endless tears, “You’re not— you’re not acting yourself. I just—“, he bowed down and gripped his hand, defeated, “I—I’m sorry. I’m sorry because I’m just… really concerned about you. I—I don’t want to see you like that Kacchan. Be—because if you’re… if you’re frightened, I am too.”

Baffled, Katsuki gasped, “What the fuck are you saying, nerd?”

Deku wiped his tears with his forearm. Katsuki expected an answer but Deku was busy sniffling and having hiccups. God this nerd had always been a cry baby and it would be hard for him to stop once he started.

If Katsumi was not a ghost, then she really had been misusing her quirk all along.

And if there was one fucking person who could analyze quirks better than him, it was this crying nerd.

In a frenzied rage, Katsuki stood up, “Leave me the fuck alone Deku! I don’t need your fucking help! I don’t give a shit what you think! You are scared anyways no matter what so why the fuck was that on me?!” he shouted then walked out.

He felt a hand firmly gripped his forearm, as a reflex Katsuki had blown the fucker away from him, “Don’t fucking touch me!” he screamed.

“Who is she?!” Deku hurriedly stood up and shouted back with so much heat in his broken voice. “What is she doing to you?!”

Katsuki detonated his quirk directly to Deku, who was able to evade again in the nick of time.

“Not a fucking word about her Deku. I fucking swear I’m gonna kill you.” threat dripping with rage and poison. “Leave me the fuck alone.”

After propelling himself in the air, he landed in front of the school grounds and blindly ran through the corridors again. A few mindless turns later, Katsuki found himself at the infirmary, treated for his burnt palms but not for his shattered mind. Recovery Girl allowed him to lay himself on the bed for the rest of the afternoon before the last bell rings.

He couldn't care less if he skipped classes, he needed to dissociate his world to Katsumi’s.

Katsuki was not Lord Explosion.

Deku was not Dauntless.


Katsuki energetically sat up the bed and hysterically laughed.

“Deku’s hero name is Deku! Not Dauntless!” he hissed at himself, smiled like he just won the greatest battle of his life.

“Bakuchan!” he heard a voice he anticipated for every day. Still ecstatic from his genius conclusion, he looked at the little blonde standing on beside his bed, with a smirk on his face, he scurried at the edge of the bed to meet his little angel.

“Ghostie!” he laughed, still high from his own amusement, “Thought you’d never come!”

“Oh! Bakuchan! Why are you so happy?” she asked with her usual habit of curiosity — head tilted at the side, red eyes wide and questioning.

“Because I’m awesome!” he proudly said.

Katsumi giggled, “Of course you are!”

Katsuki looked at her, still with an everlasting smile on his face.

The more he examined at her, the more he sees Deku in her.

He shook his head.


Deku is not Katsumi’s shitty father.

Deku is not Dauntless.

Those are facts.

He needed to divert his attention.

“So, how was your birthday? Did you win some prizes?” he asked, he smirked and put his arms across his chest, “Are they awesome?”

Katsumi bit her lip and looked away, “Uhm… we… we never went to the carnival.”


Katsumi’s eyes started to form tears, she immediately wiped it and smiled, “It’s okay Bakuchan! I still have more birthdays to come! We can come next time!”

Now, the false happiness he felt was suddenly stomped down by the real emotion he was trying to mask a few seconds ago -- an immense fiery wave of anxiety and crowded thoughts rushed back to him with heated retaliation. He swallowed the ball of dread and tried not to get burned by it all, he leaned closer to her, “What happened?”

Katsumi continued to smile, “Nothing!”

Katsuki knew that he should stop there. That he should move on, but he was also concerned for the blonde, so he braced himself for what was to come, “Katsumi. Tell me.”

“Uhm…” she bit her lip, “Papa... Papa and Mama are… uhm… in trouble.” She murmured.

Her crimson eyes were darkened, tearful and glum, she looked at him, “We were supposed to… we were supposed to go out with Papa’s hero friends, remember? Uhm…” she looked down, “Lord Explosion did not make it. He… he was called into an emergency mission.” She smiled briefly, “Papa…” then frowned, “Papa can’t hide his worry. He said sorry to me a lot of times, but I told him it’s okay.”

She sighed, “Ever since then…Papa… Papa was so sad. He was…” she gripped her forearms, “He always cried. He was so sad. He won’t speak to anyone. Mama and Papa always fought every day until…” she put her hands on her face, hiding the tears already flowing on her cheeks, “Until Papa took me to Grandma’s house and said I will stay there until… until he sorts things out with Mama.”

Katsuki was not prepared enough for this.

“Grandma said… grandma said they are breaking up.” She wiped her face with her forearm, “It’s my fault Bakuchan. I should not have forced Papa to celebrate my birthday at the carnival. We should have just stayed in the house. It’s my fault.”

“Katsumi.” He whispered, sliding his palms in the air, where Katsumi’s cheeks are supposed to be tangible but weren’t, “Hey, Princess, look at me.”

Katsumi refused to and just continued crying.

“It’s not your fault. Adults are selfish sometimes and… and maybe this is good since your Papa and Mama clearly are not…” he was not good with this. He was not good with consoling a traumatized, abused kid who was witnessing his parents breaking up, “They are not happy with each other and they take it out on you. It’s not your fault.” He said, not knowing whether or not he should, but he still did because he had no ounce of an idea what to say.

“But Bakuchan—“

“Don’t.” he firmly said, sure of what the next words he was going to say, “Don’t blame yourself. You have nothing to do about it.”

Katsumi had cried and moved closer to him, head passing through his shoulder as she rested on it. “Bakuchan I don’t want them to break up. I want us to be together again. We can be happy after Papa defeated all the bad guys so he won’t leave us anymore.”

Now, his library of vocabulary was thrown out of the window again, Katsuki was speechless.

So he just listened and let his heart break every time Katsumi speaks.

“It’s my fault. It’s because Mama got angry at me. Because I look like a demon.”

“I want to change my face. How do I do that Bakuchan?”

“I want Mama to love me again. To play with me again.”

“I want Papa to come home every day.”

“I will be a good girl to them.”

“I want us to be happy again.”

Katsuki could not help her, he knew he should but he did not know how. He could not even hug her. All he could do is watch her cry. All he could do was to hate himself more for not being able to do enough for his sweet little princess.

He wanted to piece together what happened to his parents and what lead to this, maybe it would help Katsuki have some perspective so he would know what he could say to her. Although he was a little relieved that they are finally getting a damn divorce, he could not help but ask himself of the reason why and what triggered it.

Or probably the better question was: Who?

“Katsumi… did you know what happened to Lord Explosion?”

She sniffled and nodded, “It was always on TV. He was set up by scary villains and they said ex-pro heroes helped too.” she sobbed, “He’s in the hospital. He’s not waking up since my birthday.”

Chills ran down to Katsuki’s spine upon hearing the news. As if he was devastated for someone he did not even know the real name of. He did know which idea had scared him more, the number one hero being injured or the repercussions it will bring to the world once the number one hero was defeated.

“What… what month is it now?” Katsuki asked, still in shock.

“It’s… August.”

4 months in the hospital.

Katsuki felt his whole body froze.

“I was so sad for Papa. He never comes to visit me at Grandma’s. He just calls. He doesn’t even do hero work anymore. Grandma said Papa’s just worried about his friend that’s why he’s always at the hospital.”

4 months of not visiting your child.

4 months of ignoring everyone else.

4 months of always staying in the hospital with your friend.

The number one hero was taken out of the world.

The number two hero left the world to burn.

Katsuki wondered if that was the group of villain’s plan all along — kill two birds with one stone. He wondered if the villains and the “ex-pro heroes” knew about the extent of their relationship. Or had predicted what will happen to Dauntless if they cut Lord Explosion’s wings first.

Had predicted that Dauntless will fall from grace if Lord Explosion did.

Because that’s not how you react to a friend.

With a friend, you will be sad, you will be worried but you won’t let go of everything else.

Your life will go on.


With a friend, you will not be in so much despair to the point that you, as a hero – turn your back on the world — as a father, forget your responsibilities — as a person, get lost and never be found.


That’s how you react for someone you deeply and madly in love with.

“Katsumi… remind me what does Lord Explosion look like?” he knew what she said when they first met. He knew what he had written in his notebook. He knew but, he can’t help himself but ask.  He just wanted to confirm. He needed to hear it again.

“Uhm…” she looked up to him, “I told you already right? He looks like you Bakuchan. Spiky hair, blond, red eyes. I can’t see his whole face… half of it was always covered with a mask, like a ninja.”

Katsuki studied her, with his own crimson orbs.

He studied her curly blonde hair and red eyes.

Then it clicked.

A crucial piece to the complicated puzzle finally in place.

Katsumi reminded her mother of the demon her Papa loves.

Katsumi is not a lovechild.

Dauntless is in love with Lord Explosion.

Deeply, terrifyingly, madly in love with him.

Whether they were in a secret relationship or not, Katsuki doesn’t need to know for now even though he wanted to.

That information was enough for him to have a glimpse of the picture of why her garbage parents are getting a divorce that was long overdue.

Maybe there was more to Dauntless or his mother being a shit human being than meets the eye.

And that involved Lord Explosion.

Katsuki felt a coil in his chest, he could not explain why he could not even name it, it— it just fucking hurt so— so fucking much.

“Bakuchan… why are you asking about him?” curious she asked, sniffed away her final tears that finally had gone dry.

“Nothing.” He patted her ghastly blonde curls and kissed her forehead, “Just… stay here with me as long as you can okay?”

Katsumi faintly nodded.

“What do you want to do while we pass time, princess?”

Katsumi smiled, “I want to—“, she was not able to continue her next words because she disappeared.

Katsuki felt a claw strangle his neck, halting him from breathing.

Katsuki was sure that it was not even 30 minutes yet and she had disappeared. He wanted to be there for her when her Papa can’t. When her world was falling apart. He wanted to constantly remind her that it was not her fault. That she should not even think about blaming herself for the fall out of three adults who made shit decisions in their lives.

“Bakugou.” He heard Recovery Girl’s voice, compassionate and soft. “We are extremely worried about you.”

Horror took over his entire being when he remembered that he was on the infirmary and not somewhere private.

When he took a glance at her, he was even mortified when he saw Aizawa-sensei standing beside her and the shadow behind the curtains, a familiar form he will never fail to recognize even if it was ten miles away.

He closed his eyes and pinched the bridge of his nose.

The no-nonsense look of Recovery Girl, the scrutinizing eyes of Aizawa-sensei and the presence of Deku standing still at the back of the damn curtains.

Katsuki knew he was cornered and he could not outrun anyone this time.

He was thoroughly and intimately — royally fucked.

-To be continued- 

Chapter Text

“No! I won’t go without Deku!” young Izuku heard Kacchan exclaimed upon entering the Bakugou household.

“But they said they’re going to be late! We’ll just drive by his house!” Auntie Mitsuki shouted back to her four-year-old son.

“No!” he insisted, voice even louder.

Izuku ran with his little feet to the living room and was met with a scowling Kacchan with his arms tightly tucked across his chest.

"Kacchan! I’m here!” he announced his presence, followed by a bubbly giggle.

“Deku! Why are you late?!” Kacchan pitter-pattered in haste towards Izuku, his voice was loud and questioning but he smiled like a victor. He intertwined his soft chubby hands with Izuku’s and dragged him to their front doors, ignoring Inko who walked behind her green-head son. “Let’s go! There’s a lot of things to do!”

Izuku heard his mom spoke to Auntie Mitsuki while the two ladies follow them to the door. “I’m sorry Mitsuki. I forgot to text you that we’re coming. Izuku woke up late because he can’t sleep from excitement and we had to rush everything! My goodness, this boy is unstoppable.”

“No worries!” Izuku can hear the smile on Auntie Mitsuki’s voice, “It’s just that my little brat woke up too early. He woke up at like 4 am, he practically became our alarm clock.” Kacchan’s mom then groaned, “These two are already handful on their own, more so if they are together. I hope we will survive this year’s summer camp.”

After the two boys wore their shoes, Kacchan held Izuku’s hand again as they dashed with their little feet towards Uncle Masaru who was loading their car with tents, coolers and other camping needs.

“Oh by the way, before I forget. Your birthday gift.” Kacchan pulled something out from his pocket and held it out to Izuku, a golden chained mini pocket watch, in the middle of it was a chibi head of All Might, the minute hand was forest green and the hour hand was orange, “A watch! Coz’ you’re always late!” the blonde smirked, clearly enjoyed his little genius idea.

Izuku rolled his eyes and pouted, “I’m not always late! You’re just always too early!” then he blushed and took the pocket watch, “I love it Kacchan! Thank you!”

“Of course you do! It’s from me!” the blond proudly said.

Izuku giggled and had worn the little trinket around his neck. He examined the watch with his starry eyes and gentle smile, another treasure to keep from his best friend.

Kacchan opened the car door for Izuku, “Get in Deku!” he directed the green-head. Izuku nodded and obeyed the blond. Kacchan followed after and made sure the door was locked.

Izuku placed his little All Might backpack, swayed his legs in the air and pulled out a pair of walkie talkies — he handed over the green one to his friend “It’s my birthday present from Mama!” then kept the orange one to himself.

Kacchan inspected the walkie talkie and grinned, “This is so cool!”

“It’s for you Kacchan!” Izuku beamed, “You can have it!”

“Really? Then I have to give you something else aside from my gift to you.”

Izuku shook his head, “The watch is already amazing.” the green head smiled. “Also, I’m happy that we’re together again this summer!”

Kacchan blushed and looked away, “Stop saying embarrassing things! Stupid Deku.”

Izuku chuckled and leaned his head on Kacchan’s shoulders, “But it’s true! I’m always happy when I am with Kacchan! Because Kacchan’s the best!”

As soon as Kacchan had run out of the classroom before anyone could see where he was going, the blond was gone.

He was never the one to cut classes or to even disobey the order of his teacher — even more so, of a hero, but when Kacchan walked out of Present Mic’s class with trembling hands, shaking voice and eyes that had seen horror — it’s only imperative that Izuku must follow him.

He heard Present Mic yelled at him and Kirishima, who silently walked out the door. Both of them did not listen, which probably will lead to a series of consequences later. The redhead had proposed to spread their search and Izuku had just nodded, not really taking Kirishima’s advice to consider because there was no need for the green-head to search for Kacchan.

Searching for him meant that he did not know where to find Kacchan.

Following him meant Izuku already knew where his feet should take him to be with the Kacchan.

"Kacchan! Look at this bug! It’s so big!” four-year-old Izuku proudly waved a black stag beetle he caught as he ran towards Kacchan. He had cut through the green foliage, fresh grass, and fragile twigs just to get to his blond best friend.

It was July 15th and it was a nice summer on Saturday morning at the Musutafu Natural National Park. The Bakugous together with the Midoriyas were having their traditional summer day trip that the boys had always been anticipating for every after their second favorite time of the year: Christmas, the summer trip being the first.

“Hah!” the blond snorted, “Mine’s better!” he showed a luminescent green beetle that he held carefully on his hand. “Look! Look! It’s shining!” eyes focused on the green-head, awaiting his reaction for his great achievement for the day, that he was sure will be followed by another later.

Izuku gasped in awe as he stared at the living marvel right on the little blond’s palm.

“It’s pretty and green! Just like you!” Kacchan said with a smirk that ran end to end of his cheeks.

Izuku blushed and giggled, he then knitted his eyebrows, “You think I am pretty? But I am not a girl!”

“Stupid Deku!” Kacchan pouted then pinched his freckled cheek, which made little Izuku pucker his lips in return, “Boys can be pretty too!”

Now both of Izuku cheeks were held hostage, the green luminescent beetle escaped from the blond “Werl, okehy!” Izuku said in a muffled voice as his cheek continued to be playfully pushed and pulled by Kacchan, “I chink Kaccwhan ish pwetty choo!”

Kacchan glowered, cheeks became redder than his eyes, “Shut up!” he had let go of the tender freckled cheeks of the green-head then he grinned, “I’m going to find you the best gift ever!” he announced like it was the best thing that will ever happen to them.

Izuku dashed through the empty corridors of UA high, heart drummed a painful discord at thousand beats per second. Shallow breaths, sweaty palms and cold beads of perspiration on his forehead – Izuku felt the strain of his whole body flight after flight of stairs towards the rooftop.

Izuku knew that it was he who would find Kacchan first.

Of course.

Kacchan would always run to the rooftop whenever he wanted to think, away from all – the extras as he labeled everybody else.

It was equivalent to the playground in their area, where Kacchan stays after school whenever something happened and doesn’t want to go home before he takes control of his mind.

"Kacchan! Kacchan! Where are you?!” the four-year-old Izuku cried at the orange walkie-talkie as he blindly ran through the forest. It was already near sunset when Kacchan wandered away from Izuku’s side without him noticing.

He kept on pressing the push-to-talk switch, but the speakers only replied with a static.

He ignored the voice of his Mom and Kacchan’s parents to not run off the forest by himself.

He did not want Kacchan to be alone in the forest. Because if Kacchan is alone, it will be scary, so Izuku needed to be there by his side as quickly as his little feet can get him.

Tears flowed from his eyes like a rain pour, careless scratches kept on being added on his skin, shoes became muddy and torn yet he relentlessly ran, to find Kacchan, anywhere the assembly of trees and plants may be hiding him.

“Kacchan! Kacchan!” he called out to the forest, hoping it would help him find his friend.

“Deku!” a garbled voice masked by a noisy static finally responded to the walkie-talkie.

Deku sniffled as he started to cry, “Kacchan! Where are you?!”

“Don’t come here!” the blond kid frantically warned.

But Izuku did not listen. He kept on searching. He kept on swatting away the bushes bigger than him. Kept on ignoring the pain of his feet, the abrasions on his exposed limbs and the dirt on his clothing.

He pushed himself further when he finally saw a flash of spiky blond hair, the relief he felt turned into dread when he saw where Kacchan sat on.

Down below the slope, Kacchan was in the middle of a wild collection of red roses, thorns and vines were uncontrolled. The thorny tentacles of the flowers embraced Kacchan, trapping him.

“Kacchan! Are you okay?!” Izuku panicked, his mind was trying to comprehend how he will get down from the hill he was standing on. It was not that high, probably four to five feet, but he was just a four-year-old kid and to him, it looked like an insurmountable mountain.

Kacchan looked up to him and scowled, “What are you doing here?! I told you not to come!” he scolded the green-head.

“But Kacchan— you’re—“

“This is nothing! I’m just resting!” he glared at Izuku, “Don’t come here!”

Izuku was never the one to listen when it came to being stopped from following Kacchan, so he asked his friend to wait for him while he tried to figure out what to do.

He found a thick vine and grabbed it, he tied it on the nearby tree trunk and immediately slid himself down carefully to reach out his small hand to Kacchan, “Please hold my hand!” he said, tears already threatening to come out from his green eyes.

“Get back up Deku! The vine will—“

Before Kacchan could finish his sentence, the vine snapped.

“Deku!” he shouted in fright and slapped away the thorns on his way and ignored the swollen lump on his ankle to get to the green head. Thankfully, Kacchan was never late, he caught Izuku on time and embraced him, making the blond’s body a cushion between Izuku, the rocky ground, and the barbed vines. Kacchan refused to shout of pain, so he bit his lip until it bled like the wounds he already had on his body.

“You’re so stupid Deku!” Kacchan shouted but he had helped Izuku to sit up properly. He swiped his dirty hand on the clean part of his muddied tank top and once it was acceptably unsoiled, he wiped the mud away from Izuku’s cheek and the dusted off his messy forest green hair, “I told you not to come here!” he yelled at him.

Deku cried but kept his eyes on the blond, “I’m sorry! I’m sorry Kacchan you’re hurt! You’re hurt because of me!”

“I am not hurt, idiot! This is nothing!”


Kacchan groaned and aggressively wiped Izuku’s tears clean, “Stop crying!”

“I can’t! I’m sorry! I’m sorry!” he continued to cry, “I’m so worried Kacchan when you disappeared. Don’t do that again, please. Please Kacchan.” he sniffled and wailed alternatingly against his will.

Izuku hurriedly opened the door to the rooftop and found Kacchan, who was kneeling in front of the terrace, endlessly shouting. Izuku took a deep breath and waited for the blond to finish releasing whatever emotion he was feeling.

When Kacchan was done, Izuku took careful small steps towards him, he took a deep breath as his hand start to shake when he started to step inside Kacchan’s space that he had not been into for so many moons. In a voice that almost disappeared from the air, he asked the blond if he was okay, but he only got silence for an answer.

Izuku let out a sigh, releasing the crushing tension building inside him. He held his own hand together for a while, forced it to stop shivering. When his body finally listened to him, he stretched out his arm and gently touched Kacchan’s shoulder, Izuku's wary eyes searched for a hint of anything that can help Izuku know what was bothering his…

Kacchan choked in air, breathed with a painfully long interval in between, fair skin turned pale. Izuku’s heart dropped when the red orbs flashed nothing but darkness, “Oh, my go—Kacchan!” the green-head was able to muster as all of his uncertainties were thrown out of the window when he saw Kacchan was having a panic attack.

Izuku grabbed Kacchan’s icy cold hand in haste and placed it on Izuku’s chest, completely ignoring the blood that stained his white uniform. “Breathe with me… breathe… Kacchan.”

Izuku closed his eyes and forced himself not to cry, not to fall into dread with his…

“Kacchan…it’s okay. I’m here. I got you.” Izuku softened his voice, a voice he once was allowed to use whenever Kacchan needed to calm down.

Izuku felt relieved when Kacchan’s breathing started to even out.

“Kacchan… you’re safe” he assured him.

Because he was.

Izuku had always made ridiculous efforts to do so for his…

Chapter Text

Kacchan pursed his lips and sighed, making his cheeks puff until the air got out, “I got you this.” Sitting on his small palm was a partly crushed blue rose, stained by dull red blood, however, it was like a beautifully painted blemish, making the azure shade stand out more, “It’s my other gift to you, remember I’m gonna give you the best?” downtrodden, he mumbled, “But… but it’s ruined now.”

“Kacchan…it’s…” river of tears only streamed more from Izuku’s viridian eyes. He carefully took the battered blue rose from Kacchan’s palm to his, “It’s so… amazing.” then beamed radiantly as the morning glow of spring, “Like you.” he fondly added.

Kacchan put up a brave face and a confident and smirk, “Of course! I found it!”

Grief-stricken, Izuku held the rare blue rose close to his heart and let the sobs break his voice, “But you got hurt… you got hurt while taking it.” He sniffled and stared at Kacchan’s red irises. “I don’t want you to get hurt. Ever.”

“I am not hurt! I told you I’m just resting!” Kacchan defended, “So stop crying already!”

“Kacchan… Kacchan…” like Izuku, his tears were too stubborn to stop and follow simple instructions, “Kacchan I get sad whenever you are hurt. I can’t help it.”

Kacchan gently wiped his tears, “Deku… Stop. I’m okay.”

Izuku slowly nodded but still could not stop the rush of tears, “I want a hug Kacchan.”

Kacchan rolled his eyes and pointedly said, “Fine! Only because it’s your birthday!” he narrowed his scrutinizing eyes on Izuku, “And you’d stop crying if I do!” Kacchan held out his arms, open and welcoming.

Izuku let his injured body gently fall on his best friend, he wrapped his wary arms around Kacchan and buried his forehead in between the blond’s neck and shoulder. Kacchan held him tight, resting his head atop of Izuku’s. Individual parts of yin and yang melted into one to achieve the harmonic balance into completion.

A few more sobs and whispers of Kacchan’s name like a chaste prayer, Izuku finally stopped crying.

“Deku! Sun is setting! Hurry! Make a wish!” Kacchan announced but did break the warmth of their embrace.

Izuku gently nodded, had not moved from his comfort, “I wish I’ll be with Kacchan forever and ever.” he murmured.

Kacchan shook Deku a little then exclaimed. “Deku you idiot! It won’t come true if you say it out loud!”

Izuku gasped in horror, “Oh no!” He immediately cried again, “Oh no! Oh no! Oh no! Does that mean you will leave me Kacchan?” he squeezed Kacchan tighter, frightened that his best friend would disappear at that instant. “Please. Please. Please. Don’t leave me Kacchan.” He desperately pleaded.

“No!” Kacchan declared with assured force, a single word that contained hundred solid promises. The blond smoothly ran his hand on Izuku’s soft green curls, “You’re weak Deku. I need to protect you!”

“I’m not weak!” Izuku adamantly protested, “You’re just a whole lot stronger!”

Kacchan snorted, amused that Izuku even tried to deny some simple facts of life. He playfully ruffled Izuku’s hair, “It’s the same! You’re so stupid Deku.”

Izuku’s mind went overdrive upon thinking of the reasons why Kacchan had a panic attack in the middle of the class.

Kacchan never had one, not even when he almost died during the Sludge Villain incident and to Izuku’s knowledge that must have been the most stressful event in Kacchan’s life. He mind started to wonder if it was the activities of the hero course, but that seemed impossible because Kacchan was the at the top of everything and it was not new for the blond to be the best among his peers, it was almost natural for him to outshine everybody else just by his presence alone.

So Izuku racked up his brain for reasons.

Then he remembered, this may not be the first time Kacchan had a panic.

It was…back then when Izuku first heard her name.


Katsumi who was the first person Kacchan ever called his friend, not even Izuku who had been with him all of his life was given that title.

Katsumi whom Kacchan had written a haiku for. Whom he had missed. Who was named after beauty and victory, just like how Kacchan’s name was constructed.

So he had to ask.

Even though his voice was trembling in fear and jealousy.

Even though he knew what was coming to him and it really did – the red irises that used to look at Izuku like he was magic when they were young, turned cold, a glare full of rage. The hand that used to protect him now only pushed him away and burned him. The red tie Izuku used as a bandage was burnt into ashes as Kacchan detonated his anger on Izuku. The greenhead was thrown out of balance, making him stumble on the ground and ungracefully sit on it.

“Don’t you fucking dare talk to her as if she was an enemy!” Kacchan growled at him, defended her honor as if Izuku was out to get her.

“B-But I don’t even know who she is!” he defended himself because he never meant to make it sound like that.

Like Katsumi was a faceless enemy no matter how Izuku felt about her.

“You always act weird when—“

Whenever she’s around. If she was in the classroom—


What if Katsumi is a villain? A villain with a manipulation quirk? Or what if she was a product of a quirk that gave Kacchan images of a girl that sent him to the brink of a mental breakdown?

“Always?! As if you know anything!” Katsuki roared as if answering Izuku’s unspoken questions.

Izuku never meant to answer back, but his mouth betrayed him and the much-needed release for his own raging emotions finally happened when he shouted back at Kacchan, louder than the blond’s voice. “Because you never tell me what’s going on!”

Now Izuku had really done it.

This is not gonna be a heated discussion anymore.

This is already a fight.

Izuku was not quirkless anymore. Izuku could at least defend himself if he wanted to withstand the full wrath of the blond that was coming to him so he could get to the bottom of things.

Kacchan’s reflex to blow Izuku to smithereens gave birth to the greenhead’s reflex to evade him and he successfully did so, not that Kacchan was surprised.

Of course, Kacchan would misinterpret Izuku’s actions and words again, that Izuku somehow made Kacchan felt helpless and clueless wherein fact, it was Izuku who felt that way. So he had to explain himself again. That he did not think Kacchan needed him to “step-in” and help the blond because he was not capable of doing so himself.

He just wanted to understand why Kacchan was scared.

All he had ever wanted was to drive those fears away from his….


No. No. No.

Izuku started crying again. He couldn’t stop because it’s just too much for him. He knew Kacchan hated it when he cries, but back then… back then whenever he does Kacchan would…

Do something about it.

Would bask Izuku on his warmth, until Izuku felt safe in his embrace.

Izuku was a ball of insecurities since he was a child, both of them knew that.

Kacchan probably never knew that he was the only one who can untangle all of it.

Izuku bowed his head down and gripped his hand, to hold himself on stable ground, to have a channel for the brewing hurt and pain inside him whenever they fight.

He apologized to Kacchan, he apologized for not wanting to see Kacchan be frightful. He never did and that will not change.

He apologized for the fear he felt the moment Kacchan walked out of their classroom door, intensified when he saw Kacchan losing it of his basic functions as dread choked the control out of him.

Izuku wailed because all he ever wanted right this moment was to ran towards his…

Kacchan sounded so puzzled when he asked Izuku, “What the fuck are you saying, nerd?”

Izuku didn't know why the water from his eyes felt acid as his eyes and face started to burn when he heard the tone of cluelessness from Kacchan’s question. He wiped the poison from his eyes with his forearm, grey blazer now soaked.

Why would you ask me that as if you don’t know?

I never failed to tell you that I was always scared when you are. I never failed to tell you that back when you still allow me to tell you anything.

Izuku’s words failed him as he let his tears do the talking for him.

Because that was the only thing he was allowed to do ever since Kacchan manifested a quirk.

Every time Kacchan’s foot met the ground, searing sharp pain was shot through his entire body due to the bad sprain.  They found a haven at the wall of the cliff they fell on. Both kids were fatigued, they decided to wait for their parents to find them tonight or if not, try to find their way home tomorrow.

They did not mind spending the night on the forest surrounded by wild thorny vines.

There was nothing to fear because they got each other.

Izuku chose three clean petals from the blue rose and kept it safely on his pocket watch. He planned to ask his mom how to preserve it, so it will last forever, like his bond with Kacchan.

Kacchan snuggly rested his head on Izuku’s shoulder that perfectly fit his best friend’s form. Izuku’s arm was wrapped on Kacchan’s waist, he became the blond’s warm soft blanket on the cold summer night, and together they had left no spaces between them.

“Kacchan.” Izuku gently whispered.


Izuku intertwined his other hand with the blond’s and brushed his supple cheeks to Kacchan’s soft spiky hair, “Don’t leave me okay?” he asked, seeking an assurance from his best friend.

Kacchan gripped his hand on Izuku’s with a hint of annoyance but with a steady stance, “I already told you I won’t!”

Izuku moved his head down and searched for Kacchan’s eyes, the sole reason why his favorite color was red, “Promise me.” He stubbornly demanded from the blond.

Crimson eyes fixed on green ones, connecting their souls to seal their bond, “I promise, Izuku.” Kacchan vowed in finality.

Izuku’s anxiety shot through the roof when he heard Kacchan screamed at him, “Leave me the fuck alone Deku! I don’t need your fucking help! I don’t give a shit what you think! You are scared anyways no matter what so why the fuck was that on me?!”

No. No. No.

Don’t walk away, Kacchan.

Don’t walk away when we haven’t even resolved anything!

His old instinct to touch Kacchan had overtaken his newly developed instinct to back away when he gripped the blond’s forearm, hoping it was enough to make him stay.

“You promised you’d stay with me, why have you forgotten all about it?” Izuku asked only to himself because… he wasn’t allowed anymore.

Izuku hoped that Kacchan would pull him closer like he once did, but he was only pushed away by his quirk, the venomous voice demanded Izuku not to touch Kacchan.


In haste, Izuku picked himself up, “Who is she?!” he angrily shouted, “What is she doing to you?!”

Aside from your quirk and my quirklessness, is she gonna be another reason why we will drift further apart?!

Why is she so important to you that you’d react this way?!

Izuku’s nimble feet avoided the grenade of Kacchan’s anger.

“Not a fucking word about her Deku. I fucking swear I’m gonna kill you. Leave me the fuck alone.” The venom in Kacchan’s word paralyzed Izuku in place as if the acid of his own tears was not enough to burn Izuku.

Izuku’s knees felt limp as he knelt on the ground, body crouched to make himself smaller, hands gripped on his chest to stop his heart from violently pounding as if it would rip itself out of his ribcage any minute.

When Kacchan flew out of sight, Izuku screamed on his own.

Yet Izuku willed himself to be strong.

He needed to be strong so he could follow Kacchan.

He won’t stop until he knew what was going on.

He won’t stop until he knew who Katsumi was.

After a few minutes, he vigorously wiped his tears and ran towards his next destination.

Where he knew Kacchan would be – one, because of his injuries. Two, because it was another place where Kacchan could find solace.

To the infirmary.

The detailed events on how they ended up in a hospital bed were lost in the blur of their fatigue, dehydration, and fever. They shared the same hospital room, with their beds divided by a bedside end-table topped with 2 glasses of water, a pitcher, and besides their refreshments, were their walkie-talkies and Izuku’s pocket watch.

“Deku…Deku…” Kacchan whimpered in a strained voice.

Izuku immediately woke up, he was sleepy but he forced himself wide awake when he heard the distress in Kacchan’s voice. He dragged his IV pole towards Kacchan’s bed and huddled himself inside the blond’s white linen sheets.

Izuku yawned and lightly brushed his fingertips to the blond’s forehead to move away strays of his soft spiky hair, “Are you alright, Kacchan? Nightmares?” he asked because this was not the first time his best friend had bad dreams.

Kacchan nodded and snuggled closer, closing in the empty space between them.

“Tell me.” Izuku murmured. By bad dreams, Izuku meant super creepy dreams that would make him cry sometimes – only sometimes now because he had gotten used to listening to it and if he wanted to help Kacchan, he needed to be brave.  

“No. You’ll be scared.” Kacchan refused then gave out a tired yawn. “You’ll cry. I hate it when you cry.”

“I won’t cry. I swear.” the green-head assured him. He was braver now than the past year so he would be able to handle it.

“Fine!” hugged Izuku closer, Kacchan’s head now laid on Izuku’s chest, his hair almost tickling the greenhead, “It’s the same lady Deku. The weird lady in black kimono without a face. She was sitting at the edge of the bed. She’s still saying weird words to me that I don’t understand.”

Izuku just nodded, at least he was not surprised anymore. The lady that kept on visiting Kacchan’s nightmares since last year.

“I tried waking up and I kept on calling you but I can’t move and I don’t have a voice,” Kacchan continued, “Then she crawled to me and she was so close to my face and started screaming. I tried to scream back at her to make her go away then I finally woke up.” He casually retold the horrifying dream, like it was only natural for him to have such nightmares.

Izuku got nervous because that was new, because the lady usually disappears without doing anything to Kacchan until he gets out of the nightmare, “You’re so brave Kacchan, she’s gone now. She won’t come back because I’m here.”

Kacchan lazily nodded and grabbed Izuku’s little hand then placed it on his head. Izuku took a deep breath and ran his fingers through Kacchan’s hair with firm pressure, and in between, rubbed his thumb on the back of his ear.

Izuku serenely sang him a lullaby, the first song that he learned even though his four-year-old mind could not fully memorize the whole song yet, lest understand the meaning of it. “You are my sunshine. You make me happy when skies are grey.” Izuku gently smiled when he heard the blond gave out a relaxed yawn.

Izuku continued, “You'll never know, dear, how much I love you. Please don't take my sunshine away.” he yawned and closed his eyes, he whispered, “You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. You make me happy…” then he followed Kacchan to their peaceful slumber.

Izuku took a deep breath and composed himself before letting himself into the infirmary. He was surprised that Aizawa-sensei was there, having a discussion with Recovery Girl.

He silently approached them and kept a safe distance, enough so he could hear a few of the words that they were exchanging, however, Aizawa-sensei took a turn and his sleepy eyes boreholes on Izuku’s viridian ones as if he already knew what Izuku was thinking and why he was there.

“Problem Child.” he greeted him.

“Ah. Midoriya. I’m glad you’re here.” Recovery Girl smiled at him as she walked towards him, “Just the right person I needed for my explosive patient. Have you done your homework?”

Izuku softly nodded and faintly smiled.

“Good. We will catch up later okay? Right now we are discussing Bakugou’s leave of absence and the terms that will come with it.” she said.

Izuku was taken-aback and was only able to muster, “What?”

“I won’t let him participate in the internship on that condition Midoriya.” Aizawa-sensei said, “Bakugou was clearly out of his element. We need to find out what was going on before it could get worse.”

“But— but Kacchan would be extremely frustrated if—“

“I think he would rather miss the internship than be dropped from the hero course altogether.” The underground hero firmly said. “We’re doing to this to keep him here. I don’t want to waste such incredible talent.”

Recovery Girl smiled and briefly gave a comforting squeeze on Izuku’s shaking forearm before turning to Aizawa-sensei, “Let’s go talk to our patient shall we?”

-To Be Continued-

Chapter Text

Izuku’s homework was to observe Kacchan for any reoccurrence of this "incident".

At least that was what Recovery Girl explained to him the very first time he accompanied Kacchan to the infirmary for “seeing” Katsumi, a girl of unknown age with blonde hair and red eyes that no one can see except Kacchan.

Observing Kacchan as “homework.”

That’s laughable (no disrespect to Recovery Girl).

He had observed Kacchan since they were children before he even knows how to say his name right or know how to use pen and paper.

So observing Kacchan was not homework to Izuku.

Observing Kacchan was a habit, it only became a “homework” when he had to share it with others.

“Why’s Deku here?” was the first thing Kacchan asked upon meeting their superiors. The usual sting from Kacchan’s voice was lost — again, it was shaking like it seemed to do these past few hours.

Izuku flinched but remained standing behind the curtains that separated the infirmary beds with each other. He listened to their conversation even though he knew he should not. Even though he knew that Kacchan would be mad at him just for being there.

But he needed to know what was going on.

Because…. Because it was Kacchan and he was… well.


“He followed you, of course. You need help.” Aizawa-sensei explained matter-of-factly.

 “I am not—“

“Bakugou” Recovery Girl cut through his sentence then paused. “I understand the stress that the hero course is causing the students. Every person reacts differently to overwhelming pressure. Our brain creates ways for us to cope and during exceptional circumstances, our minds create certain… imageries that help us escape.”

“Wait… are you…” he pondered, “Are you telling me I’m crazy?!” Kacchan yelled irritably.

“I am not saying it Bakugou. I said, you are stressed and—“

“I am not seeing things!” Kacchan angrily shouted. Izuku could hear the panic on his quivering voice, “Katsumi is real and she’s somewhere out there and I need to save her!”

Recovery Girl exhaled, tried to be soothing as possible, “Bakugou, just a couple minutes ago you are talking to someone behind the curtains. I’ve been here the whole time and I had not seen a single student come in aside from you. I did not interrupt the one-sided conversation you are having because I want to know how long it will last.” She continued, “So it was a she and its name is Katsumi.”

Izuku tightly closed his eyes shut.  He clenched his fist and tried to even out his breathing.


Izuku brought his cold hand close to his heart and squeezed his blood-stained uniform, hoping it would stop hurting him so much. Kacchan have never shown any weakness to anyone, have never shown –


“Does it tell you to do something harmful?” Recovery Girl gently asked.

“No! She’s not an “it”!” Kacchan exclaimed, loudly to make a point, “She’s real and she is the one in danger! I don’t know where to find her! She really needs my help!”

“Alright. I understand. Are you afraid for her life?”


“Do you fear that something bad would happen if you have not done anything about a catastrophe?”

“Where are you going with these questions?!” Kacchan shouted, clearly annoyed.

Izuku heard Recovery let out a deep breath. Silence had dominated the infirmary room for a while, until she had spoken again, “Bakugou. It is good that you want to be helpful in times of crisis, but right now, you are in the infirmary of UA. We had heightened security all over the school, nothing dangerous will happen.”

“What?” Kacchan questioned, breathless and in disbelief. “What are you saying? How is that related to her?”

“I do not see somebody or something that will put someone in danger so you don’t have to worry about anyone’s safety right now.”

“Because she’s not here!” Kacchan argued.

“That is correct.”


“Right now, I understand that what you are going through is frightening. I would like to discuss this further with you on the upcoming days. I want you to take a few days of rest. So it will be beneficial for you not to participate in the internship at all—“

“What the fuck?!” Kacchan shouted again, now the sting he once lost was back.

“I want to observe you for several more occasions. This could be temporary. If your condition had improved, then there is no need to escalate this to a psychiatrist. I have prescribed you some medications to help you fight anxiety and panic attacks.”


“I want to help you Bakugou.” Her gentle voice uttered, “I’ll support you all throughout to avoid a possible admission to a psychiatric unit, so please let us help you.”

Kacchan was lost for words.

“Do we have an understanding, Bakugou?”

“I don’t need your help!” Kacchan shouted in fury. “I am not going crazy! Just because you can’t fucking see her, doesn’t mean she is not real!”

“I understand—“, Recovery Girl was cut off when Aizawa-sensei had taken over.

“Do you want to get expelled?” he firmly asked.

“Aizawa-sensei! Do not frighten him even more! He’s—“, Recovery Girl protested but the teacher continued.

“He’s not going to listen unless he understands the gravity of the situation. I know that you are trying to be a good nurse to him, but Bakugou’s head is too thick for gentle words.”

Kacchan had not answered.

“You are an exceptional student Bakugou, your quirk holds so much power, you are a natural-born genius, and you shine the brightest when you’re on the battlefield.” To which Izuku agreed on every word Aizawa-sensei had said.

“However,” Aizawa-sensei continued, his voice much softer now, “If you remain to be stubborn, not only will I expel you, but I will write a recommendation letter to get you treated to a psychiatric facility first before getting into any hero school in this nation. Treatment like that would take months, and for uncooperative patients like you, years. You’re not the first student who had a mental breakdown on my watch, but most of them had cooperated with us so they were heroes now, those who didn’t, well… it just made things much complicated for them.”

Recovery Girl sighed, “Do not worry expulsion Bakugou. It will not happen to you, I will make sure of it. We have already spoken to the Principal. Aizawa-sensei and I are on your side, including Nedzu. Our goal is for you to continue with your hero course without a problem and for you to be comfortable during your stay here. So please, let us help you.”

Kacchan must have agreed in silence.

“Thank you, Bakugou. Your decision will give us a better way to deal with this. Now, I plan to have you rest for a week and I will make home visits to assess and review your progress. Depending on the outcome, I will recommend that you can come back to school, however, we would still meet here for a session. Does that sound acceptable to you or would you like to contribute your ideas for your treatment?”

“That’s wonderful.” She said. Izuku could hear the smile on Recovery Girl’s voice, “I will let Aizawa-sensei take over from here as I arrange some papers for you. I’ll see you in the following days, Bakugou.”

Recovery Girl went outside and met with Izuku. He just stood there as she held out his forearm and smiled at him. She proceeded to her table and had arranged some papers and her final instructions for Kacchan.

“I have called your parents beforehand and informed them about what happened. They should be here around 4 pm. I had asked Kirishima to bring your things here, after classes. You are to stay here until then.” Aizawa-sensei said.

Kacchan remained silent.

“Bakugou, you will be fine.”Aizawa-sensei sighed, “This is just a tiny roadblock that you will overcome soon. You are one of the strongest students I’ve handled and I believe in your ability to get through this.”

“Thank you, Aizawa-sensei.” Kacchan finally answered after long his silences.

“I will leave you to rest then. Contact us if you need anything.”

Aizawa-sensei came out, he tapped Izuku’s shoulder and bid his goodbye to Recovery Girl.

“Deku.” Kacchan called out. Izuku jumped in surprise but did not know how to respond. 


“Please stop asking me why.” Izuku stopped him, sure of what he had answered.

“Please stop asking me why. You know the answer Kacchan. You know I am always crazy worried about you. You knew that since we were four.” he completed the sentence only to his mind.

“I don’t need your baseless worrying. Leave me alone.” Kacchan talked back as if he knew what’s on Izuku’s mind.

“I can’t.” Izuku took a long exasperated sigh, “You know I can’t.”

“That’s why you fucking annoy me.” Kacchan clapped back.

“I know. I’m sorry.”

They shared a moment of silence.

“She’s real Deku.” Kacchan’s voice sounded so overwhelmed. “Fuck. She’s….” Izuku could hear that he was trying his best to stop himself from crying, “She’s real. Deku…she needs me.”

Izuku did not reply.



It had always been imprinted in Izuku’s mind the dissonance of Kacchan’s voice when he was vulnerable. Out of utter primal instinct, he opened the curtains and walked inside, to reach Kacchan as soon as he could, to heed his dismal cry, to fulfill his duty to the man he devoted his entire life for.

“Kacchan…” Izuku whispered, gently, in a way he knew how that would soothe the blonde.

Kacchan let his head fall in between Izuku’s shoulder and neck, which the greenhead expected from the blond, but still surprised him a little that it actually happened.

Kacchan finally gave Izuku permission to be there for him, like the old days.

“Tell me she’s real.” he murmured, voice soft and defeated.

Izuku took a deep breath and ran his hand along with Kacchan’s head, his spiky yet soft blond hair intertwined with his fingers as he rolled his thumb with ample pressure at the back of Kacchan’s ear. Izuku knew that it can give him comfort, it can even lull Kacchan to sleep sometimes.

He knew that from the overnights they had on their happier days, whenever the blond had a bad day from their afternoon adventures that did not go as the four-year-old Kacchan planned, from the time Izuku was allowed to sleep next to him when that happened, from the time when Kacchan would snuggle next to him and grab Izuku’s hand to place it on his blond head. From the time Kacchan would hug him tightly until he could sleep after experiencing a nightmare.

Izuku was pleased that it still worked like magic to the blond — Kacchan’s tense shoulder now started to loosen up, his breathing quieter and his head scooted deeper on Izuku’s to rest on him properly.


Izuku sighed, but partly because of relief, Kacchan seemed calm now. He had let his other hand rest on Kacchan’s shoulder, smiled upon feeling that it was completely relaxed.

Izuku rested his head atop of the spiky field of blond, “I don’t know Kacchan. I’m sorry.” Izuku slid his hand from the blonde’s shoulder and wrapped his arms around him, “But… Kacchan…if you—“, he stopped and carefully processed the next words he would say. He knew how dangerous it is to imply that Kacchan was helpless even though he wasn’t.

Was Kacchan not helpless right now?

His powerful mind made an imaginary “friend” for him so he could cope with whatever made Kacchan vulnerable.

Izuku felt his cheeks dampen, he hated himself sometimes – most of the time – when he cries without warning. He needed to be strong for Kacchan but he was the one crying.

Why do you have to create a friend out of nowhere when… when you could have just turned to me?

Like you always did before?

Before… everything went south.

Before the status of our quirks divided us.

You knew it Kacchan. You knew that one call from you and I will be at your doorstep — no, at your feet, with my whole body shaking, ready for whatever you needed me to do.

If you needed a friend…

“I am here.” Izuku uttered after filtering out his train of thoughts.

Kacchan remained quiet and still.

And Izuku just kept on crying.

Kacchan shuffled himself and looked up to him, he wiped the tears from Izuku’s eyes which stunned him. Izuku stopped massaging Kacchan’s head but his hand remained there.

“You look like her.” He whispered, with warmth on his eyes and fondness on his voice. Kacchan softly rubbed his thumb on Izuku’s cheeks as if tracing a pattern on his freckles, “She has blonde curly hair, she has eyes like yours, wide and bright, but it’s red, she has freckles too. She’s the most beautiful girl I have ever seen.”

Izuku was shattered. It took everything in him to remain unfazed as their eyes locked, but his traitorous tears refused to listen and had only streamed down his face with ferocity.

A lump of acid and despair formed on his throat as he couldn’t bring himself to speak while he listened to Kacchan sing Katsumi’s praises.

“She also can’t pronounce my name properly, just like you.” Kacchan snickered, “It was so annoyingly adorable.”

“She also loves Katsudon. She’s also stubborn and damn competitive.” Then rolled his eyes, “And of course, a cry baby.” He smirked.

“She’s just like you.”

Izuku was about to say something but bit his lip.

“Then…then Kacchan, can I be her instead? Your friend?”

“Stop crying nerd, I really fucking hate it when you cry.” Kacchan’s head fell on Izuku’s shoulder again and yawned.

Izuku sniffled and forced himself to chuckle the emotional torment away, but a calm smile formed on his lips, “Sleepy?” he gently whispered and massaged the blond’s head.

Kacchan nodded.

“Wanna lie down on the bed?”

Kacchan shook his head.

“You’ll be more comfortable there.”

He shook his head once more.

“Okay.” Izuku rested his head on Kacchan’s, “I’ll stay here.”

Kacchan sighed of relief and lazily yawned – a long yawn Izuku knew that will take Kacchan to slumber. Izuku hummed the tune an all familiar lullaby he used to sing to the blond.

Over the years, he had memorized the whole lyrics by heart and only accurately understood the lyrics when he was seven.

When he realized that he loves his best friend more than anyone else in the world. That he doesn’t want anyone to take Kacchan away from him. That he does not exactly want to share Kacchan with others.

Even though they drifted apart, those feelings never went away.

When Kacchan’s breathing became peaceful and quiet, he wrapped his arms around him, “You are my sunshine. My only sunshine. You make me happy when skies are grey.” He murmured his favorite words from the song. He closed his eyes and smiled, inhaled the sweet scent of burnt caramel from his quirk and mint shampoo that Kacchan used since they were kids.

“You’ll never know dear, how much I love you.” Izuku continued the song on his mind as he tightened his hold. He could not bring himself to say it, not anymore.

Not because Kacchan started to resent him.

Not because Izuku was afraid.

But because the love he felt for the blond when he was a kid was different now.

Through the cracks of their broken relationship, love still managed to find its way to Izuku’s heart and stayed there, only to grow stronger each day.

A love that had so much more depth, attraction.

Sensual desire.

Lascivious hunger.

Ardent sin.

All of which he knew he should not feel about the blond.

Not when Kacchan hated him so.

Not when both of them are boys.

Even more so now, now that he… he probably loves somebody else.

So Izuku settled on chasing after him.

Chase after him so he would be allowed to stand by his side again.

So they could be heroes together.

If Izuku had no right to have Kacchan’s affection, he could at least be Kacchan’s friend.

Izuku quietly chuckled when he heard the faint snore from the blond. He had always been a snorer, no matter how much Kacchan denied it. At least, it was not loud and distracting, young Izuku would tell him, but still, young Kacchan would get mad whenever he was teased about it.

That quiet wheeze also meant that Kacchan was fast asleep and no matter what anyone does, even if someone sets off a grenade next to him, he won’t wake up. He was dead to the world.

Unless he experiences nightmares again.

Izuku was sure he will, this day had been nerve-wracking for him – for both of them. He wished he could be there for Kacchan when that happens, so he could be a safe reality for him.

The greenhead carefully moved Kacchan so he could comfortably lie on the infirmary bed. He pulled the white linen up to the blond’s neck and sat beside him.

Izuku fondly smiled and lightly brushed the back of his hand to Kacchan’s cheek.

“Perfect.” he whispered the only word he knew that would encompass everything that is Kacchan.


Izuku woke up from his nap when he heard Auntie Mitsuki called his name. He was sitting on the chair he pulled earlier, to be with Kacchan until his parents come. Recovery Girl told him not to come back to classes and just stay where he was as she already talked about Aizawa-sensei about it.

He smiled and before he could approach her, he was surprised that he was hugged by Auntie Mitsuki, then held his shoulders as she beamed at him, “It’s good to see you here. What happened to Katsuki? Your Uncle Masaru is talking to Recovery Girl right now, I just walked straight here.”

“He was… overwhelmed. By stress.”

“I see.” Auntie Mitsuki said, eyes downcast and thoughtful as if it was enough for her to know what occurred to her son.

As kids, Kacchan refused to tell anyone but Izuku about his nightmares. Nonetheless, whenever they have overnights, Izuku remembered that during the times when Kacchan would be pushed over the edge of instability, the blond would scream and he would be difficult to wake up, even when Izuku was there. His parents would always rush to them, ready to comfort him, do anything to make him sleep again. When Izuku stopped visiting their house, he had no idea if Auntie Mitsuki did something about it or consulted professional help, like what Recovery Girl would give him now.

She beamed at him again and disheveled his already messy hair, “Thanks for always taking care of my son!”

Izuku blushed and smiled, “I-it’s… nothing Auntie Mitsuki. I— I hardly did anything.”

Auntie Mitsuki chuckled, “Oh honey. I’ve been with that brat for 15 years and you’re the only one who can make him sleep like that.” She pointed at Katsuki, who was sleeping peacefully like a starfish on the bed. “Not even a trace of tiny wrinkles on his angry little forehead.” She snickered, “And I’m supposed to be his mother!”

Izuku’s whole face turned beet red and as a futile defense, he bowed down to hide his growing embarrassment from Kacchan’s mom.

Auntie Mitsuki sighed in frustration, “It’s almost a shame that I had to wake him up and go home.” She patted Izuku’s back as she smiled ear to ear, “Come visit him while he’s on break. It’s been years since I saw you around the house. We miss having you around!”

Izuku sheepishly rubbed the back of his head, “I—I’ve been busy lately.” He looked away as he came up with an excuse, “I-I’ll try to. Finals are coming up and I—I am falling behind.”

“Alright then. You can always come anytime once you’re free!” she then turned to Kacchan, and lightly tapped his shoulder, “Hey, Katsuki. Wake up, honey. Time to go."

Izuku felt the warmth on his heart as he watched Auntie Mitsuki be gentle to his son. The greenhead knew where Kacchan got his non-existent patience and explosive temper, so more often than not, the two would always fight over simple things. It had always been a riot when these two Bakugous were in the same space, but during these kinds of events, both of their defenses were down and they were nothing short of love for each other.

“Mitsuki dear, I’ll—“ Uncle Masaru had stopped mid-sentence, “Oh, Izuku.” he greeted Izuku as he moved closer to him and tap his shoulder, “Long time no see.”

Izuku smiled at the head of the Bakugou Family, the one who can withstand the temper of the explosive blonds of his household without being fazed, “It’s nice to see you as well Uncle Masaru.”

“I am relieved that it was you who was with him today. It means he’s well taken care of.” Uncle Masaru said with a reassuring smile, “Thank you, Izuku. You did a good job.”

The heat on Izuku’s head had turned his entire face red and he must have imagined the sizzle he felt that came out from the top of it when heard the words of Kacchan’s father, “T—thanks Uncle Masaru.” he stuttered, then fidgeted his hands together that earned him a chuckle from the older Bakugou.

Izuku never grew up with a father himself, so he never knew what was it like to have one and Uncle Masaru was the first father figure he ever had. So being complimented by him did things to Izuku’s heart and sense of self – as if he had actually done something right today. An irrefutable validation.

He respectfully excused himself to give the family their privacy, Kacchan still proved to be difficult to wake up. Upon stepping out, Recovery Girl had stopped him and asked him to stay. Izuku refused to do so because he knew that when Kacchan sees him talking to her privately, it would only ignite the blond’s anger and everything will go downhill again. 

So Izuku left the infirmary, promised her that he will come to talk to her tomorrow and tell her everything she wanted to know.

Izuku woke up to a pair of warm, soft lips on his cheek.

He slowly opened his eyes, the soft glow of the morning sun danced with the gentle breeze that moved the white sheer curtain beautifully lined with roses and foliage. His viridian eyes landed on a pair of crimsons stared at him.

He smiled and buried his head on Kacchan’s chest. Izuku felt Kacchan rest his chin atop of his curly hair.



Izuku smiled, “I really like Kacchan.” he looked at his best friend, “Do you like me too?”

Kacchan kissed Izuku on the forehead. “What do you think?”

Bubbly giggles escaped Izuku's lips as he felt the soft warm lips of Kacchan against his skin. He really loved it when the blond kisses him.

Their sweet little moment was cut short when a cheerful nurse came in and greeted them good morning. She let out an “aww” when she saw that the four-year-old Kacchan was snuggling young Izuku.

Izuku saw Kirishima outside the infirmary, pacing around with Kacchan’s bag on his hand.

On the hallway, he saw the rest of Kacchan’s group – Ashido, Kaminari, and Sero. They were called the Bakusquad, on who started calling them that, not one of them could point out but they embraced their squad name since they were all stuck with each other ever since the sports festival.

Izuku remembered that Recovery Girl had not allowed them inside as it will be too crowded for Kacchan, except for him.

“Midoriya… is Bakugou alright?” asked Kirishima as soon as he saw Izuku out.


Out of all of them, he was the first one to have reached Kacchan.

Kaminari who was usually acting silly and the ringleader of playfully telling unhinged jokes to or about Kacchan was now perturbed, golden eyes dim and masked with unrest.

The cheerful and bubbly Ashido was silent, peculiar eyes were swollen red.

Sero, who seemed to be the calmest among them just patiently waited for Izuku’s response.

Izuku doubted that Kacchan wanted to talk to anyone about it, the greenhead was just… persistent.

Can he really be blamed?

Just having Kacchan’s name on the table would make Izuku overstep his bounds and would do everything in his ability to know what was going on to ensure that Kacchan was not in some sort of trouble.

That Kacchan was safe.

Izuku faintly smiled, “He’s… okay. He just needed some rest.” He assured them.

But none of them was convinced.

Especially the redhead.

And that made Izuku’s heart got strangled by poisonous thorns of possessiveness he knew he should not feel, but he could not just stop something he could not control.


Out of all of them, including Izuku, was the first one to step on Kacchan’s stage and danced with him as his equal. Izuku was not allowed in it, he was not even allowed to watch but there was no way he won’t. There was no way Izuku would just give up to earn his place on that stage, even Kacchan vehemently pushes him away.

Kirishima stepped in closer and Izuku’s instinct was to move two steps back. The concerned redhead, unaware of Izuku’s inner turmoil, warily asked, “Are you sure? These past few weeks, he had been obsessed with something. He always stayed at the library after school and—“

“Kirishima. He’s okay.” Izuku affirmed.

The redhead bit his lip and closed his eyes before looking at Izuku and nodded.

Ashido softly smiled at Izuku, it was her turn to ask a question, “You’re childhood friends, right? Do you know his address? Maybe we can visit him at his house to save him from boredom.”

Izuku doubted that Kacchan would want that. But Izuku did not want to look like he was being selfish and…


“I’ll text it to you on my way home… I..I don’t have my phone with me.” Izuku said, which was, in fact, the truth.

Kirishima beamed at him and Izuku made sure that he squinted a little so he won’t get blinded by the pure brightness of those pearly white shark-like teeth, “Sure thing bro! See you around!” he cheerfully said.

Izuku gave them one last quiet smile and walked back to the classroom, all the while tried to calm himself from unnecessary emotions that kept on taking over him. When he grabbed his things, he sat on his desk and breathed in the stillness of the empty classroom.

Then put out a red notebook named: Him (Vol. 5)

In it were detailed entries of his “observations” of the blond over the years, this notebook in particular only started this Spring. He only had to analyze all of his notes when Recovery Girl had told him to watch out for anything “weird” that Kacchan might do.

He decided to review everything before talking to Recovery Girl again, probably review his past entries on the previous four notebooks so he would find anything notable that might help Kacchan’s case.

In the hopes that it will help them manage Kacchan effectively and more efficiently so he could come back to school as soon as possible.

After all, without someone to push Izuku to his limits, what was the point of doing his best in the heroics course?

As he read through the first page, he put out his phone and listened to his favorite playlist.



April 2XXX


The Threat of the Gooey Devil




Today, Kacchan was attacked by the sludge villain, thankfully, All Might was there to save us.

After All Might had spoken to me about being a hero… I went up to check on him. Kacchan must be on the playground, so I went there. When I saw him on his favorite swing, I kept my distance, to avoid any fight that might cause him more distress.

And because…

He was talking to someone I could not see.

He was probably talking to himself.

I never…

The sludge villain incident. He wondered if that was the first time Kacchan had met Katsumi. He took in another deep breath as he paused from reading the entry. 


He would find out, one way or another.

Would baiting Kacchan to accidentally reveal bits of information about her lead to a catastrophic fight between them?

Yes. Yes, it would.

But Izuku would risk it if it meant understanding what was going on.

If it meant knowing who Katsumi was.

If it meant knowing if she was a threat that Izuku needed to fight or a friendly face he just needed to accept that would be on Kacchan’s life permanently like he accepted Kirishima’s undeniable closeness to the blond.

He was exceptionally stubborn that way.

And Kacchan, of all people, already knew that.

-To Be Continued-

Spotify Playlist

Our Melody

by smallmightjr

  1. I’ve Told You Now • Sam Smith
  2. You Are My Sunshine • Reneé Dominique (Cover)
  3. Love is War • Ryo (supercell) feat. Hatsune Miku

Chapter Text

Non-psychotic Hallucination.

That’s what Recovery Girl called his “condition”.

Katsuki started seeing Katsumi since the Sludge Incident where he almost, well, died. The Shitty First Day of classes, where he failed because of not-quirkless Deku. Followed by the Sports Shitfest where he was chained and gagged like a notorious villain to be escorted to Tartarus just because he protested about his half-assed victory.

It was stress-related she said.

Except those were just coincidences and it just so happen that Katsumi’s parents decided to fuck her up during those times that was why she appeared before him.

Not that Katsuki told her any details about Katsumi. Fuck, he was a fish caught by its mouth, so he just kept everything minimal and filtered so he would not dig his grave deeper than 6 feet underground.

Also, she gave his “behavior” other names, like anxiety when his heart is pounding at 7 million beats per minute and when his mind is racing. It’s funny how they just called it racing thoughts and that’s the actual medical term for that. Doctors just got lazy to come up with a Latin derived term or some shit.

And of course, an annoying name such as a panic attack labeled the times when his lungs refused to function like how it should be and every muscle on his being to be frozen like Half and Half’s ice.

Katsuki wanted to tell her that he had been like that, for what, 15 years of his miserable existence and that was only normal for him and he usually overcomes it — after he exploded anything he could land his hands on – walls, woods, the organized junkyard, Deku, trash – anything.

So, yeah, Katsuki agreed with her using fake nods and false, “I am doing okay with the meds” to land himself a recommendation to come back to school.

Meds that by the way, went straight to the toilet.

Since they decided to diagnose him with a phony condition, he decided to sham his way out of this fuckery that was his “mental illness.”

Over the course of five days that he messed around the house and did nothing but be coddled by his old hag and his old man, he had to adapt to his temporary lifestyle of being a bum. His parents had always been so extra whenever Katsuki was sick, so it was the best time to ask for anything — literally anything no matter what, and no matter how much it costs — if Katsuki wanted something. He could ask for the moon and the old hag would have it delivered at his bedroom in the next 12 hours with a damn ribbon on it and three extra stars just in case.

So when Katsuki “accidentally” asked for a brand new laptop (really, it was just a “slip of the tongue” — ‘old hag, I think I need a new laptop, the old one’s three years old already’ ), he got a new one the next morning.

Also, that Limited Edition All Might Golden Era 15” Scale Action Figure with 18k carat gold lining on his cape as a new addition to his collection. What made it one of the best was not the gold lining, but because it did not come from his accumulated lunch money.

Guess Deku would nerd over it once he sees it, not that he ever will.

Ask and you shall receive as the saying goes.

God, he was so spoiled.

Not that Katsuki was complaining or will ever complain.

He totally deserved it, given how awesome he was.

On his shiny new laptop, he spent his day watching All Might Documentaries, Battles and much more on Netflix. He also watched a series called Sophia the First just in case he found it good enough to show to Ghostie once she was back while they wait for a new season of My Little Pony. Aizawa-sensei told him that his schoolwork could wait until he gets back to school, so there was no homework sent to him, no recommended readings or anything a student should do while they are away from school. He was not even allowed to go near UA as they have deactivated his ID Pass that allowed any student to walk in easily through the gates without setting off any alarm.

He also exchanged a few texts on their group chat, named Ozballs, which consisted of Shitty Hair, Racoon Eyes, Soy Sauce Face and Pikachu. On why they kept on bugging him, Katsuki had no clue, but the memes Pickachu always found were so damn funny. They exchanged memes and stupid links amongst each other which was fairly entertaining if Katsuki would be honest.

Racoon Eyes wanted to come to their house, but Katsuki adamantly refused to have anyone near the damn gate, thankfully they respected his wishes, for once. Because when he kept on telling them to leave him alone and stop being buddy-buddy with him, they didn’t listen so he was stuck in the trap hole they called friendship.

Binge-watching. Meme exchange. Messing around the house.


Bum life.

At least he still get to run in the mornings, lift some weights on their study room/mini- gym room and explode the shit out of the organised trash at the beach (like the authorities care to even fucking go there to arrest him for illegal quirk usage, they don’t even care about the damn beach at all.)  The junkyard that he kept on exploding into smithereens before he goes home from his run – that people seem to not stop adding up – and Deku kept on re-arranging.

Ah, the satisfaction of destroying what Deku organizes – priceless.

That was the only therapy he needed to be honest.

However, those were not what occupied most of his time.

It was researching Katsumi’s quirk.

Katsumi has a quirk that enables her to go to where Katsuki is, so that’s what he will prove to everyone and he will laugh at the faces of who thought he was crazy!

Alright, probably not laugh because that would make him more—

No. Fuck it. He would violently rub it into their faces and tell them, “HAH! Who the fuck is crazy now?!”

Especially to Deku.

Deku who…

At the infirmary…


So, in order to get to that glorious “I fucking told you so” moment, he had to do everything with the best of his Googling abilities to gather more information about her quirk. Who knows, maybe he could really find her one day and soon, and that would be one of the best things that will ever happen to Katsuki, next to Katsuki being the number one hero.

It was Saturday morning and Katsuki was back from Dagoba Beach after his detonation routine and it was time to go to the Musutafu Public Library for some actual research that Google could not provide for him – actual legitimate resources.

Recovery Girl said that they’d stop meeting every day and would meet him on Wednesday, hopefully, he could come back to school before the damn finals.

Which was good progress, given how fake Katsuki’s “progress” was.

As Katsuki strolled through the streets, he saw an appliance store that displayed different types of television but had shown the same news from Hosu.

Hero Killer: Stain.

Apparently, the Shit-stain killed heroes out of whim. He targeted Glasses' brother, which he had survived, luckily. Now, he was detained to Tartarus after IcyHot’s useless father (another abusive one) defeated him.

Shit-stain wanted to kill heroes whom he thought were not real heroes?

And who the fuck did he think he was to be the judge of that?

The word hero could mean many things to many people.

For Katsuki, a hero is someone who always wins no matter what happens, no matter whose ass he has to kick.

For others, a hero is an inspiration, like how All Might had become Katsuki’s inspiration.

For many extras, it could be mean someone who’d defend them from enemies because they were too weak to do so.

However, a hero was not necessarily required to jump in front of a car to save a damn cat. It could be a damn quirkless singer that inspired a child with cancer to sing.

Or if he really wanted to complain about the heroes of today that put on their tight suit and capes while being paid by the government to do their jobs, then that was just bigoted, was it? Heroes need to eat, pay rent and live. Whether they do it for glory, fame or to live by or to simply help someone, or it was their damn calling, none of that fucking matters as long as they save lives, right?

People would always be people – egoist and needed validation – if the damn hero needs the validation, give it to them. If not, then good for them.

That doesn’t give Shit-stain the right to kill anyone.

If he so wanted to kill “heroes” just because they earn a buttload of money or doing it for the money – kill the damn doctors and nurses who make a living by saving lives every day, more so than a damn hero in a jumpsuit.

What Stain wanted was a damn Messiah, or a damn saint, which would be very rare to find realistically. If the world entrusted hero work to those saints, say, 5% of the hero population that would bring a catastrophic effect in a world of quirks wouldn't it?  Fewer heroes, more criminals, more bloodshed.  Why reject the other 95% of the heroes who can do their jobs decently and save civilians just because they want validation and fame?

Shit-stain was just another murderer with his own set of unrealistic ideals that he wanted to shove on everyone’s throat.

What a fucking charlatan.

Katsuki entered the Public Library and was bumped into by a redhead frail girl of Katsuki’s height with white glasses that covered half of her damn face.

Annoyed, he exclaimed, “Watch where you’re going!”

“So—Sorry!” she stuttered then fixed her white framed specs. “I—I’ve seen this coming but—but I still—“ she bowed down. “I’m so sorry!”

Katsuki rolled his eyes and proceeded to the reception area. He took a deep breath and looked back to the stupid girl, “Are you following me now?”

“Well… I’m also going to the front desk.” She explained, her soft voice almost disappearing to the world

Katsuki slowed down his pace for a while to stare at her.

At her red straight hair, red eyes, pale skin, white specs, and her white sundress.


“I’m really sorry for bumping into you. I got lost in my own head that even though I knew you’re going to be there I still messed up. I’m really, really sorry.” She mumbled, almond eyes downcast and cheeks blushing.

Why had Katsuki paid attention to this extra anyway?

Was it because she looked… nice?

Alright, the girl was quite... good looking.

Okay. So she was genuinely beautiful that she could be mistaken as a teen idol or celebrity, but that still failed to explain why Katsuki gave a damn, so he minded his own business and had spoken to the librarian. He was instructed to go to the fifth floor where the quirk section of the library was.

Katsuki alighted on the elevator, pressed 5th and grunted when an arm came in between the closing doors.

“I said wait and you didn’t!” the redhead scolded him, her voice was like cotton candy to Katsuki’s ears, soft and sweet, so it was hard for Katsuki to take her seriously even though she was clearly annoyed.

“Didn’t hear ya.” He explained simply, then moved to the side to let the redhead in.

“So mean!” she babbled, “Was that your revenge for being bumped into earlier?”

Katsuki paid no mind to the girl beside him as he just wanted her to stop engaging a useless conversation with him.

“So, you’re also going to the quirk section of the library!” her soft voice became cheerful.

Katsuki just grunted and continued to ignore her until they reached the 5th floor of the library. There were not many extras hanging around the study area, three nerds reading about quirks were tolerable, five adding him and the redhead that seemed to be following him.

Katsuki went rows after rows to find a board that said “T to V”, indicating quirks that start with the letter T or V. He needed a quirk that was related to time travel at least. When he had found his bookshelf, he scanned the hundreds of books on it quietly.

The girl still followed him and browsed with him as if they were looking for the same goddamn book.

“Are you trying to annoy me?” he hissed at the stupid redhead beside him. Can’t really shout at the library, wish he could though.

“No!” then she smiled, “We’re looking for the same book. Might as well share it with you.”

“And that would be?”

“Time travel!” she said then the smile on her lips got wider as she picked up a brick of a book, “Found it!”

Now Kastuki had a reason to give a damn about the redhead.

“How the fuck did you know what I was looking for?”

“I saw it earlier!” she casually explained, as if she had not just fucking read Katsuki’s mind and as if that was the most normal thing that ever happened today. “Let’s go! This is the only book that talks about time travel, might as well share it with me!” then she casually walked towards the study tables, as if she knew Katsuki would follow her anyway.

He did.

And it was so fucking annoying.

“How the fuck did you know I was looking for that damn book?”

“I already told you, I saw it earlier.”

“And that’s supposed to make sense?”

“I saw you going to the library, going to the fifth floor, going to pick out this book, going to that study table.” She pointed the third study table on the left, near the window, away from the other three nerds on the right side of the study area. “So let’s share!”

Katsuki absolutely hated sharing things with other people, he prefers everything to be his alone and that is not going to change now. So in his ill-made decision, he attempted to grab the book from the stupid redhead only for the girl to hang on to it for dear life, close to her chest.

“Saw that one coming too.” she beamed at him.

Irritated and surprised, “Alright, what the fuck is going on?”

“I already saw this moment!” she explained, “It’s my quirk!” then she sat down on the chair close to the window and moved it so the other one could accommodate Katsuki. “Come on! Let’s start reading!”

Katsuki stared at her, her smiling crimson eyes, her grin that can blind you anytime and her angelic face that glowed thanks to the 10 AM sun rays that showered over her.

He thought of just coming back some other time and leave the girl alone, but if he wanted to understand Katsumi more, he’d temporarily forget his absolute repulsion to the idea of sharing the book with this extra and just continue his research.

Also, what kind of fucking quirk does she posses to see what Katsuki would do next?

So, with a heavy heart, he sat down next to her and placed his handbag on the table.

“What’s your quirk White Specs?” he asked.

“White Specs?” she giggled, “Why’d you call me that?”

“Doesn’t fucking matter.” He opened his bag and took out the black leather notebook.

“Well, Grumpy Blondie, I can see flashes of the future.” She proudly explained, mainly because of the nickname she had come up for Katsuki, which was dumb by the way. “Just flashes though, I can’t quite understand it yet.” Then she shrugged, “I have seen this moment three days ago. I thought I’m gonna meet someone nice, you turned out to be grumpy. You looked so nice in the flashes I saw. Maybe because I can’t hear you speak.”

“First of all, fuck off, I’m an angel.” He glared daggers at her, “Second of all, there’s no such thing as a quirk that could see the future. It’s not in the registry!”

She leaned in closer to him, which made Katsuki move back, “It’s because I am registered as quirkless.” Then she smiled, “Don’t tell anyone!”

“How the fuck—“

“Shh!” Pointer finger on her lips, “You’re too noisy!” she grinned, “Let’s just read this okay? Doesn’t matter what my quirk is or if I am registered or not, I need to get this done before my uncle finds out I’m missing!”

She was not wrong though.

Doesn’t matter what her quirk is and Kastuki gave zero shits about her situation, he just needed to read the damn book.

“You’re so damn annoying.” He hissed.

“And you’re so grumpy!” she talked back.

At long last, they finally read the book, surprisingly, in silence. It was Katsuki who would decide when to turn the page or not because he was the one scribbling everything he would find useful. It only explained what the different scenarios are that time travel could be possible.

But, there were no quirks ever recorded to have something close to a time travel.

So Katsuki settled with theories and postulates.

Maybe he can fish those out later with Katsumi.

If she decided to show up.

Because she hasn’t ever since that incident in the infirmary.

After some time, the redhead fell asleep, her head rested on her folded arms across the table. Katsuki was relieved that he could finally read the book properly, go back to the pages he needed and add information as he read.

On a new section of the notebook with a pink tab named: Time-Space Theories, he had written everything he thought was relevant to Katsumi’s case.

  1. Many-Worlds Interpretation (Multiverse Theory)
    • Can also be called the parallel universe or alternative universe
    • Interpretation from quantum mechanics that originated from Schrödinger's cat – if the cat was damn alive or not but will never find out once you open the box. Damn cat. Will the cat even be alive inside a damn closed box? Ergo: Physicists are cruel to cats.
    • Katsumi may come from a parallel universe and traveled to Katsuki’s universe through her quirk.
      • Evidence: The lack of evidence is overwhelming.
      • But okay, for argument’s fucking sake, Lord Explosion = Katsuki 2.0
      • Dauntless = Deku 2.0?
  1. Dimension Theory
    • A topological theory that argues about the existence of a 4th dimension, or many dimensions that exists together with the current accumulation of three dimensions.
    • 1st dimension was the length, 2nd was the height, and 3rd was the depth.
    • Beyond the three dimensions that can be seen by the naked eye, lies seven or more other dimensions that our stupid eyes could not see that could exist together with our 3D world without our knowledge.
    • 4th dimension was time, which was still debatable.
    • Our 3D eyes could not see other dimensions, like how 2D objects cannot “see” 3D objects.
      • Read: Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions by Edwin Abbott (god his name is so fucking funny to say.) A story about flatlanders (geometric shapes) living in a flat land, living their flat lives to make this shit more understandable.
      • (What if the flat earthers actually just 2D characters that managed to travel to the 3D world? They are the 2D humans, the flatlanders. That’s why their 2D minds were blown when they saw the 3D world. They only see the world as flat. What the actual shit Katsuki. Stop. Hahaha.)
    • If Katsumi was from another dimension, that explains why she can’t be seen by anyone, because she’s from another dimension not anyone can see.
      • I still don’t fucking know why I could see her, and only her, not the whole 4D world she was living in.
      • Maybe I have a second quirk that allows me to see the 4th dimension creatures holy shit?
    • Katsuki’s dimension (3D World) exists together with Katsumi’s (4D World) as per the damn theory.
    • For clarity’s sake, I’m gonna call my world, Awesome Dimension, and Katsumi’s Dimension for the cutest ghost that ever existed.
    • So, Katsumi may have traveled to the Awesome Dimension through her quirk.
    • Katsumi may be from one of the damn dimensions.
    • Because if the 4th dimension was time:
      • The 5th and 6th dimension would allow Katsumi to travel through a world slightly different than the current one. By slight difference, meaning the world still originated from the big bang, the extinction of the dinosaur still happened (dinosaurs are fucking real, sue me).
      • 7th and 8th dimension would allow Katsumi to travel through different planes (world), however, her world may have different origins (like, I don’t know, big bang never happened, dinosaurs were never extinct probably god exists there, who cares) since the beginning of time. Quirks may or may not exist since 100 AD, unlike Katsuki’s universe where Quirks existed just probably a hundred years ago. (Fuck! her quirk is fucking awesome if this is true, ) Events in the 8th dimension will branch out through different infinite possibilities hence the names, infinities.
      • The 9th dimension is a dimension where all possible histories and every knowledge in the universe can be compared and contrasted between each other
      • 10th and final dimension. A dimension where everything will come together and will be known to men, nothing unimaginable is impossible. (goddamn, what if Katsumi came from the 10th dimension? That would make her almost a god right? Am I actually being visited by a celestial being? By…god? Hah. God is a woman. Ariana Grande’s on point then.)
    • Read the 4th Dimension as a different space, but not time. (Maybe not relatable to Katsumi’s quirk, but damn this dimension theory got me hooked. Why aren’t we studying about this in our maths class?)
  2. Time Travel Theory
    • In relation to the dimensions and parallel universe theory, Katsumi may be a time-traveler. She was from a different future, a different dimension or a parallel universe, not quite sure yet.
      • Time travel could pose a lot of fucking paradoxes that would lead to many problems and would cause a butterfly effect.
      • Need to gather more information.
      • Read: Wormholes, Butterfly effect (Chaos Theory) and String Theory
      • No quirk ever recorded about this.
      • The purple warp guy from the league of villains would come close to wormhole theory. If I could ask him about how his quirk work, maybe that would be great. But he was a villain and there was no way I'd actually talk to him in a friendly meet up. So fuck that.

He was distracted when he heard the redhead’s stomach growl, which had woken her up.

She yawned and stretched her arms, dazed for a moment then looked at Katsuki, “Man. I’m hungry.”

“No shit.” That’s the number of shits Katsuki gave to her.

“Haven’t eaten for a while.” she lazily rested her head on the table, “And I have no money. Ugh.”

“Sucks to be you.”

“I know.” She stood up and stretched her arms again, “Guess I should sneak into our kitchen to grab some bread. Gotta bring one with me next time.” She stared at Katsuki, both of their red eyes met, “Don’t take that book home okay? I’ll be back tomorrow.”

“Like I give a shit.”

She beamed, “Please Mr. Grumpy? Don’t be a grinch for once!”

“What did you just call me?!” he exclaimed.

“Shhh!” she playfully shushed, “Gotta go! Bye, Mr. Grinch!” then she ran towards the elevator, winking at him before the door closes.

Katsuki wanted to run after White Specs but decided against it as if was not worth his time.


All the annoyance and irritation Kastuki had was washed away upon hearing her cheerful voice. He turned to his seat to see Katsumi who stood beside him.

Katsuki smirked at her, “Thought you’d never show up, Ghostie.”

“I’m sorry Bakuchan, I’ve been busy lately.” She genuinely apologized with a soft smile on her lips.

While he was “researching” for this “non-psychotic hallucination” bullshit, he came across a good recommendation that would make it less conspicuous if he’s talking to the “hallucination”.

A headset connected to a phone, it would seem like he was talking to someone on the phone.

Fucking Reddit and their band of crazy users.

Thanks, r/SchizophrenicsAnonymous.

So that was what he did, on how he would explain it to Katsumi, he still had not come up with a lie yet. He couldn’t let Katsumi know what had happened in the infirmary or what he was subjected to. He did not want the little blame herself over shit she had nothing to do with.

Luckily, Katsumi didn’t seem to mind.

“What are you up to?” he asked and closed the book.

“Oh! A lot! Grandma took me to Papa’s old home town last week and we’ve been there ever since!” she cheerfully said. “Papa had a rest house there and it was so pretty! It had lots of flowers, especially the yellow flower!” she knitted her eyebrows, “I forgot what’s called… dafo—daffodils? Daffodils! Grandma said it was Papa’s favorite flower!”

“Really? Is it somewhere in Musutafu?”

“Yes! It was near the beach! I can see the sea from my room and it was so amazing!”

Katsuki fondly watched her as she excitedly told him her adventures. Since they were near the beach, she started collecting seashells and her Grandmother taught her how to make a necklace out of it.

Katsumi was genuinely happy while she had retold all the activities she did and that made Katsuki’s whole week as if he was sure nothing can ruin the next 7 days of his life.

“Mr. Grinch my ass.” He thought to himself. “I just don’t smile for extras I don’t know or like. Fuck off.”

Katsuki just let her talk. He was debating with himself if he should ask what made her go to Katsuki because if she was there, probably some serious shit happened and Katsuki did not want to wipe that smile off her face just yet.

“And you know what Bakuchan….” She said grimly.

Oh no.


Here it goes.

“…Papa stopped talking to me.” her red teary were eyes dejected, “He just… disappeared. After they finalized the divorce… he … disappeared.”

“Why?” he asked before he could stop himself. He should work on his brain to mouth filter when it came to Katsumi.

“No one knows. Not even… not even Grandma.” Her tears finally let itself fall, “Uhm… I wonder if it’s my fault. I am not… good enough for Papa that’s why he left. Because Mama was angry at me, maybe Papa’s angry at me too.”

“That’s not true.” He placated her. “Your parents are just shit human beings.” He pacified himself before he could blow himself up.

“That’s what grandma told me too…” she continued to weep, “I just can’t help it. I miss the times when we were all together. We used to be happy. I don’t know what happened, why Mama became angry and why Papa stopped coming home. I don’t know—“

“Katsumi. Hey. Stop.” He touched her cheeks, frustrated when he can’t, “Stop blaming yourself, please. It’s not your fault.”

Katsumi nodded, nonetheless cried quietly.

“I wish Bakuchan can visit me for real. I wish I could find you. I don’t even know where to start looking.” She sniffled.

Katsuki had no idea too. With all the theories that turned his brain into a complete wreck, he had no idea where to begin. “Don’t worry about details like that, I will find you okay?” he comforted her, probably more directed to himself because he was slowly starting to lose hope.

He did know which one was better, if Katsumi was a ghost, then Katsuki would be able to move on, would force himself to because he knows that Katsumi could never be tangible to him.

But no. Katsumi is real. She has to be real.

However, if she’s real, how can he even go to other universes or dimensions she was in? That would be… more fucking irritating because there will be no chance for them to be together if that was the case.

No. As if Katsuki would let something like that to stop him from identifying what Katsumi’s quirk is. Just, identifying her quirk, for now, should be his goal.

Katsuki decided to work with the idea that Katsumi is from a parallel universe because that seemed to be the most plausible. If so, maybe there was another Katsuki that existed in Katsumi’s world. That Katsuki may not be him, but at least Katsumi will be friends with Katsuki 2.0.

At least Katsuki 2.0 will be able to take care of her. “Hey, Princess, I have an assignment for you if you want to help me find you.”

Katsumi nodded, rubbed her eyes and smiled at him, “What is it Bakuchan?”

Katsuki had to make it simple, something she could remember and could be done by a 6-year-old. So he collected his thoughts and after a while, “Why don’t you ask around about me? My full name is Bakugou Katsuki.”

“Baku—go… Katch---Katchu---“ she titled her pretty little head, “Kacchan?"

Oh, fuck no.

“Say it properly, you stupid ghost.” He grumbled.

She puckered her cherry lips, “Your name is very hard to pronounce!” She tried being fucking adorable (which she was) but unfortunately this time it won’t work.

“Say it properly or you won’t be able to find me!” Katsuki reprimanded her.

“I’m gonna call you Kacchan!” the little shit insisted.

“No!” he vehemently shouted back, not caring for the three nerds who looked at him.

Katsumi had stuck her tongue out, god this little adorable shit and her attitude, “Kacchan sounds so cute!” she teased him.

“Deku already—“he stopped and bit his lip. What was he about to say? “Deku already calls me that, it’s only—“ Why was he about to say it? Stupid Deku.

Unrelenting, she grinned, “I’m gonna ask around about you Kacchan!”

“Don’t call me that Ghostie, I’m serious.” Because he was.

That stupid nickname was just for – no.

Fuck. He did not know why. He did not want to know the reason why.

It’s just…he felt as if that nickname is off-limits to anyone.

Katsuki must have glared at her like a villain because she looked down and stepped back, “I’m… I’m sorry. I’m just…joking…” she whispered.

“Ah shit. I didn’t mean to sound— shit. Just.” He scratched the back of his head, “Don’t use that name okay?”

Like the cheerful little shit she was, her mood turned bright again in a second, so she beamed, “Okay Bakuchan! I’m sorry for pushing it!”

Katsuki sighed and placed all of his stuff in his bag, including the book. Hah. Like he cared for that damn White Specs and her stupid quirk or her inability to eat breakfast before going to the library. He would bring the book home and he’d read more about it later and he won’t care if White Specs gets mad for him over it.

Katsuki offered for them to go home and watch some cartoons. Now, his knowledge about Sophia the First would be put into use, finally.

Giving her the task of finding Katsuki 2.0 or know if he even exists would be enough for now. Besides they were just starting. Now that her parents were out of the picture and it seemed like she won’t be in much danger, they could take things slower but with precision. If Katsuki gave her too many tasks, her 6-year-old mind may not be able to handle it, no matter how smart she was.

So they just chilled as Katsumi became an instant fangirl of Sophia and wanted to be a princess like her.

Which was laughable because she was already Katsuki’s little princess.

After that day, Katsumi had not appeared again, until Wednesday came and he was given permission to go back to school for the Final Exam before their Summer Camp.

The Final Exam for his class of extras was held last week, but he’d have his late than theirs, because of his “condition.”

He expected a written exam but it turned out to be a battle simulation. He should have guessed because it was All Might who would give them the final exam.

By them, he meant him and Deku.

Deku who had made some changes in his costume.

Deku whom he had not seen for so long.

Deku who was uncharacteristically quiet the whole time while they were in the changing room, whom only greeted him “hi” and that was it.

On why the fuck was Deku there, he would find out soon, after he put on the hero gear that he had sword had specks of dust for not being used for so damn long.

“Bakugou my boy!” All Might greeted him who towered over them. He patted his shoulder, “I’m glad to see you are doing well!”

“Why is Deku here?” Katsuki had cut through the bullshit of social pleasantries.

Unfazed, All Might beam just turned wider, “Ah. It’s for your final exam of course!”

“I know. But what I wanted to know, is what’s Deku doing here?”

“You will be partnered with him during this final exam! You see, all twenty of you must go through this battle simulation in pairs, so it was only logical to have Young Midoriya be here.”

“So, he was only here to be my partner?”

“Yes and no. Yes, he is your partner, no, not only your partner, because this is also his final exam.”

Katsuki paid attention to Deku, who had his head bowed down. What the fuck was wrong with the damn nerd anyway? Was it because he took the final exam late with Katsuki? Why would he be delayed with that shit anyway?

He stared at Deku, whose hands were shaking.

Ah. He was quiet because he was nervous.

This stupid nerd.

“Hey,” he called him out. “You’re always like this when you’re damn nervous, so stop fucking shaking.”

Baffled, he shot his head up, “Kacchan…”

“Get your shit together and don’t drag me down, you useless idiot.”

Deku took a deep breath and bowed down.

Those hands were still shaking so the idiot nerd was still nervous. Nothing Katsuki can do about that now, he had always been a nervous wreck, to begin with.

“I’m not… nervous. At least not entirely. I’m mostly excited, to be honest.” He mumbled. Sometimes, just sometimes, Katsuki was still amazed at how this stupid nerd could seem to talk directly to his inner thoughts.

“What? Excited to get defeated by me?” he goaded, now Katsuki’s the one excited to have a death match with Deku. He’d kill him 10 times over for what he did at the infirmary.

At the infirmary where Deku…

Katsuki ordered his brain from remembering that day, and thanks to All Might talking again, his brain listened to him.

“Oh no! This won’t be you vs. him. It will be both of you against me.” All Might joined the conversation, “Your goal is simple! It’s either you capture me or escape safely, then you will pass the final exam!”

“Excuse me?” Katsuki asked, just in case he was hearing things and the damn hallucination was real this time.

“You will team up against me and—“

“Are you saying that I need to work with Deku?!” Katsuki shouted. He could hear Deku groan but Katsuki did not give a shit. “Why the hell should I do that?! It could literally be anyone! Fuck! I would take Shitty Hair if it’s between him and Deku!”

All Might sighed, “Young Bakugou, please know—“

“Ah Shit.” Katsuki sighed, with so much exasperation and anger, “Let’s just get this over with.” He shot a glare to Deku, “I won’t be needing your help, so you can bench this one out for all I care.”

After they were given the shackles to bound All Might and a few other details like how All Might’s power a pegged down several notches thanks to the bracers he was wearing, they entered the battlefield.

He had almost two weeks of rest and he would come back to this shit? To this shit where he had to be partners with stupid Deku? He’d rather be admitted to the psychiatric unit than to go through this shitstorm.

What did he say about the next 7 days of his life not being ruined?


Trust Deku to ruin it the first hours they met again.

Stupid Deku.

-To Be Continued-

Chapter Text

Chiyo watched Toshinori slam the bodies of her 15-year-old students like lifeless rag-dolls.

Toshinori’s going to get an earful from her later.

It was the final exam and Shuzenji Chiyo had to observe this one as she did for the rest of Class 1A.

All Might had spoken to her about Bakugou taking the exam with Midoriya. Toshinori had explained that the green-head refused to take the exam without the blond. As for the reason why she may be able to find out later once the battle commenced.

She reluctantly gave All Might her approval, because she had known him for the past decades of her life. She knew that he won’t hold back even if they were just kids. She had set a condition that the three of them would have microphones attached to their hero costumes, so she could intervene immediately once Bakugou starts hearing things again — or have a panic attack.

She had given the clearance for Bakugou to go back to school in time for his final exam, as the teen had not shown any sign of hallucination during the course of the therapy he had undergone.

She had no problem with Bakugou participating in the battle stimulation as she could see that being on the battlefield was one of the ways the young blond could release some tension.

What she had problem with was, as she watched the final exam from behind the monitor, she had seen how All Might took the role of a villain without thinking that he was dealing with children — basically hero saplings.

It was obvious that both of them were intimidated by the Symbol of Peace, by the sheer amount of power he exudes with his stance, with that menace on his eyes that do not have the right to be there.

Bakugou wanted to defeat and fight All Might.

Midoriya wanted to run away.

These two would never cooperate.

Midoriya hailed All Might as a god, indestructible and the definition of power. On the other hand, Bakugou’s intention was indiscernible, but from what Chiyo had seen in the sports festival and his grades — this boy had an amazing battle instinct. Also, she could not understand why the blond was in a hurry to defeat All Might, she could only speculate that maybe it was part of the boy’s strategy.

“Kacchan! I told you that there’s no way we can defeat All Might head-on!” Midoriya insisted on his stubborn teammate.

“Shut up! I will win.” He growled, “Because that’s what it means to be a hero!”

As the two students fought amongst each other, All Might took that opportunity to separate them — by effortlessly grabbing a steel bar from the road and encaged Midoriya with it, his whole body facing the ground. In a flash, Toshinori punched Bakugou’s gut and sent him flying as he vomited a mixture of blood and bile.

Midoriya frantically screamed the blond’s nickname – which was peculiar to Chiyo. The nickname was childish and most boys would usually move on to just surnames now that they were teenagers, but somehow, the greenhead was stuck with the name and the blond still allowed him to use it.

To Chiyo’s knowledge, they were childhood friends, from way back when they were three – probably even before that. It was from Midoriya that she gathered some information related to Bakugou’s hallucinations about a blonde girl of unknown age and the constant sleep paralysis he experienced as a child. Midoriya’s knowledge of Bakugou was too intimate and she was only allowed to know everything that was related to the case she was building for the blond – filtered and carefully chosen by the greenhead.

Chiyo could only imagine the pain Bakugou was in as he struggled to stand up, “If I have to get help from that scum, then I’d rather lose.” disgust and anger poisoned every syllable of his words.

At that moment, the world had stopped for Midoriya. Chiyo had heard that the greenhead momentarily stopped breathing as his body was covered with red streaks and sparks of green lighting. 

Before All Might could deliver another crushing blow, Midoriya quickly escaped from the steel bar and his fist landed on Bakugou’s face, “Don’t say that you’d rather lose!” he shouted at the top of his lungs. She had anticipated another broken bone or two from Midoriya upon the usage of his quirk, but to her surprise, he used it as if nothing happened.

Chiyo smiled and felt a sense of pride that finally Midoriya had managed to control his quirk without breaking his body. In the short amount of time of their internship, he managed to learn a lot. This boy was a sleeping giant, if he was guided to the right path and mentored by the right people, they would awaken a great hero in him that was hiding underneath the recklessness and insecurities. 

Bakugou’s battered body flew towards the gutter, immediately followed by Midoriya who hopped towards him and carried the blond’s dead weight to a dark alley.

“Bastard put me down!” Bakugou commanded.

“It’s fine!” Midoriya answered.

“I said put me down!” The blond yelled, followed by a jab on Midoriya that had thrown him on the other side of the alley.

They both heavily breathed from the exhaustion and physical pain – along with the whirlwind of emotions that came with it – the pressure of the exam, fear of All Might and their unresolved issues with each other.

Midoriya took a deep breath and had calmly spoken, “Kacchan, I really can’t think of a way to beat All Might, or a way to make a clean escape.”


Midoriya had stood up and leaned against the wall, “Before you give up, at least try using me! Don’t accept defeat just like that!”


That was a very weird way of saying it.

Use me — would mean that Midoriya had given up control and had let Bakugou take the lead and would do anything that the blond would tell him to do.

Chiyo sighed.

These two had a relationship that runs like a deep-rooted tree that survived many catastrophes and environmental change. Bickering and fighting amongst each other as if they were mortal enemies was one of those calamities, as to what had preceded it, Chiyo may not be able to know.

“You’re you because you never give up on winning, right?! How can you give up?!” Midoriya shouted, despair veiled his broken voice.

Bakugou, like the angry kid he was, let out a deafening growl, followed by an even louder explosion. His clenched fist was buried on the wall he punched into, cornering Midoriya against it.


“I won’t say it again, damn nerd…” his voice seethed with bitter rage, “Against that crazy speed, no matter where and how you run or hide, you won’t be able to avoid fighting him.”

“But we don’t have a chance in a fight. Not against All Might—“

“Shut up, bastard! I’ll kill you!” the blonde screamed.

Midoriya was taken aback, dread had filled his eyes as to what it feared, Chiyo wondered if it was from the blond’s rage or their non-existent chances of winning against Toshinori.

The fuming blond continued, “He won’t even budge even if he was handicapped by those stupid bracers. I figured that out earlier with those consecutive hits.”

Bakugou moved back and started to remove one of his gauntlets, “So we give him everything we’ve got at point-blank range.”

Midoriya looked at the gauntlets and before he could even speak the blond had said, “Our only option is to inflict as much damage as we could and then put some distance between us.” He gave the massive gauntlet to the greenhead, “I have stored enough firepower to give us that opening. Can you handle it?”

Chiyo was amazed at how he came up with it for the first few minutes that he faced All Might. The boy was truly a tactical genius and he could formulate a plan quickly under extreme pressure. With a formidable quirk such as his combined with his brilliant mind, this boy would unstoppable – but first, he had to learn how to cooperate with people and cut down the amount of pride that he had. Seriously, the only one who was blocking his way to being a great hero was himself.

She listened to their discussion as Bakugou carefully explained the mechanics of his grenade gauntlets and how Midoriya would activate it. The greenhead paid attention to every detail, and just silently received the information.

Bakugou and Midoriya patiently waited for their prey to come. As soon as All Might ran past the alley they were hiding on, the blond jumped out and set out a series of explosions on Toshinori’s, only to maneuver himself away from the Pro-Hero.

He was the diversion.

For someone who wanted to always be at the spotlight, he chose not to be in one this time in the name of winning.

Chiyo noted the tears in Bakugou’s rage-filled eyes, “Deku!” He called out his partner.

In a split-second, Midoriya appeared behind All Might, his eyes brimming with determination and intent to defeat his hero, in contrast to the previous minutes where it only showed immense terror and urge to run away from the Symbol of Peace.

Midoriya aimed the gauntlet at All Might and fired at will upon Bakugou’s bolstering command. He apologized to him before releasing the onslaught of the nuclear blast the gauntlet had stored.

As planned, All Might was directly hit at point-blank, his whole body engulfed in flames – if not for his sturdy fireproof hero costume and the insane amount of power, he would have been burned alive on the spot.

Toshinori’s incredible strength kept him grounded against that massive explosion, however, Midoriya was thrown out of balance and flew a few steps back, and his whole body suffered the effects of the recoil that came with an explosion of such devastating magnitude.

Chiyo also flinched when he heard the student grunt of pain, “My shoulder— Kacchan, you were using something like this?!”

Bakugou’s quirk may seem like a mindless explosion, but, it was more than that. For someone to be able to control an uncontrollable quirk, the effect it had on the user’s body, withstanding the painful recoil on every explosion he set off and controlling the firepower needed to maneuver or to attack – Bakugou was more honed and disciplined than what his brash attitude had lead people to believe.

Chiyo keenly observed the following events, eager to know what the two would do next and how will they overcome the giant wall that was Toshinori.

The two of them rushed towards the escape gate as Bakugou laid out his next plan of attack once All Might catches up with them. Toshinori still refused to hold back and had immediately caught up with the two escaping students. Bakugou’s reflex was not enough to execute another point-blank attack as Toshinori destroyed his grenade gauntlets and the one Midoriya had worn.

Chiyo rolled her eyes when she heard Toshinori threatened, “Now, Die Heroes!”

Oh, he was not only going to get an earful, but he would also get a few jabs of her stick too.

Not for the cheesy line, but by how he had hit Bakugou’s chin using his knees like he was a punching bag thrown into the fifth floor of the abandoned building and how he used Midoriya’s body like a fly-swatter to hit the blond who immediately flew back to them.

Toshinori had stepped on Bakugou’s back while he had let Midoriya’s body hung in the air as he gripped his wrist.

If Toshinori wanted to teach cooperation between the two childhood friends, he should really have cut down a few kegs, no, probably a million notches. He was thrashing the 15-year-olds like they were his sworn enemies for goodness sake.

However, Chiyo was impressed at how these kids could withstand All Might’s attacks like they weren’t students – and they were just first years. These two were diamonds in the rough, they would shine brightly once polished individually. And when they learn how to work with each other, they would be two gems that would perfectly fit in a golden crown – a crown fit for the best heroes not only in Japan but throughout the world.

But first things first.

The first step towards their magnificent future: passing the final exam - together.

“What kind of face is that young Midoriya?” Toshinori asked then he threw the student’s limp body away, “Getting away from me with your maximum power and running to the gate…that appears to have been both of your answers. But now that I’ve destroyed Young Bakugou’s gauntlets, you’ve lost that maximum firepower.”

The smile on All Might’s face had never left since the beginning of the exam, until now that he glared at them with so much menace, “It’s over.”

In his anger, Bakugou exclaimed, “Shut up!” and detonated an explosion that caught All Might off-guard. Without the grenade gauntlet, the pain from the recoil must have hurt ten times more than when he has something to protect his arms from the damage of his own explosion.

After an agonizing scream, Bakugou grabbed Midoriya’s metal face mask, “I’m going to send you flying!” he said, leaving no time for Midoriya to protest. He lifted his partner’s body and readied himself to throw the greenhead to the escape gate, “I don’t like it but with what we’ve got right now, this is the only way to win!”

“Hey wait, don’t tell me—“ Midoriya attempted to reason out with the blond but it was too late to change the mind of someone who was so determined to be victorious.

“Die!!” Bakugou shouted then he blasted Midoriya to his target like a cannonball.

“Are you serious, Kacchan?!” Midoriya exclaimed as he was thrown in the air. “But right now, while All Might is in the air the goal is to escape!” he muttered.

“New Hampshire Smash!” All Might hollered as he flew himself towards Midoriya, their backs slammed against each other, firing an excruciating pain the younger boy’s back expressed in his nerve-wracking wail. The greenhead’s body was thrown to the bus, making the massive 19-ton vehicle to leap like a pillow while Midoriya’s body bounced on the ground like a deflated ball.

When the blond saw that his partner was attacked, he immediately propelled himself to the air to get himself closer to the battlefield, “Goddamnit!”

Chiyo almost found it amusing how the two of them were ready to contradict each other’s decisions but still end up reading the other’s next move and work around it.

They were more in sync than they realize.

Hopefully, the two students would recognize it sooner.

“I was stupid!” Bakugou reprimanded himself as he prepared his arms for another painful ordeal, “There’s no way I could beat you without taking any risks!”

His gloved hand erupted with a colossal atomic blast, the one the Chiyo had witnessed the blond use against Uraraka in the sports festival. Bakugou writhed on pain while he fell mid-air, “Now Deku! Go! Hurry!”

Midoriya attempted to get up as quickly as he could but he was held back by his aching bones and muscles from the way his body was thrown around by both All Might and Bakugou like he was a wooden puppet that was incapable of feeling any pain.

“I can still move more than you, even with your cobbled-together power! Make yourself useful, damn scum!” Bakugou shouted.  Chiyo cringed at every wince the blond made while he continuously fires the massive explosions towards All Might who charged at him.

“If I head toward the gate, then All Might will probably try to block me, Kacchan should be able to take advantage of that.” Midoriya muttered as he forced himself to move, however slowly, and activated his quirk as an additional help despite the torture his body was put under.

Toshinori was determined to stop both of them from attaining their goal. He soared in the air to attack the student who was nearing the escape gate. Nevertheless, Bakugou also had one goal in mind and that was to win no matter what. So at top speed, he trailed after All Might in the air, blocked him from getting to the green head, and fired an explosion to him.

Unfortunately, it was not as powerful as the previous ones which gave Toshinori an easy opening and grabbed Bakugou by his face and smashed his back on the ground, “Go to sleep, Young Bakugou.”

Midoriya stopped on his tracks, his quirk de-activated as he looked back to his partner who was pinned on the ground by All Might, with the Pro-Hero’s gigantic hand on Bakugou’s entire face.

Toshinori was taken aback when Bakugou held his arm and released an even smaller explosion, “Hurry up… go… damn nerd.” he hissed begrudgingly against his strained vocal cords, “I’ll break and break myself… even… even if it means twisting myself, I’ll win the way I choose… I won’t accept that I can’t even beat you like that.” Bakugou had bitten All Might’s hand with fervor, “No way!”

Midoriya cried out his partner’s nickname, as his body was set ablaze with shining red streaks and green lighting. He kicked himself to the air and headed for All Might, his fist ready to release an attack to rescue the blond.

As the greenhead drew near, he smiled despite his face shown indomitable willpower to save Bakugou, “Please move, All Might.”

Midoriya punched Toshinori with everything he had then shouted, “Smash!” and made his power resound throughout the combat zone. His punch had so much force it produced enough wind to blow clouds of dust and surround them with a smokescreen, giving Midoriya a perfect chance to grab the unconscious blond and make their hasty escape to the gateway.

Toshinori willed himself to stop them, but his body betrayed him as he started to lose his muscular form.

“I’m sorry Kacchan. This is who I am.” He gently whispered to the blond as he ran.

“Geez. He could have passed by passing through the gate himself. So, He hit me with everything he had huh?” Toshinori coughed some blood to his hand, “That’s right. That’s how you were from the beginning. You can’t help but save those who need rescuing and at times like that, there isn’t a wall that can stop you. That’s the kind of person you’ve always been.” He uttered to himself, proud of his protégée.

The final exam ended with a loud ring from the speakers and an announcement, “Team Midoriya and Bakugou passed.”

Chiyo sighed and took a few deep breaths that she had been holding back for the past 13 minutes of the most gripping final exam she had witnessed from Class 1A.

Now that the first term had officially come to a close, everyone can have a relaxing Summer Camp starting tomorrow.

She would make sure to monitor Bakugou’s mental health during his stay in UA.

But not only that.

She would make sure to observe the peculiar relationship between the two heroes in training.

She may be witnessing the makings of a future hero duo that the world is yet to see.

And it was one of the things that made her stay in UA worthwhile.

“You did well, Midoriya, my boy. Both of you.”

“Thanks, All Might. Did we pass?”

Katsuki fully came to consciousness at the sound of Deku’s voice. It was probably a muscle memory, because… it was Deku’s voice that used to wake him up from his nightmares (that by the way, Recovery Girl called Sleep Paralysis. Everything normal to Katsuki had a medical term now, great, so great.).

When he and Deku were… in good terms.

Before Deku started to look down on him.

“Of course both of you did.”

“Thank god.”

Katuski could not force himself to fall asleep now, so he just pretended that he still was. He wanted Deku and All Might to leave before he did.

He did not want to talk to either of them.

Not right now.

He was not in the damn mood for another whirlwind of self-loathing and hatred towards everything that was shitfest of a final test.

“But what I found most commendable is for you to wait for Young Bakugou to return before you take the exam.”

“Ahh… uhm. Yeah. It’s just… if he took the written exam over this… it would… not feel right. Besides, I really wanted to test the Full Cowl with him… it’s… the only way I can know if it was good enough.”

What did he mean test it out on Katsuki?

So Deku could now use his quirk without breaking his body into seven pieces, big fucking deal, that didn’t mean it would be enough for Deku to outmatch him.

Was that the reason why Deku was damn excited for the finals? He even specifically waited for Kastuki to come back just for that?

So he could show off?

So he could rub it in Katsuki’s face that, “Yeah, I had vastly improved my quirk control in the internship while you wasted your life browsing through 9gag memes and r/SchizophrenicsAnonymous. Loser.”

Deku was truly a fucking scum of the earth.

“Don’t think of it as not sufficient enough. You made big progress. Gran Torino is really a good teacher.” All Might chuckled, “Although I still have nightmares sometimes about the time when he was my teacher.”

And oh, was Kastuki meant to hear this conversation too? That Deku was coached by All Might’s mentor during the internship that Katsuki missed?


The favoritism was real.

As Deku started to learn how to control his quirk, it started to look more and more like All Might’s. And boy, did Deku intend to name all his moves with all 50 fucking states of the USA, like how All Might named his. Can’t Deku be fucking unique and use the European Union countries instead? Or maybe USSR? Fuck. Even the cities of Japan would do for fuck’s sake.

Now was not the time for cringy jokes, Katsuki needed to focus.

Focus on what?

Deku’s borrowed quirk that was eerily similar to All Might?

Deku’s borrowed quirk that all of a sudden popped out of nowhere after the Sludge Villain incident when they first met All Might because apparently —




Holy shit?!

No. No. No.

That was fucking impossible. How was it even possible?

What had All Might done to Deku for him to have a power like his?

“I’m going to leave now, Young Midoriya. I need to fill up some papers.”

“Will you be with us at the Summer Camp?”

“I’m afraid not. You will be accompanied by your homeroom teachers, together with Class 1B.”

“Oh. Okay. I’ll see you soon, All Might!”

Katsuki heard the door opened and closed while he still pretended to be in deep slumber. His body was fucking exhausted from all the injuries he received, especially for pushing himself past his limits and from Recovery Girl’s quirk that patched his body up together.

Without the nurse’s amazing healing quirk, every student in UA would be dead by the end of the second semester – so thank fuck she was the school nurse of Japan’s most dangerous government-funded hero school that pitch first-year students against Pro-Heroes. Not that Katsuki would want to be in any other hero schools.

“We passed Kacchan. Thanks for your brilliant strategy.”

Like Katsuki would actually respond to Deku’s patronizing tone. Fuck that guy.

“I know you’re awake.” then he goddamn chuckled. Chuckled like… her.

“Fuck off. It’s just a lucky guess, you nerd.” Katsuki thought to himself. “Leave me alone!”

“You stopped snor—wheezing.” He softly stated.

Katsuki shot his wide open and glared at Deku only to be met with a calm smile, his eyes may be swollen and black, but damn those eyes are really… green. And shiny. So fucking shiny.

“Shut up! I don’t fucking snore!” Katsuki protested.

Deku shrugged his shoulders, “It’s not distracting, so don’t worry. It lulls m—“ he looked down and sighed. “Nevermind.” Then he looked at Katsuki again, the familiar fondness on his lips and eyes that Katsuki would never fail to recognize no matter how much they hate each other now, “I’m glad to see you again. It’s been so long.”

Were 2 weeks really that long? It sure felt like it. The boredom of bum life is to blame.

“Can’t say the same for you shithead.” Katsuki grunted.

“I know.”

“Then why the fuck are we having this conversation?”

Deku sighed and let his eye be fixed on the ground, “I don’t know. But… how are you Kacchan?”

“Fucking peachy.”

“Do you… still, see her?”



Like Katsuki would ever let Deku know about Katsumi’s existence ever again. It’s the reason why he was not allowed to have the internship and train his quirk properly like how Deku did on his, so, no. Anything about Katsumi was for Katsuki’s alone.

Deku tilted his head on the side and scrunched his eyebrows, “Oh… has she left?” Damn that familiar gesture of curiosity.

“Why the fuck do you care?” Katsuki then laid his back on the bed and rolled to his side so his eyes did not have to suffer through looking at the nerd.

“Because you do.”

“And that’s got something to do to you… how and why?”

“Because you tried to let me see her the very first time she appeared at UA.”

This stupid little shithead.

“Whatever is happening to me is none of your business.”

“It has always been—“ then Deku sighed.

“None of your fucking business Deku.”

“I wish it was that easy.”

Katsuki moved his head sideways to look at Deku who was just staring with him, green eyes darkened and downcast, “The fuck do you mean?”

“Nothing.” He struggled to stand up then sighed, “I’ll see you at the summer camp Kacchan.”

Katsuki rolled to his side again, now facing the idiot nerd, “Where the fuck are you going?”

Deku stared at him for a while, trying to comprehend the simple question Katsuki asked, “Uhm… home?”

“Have I given you permission to leave? Keep your stupid ass on the bed.” He growled at him.

Deku’s cheeks got so damn red, no not just his cheeks, but his whole goddamn face, “What….?” he asked, his voice almost got lost in his momentary breathlessness. On why the fuck this stupid nerd could not get the damn message, Katsuki would never understand.

And why the heck was he even blushing?


“The old hag’s giving us a ride. Before I left the house, I told her that I don’t want to ride the train and some fucking how she managed to force me to bring you along. You know how she reacts to shit like this Deku.”

Deku stared at Katsuki for a little while, blinked those stupid round shining viridian eyes then chuckled, “Yeah. I bet you asked her to buy you new stuff sometime in the last 2 weeks.”

“Fuck off!” Katsuki glared at him, the heat started to pool on his cheeks, “My laptop is old!”

“Oh… a laptop.” Deku tilted his head on the side and smiled, “Uhm… and a new All Might Collectible I imagine.”

Goddamn, this stupid fucking nerd who can read Katsuki’s mind like the back of his hand! Shit!

“Shut up nerd! Go die!” Katsuki shouted, that only earned another chuckle from the damn plant. Hah. Plant. Fucking stupid nerd plant.

Speaking of All Might, aside from being pushed to near death multiple times during the final exam, he was reminded as to why he idolized the Pro-Hero in the first place.

His overwhelming speed. His endurance and stamina that seemed endless.

Everything that was All Might was pure and simple power – tremendous and devastating power.

All Might was the highest wall in the world.

The greatest hero that ever lived.

And he was Katsuki’s number one inspiration in becoming a hero.

He heard his phone’s text alert. He properly sat up albeit the pain on every inch of his body and grabbed his bag by the bedside table to check his phone. “Let’s go, the old hag is ten minutes away from here.”

Katsuki stood up and walked towards the familiar curtains of the infirmary. The last time he was in UA he was in the infirmary, the moment he got back he was in it again. Next time he would be sent back here, he should have his room that no other extra can use as it was like his second classroom by now. He had not bothered looking back to see if Deku would follow him, because he knew that he will. He always did, which annoyed Katsuki, but at the same time, he was used to it.

They were greeted by Recovery Girl and asked them if they were okay before they left and have them some pain relievers. She had not asked anything else and just hoped that they would enjoy the summer camp.

When they reached the school gate, they were just on time when the old hag arrived. She went out of the white minivan and approached them.

“Oh my god! What happened to the both of you?!” she bawled out. “Katsuki! What have you done to our poor Baby Izuku?!”

“I did nothing to him! It was the damn finals!” Katsuki answered back. This old hag had always worried about Deku’s welfare than his when the damn nerd was involved.

“Oh my god! Why are you both like this when summer camps are near?!” she cried out. “Haven’t you outgrown being troublesome children now that you’re both on heroics course? You’re going to give us a heart attack!”

“Us?” Deku asked. All of a sudden, Auntie Inko popped out of nowhere (from the passenger’s seat, actually) and approached her son while crying her heart out.

“Izuku! You said it was just a final exam! What happened?!”

Deku blushed and sheepishly laugh, “Mom… it’s nothing. It’s part of the exam.”

“What?! Getting beaten up?!” Auntie Inko continued to cry and squeezed Deku on her arms.

“No mom—“

Auntie Inko held her son on both shoulders and sternly looked at him, “Izuku, what have you told Katsuki to do this time? Look at him!”


Deku used to do that.

To ask Katsuki for stupid things like get him something Deku can’t reach, go with him to a damn cave (seriously, a cave – when they were fucking three, damn Deku) and a lot of other things that get both of them injured at the end of the day (or the middle of it. They were thoughtless kids back then.)

Katsuki stared at Deku as he tried to explain to her the final exam one more time.

He used to go along Deku’s childish shenanigans because stupid kid Katsuki wanted to protect--

Fuck. Why was he thinking about the past now?

Auntie Inko went over to Katsuki, “Are you alright Katsuki?” she asked as she sobbed her tears away.

“Yes, Auntie Inko. It was just really a practical exam. A battle simulation. We needed to team up and defeat an enemy.” Katsuki explained as simple as he could without cursing or fuck, sounding so rude. This was Auntie Inko, the most gentle and loving person on the face of the earth. Not even the worst criminals would be impolite to her.

“You are both still reckless! Haven’t you both learned to hold back?”

Katsuki bowed his head down, not wanting to look at those crying eyes anymore, “Next time we will.”

The old hag unlocked the car the remote on its keys, “Let’s go. We’ll meet your Dad at Sakura Tei. We’ll have dinner with your Auntie Inko and Izuku.”

“What?! I thought we’re just—“ Katsuki looked at Auntie Inko who was just staring at him with tears in her eyes. A traitorous blush covered his cheeks so he looked down to at least cover them. “Fine.”

Katsuki stomped his feet towards the door of the backseat and opened it, “Deku.”

Deku beamed at him and entered the vehicle followed by Katsuki. Only when he closed the damn door and double-checked it if it was really locked that he realized what just happened.

Next time he would ask someone who had a quirk related to memories to erase all the goddamn unnecessary muscle memory he had with the fucking nerd. Shit! Deku was no good either! He just let himself in without a care in the goddamn world like it was the natural thing to do!

Damn it.

The old hag and Auntie Inko reminisced about all the summer camps they had until they were ten. If only Katsuki had a mind of a single-celled microorganism like Dunce Face, he would have forgotten all of it, but no, as he listened to the two best friends talk about their children’s adventures (and how each one of those trips got them badly hurt), an uncontrollable feeling of nostalgia had hit him so hard that made his entire body ache for one stupid green-headed kid.

That was sitting beside him right now — sleeping while his head rested on the window.

The last time Katsuki actually interacted properly with Deku was the summer day camp they had on Deku’s 4th birthday. All the succeeding summer camps that followed after that was just... him ignoring Deku and the nerd following him around.

Katsuki’s eyes took the opportunity to stare at Deku while his brain recollected the summer camp that had both of them hospitalized for five days because of infection, dehydration and... rosy thorns. His eyes trailed from the messy greenhead that used to be his beacon if they were lost in the middle of the forest, the viridian stars that lived inside Deku’s eyes, the constellation of freckles on his soft cheeks (he knew they were soft because he used to pinch it a lot and kiss— goddamnit) and those hand that perfectly fitted on his when—

Katsuki shook his head, why was he remembering all of these shit now?

Shit. If only their quirks manifested at the same time, maybe nothing would change between them.

Katsuki’s mind drifted further to the day everything had changed. On one mid-summer morning when they were five, in one of their childish escapades with extras Katsuki could not even remember the names of. Those idiots just stuck with Katsuki because of his quirk until middle school, but he can’t be bothered to remember insignificant extras that had no place in his life.

Katsuki remembered that he fell from a trunk to a shallow river.

And Deku held out his hand to his aid.

Like he needed any.

Like he was some helpless kid that needed his help, especially from Deku.

That quirkless Deku looked down on him.

Ever since that time, Deku became a reminder of how weak Katsuki was despite his amazing quirk.

Katsuki sighed and stopped the rush of memories that started to flood in – hopefully he could, but his attempt was futile.

He remembered pushing Deku away.

The hand that used to hold Deku’s was used to detonate an explosion to create a distance between them.

Katsuki wanted Deku to leave him alone because he was a constant reminder of how weak Katsuki was.

But Deku never did and Katsuki had just made his voice louder, his explosions bigger.

Katsuki closed his eyes, berated his brain for not listening to him again as the nostalgia turned into a discomfort he could not understand.

Nostalgia is a different kind of pain. That’s what they said.

Katsuki’s whole body had stiffened when Deku’s sleeping head fell on his shoulders. It took everything in him to not explode his hand as it will induce the wrath of the old hag so he just let himself froze for a moment before taking a few deep breaths.

He closed his eyes and to his surprise, his tense muscles started to relax.

Because they did sleep together in the car like this whenever they were going somewhere, not just summer camps, but almost every other weekend when Auntie Inko and the old hag would hang out and they were dragged along.

As Katsuki’s consciousness started to drift into slumber, vestiges of their happier times plagued his mind.

“What in the ever-loving fuck happened to us Deku?”

“What happened to you?”

“You used to…”

“You used to look at me… like I am magic.”



The next thing Katsuki knew, they were already parking at the garage of their house. He rolled the aching shoulder where Deku rested his head – which by the way who was not in the car anymore, yet his warmth lingered on the leather seat of the car.

The old hag explained that they just ordered a takeaway and went home when they saw the two of them peacefully sleeping like a baby through the whole ride.

After their dinner, he went up to his room and arranged the things he needed for his very first Summer Camp at UA.

He should be excited!

Not feeling weird while he thought of damn Deku.

He should not even think of him anyway.

So why the heck was he holding the green walkie-talkie from way back then?

Ah. Shit.

Because it was placed on the dark corner of his cabinet and he just happened to see it while taking out clothes he’s gonna bring for the summer camp.


Focus on the Summer Camp.

He should be excited about the Summer Camp.

It will be one of the best weeks of his life because it was UA’s Summer Camp.


-To Be Continued-

Chapter Text

There was a redhead girl that stood a few meters away from the gates of UA.

Izuku tried to remember where he had seen that dress before, that he was sure to be a uniform even though it looked like straight out of a shoujo manga. She wore a fancy white ball dress accented with pastel pink and gold linings, topped with a faint yellow ribbon. On top of her redhead was a white beret with baby blue ribbon. She was holding her lilac bag with her lace gloved hand. She was almost white from top to bottom, which made her look regal and well… rich.


She was from New Cross Academy, the only Elite All Girl’s School in Musutafu.

She looked at her fancy watch that screamed: “I am rich, your accumulated allowance for 7 years is just my lunch money.” He wondered why was she wearing a glove, it was just weird given that it was summer (their uniform was already cumbersome to look at) and even though it was in the middle of August, everything still melted under the angry blaze of the sun.

Izuku felt the rush of warm blood to his cheeks when she turned her head on his direction. Underneath her oversized white framed glasses was her pretty face. Her almond eyes were colored crimson like her hair, his favorite color… because of his favorite eyes – albeit always angry.

His heart had stopped when the redhead smiled. He must be hearing things because he was sure that the angels sang when that smile opened the clouds to bring in more sunshine. He just dumbly stared at her when she ran towards his direction, making a full stop in front of him.

“Hello! I saw you at the sports festival!” she cheerfully greeted, soft voice was like soothing cotton muffs to Izuku’s ear.

Izuku’s brain got fried and only stared at her face for a solid ten seconds before he looked around to see if she was mistaking him for someone else, someone more worthy of her attention, when he saw no one else (because he was too early — it’s only 7 AM early) he muttered, “Uhm… me?”

She smiled even wider and fixed her white glasses, “Yes! I forgot about your name though!”

As Izuku continued to make a blushing mess out of himself, she said, “You’re from Class 1A too right?”


Was he?

“Yes?” Izuku said in a muffled voice.

The redhead pursed her lips and knitted her eyebrows, “Why aren’t you sure? Aren’t you at the UA Sports Festival this year?”

Oh, he was!

“I— I am from class 1A. Ca—Can I help you w—with any—anything?” he stuttered.

The redhead girl giggled, “Right. I’m looking for Mr. Grinch. He also calls himself Bakugou Katsuki. He explodes things and the champion of the festival? He’s your classmate right?”

Now his heart started to beat again, and fast, along with his brain that got back to reality faster than All Might’s New Hampshire Smash.

She knew Kacchan.

Is she a fan?

But she already had a nickname for him. 

“Excuse me?” was all Izuku could utter. The admiration for all that she was immediately replaced by a strong sense of aversion for where the conversation might go upon hearing Kacchan’s name.

“I said, I’m looking for Mr. Grinch!” she clarified. Izuku heard her the first time, he just wanted to confirm if he was hearing it right. “His name is Bakugou Katsuki.”

“Uhm… why are you looking for him?” he asked before he could have time to filter out his question. He hoped that it didn’t sound impolite as he probably intended it to be.

Thank god he was able to stop himself from asking other accusatory questions like, “Who are you? What are you doing here? Why do you call him Mr. Grinch? Do you know each other? How can Kacchan know a girl from an elite school? How did you meet him? Why—“

“He stole my book.” She explained simply.


“A book? What book? Why would Kacchan steal a book? He’s not like that. He would never—“ Izuku was cut off from the trail of thoughts when the redhead had spoken again.

“I told him —“ she stopped then playfully smirked, “Oh! Speak of the red-eyed devil! Mr. Grinch!” then she ran past him as she excitedly waved her hand.

Izuku looked back to see Kacchan approaching. On his left shoulder hanged a black duffle bag with neon orange stitches in it and on his right hand was a green travel bag.

Izuku still wondered how this beautiful creature can stop the world by his mere presence.

He was so…


Izuku warm-heartedly smiled — Kacchan never changed. He had always been a heavy packer because of his quirk that made him sweat more than an average teenager. He hated getting sticky and had to change clothes more than necessary — even though his clothes were all the same black tank top and black sweat pants (easier to maintain according to Kacchan.)

And oh the number of different things he applies to his skin could rival a full-grown woman.

Did he mention that Kacchan never had drug store products for his self-care regimen — ever?

Kacchan had always been adorably fuzzy (of course he’d never admit that and probably, Izuku was the only other soul on earth that knew every luxury brand Kacchan uses aside from his mom.)

Kacchan snarled at the redhead, “The fuck are you doing here White Specs? Are you stalking me now?”

White Specs?


So they do know each other.

When? What happened to the past two weeks that Kacchan was not in the UA?

Izuku could not imagine how Kacchan could possibly meet her. Yes, Kacchan’s parents were rich given that they work in the fashion industry, but this girl was on another echelon of the elite society — like Todoroki and Yaoyorozu.

“No!” she adamantly protested, “I searched for you on Facebook but I could not find you without knowing your name.” She giggled, “I tried typing Mr. Grinch but you did not appear!” she stopped herself from giggling and continued her explanation, “But then I remembered you looked so familiar so I watched the re-run of sports fest last night and you really were the same Bakugou Katsuki with the exploding quirk!” She said in a matter of fact tone then smiled, “So here I am!”

Annoyed, Kacchan rolled his eyes, “And I am supposed to give a fuck?”

The redhead girl remained unfazed as she relentlessly smiled, “Like you have any to give but I hope you do!” She narrowed her eyes and leaned closer to him, “Because you stole my book!”

Kacchan glared at her, “It’s not your goddamn book! It belongs to the library!”


So they met at the library.

The rich girl glared back at him, to Izuku’s surprise, because usually, people are too scared to clash with Kacchan on their first meeting. But, his current classmates were not like that, so maybe this girl wasn’t too.

“I told you not to bring it home and you still did!” she exclaimed.

Kacchan snarled, “Because I don’t care about your damn feelings!” then walked away, “We’re fucking done here!”

The redhead faux a surprise, “Ah!” she pouted, “You mean angry Pomeranian!” then stomped her feet to catch up with Kacchan, “Are you even reading it?!” she exclaimed, her voice remained soft amidst the anger.

Izuku silently trailed behind them. Slowly, other students of UA started to show up, including Kirishima who wrapped his arms around Kacchan.

“Yo! Bakugou! Good morning! You’ve got a lot of stuff in there!” the redhead greeted, all sharky teeth and gleaming smile.

Oh wow.

Kacchan was surrounded by redheads.

Maybe there was a reason why most people hated redheads or gingers as everyone call them.

Because Izuku was starting to dislike them too.

A little.

Not personally, it was just because…


Of Kacchan.

The blond just grunted and gently shoved Kirishima aside, “Shut up Shitty Hair.”

White Specs (as Kacchan called her), held Kacchan’s forearms, “Mr. Grinch! I’m talking to you!” then she raised her voice, “Have you got no manners?!”

Kacchan swatted her hands away and scowled at her, “Shut up! Leave me alone idiot!”

Even though Izuku did not like her very much, he still came to her rescue as soon as she almost stumbled on the ground and supported her arms to maintain her balance, “Are you alright?” he asked, not that he care as much.

Okay, he still did… probably a little more than his dislike for her had masked.

Not very unheroic… but still not what a future hero is supposed to feel (Izuku could only imagine a full-blown lecture from Iida about it.)

Kacchan only continued to walk without batting an eyelash.

“Dude! That’s very unmanly of you!” Kirishima said then approached them, “Sorry about that! He’s just not a morning person.” He smiled at White Specs.

That’s funny because Kacchan is totally a morning person. He wakes up at 5 AM and sleeps between 8:00 to 8:30 PM. Izuku was just earlier than him today because he had slept properly after a comforting ride to their apartment complex.

Speaking of which, that ride home had made Izuku’s heart swell and gave him pleasant dreams because he woke up to Kacchan’s arms around him while Izuku rested his head against his… uhm… against Kacchan’s shoulders. Like what they used to do when they were children. Izuku could not remember how it happened, but he thanked every saint in existence that it did.

He missed Kacchan’s warm embrace so bad and he wouldn’t have left if they had not arrived at their apartment and it’s time to go.

He missed it because Kacchan had always been Izuku’s home.

And it’s been so long since he made a homecoming and Izuku knew it won’t happen anytime soon.

He will get there, he just had to diligently work hard for it.

Soon. No matter how many years it takes, Izuku will definitely come home.

“Yes! Thanks, Green Bunny!” she smiled at Izuku.

Green Bunny?

Before Izuku could think of something to respond to that weird name, she stood up properly and clenched her fist, “Mr. Grinch, wait!” She stomped her right foot on the ground, “That’s it!”

She inhaled deeply, chest out and eyes brimmed of determination, and before anyone could explain what happened, she was already atop Kacchan.

Despite being surprised, Izuku tried to review what had occurred. Her footsteps were too silent, almost non-existent. Izuku did not know if she actually disappeared or not but in a split-second, she tripped Kacchan and maneuvered him like he was light as a pillow to slam his back flat on the ground. As soon as Kacchan was laid down, the redhead’s thighs were in between Kacchan’s waist and her hands held both of the blond’s wrists to each side of his head, fully caging him on her hold.

Everyone stopped in their tracks when they saw Bakugou Katsuki, the first year who had made a lot of noise by being the top of the entrance exam and champion of the sports festival, got pinned down in the middle of the street by a girl who was not a UA Student or in any school’s heroics course.

Izuku’s heart stopped because of the compromising position. The heat he felt to the core of his soul was hotter than burning lava and it was ready to erupt anytime if not for Izuku’s great self-control. He could only thank his lucky stars that he had not activated his quirk or else he would be forced to answer questions he was not ready to entertain.

“The book! Now!” she demanded as she firmly gripped Kacchan’s wrists and leaned her face closer to the blond teen.


Calm down.

Calm the fu—

Calm down.

Izuku tried to placate himself but did not take his eyes off the extremely unlikeable scene that unfolded before him.

Kacchan had also not moved from his spot, had not spoken as he was still stunned from what the redhead did. Kacchan’s reflexes were impeccable, no one can sneak up on him unless they were All Might, but even if someone can sneak up to him, Kacchan’s reaction time was quicker than an average trained hero.

But somehow, some fu—

Somehow this girl was not only able to attack him from behind, but she was able to pin him down.

Izuku allowed himself to breathe as he already held his breath for far too long and his lungs needed air.

The redhead girl beamed at him, “Pretty please!”

Kacchan gave her a death glare and pushed her away, only to reverse their position. Kacchan pinned her on the ground, now it was his turn to rest his knees on the sides of her waist, one of his hand had held both of her wrists up her head and the other one was smoking and sparking — threatening to detonate on one wrong move from the redhead.

White Specs blushed, shocked crimson eyes stared at the other glaring ones and her lips were pursed tightly.

Izuku could hear Mineta’s voice shouting at Kacchan for trying to shamelessly score a point on a beautiful girl 50 feet away from the school gate. Kaminari was mumbling mindless words as he could not believe that Kacchan was doing naughty things with a girl. Kirishima was just speechless like the rest of the students watching with them.

And Izuku…

Izuku may or may not have activated his Full Cowl, but his palms were now bleeding from clenching them too hard.

Izuku could only wish it would end there — Kacchan would give her colorful death threats and leave, but it didn’t. Instead, Kacchan leaned his face closer to the soulless ginger, too close that their nose almost touched.

Izuku doubted that Kacchan was even aware of what he was doing to the girl or to Izuku’s already dying heart but oh please make this stop — it’s only 7:00 AM!

Was it still 7:00 AM? Izuku did not know, he was not even aware of the time anymore.

“You just got lucky this time White Specs. Next time, I’m gonna explode you to Mars.” Vengeful threat seethed from his gritted teeth.

Kirishima rushed to them and whatever the heck he was about to do he said, “Bro! She’s—“

White Specs gulped, her crimson eyes started to form tears, “Please.” She said breathlessly. “I really need it now.”

And that had sent so many red flags to Izuku’s mind (probably not red, but green. Definitely green.). Blame their not so innocent position (and was it getting hotter or it was just Kacchan?), the way she said it and his teenage hormones, but man this scene just gets more and more awkward and—

“Bakugou you dirty dog! You should be charged with public indecency!” Kaminari exclaimed jokingly.

Kacchan only ignored the growing audience around them and in exasperation, sighed, “I can’t give it to you until summer camp’s over.”

Izuku bit his lips and wanted to smack himself for his mind turning greener than his messy mop of a hair.

And was it really necessary for him to think that he’d pay good money to be in her position right now? Charge him with anything but if it meant Kacchan would—


Izuku was really unheroic today.

“What…?” White Specs uttered.

Kacchan sighed and stood up properly, leaving the girl lying in the middle of the street, “So just wait for me to return it to the library.”

She gracefully sat up and patted her now dirtied white dress, “I see.”

“Why do you need it anyway?” Kacchan asked.

“To… study about my quirk. If I can…” she sighed then stood up properly and fixed her dress and her sling bag, “Nevermind.”

Kacchan rolled his eyes for the nth time of the day and rummaged on his green travel bag for something. After a few seconds, he threw his phone on the far left of the redhead, which she immediately caught flawlessly.

The baffled redhead murmured, “What—“

Kacchan smirked of genuine amusement. Impressed, “Good reflex.” Then he snarled, “Now, Put your number in there.”

Astonished, her whole face turned cherry tomato, “What…?” she inaudibly asked, along with several audiences who mimicked her.

“Did I fucking stutter?” he said, now annoyed and impatient.

Still, her face was redder than her hair, she grunted and breathed out hard, “Fine! What’s the passcode?”

“Nothing. Like I need shit like that! Can you hurry the fuck up and stop wasting my time?!”

Oh. So Kacchan’s phone was open. That was a piece of new information.

And it was a piece of very dangerous information to Izuku, whose mind was only divided into three: to make his Mama proud, to be a hero and everything that is Kacchan.

“God you are so insufferable!” she complained but tapped on the smartphone then threw on Kacchan’s far-right, which he had caught with ease, “Good reflex!” she complimented him back while playfully smiling.

Kacchan stared at his phone, “Akane Naomi. Huh.” He dialed her number, which had immediately made her phone ring on her shoulder bag so Kacchan ended the call, “I have read shit about the time travel. Just text me your legitimate questions I might be able to answer. I won’t answer any stupid questions. Can I fucking leave now?”

Akane nodded giddily and smiled beautifully, “You’re not half bad Mr. Grinch!”

Kacchan grunted and walked towards the gate, “Oh fuck off White Specs. See you never.”

“Enjoy your summer camp! Bakugrinch!” She cheerfully said, “I’ll pop in whenever and wherever I want!” then she giggled, “’ Cause I can!”

“What did you call me?! You annoying Bootleg Cardcaptor Sakura!”

“Bootleg Cardcaptor Sakura?!” Akane burst out laughing, “Oh my god this is hysterical! If only I passed the entrance exam we would be classmates and every day would be hilarious!”

Kacchan stopped walking and scrutinized her for a moment, “You attempted to enter UA?”

“Well, yeah?” she shrugged her shoulders, “Who wouldn’t? It’s the best school ever! I’ve seen all the sports festival and it was awesome! I wanna be in it so bad!” then she chuckled, “I’ll try again next year though!”

“But your quirk is not—“

“For combat, I know. But hey, if I managed to pin you on the ground, maybe UA’s standards are not so high after all?” she teased him with a smug smirk on her face.

The students surrounding them started whispering, some were glaring at her because she had not only managed to irritate Kacchan but some others as well.

Including Izuku.

But not because of her careless remarks against UA.

But by how close these two seemed to be.

Kacchan even knew about her quirk. What was her quirk? Had it got something to do with what she did earlier? Something to erase her presence? Or maybe time travel? Because it seemed like she teleported earlier? Short time travel?

Izuku wished he could understand more, but he couldn’t.

He could not even understand why he already slightly dislike the redhead, who really had done nothing offensive to Izuku.

The blond grinned, a grin that he makes when he was too excited for a challenge or ready to take down someone in front of him, “I’ll wait for you then, Akane.”

Akane chuckled, “Deal!” then she waved her hand to Kacchan’s retreating form, “See you later Bakugou!”

She skipped and hopped in the other direction but stopped in front of Izuku with her everlasting bright smile, “Thanks for catching me earlier, Green Bunny. What’s your name? So I can remember next time!”

“Uhm… Midoriya Izuku.”

She held out her hand, “Great! I am Akane Naomi! Nice to meet you!”

Izuku hesitated for a second but managed to smile and shook her hand, “Nice to meet you too!” he said, hoping it did not sound as fake as he felt. She also asked for Kirishima’s name, after she called him Cutie Shark that made Kirishima’s cheeks turn red like his hair.

She bid them goodbye before running off to somewhere Izuku did not care about. As soon as she was gone, other students started chattering about her, especially Mineta and Kaminari who started searching for her on Facebook. Kacchan and Kirishima proceeded to walk while the redhead was teasing him about how he got game because he managed to pick up a beautiful girl like a smooth gentleman.

Izuku just trailed after them and while walking, he took out his phone. As much as he hated it, he stooped down to the level of Mineta and searched for her on the social media too.

He found nothing.

“Bro! Like how did she even do that? It’s like she disappeared!” Kirishima said in awe.

Kaminari joined them in, “Yooo! She’s from that elite school right? Look at this news article about her!” he showed his phone to his friends but only Kirishima paid attention while Kacchan only looked ahead, “She’s the heiress of the Akane Conglomerate! A chain of five-star hotels and resorts!”

Izuku sighed.

Who is this shoujo manga protagonist that stumbled upon Kacchan’s life that Izuku had to add to the long list of things that divide or will divide them?

“Wow. Beautiful, rich and had skills to corner Bakugou? Talk about a match made in heaven!” Kirishima teased him. “Or hell, whichever you prefer!”

“Will you fucking shut up?! She’s still an annoying loser!” he exclaimed, then looked back at Izuku, “Nerd. You saw what happened?”

Izuku flinched and nodded.

“I didn’t feel her at all.” Kacchan grunted, “That’s next level stealth.”

“Was it her quirk?”

“No. Her quirk is clairvoyance.”

“Clairvoyance? Like seeing the future?”

“What else?”

“Why does she want to know about time travel? Maybe she teleported towards you?”

“Don’t know. Don’t care.” He shrugged, “Maybe she had not told me everything about her quirk. But Even if she saw my reaction beforehand, she won’t be able to pin me down like that. What made her attack successful was not from her ability to predict, but her ability to conceal her presence from her target.”

Kacchan looked down, “It’s pure skills.” He clenched his fist, quivering not in fear but in anticipation, “I want to beat the hell out of that idiot White Specs.”

Kacchan was right and he acknowledged her skills almost immediately.

Begrudgingly, Izuku did too.

Izuku sighed once more.

He wished he had not thought of horrible things about the redhead who had not directly done anything bad to Izuku. The only thing she did was to be close with Kacchan and being acknowledged by him – which Izuku had been working for since he was… four.

It only took Akane to do that in ten seconds.

While Izuku was not even close to it... and he’s been doing it for more than a decade.

Izuku was distracted from his depressing thoughts when Uraraka and Iida greeted him good morning. He also wished that it was a really good morning because as far as he was concerned, his morning was already ruined at 7 AM. As he tuned out the idle chatter of his friends, his mind had obsessed with the events of earlier, asked himself who Akane was over and over and why had she suddenly appeared.

As soon as every student in Class 1A was gathered, they rode the bus to where the Summer Camp will be held. Everyone was rowdy inside the bus, exchanging their predictions about the activities and the plans they had for it.

Izuku glanced at Kacchan who was busy with his phone the whole ride.

He bit his lip then let out a long frustrating sigh.

“Are you alright Midoriya?” Todoroki gently asked, who was sitting beside him.

Izuku nodded and faintly smiled at him, “Yeah.”

“Are you sure? You seem… off.”

“It’s really nothing.”

Todoroki nodded at him and seemed like he did not want to pry further.

“Do you know… Akane Naomi?” Izuku asked reluctantly. If there was someone who would probably know her, it’s Todoroki.

“Oh, the girl at the gates earlier?” he said, voice expressionless and neutral, “Yeah. I know her. But not personally. I’ve seen her on parties and events my father hosts or attends. Why’d you ask?”

So Todoroki saw what happened earlier too.

“Nothing. It’s just… uhm… I’m just wondering… how she did that.”

Entering Kacchan’s life.

Todoroki just shrugged his shoulders and told Izuku not to worry about it. Izuku was thankful that it was Todoroki that sat beside him because he can be left in silence as the other teen doesn’t talk much unless spoken to. He willed himself to just let the bumps of the rocky road lull him to sleep so his brain would shut down and stop thinking about Akane and Kacchan.

And hoped that by the time he woke up, he’ll be more focused on the Summer Camp.

The next events of the day was an unbelievable dream to Izuku.

When they arrived at the mountain, they were met by the Pussy Cats, a professional Hero Team and was tasked to get to the summer cabin themselves by going through the mountain full of dirt beasts. Iida was right, their summer camp was some form of training. They fought tooth to nail through it all and got to the cabin at the end of the day – their energies depleted, their excitement faded away and their stomachs empty.

He also had met Kota, a kid who had a strong distaste in heroes and had punched him on his family jewels that were more painful than All Might’s punches and kicks that he received yesterday.

It sufficed to say that Izuku was exhausted – “I-want-to-sleep-for-3-days-straight” exhausted.

When they finally get to rest after a hearty dinner and a nice long hot spring bath, the boys huddled in the middle of the room with Kaminari and Sero in the center of it to share some ghost stories.

Of course, he was forced to join in, even though he just really wanted to doze off and shut himself down. They even managed to drag Kacchan into it, on how Sero convinced him is one of the mysteries of Class 1A or probably his battered brain just couldn’t analyze things like that right now.

So, they exchanged ghost stories, nothing that can scare Izuku, especially Kacchan.

“Dude! You’re not even reacting! Do you not believe in ghosts?!” Kaminari jabbed Kacchan playfully with his elbow.

Izuku snorted in amusement that made Kacchan look at him.

Like Kacchan would be scared at passing shadows, or creaking doors and urban legends.

“Do you still see the lady in black kimono Kacchan?” Izuku asked him, genuinely curious, which spiked the interest of the other boys as well.

“Yeah.” He answered simply.

“Tell us! Tell us!” Kirishima said excitedly.

Izuku braced himself for a story that used to give him nightmares when he was a kid.

Kacchan smirked, “Well… once upon a fucking time. There was a lady in black kimono who kept on bothering me since I was three.” He said then looked at the faces of his classmates with growing curiosity, then stared at Izuku, “She’s still around until now.”

“No way.” Tokoyami said in fascination, “She was attached to you?”

“I’m awesome, who wouldn’t be attached to me?” he said with a smug look on his face that earned a collective groan from the boys.

Izuku blushed and softly chuckled.

Kacchan was not wrong.

“Come on bro! Be serious!” Sero demanded.

“Fine!” Kacchan crossed his arms across his shoulders, “She was a faceless lady in black kimono. She would always sit at the edge of my bed and tell words I could not understand. Then whenever I attempt to scream and move, I couldn’t. Then she would crawl to me and scream really damn loud until I hear Deku’s voice.”

Izuku’s previous blush was intensified by hundred shades that made him look away from all of them – who stared at him, not including Kacchan though – because somehow his cheeks were also pink.

“And that kept on happening until now?” Todoroki curiously probed.

Kacchan shrugged his shoulders, “Yeah. Gotten used to it. But the shittiest one happened after the sports festival.”

The boys huddled closer to Kacchan, curiosity growing stronger and interest at a peak. They remained absorbed and still as they listen to him.

“I was just sleeping when all of a sudden I heard a raspy voice whispering close to my ears. I could feel her cold breath and the touch of her dry lips on the shell of my ears. I opened my eyes and saw three other dark figures looming on top of me, with chains on their wrists, long bloody claws on their hand, their eyes glow red and their fangs were bare.”

“The three figures were unmoving but I knew it was the lady who was whispering in my ear. I tried to scream and move but of fucking course, I couldn’t. I felt more dreadful when the figures slowly close in and they fucking opened their mouth inhumanely wide. I don’t believe in god, but shit I started to chant some prayers that moment because I was so damn scared.”

“Then I finally understood the black lady, she was speaking in Latin. Then she fucking prayed together with me as she moved her skeleton hands on my neck and started choking me. I couldn’t fucking breathe and continue the prayer.”

“Then she screamed, screamed so damn loud I thought my ears are gonna fall off. The three figures started to howl too – so all of them were fucking screeching.”

“Then I heard…” he looked at Izuku, “I heard Deku’s voice. He was asking me what happened and if I was talking to him and if I want to go to the forest with him. Which was pretty stupid because who would want to go to the forest in the middle of the fucking night.” He rolled his eyes, “Stupid Deku.”

Kacchan carefully glanced at the terrified faces of his classmates, he continued, “Then the black lady creepily chuckled, she reached to my chest and gripped my shirt, tried to rip my heart out, then whispered to me ‘I’ve waited for so long, Katsuki. But not yet. You’re not ready. I’ll come back.’ then fucking laughed like a maniac.”

“Then I woke up.” Then he shrugged his shoulder like he had not scared the living daylights out of his classmates who were now awfully closer together, “It was 3 AM and only 2 hours before my wake time so I just drank some tea and watched some Netflix.”

“What the hell?!” Kaminari exclaimed then moved closer to Kirishima as they clump on a single comforter, together with Sero, “You better not make this shit up Bakugou!” Kaminari added.

“But Kacchan… I wasn’t there.” Izuku said, almost inaudibly.

“Oh, you weren’t? I thought I called you.” then he shrugged his shoulders once more, “Eh, must be my imagination.”

“What?!” the terrified boys of class 1A exclaimed. “Then who was the other Deku talking to you?!”

“Dunno. It doesn’t matter.” Kacchan’s eyes darted around their classmates who were silent, with a  smirk, he said, “Oh what’s this? Scared of a little sleep paralysis story, you ignoramus shitheads?” Then he cackled, “Welcome to my fucking life!” He stood up and grabbed his comforter, “I’m gonna sleep. I’m gonna make sure to let you fuckwits know if she’s around or the one who mimicked Deku.”

“NO!” they simultaneously shouted with so much conviction which earned a bolstering laugh from Kacchan.

“Kacchan you lovely sadistic little monster.”

Who’s going to hug Izuku to sleep when he had nightmares from that?


The story Kacchan shared made everyone’s interest in ghost stories drain to nothingness and they all decided to sleep, unusually closer together (besides, it was already 11 PM they convinced themselves). Of course, Kacchan sadistically laughed at them with so much hilarity and slept at the far side of the room. Lucky for Izuku, he was on Kacchan’s direction too, so maybe that will do, at least he was fairly near.

“Deku… Deku…”

Izuku immediately woke up at the sound of Kacchan’s plea.

He knew that call.

It was 2:55 AM and he was having a nightmare.

“What’s happening to him?” he heard Todoroki whispered. Izuku looked around, only to see some of his classmates also awake, probably failed to fall asleep after what Kacchan had shared with them.

Izuku had not wasted his time to answer the question or to explain things to them, he just crawled towards Kacchan and knelt beside him, “Hey, Kacchan…”

Kacchan continued to curl himself as if he could make himself smaller.

Izuku sighed and held his own calloused hands and debated with his inner self if he should touch Kacchan or not, but instincts would always overpower the rational mind so after a short internal dispute, he held out his hand and caressed Kacchan’s cheeks, “Kacchan. I am here.” he smoothly whispered. “I’ll make her go away.”

Kacchan continued to quiver.

Izuku had let himself inside Kacchan’s personal bubble and scooted inside his comforter, and gently ran his fingers through his spiky hair, he murmured, “Kacchan… It’s just a nightmare. Follow my voice.”

“Should we call Aizawa-sensei?” Izuku heard Iida utter with a concern fitting of a Class President. Izuku shook his head and moved closer to Kacchan.

Izuku removed strays of hair from Kacchan’s forehead that had stuck because of his cold sweat, “Kacchan…I’m here.

Kacchan opened his yes, half-lidded and still in a haze, “Deku?”

Izuku smiled, “Yes.”

Kacchan sighed of relief and moved his head closer to the nook of Izuku’s neck, “She’s back.” He softly purred then immediately fell back to sleep.

“Oh my god! She’s—“ Mineta squeaked but was immediately stopped by Shoji who shushed him.

“Don’t wake him up!” Shoji whispered. “He said it himself! It was sleep paralysis!”

Izuku continued to massage the blond’s head until he was sure that Kacchan was already in deep slumber.

Once Izuku knew he was already in deep sleep, he hugged the blond tightly.

He was not happy of what and why this happened, but god knows he really missed Kacchan so much and continue to miss him every single day. Every day that Kacchan does not look his way, every day that Kacchan does not acknowledge his presence and every day that Kacchan tells Izuku to leave him alone.

So Izuku would take everything he could in rare moments like this when Kacchan allows him in.

Izuku dared not to look at the eyes that he knew was staring at them, he was not ready for the upcoming interrogation so he just waited for them to retreat and lay on their futons.

He closed his eyes and listened to the gentle noise of Kacchan’s snor—sleep puffs. He’s gonna call it that now. Whatever Izuku calls it, it had always lulled him to sleep, because he knew that Kacchan was there beside him, he could sense the comforting warmth of his breath, feel the rise and fall of his chest against his body.

Shortly, he joined Kacchan to slumber and hoped to dream of foliage, walkie talkies, shimmering beetles and small chubby hands intertwined together.

Izuku’s sleep came to a halt at the crack of dawn – 4:30 AM.

Kacchan was already gone, but the warmth of their shared futon was still there – he was not gone for too long.

He noticed that Kacchan’s green travel bag was open and that his outside shoes were gone, which was unusual. Kacchan won’t make his morning run until 6 AM because according to him it was the best time of the day to start doing things.

So Izuku forced himself wide awake and took his phone with him.

He walked outside the summer villa and saw Kacchan heading towards the forest who seemed to be talking to someone.


It was probably her.


Izuku kept his distance and made sure he remained undetected, hid behind the trees whenever Kacchan looked around to see if someone followed him.

Then Kacchan stopped somewhere in the middle of the forest.

Izuku listened.

“How are you, princess?” Kacchan asked fondly.

And just like that, every nerve on Izuku’s body betrayed him and sent an enormous amount of pain to the core of his being.

Kacchan was quiet for a while. Izuku only assumed that Katsumi answered his question with a very long explanation or a story.

Nevertheless, Izuku set his phone on mute and readied himself to type everything he would hear to update his notebook.

After all, he needed to find out about her.

“He hasn’t come home for Christmas Dinner?” Kacchan asked.

Christmas? But it’s summer. Izuku knitted his eyebrows together as he typed in the information.

Kacchan softly chuckled, “Why would a damn pro-hero leave his eight-month-old baby with a six-year-old brat like you?!”

Izuku covered his mouth and tried to stop himself from giggling.

“Katsumi is a child! A six-year-old child!”

“Oh my god.”

“Oh my god, this is so embarrassing.”

Izuku felt a sense of relief. He wanted to laugh, jump or clap his hands in whichever order but he could not really do that right now. He needed to concentrate on the task at hand.

“What did you say…?” Kacchan asked in disbelief. “Yes. I… I’m studying at UA.”

Izuku was perplexed as to why Kacchan now sounded so anxious and surprised. He was having fun earlier but now… the mood had changed.

“No… I… I don’t know Black Heart.”

Black Heart? Who was that?

Nonetheless, Izuku noted it and listened to the one-sided conversation (because he could not hear Katsumi).

“Okay…? So Synergy is also your Uncle Shouchan?”


“Okay… tell him… tell him I’m currently a first-year student at UA.”

“Also… can you… ask if your father—“

Kacchan fell silent.

Then Izuku’s heart twisted when he heard Kacchan scream of agony. Every fiber of his being dictated that he should go immediately, but he stopped himself. He did not know what was going on but Kacchan was in so much pain but at the same time, he could hear him pacing around and cursing expletives.

Kacchan ran back towards the direction of the cabin, frantic and had not even noticed Izuku who was hiding in the bush.

What happened to him?

What was going on?

Who’s Synergy?

Who’s “Shouchan”?

But if she was not real, if she was just a product of Kacchan’s beautiful mind, how can she name a few other people, like Synergy/Shouchan and Black Heart? It’s not like Kacchan to invent stories, he was not dishonest and he would not be bothered to craft elaborate stories like that.


Kacchan had a newfound interest on time travel.

Is Katsumi a time traveler?

But there was no quirk recorded about time travel because it was not conceivable by the simple fact that it would disrupt the space-time continuum.

Or it was a new quirk from another time, where Katsumi came from?

The sun rays started to illuminate the dark forest as the day begins.

If only it could also give light to the situation that happened just now.

Because it only opened up more questions and answered not one of those – old or new.

At least he already knew that Katsumi was a six-year-old child and he had nothing to be jealous about – which was good, oh so good.

Also, he had a single lead now.

He had to search for Synergy and Black Heart, both of which he had never heard the names of before – and Izuku knew to himself that he was the biggest nerd on earth about heroes and villains.

“Katsumi is not a hallucination, that’s for sure.” He whispered to himself and strolled to the cabin, to get himself prepared for the second day of their training camp (not a summer camp anymore if all they do was train right?)

He sighed.

If only he could convince Kacchan to cooperate with him as they did on the final exams, it will be easier to identify who Katsumi was.

But… it would also be easier to master One for All to a hundred percent than to have Kacchan work with him. Kacchan did not even want to talk about her, probably avoiding to be branded delusional and get into deeper problems with Recovery Girl.

Cooperation and Kacchan simply do not belong in the same sentence, so Izuku just had to be patient and do everything he could to solve the mystery shrouding her identity.

It was already Izuku’s lifelong mission to know everything about Kacchan, and Katsumi was not an exception to that rule.

After all, if she was important to Kacchan, it was only reasonable that Izuku should know about her too.

-To Be Continued-

Chapter Text

Katsuki woke up to a warm embrace that he knew all too well.

His half-lidded eyes stared at the forest of green curls tickling his chin, his red orbs wandered at the stars that danced around Deku’s cheeks. When they were three, he had 46 dots on his face, all in all, now, it looked like Katsuki had to recount.

He used to love staring at them especially when Deku’s viridian eyes were open, they were even brighter stars that completes a beautiful cosmos that would get him lost in wonder to fantastical places.

Used to?

Katsuki pursed his lips and sighed.

Not really.

Because he still does.

When the damn dork is nerding over something — especially about heroes — because that’s when the stars in him shine the brightest.

When those same eyes… looked at four-year-old Katsuki.

Not that he would admit that every day.

Just now.

Just now that…

He was close.




Asking himself what the fuck happened to them.


Asking himself if they can go back—


He knew the answer was no.

So why the heck was he still ask—


Katsuki almost did not want to get up, almost, but he needed to, before he surrenders to his instincts to trace the freckles of Deku’s cheeks, his li—, to the call of nostalgia and he was not ready for that kind of pain at … what fucking o’clock? He opened his travel bag sitting above his head and blindly searched for his phone.

Jesus, it’s 4:15 AM and he was already subjected to this shit.

Too fucking early.

So he put on his running shoes and went out of the room to have some damn tea before he actually put the shoes into use.

As the water he prepared heated up to a boil, he sat on the counter and stared at his phone.

His useless phone because there was a signal jammer on the entire goddamn forest — for security reasons they said.

Which was fucking laughable because if something were to happen to them, they would not have any connections outside — or at least no one can respond immediately.

And if they want to secure their location, they should have sent more faculties with them, not just their homeroom teachers. Not disclosing the information to a great number of potential rescuers who were with you was more efficient than to send measly two faculties with the knowledge of the mountain they were headed. Prepare for a damn Nomu attack, they have seen that monster at the USJ, it took All Might’ s all might (hah! pun fully intended -- damn it 4:15 AM brain.) to defeat that Satan spawn, how was a handful of passable heroes gonna do it if it comes again?

Ah shit.

200,000 years of human evolution and quirk mutation and they still had not invented a security protocol that will automatically alert heroes if there were any intruders and send their locations to a hero’s PDA or phone or something.

Surviving a week without the internet was the real challenge, not the exploding mud beasts to smithereens – it also had made Katsuki very – very salty.

Katsuki was not scared of any ghosts because of the damn nightmares, but when a fucking goddamn blonde head popped up on the tabletop out of nowhere at 4:30 AM, that was a good time to jump from his seat and move three steps backward.

“Bakuchan!” Katsumi greeted him cheerfully as if she did not look like a fucking floating head on the damn kitchen counter.

“Katsumi— holy shit?! Why’d you appear like that?!” he screamed at her.

“Like what?”

“Walk towards here, you stupid ghost!” 

She scrunched her eyebrows and pouted but moved anyway, passing through the kitchen counter to move towards Katsuki.

This fucking bratty ghost.

God, he missed her.

He instructed her to follow him outside, because who fucking knows who was listening? He was cautious, paid attention to his environment with heightened senses, ready to explode any extra who would dare to follow him.

He didn’t want to be sent back to the infirmary just because he was seen talking to something extras can’t see.

They were seriously missing out on the presence of this cute little angel.

Sucks to be them.

“So, Bakuchan!” she jeered, “Why are we in the forest? What are you doing here?”

“We’re on a Summer Camp. Since we’re the best school in Japan, we go the extra hundred miles.” He smirked, “Plus Ultra!”

“Oh! Papa always tell me that!”

Katsuki halted on his tracks, “Plus Ultra?”

“Yep! He always tells me to go Plus Ultra when I do something!” she smiled, adoration in her eyes reserved for the useless father who continued to neglect her.

So Dauntless… went to UA?

UA of another dimension.

Huh. Must be a garbage UA 2.0 since they produced a failure of a hero.

Well, probably not as a hero, but as a fucking father.

Goddamn it.

Should Katsuki pry deeper?

Not yet.

They settled on a place somewhere not far away from the cabin.

“How was your day, Princess?” he smiled at her.

“Ohhh!” She adorably jumped and with her fists shot up and down in the air, “I had a very awesome Christmas! Auntie Urachan came to visit the day before Christmas Eve and I played with her daughter, Hanako!”

Katsuki just typed in the new names he had heard as he listened to the endless stream of happily put together words to describe her weekend.

“I missed Hanako so much because it’s been a while since we last so each other! She now has an awesome quirk that makes her fly! She’s like an airplane! Auntie Urachan took us to the playground and we flew around! It was so cool!”

Katsuki did not even have to ask questions. She just went on and on, mimicking her past actions like she was still living the moment.

“Auntie Urachan said that Hanako has a turbo on her feet and her hand can make her float that’s why she can fly!” she giggled, “I wish I have a quirk like that too! So I can fly to where you are!”

Then she knitted her eyebrows, “We had so much fun that I forgot to ask about you.” She perked up, “But I will meet her again next time! She said she wanted to meet me regularly now! She’d even help me get into Hanako’s school so we can be classmates! I’m really happy to have another friend!”

She bowed down and lightly kicked the ground, “Uhm… but I wish Papa and Mama were there. So they could be… with us on Christmas. But Grandmama said Mama will live in the US now so… uhm. Yeah. But at least Papa…”

“He hasn’t come home for Christmas Dinner?”

Dauntless, you stupid excuse of a human being. At least be home for the Christmas goddamit.

She gently shook her head, “Grandmama said… uhm. Papa is on a very long mission.” She smiled again and lightly tapped her cheeks with her palms. Katsuki took it as a sign that the little girl doesn’t want to talk about it now, so he just let her continue.

“Oh, and you know what? I met Aka-chan again! Uncle Shouchan brought him to the house for Christmas Dinner and Auntie Momochan! They had a very long talk with Grandmama after dinner so I get to play with him!” she giggled, maintained to be bubbly despite missing her parents for a jolly holiday, “He was so adorable! He laughs whenever I do a peek-a-boo and I always pinch his chubby little cheeks!” she pinched her own cheeks and pulled it, “Itch wach shoo shoft!” then she smiled, “I wanna pinch it forever!”

Auntie Momochan? Is that the canon girl?


“How old is that baby? You did not squish him to death don’t you?” Katsuki teased.

Katsumi rolled her eyes and pouted, “He’s eight months old!” She jumped in place and smiled widely, “His eyes were so pretty! It has different colors! It’s black and blue! He’s so cute! Can’t help but to squish him a lot!”

Katsuki softly chuckled, “Why would a damn pro-hero leave his eight-month-old baby with a six-year-old brat like you?!”

She narrowed her eyes and leaned in, “Because I am adorable!” She smirked, placed her hands on her hips, “And I am amazing! Aka-chan likes me!”

The smug little ghost continued, “And you know what! I have another good news! I asked Uncle Shouchan about you! He was so surprised that he asked me why I know your name. Then I told him you’re my friend!” she titled her head, “Then uhm… he asked me other weird things like if your hair is blond, are you always angry and if your quirk is exploding stuff.” she chuckled softly, “I don’t know how he knew all those without seeing you but I said yes to all of it!”

“What did you say…?” Katsuki asked in disbelief. How was that extra able to describe him? The blond had let the little girl continue – good thing she was a chatterbox that there was no need for follow up questions to fish the information he wanted to know.

“He also asked me where you are, I said I don’t know but you’re in Musutafu. I told him about my quirk that I’ve been going to you since last year. Then he asked me if Papa knows about my quirk, I said no… because… we never really had the chance to talk about it.”

Almost a year and a half into this shit (at least to Katsumi’s world) and Dauntless still have no clue as to what’s happening to his daughter?


Katsumi smiled, “So he asked me a few other questions like if you’re studying at UA now?”

Holy shit. Holy shit. Holy shit.

Synergy was not a fucking extra in Katsumi’s world.

He asked the right questions on point as if he was just confirming information about Katsuki he already knew.

Who the fuck was that guy?

Katsumi knitted her eyebrows, “I told him I don’t know. So, are you?”

“Yes. I… I’m studying at UA.”

Katsumi’s eyes widen in awe, “Oh wow! How’d did Uncle Shouchan know? Uhm… then he asked if you know Black Heart?”

Black who?


Katsumi dropped bombs after bombs and Katsuki could not keep up. Usual stings from his words were lost as his mind failed to process the pieces of information he was forced to understand.

“No… I… I don’t know Black Heart.”

“Uhmm…okay.” She smiled, “Then Uncle Shouchan told me to tell you who he is! He’s a pro-hero like Papa! His pro-hero name is Synergy!”

Katsuki’s mind is so jumbled he parroted Katsumi, “Okay…? So Synergy is also your Uncle Shouchan?”

“Yes! He also told me to introduce you to him! His name is Todoroki Shouto!” she squinted her eyes, “I practiced a lot to say his name! It was so wordy.”


Synergy is IcyHot?!

“What…?” Katsuki asked, just in case he was hearing things. Just in case Katsumi made a fucking mistake.

“I said his name is Todoroki Shouto! Don’t make me say it again, it’s so hard!” Confusion started to mask her face, “What’s going on Bakuchan? Are you okay?”

Katsuki silently nodded despite the raging noises inside his head.

“Okay… uhm.” She leaned forward and reached out for his cheeks, “Are you sure? I’m worried.”

Katsuki nodded again and smiled faintly, he intertwined his fingers to her ghastly ones. He took a deep breath and willed himself to calm the fuck down, “Okay… tell him… tell him I’m currently a first-year student at UA.”

Katsumi smiled, “Okay Bakuchan! I will! Then maybe he can help me find you!” she excitedly said. “We’re finally going to meet!”

“Also… can you… ask if your father—“

She vanished.

Along with Katsuki’s ability to keep it together. He screamed, he screamed in the hope that it would at least release some of the tension that brewed inside his head. He screamed because a knife kept on stabbing his chest, his heart was running around his hollow rib cage to escape.

He ran to back to the cabin to read all of the entries he had, all the notes he wrote, update it as he went. The boiling water he had left behind was now used by Yaoyoruzu, who was one of the early risers of their class. She greeted him a good morning but he outright ignored her.

The world fucking knew that Katsuki was not having a good morning, it was a damn shitstorm.

So with his notebook at hand, he just grabbed a bottle of water and a slice of bread and took his breakfast far from everyone. He bit the damn bread to hold it with his mouth and propelled himself with his free hand on the roof of the cabin so no other extra would fucking bother him. Even if they did, he would just pretend that they don’t fucking exist.

He needed to make some damn changes in his notebook because if he let his inner turmoil get the best of him, he might forget all the shit Katsumi told him today. He evened out his breathing before opening the Pandora’s Box that guaranteed to throw Katsuki in the middle of chaos.


Quirk: Ice/Mist/Fog  Ice and Fire

Birthday: ??? I still don’t fucking know and I don’t fucking care maybe he’s just a cow dong his stupid dad found in the trash

Hero Rank: ??? Probably 7,965 who fucking knows

Character Profile:

  1. Friends with Dauntless, they seemed close. They were both shit.
  2. Had a baby. He was actually able to marry someone? Wow. Thought he’d die a dry virgin.
  3. Husband to Canon Girl (?)
  4. Uncle Shouchan

Katsuki stopped scribbling (releasing all his anger) on his notebook and remembered the girl who greeted him in the cabin kitchen.

Auntie Momochan.

Holy motherfuck---



Quirk: Canon Creating Things Out of her body (Katsuki wtf don’t make it sound weird)

Birthday: ???

Hero Rank: ???

Character Profile:

  1. Tall and beautiful well she fucking is, how’d she end up with IcyHot? She could do better
  2. Bakes the best cookies (I need to force her to create some. #cookiesarelife
  3. Had a baby with Synergy (Todo-fucking-roki. What the actual fuck?
  4. Auntie Momochan

Katsuki blankly stared at Pony tail’s page and his mind started to drift someplace else, to someone else who was mentioned by Katsumi earlier. He looked at his phone to double-check the names he typed – Auntie Urachan and Hanako.


Hanko who was probably at the same age at Katsumi.

Who had a quirk that made her float and had an engine on her—

“What the actual fuck?! Argh!” he screamed then shoved the whole slice of bread on his mouth to aggressively chew on it and proceeded to add another hero on the list.


URAVITY (probably because her fucking name is Auntie Urachan and IT. FUCKING. MADE. SENSE.)

Quirk: Making shit float

Birthday: ???

Hero Rank: ???

Character Profile:

  1. Aunti Urachan
  2. Probably Wife to Glasses who had the Engine Quirk because fuck this world is fucking complicated and why the fuck do they have to be involved because if they were Dauntless’s circle of friends then Dauntless—

He crushed his pen and exploded it to the air, “NO! Fuck!” he vehemently shouted then chugged down the bottle of water, crushed the fucking plastic and threw it somewhere he did not give a damn where.

Deku is not—

“Bakugou! What the hell is going on with you?!” Shitty Hair called out to him.

Katsuki owlishly stared at the floating redhead in front of him.

“How the fuck are you floating?!” he shouted at him.

“Uraraka made me! We’ve been calling you out since you started shouting like a madman but you’re ignoring us!” then he reached out his hand “Come on bro! Get down there before you get into trouble with Aizawa-sensei!”

Fuck. Shitty Hair actually had a point.

Trouble with Aizawa-sensei and Recovery Girl.

So Katsuki stood up and when he did, he saw the people who were waiting for him at the ground.

Round Face who had her fingers touch each other to make Shitty Hair float and standing beside her was Deku, who locked his eyes on Katsuki.

Ah shit.

It was probably Deku who grabbed these extras to get him and that pissed Katsuki off.

This meddle-some stupid green-eyed useless plant that reminded Katsumi of spring—




Deku is not Dauntless.

Katsuki rolled his eyes at Shitty Hair before propelling himself down in front of Deku.

To stare at him. At his green eyes filled with worry.

To convince himself that—

“Deku, you’re not going to be a father right?” Katsuki wished he could take those back because they were not supposed to be out in the first place!

Deku’s jaw dropped and Katsuki watched the progression of his face turn from pink to red. He looked fucking stupid with his mouth opening and closing like a fucking goldfish as he tried to find a word to answer the blond.

“I—Is that— a serious question?” Deku stuttered.

Katsuki could have just walked away and forgotten he even asked, but his tongue was out of hid control, “Am I a fucking clown? Do you think it’s a damn joke?”

“N—no! It’s just—too random.” He fidgeted, “Ah— I do want to have a child, but—I—I don’t know how!” he then covered his face with his hand to hide his face that burned with crimson, “It’s complicated!”

Pink Cheeks turned Red Cheeks when she blushed, “Deku-kun! That’s—“

Great. Now Round Face joined the embarrassment because she got a big fat crush on the fucking nerd.

“YO!” Shitty Hair chuckled as he landed on his feet, “Midoriya! You don’t know where babies come from?”

Midoriya extended his palms I the air and waved it in front of him, “Of course I know how— it’s just—“ he covered his face again and whimpered, “Oh my god Kacchan why’d you have to ask such weird question?”

“Bro, you see.” Shitty Hair wrapped his arms around Deku, “It’s time for The Talk. So, If a man and woman are in love, they would start to hug and—“

Katsuki punched the skull of Shitty Hair, just in case his brain decided to start fucking functioning or to find out if it will bounce around his hollow head given how small it is.

“Shut the fuck up Shitty Hair!” he hollered then walked away.

Why did Deku want to have—

He wanted to have a child.

So he will seek a partner in the future.


He would leave Katsuki—


So what if Deku wanted to have a child? Why did it matter to Katsuki?

Why did it bother him now?

It did not fucking matter because Deku is not Dauntless!

One, Katsumi is not from the future, their future.

There is no evidence to suggest that she is. For her to be from Katsuki’s timeline, everything should be similar to the time they had now — from the events of the past up to Katsuki’s present.

The people Katsumi mentioned could be other versions of Deku’s nerd friends on another dimension.

Because the nerd Katsuki knew was not— is not going to be an absolute asshat.

Deku is—

Deku is…

A good person.

And prett—

Katsuki groaned. Their training had not even started yet and he was already this exhausted.

But if Katsumi is not from their future, there was no chance for them to meet… right?

There was no chance that Katsuki would finally give her a warm embrace, take her out to carnivals, listen to her poetries and take her away from her stormy house.

Which was worse.

Worse than his Deku being a shitty father in the future.

His Deku?

Katsuki ran his hand on his face and gritted his teeth. He needed to stop thinking about this shit now, or at least for the next couple of days.


The problem with Katsumi’s world and how it operated or fuck— where does Kastuki wanted her to come from (their future or from another) — would have to wait. The next time they meet, he would ask her immediately the questions he wanted to know the answers of. No more beating around the bush, or letting her lead the conversation. Katsuki needed to navigate her world, with him as the captain.

For now, he would focus on the training, beat everyone to it and make the most out of the summer camp — make it memorable.


Kacchan was dead to the world for the past two days.

He buried himself to the training program Aizawa-sensei had laid for everyone. On every rage he expelled from his cords, his explosion howled louder in return.

Most may think this is just Kacchan being Kacchan.

But Izuku could hear it crystal clear.

Kacchan was not okay.

Izuku decided to let Kacchan release his anger for now because that was how Kacchan operates. He needed to be left alone, drain out all the lava of rage inside him until he cooled down.

Maybe, he could try to ask him about it later.

Now, formulating the right question was the hardest part.

Or even opening it up.

Izuku can’t just say, “Hey, Kacchan! I saw you talking to Katsumi two days ago because I followed you like I always do, wanna talk about it?”


Definitely not gonna work.

So for now, Izuku needed to land a hit on Tora, the muscular tiger of the Pussy Cats group, which had proven to be a mountain too high to climb— even with his Full Cowl at 5%.

He cannot Detroit Smash his way out of this one.

All Might had given him a strengthening quirk, a quirk that made All Might the greatest hero of the world. Gran Torino taught him how to make his body move with it.

But it was not enough.

No matter how powerful his quirk was, if he did not know how to throw a punch properly it would be useless.

It was not enough that he just knew how to use his quirk, it was also imperative that he knows combat skills as well.

Like Akane Naomi.

Dang it.

Why’d he thought of her now?

Because she managed to one-up Kacchan without a quirk, not one in his class could do that.

She fought him without using a quirk.


Izuku chose not to go down that depressing rabbit hole and shove it down to a compartment on his brain he chose not to revisit without a tissue box beside him in a dark room.

Not the time to depressed when you were being thrashed by a spartan soldier on a catsuit.

Evening came and as if they were not exhausted enough from the ridiculous training they went through, they had to cook their own food.

Izuku had the most loving mother ever, she was the number one mom in the world, bless her heart. Izuku is the luckiest son in the world for having her as his Mama, and if ever he was reincarnated onto the next life, he would seek her out and plant himself in her womb so she could give birth to him again.

Alright. Not as gross as Izuku made it sound but the point is: he had zero knowledge when it comes to cooking.

He was raised into this world with his Mama’s perfect home-cooked meals and he had not prepared a meal to himself ever — because he was decent enough to know re-heating food in the microwave will never count as cooking.

So thank goodness Kacchan was there.

Kacchan who had helped around his Mama’s kitchen whenever he stayed at Izuku’s house.

Kacchan who had a big smile on his adorable face while he washed the vegetables and peel the potatoes at the tender age of four.

He remembered the pitter-patter of his little feet while he carried a wok bigger than him to hand it over to “Auntie Inko” as Kacchan called his Mama.

“Deku, I helped made this curry! Taste it! Taste it!” Kacchan said, as proud as ever. “Say aaaah!” he cheerfully instructed as he offered a mouthful of curry to young Izuku.

Four-year-old Izuku let out a bubbly giggle and munched on the treat. He just ate a sample of heaven’s food and it was made by his two favorite people.

“Ish sho tayshtee!” Izuku mumbled as he chewed.

“See, Auntie Inko! I told you Deku doesn’t like spicy food!” Kacchan cackled, “He’s just hiding it!”

“Oh my, why haven’t you told me Izuku? Is that why you eat less when I cook curry?” His Mama gasped.

“Ish becosh…” Izuku swallowed, “It’s because I don’t want to complain.” Izuku smiled, “Mama worked hard on it! It’s still yummy! Just… uhm…” he blushed and looked away, “Hot on my tongue.”

Ever since then, he never had spicy food in his life.

It washed away all the exhaustion he had from earlier as the memory flooded his mind. He can’t help but stretch his smile ear to ear and feel the strain of his vocal cords from stopping themselves to produce an “aawww.”

So Izuku just watched him yell at Uraraka-san who questioned his skillful hands while cutting those carrots efficiently. He kept his watchful eye on his favorite person while he worked his magic on the camp kitchen.

“Dude! Too bland!” Sero complained when he tasted the curry sauce Kacchan had made. “You’re good with a knife, but man this curry had no spice in it at all!”

“Shut up Soy-Sauce Face! Some people don’t like it spicy!” Kacchan shouted, “I made a damn complimentary chili sauce on the side, pour it as much as you want dipshit!” He smirked, arms across his chest, “And if you’re up for a damn challenge, you can have a taste of my very own chili powder.” He showed a black container with ‘Katsuki’ written on it, “I fucking dare you!”

“Oh look at you, actually caring for other people. Isn’t that nice?” Kaminari teased him.

“Deku doesn’t—“ Kacchan stopped and glared at Izuku, who jumped on his place upon meeting those crimson eyes and dropped the plate he was holding — thank god he caught it before it hit the ground. “I’m fucking done here.” He glowered, “Stir this up Dunce Face for the next four minutes until it gets thick!”

Kacchan rolled his eyes and moved to Kirishima, “Shitty Hair! How was the damn chicken?! Don’t fucking cook it for ten million years or it will turn into goo!” he shouted as he got closer to him. “Raccoon Eyes, see if the potatoes and carrots are damn cooked! You literally just have to steam it!”

Izuku chuckled as he watched Kacchan shout at every one of his friends like an angry chef on a dinner rush.

“He knows how you want your curry?” Uraraka asked him.

Izuku jumped on his place again, this time it was Uraraka who caught the plates and laughed.

“Uhm… y-yeah?” Izuku sheepishly said as he arranged the plates on the table. “From… from childhood.”

“Wow! Who knew Bakugou was nice once upon a time?” she chuckled.

Once upon a time.

Izuku sighed.

That’s right.

Once upon a time, Kacchan loved cooking for Izuku. Tweaked everything for him so it could match his tastes.

Now that he realized it, he wasn’t only spoiled by his Mama.

And Buddha knows he missed being spoiled by Kacchan.




“Deku! What the fuck are doing there sitting around like a useless lamp?! Come here and taste the damn curry!” Kacchan shouted from afar.

“Co—coming!” Izuku jolted, which made Uraraka laugh.

He ran towards him and there was already a sample curry on a small bowl. Izuku took it and smiled while Kacchan just silently glared at him.

Izuku took a bite and it was heaven. “Kacchan, it’s the best!” He complimented him.

“Of fucking course. Learned the recipe from the best.” He snatched the bowl and placed the chili sauce he made and gave it to Sero, “Your turn Soy Sauce face. I fucking dare you to call it bland again.”

Sero rolled his eyes and tasted it — he was speechless for a while before helping himself for another bite, “Holy shit Bakugou, are you actually training to be waifu?”

“Fuck off! Cooking is a basic human skill!” Then Kacchan sprinkled his own spicy powder on it, “up for a damn challenge you brainless twat?”

Izuku silently and excitedly waited for the riot that Sero had gotten himself into.

There was a reason why Kacchan had always brought his own chili powder.

And that was because —

“Cut off my tongue! Cut off my tongue!” Sero hollered as he ran around and frantically looked for water to wash away the abomination that Kacchan had added to his curry sauce. Kaminari was laughing he recorded the suffering of his friend on his phone (that will surely be uploaded once they had internet) and Minaret ran with the jug of water while she laughed at Sero who chased after her.

Kirishima just watched with a blank face as he uttered, “Nope. Not today. Too tired.” He looked at Bakugou, “The heck did you put on that man? The poor guy liked spicy food, but damn his pants were on fire.”

“Ghost Pepper chili powder.” Izuku answered for Kacchan then he snickered, “It will never be not funny whenever you do that Kacchan.”

“That’s for calling my sauce bland.” He cackled, “Nobody insult the food I make.”

Kirishima groaned when Sero came back with a sugar ice Todoroki made for him.

“Dude. I fucking hate you.” Sero groaned while Kacchan just laughed maniacally.

“Oh, this is so going to be viral.” Kaminari laughed and was joined by Mina.

After their shenanigans, they finally calmed down and started to eat. The curry Kacchan cooked with his friends gained notoriety as it got consumed fast and was agreed that each of them to get a small sample so it could accommodate everyone. Izuku was lucky to be part of the group who had a full serving, along with the “Bakusquad”.

Their dinner came to an end. As Izuku washed the dishes, he let his eyes wander around the campsite.

Kota was not around.

The poor kid

He had a talk with him yesterday, about the kid hating heroes because his parents were killed while on the job. About Izuku’s quirkless “friend” who tried everything to be a hero despite everyone telling him not to.

Izuku couldn’t wrap his mind around someone hating a hero or quirks. but as Todoroki said — if Izuku would just talk to Kota about why he should love heroes without really knowing where the kid is coming from, Izuku would just come out as unreasonable and rude.

Izuku should really stop sticking his nose without thinking.

After their chores, everyone was excited about the “Test of Courage.” In which they would be paired into twos at three minutes interval to go around the forest and tried not to be scared by Class 1B.

Five of their classmates had to go to a remedial class so of course, Izuku being the unluckiest of them all was the one to go without a partner.

What’s the worst thing that could happen?

Five pairs of his classmates lost in the forest and 12 minutes later, Izuku got his answer.

A villain attack, that’s the worst thing that could happen.

Pixie Bob laid unconscious on the ground as she was hit by a tall maroon headed man with his clothed weapon. He was with a man-lizard who had a massive collection of swords tied with a belt as his fighting gear.

The lizard introduced himself as Spinner, how he lived by the philosophy of Stain and would use that to decide whether to kill Pixie Bob or not.

Stain’s views about heroes were reasonable — some heroes only wanted the fame and glory that came with it as they were funded by the government and was well compensated. True heroes should not need any of that or be put on the limelight.

However, when you use that as a reason to murder people — whether they are good heroes or not — then that philosophy becomes a poor excuse why he chose to be a killer.

These two were no different.

They were also an extremist.

When Mandalay told them to go back to safety, Izuku’s mind immediately shifted to an important detail that he needed to address.

Kota was not with them during the dinner.

Fear started to creep into Izuku but at the same time the adrenaline to take him back to safety.

The villains should not be able to find him on that hideout if their goal is to just attack the heroes, which were all in the same area.

He should be fine.


-to be continued-

Chapter Text

Izuku ran through the forest in desperate haste to retrieve Kota into safety.

When he a colossal hooded figure that was about to attack the small form of the kid mercilessly, Izuku activated his Full Cowl into its maximum strength and turned the attention of the psychopath to himself.

He knew that the adult’s strength outmatches him greatly; there was no way that Izuku would back down from this fight.

He needed to save Kota.

Pushed past beyond his limits, he was able to knock him out of consciousness and met his goal, albeit his broken bones and bleeding wounds.

His deathmatch with Muscular proved to be one of Izuku’s deadliest physical battle yet.

The kid who once hated the idea of being a hero had now acknowledged Izuku as one.

Nevertheless, upon piecing together the villain’s plan, the distinction between Izuku as a hero to his comrades and him as Kacchan’s friend dissipated in thick black smoke from the smoldered fire of terror that launched him on a frenzied warpath.

With Kota riding on his back, the adrenaline rush masked the pain of his fragmented skeletal work up along with the sting and burn from the flesh torn and outstretched loosely wrapping his body. The concoction of fresh and dried blood that covered his battered body became his war paint. The deafening roar of his heart, beating to the rhythm of frenzied war drums, urged his legs to run faster, jump higher until his distraught emerald eyes land on the golden crown of the man he would bleed for.

Every single fiber of his being functioned with fervent desire to achieve a sole objective: save Kacchan.

Everything else was irrelevant.

On the way, he was relieved when he saw Aizawa-sensei, so he could take over transporting Kota back to the comforts of the cabin. His teacher strongly reminded him of the incident in Hosu, where they got into trouble with the police force for fighting without authorization. Izuku halted for a moment, as a respect for his teacher, to formulate a sensible phrase to convey his disobedience should Aizawa-sensei attempt to stop him from his mission.

Thankfully, Eraser Head did not and asked him to relay his message to Mandalay. Izuku wasted no time and marched towards the forest in haste, where the battle awaited him. His eyes caught on Spinner’s ridiculously large lump of swords and kicked it mid-air before it landed on the telepathic quirk user, effectively shattering the blades into pieces. Izuku crash-landed on the ground, the rough earth grated his already torn skin, but he could not care less and proceeded to fill in the redhead of the things she needed to know.

That Kota was safe.

That, in the name of Pro-Hero Eraser Head, the students of Class 1A and Class 1B were allowed to engage in combat.

And Izuku’s message.

That one of the villain’s target was Kacchan.

He stood up from the ground and continued to dash to the inner labyrinth of shadowed trees, to locate his friend before anyone gets their filthy hands on a single strand of Kacchan’s hair.

On his search, he was blindly attacked by an overwhelming force of darkness. A pair of red eyes that smoldered in hatred and berserk loomed over Izuku. Before the crow of pure rage hit him again, Shoji came to Izuku’s rescue, and they hid behind the bushes. Shoji had explained to him what happened; Tokoyami’s quirk had gotten out of control after their fight with a villain that had blades for teeth and Shoji’s limbs paid the price, temporarily, as it could grow back again to full health.

Both of them knew what they needed to do to reduce the Dark Shadow into a submissive black haze. But in order to do that, they had to go back a few miles to reach the basecamp where there was a light source.

It would mean leaving Katsuki behind.

Which will never be an option to Izuku.




Izuku apologized to his Mama for the vulgar language.


Consequences be fucking damned, he will not leave Kacchan behind. Not now, not ever. Izuku would save everyone, especially him.

Even if it meant endangering Shoji’s life.

He openly apologized to Shoji beforehand, but Izuku carefully laid out his plan, firm and with confidence.

All Shoji had to do, was risk losing his limbs to the embodiment of darkness to create a sound, baiting it to where Kacchan was. Kacchan’s quirk would be enough to create a light to defeat Dark Shadow.

Izuku thanked his dying lucky star that Shoji approved of the idea without batting an eyelash, going along with Izuku’s plan like the hero-in-training his classmate was. Shoji safely tucked Izuku’s body atop of his back and raced with a vague direction on the intricate maze of the woods, luring the wild, manic demon to the one who could assume dominance over the monster.

Izuku had let Shoji lead the race, trusting his judgment to evade Tokoyami and lead them to where they needed to be.

The tower of solid ice served as their beacon as it meant that Todoroki and Kacchan were in the middle of a fight. The sight of a villain named Moonfish welcomed them, his teeth made of blade soared above them, making his leather-clad body hang in the air.

Shoji pleaded the explosive blond and the fire user to create a light to stop Dark Shadow’s madness.

“Kacchan!” Izuku howled his name, the unspoken words of, “I’m here now. You’re safe.” echoed loudly along with his raspy voice was in fraught.

Kacchan’s crimson eyes grew wider upon hearing Izuku’s call.

Todoroki identified the instigators of the onslaught that was coming to them and heard Shoji’s plea to start a light immediately.

As much as Izuku wanted to let Dark Shadow to at least knock off the villain using Tokoyami’s strength, Shoji had done enough. There was enough workforce to defeat the dangerous villain, Izuku could come up with another plan later.

Seeing Kacchan safe was enough for him to relax a little.

When Todoroki was about to do it, Kacchan halted him. The ferocious grin on his lips, all teeth and full of amusement that seethed in his guttural voice meant they were all in for a great show. The blond demanded Todoroki to watch Dark Shadow mindlessly slaughter the villain they could not even lay a finger on. When the villain was knocked out after being thrown harshly to the tree, Kacchan gave the signal to create the light, ultimately stopping Tokoyami from attacking them next.

Izuku was fascinated at how Kacchan was able to come up with that strategy as his but push through it since it will secure them a win.

The blond acknowledged Tokoyami’s overwhelming strength that their battle at the sports festival was an unfortunate mismatch.

Izuku faintly smiled and took a deep breath, “You’re truly amazing, Kacchan.” he whispered in his mind.

Now that things have calmed down, Izuku needed to formulate a new plan: to safely escape to the camp where the pro-heroes were.

With the small team Izuku had assembled, he managed to assign who was their flank, Tokoyami –which can protect them using his Dark Shadow. Their watchman, Shoji – which can use his search abilities to survey the area and warn them of any alarming disturbances in the environment. Lastly, their sentinel, Todoroki – as his ice power would be useful for building sturdy walls for surprise attacks and his fire would serve as a modulator for Tokoyami’s quirk.

Together, they will surround Kacchan as they escort him to safety because that’s their primary goal and only to Izuku, making sure the rest of them was safe comes second.

He would answer to Kacchan’s anger later for making him look like a damsel in distress that needed protection even though he was capable of protecting his own, but, Izuku won’t allow any mistake to foil his plans.

All of them would make it to the cabin safely, and the villain would not win against them.


No one was allowed to harm Kacchan, and Izuku would make sure of that.

Izuku’s mind was in a miasma of chaos, in between blood loss, pain, fear, and fatigue. He felt safe in Shoji’s hold and had let himself succumb to the silence and took a few seconds of rest. He entrusted Shoji’s impeccable senses, so his classmate should be able to warn him about any incoming attack.

They walked peacefully to the path they planned to take.

Izuku let his head fall on Shoji’s shoulder and be content.

Everyone is okay.

Kacchan was safe.

Or so he thought.

It was when they met Uraraka and Asui that Izuku was once again, shrouded with dread.

When Tsuyu asked where Kacchan was and looked back to prove to her that he was right behind them.

Izuku fully realized that it was too quiet.

Too quiet that he did not even hear a single word from Kacchan’s voice, to complain and be angry about their whole set up.

Too quiet.

Because Kacchan and Tokoyami never followed them to begin with.

Izuku’s mind was shattered.

He looked up at the vicious villain, who wore a cartoonish mask, a ridiculous top hat, and stark yellow long-coat. He was casually standing atop of the tree, playing with two blue marbles and spouted bullshit like Kacchan do not belong on the stage where heroes play.

That Kacchan belongs to their side.

“Give him back!!” Izuku shouted in fury.

“Give him back? What a weird thing to say. Bakugou doesn’t belong to anyone. He’s his own person, you egoist.”

But he definitely does not belong to you!

You fucking heathens!

He belongs to—

Izuku shouted louder, “Give him back!!” ignoring the barrage of nonsense the villain had just dropped. Todoroki attacked the damn villain with walls of thorny ice, but it did not reach the scum.

The villain vomited a series of vile words that being a hero was a radical idea based on someone’s morality.

That it was not the only path Kacchan was allowed to take.

That Kacchan would shine more as a villain.

Their group was frantic, taunted and underestimated by the charlatan, it did not sit well to all of them, especially to Todoroki, who had stomped his feet on the ground and summoned an even taller wall of ice that soared mile high up to the dark sky in the hopes of capturing the criminal but it was not enough.

The villain announced that the show had come to a close and that the rest of the heathens should meet up on their extraction point.

“I won’t let you get away!” Izuku vowed on his life. The five of them ran after the fleeing madman and ignored the strain of their muscles and aching bones.

“We can’t give up just yet. We have to catch up and get them!” Izuku pleaded them. Shoji tried to reason with him, that they were too slow to catch up, but Izuku’s mind was only focused on getting their classmates back.

Izuku forced his mind to formulate a viable plan to catch the enemy. Amidst the draining exhaustion and fury, he was able to come up with something, exploiting the talents of his classmates to aid him with his goal. He dropped orders to them in rapid succession, clear instructions on how they would catapult Shoji, Todoroki, and Izuku to close in upon the villain.

Uraraka would make the three of them float.

Asui would wrap her tongue around them like they were a bundle of a human bullet, then launch them with fervent force until Uraraka calculated the perfect distance before releasing them.

It was a reckless plan, but Izuku was desperate, and he would do anything that would get him to their captured classmates in an instant.

“Midoriya!” Todoroki called out, “You should stay here, with that pain, you’re in no state—“

Izuku tried not to let his rage take over him, but the heated growl on his voice failed to contain it, the resentment on his glaring eyes were enough to tell them how desperate he was, “I don’t feel any pain right now. I can move.”

“Hurry!!” Izuku roared.

The message was well-received by his comrades, Uraraka ripped her white blouse open as an improvised splint to hold each of arms Izuku’s firmly.

With his plan in motion, the three of them had successfully landed a hit on the villain’s back, used him as their ride and crushed him on the ground. They were immediately attacked by wild blue flames, three of them evading just before they get torched.

The other villains proceeded to isolate them, Izuku was attacked by a crazy blonde girl introducing herself as Toga. She had flawlessly pinned him to the ground and promised him to make him bleed with her knife.

Shoji was able to swat her away from him with a sheer force that made her fly and bounce the right amount of distance from them.

Everything happened so fast the next thing Izuku knew was that Shoji was instructing them to leave, showing off two blue marbles on his hand.

Warmth had spread on Izuku’s core, and he widely smiled at him like a child who just received his long-awaited gift.

His classmates were safe.

Kacchan was safe.

Now, they need to escape.

So they ran in haste.

The three of them were stunned when they were re-directed by a Nomu and blocked by an all familiar purple sentient warp.

But that was not what caught their attention.

The villain was gushing out non-sense again.

Izuku’s blood had run cold, and the air that was supposed to allow him to breathe choked him with vengeance.

He stared at the two blue marbles from the repulsive tongue of the villain, uttering his disbelief in chorus with Todoroki. The criminal snapped his fingers and the marbles that Shoji was holding turned into blocks of ice.

They were finally able to identify the villain’s quirk, but it did not matter.

Izuku now operated on pure instinct.

He ran towards him, towards Kacchan, to reach him, to save him.

To get him back.

They were running out of time as the annoyingly talkative villain was getting sucked into the damned purple warp.

In his desolation, all he could shout in a broken growl was, “Wait!”

And that was when a beam of light hit the offending mask of the villain that made him belch the marbles from his tongue.


Izuku’a ensemble leaped forward to catch the marbles, but the pain on Izuku’s arm shot through his entire body that paralyzed him and led him to plummet ungracefully on the ground. He had only watched Shoji caught one, and the villain with stitches on his body caught the other, throwing Todoroki on the rough terrain.

Izuku ignored the searing pain as he forced his legs to run.

Run. Run. Run.


It’s not yet too late!

I could still reach him!

The villain snapped his fingers once more, and the blue marbles turned into their classmates.

The one disappearing with the villain turned into Kacchan.

Izuku could only scream his name as if his voice was enough to stop the madness that unfolded in front of him.

Izuku’s rage amplified when he saw the look on Kacchan’s face – confused, enraged, and bewildered.

Crying emerald orbs locked onto shocked red ones.

He screamed, “Kacchan!!!” and leaped forward, before the damn purple warp takes him away.

Kacchan’s voice was strained when he warned Izuku of the danger they were in, “Don’t come, Deku.”

Izuku’s mind momentarily drifted to a memory of young Kacchan injured in the middle of rosy thorns, of young Kacchan who sat on the river after he fell on a tree trunk, of thirteen-year-old Kacchan being suffocated by a Sludge monster.

Izuku would never leave him behind if he Kacchan needed his hand to be saved.

Before Izuku could reach him with his damaged arms bandaged in a white blouse, the purple warp vanished, and Izuku’s face plunged to the dirty mud.

He swiftly looked behind him, and it was confirmed to him that Kacchan was indeed gone.

Izuku was frozen on the spot as he stared at the burning blue flames that engulfed the forest.

Kacchan was not safe.

They took away Kacchan from him, and Izuku failed to reach him before they did.

Izuku needs Kacchan back.

Kacchan needs Izuku to keep him safe.

And Izuku failed.




He was useless.

The villain had won.

He thought he was good enough when Kota called him a hero.

He got cocky when they thought they had Kacchan surrounded by their little team.

He got complacent when everything was peaceful and quiet.

He was useless when they tried to get him back.

His hands were useless.

He was useless.


































He was not a hero.

He was not close to being one.

He was not a hero if he can’t save Kacchan.

His vision had blurred, his tears uncontrollably burned his cheeks in rage, and his head was crushed in madness and resentment. He was made aware of the pain on his body, of his heart that was stabbed by a thousand knives.

Izuku howled of agony as his soul was deliberately ripped from his mortal body.






“Give him back.”












“Give him back to me.”




“My Kacchan.”

Izuku then was consumed by darkness.

 “Someone help me, please! Anyone?” a voice of a girl had woken up Izuku from his slumber. The sound was near him, but at the same time afar, it was everywhere.

Izuku stood up and took a look around his surroundings, wondering where he was.

Everything was white.

He looked at his hands; they were ghastly and translucent, but still there.

“i’M sORRY mY cHILD.” another voice echoed throughout the white space.

“we can take him here if you want.” A different voice, more profound and raspier.

Izuku started to look for the different voices that bounced around his head as he began to run somewhere and to nothingness.

“Take him here? What do you mean?” the girl asked.

“he will live in the Causeway permanently.” The raspy voice answered.

“No, no no!” panic in the girl’s voice can be heard, “It means he won’t be able to come back to his body!”

“it’s the only way to save him.”

Izuku could finally see a form of a child from a distance as she pleaded, “No! Please! You’re bad spirits, aren’t you?”

“nO, dEAR cHILD. wE aRE nOT”

“No!” the girl exclaimed, then ran towards Izuku’s direction, “Get away from me!” then she broke into tears, “Someone help me! Help me save Bakuchan! Please!”

Izuku finally met the ghastly crying girl. She was about 6 or 7, with a blonde wavy hair that ran along her shoulders and she wore a plain white sundress. She was covering her eyes with her fist as she tried to slow down her tears.

Izuku knelt in front of her and touched her shoulders, “Hey…” the greenhead was surprised when he heard his voice float and echo throughout the place, “Uhm… what’s wrong? How can I help you?”

The blond little girl sniffled, “Are you a bad spirit too?”

He smiled and gently shook his head, “I am not.”

She wiped her tears with her forearm and bowed down, “Help me save my friend. Please. His name is Bakuchan, and he was chained in a dark room!”

Izuku tried to figure out who Bakuchan was, who this girl was and what the hell was all this, but his heart twisted into painful knots upon hearing the girl cry, so before answering his questions, he decided to calm her down first.

“Do you know where he is? So we can rescue him?” he asked her, to which the little girl just shook her head.

“kATSUMI… yOU’VE bEEN iN tHE Causeway fOR tOO LoNg. wHY dON’T yOU jOIN uS?”

Izuku was surprised to hear the name that haunted him for the past few months, “Katsumi….?”

Katsumi ran away from Izuku, “no! No! No! I don’t want to be here!”

Izuku panicked and ran after her as he listened to the echoes of the voice on the white void they were in.

“hey leave her alone!” a different spirit shouted.

“BeGone dwElleRs!”

“You can’t take her! She’s still alive! You know the rules. Take a living soul or be punished to eternal flames by the divine!”

A different number of souls hissed and had disappeared.

Izuku held Katsumi’s forearm, “Katsumi wait! I am—“

Katsumi shut her eyes closed and tried to get away from Izuku’s hold, “No! Please don’t take me! I only wanted to save Bakuchan that’s why I stayed in the Causeway for so long!”

“Causeway? Baku—“ Izuku’s eyes widen upon the realization who Bakuchan was, “Are you— are you talking about Bakugou?”

Katsumi stopped and opened her eyes, now Izuku finally had the chance to see those wide crimson orbs, “Yes! Do you know—“ her jaw dropped, and her eyes turned saucers, “Papa…?”

Izuku knitted his eyebrows and tilted his head, “Huh?”

Katsumi cried, “Papa! What are you doing here?! Why—“

Izuku screamed of pain as he woke up from a deep sleep. He was swimming in his own sweat on his hospital gown. He thrashed himself around his bed, hoping it would end the pain. Izuku could not see anything aside from flashes of blurry darkness as he was held by different people on each of his limbs.

The pain started to dissipate as he drifted once more to slumber.

Izuku slowly opened his eyes when he heard an echo of an unfamiliar voice inside his head.

“no one’s coming to save him.”

“yOU cAN’T sAVE hIM.”

Izuku stood up and looked around him. He could not see where everything started and end in the vast plane of nothing but white.

“No. No. No! I will do my best to save him!” a little girl cried.

Izuku chose to follow that voice, as it seemed near to him but far at the same time. He ran faster to the crouching blonde little girl ahead of him. She was a kid around 6 or 7, her blonde wavy hair ran along her shoulders, and she was wearing a pink frilly sundress.

When he reached the blonde girl, he knelt in front of her, “Hey… are you alright?”

The blonde continued to cry, “No. Bakuchan is in danger, and I want to save him.”

Izuku sighed and gently placed his hands on her shoulder, “Is he your friend?”

She faintly nodded and wiped her tears with the back of her hand, “He was all alone in a dark room, and scary villains kept on asking him to join them.”

“Bakuchan is not a villain! He’s my hero!” she shouted at the top of her lungs.

Izuku’s heart broke for her and remembered how Kacchan was put through a similar situation, of villains wanting to recruit him. He sighed and tried to appease her, “I’m sure pro-heroes are already looking for him.”

“But I want to save Bakuchan!” she wiped her tears once more and looked up to Izuku. Glistened crimson eyes grew even wider, “Papa…? You’re here again?”

Izuku was taken aback and tried to process what she just said, but all he could muster was, “Huh?”

The blonde little girl jumped and hugged him, “Papa! You’re here!” then moved and looked at Izuku’s eyes, “Wait— if you’re here—“tears mercilessly flowed on her freckled cheeks, her voice broke, “Then—then—are you—“

Izuku panicked and held both of her shoulders, “Wait! I am not your father!” He assured her.

She was silenced, as if she was more surprised to hear his words than seeing him, “You’re not? I’m adopted?”

The greenhead blushed, and the dread just grew stronger, “What— no! I just— I really am not your father! I’m only 15 and—“

The blonde girl wiped her tears and tilted her head, “Oh? 15? But… Papa... I thought you’re older?” she scrunched her beautiful features, “Uhm… you became younger?”

“I am not—“ Izuku scratched his head, hoping it would help ease the tension, “This is really confusing. Maybe I just look like someone else?”

“Uhm… you’re not my Papa?”

Izuku gently smiled at her, “No,” he held out his hand to her to formally introduce himself, “I’m Midoriya Izuku. Nice to—“

She was taken aback, “Then you are my Papa!”

Izuku’s mind started to turn into mush, “I could not—“

The blonde girl cried again, harder this time, “Don’t you recognize me?! It’s me! Katsumi!”

“Katsumi…?” before Izuku could really comprehend what was happening, she jumped onto him and hugged him tightly.

“Papa, is that why you always leave? Because you don’t recognize me anymore?”

Izuku’s mind was about to give up, but the name Katsumi made him not want to, because, “Are you the Katsumi that Kacchan always meet? Is Bakuchan also Kacchan?”

Katsumi looked at him, scandalized, “Don’t call him Kacchan because he would really get mad!”

“Huh?” Izuku really could not understand anything, so could not come up with a decent response.

“So Papa knows Bakuchan.” She warily smiled, “Maybe you can save him Papa! You’re a super strong hero! You should—“

Izuku briskly sat up from his bed. His head weighed like a ten-ton truck, the acidic bile he vomited burned his throat. The pain on his stomach was unimaginable, his intestines tightly roped on each other, gripped brashly as he emptied most of its contents.

All he could hear on his dark room was the belching and retching of his voice then a worried nurse came to him and told him soothing words like it was the effect of a medication he could not pronounce the name of, and she was there to give him something to stop the vomiting.

She also explained that the doctor had increased the dosage of the pain reliever being pumped on his body via an IV line so he should not worry about anything.

After he received the medication, he immediately fell asleep.

“Why is Papa here? Is he dead?”

A little girl’s voice echoed in Izuku’s head. He opened his eyes to an endless stream of the white horizon. He had no idea where he was or why he was there. He looked at his hands, translucent and ghastly.

“Nearly there.” a deeper voice echoed throughout the plane.

“No. No. No.” the little girl panicked and cried, “I don’t want him to die. I have to save him. But I have to save Bakuchan too.” Izuku could hear the pain in her heart as she wailed in despair, “I’m so useless. I can’t save both of them.”

“I’m sorry, my child.”

Izuku strongly felt her words. He also wanted to save someone, but he was too useless to do it. Her crying voice served as his compass to locate where she was, not any moment longer, he found a crouching little girl in the middle of the white field. She had blonde wavy hair, she was about 6 or 7, and she wore a green sundress.

“Hey… are you okay?” Izuku asked her gently as he sat beside her.

The little girl looked at him. Her crying crimson eyes turned owlish in shock, “Papa…”


She jumped and embraced him tightly, “Papa! You have to get out of here! You have to go back to your body!”

Baffled, Izuku asked, “I… don’t understand what you’re— where are we?”

“You’re in the Causeway, my child.” A deep voice echoed in his head, “The Bridge between all worlds. The living world and the next or the beyond. There’s no passage of time here.”

“I…I don’t really understand.” Izuku held the little girl’s shoulders and looked at her, “Are we dead?”

The blonde girl shook her head and wiped her tears, “I am not. It’s my quirk. I cross here whenever I wanna go to Bakuchan. And the spirits said you are…. Uhm… not. I dunno why you are here Papa, but you should go back.”

“I see. But… Uhm, maybe you’re mistaking me for somebody else?” Izuku smiled, “I am not your Papa. What’s your name?”

The little girl’s tears started to form, “You don’t remember me...again?”

Izuku, confused, knitted her eyebrows, “Again? This is the first time I saw you.”

“No! No! No! We met so many times already! I’m Katsumi, remember?”

Izuku’s jaw dropped upon hearing her name, “Katsumi…?” the name that had caused Kacchan to be sent to infirmary many times and the one Izuku was puzzled about, “You’re the Katsumi that Kacchan talks to but no one else can see?”

“Are you talking about Bakuchan? Please don’t call him Kacchan! He doesn’t like that!”


Katsumi buried herself to Izuku as she embraced him snugly, “If you go back to your body, Bakuchan— he’s— he’s on a dark room. I don’t know where. The villains are forcing him to join them. Please, Papa, you have to save him. He needs a hero.” She sniffled as she toughened her embrace as if Izuku would run away any minute, “Papa, please. I swear I won’t ask for anything else. I’ll be a good girl! Please save my best friend! Please save my hero! They are hurting him!”

Izuku bit his lip and hugged Katsumi, he could not understand why but he felt a sense of familiarity and warmth when he did, “I… I will rescue Kacchan—“

“I said, don’t call him that!” she adamantly protested.


“His full name is Bakugou Katsuki! He got so mad at me when I called him Kacchan. You can call him Bakuchan too if you like.”

Izuku could not come up with a reason why Kacchan seemed to hate being called what Izuku had been calling him for years, even if they had a strained relationship. But little Katsumi seemed to firmly believe that Kacchan hated the nickname, so he settled for a sigh, “Okay. Okay. But I’m still not your Papa Katsumi. I’m just fift—”

Katsumi moved back and stared at him, pain and hurt masked her face, her crimson eyes were full of tears, “I don’t understand! You are my Papa!” she exclaimed, “Why do you keep rejecting me? Is it because you don’t love me anymore?”

“No! It’s just— I’m not really—“

Izuku opened his eyes and curled himself on the bed as sharp pain jolted on his calves. He felt his muscles squeezing every inch of his nerves that gave him indescribable pain. He crawled on his bed to reach for the button the nurse had instructed him to press so a shot of pain medication would go through his body, but it was not enough. The next button he pressed was the call button, and in a few minutes, a nurse came to him and asked him if he was okay.

Well, he was not, but he had not time to lash out to the concerned nurse so he just begged for an additional pain killer because he could not think from so much pain.

“Midoriya-kun, you are already at the maximum dose of Oxycodone in your PCA, please we have to wait for a few minutes for it to take effect.”

“It’s not effective!” he shouted desperately. “Please, please do something!”

“O—okay. I will see what more I can give you.” The nurse said before she hurriedly left.

Izuku gritted his teeth and waited for an eternity before she came back with an oral syringe, “I can give you an oral Morphine, please open your mouth.”

The greenhead complied and sipped every last drop of what she had offered him and his head fell on the pillow. When he saw the button for his pain killer went from red to green, he pressed it again so he could have another shot.

A few minutes later, the cramps on his legs were gone, and he fell back to sleep.

Izuku sat up when he heard a little girl cry inside his head. He stood up and looked around his surroundings that were covered in nothing but white.

He tried to remember the last thing that happened to him.

He remembered running through the forest to save Kota and fighting with Muscular, aside from that, nothing came to Izuku’s mind.

The little girl’s cry became louder, so Izuku walked around to find her, maybe she had known where they were. As the greenhead walked, he looked at his hands and was surprised when he could see right through it, like he was some ghost.

“Am I… dead?” he asked, surprised that his voice bounced around the eternal space of nothingness.

He paid his attention to the little blonde girl crouching in the middle of nowhere. Her blonde hair fell beautifully on her form, she was a kid around 6 or 7, and she wore a baby blue sundress. He approached her, hoping he could get some answers.

“Hey…” he greeted her as he sat down beside her.

The little girl looked up to him, she had stunning wide crimson eyes, and her cheeks were speckled by beautifully arranged freckles, “Pap— Uhm.” She wiped her tears, and faintly smiled, “Hi.”

Izuku gently smiled at her, “Are you okay?”

The beautiful little girl shook her head.

“What’s wrong? How can I help you?”

She sighed and sadly frowned, “You… keep on forgetting me.”

Izuku knitted his eyebrows, puzzled, “I’m sorry… have we met before?”

The little girl bowed down and looked away, she hugged her knees and rested her cheeks on it.

Izuku sighed and smiled, “I’m Midoriya Izuku. Nice to meet you! Your name is…?”

“Katsumi.” She faintly whispered. Izuku won't have caught it if their voices do not echo everywhere in the plane.

“Katsumi…” Izuku shot his eyes wide open upon the realization who he was talking to, “Are you the invisible girl who visits Kacchan?”

Izuku could hear the pout on her lips when she said, “Stop calling him Kacchan.” Katsumi folded herself even more and continued to cry silently.

“I…I don’t understand—“ Izuku took a deep breath, “Are you a spirit? Where are we?”

“I am not a spirit. It’s my quirk. I always go to the Causeway whenever I travel to places and to Bakuchan.”

She calls Kacchan… Bakuchan? Wow. That was adorable.

“Uhm… what’s a Causeway?” Izuku asked, finally they were getting somewhere, but the Katsumi remained silent. Maybe Izuku needed to address something more important first, “Uhm… why are you crying?”

Katsumi refused to answer him.

“I may be able to help you.” Izuku convinced her, although he really had no idea where to start even if he wanted to, along with everything else that he had no clue of.

The little girl moved around to turn away from him.

Izuku sighed and moved in front of her then sat down, “I—“

“You hate me, don’t you, Papa? That’s why you’re always away.” she murmured.

Did Katsumi just call me Papa?

“I’m not—“ Izuku was not able to continue his protest and follow up questions when he was interrupted by the crying little blonde.

“I tried my best to be a good girl. I don’t tell you whenever Mama’s angry at me because I know you will fight. But you still hated me. I don’t get it.”

“Katsumi— I am not your Pa—“

“You’re my hero, Papa.” Her voice sounded so heartbroken and defeated that Izuku could not help but to feel the pain she was in, “You’re my hero but… but you’re always away. You did not rescue me from Mama when she hits me.”

Izuku could only listen as Katsumi poured her heart out to him, and every time she speaks, a part him dies inside, and he had no idea why.

“Why do you hate me? Have I done something wrong? It’s my fault why Mama is always mad. Because she said, I look like a demon you love.”

“Papa, you don’t love Mama, do you? You don’t love us. You hate us. You love someone else.”

Izuku’s tears started to roll down his eyes as his chest began to crush his heart. He had no idea who she was, who her family was, but all of it was too painful to hear. Izuku never had a father growing up, he did not have a single clue on how to be a father or what a father should be, but he knew that a father should not make their children believe that he doesn’t love them.

He knew from experience.

Because he was also convinced that his father never loved him, if he did, he wouldn’t have left him and his mom alone.

“But… but even if you hate me, I still love you, Papa. You’re my hero.”

Izuku wept as he embraced the lonely child in front of him. Katsumi wailed louder as her shaking hands reach for his back to draw him closer.

“You’re my hero Papa, but why are you always away when I need my hero the most? I want to be rescued by Papa too, but you’re always rescuing other people first.”

“I don’t want to be selfish, because I know you’re the number two hero. But Papa… Papa... I need my hero too. I need my Papa too.”

“But that can’t happen now. Now you’re here at the Causeway. You’re here because… because…” Katsumi buried herself in Izuku’s embrace, and her words were drowned by the river of tears and a dissonant cry.

Izuku cried with her, “I’m sorry your Papa had been terrible to you.” Maybe he could explain to her later than he was not her father, that he was only fifteen and it was really impossible for him to have a child at his age. If he looked like Katsumi’s father, maybe that was a good thing so the little girl could vent out.

He fondly ran his fingers on her soft curly hair and tenderly kissed her head, “I’ll be with you here okay? I’ll be your friend so you won’t be alone.” He promised her, operating on the thought that maybe they were indeed spirits now and Izuku will no longer be able to go back to the world.

Immediately, his tears started to have a different purpose.

Does that mean I won’t have a chance to save Kacchan?

To be by his side when we both become heroes?

To make my Mama proud?

To make All Might proud?

To save people?

I won’t… I won’t…


My Kacchan.

I won’t have a chance to tell him that I love him?

They shared a solitary moment of sorrow in each other’s arms, unstoppably crying. All the physical pain Izuku had gone through his entire life was nothing compared to the mixture of regret, self-pity, and worthlessness that shrouded his entire being.

“I love you, Papa. I love you so much. So please… please go back to your body. I don’t want you to die.” Katsumi quietly pleaded.

The rays of the sun momentarily blinded Izuku’s eyes as he opened them carefully. His mind was completely blank and had not started to function yet.

He could not remember anything.


Apart from his fight with Muscular to save Kota.

He hoped that Kota was safe; he was able to bring him to Aizawa-sensei after all.

“Oh! Midoriya! You are awake!” Kaminari greeted him. Izuku blankly looked at him and had not answered. “Had you seen the news? The media was swarming the school!” his classmate continued.

A few numbers of his classmates came with the electric blond, with Mineta proudly holding a melon to offer to him. He did not have any idea how would he eat it, or if a knife was even allowed in the hospital, but he had not time or energy to answer any of it right now.

“Did everyone from Class A come?” he asked, voice raspy and dry.

“No, Jiro and Hagakure are still unconscious from the villain gas.” One of his classmates said. “Yaoyorozu was recovering in the other room.”

“Fifteen of us…” Uraraka said with a hushed tone.

“Bakugou’s not here.” Todoroki interrupted.

Memories of that horrific night started to flood in to like a vile poison that filled Izuku’s empty mind. His cheeks were scorched with tears as his ribcage squeezed his heart vehemently.

I… failed to save him.

I failed to save Kacchan.

I failed.

I am useless.









-To be continued-