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Acts of Atonement

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Somewhere Underground, Shiganshina District

Year 845


It’s remarkable truly that something so incredibly extraordinary and advanced could ever thrive underneath an insignificant town. Could the people above, the bustling citizens and the money-hungry merchants, feel the immense power and knowledge that flowed through the temple? If he had disclosed to them that right underneath their feet laid a place of supernatural wisdom and strength could their microscopic minds even begin to absorb that fact alone?


Probably not


Fair-skinned fingers ran themselves up the large stone pillars. Triangles and other basic shapes were carved elegantly on the stone and illuminated in a pure white glow. These pillars were erected on both sides of the long pathway to the center where he stood. He dropped his hand to his side and slowly turned his head to the prized possession. 


The center was circular and there was an elevation, a podium. Levitating on top, was a sphere no larger than a  melon. It was made in stone and carved with similar designs like the rock that surrounded it. The male took steps overdue to the sphere, taking a second to leap over the body of a hooded female long dead. Towering over the sphere, he smiled to himself and he raised his wanting hands, with fingertips throbbing to unite and to feel what true raw power was. 


But the male withdrew abruptly as if struck with an income realization. He shut his eyes in exasperation and reopened them once more. He believed he had gotten rid of those nuisances from the start. But of course, those idiotic Assassins could not grasp the full fact that he and the Order had won. 


“Having a grand ole time Assassin ?” he spat eyes still transfixed on the item before him, “It is finished.”


There was a thud of feet that fell delicately to the ground. Fingers clasped around the sphere that rested on his fleshy palm. At once his hazelnut eyes widened in absolute shock and his body acted as a cloth absorbing the sphere’s indefinable power. Once entering the temple hours ago, he knew there was a transformation somewhere inside of him. He felt drawn to its center, craving for more knowledge that only this Piece could provide.  


But that sensation long ago was nothing compared to what he went through at that moment. He then turned his attention to his supposed killer, the last barrier between him and his escape. He eyed the sinister black hood that casted a thick shadow over the features of the Assassin.  There had been a time, long ago, in which the very sight of the infamous hooded beasts would strike freezing terror in his heart faster than their secreted blade ever could. Yet seeing it now, things had changed for the better. He had the upper hand, and if he wanted he could command the Assassin to exercise its knife and impale their own throat, suffocating on the same claret blade that so many of his brothers and sister had done in the past. 


But he would not grant the Assassin such a death. For only a true opponent was worthy to experience the work of the Fragment. No..he would kill the Assassin with his own hand and prove to those who come searching for the body that the New Order was about to commence. 


His killer spoke breaking the void of silence. “You have no idea what you’re doing” 


Based on the deep baritone owned by the Assassin, he made the conclusion they were a male. His words almost made him laugh. He had no idea what he was doing? Ridiculous. The Creed the Assassin’s followed had no order or understanding. He was well versed in their beliefs and knew it to be filled with ignorance of their world and a sense of lawlessness. He’d be damned if he allowed such a dysfunctional Order attempt to disrupt what those before him died for.


A new world, A New Order


“It is not me who does not understand, your organization believes such immense power must be locked up for the betterment of others!” He snapped eyes narrowed and dark ”But this Apple and so many more could help heal this perishing world.”


“By destroying it?” the Assassin exclaimed parrying his words at once,” because that will happen if you attempt to master its power!”


Again with the foolishness . His mind was starting to hurt and his patience was growing transparently thin. The Assassin was lost in darkness his Grandmasters blanketed over his eyes. He was blind to the truth and deaf to the promulgation of a better future. His fate had been decided and the only thing left was for it to reap its consequences.


You are misguided! ” He growled, “and for your ignorance, you will die .”


Tap tap tap tap! 


The boots of the Assasin hit solidly against the stone as he darted toward him. In the way, he was impressed. Even facing certain death, his killer would stick and die for his Creed to the very end. Something in him shifted and he concluded that this lone Assassin was a warrior charging into a battle he knew cannot win. But even so, fear had no hold on him and he fought anyway. He raised the Apple of Eden before him. This Assassin was worthy of a release. His death would commence the beginning of a beautiful, established world free of Assassins. The sphere glowed a bright yellow light in his hand and a large grin curled his lips. A narrow white beam of light shot towards the Assassin who lunged to the side narrowly missing the fatal contact. The beam of light had instead blasted at pillar which crumbled at the very contact. The temple began to rattle violently, small pebbles from above fell and pattered on the ground.


The rumbles had not ceased and seemed to be growing even more climactic. What was going on? Was it simply an occurrence above ground? All too soon, a scent infiltrated through his nostrils. It was hot, sharp, and rotten. His hand snapped up to his nose attempting to block it out. 


It was blood.


The smell was overwhelming but the thought of its source was greater. What was happening above ground? Jolting himself back to reality, he began to escape, passing the assassin who made a grab for his leg. He clutched the Apple to his chest retracing his steps, that was falling apart with every second, back to the top. He could no longer dodge the bloody air he continued to breathe in. It was getting stronger and more defined. There were women and men shrieking followed by the guttural growls of beasts. 


Hugo Frosch had slipped from death’s clutches in the Temple, yet at the hands of humanities greatest enemy? He and thousands would meet their dreaded conclusion.