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Dean stares up at the intimidating front of the Lawrence Community College. For a small town university, damn this thing was huge.
It's his first day; he didn't ever expect to go to college, but here he is. He always thought Sammy would be the one to go off and get an education while he was stuck doing the family business with his father.

"Bye, nerd," Dean laughed as he ducked out of the Impala. Damn, would he miss that car.
"Says the college jerk," Sam retorted.
"Don't douche my up my Baby, bitch," Dean flashed his brother a grin before slamming the door shut and setting off into the unknown of college.

Dean got his schedule from the main campus office and checked his room number: 221B. So that means second floor, B wing...

Bam! Dean walks right into someone when he reaches his dorm door, not paying attention because he was looking down at his paper.

"Hey, watch it--" Dean snaps at the boy, but then his breath catches in his throat when he meets his icy blue gaze.

The boy has to be around his age, but much smaller. He has messy black hair, cerulean eyes, and a baggy tan trench coat that hangs down and covers his hands. Glasses with a thick black frame intensify the blue of his irises. Dean distractedly notices that he looks a bit disheveled; his face red and slightly scratched, and a look of residual panic and pain clouding his features.

"S-sorry, I wasn't looking where I was going, I, ah--" the boy is stumbling over his words, clearly flustered and socially awkward. Dean feels his mouth quirk up into a smile, which only worsens the boy's anxiety.

"Hey, it's fine, I'm nervous too. First day?" Dean asks, laughing in an attempt to soothe the boy's panic.

"Um, yeah, is it that obvious?" The smaller boy laughs nervously along with Dean.

"A little," Dean says with another laugh. "What's your name?"


"Well, 'C-Castiel', my name is Dean Winchester. What room are you in? Maybe you could come over sometime and we'll catch a game or something."
Castiel nods a little too quickly and swallows, fidgeting with the frayed ends of his trench coat sleeves. Dean can tell by the state of the fabric that he does this a lot. "Y-yeah, that'd be great. I'm in 221B. What about you?"

Dean breaks into a grin, "No way! Me too! Looks like we're roomies, Cas!"

He unlocks the door and tosses his bag to the side, Cas following behind him. Then he kicks off his shoes and flops down on the clearly uncomfortable couch, propping his feet up on the armrest. Within seconds he's asleep; his unconscious stress of upcoming classes manifesting in exhaustion.





~Earlier that day~



Castiel is woken by his mother calling him from downstairs. He blinks the sleep from his eyes, and looks at his clock: 6:00am. Much too early to be alive.

"Coming!" He yells, shoving his glasses onto his face and heaving himself out of his bed. He gets dressed in his usual black jeans, white T-shirt, blue tie, and trademark trench coat.

Anna, Michael, and Gabriel were already seated around the table. Castiel had no idea where Raphael was. Probably still asleep, seeing as he has no job or school to go to.

Castiel picks up his bags for school and zips round the table, kissing his siblings (Anna ducks but he gets her on the top of her head anyway) and parents goodbye, and leaves before anyone can say anything about him not eating breakfast.

Castiel manages to get halfway to school without incident, but his luck doesn't extend past skipping breakfast with impunity: two older boys--at least sophomores--decked out in letterman jackets and fuckboy hair, run past him, shoving his head down as they move past him. They laugh wildly, amused at their own antics, and Castiel thanks whatever God there may be that he didn't experience worse.

Well, apparently God wasn't real receptive of that, because two more assholes run up to him and start aggressively harassing him. They grab at his trench coat, laughing and yelling as he clung desperately to the sleeves and hem of his shirt.

Castiel is saved by a lone teacher chastising them, and the two boys give him a final shove and run off, leaving Castiel sitting in the dirt behind them.
He picks himself up, silently hoping this isn't a sneak peek at how college life is going to be for him.

Later, he picks up his schedule and navigates his way to his room.

God, I hope I don't get stuck with one of them as roommates, he thinks, remembering the boys who harassed him earlier.

Boy, was he wrong.
As he nears his room, a tall blond guy with an insanely strong jawline and piercing green eyes nearly runs him over. Castiel stutters out an apology, but the green eyed beaut waved it away.

"What's your name?" The guy asks.

Oh God, what was his name? He could barely think with that intense gaze upon him.
"C-Castiel..." he stammers.

Castiel loses the first part of the man's response, but he manages to extract the name "Dean Winchester" and "room number" from his jumble of confusion and awestruck-ness.

He stutters out his room number, and to his absolute delight, Dean was in the same room as him!

"Looks like we're roomies, Cas!"

Castiel couldn't decide whether or not he liked the new nickname. No one had ever given him a nickname before--hell, no one had really talked to him before--but since it came from Dean, he decided he liked it. He also, albeit subconsciously, decided he liked this Dean character as well.