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The Case Of The Unexpected Budgie Smugglers

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John went in to the changing room and got out of his clothes to say that he was nervous was putting it mildly but what the hell. There was no going back now. He stripped off and got ready to go out to see them all.

Greg, Mycroft and Sherlock were all waiting outside by the pool. The place was otherwise deserted as the had rented the place for the weekend. Suddenly they all went quite and stared as John came out to join them. He was in a pair of bright red swimming trunk that could well be described as budgie smugglers. His package was snug and held well and from the looks he was getting it looked good to. It also helped that, with all the running round he was doing, he was in very good shape.

Greg looked at John and waggled his eyebrows at him. "Well well Watson. You were certainly keeping that well hidden."

Mycroft nodded. "Mmm with a package like that, I can see why you got the nickname three-continents Watson. It's very tempting." Sherlock gave him a glare. "Don't worry brother mine. I know that he's spoken for besides I have my Gregory so you have nothing to fear."

John was blushing, his face a lovely shade of pink.

Sherlock walked over to John and ran his hand over his buttocks. "Mmm. In the interest of scientific investigation I'd like to get a better look at what you have in there."

John shivered as Sherlock whispered in to his ear. The shop assistant had been right. He did look good in them and now he was reaping the benefits.