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Pretty Baby

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The year was 2082, 44 Years after the android revolution and things had turned south for humanity. Androids now ruled the world, leaving humans to be considered as mere animals.

While some Androids still have a general disdain for humanity some have taken to the idea of keeping them as "family pets." Since humans began to be merchandised, an entire market dedicated to selling them formed. Making mankind the most desired pet on the market.

Many androids had "bought" humans to humiliate or hurt them as revenge for how humans treated them before. Although not all androids were happy with this.

Human rights advocate androids protested for the better treatment of humans. While the general disdain was still at large the majority did recognise some laws needed to be laid down. While humans were still sold as pets, housekeepers, lovers etc. There were set rules to protect the species, Similar to other animal rights.
You were bred in captivity. Not knowing your biological parents past the age of 12 months as you were separated. Your mother and father put back into the breeding program. You were to be raised to be the perfect pet.

You were raised by multiple android carers in a human adoption centre. The android carers taught, disciplined, 'trained' and cared for you your entire life. They mostly raised the males and females separate only allowing few interactions between the two groups such as classes being shared to teach proper socialisation with the opposite gender, but not so much the possibility of them becoming 'impure' could happen (not that that stopped some.) Virgins went for more money, more times than not.

Once the human in captivity turned 18 they were given the option to either join the breeding program or go on to be sold. There was some debate over which option was the least horrible. You chose to be sold, there was a chance no one would adopt you plus the idea of being forced to breed with a stranger and then have your child, only to be torn away from you only to go through the same thing all over again sounded like hell to you.

There was also the chance that you might be adopted by a nice friendly family (however most families choose to get a young kid, almost welcoming them in as one of their own.) You at least tried to be hopeful.

You were roomed with girls aged 18-27. They tried to keep humans of the same age group roomed together as it was easier for the carers to keep track and bring potential patrons to the giant viewing of your shared bedroom/living area. Androids would come and look in as if it was it was a people zoo most of the time. You didn't mind as much as this is what you grew up with. At least the bathroom area was private.

Females of your age group tended to be one of the most expensive humans to buy and the more aesthetically pleasing the more expensive the human. Not that all androids where perverts but much like humanity was in its day, some still existed.


You remember the sound of rain that day as you closed your eyes to focus in on it. It was an unusually quiet day. You had heard whispers of a big client coming in that day, someone famous perhaps?

Your carers seemed in a bit of a tizzy LED's all flicking between red and yellow. They scurried to make sure the place was clean and each human was presentable. They really took to grooming that day painting you and your roommate's nails, curling your hair, dressing you all in white lacy babydoll dresses and adding pink satin ribbons to each girls head. They must have really been trying to impress someone today.

Once you all were presentable they scuttled their way back out into their respective office and reception areas waiting eagerly. While it was sometime before the said client showed up when the front doors opened each of the girls climbed over each other to peer out like meerkats to see who it could be. It wasn't half obvious that this was the important clients as the carers stumbled over themselves to greet them. Both of them.

The two men were tall and dressed in all black. It was hard to make out what they look like from where you were. Your roommates were now all pressed against the glass with curiosity trying to understand who these men could be, you trying to squeeze in around them for a peek. The men were shown the catalogue the carers kept of all the different humans that were available for adoption along with additional information on them such as care
requirements and some interests.

You could just about see the figures of the two men as they read through the file.
The girls in your room then began scuffling and falling over each other once one of the carers pointed to your shared room.

Once they began approaching the windowed area all the girls ran off tumbling over each other to find a place in the room to make themselves look distracted and poised. You, on the other hand, got knocked over in the commotion and were still sitting on the floor rubbing your head from one of the girls elbowing you by accident in the ruckus.

Your face began to glow red as one of your carers and the two men that had previously entered the centre were now towering over you on the other side of the glass. You froze in shock.

Boy, where the carers gonna give you a lecture later, you thought.

A smirk grew on the taller of the visitor's face. You blushed even harder before you scooted yourself up and ran over to one of your friends who was pretending to read a book, practically jumping in her lap for some form of comfort. She did not seem amused. Neither did your carer.

The now flustered carer led the two androids into the main office after they had a quick glance around the room. You buried your face in your arms as you sat beside your friend Emily waiting for her to say something nice or comforting.

"Y/N! Are you INSANE?" She grumbled at you in a whispered shout.

"Jeez Emily, I'm sorry! I just slipped up a little." You raised your head but still hid your face in your hands.

"A little?"

"Do you guys know who that was?!" Another girl chimed into the conversation.

"Who?" You peeked out through your hands at the girl.

"That was two of the RK brothers!" she waited for a response from either of the two of you. "You know RK900 and RK800-60."

The two of you still looked at her blankly in response.

"Do you guys seriously not ever listen in history class?" She scowled.

"They, As Well As RK800-51 had a huge part in the Android revolution."

You rolled your eyes "Oh great."

"No this is really cool! They are big influencers maybe they can help give people more rights. I heard RK800-51 was especially helpful with the whole bringing back human rights!"

"And now they want a pet human?" Emily laughs. "Androids are all the same, don't get your hopes up."

"This is dangerous talk, you guys." You whispered to the girls whilst your head moved quickly around to see if anyone was listening.

"Look." Emily began, extending her arm out to the other girl to comfort her. "It's just like any other adoption situation here. If they pick you, you follow orders, do as you are told and maybe things won't be so bad."

You sigh looking at the two girls in front of you. Your hands slowly raising back over your eyes. The sooner these androids leave the better.

It felt like they had been there an hour, you didn't know. You lost track of time. You and Emily had been lying beside each other on a beanbag in the corner of the room, your head on her shoulder. Desperately hoping they wouldn't choose your best friend. You didn't want her taken away from you.

After a while, one of the carers had stepped into your shared area. As soon as the door opened everyone had propped up from where they were sitting. Hearts were beating faster, girls gripped each other's hands for comfort.

"Poppy, please come forward." You and Emily simultaneously let out a sigh of relief.

A pretty young girl with long brunette hair skipped toward the door with glee. At least someone was happy about this whole situation. The carer nodded Poppy in.

"Would Y/N also come forward."

What?! Your heart sank. You made a fool of yourself earlier! Was this a mistake?

You gave Emily's hand a quick squeeze before you cautiously walked up to the door.

"Come on." The carer coaxed you out of the room.

You and Poppy had been led to the main office where the final papers and documents where to be signed. It was Poppy's turn first, she had been brought in to greet her potential owners to finalise whether or not they were going to choose her or you. You waited quietly on the seat outside, cursing the world.

This might be it, you might have to finally be adopted. Dread surrounded your entire being.

After a few minutes, Poppy was escorted out of the office and back to the room by another one of the carers. You were invited into the office by the owner of the centre, Vincent.

"Richard, Collin, this is Y/N." Vincent announced as he guided you in holding your hand in the air before guiding you to sit between the two androids on the couch opposite his desk.

Vincent scooted back round to sit on his desk and pulled out a tablet with more information about you. The taller one of the androids smirked at you. "Clumsy little thing you are." He laughed making your cheeks burn in embarrassment. Did they only invite you in here to tease you?

"It's okay, little one." He laughed taking your dainty hands into his much larger ones. "It was endearing. I'm Richard by the way and that's my brother Collin." You peeked over your shoulder to the other android that had almost the exact same face, only Collin had brown eyes like hot whiskey whereas Richard had icy blues and slightly sharper features.

Collins eyes looked you up and down trailing over your features. The way he looked at you leaving you with a shiver up your spine.

Richard let your hands loose and then pulled you on to his lap. "I think I like this one better." he admitted to his brother.

"Hmm." Collin was still making his assessment. "perhaps." He looked you up and down once more. Collin extended his hand to lightly guide your face towards him.

"How long does the adoption process take?" he turned back to Vincent.

"Well usually we like to do background checks, come visit the home make sure it's suitable for humans, does it have a bathroom, etcetera but I think in this case we can speed the process along a bit faster for androids such as yourselves."

The brothers both looked to each other for an agreement.

"So you think this one?" Collin asks his brother.

Richard nods as he brushes stray hairs away from your burning face. You think he liked your embarrassment.

"Great!" Vincent pops up from his chair and hands over some documents for the brothers to sign. "We can have this one ready for tomorrow morning!"

"Perfect!" Richard replied to the man before turning back to his brother. "Plenty of time before Connor gets back. I'm sure this will cheer him up." he spoke as a devilish smile crossed his lips.

Collin rolls his eyes to Richards enthusiasm. Connor had been brooding for months ever since the passing of his human friend Hank. Collin thought bringing a human home as a "pet" would only infuriate him further due to Connor's ideas of humans being androids equals.

Richard had thought Connors notions were foolish and laughable. Androids were obviously superior in every way. He hoped Connor would realise this in time. Richard had thought perhaps bringing a human home would help his brother realise this.

That they are nothing more than a common pet.