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Bare, without a blotch of redness or stress-related spots, Seokjin’s back faces Yoongi in his top bunk. He’s got freckles in a line from his neck down his back, speckling the skin like tiny birds in an open sky. The knobs of his spine show slightly through his skin: something that would have worried Yoongi a few months ago, when Seokjin was suffering the full onslaught of malnutrition. Then, he was extremely cold all the time, dizzy and trembling and weak. Now, he just sinks fully into Yoongi's bed, neck relaxed, his hair curling just a little around his neck. He gained back some weight their CEO shamed him into losing, cleaned up the diet their untrained management set for him. He's okay, now.

Yoongi licks his bottom lip. He trails his hand down Seokjin’s waist, not quite gripping, but wanting to.

Yoongi is twenty-one. Bangtan's debut is in a couple months and, frankly, it’s been hell. The late nights fading into early mornings, the increased interruption of their already little sleep for long schedules. Recording their entire album in a dusty garage. Practicing their dance in a dance hall rented out for the day. Yoongi is twenty-one and he comes home not to his own quiet, small room at his parent's house, but to an apartment full of restless and horny teenagers, crammed together in one room to sleep while their managers take the couch.

Seokjin shifts in front of him. Head flopping back onto the pillow, he starts turning onto his back from his side. He rubs his eyes and smacks his lips, and when he meets eyes with Yoongi, he smiles. His features are slack with the last buzzings of pleasure, sated and comfy in Yoongi's bed. Yoongi reaches his hand over Seokjin’s bare stomach and pulls him closer; he’s so light nowadays, his diet having brutally shed every micrometer of fat on his body--while somehow leaving a thick, bread-like layer on his cheeks.

Cheeks which glow red; the color spreading to his ears as he murmurs, abashed, “Another round?”

He’s so cute, with his short hair and big eyes and pink lips.

Yoongi’s dick twitches a little obscenely against his thigh. He lifts himself onto his knees and looks over the edge of the bunk, down to the alarm clock that sits on a tiny table between the bottom two beds. The other five members of Bangtan decided to pool money together for a night outing with a manager--they left Seokjin to housesit because he had been so exhausted recently, and Yoongi only came back after some last-minute edits he wanted to make to some of their songs. They had been home alone.

They fucked, of course.

Seokjin had caught Yoongi’s eye the very first time he laid eyes on him, completely derailing the “type” Yoongi had thought he’d been into. Can you blame him? Kim Seokjin, scouted off the streets, his bad haircut not doing anything for a face that stands out by itself. Broad shoulders contrasted by thin fingers. A shy little smile and voice that somehow still hadn't dropped all the way. Yoongi thought he was dreaming when Seokjin first shyly introduced himself.

And, well… He’s not exactly immune from the horniness Namjoon and Jimin stew at practically all times. Seokjin isn’t either, but he doesn't like admitting it. He’s a pretty private person, and he won’t fuck just anyone. Not a rando at college or on dating apps, or the other trainees that the others have hesitant flirtations with.

He won't fuck just anyone… but someone in his team, in his same situation? Who he can relate to and confide in and trusts with everything in the world, especially if they want their debut to go well? That's not 'just anyone'.

Yoongi isn’t just anyone.

It makes him feel more special than it should--the fact that Seokjin chose him over Namjoon or Hoseok, who are both handsome and capable in their own rights, as the one he'd secretly fuck behind the management's back.

“Sure,” Yoongi says easily. They’ve got enough time for another round. Seokjin is still pretty slicked up, anyway.

They both know the stakes at hand, between their actions and their future, and that’s what makes it so easy. Neither of them would fuck this up. They would never let it get in the way of their dreams. It's just… for fun.

Yoongi snatches a condom from between the mattress and the bunk’s wooden frame, slipping in between Seokjin’s thighs.

Seokjin grins when he sees that Yoongi is already chubbing up at the thought of fucking him. He tucks his knees up near his shoulders with ease, moving down on the bed so Yoongi can lift his hips easier.

Yoongi hesitates to open the condom, just admiring the way Seokjin bends for him. "Do you want me to blow you?" he asks, the words kind of slow and slurred. The world still feels a little drizzly like caramel. Seokjin’s dick is only half hard, refractory period not quite over. One of Yoongi’s hands moves down and cups Seokjin’s dick, giving it a few measured tugs to get blood flowing again.

"You don't have to..." Seokjin's fingers curl into the backs of his knees and he shrugs, shy. Ah, his pink cheeks. Yoongi wants to kiss all over his face. All over his dick, too.

The thought of Seokjin getting hard in his mouth is too delicious to pass up. "I'll do it."

He gets down to his stomach, holds back a grunt when his dick rubs against the sheets. Seokjin lets his feet back down to the mattress and spreads them a little, giving Yoongi room, lifting himself onto his elbows to watch. Yoongi gives a soft lick to the base and Seokjin shivers, his hand flying up to cover his moan.

"Is the tip still sensitive?" Yoongi asks. He taps his pointer finger against the sticky head of Seokjin's cock, suppressing a smile when Seokjin lets out a squeaky little whine. "I'll avoid that, then." For now.

He focuses on the length of Seokjin’s cock and his nuts, leaving wet kisses and sucks on the underside. It's more difficult than he expected to avoid the head, but he doesn't mind the little hisses Seokjin lets out when his tongue flicks his frenulum. He licks down Seokjin's dick towards his balls, tonguing one and meeting his eyes. He can see his forehead his flushed from where his bangs are messed up, red down his nose and high cheekbones. His lips part and his face scrunches up when Yoongi laves over them and back up, down again, suckling at one particularly sensitive spot. Seokjin's hips jerk up and his dick starts filling out, firming right under Yoongi's tongue. Yoongi bends his dick down and licks over the top of it, sensitive in a different way than the underside. He licks down the sides, flicking his tongue over veins and the slight ridge where Seokjin was circumcised.

He moves up Seokjin's dick again and finally sinks his mouth over it, ears drinking up Seokjin's pleasured squeal, easily taking him when his hips tremble towards the back of his mouth. It's still slightly soft but that's fine, that's good, even; Yoongi locks his lips around Seokjin's dick and starts sucking, working his tongue around his girth until it starts to throb and after the fact. Seokjin's voice rises in volume, thighs drawn tight to his calves next to Yoongi's head, his back arching as he gasps. Yoongi holds his dick between his fingers, moving his head up and down as he slurps around it. He tightens the ring of his lips until Seokjin's hips threaten to jerk his cock into the back of his throat, moving one of his arms to press them firmly into the mattress, sucking him as his abs start to clench and tense.

He's moaning, "Y-Yoongi--Yoongi, Yoongi, nnh--" while his hips stutter and flex against Yoongi's arm, this close to another orgasm.

And Yoongi pulls off with one final, gentle suction of his mouth, watching Seokjin's newly hard cock flinch and throb right in front of his face. His thighs stay tensed up for a good two seconds, hips rolling into the air, fucking absolutely nothing, before he slowly relaxes.

"Shit," Seokjin says breathlessly. He slumps against the pillows, hips twitching weakly as he comes down from his edge.

Yoongi playfully licks his cockhead again, just to watch his hips fly up. Seokjin whines with desperation and annoyance. He glares down at Yoongi with the slightest bit of contempt, as scornful as he can look with his cock flushed to his balls.

If they were dating, Yoongi would coo, "I love youuu," very sweetly and teasingly. But they are not. So he just grins.

He gets onto his knees again and sits between Seokjin’s splayed legs. “Should I stretch you again?” he asks. He runs his hands up and down the insides of Seokjin’s thighs, dragging his blunt nails over sensitive skin.

“Mm…" Seokjin rubs his hands over his sweaty face and huffs. Yoongi hopes guiltily that he didn't already tucker him out. "Yeah, you should,” Seokjin says. He blindly reaches above his head and hands Yoongi their bottle of lube. His chest is getting pinker with every moment; Yoongi assumes he's thinking about getting fucked again.

With eyes hooded, Seokjin watches Yoongi squirt lube onto his fingers. It’s a bit runny, which is going to be gross to sleep in for the night, but it feels so hot to rub it against his rim. Yoongi can tell by Seokjin’s quiet, aroused moans that it feels good for him, too, his thighs twitching as Yoongi sinks his fingers in deep.

They're long and not exactly the most skilled, but their clumsiness manages to hit all of Seokjin's good spots. He makes sure to rub against Seokjin’s soft insides, pushing in deep and curling towards his balls to hit that sweetness inside. Seokjin lets out a little cry, hips tilting up. His dick gives a twitch and spurts clear pre onto his flat stomach, hard and cutely swollen.

Yoongi leans down and sucks one of his balls into his mouth again, just to hear Seokjin gasp and whimper. He laves his tongue over the skin and up his dick, tasting skin and bitter salt from the times he's cum before, slurping the head of his cock into his mouth for one, two wet sucks.

“Yoon--nngh--not so soon!” Seokjin pushes at Yoongi's head until he pops off with a self-satisfied smirk, still scissoring his fingers inside him.

“You just taste good,” he flirts, jerking Seokjin’s wet dick between the fingers and thumb of his free hand. Seokjin looks even more embarrassed now, which is such a good look on him. Sweet, shy, hardworking hyung. He makes Yoongi crazy. “I'm gonna put my dick in you now,” he says matter-of-factly.

Seokjin shoves his shoulder at his frankness, but Yoongi feels his cock throb with excitement.

He lifts Seokjin's bottom half and slides even closer, tucking his thighs around his waist so he can trail his fingers over his ribs. His cock nudges against Seokjin’s hole but Yoongi takes his time, leaning over his body to kiss his neck and chest sweetly.

“You cold?” he checks in once their faces are closer together.

“I'm good,” Seokjin says. He locks his legs around Yoongi’s waist and pulls him flush, hands trailing up his back.

Yoongi licks his neck and jaw and Adam's apple, before giving him a firm kiss on the lips. He reaches between them to press his slick cock against Seokjin's hole, rubs the head over it a few times, thighs shaking at the sensation of his asshole catching on the head of his dick.

“Nnh…” Seokjin's hand moves down to grip Yoongi's ass, pushing him closer.

Yoongi lets out a slightly overwhelmed moan, beginning to penetrate him, feeling his dick get sucked up by Seokjin's stretched asshole. He pants into Seokjin's neck, grinding his dick inside, feeling his walls cling and slip around him until there's not even a centimeter of his dick exposed to air.

Something--something feels different, though. Seokjin starts rolling his hips against Yoongi, quiet sighs shimmering into the air, clenching down on his dick to feel the greased slide of his cock in and out, deeper than before. It feels--so much wetter--so much realer--

“W-Wait. Wait. Hyung,” Yoongi rushes hotly. He groans and tries to sit up, half pulling out in a movement quick enough to leave both of them shivering. “I-I forgot the condom.”

He stops their movement and feels around on the bed; sure enough, there it is, the condom picked up by his fingers in all its foil-wrapped glory.

“It’s fine,” Seokjin pants. “We’re--we’re clean.” He grinds his hips back down on Yoongi’s cock, urging him to fuck. Feeling the slicked slide and clench of him, Yoongi barely thinks about it. Heat burns in him with the desire to make Seokjin feel good. He hopes Seokjin's ass doesn't tear and lubes his own dick more, pressing more into him with his fingers.

“Alright, but--tell me if it hurts.”

He drags his dick out and in again, the lube beading around his dick, exceptionally wet. The heat, the clench, his own rising hypersensitivity--Yoongi wants to collapse over Seokjin and maybe just keep his dick inside until the rest of them come home. Then show them how good he is.

But Seokjin makes a delicious wet noise when Yoongi pulls out, and he decides he wants to keep that all to himself. He pulls Seokjin’s hips down onto his dick, grinding the full length of him in and out, feeling Seokjin’s ass suck him down like Yoongi just did his cock. His asshole feels better than any other hole he’s fucked, better than wet mouths and wet pussies, Seokjin’s thighs trembling at his sides. Yoongi watches the puffy rim cling to his dick, tight enough that the skin drags over him. Yoongi sees it and fucks into him a little harder, teeth grit.

“Fuck--keep going,” Seokjin gasps after a particularly tight thrust. Yoongi groans something embarrassingly loud. Yoongi thinks in bed might be the only place Seokjin isn't completely shy, and it’s fucking delicious. His head hangs from his shoulders with his fists clenched on either side of Seokjin’s chest, hips working to fuck Seokjin full like he deserves. Their skin makes damp slapping noises when he thrusts forward, the sound zinging down Yoongi's spine along with every creak of the bunk bed.

He peeks open his eyes and chokes back a noise; Seokjin looks positively ascendant, his nose crinkled in that extra cute way and his lips parted so Yoongi can glimpse his bottom teeth. Getting fucked in the room where the seven of them sleep, in Yoongi's bed, Seokjin clings to his shoulders, his skinny chest heaving.

His moans bounce from him, high-pitched, already sensitive and wrecked sounding. Yoongi hasn't even touched his chest yet. He hasn’t even properly nailed his prostate.

"Ah--Jin-hyung.” He grunts and pulls out, twisting Seokjin to his side and pushing his knee up to his chest. He can feel his cute ass jiggle every time he slaps his cock inside, one large hand gripping the soft flesh of his ass and spreading it obscenely. He watches his dick claim Seokjin’s hole, the strings of lube that connect his pubes to Seokjin’s skin, then stares up at Seokjin again, the way his face presses into the pillow. He’s drooling, just a little, one arm hooked around his thigh while his free hand pulls sloppily at his cock. Yoongi pins his leg and leans over him. He licks his parted lips and Seokjin turns his head for a dirty kiss, Yoongi sucking on his tongue before teasing his sensitive lips with his teeth and gentle laps of his tongue. He grips Seokjin’s cock and pumps it while he thrusts, kiss moving down his neck, down his chest, or what he can reach of it.

Seokjin slides a hand through Yoongi’s hair and pulls him back up, kisses him again. He starts working his hips back with those little moans, getting fucked deep. Yoongi adjusts the angle and sucks up his tiny squeal of a moan; a hard throb jumps through his cock in Yoongi’s hand. His moans start rising in volume and desperation, long nails digging into Yoongi’s skin. There’s a rough, “Yesss,” which Seokjin groans through his teeth, carnal.

“Feeling good?” Yoongi asks lowly. He slides his fingers up Seokjin’s thigh and pins him a little more firmly, fucks him a little more thoroughly. Seokjin’s dick flops in his grip, pre dripping enough to wet his hands.

Seokjin bites his bottom lip and gives him a smirk high from arousal. He turns half onto his stomach without pulling off of Yoongi, one leg tucked up by his chest while the other one curls under him. Raising his hips, Seokjin fucks back in tiny circles, giving Yoongi a full view of his ass and the way it positively eats up his dick.

“Uh--Uh huh,” Seokjin tries. Despite the shameless position his voice goes slightly nervous, shy. The hand not trapped underneath him reaches back and spreads his asscheeks, and he purposefully starts clenching down around Yoongi’s working dick, attempting to squeeze his cockhead when he thrusts in. His ears are bright, vibrant, cherry red, his cheeks and chest are scarlet. God, he’s trying his best. Seokjin licks his lips and slurs, “This all you can do?”

Yoongi uses one hand and promptly pushes him down fully onto the bed, spreads Seokjin’s legs around him and then his cheeks with his palms. Seokjin grunts in surprise but doesn't fight it, his breath coming out shakily as his fingers curl into Yoongi's sheets.

Yoongi slows the hell down, grinds his dick up to see Seokjin's well-fucked hole swell around him, evidence that he’s buried deep inside. The rim is pinky-red, so wet, wrecked from Yoongi’s pace. When he rubs it with his thumb, he feels the soft, gooey give the sheer amount of lube he’s used, and revels in it.

"Give me a second…" he murmurs distractedly. Seokjin relaxes against the bed a little more, watching Yoongi over his shoulder.

He takes hold of Seokjin’s hips and pulls outward, slowly, then fucks back into him. Seokjin moans, his voice screwed up even higher than he sings. Yoongi takes his time—rolls his hips into that tight hole, brushing his prostate before fucking him deep, dragging his cock back out. Again, and again, not yet chasing the feeling but basking in it.

Seokjin arches against Yoongi’s hips as he bottoms out, his legs spreading just that much more, as if he could take Yoongi deeper. It’s so fucking sexy, surely Seokjin knows exactly what he’s doing.

He grips Seokjin’s ass and immediately starts fucking him hard, angled down to rail his swollen prostate. He’s already sensitive from their previous round; a hard, insistent dick fucking him right in his sweet spot will make his cock drool out cum in no time. Yoongi fucks him hard enough to make their bunk bang on the wall, hard enough that Seokjin’s poor, unattended cock will get its needed friction. He rubs his fingers where they’re connected, loving the clamp of Seokjin's’ ass, the quivering of his messy insides.

“How’s that, baby?” Yoongi grunts. Seokjin makes a miserable wet little sound and arches his cute ass up, letting Yoongi fuck into him that much deeper. “You like that fucking cock?”

“Yess, please,” Seokjin warbles. He’s lifting his hips up and down and back, clinging every time Yoongi fucks in, making mmm and hnn! sounds into his pillow. Yoongi can smell the scent of their sex, the artificial lube and Seokjin’s sweat and cum. He thinks about cumming deep inside Seokjin and eating his seed out of him, sucking at his swollen asshole like a man starved.

“Tell me what you want.” Yoongi just wants to hear Seokjin beg in that wrecked fucking voice of his.

“Please keep fucking me,” Seokjin immediately rushes out.

“So polite, rich boy,” Yoongi mutters. He feels Seokjin clamp and throb around his dick, a little sob in his throat. “Where do you want me to keep fucking you?”

“Mmh--my ass,” Seokjin moans. “Fuck my--”

“Your tight fucking ass, baby?” Yoongi snickers meanly and grinds his dick inside, thrilled. "Eating up my fucking dick, huh?"

“Ye--hnnh, noooo,” Seokjin whimpers. He buries his face in his pillow and makes a desperate noise. Yoongi gets off so hard on making his pretty hyung so embarrassed. It has to be illegal to be this cute, this needy, for that ass to bounce like pudding or to slurp up his fucking dick, fuck.

“How close are you?” Yoongi asks, hunching over Seokjin and taking his cock in hand.

"Close," Seokjin pants insistently. His arm scrambles behind him to dig his fingers into Yoongi’s asscheek, pulling his dick deeper inside him.

"Agh, fuck, okay," Yoongi groans. He buries his face into Seokjin's neck and drills into him as best he can, cockhead skipping over his prostate with every other thrust, distractedly pulling at his cock while he moans. "Cum," Yoongi urges, then repeats it into Seokjin's ear, who whimpers feebly. He pants and fucks him deeper, with more intent, aiming until his cock slams against his prostate gland six, seven times in a row and Seokjin sees white.

His hole clings to Yoongi’s cock and his knees collapse onto the bed, flinching. Seokjin lets out a broken keen into the pillow while his cock shoots cum over Yoongi’s black bed sheets, whimpering with sensitivity as Yoongi hastily pulls out.

Yoongi’s chest heaves; his hips twitch and jerk while he cums all over Seokjin's ass. He moans unsteadily while his entire neck, face, and chest goes red, reaching one hand between them to jerk the last bit of cum from his balls. His forehead sticks to Seokjin's back as he shivers in the afterglow, completely spent.

"So good," Seokjin says, muffled, into Yoongi's pillow.

"Thank you," Yoongi says. His voice rumbles deeper than he expected it to go, and Seokjin turns his face a little to smile at him with molten eyes. It makes something warm and sweet bloom in his chest.

One of Yoongi's hands moves to Seokjin's ass so he can try and rise to a sitting position, but it slips off on the cum he just spurted there. He groans with some disgust, tipping to the side and almost falling off the bed.

"Shit--" He catches himself on the frame and pushes himself up, spreading his legs over the bunk for stability.

Seokjin turns around completely and sees him making a fool of himself, first still hazy eyed with confusion and the aftershocks of orgasm before his expression turns into one of mirth. "Be careful," he laughs a little adoringly.

Yoongi smiles bashfully and goes to rub his neck, but freezes when he realizes it's the one he accidentally got his nut all over. Seokjin sits up weakly, smearing Yoongi's cum on his sheets inadvertently. He also freezes, lifting his butt up with a little shock and making a face when the sheets cling to his skin.

"Ew," they say in unison.

They look at each other. Seokjin breaks into another embarrassed smile and folds his hands into his lap, turning his eyes around their dorm before going back to Yoongi.

"Um… Can I shower first?" he asks. He's not poking his index fingers together, but Yoongi can imagine him doing that as he says it.

"Yeah," Yoongi nods in affirmation. "I'll grab my sheet and open the windows."

Seokjin smiles gratefully. He leans over the bed and plants a sweet kiss on Yoongi's lips, before quickly (and carefully) making his way down the latter.

Yoongi sits, frozen, for just a second. He gathers himself in record time and twists so he can watch Seokjin waddle towards the door, and the way he peaks out into the hall to make sure none of the boys snuck in while they were going at it. His eyes drag down Seokjin's shoulders and small waist to his ass, biting his lip when he sees his cum drying there. Seokjin sneaks a look back at him and smiles, before he hops towards the bathroom shared between the seven of them.

Yoongi rubs his clean hand at his neck and breathes out, suppressing that pretty little bloom in his chest again. He snatches up his sheets and blanket and yanks them off the mattress, wiping his sticky hand on them in the process. Don't think about it, he urges himself. He purposefully doesn't address all the saccharine thoughts that floated through his head while they were having sex. It's just for fun. It's just for fun.